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Author's Chapter Notes:

A quick note.

This series was the first bits of size writing I put out back in December 2020. All of my works were hidden away on Pastebin but I have now migrated all of them to this website. I believe that the quality of this story is much worse compared to my recent works but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

A huge thank you to the degenerates that inhabit a mongolian basket weaving forum I frequent. Your encouragement and feedback helped me get into size writing. I still don't know if that was a good or a bad thing.

Also, the character Lyria shares no resemblence with any other stories with that name. It is competely and utterly coincidental if they do.

Lastly, this is a final warning that this story has vivid depictions of gore and violence. Any who are not into hard guro may not / will not enjoy this series.

Thank you for your time.



The endless background hum of the ship's engine was beginning to drive Lyria insane. The tedious tasks of scanning, updating exploration logs, maintaining the ships AI and other systems day upon day were taking its toll. Being sent out into the backwaters of the Elven Empire to check upon an errant signal being broadcasted was unfulfilling work for any elf. However, this was what she had signed up for when she wished to sail through the sea of stars. One always had to endure the drudgery that came along with such exploration. Certain thoughts did arise in Lyria as the spaceship casually cruised its way towards the signal. Since it was not any Elven call sign, why would anything willingly broadcast themselves to the universe at large? Could any race be stupid enough to call out and echo their messages into the void? Lyria concluded that someone must be playing a joke on her. It simply did not make any sense.

Nevertheless, whilst tending to the maintenance of the ship, one of the few pleasures Lyria enjoyed upon the ship was she was flying by herself. With no other crewmates about, she could enjoy strutting around the spacecraft in the nude. For the steady flight towards the strange signal could only be made worse if she had to suffer that abominable, dark-blue suit. Such a thing was torture for someone blessed with a voluptuous, well-rounded figure like Lyria. Whilst the cold floors of the ship were annoying, it was a small price to pay than to try and fit in that ill-fitting costume.

Time slowly passed on the ship. The monotony of work kept Lyria busy until the spacecraft drew ever closer towards the origin of the signals.

Having completed her daily tasks, Lyria was lazily whistling a tune and twiddling her unkempt blonde hair whilst laying out in the captain’s chair in the bridge, warming up a fabricated meal. Suddenly, the surrounding myriad of technical equipment and computers began to flash. Picking herself up from the leather seat, thoroughly annoyed there was something else to do, she looked over the primary computer to see what the cause of this commotion was. The AI of the ship had detected where the signal was coming from as it began spitting out data onto the screen for Lyria to analyse. As her azure blue eyes scanned across the information, Lyria bit down her thick red lips unable to contain her excitement.

The scanners had picked up a nearby continental world that was strikingly similar to the Elven homeworld in geological and atmospheric makeup, which appeared to be the source of the signal. Combing through the data revealed the planets name as ‘Earth’ and the apex species self-identified itself as ‘humans’, who have only recently started to push beyond the confines of their planet. With such primitive technology, the sum total of their efforts was that they had landed onto their orbiting moon. Lyria became more ecstatic as she examined everything the AI was sending to her, readily digesting the information.

Lyria never had the chance to enact first-contact protocols with another species, yet here she was, on her lonesome with such a beautiful blue ball, floating within the cosmos.  It was every elfs dream to meet a new race for the first time since it was such a rare, extraordinary treat. Other elves had the unique experience of being the first to meet with the vast multitude of other species that inhabited the galaxy and now Lyria was graced with such an experience.

Contemplating her next moves, the elf concluded that to call up others to help her in such matters was out the question. This planet was to be hers and hers alone, Lyria would not share this experience with anyone else. No one would spoil her fun nor would she share it. She had overheard others about the joy of discovering new planets home to strange and interesting lifeforms, and now she could pop her cherry by herself. Before she could personally greet humanity, certain things had to be attended to. The last thing she wanted was to be trapped on the planet.

The elf picked herself up from her chair in such haste; she nearly tripped up over herself. She set coordinates close to the planets orbit, just enough that her spacecraft would not be detected by any of humanity's equipment. Then Lyria placed much of the ship onto standby to automate most of its functions. Lastly, she logged a quick report about the discovery of Earth before organising herself.


Lyria went to her personal quarters and sighed as the metallic door slid upwards. She now had to contend with that abominable suit.

Picking it out of the wardrobe, Lyria stared indignantly at it. Such an ill-fitting, tight thing that spacefarers were forced to wear. Piloting a solo exploration ship granted her voluptuous physique freedom from the terrible entrapment of the dark, ocean blue suit. However, the suit had useful abilities installed within that she needed. As much as she wanted to wander the world below completely uncovered, she needed to have the suit on.

Lyria began to slip into her suit on. Getting her feet into it first was the easy part. Pulling up the suit, it began to tighten around her plump thighs and wide hips, as she struggled to pull it past her well-rounded, pronounced ass. Beyond the immediate difficulties of her thighs and hips, the suit glided over her taut abs, revealing the most difficult challenge. Lyria’s brimming, buxom breasts. Elven figures were less endowed compared to Lyria and the designers of such suits did not factor in women like Lyria who were graced with prodigiously sized busts. The elf heaved and strained, coaxing her breasts into the suit whilst attempting to zip them up. With attempt, the zip burst open, her chest seemingly refusing to be imprisoned within the confines of the fabric. After a few tries, Lyria finally lifted the suit above her breasts without the zipper malfunctioning. Putting her arms into the suit, her entire body was finally within the costume allowing Lyria to let out a sigh of relief.

After all the strain and struggling, the elf ruffled her sun-bleached blonde hair back to its hime cut style. She would have preferred her hair to be longer but having shorter hair was better, especially for an exploration mission. One never knew how long an exploratory mission would take and long, flowing hair would become a nuisance. Looking into the nearby mirror Lyria admired her physique within the suit. It was an exceedingly tight fit; it always looked like the fabric could buckle at any point. Even now, her breasts could easily burst forth or if she were to bend down, her buttocks could readily tear the seams. Lyria found it charming to think that her physique could rip through such fabric if she strained herself, her well-endowed physique seemingly refusing to be caged.

Looking into the mirror, she turned herself sideways. Lyria ran a finger across her bulging thigh and up to her broad hips, smacking her ass. As her cheeks rippled from the impact, Lyria admired her godlike body, letting out a sly, seductive wink at her reflection. Such a suit left little to the imagination about how stunning her body really was. If it were not such a tight fit, Lyria would love to wear such a thing. For it certainly enhanced her outrageous figure even more in her mind.

However, the reactions of her kind testified how outrageous her body really was. She knew it made the other Elven women jealous; her prodigious proportions generated such envy. Then there were the men, those who turned their heads at her passing. When she wore the suit before on previous missions with other crewmates, Lyria knew all the men were focused on her. Such crewmates loved catching a glimpse of her breasts and butt gleefully jiggling with her step she took down the corridors. In turn, Lyria loved the attention she received, swelling her ego and narcissism beyond what was normal for a usual vainglorious elf.

The ships AI rang out, breaking the elf from her infatuation with her body. Lyria remembered that she still needed to calibrate her suit and prepare the coordinates for the teleporter. Taping onto her wrist, a small holographic screen appeared which allowed Lyria to adjust the settings of her suit. Certain functions of the suit were locked for safety protocols whilst aboard the spacecraft. Making sure she could return to the ship at any point, Lyria breezed through the other options and hurried towards the teleporter bay.

Plugging in the coordinates into control terminal, she had selected a random human settlement to be her landing point. The on-board AI confirmed it had unlocked the other functions of her suit, which could be readily used at her leisure once planetside. With the ship now in standby, she stepped into the teleportation bay. The ships AI then beamed Lyria down, who was tingling with anticipation at being the first elf to greet humanity.



It was a glorious midsummer morning. A bustling town, going through its usual motions as the folk went about their daily routines. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light engulfed the area. Though everyone was blinded, the townsfolk could the ground begin to furiously quake. As the light slowly dissipated, the people below looked up in terrified shock. There was a giant now looming over, a gargantuan frame casting a great shadow across the breadth of the town. All the people could do was stare in wonder and amazement at the skyscraper tall figure that had appeared from the light.

Lyria, with her hands on her hips, surveyed her surroundings. After a few moments of silence, she could hear the horrified squeaks of the humans below. Peering down beyond her bountiful bust, Lyria saw little dots peppering the streets frozen in fear, their minute vehicles and insignificant hovels that barely reached up to her toe in comparative height. Focusing her vision, she beheld that those pathetic specks were living beings. There were some close to where her feet had landed who were trying to pull others out stuck beneath her soles, attempting to free their half crushed brethren or those stuck within their houses when Lyria had landed.

The elf was utterly astounded as she continued to look below her. Of all the recorded races the elves had met, humanity was easily the smallest species ever seen. Even at Lyria’s modest height, especially for an elf, she must have looked like a mountain to the humans below. Already brimming with excitement, Lyria was only further enamoured upon the realisation of her monolithic height compared to the humans below. To think she was this towering, voluptuous goddess to those pathetic specks so far below her began to stir Lyria’s arousal.

With such thoughts swirling round in her mind, Lyria licked her luxurious red lips and began to lift up her foot, wondering what area of this human settlement would be graced with her first, calamitous footstep. As she considered her targets, her foot was half raised into the air, causing a sudden rush of air as her street encompassing foot rose from the ground. In her wake, those closet to her perceived the wreckage of houses, churned up metallic wrecks, patches of dirt and the crimson blots of the others unfortunate enough to be beneath the elf giantess, now clinging to her sole. In that single moment, so many lives abruptly snuffed out by the elf teleporting herself on top of them. Those bloody stains who were once people going about their daily business, then in a sudden flash, were unceremoniously obliterated beneath the sole of Lyria.

As her began its ascent, the people below soon realised what Lyria was about to do as they saw her gargantuan sole darken the sky. Yet the elf was unknowingly causing more chaos simply by lifting her foot. The crowds who began to flee from the buxom giantess soon found that all the debris and wreckage which clung to her sole was now raining down upon them and onto the streets below. Such clumps made up of ruined buildings and the churned up remains of vehicles, showered onto those running away from her. As she wiggled her toes, more of the debris stuck to her dropped onto the townsfolk as she heard the tiny shrills and cries of humanity below. Hearing such a lovely dirge, she reckoned to take her time in deliberating what area of the planet was to be honoured with her first footstep. However, in reality, Lyria wished to savour their terror. To think that simply raising her foot could instil such horror and generate such pandemonium, it was beyond even her wildest dreams.

Whilst she wished to maintain an air of mystery, Lyria could not help but to deride such pathetic creatures. The thought that having simply transporting herself on top of a settlement and lifted her foot up in preparation for her first footstep could cause this much terror started to overwhelm the elf. Continuing to scan for potential targets for her foot, Lyria broke out into a wide, devilish grin as the continued cries of the tiny humans reached her long, pointy ears.

“Fufufu~” Lyria’s mocking laughter, now enhanced by her gargantuan height to become deeper and utterly overwhelming to human ears, boomed out through the town as she laid on her sardonic remark, “You should be honoured to personally meet an envoy of the elves little humans.”

Spotting a cluster of expensive-looking houses, row upon row of ornate buildings across multiple streets Lyria rose her foot high into the air and let it hover over her newfound target. All those below her gargantuan foot could only look up in despair, realising there was now no escape, no matter how fast they ran or drove their cars. Lyria then rose her leg back up high and slammed her foot down onto them. The impact of her sole crashing back into the ground rippled her body, jigging her broad buttocks and voluminous bust. Lyria revelled in such feelings of overwhelming power afforded to her by her towering height but for the people below, the destructive force of her stamp struck the earth with such cataclysmic power.  


The ground buckled and cracked, rupturing the very land beneath the townsfolk's feet. First came the great displacement of air ruptured the other buildings around, atomising anything close to the epicentre of her footfall. Buildings and people spared from being crushed by her sole were instantly vaporised by the raging winds. Even then, the air kicked up so abruptly and violently, the concussive wave from slamming her foot swept through the nearby streets, obliterating anything in their path. In so doing, the burst of air turned chunks of debris flying through the air into shrapnel. The townsfolk who were not eradicated underfoot soon faced the rubble and wreckage caught up in the storm barrelling into them at such velocity, even the smallest of chunks of debris tore their bodies asunder.

As the violent, destructive winds cascaded through the town, others were subjected to different side effects. Those further away who escaped the lethal displacement of air felt the ground beneath them buckle, as the land succumbed to Lyria’s sole slamming in the earth. As the aftershocks rippled through the town, buildings, cars and people were thrown into the air from the force before falling back down. The devastating earthquake and tremendous tremors that struck the town only helped to further enhance the desolation brought about by Lryia’s stamp. Reverberations cascaded through the town, levelling more houses and structures, already weakened by the shockwave of displaced air, reducing them to piles of rubble and trapping those inside beneath the brick and mortar. The tarmac roads cracked apart as electric poles and streetlights collapsed onto the streets as the water mains beneath busted open. Much of the area around Lyria’s foot was now a desolated wasteland, the combined effects of the displaced air and earthquake had wrought unprecedented calamity to the town, both near and far.

Lyria, however, was beyond ecstatic as she assessed the impact her sole had. All she had done was stamp her foot down and a huge swathe of the town had been thoroughly decimated, leaving only havoc and turmoil in its immediate wake. Lyria’s thoughts became flooded with joy that swelled her bloated ego, thinking about how the first glorious, albeit aggressive, footstep of humanity’s exterminator could achieve such terrible upheaval of the land. But then she contemplated her great fortune at discovering Earth. Finding such a pathetic, miserable race of insignificant specks that could be so easily eradicated with but a single step. Every race encountered was small compared to the height of an elf, but to think she had stumbled upon a race so utterly microscopic all by herself peaked her excitement. Such thinking coursed through her mind whilst Lyria admired the destructive outcome of her footstep.

Twisting her foot, Lyria bit her luscious red lip completely and utterly enamoured with her power as she watched her flesh engulfed the remaining foundations of what were once prestigious human mansions that littered the multiple streets her foot had now decimated. All the pandemonium she had created was peaking her arousal to a maddening degree. Lyria could feel her nipples harden as they began to poke against her skin-tight suit. Grabbing a hold of her burgeoning breast, the elf began to massage herself whilst another hand felt out her taut abs as it slowly, seductively slithered down to her crotch. The elf then closed her azure-blue eyes and focused. Taking a huge breath of air, it took all her willpower to stave off the intoxicating sensation, that inner, perverted calling to simply tear off her suit here and now to play with herself. She knew there would be a more opportune time to attend to her perversions. For now, there were humans to deal with.

Lyria opened her eyes and sighed, needing to find something else to fend off such lustful appetites. Whilst most of the immediate area was void of life, comprising of ruined buildings, cracked asphalt roads and torn up corpses. Beyond such devastation, she spotted an amassed group of humans fleeing from her. Such a congregation of minute specks caught her attention and made Lyria realise she had not personally introduced herself to humanity. Yet in all that time she spent admiring her work, all their efforts to save themselves would be in vain with but a few steps. Lyria found it endearing to think that during that time where she was battling herself for control of her sense, that group had barely made any headway in escaping her.

As she turned towards those running away, the elf began to slowly meander to them. Lyria was in no great hurry, a simple jaunt over to them came with its own little rewards. She could feel her feet crushing the minuscule buildings and cracking the tarmac streets and pavements. Each footstep the elf took brought about untold destruction to the town as each step reverberated across the town, levelling structures from the extreme, violent quakes. Yet Lyria’s intoxication with her power only grew with each step she took. To see the earthquakes she was causing, reducing the town more and more with each stride she took, it only further confirmed in her mind of her godlike status compared to the minute humans she was so casually crushing beneath her feet.

For the fleeing group, the rumbling caused by her footfalls increased, yet there was no way to escape her now. Every step Lyria took threw off-balance, causing them to fall to the floor as the ground beneath them trembled and rumbled. Before long, the intensity grew to such overwhelming levels; they found the giantess’s footfalls could now throw them up into the air, the asphalt roads beneath them cracking at the seams whilst the weakened buildings to their sides crumbled to piles of rubble around them. Even the sound of the elf’s foot crushing multitudes of the town with a single step became near-deafening to the group's ears.  

Soon one titanic foot was planted sideways further down the street, barring their exit. Look back, her other foot crashed down, trapping the group in the middle of the street. Like rats trying to escape a flood, the group scoured for any possible way to escape the elf but the thick rubble of the desolated buildings removed any possibility to clamour over them. Some resigned themselves to fate and looked up towards the sky-scraping giantess begging for mercy, others desperately banged their fists against the monumental flesh of her sole, refusing to give in to the fate the elf was conjuring for them.

All Lyria could now think about was how she had inadvertently miscalculated her position. Such was the size of her chest; the elf could not readily see the specks she had trapped below her. She chuckled to herself, thinking of how her burgeoning breasts would look like to those beneath her. The notion that they could not even catch a glimpse of their tormenter thanks to her bountiful bust only helped to further confirm Lyria’s own thoughts about her godlike body. Yet, she did not wish to deprive the humans underneath a chance to behold her stunning, statuesque face. Shuffling herself back slightly, letting her feet grind through more of the towns buildings and asphalt roads. Now staring at the microscopic specks that littered the roads, the elf squatted down to carefully examine the humans she had captured between her feet.

However, Lyria still was not content with the view of the humans below. She could make out certain features now but they still remained so insignificant. To remedy this dilemma, Lyria began delicately plucking humans from the group and gently placing them onto the palm of her free hand. Bringing her azure eye closer to those within her palm, she inspected the cowering people with considerable interest. Lyria found it to be amazing, scanning the multitude of humans to see how strikingly similar they were to elves.

“Such a curious race of pathetic vermin,” her soft voice was overwhelming to the comparatively minute humans stuck on her hand, the treble rocking them to the core,



A primordial groan emanated from gut, interrupting her mockery. The sounds of her stomach roared out throughout the, its terrible, earsplitting bass rumbled the area. As the thunderous vibrations abated as Lyria used her free hand to pat her stomach. She greedily eyed up the people in her hand as a cure to her problem. After eating so many prefabricated meals onboard the spaceship, Lyria knew these little morsels would prove to infinitely tastier, a new and exotic meal she had the joy to sample first out of all the elves.

“I…” Lyria licked her lips in delight as she surveyed her snack, “I wonder how you taste~”

The elf opened up her ravenous maw, her moist breath rolling over the humans as her monolithic tongue wetted her lips in voracious anticipation for her meal. Rather than lick up all those caught within her palm, the elf decided to raise her hand up high and tilt her hand slightly. Soon enough, people began to rain down from the heavens, barrelling towards the earth. Whilst some descended into her wet, sticky mouth as intended, others collided with either her soft, silky skin or her lustrous lips. Upon their bodies splattering onto Lyria’s face, the remnants of their corpse rolled off her and fell back onto the streets below as a morbid shower for those spared from the elf's hunger.

Sloshing about the humans with her mouth, sampling their immediate taste, a cold-blooded thought popped up in her mind. Squatting back down, leaning over as far and getting as close as possible to those she did not select, Lyria started slowly chewing up the people between her teeth. The sickening, stomach-churning snaps of bones, ligaments and limbs being crunched and torn apart by her molars echoed just enough for everyone to hear. A sly grin formed on the elf’s face, revelling in the torment she was causing just by enjoying her meal as she witnessed the horrified, distraught faces of all those below.  The humans below replied to nauseating sounds of people being ground into a paste within her mouth by screaming in terror, fully awakening to the terrible fates the sadistic giantess had for them.

It was then Lyria rolled the remnants of her food into a ball onto her tongue and stuck it out for those survivors to see. The putrid remains of churned up humans were gruesomely displayed, mocking all those below to see what had become of what was once their friends and family. From that disgusting sphere came half-chewed cadavers, which rained down and splattered onto the tarmac. Whilst Lyria did not intend for this, it helped contribute to the torment she was forcing the humans below to endure as the terrified screams only increased in volume.

Satisfied with her morbid display, she rolled the ball back into her mouth and swallowed with an exaggerated gulp to further underline her sadistic satisfaction with her succulent meal. Even during all the fun she was having tormenting humanity, Lyria could not help but enjoy the lovely taste the humans had. Whilst Lyria was sure anything was better than the meals aboard the ship, the decadent deep, meaty flavours of humanity ignited the elf’s taste buds, leaving her with a craving for more.

It was then something rumbled within her gut.  It started to rise up from her stomach and Lyria was all too happy to indulge. Opening up her mouth again, a deep belch rung out across the town.


“UUUUURRRRRPPPP!” The calamitous burp rumbled the town, shattering any remaining windows and forcing everyone to cover their ears at its intensity violently shook the townsfolk below her.

Leveraging the putrid smell of her belch, she blew the sickening stench onto the remaining humans. The horrific scent, drawn deep from her bowels, now choked the air only adding to the hellish misery Lyria was unleashing upon them. Gagging and retching from the revolting miasma the elf had spewed onto them that hung in the air, the townsfolk continued to struggle in the aftermath of her belch, clamouring for fresh air. Meanwhile, Lyria looked down on them in smug delight, how the human's misery was now thoroughly compounded by even the most innocuous of her bodily functions. The fact that her belch could help level more of the town made her more gleeful.

Yet the elf was beginning to tire of squatting down to examine the townsfolk she was happily torturing. Lyria lifted herself back up to her full towering height and took a few steps backs. Confident in her assessment, she began to lower herself, her body crushing anything beneath it as she laid down to be more comfortable. As she settled down onto the ruins of the town, Lyria could feel some slight tingles through the fabric of her suit, of dainty hovels and buildings being flattened underneath her gorgeous, gargantuan body. In her attempt to lay down as gently as possible, the elf still rocked the town to its foundations, only contributing more to the overall devastation of the surrounding area. Now resting on the ground, her excessive bust acting like makeshift pillows for her, Lyria began to survey the remaining humans she had spared from her hunger, keenly interested in how they were reacting to her.

Her azure-blue eyes focused on the humans below her, observing their actions and relishing in the atrocious atmosphere she had created. Some were driven mad by her the trauma she afflicted upon them. Amidst the desolation of their town, surrounded by half-chewed corpses, such townsfolk unable to comprehend the barbaric, inhuman cruelty of the elf. Their minds shattered beyond any hope of repair, reducing them to screaming shells of their previous selves or cowering, curled up balls, rocking themselves in a fruitless attempt to regain their sanity.

Yet Lyria was more interested in such people who were still clinging onto their survivalist instincts. Still driven to escape, even in the odds that the giantess had placed onto them, they continued to scour for an exit. Now that Lyria had moved, her feet no longer barred the way, providing such people with an inkling of hope to escape the torture the elf had created for them. As they reached the ruptured, torn up the end of the road where Lyria once stood, they stood upon the edge of a deep abyss.

It dawned onto them now. Her footprint left a yawning pit of dirt, removing any trace of civilisation was once present. The rows of houses and array of buildings, the tarmac streets, vehicles and greenery scoured from the earth, reduced to insignificant stains clinging onto the elf’s sole. Looking down into the chasm left by Lyria’s foot, beyond the broken water mains and sewage systems funnelling their fluids down into the gaping hole, the horrifying realisation slowly dawned onto those still trying to escape. The chasm was simply too deep to survive a fall. Even if one was to miraculously land at the bottom of the crater, there was no way to climb out of the trench her footstep had left.

Such townfolk came to a morbid conclusion, some reaching such clarity sooner than others did. Either accept the fate Lyria could conjure for them, or accept the abyss. They debated amongst themselves, trying to divine a way they could survive and escape, their minds racing to find an alternate solution. To come face to face with death, forced to fathom such an end to what should have been another normal day tore into their psyche, unable or unwilling to accept what was next. It was not until the first man seemingly calm and collected in spite of the hell Lyria had created for them, perched his feet to the edge of oblivion, closed his eyes and dropped over the side.

All of this soon drew the attention of their giant torturer. As Lyria’s beady azure eyes honed in on them beyond the curvature of her chest, which soon stirred those grappling with the terrible choice ahead to action. More and more people took the deadly plunge, accepting suicide on their terms rather than await the inhuman cruelty the giantess would force them to endure.  Even under the overwhelming gaze of Lyria, the group struggled to make their decision, unable to willing follow those who had gone over the precipice to end the suffering.

Meanwhile, the elf was thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. Watching such mixed reactions for the humans sent shivers down her spine. The tortured expressions on their faces, deciding if they should take their lives before their new goddess decided to extinguish it personally. Lyria found it amusing as one by one, more of the group, howling and crying in anguish at being forced into such an unthinkable scenario, walked over the edge into the abyss created by her footprint. There were still those contesting the thought, wracking their minds to find some kind of alternative to falling into that crater until Lyria’s booming voiced rung out to mock them.

“Fufufu~” the ground trembled as Lyria lifted her hand up, drawing the attention of the townsfolk upwards so they could see her smug, satisfied grin, “I shall help you with your choice!”

“My finger or the fall humans,” the elf wiggled her finger high in the air, lazily drawing circles in the air, signalling their approaching doom, “You best make up your mind!”

With that, she selected her first targets. Wishing to make an example, she found a small group huddling together and slowly lowered her finger onto them. Rather than give them a quick and easy death, Lyria held her finger slightly above the group, forcing them to strain against her. Letting gravity do the work, her finger gradually pressed onto them. Inch by inch, Lyria’s gargantuan finger dropped onto them, making the townsfolk trapped beneath strain under the gentle pressure she applied onto them. Within a few moments, it became evident was the elf was doing to them.

Everyone still alive looked on, utterly mortified as Lyria’s finger begun to compact the first group, pushing them into the tarmac. Their bones began to buckle and break, piercing through their skin, the sound of sinews snapping under the pressure of her finger, all the while they screamed out in excruciating, unfathomable pain, unable to prevent her finger driving them into the ground. Soon enough, their torture ended when Lyria’s finger completely engulfed them, fully pressing her finger into the ground, cracking through the earth. As she lifted her finger, the remnants of the group’s bodies were stuck halfway between the crater caused by her finger pressing into them and stuck on her skin.

Setting such an example drove the remnants of the trapped townsfolk into a frenzy. Those who still retained their senses, ran towards the chasm as Lyria continued to tap her finger onto random groups, flattening them into red stains onto her skin. Forced into action by the elf as they witnessed more and more people being idly crushed, the townsfolk opted for the fall rather than meet their end from Lyria’s finger. The elf continued to playfully poke those who refused to follow their kin over the crater of her footprint. More people became a crimson blot of her luxurious skin as the street was soon filled with holes where her finger had so easily decimated both tarmac and human alike.

Soon enough, the horrified screaming subsided, the final lingering souls now a stain at the bottom of her footprint either crater or crushed beneath her finger. Throughout the plethora of torn apart streets littered with corpses, of rubble and debris that once constituted a proud, flourishing town, everything returned to a wasteland. And Lyria revelled in it. With a satisfied grin upon her face, she soaked in the devastation around her, how a single elven woman could annihilate humanity with just her gorgeous body. Lyria sighed and started to lift herself up, believing her work to be done here. There were those who had escaped her for now, but she could catch up to them. What such humans had failed to realise was there was no escape from her. They were trapped on the planet with her and it was only a matter of time before they met their new elven goddess.

Until she spotted a single man, now frozen in a trembling cationic state, driven utterly mad by the extraordinary torment of his peers by Lyria. Even with the overwhelming focus of the elf squarely onto him, he retained his fetal position, murmuring to himself. Balled up and cowering, his mind was too broken to comprehend Lyria now eyeing him up with delight as she devised a new way to tend to the sole survivor. She picked herself off the ground, wiping off the debris that stubbornly held onto her buxom body. She then squatted down and gently plucked up the human speck between her fingers. Such a microbe required delicacy and nuance not to idly crush as Lyria had something special in mind.

“Here is my offer human,” Lyria licked her lips, relishing what she had just devised, “If you can hang onto my nipple for a few scant seconds I will let you live!”

Daintily placing the nigh senseless human onto her erect nipple poking against the skin-tight fabric of her suit, Lyria placed her hands behind her heads. It was then she began twisting her torso, left and right, letting her colossal chest jiggle back and forth. Her immense bust pushed the suit to its very limits, the seams struggling and straining to contain her breasts as they continued to heave. Yet Lyria remained oblivious to the suits difficulties in containing her buxom figure, fully enjoying the feeling of her chest gleefully bouncing around.

“Fufufu~” the elf taunted, her breasts continued heaving about, “Still hanging on?”

Lyria had neglected to realise during the upheaval of her breasts was that her specially selected toy was catapulted off during the initial and sudden motion. Lyria, more enamoured with the fun of swinging her bountiful bust around, failed to notice a slight sting on her other nipple. Sent soaring through the air, the speck of a man flew across from one protruding nipple straight into the other. The man barely had time to scream before he splattered against it, his body vaporised upon impacting the gargantuan nipple that smacked him. Yet Lyria continued to bounce her breasts around, ignorant to the crimson stain stuck on her suit.

In reality, she had already forgotten about the man she placed upon her nipple. Her perverted mind turned to thoughts about her taunting everyone escaping by showing off her body. Lyria was comfortable letting them flee from her now after having personally attended to the torture of so many in the ruined town. She imagined all those townsfolk who had run, leaving behind their kindred, if they turned back now to what was once their home, all they could see was the monolithic form of Lyria, having the time of her life, both mocking and flaunting them by merrily jiggling her breasts.

That arousal she had staved off for so long began to emerge once more as such thoughts consumed her mind. Lyria hoped the scattered townsfolk were looking at her, as the elf laughing out as she played with her body within the remnants of their town. When humanity looked at its voluptuous goddess, Lyria wanted them to see her enjoying their misery, all the suffering they endured and were going to endure was just for her enjoyment. More than that, she wondered if humanity could even glimpse that her reasoning for such devastation was so utterly debaucherous and self-centred. All those dead, crushed beneath her godlike body or consumed by her ravenous hunger, the devastation unleashed just to feed her growing god complex. Lyria knew it was her job to eradicate humanity as per protocols, but she never knew how fun it could be. The elf was addicted to the thought of being humanity’s reckoning, that Lyria, the vengeful, gorgeous goddess here to exterminate them all.

Having worked up a bit of sweat bouncing her chest around, Lyria collapsed onto her back, scouring more of the town beneath her, her buxom frame digging itself into the earth. Calamitous earthquakes erupted as the elf’s weight ruptured the ground, the terrible tremors caused by her body could be felt for miles around. However, Lyria was more focused on herself now, having attended to the deaths of so many humans, she wanted some time to herself. At first, it was a slow sensation than ran through Lyria, as she tenderly massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples. She moaned softly, rubbing her thighs together, closing her eyes revelling the glorious moments of pure chaos she had caused.

As her memory stirred, so too did her excitement. Within her minds eye, she could see them. Humanity crying out for mercy, everyone and everything becoming an unrecognisable stain under her overwhelming, towering physique. How her footsteps caused the town’s buildings to convulse, shattering the very foundations of human civilisation. One hand remained tightly gripped on her breast as her pace started quickening. Tugging at her suit, wishing to fully tear it off, Lyria became frustrated that she could not unclothe herself so easily. Taking both of her hands, Lyria started to coax the zipper down, straining to get it past her chest. Finally, she unzipped the suit, her breasts burst forth, now free of their imprisonment from the confines of the fabric. Yanking the suit, Lyria dragged it down suit her waist.

In one hand, Lyria held one her freed breast as her other hand sped its way down into her awaiting moist pussy. As her hand slithered down, her fingers entering into her ravenous cunt, Lyria’s moans intensified as did her imagination. She wanted those humans to hear her lust-filled cries of delight, to see her enjoying herself within the devastation that was once their town. The culmination of humanities history, all its progress and achievements were moot as they were flattened, turned into a stain upon her voluptuous figure as Lyria wiggled her body deeper into the earth. She could feel the warm milk leaking out for her nipples, drenching her fingers as she continued to delightfully tug and squeeze on them. It was utterly intoxicating Lyria, to think that even as she played with herself, she could create such untold damage. She thought of how pathetic humanity must be to watch Lyria finger herself, revelling in the sadistic joy she had unleashed upon them, powerless to stop her whatsoever.

It was soon becoming too much for Lyria to handle. Soon, every nerve felt powered up and electrified, her excitement coursing through every single stem throughout her body. She could feel it all, the very fibre of her being tingled with such uncontrolled arousal, her fingers continuing to slam her pussy with growing intensity, fuelled by her growing lust and desire. Her cries of pleasure grew in strength, the ground beneath her continued to buckle as her buxom body squirmed under the exhilaration she was feeling. The sudden swelling of heat within her was culminating into one glorious moment, the sum total of all this destruction and chaos. The elf threw her head back as the euphoria overtook her body. She was soaked in it now, bathed within unaltered, overpowering throes of ecstasy that coursed through her body and mind. It was at that moment where the addictive, scintillating sensation took control of all of her senses that Lyria finally erupted.

Her azure-blue eyes rolled into the back of her head and then screamed out in pure, unrefined pleasure as she finally came. Her hot, sticky cum torrented out of her pussy, striking the ruined town in a cascading flood of her juices. It coursed its way through the streets, washing its way through the destroyed streets, trickling down into the craters Lyria had created, carrying all the ruination of a decimated town. The flowing rivers of her fluids soaked through everything, leaving what was left of human civilisation beneath a lake of her sticky mess. Yet that didn’t stop her. She continued to ram her fingers into her cunt as more of the town became drenched in cum. Lyria wanted all of humanity to hear her, to feel her coming. There was no escaping her hedonistic desires, everyone was to submit to her whims and wishes. This town would be a sign of things to come for all humanity. They were all Lyria's pathetic, little playthings, whether they realised it or not.

Then, all the excitement took its toll on the elf. Her pace slowed down, dragging her cum-soaked fingers to luxurious red lips to lick. All was suddenly still. Panting, flushed rose red, Lyria was thoroughly exhausted, laying amidst her a pool of her cum and the wreckage of human civilisation. Nice and snug with a crater outlining her physique, it took her some time for her senses to regain composure as the elf desperately clung onto that extraordinary feeling that had fully enraptured her body. Lyria lazily opened up her eyes. It was there she beheld something truly exciting. A great metropolis loomed far off in the distance. She let out a content sigh, knowing there was more than enough time to tend to her newfound target. Lyria wondered what a human city would be like if she could have this much fun in but one town.

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