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Chapter 2

“Y-yeah…” breathed Mike, still stumbling towards his wife, who was cupping her gigantic 36F tits in her hands, bouncing them up and down, up and down, in a playful and sexy display of incredible bouncing femininity. “Yeah, I…I wanna suck on them!”

“Ooooo!” laughed Sophie, backing up alluringly, “Looks like you’re gonna have to work for it Mike! Don’t think that you can just lie around on that grungy sofa for months and then just pop up when my tits get huge!”

It was almost surreal to Sophie, hearing herself say these words. Where was all this sassy, confident energy coming from!? It wasn’t like her to tease her husband, or anyone for that matter. She was an empathetic, kind, down-to-earth person, and before she would have never dreamed of pulling off such a lascivious roleplay. But the fact was that she really did feel different. It wasn’t just the fact that her breasts had expanded an astounding amount ever since that truck had splashed her with those purple chemicals. The last few days had been pure hell at school, with all those troublesome (but sexy!) boys giving her all the trouble she could handle. But for some reason, as soon as she had seen Mike’s eyes go glassy and unfocused as he gawked at her breasts, something had switched on in her brain…something that had not been “on” ever before. She felt powerful now — she felt like she was in control, like she was the one who was calling the shots for once.

‘It’s like what I’ve always dreamed of!’ she thought to herself excitedly, as she continued backing up around the room, teasing Mike with every shake and shiver of those weighty, gargantuan milk-jugs she was now sporting. ‘Maybe this whole chemical accident is actually playing in my favor!’ Although she didn’t yet know what exactly was going on in Mike’s head, she could already tell that her giant breasts were exerting some kind of significant influence over him…and she was going to milk the experience — literally and figuratively — as much as she could. For the first time in her life, Sophie felt greedy…for power.

“C’mon Sophie!” pleaded Mike, now holding out his hands, beseeching her to stop playing with him, “Please…please let me just…j-just touch them!”

“Ohhhhh what a surprise!” laughed Sophie sardonically, shaking her head at him as she kept backing up, backing up, mercilessly teasing him, “What’s the matter, Mike? You couldn’t be bothered to get up and make me dinner while I was slaving away at that awful school! You couldn’t trouble yourself to get Jason to do his homework, or to do any of his chores around the house, but as soon as I walk in with my biiiiiig fat rack, all of a sudden you’re begging and pleading with me. Hahahaha, wow, how pathetic!”

Sophie knew that her humiliating language was masking the genuine pleasure she was taking in seeing her husband actually paying attention to her. She was aware that the value of his attention was probably only skin-deep, and stopped where her tits ended. But she had been so starved for attention and affection all these months and years that now, anything felt good.

Partially because she realized the hollowness of his attention, and partially from starting to feel a little guilty that she was humiliating him, Sophie finally stopped backing up, and allowed Mike to stumble forward into her huge breasts. At 5’11, Mike was a good deal taller than Sophie’s 5’6, which made it all the more ridiculous how he had basically plowed into the middle of her tits. Sophie started laughing, and proceeded to cup her breasts again in her hands, smacking them into the sides of his face simultaneously, sending lively ripples through her voluminous flesh.

“Bullseye!” laughed Sophie, playfully bouncing her husband’s face back and forth with her tits, essentially performing a “reverse-motorboat.” In stumbling into her, Mike’s momentum had shoved Sophie up against the living room wall. Normally she would have felt claustrophobic, but right now she felt like she was in complete control, savoring every moment of this strange reaction from her husband.

“Sophie…” begged Mike, finally surfacing up from her F-cups and placing two of his shaking hands against the milk stains on her shirt. “Please…please let me…let me…”

“Let you suck on my tits, big boy?” she cut in, tilting her head to look down on him. Mike was basically crumpled into her breasts, and wasn’t standing up straight at all. His chin was directly in her cleavage, as his pleading face stared straight up into hers. From the forceful, vigorous way he was nodding his head in response to her question, Sophie could tell that his plea was in earnest. She thought about teasing him some more, and withholding the privilege, but she remembered how she had been lactating that strange green stuff a little while before.

‘Oh it’s gonna be hilarious to see how he reacts to that!’ she thought to herself, with a little savage humor. ‘He won’t be expecting that…haha, and he’ll probably have a coughing fit and freak out…ohhhh boy this is going to be rich!’

“Ooook then, little baby!” she cooed, puckering her lips down at Mike as she enticingly slid her left tit out of her extremely tight top. Everything had been so tightly constricted that, upon being freed, her breast literally bounced out, smacking Mike in the face, briefly dazing him.

“Whooops!” exclaimed Sophie, shaking with laughter, “Guess she got away from me a little there!” She managed to wrangle her tit under control and then, with deliberate cadence, she pinched her fat nipple between her thumb and forefinger and guided it towards Mike’s mouth. The flesh of her breast seemed to ripple in response, and Sophie felt an unmistakable roiling deep within — it was like her tit was gearing itself up to be sucked, and whatever reservoir of liquid inside was beginning to bubble and boil with anticipation. Whatever it was, it felt absolutely amazing, and Sophie let out an involuntary exhale of arousal and excitement. The sheer craziness of what was actually going on couldn’t have mattered less to her — all that mattered right now was that she was reveling in her control of the situation.

She pinched her nipple harder, and a small trickle of dark green milk oozed out. For the first time, Sophie noticed that the mysterious green milk had a distinctive smell…it was light and sweet, almost like condensed milk. It smelled so good that she almost thought of trying some herself, but she kept herself fixed on the task at hand: breastfeeding her pathetic, sniveling husband, who now looked like he was out of his mind with arousal. It was odd — Sophie had expected him to recoil in horror, or at least back up in surprise, when he saw the green lactation. But far from doing either of those, he looked more transported than ever.

“Oh my god…” he breathed, “Oh my god…”

“Yeah?” grinned Sophie, cocking her eyebrow down at him, “You want some? Huh? Then HERE, HAVE some!”

With swift and forceful movement, she reached behind his head and pulled it toward her chest, and with her other hand, she guided her oozing nipple directly into his mouth. Immediately, like they were magnetically drawn to the source, Mike’s lips latched around her nipple and started sucking. Sophie felt her eyes roll back into her head as she sucked in her breath sharply, releasing it out again a few moments later in a lusty blow, right over the top of her husband’s head, ruffling his hair. It felt sooooo good, so unimaginably good, to have her tit sucked like that. Her nipples had always been sensitive, but whatever was happening right now was on a completely different plain of pleasure from anything she had ever experienced. It felt like there were searing hot waves of bliss emanating directly from the milk ducts behind her nipples, coursing through the rest of her body, going straight down to her loins and lighting them on fire with electricity. She breathed in and out harshly as she squeezed Mike’s head to her chest harder, her knuckles going white from the intensity of the pleasure. She looked down and saw that Mike’s eyes were closed, and his lips were desperately puckered, just sucking, sucking away. Sophie could feel the milk leaving through her nipple — the pleasure of the fluid being sucked through was incredible. It was a feeling she had been waiting to have all her life.

Very quickly, the pleasure became almost unbearable, and Sophie felt herself starting to orgasm . Her legs shook, her hands went numb, and a cold, damp sweat immediately broke out across her brow. Her pussy was spasming between her legs, without her even having to stimulate anything. It was an amazing feeling, but all a bit too much.

“Ok…” she panted, gearing up her momentum and starting to push her husband off her, “Ok…Mike…ok, enough…just let me…give me a second here, haha…”

It was easy for Sophie to laugh at herself, especially when she had just experienced the most intense sexual pleasure of her entire life…and it had been through breastfeeding Mike!? Such a ridiculous scenario deserved a laugh, for sure. But a few moments later, Sophie felt her smile dropping away from her face. Something was happening to Mike. He had stumbled back a couple paces after she had pushed him away, but as he righted himself and rose up to his full height, Sophie could see that he looked noticeably shorter. She peered forward, feeling her brow furrow in shock…no, there was no mistaking it. Mike HAD gotten shorter…and he was continuing to GET shorter! Already his head was just an inch or two above hers, and, as he began to realize what was happening, his eyes went wide in horror. Sophie was treated to the surreal sight of her terror-stricken husband staring wide-eyed at her as their eyes met, and then slowly but steadily, inch by inch, his gaze dropped below hers. Within ten seconds, she was staring straight into the top of his head, and within twenty, his face was exactly even with her monstrous tits.

“Wh-wha…what th-the fuck!?!” cried Mike. His face had gone completely white. The powerful sexual spell that he had previously been under seemed, for the moment at least, to have been temporarily broken. He staggered backward a couple paces, putting his hands up in between himself and Sophia, in a gesture of defense. But his defense was futile; the damage had already been done. Sophia watched in amazement as her husband continued to shrink before her eyes, and it wasn’t until he was staring into her upper stomach that the swindling process ceased.

For a few long, silent moments, neither of them said anything. They just stood there, stock-still, staring at each other. Sophie could barely believe how small and weak her husband looked — he had gotten so tiny he was almost to the point of having shrunk completely out of his clothes. As it was, he was now standing in the midst of a heaping mass of clothes that used to fit him. His hands and feet were completely swallowed up by his sleeves and pant-legs, and his narrow little shoulders looked like they were barely able to do the job of keeping the shirt on his back. Mike looked around, dazed and horrified, and then averted his incredulous glance back up to his wife. At this point, Sophie couldn’t hold it in anymore. Her hand shot up to her mouth, covering it, as her huge, veiny tits started jiggling and shaking with laughter.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, her eyes going wide with gleeful abandon, “You look absolutely RIDICULOUS, Mike!”

Sophie’s apparently unsympathetic comment seemed to have given Mike all he needed to assess the situation, and he turned awkwardly in his baggy clothes to try and start running away. But Sophie was already two steps ahead of him; as soon as she had seen him turn around, she had stepped forward powerfully. He didn’t even have a chance to take his first fleeing step, because Sophie had caught him from behind, wrangling him with a single arm. It was such an easy task for her now, manhandling her husband, that once again, Sophie wasn’t able to keep herself from laughing out loud.

“Ah ah ah! Just where do you think YOU’RE going!?” she demanded, shaking her chest behind his captive head. Her gargantuan breasts tumbled forward again, now bunching around on either side of his head, causing it to get lost in the middle.

“Uh-oh!” teased Sophie, her eyebrows going up, “Where’d he gooooo? Mike? Mike!? I can’t see you anywhere!” Again, she shook her chest back and forth, back and forth, as she looked down into the yawning crevice of her gigantic cleavage. She could just barely make her husband’s head out, somewhere far down there in the stifling darkness. It was just a tiny little thing compared to her enhanced milkers. As she continued tormenting her husband, Sophie really allowed herself to study her tits for the first time. Before, she had been desperate to avoid how big they were getting, but now, something inside her had changed. She WANTED to look at them…she WANTED to admire herself.

“God, look at those veins!” she exclaimed to herself out loud. “They’re so dark and thick…Jesus, are you seeing this, Mike!? Aha, oh wait, of course you’re not. There’s not much you can see right now, is there? Gosh, I bet it’s hard to breathe down there too, huh? Mike? I can’t really hear you. Speak up!”

She knew that her husband was trying to say something, but she kept him trapped in between her huge tits for a few more long and sweet seconds before finally letting him go. Mike staggered backwards, gasping for air, even as his wide terrified eyes seemed to travel, on their own accord, straight back up to Sophie’s exposed nipple, which was now completely hard and protruding a couple inches from her globe-like breast. The areola around her nipple was all dotted and hard as well, indicating how aroused she was.

“Gggaahh…S-Sophie!!” sputtered Mike, backing away in retreat, “Wh-what happened to me!?”

“Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?” responded Sophie immediately, putting her hands on her hips as she matched his retreat with an advance of her own. It wasn’t long before Mike had managed to corner himself at the other end of the living room, with Sophie’s shadow now looming over him.

“My huuuuuge milk jugs clearly have been getting bigger and bigger…all because of that chemical spill a few days ago that you were soooooo concerned about….and now, it turns out that whenever anyone drinks my milk, it causes a reverse growth effect, and shrinks them down! Hahaha, so, ironically, you should have been worried, Mike…but not for me!”

“B-But…but you have to…have to find a way to…to —” stammered Mike, but Sophie cut him off with a swift wave of her hand.

“To what, Mike?” she snapped, “To grow you back again? Hahaha, weren’t YOU the one sniveling after me, begging to suck my tits!? But ohhhh no…I’m afraid I can’t reverse it, Mike. And honestly, I wouldn’t do it, even if I could. Just LOOK at you. This is a PERFECT metaphor for our marriage, for how things have gone between us. I’m the one who does all the hard work, who supports us, who cleans around the house, who cooks all the food, who at least TRIES to get that spoiled brat of a son of yours to do his homework…I do EVERYTHING, Mike! All you do is lie around on the couch drinking and watching TV…ahaha oh I’m sorry…occasionally you fiddle around with one of those pathetic “arts and crafts” gigs you’ve got going on, but aside from that? You’re useless, Mike. You’re absolutely useless. And now, what better way to display the true reality!? God you’re tiny…and you look weak too…Jesus this is crazy — I love it. Let’s measure you.”

“W-wait, no!” cried Mike, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Sophie forced him back against the wall, and made him stand up straight. She marked the tallest extent of his head with her hand.

“Ok,” she said commandingly, “Now go get the measuring tape from the kitchen drawer.”

“B-But Sophie, I —”

“GET it!” she barked at him, “Or do you want another dose?” She took her free hand and cupped her bare tit, bouncing it up and down, as the sloshing sound of the green milk inside washed out into the air. For a second, it looked like Mike might actually take her up on the threatening offer. His eyes had gone slightly unfocused again, and his mouth had opened just a little bit. Sophie saw, with a thrilling jolt in her loins, that he was drooling. But he seemed to shake it off, shutting his eyes and shaking his head a few times before submissively shuffling off to do as his wife had ordered. Sophie stood there, reveling in the power of ordering her shrunken husband around. It was all so new, such a new sensation and feeling, being in control like this…and she felt like she could definitely get used to it.

A few moments later, Mike returned, grasping the tape measure. Sophie bent down, snatched it away from him, and proceeded to measure from the floor up to where her hand was. Even on her knees, the height comparison between herself and her husband was incredible — the top of Mike’s head still only came up to her eyes!

“Holy shit!” she cried, gasping out delightedly. She turned open-mouthed toward him, pointing at the measurement. “You’re 4-foot-flat, Mike! You just shrank like TWO FEET!”

Mike mouthed words like a fish out of water, but no sound came out. Sophie used his dumbfounded silence as an opportunity to rise up once more to her full height, towering over him completely. What happened next wasn’t planned or considered — it was done on sheer, power-hungry instinct. Sophie reached down around her waist, fastened her fingers around her top, and, with one long, swift motion, whipped the whole thing off her torso, leaving only her black bra hugging her frame, desperately clinging to life as it tried to contain her massive mammaries. Mike’s face went ashen again, even if the lustful light in his eyes was ignited again. There seemed to be two mighty forces tugging at him: the first, screaming at him to run, to get away, and the second begging him, imploring him, to suck again from those huge, gorgeous tits.

Sophie knew exactly what was going on, and, with slow, torturous languor, she reached behind her back, all the while keeping her dominant gaze fixed down on her hapless husband, and then undid her bra. It immediately fell away from her, and her tits jumped out crazily, bouncing, jiggling, and gyrating in their newfound freedom. Each of them was a couple times bigger than Mike’s entire head, with dark, thick veins running through them in all directions, the blood feeding their size and power. Both areolas were flushed bright pink with her arousal, and the innumerable bumps around indicated how firm and hard her nipples were, 2-inch peaks of firm flesh still oozing that sweet-smelling, entrancing green milk.

“Now listen here, you shrunken pathetic little excuse for a husband,” began Sophie harshly, putting her hands on her hips and swaying her body this way and that, so her eye-popping tits swung to and fro, twin megaliths to her emerging power, “I’ve put up with your shit for long enough. There are gonna be some changes around here, you understand?”

Silently, Mike nodded. What else was there he could do? If she had wanted to, she could have snapped him in two like a twig. But perhaps even more frighteningly, she could have force-fed him more of that terrible milk (even though it smelled and tasted divine). Mike knew something was going on in his head; he desperately wanted another taste, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off Sophie’s nipples (which he had to look slightly UP at to see). But after shrinking that much, he had the wherewithal to know that he needed to resist, at least while he could. He desperately wanted more of Sophie’s green milk, but even more than that, he wanted to avoid getting smaller.

“Starting with this,” Sophie continued. “You’re gonna become my little house-husband bitch. Understand? You’re gonna cook for me. You’re gonna cook for me. You’re gonna clean. You’re gonna do WHATEVER I ask you to do, WHENEVER I ask you to do it, no questions asked. Or else…” — and here she grinned mischievously down at him — “I’ll shrink you again.”

“O-ok!” cried Mike, nodding his head again vigorously.

“You good with that?” laughed Sophie, gathering her gigantic tits in her arms and jiggling them crazily. “You good with being my little bitch slut of a house-husband? A milk-addicted, shrunken little servant who does whatever his big-tit wife tells him to do?”

“Y-Yes!” exclaimed Mike.

“Eeeexxxcelent!” laughed Sophie, clapping her hands loudly. “Well…off you go then, you little milk slut! There’s a kitchen to be cleaned! And I better not see even one speck of food in that sink, or else…”

Mike scurried off to obey her, and Sophie sighed out in thrilled amazement to herself, blinking a few times into space, before settling herself down on the sofa, propping her feet up with some pillows as she continued to play with her enormous mammaries. They were still leaking some milk, but it had slowed down a bit. Sophie could have purred with pleasure. So her milk actually SHRANK people who drank it!? An hour before, she had been absolutely miserable, totally dejected by the prospect of continuing to teach all those horrible kids at school. It hadn’t mattered that she was so attracted to a number of them — they had all been so ruthless, so mean to her.

But now…now everything was different. Sophie couldn’t wait until Jason got home. He’d get a literal taste of what was to come. And then the following day at school? Sophie broke out in goosebumps thinking of all the gloriously dirty possibilities that awaited her.

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