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Inside a well-lit and expansive room, an obsidian black box with spindly markings etched across its surface stood upon the metallic pedestal the box lay upon. The interior was of purest white, which made the blackness of the box seem all the harsher and vivid. Running on either side of the device were thick wires, its cables ran across the breadth of the room until they disappeared beneath the floor. Facing the strange contraption was a single pane of glass, reflecting back the small box and its wiring.

The cables sparked to life as a soft hum picked up that suddenly roared to life. Arcs of coursing electricity crackled across the thick wiring as power surged into the contraption, lighting the box until it glowed ever stronger. Pulsing light engulfed the device, creating a thick luminous shield. The cables soon blistered under the growing intensity, unable to sustain the power flowing through them anymore as bolts of electricity were being spat from the now melting wires. Lightning bolts shot out from the shield and struck the interior, blackening the once pristine room with scorch marks. All the while, the hum rose into an ear-piercing screech, overpowering all the electrical chaos that lashed out from the cables. With one thunderous explosion of light, the glass window shattered into pieces and buckled the hardy interior of the room.

For a time there was an eerie stillness until a haggard voice pierced the veil of silence. “God damn it.”

Treading upon the broken glass, the crunching of the scattered remains of the reinforced pane mixed with hushed and scared whispers of the room next door. A hefty kick followed as a previously hidden door revealed itself. One kick revealed a faint outline of the blasted door, followed by another and another. A final pained grunt and the door gave way.

In the centre of the scorched room lay the device, thrumming with a dim light that partially illuminated the darkness. The pedestal upon which it stood had all but melted away into slag as the contraption lay half welded into the ground, sunken into a crater of red hot metal of its own creation. Above him stood a dishevelled balding middle-aged man, his lab coat stained with blots of coffee. His baggy attire hung unevenly upon him as if he was wearing the clothes of a man double the size of himself. Uncaring to the scorching heat blasting him to the point where he had begun to sweat, he threw a glance back where the window.  

“Christ almighty! How much power did we put into this thing?”

Another tired and despondent voice reached out. “We don’t know. All our devices were fried long before the power surge knocked everything out.”

At that point, a lanky scientist of equal untidiness to her peer appeared at the door. Bags and dark circles that underlined her eyes matched her raven hair. Shooting a piercing gaze, her eyes struck upon the scientist still looming above the device. Her tired voice echoed into the stillness of the room as she inspected the scarred walls and partially flickering lights, “That’s now the third testing chamber we’ve ruined trying to power this thing.”

Squatting down, the main scientist inspected the device. The fury of the box died down, the radiant heat exuded had cooled and the esoteric markings on its surface faded in the murky night of its surface. He stared down, befuddled and intrigued. Rage slowly built up within him, tightening his hands into fists.


“Constantine? What do you want us to do now?” The dreary spoken scientist at the door called out to him, her voice returning him to the reality of the situation.

“God damn it Viv.” Constantine bit his lip to the point of bleeding. Frustration clouded his mind, jogging his leg to help speed his thoughts.


With one long and weary sigh that drained him of his remaining vigour, he finally replied. “Go get me that dumbass Lucy. I want her to collect this device and put it into storage. Hopefully, she can do something as simple as that without screwing it up.”

“Sure… and Constantine?” Viv shot her co-worker a sympathetic look.

Constantine hung his head in failure, confounded at the device by his feet. Unable to turn his attentions away from the box, the sympathetic and soft-spoken words of Viv hung in the air, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”


“Of course I can do that, Professor Viv! Don’t you worry!”

The peppiness of the short and exuberant blonde-haired assistant never failed to put a smile of the often-downbeat face of Viv. The myriad of failures her team seemed to face wore down her professionalism yet seeing the team's assistant, ever full of joy and wide-eyed enthusiasm, helped to alleviate her sense that her time, sleep and devotion were wasting away on that infernal box. Seeing her younger counterpart with all the ambition and the energy that she once had, Viv felt a semblance of life spark within in her.

With a half-smirk plastered on her face, “Well then Lucy… Make sure you bring it to our lab for a final check.”

Turning away from the assistant, Viv glanced over her shoulder to see the short, lively girl speeding herself down the pristine hallways of the lab complex. Darting between the few scientists that lined the corridor, she disappeared beyond around for the corner. A loud crash rang out followed by the furious rantings of one scientist along with the boisterous apologies from Lucy. All Viv could do was chuckle as she went back to her lab to meet up with Constantine and his team.

Lucy soon reached the test chamber, finding a throng of technicians analysing and recording the damages done by the device. One bulky man who towered above the assistant groaned as he saw her. Not even greeting her, the technician pointed towards the box sitting in a clear, sealed container. Entranced by the mystique of the contraption, Lucy became fixated, ignoring the destruction around her. Approaching the container, she could not help but find the device alluring as the markings upon its surface pulsed to life once she got closer. Grabbing firm hold of its prison, the device seemingly settled, prompting Lucy to race towards the lab with the container in hand.

Arriving at the lab for the final check, the assistant opened the sealed door to see a group of worn-out scientists lazing about. Some were sitting up the counters idly chatting to each other whilst some were half resting on their chairs. Constantine paced about between the cabinets and equipment, murmuring to himself as he pulled on his loose tie to help smooth the flow of his thoughts. Viv looked on with a hint of concern but then turned her attentions towards Lucy entering with the container. Constantine flashed an icy glare at the assistant before focusing so intensely onto the trapped device, his murmurs ceased as he gawked in awe.

“Here you go, I got you that thing you wanted Profe-”

As Lucy presented the contraption with a joyful smile, she tripped on the laces of her trainers, prompting her to fall over face first the container in tow. Constantine baulked in horror to see his work tumbling towards the floor as he barged through his co-workers, throwing them out of his way to ensure the safety of the device. The container smashed onto the ground, the blackened device spilt out and slid across the room. Thrumming to life, an insidious whir emanated from the box as energies crackled to life on its surface. Drawing power away from anything it could, the contraption swelled, its markings growing ever more prominent. With no time to react, the arcane box exploded, unleashing stifling darkness that suffocated the room, drowning all the personnel within.

Constantine and Viv found themselves upon the floor, alongside other members of their team. Grunting and groaning, they picked themselves up, their vision blurred and muddled. As their senses returned, the scientists shared glances at one another, nodding their heads to assure they were fine. Constantine looked onto Viv to find her covering her mouth in shock staring upwards, her wearied face pale and drained of life. Pointing, the other scientists turned to see what had prompted their colleague to pause in utter dread.

Everything around them appeared utterly gargantuan. Cabinets and counters either side of them rose high up, standing taller and monolithic as mountains. Behind them were the chairs their colleagues were sitting on. One leg of the stool stretched higher than any building, taller and thicker than even the mightiest skyscraper. The ceiling appeared like the heavens above them, the lights like miniaturised suns that illuminated the immensity of the scientist's new surroundings. Even the bits of dust and grime, near indiscernible to the human eye became like boulders to the scientists now.

From one end of the clearing, far off on the horizon, a towering leg revealed itself as it stomped down onto the cold, hard ground.  An earth-shattering roar thundered out. Then a voice cascaded out, so deep and rife with bass that shook the bodies of the scientists called, “G-guys? P-professor?”

Another quaking step and the rest of Lucy’s body appeared. The assistant had been the shortest amongst the team yet now she stood taller and more prodigious than anything else did from the perspective of the science team. Lucy's being engulfed much of their horizon, a titaness clad in jeans that were so tightly adhered to her colossal body that extended ever upwards towards her white buttoned-up shirt. Panic gripped Lucy as she turned her head from side to side, scanning for any sign of the team. Another step forward cleared past the mountain-like cabinets, her trainer coming ever closer towards the science team stuck on the floor. Each step taken, the tremors unleashed by her footsteps struck the group, rattling them with growing strength as Lucy continued in her stride.

Constantine flashed a look to his team as his mind race around lightning speed. Paralysed with fear, all they could do was stare at the monumental giant slowly stomping their way towards them. Thoughts swelled and swirled about as idea after idea was quickly proposed and swiftly disposed of. Lucy, oblivious and air-headed, would never look down at the ground to find him and his team. He needed a way to make her notice them, yet there was nothing on hand to do so until Constantine rummaged into his lab coat pocket.

Pulling out his phone, he quickly flicked through his contacts to try and find Lucy’s number. Then, another footstep came, veering ever closer to the terror-stricken science members. Each step taken towards them tremored the ground in ever-growing intensity, shaking their bodies to the point where they were unable to stand from the power of her footfalls. Her trainers loomed closer as the scientist's vision was soon subsumed by the titanic stature of their assistant. All that had to prevent the assistant from stepping on them was her cautious pace as Lucy scanned the lab for any trace of her colleagues.  

Constantine desperately tapped onto his phone. Contacts sped past, only to find that he did not have Lucy’s number. Cursing his moronic decision to have her number removed, he ran over to his cowering colleagues and shouted out to them in desperation. They remained unmoved, fixated totally onto the giantess striding towards them. Constantine ran up to an entranced Viv, her eyes wide with fear as he started shaking her.

Shouting into her sweat-drenched face, grabbing onto her lab coat and crying out “Viv! For god sakes, get out your phone!”

Her eyes met with Constantine. Sanity returned temporarily as she stammered out, “M-my p-phone?”

“Call up Lucy!” Roaring with anger and desperation, Constantine’s voice matched the booming footfalls of Lucy’s trainer for a brief moment.


“Tell her to stop walking! It’s the only way we are going to make it out alive!”

Viv, her hands trembling, plucked out her smartphone and tried to call Lucy. The dial tone rang out. Constantine gripped ever tighter onto Viv’s lab coat as if he was going to tear it from her. Wild-eyed like a beast, he held onto his colleague with bated breath. For a moment, Lucy halted in her stride and stood still.  

Believing his plan to have worked, Constantine began chuckling then breaking into a burst of maniacal laughter. Letting go from Viv, he placed his palm onto his head in an attempt to alleviate all the stress and anxiety that had pent up into a thunderous headache. Viv, however, continued to tremble, her phone dropping to her side and slamming onto the floor.

“H-her phone is off.”

Lucy’s march forward was temporarily halted for her attention turned to the specks scuttling about on the worktops. Perplexed, the peppy assistant pondered aloud, “Wait are those bugs? How did they get in here?” Turning herself around, she stood over the counters to closer inspect whatever was moving about, looming high above the seemingly infinitesimal bugs that only started to hasten their scurrying as Lucy came closer.

“God, if Constantine finds out there are bugs in here, he is going to flip at me again.”

Atop the counter, a smaller group of scientists broke out into a frantic sprint, both screaming and running away from Lucy, dashing across the vast expanse of the worktop. The colossal assistant loomed over them, her face souring at the sight of the shrunken scientists scuttling about. Rising one hand high into the air, aiming directly for one patch where some scientists had broken off too, Lucy readied her open hand. In front of scientists lay a myriad of monumental beakers alongside a tremendous book that barred their escape, yet in their panic, they failed to realise such things now trapped them. Their instruments and objects became a towering prison at their new height. Yet, at their full pace, they could not outrun the speed at which Lucy’s palm came crashing down upon them.   

In their futility, the scientists carried on running out of sheer desperation, believing they could hide behind something, anything, just to escape the assistant whose palm came whistling down from on high. Whilst Lucy’s hand rocketed down from above, the shadows around the detached group plunged them into total darkness. Some looked to the heavens to find her palm smashing down onto them, trapping them for a brief moment between the softness of her palm and the cold, unforgiving surface of the countertop. Smothered by Lucy, the scientists writhed and wriggled for a time, struggling against their fate. In the end, they could not withstand the pressure placed onto them, as they were unceremoniously ground into a pulp by their assistant, smashed into the tender palm of Lucy.

Retracting her hand, Lucy squinted as she tried to make out the few insignificant dots barely blotting her palm. With a look of disgust, the assistant whisked her hand down to her hips, wiping her palm against her jeans in an attempt to remove the stains. The remains of her colleagues, already fractured and broken by the crushing force of her palm, now had any trace of their existence brushed away, their bodies scoured as they were rubbed into the interlacing fabric of Lucy's jeans.   

Another group stood by the edge of the worktop, seemingly fortunate enough to escape the gaze of the titanic assistant who was still wiping the remains of their co-workers from her palm and onto her broad hip. From where they stood, they could gaze in amazement at the well-endowed bust of Lucy that hung high above them. Stuck in their bug-like stature, the scientists beheld a faint outline of her ruby-red bra that poked through, which appeared from beyond her tightly tucked in white shirt. A more alluring sight appeared, however, as a few buttons around her chest strained themselves her breasts, gracing the scientists with a window of her brimming breasts. Whilst Lucy dealt with their colleagues, the few scientists now remaining became stuck, entranced at the sheer immensity of the ludicrously-sized horizon spanning chest of Lucy, her monumental breasts shrouding them in their shadow.

Fortune changed however as the assistant finished wiping the stains on her palm, only to see the surviving scientists stuck upon the counter peering up at her. Believing them to be another group of bugs that had escaped her ire, Lucy leaned over and reached from the book closest to where she had splattered the others. Not wishing to stain her hand once more and with her new weapon in hand, the assistant slammed the book down with such speed that the scientists had no time to react. In one swift motion, the bodies of the scientists became bloodied stains as the cover slammed into them, pressing them until they were half-stuck to the counter and the cover of the book.

Constantine and Viv, alongside the few scientists upon the floor, looked upon their mountainous assistant, helpless to stop her. They assumed that whatever had caught her attentions must have their colleagues who were now plastered onto the backside of some random notebook. Viv, breaking down into the tears, fell flat onto the floor, whimpering to herself. Constantine gritted his teeth, unwilling to be trodden on like some bug by a dim-witted assistant. In a last-ditch effort, he cried out to Lucy who was flicking off the remains from the book. Screaming till his throat turned hoarse, the lead scientist tried his best to catch her attention. However, Lucy walked towards to them, her mind seemingly elsewhere.

“I guess they were pulling some kind of prank with that thing?” Scratching her head, the assistant wandered over the nearby seats that were only a few paces away, located at the end of the worktops. Shooting a pensive glance around, her words thundered out, rattling the shrunken scientists below who tried desperately to get her attention.

Taking an idle step toward, Constantine and Viv’s group saw the assistant's shoes coursing through the air. Some scientists, crying out hopelessly, joined their voices with Constantine in trying to garner Lucy’s attention. Others fell to the floor, unable to carry themselves anymore, whimpering softly as they beheld their demise encroaching upon them. The assistant’s leg swung about and with the horrifying realisation dawning on the group that her next step would be their deaths, the squeaking cries intensified only to be drowned out by the overwhelming sound of Lucy's trainer stomping onto the floor.

That step came, Lucy’s leg rocketed through her air as she continued her stride. Her shoe came crashing down, revealing to the scientists both the sole’s pattern and all the debris trapped in-between in terrible detail, further underpinning just how small they had come in comparison to something mundane like a shoe. Lucy’s trainer blocked out the light, placing the group into pitched darkness as it appeared that the end was now at hand. Miraculously, one trainer planted itself squarely before the group, sparing them from being splattered for the moment. Though the group had been thrown to the floor by the seismic tremors unleashed by her foot, they sat in stunned amazement at the sheer scale of Lucy. The rims of her shoe stood as tall as a house, all the grime and muck that had built up close to the sole was now readily apparent at their new scale. Rocking their heads back, beyond the terrifying shoes that rested temporarily before them was the rest of the assistant’s body stretched high above. Her prodigious breasts were jutting out far enough that they were unable to see her face.

As Lucy’s trainer lifted off once more before them, Constantine lay on the floor, staring up at the sole of the shoe rising high into the air and then over him, granting him some temporary reprieve before the next earthquake struck him. For once in his life, he truly felt powerless. For all his intellect and wisdom, he was nearly reduced to a stain onto his idle-minded assistant, a fate that could only be shared with the likes of bugs and vermin. Constantine had heard what she had called the other scientists, the indignity swelling up to the point of incandescent fury. To be reduced to a state where someone like Lucy could have the absolute power to end your life in such an idle motion drove his mind to madness, unwilling to accept that the sum total of his work on the device would now lead to his assistant stepping on him. Clutching his head as the calamitous earthquakes continued to cascaded out from Lucy’s footfalls; Constantine fell into the depths of insanity. Knowing that his assistant would inevitably end his humiliation as an indiscernible speck, more akin to a bug than a man, shattered his psyche, robbing him of his intellect.

Lucy, meanwhile, waltzed over to the nearby chairs, still befuddled as to what the device had done. Turning around, the assistant prepared herself to take a seat. Below, stuck on the cheap leather, another scattered group of scientists witnessed the taut ass of Lucy snuggling wrapped in her jeans looming ever closer. They too had been calling out to her, waving their hands and jumping to attract her attention. Their response was her cheeks falling downwards. Lucy’s butt landed onto the seat, pressing the scientists into the chair as the totality of her weight pushed onto them. For a time, they were stuck between the seat and her ass, trapped between Lucy’s jeans and the leather.

Frowning, Lucy twisted her butt and wriggled herself about, trying her best to get as comfortable as possible. Unbeknownst to the assistant, all she was doing was grinding away the bodies of the scientists, smearing them onto her colossal ass and grinding their remains deeper into the fabric of her jeans. Humiliating and painful as it was to be squashed and smothered beneath her ass, to writhe and struggle against Lucy only furthered the shame of being trapped under the assistant’s well-rounded rear. All their suffering ceased as her ass listed from side to side, the distribution of her weight shifting around, which in turn pressed down further onto the infinitesimal bodies of the scientist’s, splattering them into a small and unrecognisable blot on her backside.

Huffing, the assistant picked out her phone from her pocket after she had finally settled into her chair. Turning it on, several missed calls and messages appeared on the screen, prompting her to raise an eyebrow. Flicking through them, a plethora of her colleagues had been ringing her repeatedly, with only one missed called from Viv barely a minute ago. Out of the corner of her eye, Lucy tilted her head slightly, witnessing yet more of the shrunken scientists, appearing like minuscule dots on appearing on the spotless white flooring between the cabinets.

With a loud tut, Lucy rolled her eyes, grimacing at the sight of yet more specks dotted on the ground as she said, “More of them?”


Irritation rife within her voice, she tucked away her phone once more into her jean pockets as she picked herself up from the stool. “Jeez, how did I not notice them before?”  

The last remaining survivors had only started their trek, believing that moving away from their open position would prevent Lucy from stepping on them. However, even though they appeared like dots scattered onto the floor, the assistant spotted their movements, lifting herself from the chair. Lucy’s shoes smashed back into the ground as it rocked the scientists, announcing to them in horrifying grandeur that their gargantuan assistant was on the move towards them. In but a few paces, Lucy would be upon them.

Viv, half-carrying a now a delirious Constantine on her shoulder, looked up to see her assistant, her trainers stomping down towards the group. In a last ditched effort, Viv tried pulling out her phone, yet the quaking caused by the immensity of Lucy’s footsteps threw the phone from her hands. Dropping Constantine to her side, Viv collapsed onto her phone in an attempt to protect it. She lay flat on the ground, shaking from the heavy and lumbering footsteps of Lucy, coming closer with her step. Staring to her right, Viv saw to her right how her mobile had shattered on the cold and hard floor. Distraught, Viv scrambled to collect the pieces of her phone, believing that if she could somehow repair it, she could stave off the inevitable and save her friends. Darkness started engulfing the area, the shrill, terror-stricken cries of her co-workers filled the air as Viv looked up to see the sole of Lucy’s shoe hanging in the air, ready to stomp on them.

Barrelling down from on high, the assistant’s trainer sped towards them. The shadow cast from her sole became darker as her shoe blocked out the overhead lighting until her sole collided into them. Unable to withstand the strength afforded to the mountainous assistant, Constantine, Viv and the surviving scientists were flattened, compacted against the floor and then brutally squashed into the mould of her shoe. Swiping her foot left and right, Lucy ensured to grind the supposed bugs, making sure they would not survive as she began placing more of her weight into her leg. In turn, the additional and overwhelming force applied onto the scientists already obliterated bodies only further mulched them onto Lucy's trainer.  Between being ground into the floor and squashed by her shoe, not a single trace of their bodies remained, having been seemingly vaporised by the gargantuan trainer. Lifting her shoe, Lucy witnessed a few faint blemishes on the ground, forcing her to squint to make sure nothing else was moving.

“I hope that’s the last of them now.” Running her fingers through her hair to fix the locks of hair drooping down, Lucy scanned around for any more bugs potentially running about the lab.


Satisfied after a brief scan of the area, the assistant huffed out, “Better go clean up all the mess I made. God, it was good thing Constantine wasn’t here to see all this.”  

Heading towards a cabinet filled with cleaning materials, Lucy decided to return all the calls to her co-workers, yet found no response. Growing concern swelled within her, sending a message and leaving calls to everyone possible. Pangs of anxiety struck in her gut, wondering what had happened in those few brief minutes to cause all her colleagues to flood her phone with texts and calls. In-between cleaning the few stains on the countertops and the floor, Lucy desperately kept tending to her phone, waiting for any answer anxiously. Picking up the device, seemingly devoid of life and energy, Lucy planted the obsidian-like box on a worktop, unable to discern how the arcane contraption may have led to the disappearance of her co-workers.

In the end, Lucy ran to security to inform them that Constantine’s team had gone missing. Soon after, the complex itself was thrown into lockdown as there appeared to be no trace of the science team. Security teams scoured the area, checking for any possible sign of the science team. Reviewing camera footage, all that was apparent was the device somehow activated and that somehow must have led to the demise of the entire team, save for Lucy. The assistant was beside herself, wondering what had happened to her friends and colleagues as she wracked her mind for any possible answer.

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