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“You’ve reached the office of Dr. Katie Walker and Dr. Alexandria Bexley. If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, you may dial it at any time.  To speak with Dr. Walker, please press 1.  To sp--”

Jaime interrupted the automated message with a short press of the #1 on his flip phone, nervously playing with his brown hair.  He felt a growing uneasiness in the pit of his stomach as the phone rang several times.  He couldn’t believe he was doing this again, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  He was desperate last time, and he was even more desperate now.  

It hadn’t even been 3 full months since he was restored to his original size and the $1,500 he’d received for his troubles was long gone.  He hadn’t gambled it away on casinos or lottery tickets.  He didn’t blow it on drugs or prostitutes. Those would have at least been fun ways to spend it.  He didn’t even get to spend it on boring yet necessary expenses like car maintenance. He spent every cent of it trying to get caught up on rent, still falling short by over a thousand dollars.  He’d bought enough time to avoid being kicked out, at least. 

He was brought back to reality by the sound of a familiar voice.  

“Hello, this is Dr. Walker.”

If she weren’t already busy being a super-smart doctor, she could have done ASMR with that voice of hers.  Funny...she sounded so sweet and yet his stomach was in dread-laced knots.  

Jaime let Dr. Walker know that he was interested in volunteering for injection therapy once more. He left out all the details about having dropped out of college and being entirely out of money.  He also left out the lack of a job and lack of friends or a relationship. Part of him hoped that Dr. Walker would say he couldn’t do it...that it had been too recent and therefore unsafe.  Something like that...anything like that.  

“Absolutely, Mr. Pendergraft! If I remember correctly, you were paired with Karla for a left-tricep injection, right? ” Dr. Walker asked.

Jaime fumbled through his response, “Ummm...yes, that’s right.”

Dr. Walker continued, “Okay….my notes tell me that unfortunately, Karla is no longer participating.  It looks like she’s studying abroad.  I can see if any of the other participants have opted into tricep injections.”

“That’s okay cause umm….” Jamie responded, “...I was hoping we could go with something that pays a little better than the tricep thing. Actually...” 

Jamie clenched his eyes, regretting what was escaping his lips. 

“I was wondering...what pays the most?”

There was the slightest pause on the other end of the line before Dr. Walker responded.

“That would be injection into mammary layer fatty tissue.”

Jaime paused for a moment.  “Injection...into a boob?”

“That’s right.” Dr. Walker replied. “You would be injected into a breast.”

Jaime cringed for a moment, feeling like a 12-year old as Dr. Walker used the more grownup word for the area he was basically asking to be shrunken down and injected into.  The larger issue though, the content of her sentence was disconcerting.  It rolled off her tongue and sent confusing thoughts through his mind.  He liked boobs, what guy didn’t? But being microscopic, and forced by a long needle deep into one of them? That sounded a bit scary, to say the least.  

But then again, even Karla’s tricep was scary at times.  The funny thing about Karla: she was some kind of college athlete at his school who had broken her arm a week before the injection date.  Dr. Walker had removed her cast, injected Jaime into her tricep, and then put the cast back on. Karla wore the cast for the full 6 weeks that Jaime was confined to her tricep so her arm was almost always completely stationary. 

Karla also knew that Dr. Walker was injecting a microscopic man into her tricep, so he was far less worried about Karla doing something that might cause him harm or to become dislodged.  Honestly, it really was the perfect situation for a nervous Jaime, but unfortunately the safest option is very rarely the most profitable.  Even if a similar situation was available, Jaime felt like he needed to go big.

“Is that….safe?” Jaime asked reluctantly.

“Well, the density structure of the breast’s subcutaneous fat and fatty tissue is different than the tricep so I’m not going to lie to you, Mr. Pendergraft, there are some logistic concerns unique to the breast.  However, we have several other volunteers undergoing this type of injection and we have had very promising results.”

There was a second of silence.  Jaime had taken a breath to speak but Dr. Walker continued. 

“The compensation, important as you’ve indicated, is the highest we are offering for injection therapy. Upon retrieval, subjects are entitled to $8,000.”

Much to his reasonable and pragmatic side’s lament, Jaime’s hesitancy and reluctance was melting before his eyes.  He could pay off his entire debt to his landlord! He could fix his junker of a car and stop taking the bus!  He could actually go on a date and not have to ask the girl to cover her meal! This was a life-changing amount of money, but it would require a potentially life-changing experience.

“How long would I have to be injected?” Jaime asked.

“The injection period for the breast is 1 month…” Dr. Walker added, “...less than the time you spent in Karla’s tricep.”

“Okay...lets do it.” Jaime said.

“Wonderful.  Let me take a quick peek at my calendar here….”

There was a brief pause as Dr. Walker reviewed her schedule, and then another feminine voice in the background.  Dr. Walker returned a few seconds later.

“It looks like we’ve got a few injection therapy kickoff sessions scheduled for next week.  Today is Thursday...how about you come in Monday morning at 9AM?”

Jaime quickly checked his schedule in his mind. He remembered that he didn’t have a job, curriculum, or girlfriend so he responded, “Yes, that would work for me.”

“Great! We will see you Monday morning!  Please arrange to be here 15 minutes early and just like last time, please do not eat or drink anything but water 12 hours prior to your appointment.”

Jaime nodded his head to nobody, “Sure thing, doctor.”

Dr. Walker concluded in a much more serious tone, “...and most importantly, please remember that the non-disclosure agreement you signed last time is still active and will be going forward. Enjoy your weekend, Mr. Pendergraft.”

“You too, Dr. Walker.”

Jaime lowered the phone from his ear and meant to press the END CALL button, but accidentally pressed the speakerphone button.  He heard the sound of Dr. Walker’s receiver rustling, probably lowering toward the receiver.  He heard Dr. Walker say one thing before the call ended, it sounded like she was saying it to her secretary or maybe one of her interns.  She had said, “Please make a note of subject selection in Ms. Okamoto’s Breast IT file for next w--”.

The call ended before Dr. Walker could finish her sentence, but Jaime had heard enough to pique his interests. Jaime walked to the public library and signed out one of the computers there. He was perceptive and lucky enough to have heard and understood that not only was he already assigned to a woman for breast injection, he’d actually caught her name.  Last name anyway, but hopefully the last name of Okamoto would be enough. 

Turns out it was enough.  Sure enough, he dug a few layers through facebook friends and found her:  Atsuko Okamoto.  Friends with a friend of a friend of his, Atsuko was a Japanese exchange student he’d actually seen in a few of his classes back before he dropped out.  She was very quiet and shy, but very interested in the sciences.  It honestly didn’t surprise him at all that she would be participating in an experiment like this.  

As he browsed through her facebook, he saw that she played a lot of video games and was a part of several Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.  The thing that relieved Jaime the most he saw in one of Atsuko’s pictures from Comicon.  It was Atsuko in a pair of dorky knee-length denim shorts and somewhat of a tight video game shirt.  She had incredibly small breasts...just barely large enough to require a bra.  

Jaime was already starting to feel better.  Atsuko was not very active and judging from her facebook, she didn’t go out much;  it looked like she hadn’t been out anywhere since Comicon.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the bigger the boobs, the scarier and probably even more dangerous the experience of being injected into them would be. And those suckers can bounce!  He’d remembered his mom’s friend Angela accompanied him and his family tot he beach on a few occasions and her big tits barely fit in that zebra-patterned bikini top.  

Sure, she was over 40 at the time, but it was a formidable experience for a 12 year old boy nonetheless to see Angela run out into the water with them.  He didn’t know tits moved like that until that day.  None of that was a concern though for him in this particular experiment.  The day that Angela volunteered, maybe he’d reconsider but in this particular instance, he’d hit the jackpot here...a month in Atsuko’s nerdy, small tit and he’d be $8,000 richer.

Monday came way quicker than Jaime thought it would.  Jaime was in the waiting room by himself, signing the last of several legal documents in order to be cleared for injection therapy.  He honestly was having second thoughts the moment that he called Dr. Walker last week.  However, finding out that he’d be spending his time in Atsuko Okamoto’s small breast had convinced him it would be alright.  Thank god he’d heard Dr. Walker mention her name! Otherwise, he probably would have went for another tricep injection or something else that pays crappy. He might not have even done it at all.

He returned his paperwork to the receptionist at the front, who seemed professional but not very friendly.  She accepted the paperwork and coldly asked that he return to his seat and wait.  While waiting, Jaime fought boredom by browsing one of the dusty magazines.  Just as he was checking his watch to see how long he’d been waiting, he heard the door down the hall open and the sound of flip flops slapping bare soles.  He’d been alone in the waiting room for over an hour so he welcomed company.  Jaime watched as a fellow appointment holder entered the waiting room.  Maybe it was Atsuko?  Nope.  It wasn’t.  Jaime gasped. 

She didn’t notice him when she walked in, instead walking past him up to the receptionist.  Jaime watched in awe as the woman walked past.  She was wearing a light pink dress with small, white polka dots all over.  The dress was tight at the top and flowing freely toward the bottom, a few inches above her bare knees.  Further down, Jaime matched the slapping sound he’d heard to the woman’s matching white and pink flip flops.  He watched as her soft, white soles peeked momentarily with each step before being slapped by the flip flop and then she stood at the receptionist counter.

“Mayumi?” the receptionist said to the beautiful Japanese woman with a smile and warm friendliness that caught Jaime off guard.

“Yes, that’s me.  Its pronounced ‘My-yoom-mee’ though .” the gorgeous young woman said quietly.

“I’m sorry about that, Mayumi! I see you in the book here for a 10:30 AM appointment with Dr. Bexley.”

Jaime tried not to stare at Mayumi, whose back was to him.  Her left bare foot slid out of the flip flop and she used her unpainted toes to play with the thong strap while she signed in.

“I can take care of the rest for you.” The now-friendly receptionist said.  “Why don’t you go have a seat over there and we will call you up when we’re ready for you. While you wait, you can look over these frequently asked questions.”

Mayumi mirrored the receptionist's smile and turned to approach the waiting area.  Jaime managed one quick glance as she turned to face him and he tried to hide the widening of his eyes.  Her cute, pink dress showed off a positively stunning and frankly unbelievable amount of cleavage. He could only ascertain so much as his quick glance was losing contrast and the details were fading, but was she seriously not wearing a bra?  Her tits were way too big for that, and it showed.  

Each step she took resulted in a mesmerizing, wondrous ripple that sent shockwaves through each enormous tit, occasionally the waves in one tit would combine and subtract with the waves of its dancing sister, creating completely unpredictable and nearly hypnotic motion that Jaime would never understand how she could just ignore.   Those tits were larger than any he’d ever seen before…..ever. They were almost comically large, but still quite arousing.  And she looked so young!  She couldn’t have been older than 20.  She was also very short, perhaps a little over 5’. Mayumi took the seat across from Jaime. Seemingly oblivious to the chaos she was inspiring in the nervous male’s mind and body, she looked up to acknowledge him.  Her brief, polite smile was enough right there to keep Jaime’s blood pumping for months.  

He thought she looked remarkably like the Japanese adult star Hitomi Tanaka.  It was actually remarkable..in fact, if this woman didn’t look as young as she did and she didn’t just introduce herself to the receptionist as Mayumi, he might have thought it was actually Hitomi.

The gorgeous young Japanese woman lowered her eyes from Jaime and began reading the paper she was given. Jaime’s eyes danced over her body once more as Mayumi crossed her left thigh over the other, showing a tantalizing amount of her left thigh’s underside.  They weren’t particularly large thighs, nor were her hips all that wide.  Her dangling foot once again played with the attached flip flop and her breasts jiggled as she found comfort in her seat.  She seemed like any normal short japanese girl, but those tits...those fucking tits.  Jaime retreated into several strange fantasies, some of which were innocent enough..like bringing her home to his family for the holidays and nuzzling noses over hot chocolate with marshmallows in the morning.  

Some fantasies were more sexual, like picturing his throbbing cock completely swallowed in that ocean of tit flesh only to explode out the top of her cleavage. That’s assuming the tit flesh wouldn’t keep his cum completely contained. Maybe the coveted space between her tits operated as a black hole...a singularity between two massive objects from which nothing could escape. He also pictured her overtop of him in bed, grabbing hold of a hefty tit and squinting one eye, as if to aim..and with a smile she’d release the abundant burden of weight from her dainty small fingers to Jaime’s face. The considerable tit would swallow all his features, overflowing generously on all sides and deforming further as she gradually lowered herself...and her nipple perfectly positioned over his mouth so that the second he even parts his lips, that nipples not coming out again until she lifts up off of him. They were so fucking big...maybe even bigger than Hitomi’s.

“Ms. Okamoto?”

Jaime’s attention was ripped from pondering just how soft Mayumi’s body would have felt against his lips.  He looked up and saw a raven-haired doctor standing at one of the doorways.  She was short, beautiful, and had a decent sized chest, but nothing like Mayumi.  

‘Wow, had I been so focused on ‘tig ol’ bitties’ over here that I didn’t notice Atsuko come in?  That wouldn’t surprise him.  He looked around the room for Atsuko Okamoto but  didn’t see anyone; it was just him and Mayumi.  That’s weird...he definitely heard Ms. Okamoto being called up. He tilted his head in confusion to see Mayumi uncross her bare legs.

“Yes, that’s me.” Mayumi said with a smile.

‘Wait…’ Jaime thought with increasing panic.  ‘Her name is Okamoto too?  Are they sisters?  What are the odds that two girls with the last name Okamoto are in this experiment?’’  

Jaime was pretty sure Atsuko didn’t have any sisters.  He searched his memory from five days ago.  He had specifically heard Dr. Walker say Atsuko Okamoto!  There was no confusion there, right?  She definitely said Atsuko Okamoto…..right?  

Unless…….did she just say Ms. Okamoto?

Was he remembering incorrectly?

‘Oh, no…’

Jaime’s eyes widened. Dr. Walker had said Ms. Okamoto, no first name.  

‘Why the FUCK did I assume it would be someone I went to school with?’

Before standing up, Mayumi leaned forward to grab her purse off the floor next to her feet, obliviously giving an already traumatized Jaime an eyeful of her deep cleavage.  The young Japanese woman’s thin, elegant neck made way for a pale white, smooth upper chest and defied gravity as the continuation jutted out into preposterously large, overflowing tits that looked like they might spill out of the confines of her pink dress at any moment.  

Just minutes ago, Jaime had been fantasizing about burying his face in those tits, but now he feared he would be injected into them and lost. He stared at them with no discretion.  Discretion was reserved for the sexy and alluring.  Her overwhelmingly large breasts were now terrifying and imposing; they were modern marvels of biology, evolution, and overindulgence. How in gods name would they be able to find him after injecting him into those fucking things?  And the way they bounced and jiggled...he’d be in constant motion, constantly jostled about as she lived her life...and he’d have to do that for a whole month?? 

‘No...its too much...they’re too big…’ he thought to himself.

Unaware of Jaime’s panic attack, Mayumi slid her feet all the way into her flip flops and stood up. Her eyes locked with Jaime’s for a moment.  She looked confused by his reaction but did not spend time trying to understand it.  Instead she turned to approach the raven-haired doctor.  “Good morning, I’m Dr. Bexley.” The raven-haired doctor said. 

“I'm Mayumi Okamoto. It's nice to finally meet you.” Mayumi said sweetly before the two women disappeared behind the door.

Jaime was hyperventilating now. He’d dropped the magazine on the floor and was seriously considering just getting up and leaving.  He had seen some pretty confusing and scary things in the contracts he’d just signed but that all just pertained to the NDA, he was pretty sure.  He couldn’t get in trouble for leaving even though he signed the stuff already, right?  He was willing to take that chance.  He’d lost his nerve.  He stood up getting ready to leave, the receptionist not looking so friendly now and about to say something. Before she could, however, the same door that Mayumi had entered opened up, and there stood another doctor.  

‘Oh, shit.’ Jaime thought..stopping and staring at the cute, short doctor.  He’d felt defeated, and it was too late.

“Good morning Jaime.  Sorry for the wait.” the cute doctor said. Her brown eyes narrowed for a moment and she tilted her head in mild confusion.  “Oh, are you leaving?”

Jaime opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. 

The cute doctor smiled, “Why don’t you come on back with me?  We can talk about any questions or concerns you have.”

Jaime turned his head toward the exit and saw the parking lot.  He saw a car reversing out of a parking spot.  He saw a tree off in the distance blowing in the wind.  He saw a landscaper mowing the grass. In that moment, he wanted to just stand there and stare forever...but Jaime turned away from the view outside and faced the cute doctor...he faced the $8,000.


Dr. Walker grinned and held the door open wide for him to enter.

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