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NOTE: All characters depicted are 18+

The house at the end of Murray Lane had a reputation come the end of October. Though scarcely anyone in the neighborhood knew who lived there, the children of the Quiet Meadows gated community all knew of the fabled house that always gave out full bars. Every Halloween, all the boys and girls in costume made sure to stop by the house, where they could always rely on a neatly-placed bowl filled to the brim with full-sized chocolate bars, the only caveat implicit.

This year, however, more than just trick-or-treaters looked upon the home’s generous gift with ambitious eyes. Hidden in a crack of the house’s cement porch, a group of nearly-microscopic humans had been carefully watching the bowl all night, hunched over cautiously in the tattered remains of their lab coats.

It’d been weeks now since a freak accident had shrunk the entire science team. They had just barely managed to get their bearings and regroup when the janitorial staff arrived, and they’d been swept up and tossed out onto the street with the trash. Since then, they had been struggling to survive, subsisting off of whatever could pass for food at their pitiful level. Now, presented with real food for the first time in weeks, they looked on with eager eyes and waited patiently for the Halloween traffic to die down. 

They knew from past experience to avoid regular-sized humans. A few careless members had already been trampled underfoot, or fallen to worse fates trying to get their attention. Even if they were to get their attention somehow, they knew that at barely a millimeter tall, the best they could hope for was being confused for gnats. 

As midnight approached, however, their caution was overridden by a more powerful, animalistic desire. 


After nearly an hour with no activity, the shrunken scientists impatiently filed out of hiding and began to scale the ceramic bowl. Soon they were all ravenously digging into the massive candybars, tearing through the wrappers and hungrily digging their teeth into the chocolate treats. It didn’t matter if diabetic shock would kill them long before starvation would’ve, they were just grateful to fill their stomachs with a food they actually recognized.

They were so busy eating, they didn’t notice their approaching company until a shadow loomed overhead and they felt themselves rising into the air. 

“Hmm…” Lindsay hummed indecisively, clad in her homemade costume. The teenager’s hand hovered over the suspended bowl, its five-fingered form casting a menacing shadow over its shrunken stowaways. 

As she hemmed and hawed, her best friend Jessica stood beside her, shivering in a low-cut Supergirl costume and impatiently chewing on the same gum she’d been working on for the past hour. “Ugh!” She grunted, shoving Lindsay aside and snatching the bowl from her. “Just take the whole thing!” Jessica snapped impatiently and dumped the whole bowl into her bedsheet, her ears failing to pick up the screaming microscopic voices.

“H-hey!” Lindsay objected powerlessly. “We’re just supposed to take one!”

“Says who?” Jessica said, between chews of her oversized gum wad. She grinned devilishly, and as she did her gum popped out of her mouth.  

Down below, the sole member of the science team who hadn’t been carried off looked on in abject terror at the colossal girls that had just kidnapped his team. The Director could only look on helplessly as the titans squabbled overhead, their shoes threatening to crush his puny form at a moment’s notice. 

He was about to run for his life when a large, gelatinous mass crashed on top of him, engulfing his body. The Director struggled for a moment or two before he felt an incredible pressure atop him that increased until it felt like his body was about to explode. And then—Weightlessness. He felt his stomach turn as he watched the ground disappear from beneath him. Breathtaking winds rushed past him as he fought to free himself, but the sticky, glue-like pink substance had him trapped. 

As the ground approached again he had a horrible feeling that he knew exactly where he was. 

Lindsay grimaced, feeling Jessica’s gum stick to the bottom of her shoe. She ignored the faint feeling of her shoe sticking to the ground with each step as she hurried after her friend, angrily storming off.

“Dammit, Lindsay!” Jessica whined, “You made me drop my gum, you bitch! 

Lindsay cocked her head to the side, confused.

“You know I have an oral fixation, bitch! Stupid…” She stared at Lindsay and failed to remember what she was supposed to be, aside from a living shag carpet. 

“Capybara,” The other girl reminded her. 

“Yeah, stupid capy-whatever,” Jessica corrected reproachfully and reached a hand into her bag. She needed something to work on.

In the depths of her candy sack, light suddenly shone in, illuminating the members of the science team trapped inside. They all looked up and screamed as a massive hand descended upon them and wrapped its fingers around a candybar. 

From her bag, Jessica withdrew a Milky Way bar. She angrily tore it open, the imperceptible feeling of several miniscule scientists being flung against her body going unnoticed. More than a couple disappeared into the depths of her exposed cleavage before the girl tugged at her neckline, extinguishing their cries. She prepared to take a bite out of her snack, but stopped. 

She narrowed her eyes, carefully inspecting the rigged surface of her candybar. If she focused intently, she swore she could faintly make out movement, almost like a little creature with little limbs. Was that a… bug? 

Down below, a scientist breathed a sigh of relief. Miraculously, the massive girl had noticed his pathetic attempts to get her attention. Now he just needed to— 

Jessica stared at the bug for a few seconds before blinking and popping the chocolate into her mouth. Tonight was the only night she got to indulge herself. She’d be damned if she was going to let a few gnats taint her Halloween haul.

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