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Tiny and squishy Tim has found himself transformed into the asshole of the beautiful and bubbly Cindy.  As he spends more time trapped, his body and mind evolve more and more to fit their new role: dispensing farts and waste for his host.

These two chapters are the first ones I ever wrote, and were part of the interactive "Unaware giantess TF" on writing.com created by ulti.  Although they're older chapters, I welcome any and all feedback.

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Published: November 09 2021 Updated: November 09 2021

1. Cindy's Gotta Shit by revival45 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1753 words)

These were the first two chapters I ever wrote, and were added to one of my favorite interactives on writing.com, "Unaware giantess TF" by ulti.  Everything that takes place before these chapters can be found at the link below, and I recommend checking out the entire plot line since it has a lot of really great TF writing.


For context for these specific chapters, Tim has been slowly transforming more and more into the asshole of Cindy, who is friends with his three roommates.  They're aware that he is fused with her anus, but due to a miscommunication they believe that Tim is okay with what is happening, and aren't very concerned with restoring his body (the remainder of which is stuck in a pair of Cindy's panties).  Right before this chapter, Cindy was hanging out with all of Tim's roommates, and they were in the middle of a twerking contest.

2. Cindy's Asshole Forever by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (511 words)