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The heat from the phone was almost too much, combined with the warmth from Virgil’s hand behind him and keeping him pinned facefirst against the case, had Roman sweltering. A mixture of Virgil’s palm sweat and that from his tiny, trapped body soaked into his clothes and trickled over his skin in small streams.

“V-Virgil,” he whimpered, feeling the larger man grip him more tightly against the phone, pressing into his backside and grinding his groin into the hard plastic.

A brief pressure from Virgil tapping the phone screen, and the entire structure vibrated again, sending waves of merciless pleasure through his front while enormous fingers massaged him from the back.

“Hmm?” came Virgil’s idle response.

Roman gasped for air, again just barely regaining his senses once the pulse of vibration had ceased. He groaned, “It’s–I’m sso hot, I’m sweating..” 

Again, the phone vibrated, and tiny Roman’s cries accompanied the low buzzing in Virgil’s hand.

He grinned and held down a button on the screen, creating a longer bout of prolonged vibration.

Roman’s little legs squirmed and his entire body writhed in his hand and he wailed in overstimulation.

Considering mercy, Virgil lifted the phone and set it aside. He blew against Roman, who shuddered and curled up into a shivering ball in his palm.

“Had enough, princey?” Virgil asked with a smirk. Using two fingers of his free hand, he pushed Roman’s knees apart to see the wetness at the front of his pants, the result of many a helpless ejaculation at Virgil’s whim.

Another groan escaped Roman, who weakly sat upright to cling to Virgil’s fingers. His little hips tried to lift up to meet his fingertips.

Virgil chuckled, “You really never know when to quit.”

Gently, he curled his thumb in to massage Roman’s crotch and felt more of a stirring between his own legs as Roman’s little mouth opened to kiss and bite at the skin of his fingertips.

Roman whimpered with need as Virgil removed his free hand and used it to send a quick message on his phone. Then, he began to tug away the little royal’s boots and socks, slowly stripping him while he waited and the tiny man squirmed in his palm.

The phone chirped, and Virgil gripped Roman suddenly while he checked the screen. He smiled.

“Logan’s on his way.”

Roman looked up with a puzzled air to his submissive haze. Why?

There came a knock at the door and Virgil called for Logan to come in.

Logan stepped inside, his gaze to the floor, carrying a leash and collar in one hand.

“You’re off to a great start,” Virgil said with a grin, “Kneel, here. And stay.” He pointed to the floor at his feet.

Without looking up or responding, Logan moved into the room, shut the door, and went to kneel at Virgil’s feet.

“Hold this,” Virgil commanded, offering Roman to him.

Logan lifted his hands, and Virgil stopped him with an “ah-ah!”

“That’s not how puppies hold things, is it, my smart boy?”

Roman and Logan stared a bit blankly at one another before Logan opened his mouth and gently brought his lips around Roman to hold him in place. He curled his tongue around him and very lightly planted his teeth on either side of his body to keep him from falling.

“Virgil?!” cried Roman, uncertain about this turn of events.

Virgil murred, using his hands now to clasp the collar around Logan’s throat, “Don’t worry. He doesn’t eat unless he’s told to. Because you’re a good boy, aren’t you, Logan?”

With a little shiver, Logan nodded, balling his hands into fists against his thighs.

He whined gently against Roman as Virgil ruffled his hair and took hold of his leash, clasping it into the ring on his collar.

Now Virgil stood and unzipped his pants, releasing his dick mere inches from Logan’s face. Roman was immediately distracted from his situation and tried to reach for it. 

Amused, Virgil sat again, and opened his palm beneath Logan’s chin.

“Drop it,” he ordered, and was rewarded with Roman’s damp body flopping gently into his palm. 

Roman sat up and looked again to Virgil’s erection, turning over to press himself into the larger man’s palm, needy. 

Logan squirmed a little in place and looked up at Virgil pitifully. 

Smiling still, Virgil tugged up on Logan’s leash and guided him closer to his groin.

“Lick,” he ordered in a simple statement.

Logan immediately planted his hands, fingers curled to imitate paws, on either one of Virgil’s thighs and began hungrily licking and sucking at him as Roman looked on in unbridled jealousy.

Virgil moaned and brought Roman to his own face to kiss his entire front. Roman yelped in delight and wrapped his arms around Virgil’s face as well as he could to kiss his lips and cheeks in returned. Virgil’s tongue slipped out of his mouth and ground against his lower stomach, sliding down to push his pants down to his thighs, slurping over his sticky little erection.

In no time, Roman was coming again, helplessly, onto Virgil’s tongue. As he whimpered and grasped at his lips, he was licked clean and treated to a sudden rush of air as Virgil flopped backwards to lie down on the bed.

Logan continued his eager worship of Virgil’s cock while the latter slipped his shirt up to his neckline and brought Roman down to his right nipple.

Roman needed no ordering, and attacked the nipple with an insatiable hunger. He gripped it and licked for all he was worth, and was soon rewarded with a low moan from Virgil.

The pleasure he was receiving from his toys was incredible for Virgil and he struggled somewhat to maintain himself as he felt their desperate mouths working against him.

He sighed in pleasure and sat up again after a few moments, cupping his hand under Roman to catch him in his palm.

“Lolo, heel.”

Reluctantly, Logan ceased his work and eased back onto his knees again. His own erection pressed uncomfortably against the inside of his jeans and he was careful not to wriggle around or fuss about it. He was a good boy, after all.

“Stand up, and take off your human clothes.”

Now brightening suddenly, Logan practically shot to his feet and began stripping himself of his clothes. Puppies didn’t wear clothes, and he was extremely happy to go full-doggo for Virgil.

Virgil was rather pleased himself, and observed Logan’s undressing while he lowered Roman to his saliva-drenched cock and used him for stimulation there, gripping him against it and sliding him up and down its length. Roman thrashed a bit, but made no complaints, enchanted by the sound of Virgil’s pulse resounding through him.

When Logan was fully nude, his leash was tugged, and Virgil removed Roman from his crotch.

“Sit, Logan,” said Virgil with a grin. “Facing me.”

Logan looked to the erection between Virgil’s legs and began to move. He planted his knees on either side of Virgil’s hips on the bed and reached down to maneuver Virgil into him, both moaning as he did so. 

Once Logan was seated on his lap with Virgil’s dick halfway inside of him, Virgil moved to wrap his free arm around Logan and keep him in place. He brought his Roman-toting hand down and gripped Logan’s hardness.

The smaller man was slick with saliva, sweat and cum already. He slid easily against the heat of Logan’s erection as Virgil gently jacked him up and down between their lower stomachs, his own little dick already growing hard again as he was used as a toy’s toy by his giant master.

“Such a good boy,” Virgil purred to Logan, pulling his leash again. 

Logan’s face was brought to his, and Virgil kissed his whimpering mouth while easing him down, pushing himself fully inside the eager pup.

Virgil felt both his toys trembling with pleasure and rode the wave of dominant ecstasy as he moved in and out of Logan, keeping the rhythm with his hand as he stroked Roman up and down Logan’s dick.

Hands still curled in an imitation of paws, Logan held onto Virgil’s shoulders and tried to maintain enough composure to continue taking orders as he was pounded into and stroked to a frenzy. His thighs shuddered and he tucked his face into Virgil’s shoulder as their kiss was broken.

Roman’s world was a blur of hot flesh and heartbeats, slick, soft skin and a surrounding power which could so easily crush him. His sense of self was lost to the cacophony of pleasure and his own submission. He had no idea how many times he’d cum against the pulsing cock before him, how much of the cum trickling between Virgil’s fingers was his own.

Nearing his climax, Virgil felt an impulse and realized how easily it could be brought to fruition. Here in the mind palace, Roman was capable of teleporting or respawning himself anywhere at will. The whole shrinking scenario had been his tentative idea, after all.

He drove himself hard into Logan, gripping him more tightly and causing Roman to flail against them.

“Come for me, Logan. My good, good boy,” he murmured into Logan’s ear.

Unable to hesitate if he wanted to, after hearing that, Logan howled softly and felt his orgasm wrench through him. His load spurted onto their stomachs and over Virgil’s hand, drenching Roman entirely.

Virgil’s eyes rolled back in his head and he struggled a bit to keep from following him, feeling Logan’s anus twitch and pulse around him as he came.

He lifted Roman away and pulled Logan, panting, upright.

“Ready for your treat?” he asked, lifting Roman before Logan’s face.

Subspace had left Logan starry-eyed and utterly complacent. A treat, for him, from his master? He nodded, oh yes, yes please.

Roman moaned weakly as he was fed into Logan’s mouth and onto his warm tongue. 

Virgil asked Logan, “Does it taste good?” Again, his hips began to move, slowly grinding himself in and out of the eager sub.

Logan whimpered and nodded, licking at Roman and sucking their combined cum off of his little form.

“Good.. Swallow it.”

With only a brief moment’s hesitation, Logan tipped his head back and swallowed. Roman yelped in alarm as he was pulled feet-first down the massive gullet, and Logan’s throat muscles worked him over and over as he swallowed twice more to get the squirming little man down.

Virgil watched the small lump Roman’s body made in Logan’s throat as he moved down into his chest.

Logan’s head came forward again and his tongue lolled out, happy with the treat his master had bestowed upon him.


A moan escaped Virgil as he was finally driven over the edge by this, pushing himself into Logan harder as he came powerfully into him.

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