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Author's Chapter Notes:

May make more, may not, who knows! Just thought I'd share this.



There on the floor of the dorm room, feet casually kicking back and forth as she lay on her front, was Ellie. The young goddess was lazily passing the time with her boyfriend Derek, whom was currently half an inch tall sitting on the floor directly in front of her. Ellie smiled down at him; between her towering face and the deep valley of cleavage that stretched out in front of him, her little boyfriend had plenty to look at.

“Hey,” Ellie said, causing Derek's tiny head to turn upwards at her. “Want to play a game?”

“What kind of a game?” Derek asked warily, seeing the all-too-familiar smile creep onto Ellie's face.

“Try not to get squished!” Ellie giggled. She raised her hand over her insect-sized boyfriend, ready to strike at any moment.

“Not this again...” Derek grumbled, quickly getting to his feet. He just started to run when one of Ellie's fingers—larger than a truck—smashed into the ground next to him.

“Ooh, nice dodge,” Ellie said as her boyfriend ran as fast as he could across the floor. There was a sound as she brought her other finger down less than an inch from him. “Almost!” Ellie laughed. Concentrating, she lined up her shot as he ran away, flinging her finger down at the fleeing man, and then...


Ellie barely felt the sensation of her tiny boyfriend's body popping under the tip of her finger as she squished him dead. Even now his gooey remains were but the tiniest little mess. She lifted up her finger and smirked at the results of her deed. She let out a brief, satisfied sigh, and then casually resurrected Derek a couple inches away, still at the same size.

“Hey, stop that!” Derek protested, looking up crossly at his titanic girlfriend.

“Why? It happens too quick for you to feel, and it's not like I let you remember it anyway.” Ellie laughed.

“It's just annoying.” Derek said. “Dying over and over.”

“It's annoying how you're not running!” Ellie taunts him, raising her hand again. “I'm not done playing!” Derek tried to run again but Ellie was too fast for him. He didn't get more than two steps before Ellie smashed him into paste with her very first shot.

“Such a whiner.” Ellie chided the splotch that had mere seconds ago been her boyfriend. Her feet kicked lazily as she savored the moment and the temporary lack of whining before once again resurrecting Derek.

“It's such a thrill to be able to keep killing you and bringing you back like this.” Ellie giggled. “Fuck, it makes me horny.”

“A thrill for you maybe!” Derek protested.

Ellie laughs. “I know you enjoy it.” She says. “How fragile your little life is. How easy it is to bring you back.”

“Why can't we do what normal boyfriends and girlfriends do?” Derek asked wearily.

“What, you want to lie on the bed while I suck your dick?” Ellie says. “What girlfriend can do this so easily?”

And all the sudden Derek is flush with arousal, dick as hard as a rock. Ellie's huge mouth bending into a satisfied smile as her boyfriend's tiny eyes go wide, the cute thing pushed to the very edge of orgasm out of nowhere.

“I bet you can't run while you're this turned on!” Ellie challenged him. “Look out!” And she raised her finger again. Derek turned back to look at her, red-faced with arousal and annoyance alike, and started to run. Ellie taps her fingers on the floor behind him as if the giant finger monster was catching up with him. As easy as it was to squish him normally, his great arousal made it trivial to catch him now.

“Having a hard time?” Ellie laughed at her own pun. “Let's see if you can run after I do this! Aaand...cum!” Derek stops dead in his tracks as he's suddenly hit by waves of orgasmic pleasure, unable to move an inch. He grabed his cock and hunched over, threatening to go down on his knees. Ellie lets him have almost his full orgasm, waiting right up until he can almost move again, and brings her finger down, squishing him once again.

For a moment Ellie enjoyed the peace and quiet of being alone, no tiny boyfriends to complain about trivial matters such as getting killed over and over. She looked at the tip of her finger, at the barely recognizable mess. She started to ponder trying a new nail color.

Ellie started to feel a very tiny presence at the back of her mind, something akin to a speck of dust being caught in a huge spider web, but vastly less significant. Aren't you going to resurrect me? Asked Derek's disembodied voice, the tiniest speck of a ghost in her mind.

“I think you need a few minutes time out.” Ellie said. “You were complaining too much.”

Derek fell silent; Ellie picked herself up off the floor and sat on her bed. She was so turned on from toying with her boyfriend's life. Being a goddess was a wonderful thing, and even though Derek whined endlessly she knew he enjoyed being at her mercy. The poor thing was so cute when he first asked her out. If only he had known.

Ellie decided to bring Derek back, but not in the same way. He had form again and was still very tiny, but was tucked away deep within her. Where am I? Came Derek's thoughts. Why can't I talk?

You're deep within my body. You're near my vagina. Ellie spoke into his mind as she knew he couldn't hear her. Technically you're in one of my Bartholin's glands. You're going to help lubricate my pussy. You're cum, my dear.

Ellie could tell Derek was confused, frightened, and excited, but he could do nothing but wait inside Ellie's tiny gland until she decided to take action. He was high in potassium and slightly acidic but completely unable to exert a will of his own.

Ellie unzipped her pants and sent a single finger down to tease her clit. She let out a little moan as she started to get wet; after her play before it didn't take much. Her body began to work as it should; Derek was being pushed out of her gland in drops to help lubricate her pussy. Derek's moisture was helping to create a nice wet pussy that was eager to accept Ellie's finger as she slid it inside.

Ellie moaned as she felt Derek stick to her digit, the same one that ended his life so many times before. Thinking about how her boyfriend was helplessly contributing to her self-pleasuring session made it all the more hotter, and it wasn't long before the young goddess was throwing her head back in orgasm as Derek dripped all about her pussy and finger.

Ellie rested for a moment and decided to clean up. Grabbing a paper towel, she mopped up Derek from her finger and her pussy, looking at the sheet that was containing and absorbing her boyfriend. Abruptly she balled up the sheet and threw it and Derek into her trash can where the used tissue sat among all the other used-up refuse.

Ellie could feel the panic start to rise in Derek, who was drying into a crust on the balled-up paper towel. Ellie? ELLIE! She felt him shout. She giggled to herself and decided it was probably time to resurrect him again. She opened her hand right under her face and resurrected Derek into her palm, still quite small but at least a bit bigger than before, maybe a couple of inches.

“Did you enjoy that?” Ellie asked her adorable little boyfriend, now back in a tiny version of his original form once again.

“That was...weird...” Derek says.

“Admit it, you like dating a goddess, don't you?” Ellie asked, a flirty smile on her face.

“I guess it has it's moments.” Derek admitted. He still looked afraid that Ellie was about to try something else, but otherwise felt very comfortable and natural sitting in her palm.

“You've died and come back so many times they could make a religion out of you!” Ellie laughed, Derek merely responding with a weary smile.

“Hey, want to go down to the dining hall and get some food?” Derek asked, becoming aware of the time. Ellie's face broke into a sinister smile.

“Food you say.” Ellie says, licking her lips as she looked down at Derek with predatory eyes. “Yeah, I could go for some food.”

Derek instinctively scooted back in Ellie's hand but it was too late for him to react; Ellie opens her mouth and pops him in, rolling her boyfriend with her tongue, sampling the delicious taste of his skin.

Ellie! Hey! Derek's thoughts yelled as she tossed him around her mouth. She rolled her tongue around him like a sushi roll, squeezing him inside.

Do you wonder what being digested feels like? Ellie asked him with her thoughts. Do you think it would hurt?

Ellie! No! Pleaded Derek, but Ellie just continued to suck on him like a candy.

Relax, my little treat. Ellie said. You know I wouldn't actually let you get hurt. Maybe I'll just keep you down there while I go to dinner. You can just have a bit of what I have!

I'd...rather not.. Derek said, but wordlessly exclaims in panic as Ellie pulls her to the back of her throat.

Down you go! Ellie says, and with great satisfaction swallows her boyfriend, feeling him traveling down her throat. She was tempted to do as she said and keep Derek in her stomach. It was trivial for her to keep him safe in there, she could feed him, and could always digest him if she got tired of carrying him around like that. It would be fun to feel Derek's remains being pushed through her intestines, him being absorbed into her...

Ellie? Derek's minuscule mind probes almost pathetically from within her own. Did I die again?

“Oh yeah, I guess you must have suffocated.” Ellie giggled guiltily, realizing that she must have been daydreaming for longer than she thought. Sorry about that.

It didn't really hurt. Admitted Derek. Ellie felt better.

“Well, at least I can digest your body now as you won't be needing it.” Ellie laughed. “A nice little snack before dinner. Actually, you weren't much of a snack, sorry to say. You're just too small.”

Can—can you resurrect me now? Derek asked. Ellie sighed, pondering whether it was time to stop playing for a while.

“Tell you what.” Ellie said. “I'm going to let you rest for a few minutes while I freshen up. Then I'll resurrect you and we'll go get dinner.”

Okay. Derek agreed. As Ellie walked to the bathroom, he asked: Ellie...I wasn't being too annoying, was I?

Ellie actually laughed out loud. “Oh no, you were a perfect little plaything.” Ellie said. “I love when you try to resist me a little, it makes it more fun. You're enjoying yourself too—right?” Ellie felt a little guilty—she knows she can get carried away.

Now it's Derek's turn to feel embarassed. Y-yeah, I am. He admitted. I...kind of love how powerful you are, and how easily you hold that power over me.

Ellie felt her heart melt. “Aww, thank you, my little mind whisper.” She said. “Tell you what: If you keep being a sweetheart like this I'll put you to bed in my womb tonight.”

This had the reaction she was hoping for: Derek's little soul felt a rush of joy at the idea of having a full night's rest in the most comfortable, safe, and pleasant place where all his needs would be cared for by his massive girlfriend via the umbilical cord she would grow for him. He was so adorable; Ellie wanted to just keep him forever.

“But when I restore you I might make you a few inches shorter, or bring you back without one of your toes or something.”


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