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Chapter 1

Sophie Hanson’s shoulders drooped slightly as she trudged down the sidewalk in the afternoon sun, exhausted from yet another day of barely managing to keep her head above water as a substitute high school teacher. A few of the female teachers had given birth recently, so Sophie was having to shoulder more work than usual. Not that she was complaining about getting work, in and of itself — being in her late 30’s, Sophie still possessed a certain amount of physical vigor, since she tried her best to eat right, get enough sleep, and stay as physically active as possible. These days, though, she was starting to feel the years weighing her down. She had come to the crosswalk, and heaved a sad, wistful sigh as she pushed the button, waiting for the light to turn red so she could cross the street.

‘At least I live close to the school,’ Sophie thought, trying to cheer herself up. It was a familiar psychological trajectory that she had endured time and time again: trying to rally herself, getting down, trying to rally again, and then sinking down once more into depression. As she waited for the light to turn, Sophie had to admit to herself that overall, this is not where she had wanted to end up. Mike — her husband who had sunk the family’s savings into his unsuccessful “arts and crafts” business — was a lazy disappointment of a man. When Sophie had met him five years back, she had been enamored by his confidence, by his good looks, and by his supposed determination to make it big in the art world. Things had not turned out the way he had expected, though, and for a few years now he spent most of his time at home, on the sofa, drinking beer and watching TV. Sophie was essentially supporting them both on her meager substitute teacher salary.

‘Easy, Sophie,’ she thought to herself, sighing again, as the light turned yellow, ‘Just…just take it easy. You’ll go home, take a nice hot shower, crack open a beer, and then maybe Mike will have made dinner, or at least ordered something…and…Jason might be in a good mood, hopefully. It’ll be fine…it’ll be fine…’

Jason was Sophie’s 18-year-old stepson from Mike’s previous marriage. Sophie had always been sweet to him, and had made an extra effort to pay attention to him and try and engage, but Jason had never been receptive to her. As he had gotten older, his indifference had morphed into downright disrespect and recalcitrance, to the point where Sophie couldn’t get him to do anything at all. She tried to get around the sadness and frustration of the situation by chalking his behavior down to being a hormonal teenager, but the older he got, the less hope Sophie had that she would ever be able to connect with Jason. His consistent disrespect, combined with the lewd way that he spoke about the girls and women he was attracted to, had started to convince Sophie that her stepson was a spoiled, rotten brat who had inherited his father’s work ethic and soft misogyny. Sophie hadn’t seen that side of Mike until after they had gotten married, but as Jason morphed into a teenager, the way that Mike had started to talk to his son about how to “get the hot girls”…well, it had shocked Sophie, and made her seriously question her choice to be with this man.

The light had turned red, and Sophie looked both ways before setting out to cross the intersection. A light breeze had started blowing, and Sophie raised her head, trying to catch some of the pleasant breeze through her long brown hair. But she couldn’t pull herself out of the mental pit she had dug herself into — she could feel the hopelessness of her situation smothering her. She was crossing the street, but in reality, she was stuck in a dead end, trapped with a lazy husband, a disrespectful, bratty stepson, and a tough, unforgiving job where she had to put up with whole classes full of contemptuous teenagers.

The red hand started flashing, indicating that the light was just about to change. Sophie quickened her pace a little, not wanting to be caught out in the middle of the street. She was slightly ashamed to admit that one of the only things keeping her going these days was the perk of proximity to the sexy bodies of the teenage boys she taught. Sophie knew that she shouldn’t entertain these kinds of taboo mental pleasures, but what else did she have!? Besides, as she often reminded herself, she wasn’t actually doing anything to them. No one had any idea what was going on in her head, and it certainly wasn’t a sin to simply look and enjoy. Recently, Sophie had noticed herself daydreaming about their bodies more often, which she took as a sign that her depression was worsening. But even still, it felt so good to think about them, with their strong, lithe, muscular bodies, the ridiculous and hilarious scent of their teenage deodorant, their sexy voices, which oscillated between masculine depth and the boyish little cracks of adolescence. More than anything, though, Sophie was drawn to their utter and complete inexperience of sex in general. It had gotten to the point where she had even started fantasizing about actual encounters, and what she would do.

‘God I’d just love to wrangle Jake into the alley behind the gym,’ she thought lustfully, ‘And yank his pants down, get down on my knees, and show him what it feels like to have that big cock of his swallowed whole…I’ve seen that bulge in his pants…’

Sophie was well aware that this more sexually aggressive side of her would have totally shocked anyone who knew her. Her external persona was one of empathy, understanding, and meekness, but Sophie knew that her outer appearance was deliberately designed to hide the more dominant side underneath. she had never been comfortable with this aspect of herself.

And so she passed her days fantasizing, unbeknownst to all those around her. Jake was one of her personal favorites, even though he was also one of the biggest troublemakers who made life hell for her. Spencer…Logan…DeShaun…the list went on and on…Sophie had to put up with their shit day in and day out, to the point where she had convinced herself that her private fantasies were extra payment for all the difficulties of her job. It wasn’t lost on her that this was a sad, unenviable spot for a late-30’s woman to be, but she had to take what she could get.

Right then, the light turned green. Sophie had just stepped off the street onto the sidewalk when all of a sudden, a jarring sound made her whip around. A huge truck had just turned around the corner, and was barreling headway forward towards the light. Sophie had already safely gotten off the street, but even so, she found herself instinctively backing away from the path of this gigantic truck. Its engine was loud and grating, and combined with its rusted exterior and the untidy belches of diesel smoke from its exhaust tower, Sophie felt a bit intimidated, even on the sidewalk. As she watched it pass noisily by, she saw that it seemed to be carrying a large cargo of big, cylindrical plastic containers, all tied up and fastened in the rear storage. Its windows were tinted, so that Sophie couldn’t see who was driving.

She was about to turn away and continue her trudge home when she noticed that the truck had gotten a little too close to the sidewalk; she didn’t even have time to be afraid. A rough grinding sound cut the air as the truck’s thick wheel ran up against the curb and Sophie jumped back, feeling the adrenaline rush though her. She felt something cold splash against her top, immediately soaking through to her skin. The strong scent of something like licorice burned her nostrils. Looking up, she saw the rear of the truck swaying unsteadily as its driver corrected its motion, speeding away down the road. One of the huge plastic containers was leaking some strange dark purple liquid down the side, which was splashing down onto the road in the truck’s wake. Sophie blinked, seeing the purple liquid, and then glanced down at her shirt. Her white blouse was soaked through in the front with the purple liquid. With a jolt, Sophie felt herself tense up, expecting the pain of a chemical burn. But the pain never came. Instead, she felt a slight warming sensation, which did not build into anything burning or uncomfortable. She felt some tingling in her breasts, and in her nipples, and, as she looked down her top and underneath her bra, she saw that her nipples were hard, with the skin of her areola puckering up. It almost felt…good…and certainly not what she had expected to feel.

‘Still though,’ she thought, ‘I should get on home quickly and take that shower.’

She felt her c-cup breasts jiggling slightly up and down as she hurried home. Sophie wasn’t sure if it was because they were wet, or whether she was moving quickly, or what…but she did notice that by the time she had gotten home, the warmth had spread all the way across her breasts, and was beginning to tingle pleasantly.

“What happened to you?” came Mike’s sluggish voice as she came in through the door. Sophie had to stifle her irritation — she didn’t know why she always managed to convince herself that Mike was going to do anything about dinner. He sounded drunk already.

“A truck carrying chemicals drove by and splashed me,” she explained shortly, taking off her blouse and tossing it into the laundry.

“You…uh, ok?” he asked mildly.

“I’m fine,” Sophie replied, now reaching back to loosen her bra. “Just…it’s been a long day. One thing after the other, you know?”

Mike shrugged and kept drinking his beer, turning back to the TV. But just then, Jason came around the corner and his mouth dropped open. Sophie sighed and stopped taking her bra off, making her way towards the bathroom instead.

“Sophie’s doing a striptease!?” he burst out laughing. “Hold on, I wanna film this!”

“Jason, no…will you…will you just quit it!?” huffed Sophie, hustling off to avoid her stepson’s irreverent jokes. “I got splashed by some chemicals on the way home and I’m just trying to take a shower in peace, ok?”

“Huh…maybe you’ll get superpowers,” chuckled Jason, ignoring his stepmother’s wishes and filming her as she rushed off. “Maybe you’ll actually be able to cook a good meal for once…like mom used to.”

Sophie tried to ignore the stinging, hurtful comment, but as she stood in the shower a few minutes later, feeling the hot water running down her body, it was hard not to feel angry at Jason’s meanness. He was just a teenager, yes, but he had learned that kind of callous disregard for others from his father…his lazy, sullen father…and, of course, from other male members from Mike’s side of the family. And as usual, she was the one stuck with feeling bad, feeling guilty…SHE was the one who was expected to keep the household afloat with her crappy job. SHE was the one who was supposed to cook and clean. None of the men did anything in this family! And it was all just part of a larger pattern that Sophie had seen in the wider world. She worked so hard at school, far harder than many of her male co-workers, and yet THEY were the ones who had higher positions than her! The principal was some ex-frat boy who had connections high up in the state's Department of Education. The men had all the power…it was just men, men, men…and yet they all depended on women like HER to do all the work.

“Just once,” she muttered to herself out loud, gritting her teeth as the water cascaded over body, washing the purple chemical off, “Just ONCE I wish I could just…shrink all these men down into the little boys they REALLY are…so I could dominate THEM for a change, and show them what whining, sniveling, pathetic little babies they really are!”

Sophie was glad the sound of the shower was drowning out her angry mutterings — she rarely allowed herself to get this outwardly upset, but Mike’s indifference to her getting splashed, combined with Jason’s nasty comment, had just pushed her over the edge.

“You know what?” she whispered to herself, “They can figure out dinner by themselves. I’m going to make something for myself and then just go to bed early.”

Sophie was true to her promise, and despite Jason’s whining, she didn’t make any dinner that night. Instead, she just made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ate it quickly, and then hustled herself off to bed, determined to turn over a new leaf the next day. She had trouble falling asleep, though. The strange licorice scent of the purple chemical still lingered, and the warm tingling in her breasts had not gone away, even after she had washed herself off in the shower. If anything, it had intensified a bit, and when Sophie felt her breasts up in the dark, she found that her nipples were still hard. The touch from her hand exacerbated the tingling, which now seemed to go straight down to her pussy, like a line of electricity. She thought about masturbating, but decided against it after she reminded herself that Mike might walk in on her and expect sex. An hour later, she finally managed to drift off into an uneasy sleep, hoping that the next day would somehow be easier.

It wasn’t easier, though, because Sophie found herself waking up the next morning with a sore chest. Exhaling out in frustration, she turned over in bed, and found that Mike wasn’t there.

‘Must’ve passed out drunk on the sofa again,’ she thought ruefully. She sat up in bed and immediately, with a start, she realized the source of her discomfort. Her nightshirt was stretched tightly across her chest, to the extent that it had confined her breasts uncomfortably all night long. Sophie sat there, puzzled in the midst of her grogginess, before she finally understood what was going on. Her shirt hadn’t been this tight the night before — her breasts had…gotten bigger…during the night!

“But no, that’s…that’s just not possible,” she said to herself, out loud. A moment later she was on her feet with her shirt off, standing in front of the mirror. There wasn’t any doubt: her breasts definitely looked bigger. There was even a slightly-darkened vein, which Sophie hadn’t noticed before, snaking down the side of her right breast. She cupped them both in her hand and squeezed them slightly. They were both slightly tender, but now that she had taken her constricting shirt off, they weren’t quite as sore. Her nipples also looked bigger, and they poked out, proudly erect in the early morning air. The areola looked a little darker, and more expansive.

Frowning slightly, Sophie went to her drawer, pulled out a bra, and put it on. There could be no denying it now — her regular c-cup bra pulled at her breasts tightly, constricting them uncomfortably.

“Well THIS is just great!” she exclaimed sarcastically, fuming at her own reflection. Her tits had grown so big that they actually spilled slightly over her bra. She could feel her erect nipples pressing uncomfortably into the harder fabric of her bra’s cups, and a moment later she had taken the whole thing off and thrown it into the corner of her bedroom.

“No way that’s gonna work,” she muttered to herself. “I’ve gotta have some that are bigger than that one…surely…”

Fortunately, Sophie was able to at least find a bra that didn’t immediately cause discomfort, but when she put on her blouse top, there was no way of concealing the fact that her breasts had grown at least an entire cup size. For the next thirty minutes, she was on auto-pilot getting ready for school, but in the back of her mind, she knew that her sudden and unexplained breast growth had something to do with getting splashed with those weird purple chemicals. She would have been more worried about the health implications if she hadn’t needed to rush around so quickly. She breezed past Mike, who had indeed passed out drunk on the couch. Jason’s bedroom door was closed; Sophie didn’t know whether or not he was already awake, and she was about to knock pleasantly on his door before she stopped herself.

‘Wait!’ she thought with abrupt aggression, ‘What am I doing!? He’s 18! If he can’t get himself up for school, then he can suffer the consequences of being late. It’s not my problem. I’m done trying to hold that spoiled little brat’s hand. From now on, he’s gonna have to earn my respect.’

Sophie knew that she had been through this mental trajectory before, so she couldn’t feel too good about her resolve right now. But something felt different about this morning…other than, of course, the fact that her breasts had gotten bigger. Maybe it had been Jason’s mean comment the night before…maybe it had been Mike not even bothering to come to bed for the hundredth time, passing out on the sofa…maybe it was a combination of the two…or maybe it was something else. In any case, Sophie Hanson felt like she had come to the end of her rope, and she really, REALLY didn’t feel like putting up with any shit ANY MORE.

The rest of the day passed by quicker than Sophie was accustomed to. She certainly felt a little more “in control” than she generally did, although she had to put up with stray little comments here and there behind her back about her breasts.

“D’ja see Ms. Hanson’s rack!?” she heard Jake whisper to one of his friends. “Was it always that big??”

She had felt a surge of arousal go through her loins upon hearing this, but she had also felt a paradoxical flare of anger as well. These little boys, ogling her breasts! They should know better! Of course, she mentally acknowledged the hypocrisy of her outrage, since she fantasized about Jake and others like him all the time. But at least she had the decency to keep her thoughts to herself, right!?

By the end of the day, Sophie’s bra had gotten so tight that she ended up jogging straight home, hopping in the car, and going straight to the store to buy herself some new bras and tops. She found that her breasts had indeed ballooned, all the way up to 36DDs, with a 40-inch cup size.

“Jesus…Christ,” she murmured, looking at herself in the mirror and cupping her large breasts. Once again, she knew that she should feel more worried about the health implications of those chemicals, but she felt fine. Her breasts were still feeling warm and tingly, almost like they were going through their own little “hot flashes” every half-hour or so. Her nipples were definitely more sensitive, and she could feel something going on inside her breasts, directly behind her nipples…perhaps in her milk glands, maybe!? She couldn’t really tell. But whatever it was, it didn’t actually feel bad. And in any case, she had found some clothes and bras that fit her now. So whatever those chemicals were, they had obviously affected her hormones or something, and caused her breasts to grow a little. That was all — there wasn’t really anything to be concerned about.

At least, that’s what Sophie kept telling herself. But as the rest of the week went by, she quickly found that her initial assumptions had been quite mistaken, to say the least. Her breasts hadn’t stopped at 36DD — they had just kept growing and growing, steadily, every day. Sometimes they didn’t seem to grow at all for a few hours, and then, in the span of less than 20 minutes, they would grow and expand so much that Sophie actually had to excuse herself from class and go into the bathroom, anxiously checking herself in the mirror. More generally, though, the growth was more gradual. But it didn’t really matter — to Sophie, either way, it was terribly inconvenient. As the days went by, the stares and comments from the students became more pronounced and more obvious, to the point where, by the end of the week, she was utterly unable to keep her classes under control.

“So if you’ll all just glance down at page 46,” she had said, “At the map of the early Roman Repub—”

“How can we look at maps when those knockers are staring at us straight in the face?” interrupted Jake rudely.

“Now Jake! Really!” Sophie had exclaimed, her face reddening in embarrassment. “That’s no way to talk to your teacher, even if I’m just a substitute!”

“Well that’s no way to dress!” laughed Spencer, joining in.

“Even if you ARE just a “substitute teacher,”” DeShaun added, shaking with laughter.

“Haha come on Ms. Hanson!” teased Logan, “Why’d you get a boob job! Haha, we liked your tits just fine the way they were before!”

The classroom rang with laughter, and Sophie’s face was now completely red. They were all laughing at her, all the boys she fantasized about, along with everyone else.

“I didn’t get a BOOB JOB!” she yelled at them over the din of laughter, grabbing her breasts and shaking them at them angrily. “I got splashed with…I don’t know WHAT’S going on!! The best YOU all can do is have a little RESPECT!!”

But they didn’t, and Sophie had become so distraught that she had ended up crying on the way home. She had cried to herself numerous times in private the past few years, but each of these times, it had been “sad crying.” Right now, she was just angry. She was so angry, in fact, that she didn’t even notice the two little wet spots that had started growing on her top, right where her nipples were. By this time, Sophie had gotten a bit accustomed to her nipples being erect and sensitive all the time, and in any case, she would have needed to arch her head forward to even see her nipples. Her breasts had swelled to 36Fs, with a 46-inch cup size.

When Sophie came in through the door, she hadn’t even bothered wiping her eyes. Mike hadn’t started his afternoon drinking yet, and so he actually sat up on the sofa as she walked in.

“Uh babe…? What’s…what’s wrong?” he asked.

“All the fucking bullshit at school,” she muttered, in no mood to have it out with him. She just wanted to light some candles and take a bath.

“Um, honey?” ventured Mike, a little uneasily.

“WHAT!?” she shouted, putting her hands on her hips and turning to him aggressively. “What is it, Mike?! I’ve had a hard day and I just want to be alone right now!”

“It’s just that…your nipples…” Mike said, putting his hands up in surrender, even as he pointed at them. “They’re wet. You’re…lactating, Sophie.”

Sophie blinked at him blankly for a moment, and then grabbed her breasts and pulled them up towards her face. It was true. Two dark patches had been growing at her nipples, bleeding through her large white top. And the “lactation,” whatever it was, was green.

“What…the fuck?!” Sophie exclaimed. In her anger, she had whirled around and, in facing her husband, had unwittingly thrust her tits very close to his face. She still didn’t have a good sense of their size anymore, since they were always growing.

“Babe,” came Mike’s voice. Except now it was different. It wasn’t laconic and lazy, like he usually sounded. It was tight and focused…energetic almost. Sophie turned down to look at him and saw that his eyes had gone wide, and were fixated on her breasts. A lust burned in his eyes unlike anything she had seen in years. She felt her anger evaporate as the warm tingling in her breasts again reached down to her pussy.

“Babe,” Mike said again, this time with even more energy, “Your tits…oh my god…” He looked up at her, open-mouthed. His eyes were almost glazed over; Sophie saw that he actually had an erection pushing through his jeans.

“Yeah?” Sophie heard herself say. She was suddenly feeling very hot…very sexy. Her face was flushed. The energy of her anger had been diverted, all because Mike was looking at her like he had never looked at her before.

“They’re the hottest things I’ve ever seen,” he breathed, reaching for them.

“Ooo, you LIKE them, huh?” smirked Sophie, backing away out of his reach. She wanted to keep teasing him…playing with him. They hadn’t had sex in months, and yet here they were, flirting intensely. Sophie felt a surge of power course through her, and she felt inspired to wield it over her husband. She was so turned-on, and yet that didn’t stop her from taking the opportunity to needle him. He had been such a useless baby for so long. Now maybe she could get him to act like one.

“You WANT them, you little baby?” she teased, backing away toward the bedroom. Mike got up off the sofa, still glassy-eyed, and stumbled toward her. Sophie heard herself laughing, feeling totally in control:

“You wanna SUCK on them?”

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