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Standing up on her tiptoes, a young goblin alchemist is trying her best to reach a tincture placed up high upon the shelf. Struggling and straining, she was so close to firmly grasping the potion, cursing herself for the fact she had so stupidly place such a thing. Even upon her ladder, the goblin found it difficult to deal with the multitude of shelving units of her shop. Everything, from herbal remedies to viscous concoctions, they all had to be placed up high to attract the gaze of all the adventurers that frequented her shop.

For such simple tasks became an endless source of frustration. Thanks to her incredibly small stature even for a goblin, things that should have been easy proved to be all the more onerous. Being barely three feet tall was incredibly demeaning, but more so it made running a potion shop hard work, especially when the other races of the world already stood way above any normal-sized goblin.

Just as she was about to grab hold of the bottle she needed, the bell attached to the front door rang as someone entered her shop. As more light from the outside poured in, it began reflecting off the myriad of tinctures strewn throughout the shop, causing the walls to glow with a glorious rainbow of fluorescent colours. Silently cursing the unfortunate timing, the goblin let all the indignation that had built up leave her in one long, weary sigh. As the customer began their foray into the wonderful world of the goblin's alchemy shop, the petite goblin beamed out her big toothy grin and readied herself for a potential sale.

Holding up her tattered muddy brown robes as not to trip up, she began running down the ladder, and then clamouring up onto the seat behind the counter, shouting out “Welcome to Mimi’s Potion Emporium fair customer! How can I help you today?” Her words were spat out so quickly, the goblin had little time to breathe between each syllable. Beyond the rim of her oversized, drooping wizard hat, she flashed her typical great wide grin at the shadowy figure walking towards the counter.

Through the door came a great, towering man, clad in metallic armour that had been graced with multiple rends from beast and sword alike. Standing close to seven feet tall, the human warrior had to bend down slightly so as not to his head on the door frame. Yet he had barely entered her shop before being bombarded by Mimi’s overly excited mannerisms.


"Good day there Mini, I need some-” The deep rugged voice of the mountainous man was then cut off, juxtaposed by the little squeaking protestations of the goblin alchemist.

“Hawkwind you absolute dolt!” recognising the man’s powerful voice that was rumbling the tinctures and potions with his usual joke.


Mimi slammed her hands down onto the counter to fully catch his attentions, “For the last time, stop calling me Mini!”  

The broad shoulder adventurer closed his eyes and scratched the bristles upon his well-defined chin, a sly smile forming onto his face. “Heh, what’s got you so short-tempered today?”


Looking back at the goblin, Hawkwind looked beyond the brim of her ill-fitting wizard hat to see Mimi’s beady crimson coloured eyes filled with irritation.  

Rolling her eyes, Mimi realised the warrior was not going to abate with his dull attempts at humour, so she leant over the counter with a smug grin etched onto her face and decided upon retorting in kind as the best possible strategy. Retorting the warrior kind, her sardonic reply came, “Lemme guess, it took you all day to come up with that joke?”

Now seeing the alchemist back in her usual playful mood, Hawkwind approached up to the counter and let out a small chuckle. “Of course not, you should know by now that my wit is razor-sharp.” The stern warrior had a half-grin plastered upon his face, a rare break in his otherwise dour demeanour. Placing his elbow onto the counter, he leant over the table slightly, just enough so that he could still see the alchemists beady ruby eyes.

“I think you’ve taken one too many hits to the head!” Mimi kept leaning in further until she was near enough lying upon the counter as she continued to poke back at the warrior towering over her now.


“Your wit is just as sharp as a blacksmiths hammer!” The goblin alchemist, all too happy to indulge in a sparing of words, found that teasing such a rugged warrior helped to alleviate her frustrations from before.   

Realising he was soon to be outmatched by a hail of sarcastic remarks, Hawkwind surrendered before Mimi’s tirade truly began by raising his hands up slightly, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry about the jokes Mimi.”


His light, jokey demeanour changed in an instant as sternness filled his gravelly voice. “To the matter at hand, I got you that Ukko root you wanted, but I also need some more healing potions brewed up.”


Out of his satchel, Hawkwind pulled out this exotic, dark ultramarine plant. Little orbs of light floated off from its glass-like petals before dissipating, its stem flickered and hummed with otherworldly energy, all of which caught the wide-eyed attention of a very shocked Mimi. Just as she tried to reach out to grab it from his palm, the warrior retracted the strange plant away from her grasp.

“Remember the deal now Mimi,” dangling the root ways above the alchemist who was still thoroughly entranced by its sight, “Two platinum coins for the Ukko root. A mans got to feed himself right?”

Still awestruck by the root, the goblin pulled out two shiny coins for Hawkwind before placing them upon the table. Mimi was taken aback to see such a rare ingredient, so much so that her usually fast-paced way of talking became replaced by weaker stuttering, “H-here you go, c-can I have it now?” So entranced by the plant, she barely registered the perplexed look upon Hawkwind’s face. He had never seen the petite goblin so worked up other something so minuscule.

Swiping up the coinage, he placed the root into Mimi’s awaiting palms. Tingling with anticipation, the goblin squealed out in delight before then barraging the human with her thanks, barely allowing him to get a word in to respond. Once Mimi had expressed her boundless gratitude, the warrior started to become rather awkward as he looked on to see the goblin began joyously dancing about with the exotic root in hand.  

As he begun shuffling towards the door, Hawkwind said “Okay then Mimi, I’ll see you tomorrow for the healing potions tomorrow alright?”

“Huh?” the goblin alchemist was so entranced by the Ukko that she had failed to realise that he was in the midst of leaving. “Oh yeah right! Sorry about that, I’ll have it all sorted! Don’t you worry about a thing!”

With a slight nod of appreciation, the towering warrior went out the door, which then prompted Mimi to dosh over to the entrance with stool in hand. Propping herself up, she bolted the door shut and closed the curtains to signal that her shop was done for the day. For the goblin had something very special in mind for the Ukko and did not wish to be disturbed by any living soul. Hopping off her stool, Mimi with root firmly in hand, skipped her way down beyond the myriad of wares stacked up upon shelves and stocked within cabinets, making her way to a small concealed door located at the back of the her shop.

Behind closed doors, a large alchemical brewing station was set up. With a plethora of tinctures and brews boiling away, billowing out plumes of supernatural coloured smoke that engulfed the room, Mimi dashed over an ancient recipe book propped up on the table and flicked to a very clearly marked page. The goblin was gleefully bouncing around on the spot, unable to contain herself as she looked upon the ingredients list for the legendary Potion of Growth. After all this time, paying adventurers to scour the land to procure her the ingredients needed for such an unfathomably rare tincture, all she had left to collect was the Ukko root to begin the brewing process.

Grinding up all the ingredients together, Mimi had created a fine powder pigmented by the deep blue of the Ukko, which she then deposited into a small vial, where it began to combine mixture of water and salt. The dark blue liquid bubbled and boiled, as Mimi sat there, entranced by the viscous liquid reducing down, letting the magics within become stronger. After a few hours, as the moon started hung high in the night sky, the brew was finally complete. A strange hum echoed off the vial, small wisps of light formed at the bottom of the liquid, illuminating the dark blue concoction until it reached the surface and dissipating. Wasting no more time, Mimi greedily gulped down the potion, tapping the tincture to ensure she had downed every possible drop.

Yet she stood there, her lips stained a deep blue as she awaited her transformation. The goblin lifted up her drooping wizard hat to scratch her obsidian black curly hair, trying to think as to why the potion had not effect on her. The potion, if the instructions were to be believed, should have made her taller in a near-instant, elevating her closer to Hawkwind’s stature. Feeling dejected, Mimi hastened herself back to the recipe book, pouring over the instructions with extra care to see where she went awry.

Everything was correct, the measurements pinpoint precise. But for some reason, the potion had no visible effect apart from staining her lips. The goblin alchemist stood upon her stool, downbeat from having all that wasted effort and money. Huffing a long, weary sigh Mimi began wondering why she ever decided to undertake this venture. Dragging her stool across the room, the goblin came to stand in front a small mirror just to confirm there were no changes to her body. A saddened frowned greeted her as she stared into her reflection.

Taking off her drooping hat, Mimi began running a hand across her brown robes, the alchemist examined her slender body, staring into the mirror, longing for some miracle that would grant her the height she so desperately desired. It was with that thought that a sharp heat rose within Mimi, forcing her to take a sharp gasp for air. Something within her body was forcing a change upon her, she could feel it rising, swelling up from somewhere deep in her bowels. Soon enough, it had spread everywhere, blazing through her veins until every inch of her body was wrapped in this sweltering heat.

Mimi fell backwards off the stool, unable to stand upright in the face of such blistering fire overwhelming her senses. Her body was convulsing, struggling to contain the alterations to her form. With a strong hefty grunt, the goblin alchemist expelled the heat that tried to control her body. Now left on the floor, panting desperately for air, she wiped the thick coat of sweat that had built upon her forehead. Yet when she stood up, Mimi was thrown completely off as she struggled to maintain her balance. She started swaying back and forth, like some dense weights were now attached to her and trying to force her down.

“W-what the Hells is this!?” The goblin shouted at the top of herlungs.

Looking down, Mimi was utterly aghast to see her robes were tearing apart at the seams thanks to her new changes. Her dainty hand went beneath her chest as she started grasping on to her newfound breast’s size to asses just how large it had become, failing to lift it even slightly. Staring down in horror, Mimi found that her rapidly expanding bust ripped her bra apart and was now threatening to burst straight through her ragged, torn up robes. Even now, Mimi could feel her clothing bulk against the strain levied onto it by her chest, her puffed up nipples protruding against the cloth fabric, as if her boobs refused to be confined any longer. Across the bready of her chest, the ripped seams allowed her boobs to press out slightly, these emerald green specks tearing through her robes, still straining against the fabric.

Scratching her head, Mimi wondered aloud, “Where in the blazes am I going to get a bra, let alone clothes, big enough for these bloody things?”

Struggling with the burden of her massive breasts, Mimi manged to stand back onto the stool and stare into the mirror, only to be thrown into further disarray as she inspected the other sudden changes. Her lower half, hips, thighs and cheeks, all had ballooned out in size. In a near instant, Mimi had been transformed into a godly goblin of shapely, curvaceous proportions. Grabbing a hold of her wide hip with one hand, she turned to her side just to see how thick she had become.

“Gods damn it,” examining her protruding cheeks jutting out and grabbing a hold of her butt, her hand sinking deep into her ass. Much like her chest, her ass was threatening to rip her robes apart, her hips partly bursting out from her robes, leaving her staring at a strange mix of dark brown robes stuck tight to her body alongside patches of lush green skin partly peaking out. Her once baggy robes were now close to being reduced to tatters, barely containing her voluptuous physique as her clothes were now so tightly strung up against her gorgeous body.


Yet Mimi cursed her full-figured form. Turning herself side to side, unable to fathom why the potion had grown everything else but her height, she said, “I look like a bloody freak now.”

Dragging the stool over to her alchemical table once more, fighting against the burden placed upon her by her well-endowed body and the weight of the chair, Mimi triple checked what effects the Potion of Growth should have upon the subject. Yet, the book stated that the consumer of the concoction would gain the height they so desired. As much as Mimi was ready to pour over the book once more to figure out the strange effects of the potion, the moon was high up in the sky now and darkness had settled across the city. Rather than waste time trying to examine the reason why the potion had decided to grave her with such prodigious proportions, the alchemist was more worried about getting up early to set up the shop. And so, Mimi headed to her bedroom, picking out some baggier robes and drooping wizard hat to wear for tomorrow, before falling asleep.


It was bright and early and the city was once again bustling with activity. Citizens filled the market, passing by the goblin's shop. As Mimi was going through her daily routine of setting out brewed potions and remedies to attract potential buyers, a familiar hulking form walked through the door and into the shop. The alchemist, rather embarrassed by her new body, tried her best to hide it away from the mountainous man marching up to the counter, turning her back towards.


“What, no good morning for a loyal customer?” A familiar voice boomed out.


Hawkwind lent over the counter, his deep sapphire blue eyes scanning Mimi from head to toe, “Say, you look different Mimi. Did you change your robes or something?”

“S-sorry about that Hawkwind,” Mimi, so self-conscious now, turned herself around slowly as to not allow her bust to jiggle, thus alerting the towering warrior to her plight.


“But it’s kind of you to notice my new robes!”

Scratching his chin, beads of sweat began to form onto Mimi’s forehead, wondering if the warrior was going to notice her outrageous physique as it writhed so tightly beneath her robes, threatening to tear the seams apart with the minutest of movements. “It looks good on you Mimi, but I don’t have much sense for fashion.”

Mimi breathed a sigh of relief before retorting in kind, “You dont have much sense for anything do you?"


Heaving up some healing potions from below the counter, the blood-red tinctures were proudly displayed for Hawkwind to inspect, "But here you go, some healing potions fresh from the cauldron!”

A sly smile breaks the steely gaze of the warrior, taking the potions and placing them into his satchel. He places several gold coins upon the counter and says, “You’re the best Mimi.”


With that, Hawkwind turned away and left the shop, leaving the alchemist all alone with her thoughts. Yet Mimi was too preoccupied with work and chores around the shop to even think about herself for a moment. Customers came in and out, but no one seemed to notice how buxom she had become overnight, easing her overall anxiety. Once the commotion of trading died down, Mimi was all alone in her shop and allowed a thought to enter her mind.

“Gods,” Mimi pondered to herself, “If only that potion had made me bigger than Hawkwind.”

It was with such an idea that the sweltering heat remerged from within Mimi’s body. 


"Oh no," she screamed, "Not again!”


The goblin was barely able to groan out such words before being consumed by the heat as it coursed through her once more. Despite the blistering feeling, Mimi was able to resist the effects from addling her mind and bore witness to the alterations, gasping and panting for air all the while. She heard the wooden floorboards of the shop, creaking and then splintering beneath her as the potions and tinctures rumbled off their shelves and cabinets, smashing onto the floor. The very foundations of her shop began to groan, forming a cacophony with Mimi's grunts. Looking down, the goblin realised what was occurring.  

She was growing. Mimi could not believe it at first, the counter was shrinking before her, her clothes ripping apart, giving way to her expanding form as the seams first tore and then broke apart before her expanding form. Everything around her, the shelving units to the cabinets paetially lined with potions, it was all soon reaching her eye level. With one loud moan, the stool beneath the goblin finally gave way beneath her growing ass as she slammed onto the floor, rattling her shop. Mimi, too enraptured to notice the fate of stool, bore a toothy grin as she continued to moan, her body being wracked so intensely by the warmth coursing through every aspect of her body.

Yet it was then, Mimi realised that she was sitting down. The excitement of growing had made her ignorant to the fact that her head had begun to rub against the ceiling, her foot had been pushing against the counter before bursting through, leaving shard and splinters of wood. As her hips and thighs began to brush against the sides of the shop, the shelving and storage units were soon being crushed against the walls, trapping them as her Mimi’s height continued to surge. The last remaining tinctures and potions dropped and spilt onto her body, slathering the growing goblin with a mixture of different concoctions. The floorboard beneath Mimi could no longer bear the busty goblin’s form, the groaning becoming ever louder before the wood shattered underneath her.

In but a few moments, Mimi soon filled out the entirety of her shop. Everything that once filled the room had been destroyed, crushed beneath her enlarged body, unable to withstand the strength of her growth. The goblin’s growth stabilized for a while, leaving her craning her neck in an attempt to prevent it from bursting through the roof, yet it was futile. The heat that fuelled her explosive expansion remained, it was taking every iota of Mimi’s willpower to stave it off, but it was too overbearing for her. It was addictive, this feeling of everything buckling and breaking beneath her body. Even now, she threatened to shatter her shop with her newfound height, all she had to do was let go of the pretence of holding back. Thus, Mimi let her inhibitions drop for a second and indulged herself.

Outside the shop, the city’s citizens and peasantry that were close to Mimi’s shop looked on, thoroughly confused as to what was causing the ruckus within her shop. Such queries soon turned to why the goblin’s shop was crumbling apart as the woodworks creaked and groaned as tremors rumbled out with such ferocity that it was quaking the entire market square. One brave yet curious man stepped forth to the shop door, opening it to find a wall of green skin filling the room. Just as the man looked on attempting to rationalise what he was witnessing, the crowd that had gathered around soon found their answer, as Mimi’s head erupted out of the top of the building, sending wooden beams flying into the air. What soon followed was her hips bulldozing through the sides, splintering the foundations as her great green feet followed by then smashing through the woodwork at the front, throwing the curious citizen away from the force. With all of its support gone, the rest of the building collapsed in on itself, crashing down onto Mimi’s body into a pile of debris and rubble.

Before the gathering crowd was a towering, busty goblin, laying within the ruins of her shop, panting and heaving for air. After a few brief moments of shock, staring up at Mimi who was breathing a sigh of relief for finally breaking free from the confines of her shop the crowd broke apart, screaming in terror. The growing goblin took a moment's rest, leaning against the merchant shop next to her for support. However, Mimi failed to realise her newfound strength and weight given to her by her growth. As she tried to lean upon the shop, her enormous body crashed straight through, ripping through the shop, crashing straight through it with little resistance. The tradesmen within the shop barely had time to react before being crushed beneath Mimi’s body, flattened by her armpit smashing through the walls.

The market square was thrown into complete pandemonium at the sight of the enormous, nude goblin. Having just bore witness to her destruction of two buildings, panic controlled the minds of peasant and merchant alike, fleeing from Mimi just as she was picking herself from the accidental devastation of her neighbour. The giant goblin, standing taller than the most prodigiously sized store, failed to recognise the stain upon her, as she brushed off the dirt and debris that had piled up on her body. The bloody blot was casually swiped away, her neighbouring merchant unceremoniously wiped away. Mimi did not understand why the heat inside sweltered to an unfathomable peak as she smashed her way through her shop. With a great groan, clenching her hands into a fist, the heat was expelled for a time.

For now, at least, Mimi had managed to quell the heat that drove her growth. It remained there, lurking, ready to be unleashed whenever the goblin became more lax. At this point, Mimi, often the butt of jokes for being the smallest merchant in the city, was now towering high and above all the fleeing races, scattering before her like ants. Mimi looked down at her body, expecting to see that her body had changed to be more akin to that of a human or elves, rather than the more compact shape of a goblin. However, much to her annoyance, the potion had failed to alter her shape, retaining the squat, short stature of a goblin, but with the stacked proportions gifted to her the night before. Mimi was fuming, even at this height, she still retained the overall body structure of a goblin rather than the slender physique of an elf. Stamping her foot down in annoyance, crushing more debris beneath her sole, causing the ground to quake from the strength, Mimi had hoped to look more humanoid rather than retain her goblin features.

Taking her mind off her proportions, Mimi came to realise just how much she had grown as she said “Oh jeez.”


Scanning across the multitude of established shops that filled the market area of the city that barely rose higher than her hips. Bringing one of her hands up to her face to hide her flushed embarrassment, “I really overdid it.”

Once the gargantuan goblin had done a quick height comparison, she soon awoke to the fact that she was standing about completely naked, her body tearing through her robes long ago, leaving her nude body open to all to see.


“Eep!” Mimi cried out as she tried to her to wrap her hands around her immense breasts, covering her puffy nipples as best as she could. However, due to their overall size, Mimi could barely cover one away from prying eyes. Struggling to conceive of a way to cover herself, the goblin sat back down, trying to use her legs to hideaway her bust.

“By the Gods,” curling up into a ball, trying to shrink down in size by sinking into herself, she murmured to herself “I didn’t want to be *this* big.”

Stirred forth from the depths, the heat began to override Mimi’s embarrassment. The goblin, still in her fetal position, tried to resist to the best of her abilities, groaning aloud as the warmth began to work its way across her body. Her control was slipping as her thoughts turned to towards her own selfish gratification. A momentary slip to this sensation before caused her to explode out in height, slaking her desire to be tall, but it had played upon her insecurities. The potion was granting her that ability, not to be tall, but to be the tallest mortal creature, but she continued to fight against the potion trying to seduce her. Mimi uncurled herself, standing back up to her height, uncaring that everyone could see her nude. In fact, she embraced it. All pangs of shame that arose from her unease about her proportions faded away as the heat began to addle her mind, twisting her thoughts so she could enjoy the power the potion was gifting her. With a devilish grin plastered upon her face, Mimi now wanted to explore the world that had now become so much smaller to her.

Without paying heed to what was below, the giantess goblin took her first step with her enlarged height. With one stride, the stalls that had been propped up in the square which had somehow remained standing after Mimi stomping the ground, were soon beneath the goblin’s foot. With a single step, the goblin carelessly crushed several stalls, compacting them underneath her sole. Lifting her foot back up to inspect whatever she had stepped on, Mimi found that she had left an imprint of her foot upon the cobblestone street with pieces of the stalls down firmly dug into the crater. Estatic with the sensation of destruction, Mini took another step, and then another, aiming her footfalls over as many propped up stalls as possible. Boisterous as ever, the goblin playfully stomped her away around the marketplace, crushing her toys, giggling to herself as the market was reduced to ruins by each and every step. As Mimi so merrily stomped her way about the market square, she failed to notice that many of the surrounding houses and shops had tumbled over, their foundations breaking apart from the reverberations created as the goblin happily tore through the marketplace. All around, piles of debris and wreckage picked up as the ground trembled with Mimi trampled her way about. Many of the crowds that had escaped Mimi as she burst forth from her shop now found the structures around them crumbling down, debris raining onto them as they heard Mimi’s laughter boom out.

Eventually, the goblin found herself dead centre within the market square, once a bustling area, now empty and left in complete ruination as she went on her stomping spree. With the delirium of the potion still altering her, the goblin surveyed her the area, as she wiped off the sweat that had built up during her joyous romp, eager to find more things to crush. Towering over the dreary woodwork of the ruined marketplace’s shops, her beady crimson eyes came upon the illustrious burgher zone of the city, seemingly untouched from the chaos. Filled with all kinds of luxurious manors that she could use to test out her giant body, Mimi licked her lips in delightful anticipation. All the shoddy structures around her proved to be too flimsy and weak as to handle her growth. Still delirious from the potion, Mimi wanted to repeat that intoxicating sensation when her shop collapsed all around her, craving to have her growing body consume the most magnificent mansions beneath her, to feel her enlarged ass ploughing through and crushing everything beneath her. With her mind firmly set upon satiating the maddening level of lust addling her mind, Mimi began to saunter off to the burgher district.      

Waltzing down the street towards her goal, Mimi soon came to find that her burgeoning hips brushed up against the buildings that remained standing on either side, tearing them apart as she pushed her way through, making headway to the more prosperous sections of the city. Whilst Mimi wished to compare her size to the greatest of mansions that resided just away from the market square, such idle devastation caused just by her hips stroking the wooden foundations began to confirm in her mind the sheer power and unadulterated pleasure that came with being so much taller. However, a semblance of her will continued to fight, trying to stave off the notion that she was revelling in the feeling of her hips bulldozing through the city’s buildings, the trail of wreckage behind her filling the imprints of her feet that cratered the cobblestone streets. Yet every time her hip smashed through the woodwork of the houses and shops, the heat within her spiked, taking more of her willpower just to stop her from erupting even taller than before. Even under the control of the potion, she wished to find a more opportune time to appease that lust to become even bigger.

At the end of the now desolated street, the goblin smashed through the brick wall that separated the poorer districts from the richest burghers, using her thick, meaty thighs to ram through the flimsy fortifications. Parts of the brickwork and mortar were vaporised upon contact, others were sent flying as huge chunks of the wall began to rain down upon the mansions. As the smoke cleared from the destruction cleared out, the voluptuous goblin’s feet landed into the most opulent section of the city. However, not yet content that she had the complete attentions of the burghers, Mimi continued to announce her arrival to the affluent area by hopping up into the air slightly. The few remaining survivors stuck in the district, those who had failed to heed the oncoming approach of the chaotic goblin giantess, saw Mimi fly up high into the air. Such folk barely had time to comprehend the calamity that was about to unfold as Mimi came crashing back down onto the earth. Her feet struck the ground; her enlarged height multiplied the earthquake’s ferocity, as what sounded like a explosion boomed out followed by a cataclysmic tremor that assaulted the city. Sections of the wall behind her that were fortunate enough not to be in her direct path were blown away by the displaced air, the mansions fare no better under the storm that had kicked up as they began to buckle. Even the weaker wooden houses that lined the city streets all across the city started to collapse from the overpowering aftershocks. The havoc wrought threw the entire area into utter turmoil, yet the monolithic fortress at the heart of the city, with its great stone works and hardened fortifications, stood defiant and proud, the foundations refusing to buckle from the shattering quakes which terrorized the city.

Conversely, Mimi was having the time of her life, bellowing out a hearty laugh at all the mayhem she was inflicting upon others, revelling her strength to tumble over even the mightiest of buildings with but a simple jump. In turn, the searing heat grew ever fiercer, as if to reward her for indulging in her power. Ignorant to the demise of so much, Mimi was surprised to find that a plethora of proud manors had survived her onslaught, and so she deemed them worthy enough to compare herself newfound stature against. One caught her eye in particular, however, a great gaudy mansion that loomed over the other surviving structures in size. Having found a suitable target, the towering goblin sauntered over, casually stomping upon the wreckage and debris that lined the once proud burgh until she towering over the building.

“Wow,” Mimi squatted down, her ass jutting outwards, peering through the window of the illustrious marble mansion to see the finery and opulence of the richest people in the city. Her breasts were pressing against the walls; the marble began cracking, unable to withstand the pressure Mimi’s chest was applying. Unaware to the condition of the mansion, the goblin continued pushing herself against the wall, examining the luxury within.


“Everything really is just so… small now.”

With a lick of her lips, she thought to herself, “But everything can become so much smaller.” Just as she decided that now was the moment to grow, an errant crossbow bolt flew by her face, snapping her the potion’s trance. To her side, a throng of the city’s militia assembled, ready to end the threat the giant goblin posed.  A plethora of spearmen and crossbowmen arrayed themselves into formation as per their training, before a commander gave the order to advance. A detachment of spearmen roared out their war cry and charged at Mimi’s feet, only to have the tips of their weapons shatter as they tried to strike her toes.

With a shake of her head, the goblin regained her senses and cried out in confusion “H-How did I get here?” All the while, Mimi’s skin was far too thick for the bolts to penetrate now; she did not feel them trying to poke and prod her. The soldiers only found their weaponry glanced off her emerald-green skin. It was only when a stray bolt coursed its ways across Mimi’s face that the goblin awoke to the fact that she had company present with her. Quelling the heat that continued raging inside her, the goblin’s cheerful smirk reappeared, replacing her previous wicked smile. Mimi tried her best to cover up her body before turning herself around to greet them, inadvertently scattering those soldiers closest to her away, she saw all the militiamen futile attempts to harm her.

Attracting the attentions of the giant, gargantuan goblin made the hardened men baulk, their attacks becoming more disheartened as they began to realise how ineffective they were. Their morale collapsed as Mimi extended herself back up, covering the city’s defenders in darkness as black as night.


However, the goblin was more jovial than annoyed, waving to them, so blissfully unaware of the terror-struck soldiers, “Hey guys! Its me, Mimi! You know? The alchemist on the Marketplatz?” Her typical beaming smile did nothing but to frighten the men below, frozen in terror, stuck in the shadow of the mighty, towering goblin.

Unawares to how powerful her voice had become due to her size, the militia recoiled from its force. Yet still, Mimi carried on blathering, ignorant to how each word causing the militiamen to cower, “I’m, err… having a bit of a malfunction as you can tell, but I’ll fix this! Don’t you worry!”


Rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment, the men responded to her by beginning to flee before her, much like all those crowds down at the marketplace, fearful that she was about to return an attack in kind. However, Mimi looked on, genuinely confused and saddened to see everyone scampering away from her.

“Hey, wait! W-what’s wrong guys?”


Looking beyond the destroyed walls that separated the burgher district from the rest of the city, Mimi beheld all the destruction she had wrought thanks to her mountainous form. The marketplace was devastated, its surroundings now reduced to piles of wreckage. The once magnificent walls of the burgher district were obliterated as if they had just endured a deluge of cannon fire. Scanning across the city, many of the streets lie in ruins, buildings torn apart from the earthquakes Mimi had met out lay scattered upon the ground, entire sections laid to waste. All the while, the distant cries of terror struck crowds struck Mimi’s floppy pointy ears. Her beady crimson eyes stared on and then the horror soon dawned upon her.

The goblin held her head in dread, tears began welling up in her eyes as she struggled to comprehend all the carnage that had befallen the city, “W-Was that all me, b-but how?” The goblin’s keen intellect raced about, wracking her brain to decipher why she was losing control.

The otherworldly plant became stuck in her thoughts, settling upon the Ukko as the root cause. Mimi knew it had the ability to alter the mind and senses temporarily but never to this degree. Somehow, in conjunction with the other ingredients, Mimi believed that the Ukko was somehow playing upon her long, deep sated wish to become taller. The potion was creating the sensation of pleasure and warmth, which continuously drowned her body anytime she indulged in the feeling of power. It was as if the potion had a mind of its own, manipulating Mimi to become taller, goading and conditioning her to sow destruction and mayhem. Worse than that was the incessant inward desire to grow. It played upon her like an addict, continuously chasing the next high; she knew it would not be long before the cravings would completely override any ability to stave off the blazing warmth, melting away any semblance of willpower that kept her in check.


For all her knowledge of the alchemical arts, she failed to produce any satisfactory ideas as to end the control of the potion, only causing her despair to deepen, crying out in desperation, “Oh Gods above, how can I stop this madness?”

In that moment, weakened by her desperation, the heat slithered its way back to comfort her, to smother the pain and hopelessness she felt. Her thoughts began to change, evolving her genuine cries of anguished sadness towards the compunction to become ever larger, drowning her sorrows beneath a tide of ecstasy that could only be brought about by her growing. Larger than any city, taller than any mountain, her body would stretch beyond the clouds, breaching the heavens itself. The potion consumed her consciousness with the ideas of overwhelming power that could only be reached by letting the potion have its way but only if she just let go. It begged her to consider the possibilities, that if she was having so much fun crushing some buildings, the potion made her imagine what it would be like to have her step upon an entire city, scouring civilisation away beneath her sole.

Driven delirious by the potion, Mimi wiped away the tears that had begun to form as her mind began to swirl, her inner voice became obsessed with only one thing, “I need more, I need to be bigger! Taller than anything! That's what I've always wanted!” The devil-like grin returned to her face along with the intoxicating desire, the all-consuming need to grow even larger overpowered Mimi's faculties.  

Sitting back down onto the ground, her well-endowed ass crashing back into the streets, catching the few unconscious militiamen knocked about by her feet, causing them to become nothing more than stains upon her cheeks, their bodies popping and exploding as she wiggled her butt more and more to get comfortable. The warmth peaked, enriching her with but a taste of the intoxicating sensation, yet she hungered for more. If she wanted the greatest pleasure, to have that feeling of overwhelming, incomparable power, the goblin knew she would have to do more than just crush a few soldiers beneath her butt. There was a whole city ready to be fuel for her addiction, yet she was becoming impatient, she needed everything to become a sacrifice to her lustful pursuits. Mimi’s cravings were driving her mad, she had but a taste of the power afforded to her by being a giant, but now, she wanted to be bigger, to feel a bustling city, of all its inhabitants to struggle and writhe against her, her growing, gorgeous body consuming the very earth beneath her.

With such thoughts swimming through her mind, Mimi’s voice was low, almost like a whimper, a soft desperate plea to the potion, “More… I need more.”

All across the city, a preternatural groan began echoing out, like metal being rent asunder and stretched to its very limit was causing the very air to tremble. This cacophony cascaded throughout the city, this otherworldly deep moan mixed with the ground cracking and rupturing apart, soon followed by the harsh, lust-filled cries of a towering goblin that soon began to rise, constantly growing taller and taller with each passing moment. City folk could only baulk in horror as the gorgeous goblin’s growth vibrated the very air with its strength, her body swallowing more and more of the once-proud burgher district beneath her ballooning ass, grinning everything underneath a tide of emerald green flesh.


Mimi was completely enraptured with the sensation, feeling her body explode out in height, all the illustrious mansions and manors being crushed, becoming fuel for her growth. The city guard, all assembled to deal with the goblin looked on in dread, realising there was no way to stop something that huge. The rows of organised soldiers that littered several streets and occupied the multitude of the city’s squares routed as they beheld Mimi’s body idly devastating everything that dared to stand up to her growth. Now both soldier and civilian alike tried their best to flee from Mimi as anarchy descended upon the street. The terrible shadow cast upon the city by the giant goblin’s growing body began drowning more and more into the night, a sign that she was gaining height faster, for the more she consumed in her destructive quest to become taller, the more she chased the intoxicating rush. Soon, the marketplace and Mimi’s humble shop was eradicated beneath her, followed by the city garrisons and barracks and the many residential quarters that peppered the land. One last bastion remained for the people, the ancient fortress that lay at the centre of the city, standing in defiance. If the castle fell, all who remained in the city knew that nothing could halt the mayhem unleashed by the goblin’s growth.


Then came a miracle. Just before Mimi’s growing body collided into the fortifications, her height seemingly stagnated. The remaining royalty who had failed to evacuate looked up at the giant goblin, staring straight up at her asshole. Her buxom cheeks loomed over, stretching up high and threatening at any point to crush the castle in its entirety. From their perspective, the vast curvature of Mimi’s ass made it impossible to discern if there was no end to her mountainous cheeks. Worst still, was the ear-deafening panting of the goblin as she clamoured for air alongside all the beads of sweat that glistened her voluptuous form that started slithering down her ass, creating a veritable moat from all the water around the castle, washing away anyone unlucky enough to be outside the walls.

As the denizens of the fort breathed an uneasy sigh of relief, believing they had been somehow spared, the great green ass before them began to ripple. Tremors began to resonate as Mimi started to squirm in place, her slight fidgets causing the castle’s foundations to quake, as if the stone itself trembling at what the giantess was about to unleash. Soldiers and royalty lost their footing alike as an earthquake rumbled out as they could only look up at the giant goblin in a mixture of fear and amaze.


Then, a thunderous voice from on high cried out in purest bliss, “Oh Gods here it comes!”

The strength of the next spurt struck Mimi like lighting, coursing through her veins with such intensity and ferocity, Mimi shrunk for a split second as her form struggled to contain comprehend the explosion of growth she was about to endure. Again, her gargantuan ass continued its destructive romp, but now it was ploughing through the hardy stone fortifications, obliterating the walls and towers in a split second as her ass continued to grow out, sending the soldiers manning their posts flying as Mimi’s body continued its onslaught. The royalty bore witness to Mimi’s butt ramming through the walls and crushing the towering battlements, then being quickly engulfed by the sky blocking cheeks of the goblin as it barreled into them, snuffing out their screams. Yet, their sacrifice had not gone unnoticed, for the venerable fortress provided Mimi with a exhilarating rush as she bit her lip , feeling the stone break beneath her caused her to moan in ecstasy, awash with a feeling of unbridled power.

With the beacon of hope, the ancient castle that withered the test of time unceremoniously crushed, reduced to nought but debris stuck beneath Mimi’s ass, the city soon followed a similar fate. The cityfolk tried their best to outrun the growing goblin, yet the pace of her growth only accelerated the more she felt the city writhing and dying underneath her body. Those who were spared from the direction of Mimi’s butt ploughing through central parts of the city, churning up the dirt as it continued its path of destruction faced her feet or thighs instead as they sprawled out further and further. There proved to be no escape from Mimi as her growth continued to quicken but each little person, so insignificant now to the gargantuan goblin giantess, served a new purpose. As the giant barrelled into the crowds, crushing them all flat, causing their bodies to pop, reducing them a minute crimson blot staining the lush emerald-green skin of Mimi, their newfound destiny was to empower Mimi, egging her on further to continue her growth spurt. With each building destroyed, each person smothered and crushed into an insignificant stain beneath her, Mimi was further overwhelmed by the addicting sensation, her moans of lust becoming harsher and louder.

A thunderous din overpowered the ears of the city folk as a terrible combination of Mimi’s growth, her deep booming moans of bliss becoming ever louder the taller she became came alongside the razing of the city’s structures and the desperate cries of the crowds trying in vain to escape Mimi. More and more, street after street, the goblins growth could not be thwarted, for each building, each person she crushed only stimulated her further. Grabbing a hold of her brimming breast, Mimi pinched her puffy nipple as soft, delicate milk dribbled out across her boob, intensifying her cries of pleasure more. At last, her beady crimson eyes rolled into the back of her head, and with a great booming cry of purest euphoria, the goblin alchemist rocketed up in height. The ground buckled, the land itself cried out in pain, cracking and groaning in rhythm with the goblin exploding upwards more and more. Her legs and thighs spilled out even further into the nearby land as farm and field alike were caught as Mimi continued her growth, reducing swathes of land to nothing beneath her. Those who escaped her ass or thighs cascaded into them look straight on at the goblin, only to find a sky blocking clitoris ploughing through the earth like a wrecking ball, her cries of ecstasy a herald for the oncoming destruction. All the chaos, all the devastation, Mimi was being driven mad as the potion filled the goblin with more power and more pleasure, until at last, the warmth that fuelled her exploded into a fire that exploded like a supernova within her. With one final destructive roar, the goblin finally came, her cum cascading out onto the land a deluge, a flooding torrent that quickly marred the land under a sea of her warm sticky juices.

After all the chaos, all the mayhem, Mimi calmed down. The goblin’s growth had halted for a time, leaving her panting as sweat, each droplet akin to a river, pooled down through the crevices of her body. The sun’s light beamed onto her voluptuous physique, making her body gleam and shine in the midday sun. As the intoxication feeling withered down, the potion's effects temporarily wearing off, Mimi continued to struggle for air. Her long winding tongue slithered out, the light catching off her fangs, the goblin was sedated for a time, but the potion still had a hold, its vice grip temporarily loosened to give its host a moment of reprieve.

Yet the goblin was addicted, craving the delight of becoming taller, crushing everything in her path as she ascended taller than anything mortals thought conceivable. Even as the heat died down, her heart continued to race as Mimi’s mind became forever altered. The once caring goblin alchemist now detached from the concerns of the lesser, smaller creatures that filled the world. Opening up her eyes, the giga goblin stared up at the villages and towns scattered around the lush green horizons and bore a smile. Mimi looked down upon the pitiful mortals that inhabitated such minute buildings as fuel, they existed only to stimulate her even more. The excitement built up in the buxom goblin once more as she began to shift from her throne, still sitting upon the wreckage of the city somewhere beneath the walls of flesh that constituted her ass cheeks.

Picking herself up and rising to her true towering height, the clouds parting and then forming around her hips, Mimi felt momentarily dizzy looking down upon the land as if were some sort of realistic map. During this, the debris of the prosperous city, reduced to compacted wreckage stuck beneath the folds of Mimi’s backside, began raining back down to the ground. Taking her hands, she lifted up her gargantuan cheeks, only causing more churned up destruction caught between her ass and thighs to pour forth. With a hefty smack of her cheek, scouring the last chunks of the city from her body whilst rippling her gargantuan ass, causing the clouds around her to part from the sheer force. Mimi giggled as she felt her ass jiggle about, swaying her heaving breasts from side to side, questioned why she ever wished to remove such glorious assets, but her mind turned towards more pressing matters. Scanning the landscape before her, small patches of grey and brown were peppered about with denser blotches further afield. The mountainous goblin bared her toothy grin once more, gazing upon the unsuspecting towns and cities of the nation from on high. If one city could make her this big, Mimi wondered, how big would she be after an entire kingdom was sacrificed to help her grow even larger.

With a new goal in mind, Mimi lifted her foot. A dark shadow formed onto countless minute villages, the air picking up into a storm from being displaced so violently as her foot descended back down upon the infinitesimally small huts and houses. In the blackness cast upon the villagers who were bearing witness to the horizon engulfing foot of Mimi, they were granted a swift death as a myriad of peasants as Mimi's sole crashed into the earth like a meteor, her foot digging deep into the earth. As the ground ruptured, these great fissures began cascading outwards and ripping up the land, swallowing more of the land into the cracks formed by Mimi’s first cataclysmic footstep. Mimi, blissfully unaware of the devastation she can unleash by a singular step, hummed a cheerful little tune as she began her gargantuan sized frolic throughout the kingdom in earnest.

“Hehe~ Watch out world! Here comes Mega Mimi!”

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