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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Angie froze as Nadine's apartment door opened fully and sunlight flooded inside, sending what had to be dozens, possibly hundreds of teeny tiny people scurrying in all directions like so many insects across the floor.


"I'm getting a Roomba," Nadine murmured and walked on inside.


Eyes wide, Angie remained stuck in place, staring at Nadine's sandaled feet, as the heavier girl seemed to move without caring at all where she stepped.


Those unfortunate enough to still be in her path were annihilated in a series of pops and cracks, also screams.


Nadine left a trail of red splotches behind, not to mention Angie, who could now enter after her, albeit more slowly in her surprise, without having to worry about obstruction.


Anyone who remained in the area had seemingly already fled for their lives.


Angie sat with Nadine on the couch.


"So, they just show up here?" asked Angie uncertainly, placing her bag of take out on the coffee table.


Nadine did the same with her own, shrugging.


"Sort of. Seems to happen if they piss me off or something," she muttered, busy opening up her bag to unload it onto the table.


Angie began unloading her food as well, keeping her hands busy as she helplessly gazed around for more tiny people.


To her surprise, there was a small stampede of them already running towards the sofa on which the girls sat.


"Careful, they'll get in your food," Nadine advised.


"...They will?" Angie blurted, unable to look away as the micro hoard made its way towards her feet, none of them taller than a centimeter at most.


Nadine laughed, nodding, and took a long sip of her drink.


Angie moved from the couch to the floor, careful not to sit on anyone.


The tiny crowd closed in slightly once she had seated, and she could tell they were all kneeling and lifting their arms at her. She leaned over, holding her hair back after it swept down and knocked a couple dozen of them over.


"Food! Please, feed us, we're dying!" they cried.


Angie looked back to her food and opened up her little paper bag of tortilla chips, breaking off a tiny piece of a chip. The bit was no larger than her pinky nail, and she delivered it carefully to the floor where the little beggars gathered.


"Seriously?" Nadine asked, annoyed.

"They're hungry," cooed Angie sympathetically, watching with delight as the crowd closed in on the offering and began breaking it apart to devour.


"Mhm." Nadine rolled her eyes, returning her attention to her own food. "Well, you can pay for my Roomba then, Mother Teresa."


"Why are you so mean to them? They're people, just like us," Angie protested, breaking off another chip piece and delivering it to the hungry crowd.


Nadine shook her head sharply. "This doesn't happen to 'people just like us', babe. These are assholes. Here, show me one."


Angie twitched. "Like, pick one up?"


"Yeah. It's not like they can stop you."


"..Hey, you're right."


Turning her body more towards the crowd, Angie leaned over on all fours and peered down at them, her long hair cascading down to brush across the tops of their heads.


The tiny onlookers switched their attention from their starvation to the intrigued gaze of the massive young woman above them.


Her voice shook through their frames as she gazed them over, giggling, "I can't pick; they're all so cute!"


She lifted a massive hand towards them.


Angie reached down and closed her hand blindly over a group before they could flee. She squealed as she felt the dozen or so tiny bodies wriggling between her fingertips and against her sensitive palm.


Squeaking still, she turned and scattered them across the table surface.

Angie reached down and closed her hand blindly over a group before they could flee. She squealed as she felt the dozen or so tiny bodies wriggling between her fingertips and against her sensitive palm.


Squeaking still, she turned and scattered them across the table surface.


They tumbled like screaming dice, but all seemed to land safely enough. Soon they were back on their feet and moving towards Angie's and Nadine's meals as if hypnotized by the smell of fresh food.


Nadine sighed, "Now they're gonna get in my stuff, too."


Angie was enthralled.


She finished unloading her food quickly and started offering deconstructed bits of her chalupa to her tiny guests. They scurried to her hand eagerly this time, accepting the morsels with bows, and tiny kisses to her fingertips.


"But they're so sweet," Angie said dreamily.


"Nah, look. That one in the shorts. Remember him?" Nadine pointed with one of her chips, cheese dripping, to one of the tiny men on the tabletop.


He had gone straight for Angie's cheese dip and was hiding behind the cup. She pushed it aside and leaned in close, peering at him.


Her eyes widened suddenly in recognition.


"The creep from the boardwalk!" she shouted, causing the guy to cry out and hold his ears in pain.




Angie scowled and pinched the back of his shirt to lift the man up to her face, letting his body dangle in front of her eyes.

A few seconds passed, and by then the guy was practically weeping in her grasp, before Angie's gaze suddenly softened and then brightened as she grinned.


"I was thinking someone like you should be in prison. But this.. is way more fun," said Angie, lowering him again, slowly.


He looked down to see she was bringing him towards the cup of nacho cheese, and began thrashing about in protest.


Nadine was observing, having a lazy sip of her soda as she did.


Smirking darkly, Angie dropped the man the last few inches and watched him sink down into the sauce.


The rest of the tiny people on the table watched in frozen horror as Angie selected a chip from her bag and used it to slowly stir the cheese around.


Her focused eyes soon found the pathetic, writhing little lump and she swept him up onto the chip with ease.


"Got him."




"Is it safe to eat them?" Angie asked, looking back to Nadine.


Nadine shrugged, as she was wont to do. "Guess so, I've been doing it for years."


"Eww, really?"


"Not on purpose. They get--look, they get into everything," said Nadine, gesturing to ones crawling into her nachos.

Angie glanced at this and then to her own food to see a few of the tiny people sneaking closer for it.


"..Very cool," she said, and brought the chip with the shrunken offender on it towards her mouth.


He'd freed his gaze from the neon muck, and opened his eyes in time for this.


The giant girl's mouth rose open before him, smelling of soda and weed. Her tongue piercing glimmered as threateningly her massive teeth and moist tongue.


He howled in terror as he was moved slowly inside, feeling like a tiny passenger on a colossal starship coming into port.


The shimmering pink walls began to go dark as Angie closed her mouth and CCCRRRUUUNNNCHH! The floor beneath him sprang up and erupted into shards, sending him toppling along with the pieces onto the wet tongue below.


More deafening crunches followed as the chip was destroyed.


Swept about at the mercy of Angie's tongue, the man cried and wondered fearfully when she might decide to crunch his body between her huge teeth like so much fried tortilla. The cheese was melting off of his body and mixing with her saliva, allowing him freer movement.


By some miracle, his clamoring arms latched around her tongue piercing, and he clung for his life as the creature it impaled bucked and undulated beneath him.


"Eugh, he'sh shtuck to my piershing," Angie frowned and picked up her soda, bringing the straw to her lips.

The man looked down to the tip of her tongue as her mouth opened and light flooded the cavern once more. Her words thundered through him and all he could do was scream, barely able to be heard over her, as she spoke using the flailing beast below him.


Then, he saw the straw.


"NooOOO, NOOO!!" he shrieked, only for her lips to close around the straw, shutting him into darkness once more before he was Baja Blasted in the face and knocked into the back of her mouth.


The soda shot up his nose and sinuses agonizingly and he gasped in pain and for air.


Before he could procure a proper breath, the tongue rose up again, crushing him against her soft palette and holding him briefly in place before the world dropped from under him.


He fell into her throat and was gripped again, now by her esophagus, which squeezed him in place.


Saliva and soda still soaked his eyes and face, now with no chance of oxygen, as the muscles around him flexed and squeezed more tightly, rippling over his body to push and pull him down.


He felt himself sliding across the silken inner tissues for what felt like an eternity.


Finally, his feet were gripped by another clutching force, then his hips and torso, and finally his entire body were squeezed through. He slid down into the girl's stomach and knew immediately where he was, feeling and smelling the pool of soda and nacho cheese around him.


Slipping and sliding, he scrambled to get to his feet and to pound against the slimy walls which held him.


Angie only giggled, bouncing him right off of his feet again.


He was trapped.


"How was it?" asked Nadine, loading up her grinder with fresh bud.


"I think I loved it."

Chapter End Notes:

(Check out the Linktree in my bio for all new and exclusive Microkink Labs content! ♥)

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