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“Thanks for tuning in everyone and I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

With that, Akari turned off her stream and stared into her monitor, heaving a heavy sigh of discontentment. Taking off her headphones, she ruffled her hair so that it was messy once more. The dark locks of hairs drooped down and curled up slightly in the style she preferred, believing that the dishevelled look suited her more than the bound up nonsense she had to put on for the camera. Though unfurling her curls gave a quick burst of happiness, staring into the reflection cast by the monitor stole away any momentary joy she felt. The layers of makeup carefully plastered across her face made her feel artificial. Grabbing a few wipes, Akari removed any trace of makeup from herself, yet it did it little to abate the pangs of depression that arose within.

Opening up another page on her web browser, she scanned across her stream’s metrics. Ever since she had started trying to stream, very few people had tuned in to watch her. The myriad of data clinically displaying Akari lack of popularity made that fact all the more poignant. Resting an elbow onto her table and slumping her head down, the streamer lamented her apparent failure to garner any sort of following. She had the outrageous looks and the alluring personality to charm gullible idiots into parting ways with their money. Another tab opened up to browse the streaming site, revealing a plethora of equally beautiful girls with thousands of viewers all doing the same things as her. With another saddened sigh, she lamented not getting into the streaming scene sooner.

Exploring the breadth of the internet at night helped to dull the feeling of being a failure. It was at this moment, Akari stumbled across an advertisement. At first, she rolled her eyes as she realised that her ad blockers were somehow turned off but a flash of inspiration arose within her once she examined what was being offered to her. It was a cheap vacation to visit a micro planet that was filled with billions of smaller life forms. Such a thing was mostly a curiosity; people paid barely anything to get a spaceflight towards the planet and they get to enjoy the pure novelty of seeing the inner workings of a species so infinitesimal and backwards. After a day or two, you moved on to exploring the stars before returning home.

After a few minutes of research, she found there were no legal rulings if she decided to land upon the planet. The streaming website she used had no reference to it on the terms of service either. It was a complete legal blank spot. Akari concluded that she needed to change what she was streaming and this was the perfect opportunity to experiment. The price of going to and landing on these micro planets would barely dent her finances, so if it panned out as it did in her mind, the trip might pay for itself in terms of new viewers and some donations. Even though anyone watching could easily afford to visit one themselves, maybe they would prefer to watch someone like her wandering across the planet’s surface for a while.  

Investigating the planets on offer, she found an enticing little planetoid to visit. A place designated ‘Earth’ with a strange population that looked rather identical to her kind. Out of all of the places on offer, this was the closest and the cheapest available. The website said to be mindful of the life on the planet but there was nothing explicitly stating she could not tour around the surface, nor stream her ventures across the micro planet. With her mind firmly set, Akari booked a date and paid for a quick two-day tour of Earth, silently hoping the big breakthrough was on the horizon.


The spacecraft hovered above Earth’s atmosphere, cloaked and out of sight from any possible prying eyes. Satellites and space stations orbited past, oblivious to the comparatively massive craft orbiting around the planet. Inside, Akari's mind dawdled about, wondering if she should wear her normal clothes or follow suit with her competitors who wore salacious swimwear in their streams. Deciding upon her bikini, she then made certain that her livestream would maintain a strong connection to the spacecraft, for the last thing she wanted was for her signal to drop at any point. Inside her personal cabin, Akari inspected her body, double-checking her makeup and examining for any blemishes that could ruin her physique. The bronze tan of her athletic form glistened under the spotlight of the ship’s dim lights as she set about fixing up her bikini to exacerbate her curves as much as physically possible. Ruffling her hair, her dark locks became a veritable mess. Flashing a quick pose into the nearby mirror, Akari felt confident in her looks. A plump butt, bountiful breasts, and slightly prominent abs all on display for her viewers. Such a body combined with her wild hair should reap in the donations, or so she hoped.

Her focus turned from her phone and back at the mirror. She fiddled with her bikini more. Then she began puffing up her breasts. Then ruffling her hair. Then back again to adjusting her swimsuit. As the clock silently ticked upon the phone’s screen, Akari allowed her anxiety to take control of her once more before the alarm rang out. Her stream was starting up to her usual single-digit viewers. Calming herself, she picked up her phone, sorted out the camera and headed towards the teleportation bay.

Closing her eyes, Akari whispered to herself for strength, “Here goes nothing I guess.”


Setting in the coordinates, she beamed herself down towards Earth.


The radiant sun shone itself upon a picturesque beach as it went about sweltering a plethora of people enjoying the scorching rays and the coolness of the sea. The sandy banks had all the ruckus of partygoers revelling in drink, enjoying the peak of summer whilst being tremendously inebriated. Further away, boats of all shapes and sizes cruised on the clear blue waves, basking in the salty air. The sea was calm and smooth as birds cawed away, looking for any potential scraps of food to steal away from the drunken crowds or the casual sailors.

A flash of light erupted far off into the horizon, stunning those both at sea and on land. The music and revelry died down to levels of hushed whispers and fearful murmurs. Some played it off as a mere trick caused by drinking under the midday sun, others were warier as they backed off, still staring off at the sea. Then, the sailors felt the waves pick up ever so rapidly, causing some to be thrown onto their railings whilst others were tossed into the increasingly violent sea. Everyone on the beach then felt a terrible rumble that made it impossible to stand, forcing them all to the ground. The waters started to crash down onto the beachgoers as panic set upon the crowds. All the while, the rumbling continued to intensify, leading to the belief that a sudden yet powerful earthquake was underway. At this point, something started to form beyond the skyline.

From beyond the horizon came an unfathomable figure, a being that seemingly stretched far up into the sky, its head was high into the few clouds above. Mountainous silky bronze thighs that were in the water pushed through swathes of the sea, whipping up waves akin to tsunamis that started to rocket towards the beach. Its stride cleared through so water, a single step elevated more and more of being upwards, revealing more of its thighs, then to its knees and eventually its calves. All the while, the tremendous tidal waves had all but decimated the beach as the tumultuous waters swept across the breadth of the area, flooding the nearby area in its entirety. There were still those stuck inside their boats or those fortunate enough to be on higher ground to survive the abrupt tsunami. Even then, the earthquake generated from this being reduced even the strongest and hardy of buildings foundations to piles of rubble.

In less than a minute, the beach was utterly ravaged yet the being continued to push forward, creating yet more damage and destruction. Those further inland beheld more and more of this gargantuan monster until at a point its feet emerged from the depths. Its toes stood like little summits that swallowed the entire beachfront beneath them. Some tried training their necks back, but could only see the immensity of its feet or the bronze pillars that constituted the lowest sections of its legs. Those attempting to catch a glimpse of the creatures face stuck high up in the clouds were struck by a deluge of seawater, which started raining down upon the landscape. Water that had pooled upon its tanned body crashed back down, flooding the region with droplets that could overflow the deepest of reservoirs. Villages and towns were eradicated as the deluge rocketed down, vaporising brickwork and person alike through the velocity of the water raining down upon. Chaos gripped the area as thousands of people were suddenly scoured from the earth.

Amid all this pandemonium, the few remaining clouds were suddenly sucked into its mouth from the strength of its breath. Then, a powerful voice boomed out from on high that forced everyone to cover their ears. Glass was shattered from the reverberation, rumbling the earth itself with its intensity. Its word echoed far and wide so that those across the country could listen to the being creating the earthquakes that had struck their cities and homes.

“Hey there everyone! So I’m here on this micro planet and I thought we could go exploring together!”

Akari, oblivious to the destruction unfolding by her feet, waved at the camera on her phone whilst beaming a wide smile at her viewers. Her view count was still single-digit but the chat was responsive enough to elate her fears of this being a foolhardy venture to boost herself. Looking around, she overlooked several grey blotches that marred the green landscape. Looking befuddled, she scanned around for any sign of a beach, wondering where it was.

“Well I came all dressed up for the beach, but it looks like this planet doesn’t have them.” Feelings the cool seawaters about her toes, her gaze turned downwards only to find a few faint patches of yellow that had not been consumed by her feet. Squatting down, Akari then realised she had been treading on it all this time and that all the water she had kicked up had simply flooded over the sands and into the lush green fields.

“Turns out I’m already the beach!” Pointing her camera downwards to show her viewers, prompting her to wiggle her toes slightly just for the viewer's entertainment. Powerful quakes emanated from her toes tapping the land as she wriggled them, churning the sand and dirt together into a mountainous mess.


“I was hoping for a bit more but there is some stuff elsewhere we can go look at!”

With that, the streamer took her first step inland. The survivors had barely had time to reconcile the level of devastation that had been done in but a few minutes. It was not until the air whipped up and they were thrown into pitched darkness that they realised what was about to happen. The giant’s sole blocked the sky as it swung high across the area as churned up wreckage caught beneath its toes rained down like meteors.  Once the foot had halted in its stride, it came crashing down from the heavens. The hordes of screaming people, trapped beneath the shadow created by Akari foot, tried desperately to escape their oncoming demise. As her sole descended downwards, snuffing out the light as it did, people were soon stuck in absolute darkness as the bottom of her foot pressed into them.

The instant her sole crashed into the land, those immediately underneath it were mercifully vaporised, squashed into nothingness by the strength imbued to Akira by her comparative size. Everything, from vehicles to buildings, from people to nature, were decimated in its entirety, flattened and compacted into an undiscernible stain, along with the rest of the mud churned up beneath her foot. Those nearest to her step were scoured away as the displacing winds butchered their way through anything that tried to oppose the sudden storm she had whipped up. The mile-high walls of smoke shredded the areas surrounding her feet, adding onto the already devastating effect her foot was inflicting upon the area. Earthquakes racked the area, such was the seismic upheaval that the land itself buckled under the strain as expansive fissures formed that started swallowing up debris, people and seawater in equal measure.

Humanity had barely endured one of her footsteps but then her other foot swung across the land. Akari, meanwhile, was talking away with the few people in her chat. She had felt a slight sensation beneath her foot but she shrugged it away as Earth’s surface feeling a bit different. When lifted her feet away, the giantess left her footprint behind, revealing nothing more than a barren wasteland where she had graced the land with her presence. All around the edges of where her foot had once been now stood hills of compacted mud, whilst beyond was a crater miles-deep where civilisation and nature once lay. Even her toes left colossal craters that the seawater tried to fill up. The tides that had been swept inland by the streamers approach now swept away the devastated ruins in a terrible torrent, speeding away person and wreckage alike towards the dark and murky depths that constituted the very bottom of the streamers footprint.

Not only were people contending with the pure pandemonium generated by the giant crushing swathes of land its booming voice thundered out like it was mocking them. “I have to say, Earth is pretty cool!”


Though her view count was not increasing as she had hoped, Akari was nevertheless thoroughly enjoying her jaunt. “Let’s try and get a closer look at some of these human villages shall we?”

Casting her sight downwards again during her idle walk, the tanned titaness spotted upon an infinitesimal splotch of assorted buildings that stood amidst a little puddle. It was less built up and prominent than the greyish looking areas further inland but its overall quaintness won over the attentions of Akari. Planting her feet on either side of what she assumed was a human town, she squatted down and brought her camera along with her for a more thorough inspection.

Akari's eyes were not strong enough to detect the scale of destruction she had inflicted on those below. Barely a building stood upright after enduring the endless barrage of earthquakes caused by each of her footsteps, the water she had kicked up from the sea had submerged most of the area, leaving on a few buildings above the new water level. The few survivors, dazed and confused were left stranded on their rooftops. Their once idyllic homestead being washed or crumbled to rubble by the tremors created by the giantess roaming about. These people, now the focus of the streamer, looked up to the sky to see a sky blocking metallic rectangle being gripped by the giant’s colossal digits. To their sides stood the mountainous feet of the streamer that swallowed their neighbouring towns, barring any possible escape for the chaos she was unleashing upon them.   

As they were looking up, the giantess’s free hand swung round. The air whipped up from the sudden movement of Araki that tossed the survivors about. Recovering from the abrupt storm unleashed onto them, Akari's finger was now pointing directly at them, its immensity engulfing their very vision, allowing them to make out the pores of her fingertip. Her glossy nail stretched out further than the tip, its thickness and breadth covered the town. Hunks of dirt, indiscernible to the giantess, were now clearly visible to the survivors, which only further punctuated how titanic Akari stood compared to their microscopic township.

“Wow… look at that cute little thing!” Her words shattered the eardrums of the remaining people below; the bass of her voice rattled the area, which then prompted a few stalwart buildings to tumble over just from Akari's joyful outburst.


Yet she was happily scanning over the last vestiges of the town, trying to her best to inspect the strange human architecture. Remiss that the settlement was not bustling with life as she had hoped for from her perspective, the small town appeared to still be like a blot, though one that was partly waterlogged and was slightly damaged, prompting her to wonder if the area was undergoing some sort of repair work. Heaving a sigh, Akari unwittingly blasted the township with her breath with a terrible tempest that eviscerated more of the survivors.

Retracting her finger, Akari checked her chat. To her shock, the view count had slowly been increasing, going up from single digits into the low twenties. The new viewers were happily engaging with her regulars, some had even paid for a subscription to her channel. A donation then appeared from one of her mods, a typical cheap credit donation. Strangely, it asked her to press one of her fingers down onto the human settlement.

“You want me to do what to them?” She flashed a glance back down at the town trapped between her feet, a faint scowl appearing on her face.


On the one hand, disregarding one of her loyal followers would be a disastrous move financially, considering how much they had paid her before. Then again, Akari did not wish to harm the humans below just for the whims of such a small donation. The ethical quandary led to a few moments of awkward silence, which were only broken as the moderator once again donated, but a much larger sum.

“Pretty please?” The message flashed onto the screen alongside the total sum of the mod’s money, fifty whole credits this time.


Akari eye’s switched from her phone down to the town. Shrugging her shoulders, the streamer considered that the town was most likely deserted considering it all the repairs that were being done to the place. From her view, there were no humans about the town, so tapping her finger would be of little consequence to them. Believing no one was going to be hurt in the exchange, Akari twisted her phone around to capture the moment for her mod’s pleasure.

The people, deafened and dazed, still reeling from the storm unleashed by Akari's heavy sigh, beheld the gargantuan camera looming directly above the ruination around them. Her finger appeared once more over them but it began descending downwards, snuffing out the sun's light as it plunged ever closer to the ground. With but a slight tap of her finger, Akari eradicated the town, flattening everyone and everything into a compacted stain that graced her luxurious tanned skin. Pulling her finger back revealed a tremendous crater that allowed some of the wreckage that had stuck to the pores to fall away and rain back down to the ground, partly filling up the cavern with the churned up debris.

“Ech…” Frowning in disgust, Akari wiped her slightly dirty finger onto her wide hips.


The remains of the town and much of its surrounding area were expunged from existence as they were wiped against the titaness’s broad bronze-tinted hips. Paying no heed to the demise of the humans below, the giantess turned her attentions towards her phone. Smaller donations had started to pour in alongside even more viewers. Each passing moment brought about more people tuning into her stream. Messages swirled about from the new viewers, some were wondering what she doing on a micro planet whilst others were laughing at the moderator's wasteful donation to have Akari press her finger onto the human town.

With opportunity abounding and unwilling to let go of her rising view count, she engaged with her chat. Recounting her recent exploits to the new viewers, she turned her camera around to show her progress, unveiling the landscape of Earth she had trod across, display the myriad of footprints she had made to the people in chat. Akari believed she was treading in soft mud, oblivious to the notion that her immensity compared to humanity and the planet she was treading on could generate any sort of devastation. Her ignorance made her think that she was only being a mild inconvenience rather than the true existential threat she posed towards humanity. Each of her footprints marked an area that once brimmed with life, for they now represented a harrowing landmark, how Akari's simple steps could eradicate mankind and earth in its entirety. The few planes still left high in the sky, circling around the titanic body of Akari could only stare down in horror at the sheer scale of her footprints and the level of destruction wrought. Town after town, village after village, when Akari stepped onto them, when her foot next moved, she left behind no trace of its existence. Even something as minute as her little toe heralded the end of the human race. Yet, to the streamer, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

After her little retelling, Akari decided to move on to bigger and better things. She said “Let’s put it up to a poll shall we! Does chat want me to go visit a human city?”


Votes flooded into ‘Yes.’ With that, the tanned giantess started making headway the closest grey blotch, which she assumed must be some sort of human city.

Meanwhile, the situation for humanity had grown increasingly dire. Much of the immediate area was in complete upheaval, be it from the building razing earthquakes that the titaness generated from the slightest of her movements or the sundering of the land where cracks and crevices had formed from the power of her footfalls. Emergency evacuations were swiftly called for as the military had started to mobilise to coordinate the mass exodus away from the gargantuan terror eradicating humanity with her feet. Within the nearest city, the evacuation was slow. Too slow for everyone to escape in time before Akari would tread on them.

When Akari took another of her cataclysmic steps, all of humanity stopped and baulked in horror. Witnessing the enormity of her sole soar through the air, raining debris and wreckage that had been trapped on the bottom of her foot down onto the land below, the human mind could not even begin to comprehend the scale of such a creature. Purest terror gripped the hearts of people, unable to shake the terrible feeling of being truly microbial compared to the giantess. All it took for her was to place her foot down onto the ground, that was enough to make the Earth beneath them tremble in dread. In the face of this titaness, a single human becomes an utterly inconsequential being, more insignificant than a bug, for something as small as that would have to stand like a mountain, taller than anything ever built by human hands just to be recognised as a blot to a being as incalculably huge as Akari.

Everyone tried his or her best to flee from the steady march of Akari to little avail. The breadth of land she could clear in a single stride allowed her to effectively crush much of the countryside that separated the beach and the cityscape that was her target now. Some areas were mercifully spared from total annihilation as her foot loomed overhead only to then slam down onto another part. The roads and highways scattered about were clogged with people trying their best to flee from the giantess’s feet. Even the specks of dirt that stuck to her foot could bring about untold desolation to humanity. When Akari's feet passed overhead, hunks of churned up mud that clung to her soles rained down from above, barraging the fleeing people with clumps of dirt the size of office blocks, smashing through the concrete and upheaving the roadworks, tossing cars and people alike high into the air.

The military attempted to halt Akari in any way possible in a futile attempt to slow down her advance. Tanks, helicopters and aircraft were all arrayed against her, firing fruitlessly into her athletic physique to minimal effect. Bullets ricocheted off, shells burst harmlessly and missiles failed to blemish the taut, tanned tiantess as she continued carving a path of destruction. The armies tried to stall as best they could, yet their efforts failed to even garner the attention of the giant. Battalions arrayed in the open fields were squashed alongside the towns and people they were meant to be protecting. In the sky, the aircraft darted about as they carried out their bombing runs but they were unable to avoid colliding into the body of Akari. Jets tried to speed away but they ended up crashing into the bikini-clad giantess strolling about as some were smashed by her thick thighs, others into the mile-long crevices that defined her abs as Akari covered miles of land in her stride. The most powerful engines constructed were simply unable to outpace the leisurely stroll of the giantess. Such wholesale slaughter racked up causalities in the thousands, many now reduced to nothingness beneath the wet and dirt ladened soles of Akari.

“Here we are, the peak of human civilisation at last!”

Squatting down, the streamer loomed over the city and turned her phone around to let the camera catch the finer details of the human buildings. Wreckage and half-ruined buildings littered the area, having failed to endure the earthquakes that the streamer unleashed through the power of her footfalls. Gleaming skyscrapers, the peaks of civilisation and a testament to the engineering and industrial prowess of humanity, baulked in the shadow Akari cast upon them. Even the greatest feats of humanity paled in comparison as her toes towered above the metropolis that threatened to engulf the area with but a simple motion forward.

Unable to witness the finer details of the devastation that lay within the city, the streamer ensured that her viewers were able to catch a glimpse at how humanity lived. The battered people below trying to escape the giantess looked up to see her phone consuming the skyline, the camera lens itself, wider than an office block, continued to adjust so it could capture the terror and destruction Akari continued to cause. Whilst she pointed her camera into the heart of the city, the streamer grew more irritated at the faint bites that ran up her back. Her focus remained on the ruined city below until she finally decided to attend to the light pricks peppering her back.

Bomber wings filled the sky, dropping payload after payload onto the giantess’s backside. Explosions ran across her body, yet it failed to be marked by any of the ordinance brought to bear. The athletic muscle on her back proved to be stronger and more durable to anything humanity could throw against her. Such an arsenal would have levelled the city below her several times over but it failed to harm an iota of the streamer’s wiry muscled physique. The aircraft believed they had failed in their mission until a hand swung around. Speeding towards her lower back, the planes tried to evade as the streamer’s palm swept through the air towards them. Unable to outrun the speed of her hand, the aircraft were swiftly destroyed once her palm pressed into her backside, swatting the swarm of bombers like bugs. With her palm pressed flat onto her back, the streamer brought her hand back to see what she had caught. Though the source of the irritation had finally gone, she brought about her hand towards her face and opened up her palm. To her surprise, she had caught nothing. In reality, the churned up remains several hundred lined the pores of her hand. Wiping her hand onto her chest, the remnants of the bombers were erased from existence as they were ground into nothingness between the palm and Akari's bountiful breast.

A donation appeared upon her screen. A stupidly huge sum of money lit up on her phone, leading to her booming cries of thanks that cascaded outwards, smashing the remaining glass windows and rocking the city to its core with its intensity. Finally reading the donation, Akari’s eyes lit up in surprise.  

“Are you serious?” Confusion and amazement gripped the streamer as she tried to process the donation’s message.


“Ten thousand credits to sit on the city?” Her face contorted in a mix of shock and disgust, believing that humanity did not deserve such genocidal treatment just for her monetary gain. However, she had scoured that little town before she thought it devoid of life. Going out of her way to personally see the deaths of so many thousands caused a conflict in her mind.

Time passed as she internally debated the donation. Her first thought was it could all be some joke and they were never going to pay that amount. Such an enticing offer played on Akari as she began justifying and weighing her options. “Humans don’t mean much to me or to anyone really,” glaring down at the infinitesimal city positioned by her feet.

“Like I paid for this holiday to see humanity up close. It's not my fault they are so small” Scanning her eyes across the minute metropolis, the streamer tried to make a quick comparison. Assuming the tallest buildings were humanity’s skyscrapers, they barely rose higher than her toes. All she had to do was shuffle one foot forward slightly and the majority of the city would quickly be consumed beneath her.


“Like can barely make out their cities, let alone an actual human,” she thought to herself.

Drumming her fingers onto her cheek in silent contemplation, Akari turned her head around to see the path she had taken. “Thinking about it, I’ve probably stepped on one or two humans the whole way down.”


Her footprints littered the landscape, undoing the once vast greenery of nature and slight spots of settlements by way of crushing everything beneath her sole. Though they appeared relatively flat and mundane to Akari, her mind simply could not comprehend nor understand the tremendous mountains of compacted dirt she had created just through her footsteps. The craters alone dug so far into the earth it would take humanity decades worth of work just to fill the hole left in the shape of her foot.

Unable to see any sort of activity behind her nor able to discern anything of note within the city itself, the streamer decided to make up her mind. “Most of them probably ran away when they saw me coming,” the internal debate was finally reaching its conclusion, “so this city has got to be vacant at this point right?”

A faint smile formed on Akari’s face. “Besides, all their stuff is pretty small. Any damage I do will be repaired quick enough, so it’s no great loss for anyone. I'm sure if I came back in a week, everything would be back to normal for humanity.”

Meanwhile, pandemonium gripped the city. Trapped between the horizon snuffing feet of Akari, the evacuation below continued in a frantic and panicked rush. Amidst the decimated ruins and tipped over wreckage of different buildings, the trapped survivors tried to escape their titanic tormentor who had seemingly stalled for her. With her toes threatening to swallow the city as they loomed over the skyline, the last remnants of helicopters started pulling away from the maddened crowds still stuck in the city, desperately trying to cling to the craft in the faintest chance that they could escape their deaths. The helicopters climbed ever higher, speeding themselves away, leaving the rest of the city’s inhabitants to their fates. Even then, those fortunate enough to find themselves within the craft looked out of the windows in horror to find that no matter what distance they covered, Akari’s feet still dominated the horizon and the surroundings. All they could see below was the ruination wrought by her footfalls.

High above, the streamer’s conscious finally settled. Addressing her chat about the offer, having ignored the string of other donations that flooded in. The streamer beamed a wide grin at the camera to the tens of thousands of viewers now visiting her channel. “I’m going to hold you too that offer!” Her chat exploded in excitement as messages raced across her screen, eager to see their streamer in action.

To capture the sight of her butt slamming down, she needed the perfect angle. Leaning over, she took her phone and attempted to plant it further away. The trapped remnants below her were given a glorious show as Akari’s prodigious breasts filled the sky, dangling downwards for all to witness. As the streamer leaned across, the last helicopters and aircraft found themselves in a race as Akari’s bountiful chest careened for them. Unable to outpace the giantess, the craft soon found themselves crashing into her breasts as they jiggled about whilst Akari motioned herself about. Some were caught on the lace, the fabric between the two triangles that contained her breasts. Ignoring the paltry stings on her chest, her phone rocketed out of the sky down onto the countryside.

Those who had departed from the city earlier found themselves in the shadow of Akari’s camera plunging down. Her phone was thousands of feet long and covered a vast breadth of the land, making it all but impossible to escape. With a thundering slam, the streamer wedged her phone into the ground, obliterating the outlying area of the city with her phone alone. Those further afield started up at the monolithic device stretching up into the sky, thankful to escape being crushed by her strange weapon.

Letting go of her phone, Akari realised her mistake all too late as the phone began tilting backwards. People on the ground realised in dawning horror that whatever she had wedged into the ground listed as it threatened to destroy even more of the surrounding area. The survivors tried running for their lives as the phone tilted over more until it finally landed on its back, flattening the towns and villages in the city’s outskirts. With an audible huff, the streamer picked up her phone and wiped off the debris that clung to the back of it. In one swift motion, she slammed it further into the ground.

In boundless enthusiasm, the streamer made sure to situated herself properly for her camera. Picking herself up and turning around, she seated herself in such a way that her butt would hang high above the city, allowing her chat to witness her voluptuous ass all the better. Seating herself brought the city down in of itself. As she had turned around, her knees crashed into the ground as she leveraged herself downwards. The sheer totality of her weight generated such quakes that rocked the country to its core, decimating the city below even further. Skyscrapers, office blocks to high rise apartments, they all began tumbling over as their foundations proved unable to withstand the cataclysm being unleashed just by Akari shifting herself about. By spraying herself out, more of the outskirts were swiftly eradicated as her legs ploughed through the earth, sweeping away any vestiges of humanity beneath them. Amidst the wasteland created by Akari's legs moving into position stood one lone city that barely stood. The once magnificent bastion of human civilisation was now faced with the might of the titanic Akari. Her prodigious bikini-clad ass looming high into the air, the metropolis appeared like an infinitesimal speck compared to the gargantuan, plump cheeks of the streamer.

Many of those who were trapped in the city were now spared from witnessing being sat on as their entire world came crashing down upon them. Once Akari was finished getting into position, her ass cheeks hung over the city, taking centre stage over the skyline and much of the surrounding area.

“Okay then here I go!”

A few scant souls, trapped beneath tons of wreckage heard the booming voice of the streamer.  Unable to witness her ass, they instead felt the earth began to rumble and shake. The force she was putting into sitting on the city, combined with her gargantuan stature whipped up a storm of unprecedented power. Her prodigious ass cheeks rocketed down from the sky towards their minute speck of a target. Miles away, shocked spectators beheld the miles high butt of Akari descending onto their target. In a split moment, the city was flattened alongside all of the nearby lands, now lost beneath a colossal tide of her ass cheeks that continued its way by ploughing deeper into the earth.

Then, the spectators witness an apocalyptic shockwave emanate from Akari’s ass that cascaded across the land. The initial blast reached them in an instant, throwing them off their feet as an overwhelming roar picked up. A wall of smoke soon followed, decimating everything in its path, for the displaced air tore through surroundings, ensuring that anything Akari’s butt did not destroy would now be claimed in the cataclysmic storm that picked up its immediate aftermath. Whilst the storm ripped through anything it could, a cataclysmic earthquake struck. Utterly immense, the seismic power unleashed caused the earth itself to buckle. The earth splintered, first rising up like a tidal wave, riding up high up into the air before it came crashing back down. Once it landed, the ground shattered and fractured apart, tearing itself apart as immense crevices and canyons started forming in the aftermath of the earthshattering destruction created by Akari’s butt. As the waves of decimation poured over the country, scouring the area of any trace of human civilisation, the streamer only furthered the chaos by generating equally powerful aftershocks by wriggling her butt deeper into the earth, squirming her butt left and right to get comfortable with her new seat. The only thing of note that was left in the immediate vicinity was her phone.

Whilst the devastation continued to unfold, the streamer turned her head around to look at the camera.


“Yeesh…” Akari struggled to find the words, “That felt really weird. Almost like it tickled.”

Armies and people trying to flee from the onslaught now found the waves of destruction unleash by Akari barrelling into them. Those leagues away, those who believed they were safe, were swiftly destroyed by the unprecedented power that the streamer could unleash just by sitting down. Such was the strength of the shockwave, planes and helicopters high into the air were blown into scrap by the blast created by Akari. Those few left anywhere close to the epicentre of the chaos could have mistaken her cheeks crashing into the land for a nuclear weapon exploding. For miles around her ass lay nothing but blasted earth. Both nature and human civilisation had been scoured away, leaving nothing but a dark brown wasteland. Save for a smattering of Akari's footprints leaving mountainous mounds of dirt, anything that could have resembled any sort of existence that humans roamed the area was gone. All that stood was the monolithic phone of the streamer alongside her gargantuan body. Even when sitting down, her head was somehow still in the cloud layers above. The destruction unleashed by her footsteps paled in comparison to the scale of the desolation wrought just by her sitting down.

Picking herself up, the streamer began dislodging the crushed remnants of the city that had gotten lodged into the folds of her bikini, plucking out the few decimated remains that had gotten itself trapped between her butt cheeks. For a time, she wedged out all the colossal hunks of dirt that had somehow worked their way into being stuck in her bikini. Patting her butt down, her butt jiggled as she continued plying away at the stains on her butt, ensuring that her viewers could revel in delight as seeing such a well-rounded ass bounce around. The scant survivors looked on to see her taunt, her slapping her cheeks to signal that all of humanity would soon become a stain beneath her ass.

Content with the state of her butt, the titaness picked up her phone and checked over her chat. Records were being broken across the board. Araki’s stream had the highest number of viewers on the entire platform, raking in hundreds of thousands of people tuning in to watch her. Donations and subscriptions poured in, propelling her from being another unknown girl trying to use her looks to garner a following to one of the most-watched streamers on the website. That previous donator even honoured their word, donating the ten thousand credits almost immediately.

She found it unbelievable and yet, this was only just one part of Earth she been visiting. The streamer inwardly felt a pang of remorse that she had to decimate a micro planet to propel herself to stardom. Worse still was all the debauched followers in her chat now. How they derided joy from watching her squash the equivalent of some bugs beneath her ass made her feel uneasy. She had craved stardom and the money that flowed with it but she found it rather regretful this was the way she had to do it.


Messages and donations continually asked her to step on more humans, on more of their villages and cities. The fact that the site’s staff were cheering her on meant that everything was fine in their minds. Akari knew they did not care about the destruction of a micro species or their planet if it meant that they got a cut of all the donations and subscriptions. What worried her most of all was maintaining this huge viewer base. Other girls would not doubt look to her success and already start streaming their ventures across a micro planet to steal some of her success.


With such thoughts swirling about in her mind, Akari finally addressed her chat, “Well that was fun, so why don’t we go and find another! Just remember chat, the biggest donation gets to decide what I do to the next city!” Donations barraged her feed in ever-increasing amounts. Some asking her to crush a city beneath her thighs, to use her abs to crunch it flat or to use her fists to pound the next metropolis into nothingness.


Wandering away, the streamer never intended to harm humanity, but with all the money and fame she was garnering at their expense, Akari was more than happy to crush something so infinitesimal if it meant her success. Looking downwards at the land, the streamer felt a tinge of sorrow for the few humans she believed who were caught up in her streaming escapades. Humanity, so insignificant to one like Akari, continued to be squashed by the luxurious feet of the athletic girl rampaging across the land. In barely an hour, she had already heralded destruction on a scale unseen to mankind, and yet she was continuing ever onward, idly crushing everything mankind had strived to create beneath her feet.


It never truly dawned upon her actions had effectively warranted a death sentence onto hundreds of different smaller species that made up the universe. Worse still, Akari continued to remain ignorant to the sheer power she had over humanity. Her delusions that humanity could survive her or that she was barely crushing anyone lingered in her mind. The tens of thousands of people reduced to a microscopic stain upon her body in the opening hours of her streamer would soon increase. Hundreds of thousands, then millions and lastly billions, all crushed beneath a streamer who used their deaths as means for her own success. The opening hours of her stream heralded extinction for everything living on Earth.  

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