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Author's Chapter Notes:
After a late-night of partying, Lizzy arrives back home with less than innocent intentions.


        Aarons door flutters open, making him jump. It’s dark now, a cold dread seeping across his considerably diminished body. Something feels… off. He rubs the dust from his eyes, wondering just how long he’d been asleep. All the while, a silhouette stands menacingly in the doorway, using the cover of darkness to peer inside. The figure remains motionless for longer than Aaron is comfortable with, urging him to call out into the black, his voice shaking.


Finally making a move, they extend a shrouded hand outwards, missing the switch by a few inches. Fortunately, they get it on the second try. The light switch moves upward as a hand flicks the gloom away with a sharp click.

        Light immerses Aaron, blinding him for only a few fleeting seconds before he yells out in discomfort, startled by the jarring cascade of light. He rushes to cover his eyes, waiting until he has a chance to slowly adjust. Eventually, he’s able to remove his hands with a modicum of discomfort, and everything becomes remarkably clear.

“Lizzy?” The figure stands out starkly against the neutral colors of his admittedly drab room. Olive walls contrast against her fair skin and blue denim-covered short shorts.

“Heeeeeyyyyy!” She stumbles into the room. Immediately, it’s apparent that something is unmistakably wrong. Her movements are jerky and unrefined. There isn’t an ounce of fluidity behind them, making her come off as unapologetically trashy. Needless to say, Aaron finds himself taken aback by the shameless display of intoxication. Left momentarily speechless, he feels a familiar rage boiling up inside, begging to be released. Clenching his fist tightly, redness seeps outward from his palms and across the whites of his knuckles. He moves to get up before letting his sister have the brunt of his wrath.

“The fuck is wrong with you, Liz? Are you seriously drunk right now?” Appalled at the lack of empathy for his situation, Aaron explodes, “You stupid preppy bitch! Do you have any idea what I’m going through? The faintest clue? Just, look at what you did to me!” His face gets hot, flush with pent-up energy for which he has no feasible outlet. “And-and, UGH! You’re out getting fucking wasted!” Each word is laced with venom, every sound full of malice and accusation. Yet, he’s not even sure she heard him.

Letting out an emotionally charged sigh, he takes a step back. Elizabeth’s shitty attitude wasn’t worth it right now. More than anything, he just wanted to get back to sleep. Maybe he’d dream about what his life might have been without this debilitating condition.

“Whatever, really not wanting to deal with any of this garbage right now.” Aaron leans back, rolling over on his side and crossing his bare arms in defiance. “For real Liz, get the fuck out!” To say he was upset would be a vast oversimplification. Did she have any idea how long it would take him to grow back? Years! Not to mention how dangerous it was for him at this size. A single stomp could leave him in dire straights. Paralyzed, potentially even killed!

His sister giggles in response to the mini tirade, finding it downright cute in his doll-like state, “Oooohhh come oooon~! Don’t be ‘ike tha-hic that!” Elizabeth takes a few monstrous steps into the room, startling Aaron into action. Her brother jumps up in fear, terrified at what she might accidentally do in this state. One wrong step could easily send her careening into him at an astonishingly frightful speed. Lizzy might have been light, but he isn’t willing to take the chance at this size.

“H-hey! Whoa, Liz, careful!” The rapid footfalls are too much for him to take, anxiety prompting him to take a few worried steps backward.

Liz stops in response to his tiny squeaks, momentary confusion spreading across her face as her brain tries to process thoughts through the copious amounts of alcohol coursing through her. Pretty quickly, a smug smile stretches across her face, “Aw, what’s wrong, Aaron? ‘fraid of a girl?” Her words come out confident but with a varying, almost child-like cadence to them. The drinks had stripped much of the nuance she once had away.

“N-no! It’s just….” Intimidated by her unbridled confidence, Aaron finds himself at a loss. He’d sooner die than admit it, but truthfully, he felt so tiny in her shadow.

Elizabeth casually slips off her pink and white Nikes, stepping clumsily on the backs and slipping her heels out one after the other. Somehow, managing to not fall flat on her face in the process. Both finally coming loose, she flicks them off her feet in two rapid motions, hurling them hey towards the wall without a fraction of care.


Two solid thuds against the olive surface, making Aaron flinch from the sound and force of the impacts. Already, her feet are nearly gliding across the ground, the fabric of her childish cosmic kitten-covered socks giving her little friction on the hardwood floor of Aaron’s room. She makes up the slight distance between her and the mite-sized man in no time.


The college girl stumbles forward without a hint of grace, like the hot mess of a person she is deep down, behind the carefully maintained exterior. Instinctively, he throws his hands up over his face, closing his eyes as she approaches. However, Lizzy stops short of the bedframe, choosing to lean down and place her massive form directly in front of her cowering brother. Three steps are all it takes for her to traverse the vast expanse between them. It takes a moment, but eventually, he realizes the inevitable collision isn’t coming. Gently lowers his hands, his jaw rapidly drops in astonishment at what meets his gaze.

Directly in front of him is the most considerable chest he’s ever seen. His sister had always been pretty big; hell, he’d made fun of her for it plenty of times when they were younger. But, seeing it up close at this size? It was absolutely frightening. The two natural globes hang practically in Aarons’s face, towering before him on the side of the bed like two perfectly smooth monuments. His chest tightens with underlying anxiety as he internalizes how small he is now compared to his once oh so little sister. Once again, he’s left feeling wholly emasculated.

The curves of her tanned breasts fade seamlessly into her pink bra, which is poorly concealed by the stark white of her tank top. They meet in the middle, creating a nearly hypnotizing effect for Aaron. The two orbs subtly clash into each other as Liz wobbles ever so slightly on her feet, finding it difficult to even stand properly. She catches his eyes, though it’s more entertaining than anything for her. Liz is used to being ogled; what’s one more creep among several hundred? Though, that wouldn’t stop her from having a bit of fun. Mockingly, the younger sister clears her throat,

“Uhhhh, my eyes are up ‘ere... dumbass!” Aaron’s head slowly tilts upwards along the sheer expanse of his sister. An amused look is prevalent across the blonde’s freckled face. Though, beneath it all, she seems almost aloof. Like she isn’t really processing the consequences of her actions. A profoundly chilling thought.

Elizabeth breaths gently, her chest heaving up and down in a repeated cycle as she watches him smugly from above. Aaron tries to stand defiantly, puffing out his chest as he does his best to stand tall. Yet, his tiny voice trembles with apprehension in every syllable. “You aren’t, um, all tough, Liz! Once I let Mom know, you’ll be… um...” He observes with visible concern as the girl’s smirk drops halfway through his sentence, her eyelids narrowing in anger. The blonde’s entire disposition had flipped on a dime. Terrified, Aaron slowly starts to back away, her broad chest looming ever closer to his position on the bed.

Lizzy starts to speak, her voice slurred and movements slow yet exaggerated, “Ooooh reaaaally~? Cause, honest? I don’t ‘hink you’ll be saying shhhhit to Mom.” Lizzy blinks expectantly, waiting for a response. But she doesn’t get one. Aaron is already frozen in fear, choking hard on a lump that sits in the very back of his throat. Was his sister threatening him? Her sibling stares deep in the soft line that formed between her two massive globes, something Elizabeth picks up on once again.

“Yuh, I mean, if ya’told Mom hic I might ‘ave to tell her about ya hitting on me the other day. How… you grabbed my tits….” She takes her silky well-lotioned hands and brings them up, caressing and massaging her heavy chest with a firm grip. She almost gets lost in it for a moment, clearly playing far more into it than Aaron liked. He was speechless, blackmail from his own sister.

“W-wha-” Aaron is quickly shut down, his attempt at diplomacy unapologetically denied.

“Save it, ash’hole! Who dooo you ‘ink she’ll believe, huuuh? Her perfect lil’ girl, hic oooor…-” She tries to pause for dramatic effect. However, her timing is far from serviceable with so much alcohol in her system, “-’er burnout loo’sher son!” His sister flashes him a toothy grin, knowing full well that she’s won.

“Liz….” He’s devastated, realizing how she truly felt about him. He thought the teasing had always been good fun, but now he wasn’t so sure. Did she resent him for it?

“Sooooo-” She interrupts him once again, brushing her natural blonde locks to the side, “Ya ‘ike... my tits?” She giggles, seeing his face grow red, knowing that he is already starting to shrink once again. He did; it was undeniable. Something about them had him entranced. Their shape, their size, even the pleasant smell of vanilla-coconut that seemed to radiate off them.


        The burning shame Aaron feels ends up setting his face alight with splotchy redness. He didn’t know where these feelings had come from! He’d never once been attracted to his younger sister. But seeing her at this size made him extremely confused. A sickening and familiar sense of vertigo returns, making a knot form deep in his stomach. If he kept shrinking like this…. What would be left of him? How much smaller could he even get? All questions that race through the dark-haired boy’s mind, causing him to hesitate when Liz decides she’s waited around for long enough. His sister, seeming more like a monster than a girl at this instant, rises up above him. Her scope is unfathomable for Aaron, taking his breath away as she stands up to her full height. Elizabeth towers over him so casually despite her immense size. It’s such a simple action, but it’s comparable to some sort of cataclysm at his height.

The bratty college-sophomore stretches lazily upwards, clasping both hands together with a yawn. “Kay, I’m coming down! Wash out ‘elow!” A startled Aaron futilely scrambles backward as his sister ever so casually undresses down to a pink bra and matching lacey thong. There’s no finesse in her haphazard strip, just drunken motions as clothes stay right where they fall. She leans back onto her butt, not even bothering to look down before slamming her bare cheeks onto the fabric of her brother’s bed.

        Aaron continues his utterly pointless back-peddling, only ending when her butt finally touches down. He’s sent flying as two delicate pillars hit the surface he’s standing on like a bomb. Fabric and padding ripple relentlessly beneath his feet, momentarily flinging him up above the bed. He hurtles through the air, his lungs searing as he screams outwardly in alarm, only stopping as he lands face first with a pompf on the fluffy comforter.

“Ugh!” Aaron stands up, disgustedly ejecting out several lint balls from his mouth as he does.

Nevertheless, his eyes widen, seeing colorful socked feet stretching out far into the distance. “Fuck….” Slowly he turns around, knowing full well what’s sitting just behind him. Lizzy’s crotch rests before him, inches away from his nervous and nude body. The pink textile is wedged deeply between the cheeks of her ass, flowing up into her barely contained vulva, which bulges out from the sides. Its entirety threatens to break free with just one wrong move or tug.

Tiny thin blonde hairs stick out periodically from the sides as his eyes trace it upward, not messy by any means, but unusually large. Had he... continued to shrink? Aaron looked forward in astonishment; even the microscopic strands that poked out from her thong seemed so noticeable now. He throws a guess into the wind, estimating that he’s about half the size he once was. It’s a startling revelation, especially with Aaron already being so thoroughly insignificant previously. Despite it all, he feels a familiar growth between his legs as musk prevalent around his sister’s groin immerses him in an overwhelming fog. Some measure of disgust exists deep down, but it’s quickly pushed to the wayside in place of more… external temptations.

“Ohhh, my gawd! You ‘ook like such a bug ‘rom down there!” His sister’s eyes peer down at him from over the very top of the pink undergarment, playful and carefree. They’re unmoving, boring into him like a diamond-plated drill.

“I bet… you think I’m ‘ute. Like, maaaybe hic a lil?” She looks back, finally noticing the situation swiftly developing between Aaron’s legs. She squints, trying to make it out with the blurry vision the alcohol has provided her.

“HA! I fucken kneeew it!” Liz giggles incessantly, a faint drunken snort coming through as she loses herself in a fit of laughter. After finally recovering, she wipes a lone tear from her droopy eyes, getting another faint glimpse of the insect between her thighs in the process, “Mmm, I don’t like, totally hic blaaaame you though. It’s pretty... pathetic, but I mean, look at me!” Something about talking down to him made Elizabeth feel so wonderful! She loved that he was getting his just deserts, but there was something more just under the surface, something to unpack. However, she barely makes a note of it, her head still swimming, alcohol moving predictably through her veins. Logic had gone out the window several drinks back for Liz. Right now, sensations and feelings drove her.

“Lizzy, please, I can explain!” Desperate, he tries to reason with the pink-clad goddess above, only for his words to fall on deaf ears. She can’t hear him. He’s too small now for his squeaky voice to even have a hope of reaching her ears.

        “Fuckkk, makes me wonder if you perved on me at all….” A hand slips down towards the narrow piece of cloth covering her labia, gently tugging it aside. Immediately, Aaron is bombarded with heat. Enough that he’s forced to briefly turn his back. Although, when he does, a natural-looking labia is there to greet him, flush and moist. Blonde stubble lines the outer edges, with only a few longer hairs off to the side. He’s stunned; Was she turned on too?

“Mmmm, ‘akes me... hot to think about ‘oo. In like, hic a weird way….” A finger slips around the outer edges of her lips, sliding amongst the sopping wetness that permeated the entire area.

Her gaze has yet to break focus on him, inspecting every iota of his diminished form with a sort of sick satisfaction. “You’re such... a ‘peck. It’s f-fucking embarrassing.” Her voice shakes, meshing with her slurred words as a unique brand of hotness builds up from her core. Seeing the sex organ at this size is almost horrific. Steamy, soaked, and overwhelmingly muggy.

Still, Aaron can’t help but find himself drawn towards it, prompting a surprisingly quick reaction from his much larger sister. “Nuh-uh! No way no hic how!” A hand opposite of the one in his view reaches down, plucking him up coldly like he’s no more than a bug in between them. “If I don’t... get ‘ick, you ‘in’t gettin’ ANY pussy!” She practically screamed, self-awareness almost non-existent in her drunken state.

Slowly, Aaron finds himself dragged upwards, right past her warm wet hole and onto the heated flesh of her stomach. She pulls him across it, the sickeningly strong scent of vanilla perfume making him gag and retch from its sheer intensity. He does his best to cry out, but his rapid ascent makes it difficult.

        “Eliza- oh fuck, please listen to me!” He yells, hollers, and shrieks, “This is too far! I’m going to get hurt! STOP!” but he might well have been talking to a brick wall. She barely cares anymore, pushing Aaron deeply into her plush skin.

"I'm hic not a toe-tal bish, ‘ough... so, I'll give you a bit of a consil-consult… consultation prize!" She drunkenly grabs at her tits, fingers warping around her skin as she once again clutches into their plush and expansive surface. She giggles again, shaking his entire world.

"I can't... even see ‘ou over my tits. That's… just so totally hot." Her head sways side to side, the whole room spinning as she toys with her helpless sibling.

Meanwhile, Aaron can only shake his head in utter disbelief, baffled that his sister would treat him like this. He’s left alone as she plays with herself, remaining at the very underside of her breasts. Rage boils up inside him as he makes a hasty choice, deciding once and for all he's going to put an end to whatever this was. With her hand focused on her tits, Aaron had free reign to stomp on up her chest in fiery fury. However, his feet grow cold as he comes up on the dark valley between the two jiggling mountains.

        The tiny sibling finds himself put off by them, studying their movements as his sister continues to fondle them with a startling amount of enthusiasm. Each of them was a danger, and Aaron knew if he wasn’t careful, or more specifically if Liz wasn’t attentive, he could very well be smashed to a pulp between them, splattered across the milky white chasm in between. Although intimidated, the ant-sized boy feels his cock twitch in response. Sister or not, seeing an attractive drunk girl playing with herself like this was a sight to behold.

“You’re such a speck, literally the dirt below my tits I hic wash off!” Lizzy finds herself whipped into almost a sexual frenzy. She felt so needy tonight, each and every insult towards her worthless loser of a brother making her feel like an absolute princess. Lack of inhibitions combined with latent sexual desire makes it hard for her to stop, having stumbled on something she had no idea would set her off so heavily. Humiliation. Building herself up while tearing Aaron down. Each and every stroke of her own ego was like dumping coals into a hot fire. And, what had initially started out as some fun drunken teasing had escalated so much further.

“Ya know, I was hoping to get f’ed tonight, but instead, I’m stuck ‘ere with yooou! Dumb lil bug of a hic brooother!” His sister’s voice croaks with sloppiness, disappointed at having to settle for a night at home with him. Aaron, for his part, can only look down in shame. Dirt. That’s what he was comparable to now. It was true, in a way, albeit harsh. He had no problem believing he could be mistaken for the grime she regularly cleaned off her body.

        The world starts to warp around him faster this time, sending him into a state of panic, “No! Nonononono, NO!” He couldn’t keep shrinking like this. He was already dangerously small. Throwing caution to the wind, he sprints down the immense valley in front of him with one goal in mind: He had to get her attention and reason with her. Liz might be a bitch, but if he could just snap her out of it….

        “Oh, my godddd. Fuckkk….” Chills shoot through Elizabeth’s body as his little feet tread into a sensitive area. Aarons’s world turns and tumbles into chaos, nearly completely knocking him off his balance. She can’t stop a smug smirk from forming across her lips as she entirely misunderstands Aaron’s intentions.

“Typical boy, my whole... body ‘esh perfect and soft... and yooo choose my boobs!” She giggles, her entire chest jiggling with a destructive amount of force. Liz lets out a heavy sigh of acceptance, “Whateves, I guess I can indulge you a lil; they are pretty cute, huh?”

Taking both hands, she pulls them to the side, parting the seas for Aarons’s potentially dangerous journey between the breathtaking hills….

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