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Dom woke up with a start as the train went over a bump. He felt himself lift slightly off of the bed and immediately grabbed for Elizabeth, certain that if he had been jolted, she would certainly have gone flying. To his amazement, there was no one beside him to grab.


He opened his eyes and sat up, cringing suddenly as he remembered the low bed above him. But he didn’t hit his head. He opened one eye then the other and stared into the darkness, waiting for his eyes to adjust. He reached beside him for Elizabeth but once again found no one. At least he was still in bed, he thought as he felt the sheets beneath him. He ran his hands along it to find the edge, but it seemed that the sheet was endless, at least as far he could reach.


As his eyes grew accustomed to the dim light he noticed that that the bed above him was not there, and all that he could see looking up was black sky, which seemed strangely flat and starless. He tried to hop out over the side of the bed but his legs seemed to remain on the sheets despite turning 90º to the side. Now he was really worried, because ehe was definitely taller than the width of the bed. 


Against his natural instincts, he stood up, and was once again amazed that he hadn’t hit his head. He felt how his feet only slightly sank into the bed and shook his head in confusion. He turned back towards where he thought Elizabeth should have been and gasped.


While she wasn’t lying next to him, Dom was maybe a few body lengths away from an impossibly large wall. The base of the wall rounded off and seemed to sink into the bed, a pale, rounded mass. A black nine ran diagonally along the wall, and above the line was black, like a sheet of fabric. The fabric followed the rounded mountain in and as Dom followed it up with his eyes, he could just about see another pale area high in the sky. HIs confusion only grew hen he realised that the pale wall rounded away from him in both directions, but seemed to continued to his left for some distance, a straight segment attached to the round part. To his right, the black fabric covered the wall for some distance, but then a different coloured curtain was dropped over it, less adherent, but still covering the pale surface. Dom scratched his head about what he was looking at until his suddenly hit him. 


Dom realised with a sudden wave of shock at he was staring at an enormous butt, clad in black panties and lying on its side. More so than that, this particular butt, greatly resembled in shape, albeit not in size, that of his girlfriend, Elizabeth. Suddenly it all made sense, where he was, and why he hadn’t hit is head or been able to get out of the bed. What didn’t make sense, is how he had ended up this way.


Dom was thinking about that, and a million other questions pertaining to his current situation, when he felt another bump. The train shot over a tiny flaw in the track, unnoticeable to the  any of the passengers, except the puny, 1cm-tall man. He was thrown to his hands and knees and looked up at the now even larger looking ass ahead of him. But before he could get up again, he had a deep, rumbling yawn. The sound seemed to come from the sleeping giantess but echoed around the cabin as if in a cave. Dom put his hands over his ears to dull that noise, but his eyes widened when he saw movement in the colossal wall. 


It was falling.


Dom removed his hands from his head and scrambled to get to his feet as the huge mound of flesh above him tilted towards him. While Elizabeth’s butt was not sizeable at normal size, to the now minuscule man, it was like a planet, crashing down at an impossible speed. 


‘Liz! Liz! Wake up! Hey! I’m … I’m down here!’ Dom shouted, but his pathetic voice was drowned out by the sound of the train. He watched as he ass came towards him, and decided too late that he wasn’t going to be able to get her attention. He sprang to his feet, right as the giantess’s rear struck him.


Dom was knocked back down, landing on his back as the huge ass pinned him. He opened his mouth to scream, but the thin fabric of her panties filled his mouth as he was smothered by her rump. Elizabeth finished her turn, coming to rest on her back, and her butt sank into the sheets, swallowing her tiny boyfriend like a crumb. Dom felt nothing but pain as her colossal weight bore down on him. He felt his entire body strain, but miraculously, he didn’t pop. Instead, the immense pressure and heat from Elizabeth’s rear simply compressed him and trapped him under her sleeping form. Dom was helpless and was surprised that he hadn’t passed out from the lack of air, but somehow, he remained conscious, feeling every moment of the agony beneath his girlfriends rump, powerless to do anything about it. 




Elizabeth woke up with a start and blinked away the darkness. She was surprised that she was lying on her back because Dom normally took up most of the space on the bed. She reached out for him but found only air. She turned her head and saw no sign of the boy that had been lying beside her. Still half asleep, she didn’t think much of it. She just really needed to wee.


Kicking her legs off of  the side of the bed, she pushed herself up with her hands and stood up. She stretched her arms up and yawned, elongating her entire body and extending her back. 


Dom felt the movement instantly, the pressure around him increasing ten-fold as the full weight of the colossal woman came to rest on his body. The momentary agony was excruciating, but she soon stood up. Unfortunately for Dom, his minuscule body had been so pressed into her flesh, that he remained stuck to it as she rose. The insignificant spec of a man felt cool air against his back as his face stayed pressed into her ass as she stretched. 


Dom felt her glutes contract and the surface he was on turned from a supple cushion into a stone wall, yet still he remained stuck, just above the crease of her left cheek. His world started to shake as she took her first step. The light touch of her foot on the carpeted floor was like an earthquake for the tiny man, violently rattling his brain. Each step created another as his humungous girlfriend walked to the bathroom. 


The red head yawned again as she entered the little ensuite toilet linked to their carriage. She was normally not a fan of train loos, but since London was the start of the journey, theirs had been freshly cleaned and sterilised. She switched on the light in the small space and stepped inside. The door clicked shut behind her and for once, Elizabeth was thankful for her small stature, as any larger person would have been rubbing their elbows along the walls. She pushed down her panties with a quick flick and turned to sit down. 


Dom was swatted by the dark fabric of her underwear and immediately dislodged from his prison. He thought it lucky, until he started to free fall towards the toilet floor, miles below. 


‘Liz! Help!’ he screamed, but his voice was quieter than a fly buzzing amidst the rumble of the train, and she had no idea that he was in such peril at her feet. Dom shot down, watching the giantess’s legs rush by on either side, getting slimmer from her calves to her ankles. 


Dom struck the plastic floor with enough force to shatter his entire skeleton, and the pain enveloped him as totally as the giantess’s ass had only moments ago, he shrieked in agony, as he rolled onto his side, expecting to be bleeding and broken. But he wasn’t. As Dom’s ears were filled with the thundering sound of his gigantic girlfriend peeing far above him, the shrunken boy writhed in agony without so much as a scratch visible on his skin. 


‘Liz! Liz!’ he cried, no longer expecting a response, but having nothing else to do. He rolled onto his back and looked up between the giantess’s legs at her panties stretched between them like a dark bridge over him. They cast a shadow over him, blocking the light from the small bulb in the ceiling, as he heard the sound of her urination quieten. He heard a slight creak in the floor as her weight shifted onto her feet and she stood up. Dom instinctively raised his hands over his face as the true size of the girl became clear to him: she was bigger than any mountain he had ever seen. She reached behind her and flushed the toilet, before bending down to pull up her underwear. 


And than it happened. As the redhead leaned towards him, her eyes stopped right over him and Dom watched her pupils dilate behind her glasses. Was that a look of recognition? He smiled, sitting up, and waving his hands. She didn’t react, just staring at him. Dom pushed himself to his feet and took a few steps towards her left foot.


The shriek that came from Elizabeth’s mouth shattered Dom’s eardrum as she watched the tiny bug dart towards her. Before either of them knew what was happening, the very same left foot that Dom had aimed to make contact with, jumped into the air. The tiny boy watched the enormous sole swing overs head, every crevice in her skin clear as day. Then, just as quickly, Elizabeth brought her stadium-sized foot crashing down on him, striking his body flat against the floor with a slap. 


Dom was winded and winced in pain as the force of the stomp pinned him down, but even he hadn’t been ready for the added torment that arrived when the colossal woman started twisting her foot from side to side, pulverising his helpless form under her weight. After several violent twists that dragged Dom’s body along the plastic floor, the pressure eased and she raised her foot, lifting the bug into the air. She bent her knee and lifted her sole behind her to see the damage, and was more than shocked to not find a splattered body on her skin. Instead, she thought she recognised the crumpled figure that was glued to the ball of her foot.



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