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“Alright then, Mayumi. Why don’t you have a seat right here and wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

As Dr. Bexley left and shut the door behind her, Mayumi straightened out the back of her dress and took a seat on the comfy chair.  It was like one of those big, plush dentist chairs that reclined.  Mayumi fidgetted nervously, twitching her dangling feet.  She had developed a habit of playing with her flip flops ever since she was a little girl.  Despite her years of practice, her toes lost grip of the thong and the flip-flop fell.  Mayumi didn’t bother to try and look down to see where it landed; her large breasts completely obstructed her view of the floor so she had to stand up in order to find it.  

About 5 minutes later, Dr. Bexley came back into the exam room, several items in hand.

“Sorry for the wait, dear.” Dr. Bexley said, shutting the door behind her.

The raven-haired doctor took a seat on a short stool with wheels. She pushed the stool closer toward Mayumi, stopping once she was right next to her.  Dr. Bexley set the items she’d brought in onto a swiveling tray mounted to Mayumi’s bench.  One item was a small digital scale. Atop the scale, she set an empty petri dish, a small tube of hand sanitizer, and an individually plastic-wrapped toothpick.  She sighed and looked up at Mayumi.

“Alright then...before we get started, did you have any questions?” 

Mayumi nervously asked, “Well...yes...umm...is this whole thing...for real?”

Dr. Bexley smiled, “We get that question a lot, believe it or not.  Honestly, if there were two doctors telling me that they wanted to give me $1,000 a month for life...and all I had to do was get a few injections here and there, I would be pretty skeptical too!”

Mayumi returned the smile, appearing only slightly less nervous.  “So what they told me was true.  $1,000 a month for the rest of my life...if I get these injections.”

Dr. Bexley nodded her head.

Mayumi asked, “Can you tell me what is in them?”

Dr. Bexley shook her head. “Unfortunately, I can’t.  Your role in this experiment actually requires your ignorance of the contents of the injection.”

Mayumi, “Doctor, you have to understand how uncomfortable that makes me…”

Dr. Bexley quickly replied, “Of course I do, Mayumi.  Of course I do.  I know this is no easy ask.  I can tell you a few things though.  While I cannot tell you specifically what is in the injections, I can assure you that, on my 2-year old daughter’s life, there is absolutely nothing in them that can harm you...in any way...whatsoever.”

Mayumi nodded her head, listening intently as the doctor continued and strongly wishing to believe her.

“I can also tell you that there are many other women enrolled in this same procedure and not a single one has experienced anything that could resemble an adverse side effect.”

Mayumi interjected, “But then...why do you want to give it to me?  If its not going to do anything?”

Dr. Bexley looked up at the ceiling trying to find the words.  “I’ll say this.  The focus of injection therapy is not you, per se.  The focus is on the actual injection.”

Mayumi tilted her head like a cute, confused squirrel.  “That...doesn’t make sense.”

Dr. Bexley smiled, “I know, dear.  I wish we could tell you more.”

Mayumi believed her. 

Dr. Bexley and Mayumi spent the next few minutes discussing Mayumi’s personal life. Mayumi went to school part time for business and worked part time at a cupcake boutique called Sprinkles Bakery.  She enjoyed the creative aspect of decorating and baking love into her creations, but the pay was terrible and the hours were unpredictable.  The majority of her income came in the form of more...adult ventures.  

Mayumi maintained an OnlyFans account.  Mayumi was relieved to see how open-minded and non-judgemental Dr. Bexley was to learn that she maintained an OnlyFans account. Most of her content were little videos where she’d dance to a popular song clip, making sure her large breasts were in focus as they bounced and bobbed. Just last week, she’d released a clip showing the first of her “Top 3 Reasons Why Large Breasts Are Great”.  

Number 1 was actually a bit of a risky filming, taking place at Sprinkles Bakery.  She had panned the camera down to her lunch break salad and then up to her cleavage and made a pouting face with the caption “No forks in the breakroom?”  Her pout then turned to a smile as she reached two fingers deep into her cleavage and removed a plastic fork.  The caption changed to “No Problem! <3” as she proudly ate her salad.  

Dr. Bexley was tickled pink by the ideas, and Mayumi deliberately left out the racier videos she filmed on the weekends.  Dr. Bexley seemed progressive and open-minded, but Mayumi didn’t quite know how to tell her that last week she’d been “titty-fucked” for an hour and next week she was doing a breast-focused video with another woman.  Mayumi ultimately decided to leave those minor details out.

“So its fair to say that your breasts are often...in motion?” Dr. Bexley asked.

Mayumi blushed a little, “I suppose that’s a good way to put it.  They’re always the center of attention.”

Mayumi could tell today was no exception as the raven-haired doctor ogled them.

“I’ve got to ask, Mayumi. Are they natural?  Being perfectly honest, I’m not certain I’ve ever seen a 19 year old with O-cups...least of all someone with your frame!”

“Yes, they’re completely natural.  I had D’s by the time I was 14 and they just wouldn’t stop...but I think I’m done now..I THINK anyway!” Mayumi said jokingly.

“Well, as we discussed on the phone…” Dr. Bexley said as she reached for the hand sanitizer, “...the injection site target is the inside slope of the left breast.”

Mayumi nodded solemnly, feeling her heartbeat increase. Dr. Bexley squeezed some clear hand sanitizer into her bare hands.  

“And as we discussed, I’ll have to perform a...excuse the pun...but a ‘hands-on’ exam before we can approve you.  Is that okay?” Dr. Bexley asked sensitively.

Mayumi nodded her head vigorously in a ‘fake it till you make it’ style to which Dr. Bexley smiled. “Okay, great.  If you wouldn’t mind, please lower your dress so I can have a look.”

Mayumi took a deep breath.  She’d shown her breasts plenty of times to her fans, but in here...under these bright white, cold lights, it felt a little different.  Even so, she slipped one strap off her shoulder and then the other. Mayumi tugged down slowly, the neckline of her dress digging lightly into the flesh of her breasts and creating shadows from the indents.  Finally, the downward force was enough to overcome the breast tissue and as a consequence, Mayumi’s massive, bare breasts popped up out of the polka-dotted prison. 

Dr. Bexley stood in front of Mayumi and brought her hands forward.  Palms facing up, she touched the undersides of Mayumi’s chest and started accepting their weight.  The breast tissue lost form as they spilled over the edges of the doctor’s feminine palms.  The curious doctor’s fingers gently bounced the breasts and she paid close attention to the way they jiggled, as if the heaving breasts themselves were laughing jovially from being tickled.  

Dr. Bexley allowed the breasts to fall and the jiggling to dissipate so that she could grasp their fronts.  Each of the doctor’s small thumbs and index fingers formed a small arc that curved around the 19 year old’s nipples.  Mayumi gasped as the doctor began to gently and rhythmically squeeze.  Dr. Bexley let Mayumi’s left breast go and continued to knead the right one as she reached for the swiveling tray.  The doctor began lightly rubbing Mayumi’s stiffening nipple as she positioned the swiveling tray directly in front of Mayumi at chest level.  Plenty of masculine hands, cocks, and mouths had explored her swollen chest over the past several years, but this was the first time a woman had given such attention to her breasts.  It was so….clinical...and yet so tender.  Mayumi tried not making any sounds that would make Dr. Bexley uncomfortable, but watching the way the doctor’s small feminine hands sank into the plush cushion, her black fingernails disappearing in the soft white flesh...it was quite difficult! 

“Everything looks great here, Mayumi.”  Dr. Bexley finally released Mayumi’s other breast only to grasp both at the same time.  The doctor’s small hands squeezed and massaged the massive tit, and Mayumi could see the pale flesh of her soft breasts bulging out between the doctor’s fingers as pressure was applied.  Finally, Dr. Bexley released the Japanese woman’s chest and began calibrating the scale.  

“Now I just need to weigh each breast.  Can you lean forward and I will help you position them?”  

Mayumi shivered a bit as her heavy right breast contacted the cold metal.  

“Sorry its cold…” Dr. Bexley apologized as she checked the scale and recorded the measurement. She then weighed Mayumi’s left breast. 

Dr. Bexley frowned, “Hmm…”  Mayumi looked down and saw that the small scale was practically buried under her massive breast.  Sure, the scale was picking up a fair amount of her heavy tit’s weight, but the flesh overflowed symmetrically off the sides, pressing firmly into the tray that supported the scale.  

Mayumi blushed, “I’m sorry about that, doctor.”

Dr. Bexley reacted almost in disbelief to Mayumi’s apology. “Oh, honey...there is no need to apologize.  You didn’t do anything wrong…..here, lets try this.”

Dr. Bexley left the exam room for a moment and returned with a few books.  “These are from my office, let’s prop up the scale a bit.”

Dr. Bexley had Mayumi lean back, revealing the previously concealed scale once more....the fleshy underside of her breast lightly sticking to the plate.  

“At least you’ve warmed it up, right?” Dr. Bexley joked mildly and Mayumi returned a big, beautiful smile.  

Dr. Bexley stacked the scale atop some small books and then had Mayumi lean forward once more.  This time, her breast compressed and reformed under gravity’s influence, displacing over the plate and flowing over the edges just like last time.  But this time, the scale was much higher so the breast overflow was suspended in air, meaning the scale was now registering all of Mayumi’s left breast.  

The only problem now was that the scale’s screen was completely blocked by the front of Mayumi’s compressed breast.  Dr. Bexley had a solution for that too.  She simply lifted up just enough of Mayumi’s breast to press a button below the screen and then let her tit fall back into place.  After a few seconds, the scale beeped and Dr. Bexley had Mayumi lean back.  The scale had recorded the full weight of the Japanese teenager’s breast and would display it for 10 seconds to allow time for observation.

“Okay Mayumi, you can pull your dress back up.”  Dr. Bexley said with a smile as Mayumi worked to pack her enormous bosom back into the polka dotted dress.  

“So….your right breast is 8.17 pounds and your left breast is slightly heavier at 8.36 pounds.  Furthermore, after checking both your breasts I am convinced of what Dr. Walker and I already expected: you are absolutely eligible for Injection Therapy!”

Mayumi smiled, “Thats great news.  I...I’m going to do it.  I just...I just need time to psyche myself up...ya know...to get more excited and less scared.  I didn’t mention before that I’m afraid of needles.”

Dr. Bexley responded, “That’s completely normal, Mayumi.  Its a very quick injection and it will be over before you know it.”  

The raven-haired doctor reached for the toothpick and petri dish.  

“There’s just one last thing I need from you.”  

Dr. Bexley removed the toothpick and handed it to Mayumi.  

“I just need you to scrape the toothpick lightly against the inside of your mouth, up against your cheek.”

Perplexed, Mayumi did as she was instructed, rubbing the tip of the toothpick against her inner cheek.  Dr. Bexley held out the petri dish and Mayumi dropped the wet toothpick into the container.  Dr. Bexley quickly covered the dish with a cap and taped it shut, writing the letters MD and then AB right below.  Mayumi wanted to ask what this was for, but somehow she knew Dr. Bexley wasn’t going to tell her.

“Wonderful!  We’re all done here, Mayumi.  You did great and I’m thrilled that you’ll be a part of Injection Therapy.”

“So am I getting the shot today?” Mayumi asked, cringing.

“No, not today dear.” Dr. Bexley said.  “There are a few things we have to take care of in order to get ready for your injection.  I am confident that we will have the injection ready to go into your breast in 4 days, which will be just in time for the end of this week.  Are you able to come in on Friday?” 

Mayumi smiled and nodded her head.

“Wonderful.  Let’s make our way out to the receptionist and schedule the appointment now.”  

“The extra small petri dish will do just fine, Nicole.” Dr. Walker said.

Nicole Kingsley returned from the storage cabinet to the stainless steel table with the doctor and the nervous subject.  Jaime saw the petri dish in the beautiful blonde intern’s dainty hand.  It was so small, barely larger than one of the several cherry red fingernails grasping it.  He had walked into this room, aptly called REDUCTION THERAPY on the door placard, as a full-sized man. He was taller than both these women...and the next time he’d be leaving, it would be from within that tiny petri dish, likely carried by the same intern he currently towered over. 

Nicole had barely acknowledged Jaime. Unfortunately, being ignored by drop-dead gorgeous women was something he’d grown quite used to.  Nicole looked like she had unironically been called “Princess” by boyfriends, her parents, and teachers.  Her long, flowing blonde hair certainly screamed princess.  Her crystal, ocean blue eyes were something to be lost in.  He imagined those crystal blues pushing him over the edge as he would try his best not to cum while Princess pouty lips deep-throated his thick, throbbing cock. She almost certainly was a prom queen, almost certainly dated the most popular boy in school. 

“I don’t remember that being here last time” Jaime said, pointing toward a behemoth of a device, spaghetti-like cords and conduits...lights and computer screens. It was a large, intimidating machine surrounded by caution tape.  Everything about it looked shiny and new. 

Dr. Walker looked at it in the corner of the room and said, “Oh, that’s some new reduction technology we are developing.  It will be capable of complete reduction in only one session at a fraction of the energy consumption.  It’s meant to one day replace the one we will be using today, the one you are familiar with.  But don’t worry!” Dr. Walker pointed to the device on the floor next to Nicole’s feet.  “This one will do just fine for today.”  

The device resembled a large dog crate but with plexiglass instead of metal bars.  There were strips of sodder and green circuit boards running up in asymmetric patterns over all 4 sides and the top, partially obstructing his view inside in certain locations.  Jaime cringed remembering the last time he’d entered it.  He couldn’t believe he was doing this again. Atop the “dog crate enclosure” was another smaller enclosure he remembered all too well.  It looked just like the dog crate, but it was much smaller...it was around the size of a breadbox, maybe a little smaller.

“This is for the last session, right Dr. Walker?” Nicole asked, picking up the tiny “breadbox” device.  Jaime couldn’t help but notice the blonde’s exposed cleavage as she bent to pick it up, thanks to the unclasped top button of her labcoat. 

“Yes, Nicole” Dr. Walker watched Nicole spin the device in her fingers and noticed one of the LED’s was blinking red.  

“Oh dear, it looks like that one needs a charge.  Why don’t you go ask Dr. Bexley to sign out one of the fully charged ones from Logs?” Dr. Walker.

“Sure thing, Dr. Walker.” Nicole said, not even looking at Jaime as she stood up and walked out.

“Well, shall we get started?” Dr. Walker said, standing up from the table.  

“Just like last time, we’ll need you to remove all your clothing.” The doctor said. 

Jaime remained sitting.  

Dr. Walker crossed her arms over her large chest.  “Are we still nervous?” 

Jaime nodded his head. “I’m….still gonna do it, doctor.  I need the money..but yes, I’m still nervous.”

“Mr. Pendergraft.  I thought I put you at ease on the walk over here from the waiting room.  Breast injection is not all that different from the tricep injection you’ve already undergone.  Sure, Karla’s tricep was almost completely stationary but the average woman’s breast is not exactly as...dynamic as your fear suggests.  And also, the average woman’s breast is not composed of much more subcutaneous fat than the tricep.”

“Not the one I’m being injected into.” Jaime said.

Dr. Walker tilted her head. “...what?”

It was at that moment that Nicole re-entered with a new breadbox sized device, its LED’s emitting a solid, bright green.

“Isn’t he supposed to be naked?” Nicole asked Dr. Walker.  

Dr. Walker snapped out of her curiosity and replied, “Yes...yes he is.”  

She returned her gaze to Jaime and sternly said, “Go ahead, Mr. Pendergraft.”

Jaime started disrobing under the watchful eye of Dr. Walker.  Nicole, however, was not watching...not out of any decency or respect, it seemed.  More likely she was preoccupied with the procedural manual for the “dog crate” device and the “breadbox” device. 

“I’ll do the first inspection and you can do the second.” Dr. Walker said to Nicole, who looked up long enough to nod her head with a smile and return to reading.  Dr. Walker proceeded to inspect Jaime’s entire body.  She informed him she was checking for scrapes or abrasions.   Any scrapes or abrasions would need to be covered by petroleum jelly or else there could be, as she put it, ‘inconvenient complications’.  After a very thorough and at times invasive screening, Dr. Walker cleared Jaime for reduction.  

Just like last time, Jaime found himself completely naked on his hands and knees, crawling into the “dog crate” enclosure.  Once in, there was enough space for him to sit with his legs crossed.  Dr. Walker instructed Nicole on how to shut the latch, lock it, and press the correct keys to initiate the sequence.  Jaime felt very vulnerable, hugging his knees as he watched the two women outside his enclosure fiddle with the buttons.  

“So you’ve set the target reduction to the maximum value of 1’-6”...now you just press the red button and it will give us 10 seconds to step back.” Dr. Walker said matter-of-factly.  

Dr. Walker looked into the enclosure and said, “We’re about ready to begin, Mr. Pendergraft.  Just do your best to stay still and stay calm.”  

Nicole pressed the red button, practically interrupting Dr. Walker’s attempt at some bedside manner, and a few rhythmic chirps sounded.  The two women stepped back in a hurry.  For the first time that Jaime noticed, Nicole was now watching him very closely.  

Jaime was taller than no one as he sat there naked, hugging his knees cramped in the dogcrate enclosure.  He had watched Nicole press the button that would reduce him and she did it with such...eagerness. Jaime made eye contact with the young intern standing over him,and although most of her face was obscured by her pronounced, white, shelf-like rack, he could still see her eyes.  They displayed an interest in him that was entirely absent just minutes earlier.  Was it pleasure in those crystal blue eyes? Was it amusement?  Was it superiority?  They were stepping back away from him now.  

It was a confusing mix of pleasure and pain to be reduced.  It was a feeling he thought he’d remembered but as the surges passed through his body, he realized he’d forgotten the full extent...the warmth and cold pulses, the flood of endorphins and emotions...the fear...and then it was over.  The machine chirped to indicate it had finished.

“Okay, now go ahead and remove him like we practiced.” Dr. Walker said, nudging Nicole toward the dog crate enclosure.  Jaime watched in looming dread as the enormous blonde approached the door to the enclosure and unlatched it.  She squatted down and peered in.  

“Are you going to come out, Mr. Pendergraft?” 

It was the first time she’d even spoken to him, and she already sounded annoyed.  The blonde intern squatted down and got onto her knees in order to get on the same level as Jaime inside the enclosure.  Her thighs thickened as she sat back on her feet, but then leaned forward when she saw Jaime wasn’t responding.  Jaime caught a glimpse of her cleavage again, and he started trembling like a leaf...thinking about Mayumi’s tits.  Fuck, Nicole was pretty stacked and just one of Mayumi’s tits was probably bigger than both of Nicole’s!  How was he going to do this?  How could he--

“Now, Nicole..usually we give them a moment to piece themselves back together.  Reduction can initially be traumatizing.”

Jaime had felt a huge hand circle his calf, the fingers easily wrapping around it in its entirety. He was blown away by the strength he could feel.  He looked up to see those crystal, ocean blue eyes narrowed in on him.  Nicole wasn’t rough; she used just the right amount of strength to pull him out, but it was strange...he could feel the sheer strength behind the mild action.  He could sense how she’d barely tapped into her muscular strength to remove him...completely against his will.  

He noticed that he barely came up to the intern’s knees...the 5’-2” intern’s knees. A moment later, he was being lifted under his armpits, soaring up through the air to meet the blonde beauty’s face.  Was she actually smiling?

“He looks okay, Dr. Walker.” Nicole said, re-positioning him so that he was straddling her hip, his lower body contouring to her labcoat and his bare butt supported by her gloved hand.  Those crystal, ocean blue eyes were glued to him and he found himself constantly looking down to avoid them.  There was a power,, fascination, and maybe even a bit of amusement behind them...sprinkled into incredibly subtle hints of green that he wasn’t sure or not if he was imagining..

“Great,” Dr. Walker said as she pressed some more buttons on the dogcrate enclosure, getting it ready for the next session.  “While we wait for this to re-charge, lets get him over to the table.” Dr. Walker said.

Jaime uncomfortably tried adding some space between him and the walking intern, pressing his hands against her labcoat.  He felt the softness of her body hiding under the cheap fabric, bouncing hypnotically as she walked.  She used two fingers, adorned with that bright cherry paint barely visible through the aqua glove, to grasp both of his wrists.  He whined pathetically and she reflexively shushed him.  

It was almost like a changing table, and Jaime thanked god that it only resembled one.  Once he was set down on his back, Dr. Walker used her fingers to hold Jaime’s arms up over his head.  Nicole then thoroughly and invasively inspected his entire body to make sure no abrasions or tears developed as a result of the first reduction therapy session.  Jaime gasped as Nicole slide her fingers in under Jaime’s balls and cupped them.  Then, using her thumb, Nicole scooped Jaime’s cock into her grip and gently squeezed.  It didn’t appear to hurt Jaime but it certainly made him squirm uncomfortably.  

“I thought reduction therapy was supposed to reduce everything proportionately.  I think his genitals were reduced more than the rest of him.” Nicole commented curiously.  

Dr. Walker leaned forward and over Jaime, her huge form eclipsing the overhead surgical light.  Her chest was mere inches from his face and he could smell her perfume.  The two women looked closer at Jaime’s cock and his balls. Nicole used her thumb to turn Jaime’s cock over to the other side and then point it up so that Dr. Walker could fully see it.  Dr. Walker lightly grips Jaime’s balls and applies mild pressure.  The doctor stood back up to full height as Jaime squinted in the direct path of the bright light, no longer under the protection of Dr. Walker’s huge breasts.

“I agree they appear quite small for his frame, but he was already well below average prior to reduction therapy anyway.” Dr. Walker said bluntly.  

“Oh, I really didn’t look but that would make sense.” Nicole said.  She spotted one minor abrasion on his left ass cheek.  Nicole slathered her left fingers up with petroleum jelly and used her right hand to lift both his ankles high into the sky.  Jaime whimpered as Nicole, under Dr. Walker’s recommendation, lathered up his entire ass, just to be safe. 

When the inspection was over, Nicole scooped him back up off the small table and took him toward the dog crate enclosure again.  

“I can’t do this...I really can’t.” Jaime started to say.  Nicole hushed him and rocked him against her body, but this just had the opposite intended effect.

“What can’t you do, Mr. Pendergraft?” Dr. Walker asked.

“I can’t go in her tit...its too big! I’ll die in there!” Jaime said, pawing pathetically at Nicole as she stopped in front of the enclosure.  

“What are you talking about?” Dr. Walker asked. 

“Mayumi!” Jaime nearly wailed.  

Dr. Walker gasped and then quickly regained her composure, “How do you know that name?”

“I heard you on the phone!  You said her name and then I saw her in the waiting room!” 

Dr. Walker hesitated for a moment.  Things had changed in this moment...drastically.  

“Can it be someone else?  Someone with smaller tits? Or somewhere else entirely? Its okay if its less money! I just can’t go into her.  Not those tits!” Jaime said frantically, Nicole holding him tighter.

“You will be injected into Mayumi’s breast, and that is final.” Dr. Walker said firmly.

“No!  I’ve changed my mind!  I don’t want to do this anymore!” Jaime wailed.

Nicole looked up from the emotional naked man on her hip and up at her boss.

“We will not be turning back now.” Dr. Walker said calmly.  “Nicole, put him in.”

Instead of trying to get away from her, Jaime was now trying to wrap his tiny arms around Nicole.  “Noooo, don’t!” He said.  Nicole effortlessly ripped his naked body away from hers.  She tried to gently place him in the enclosure but he kept squirming and struggling out...she had no choice but to roughly shove him in.  She had the latch shut and the button pressed before he was able to stand back up, which he did fully inside the enclosure.  He banged on the plexiglass as the machine whirred up and the women watched.  



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