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Iris had known this day would be coming for years, when her goal was within her grasp and Kyrie Florian would learn the truth of how Iris used her. She knew the naive girl would be stubborn and refuse to accept mere words as the truth, trying to plead and deny it even as she got in Iris's way. She was going to need extra measures to ensure Kyrie wouldn't be a pest in her plans.

Contains characters and spoilers from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise, specifucally Reflection and Detonation films. Familiarity with the source material not required, but context will make certain things make a lot more sense.

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Published: September 24 2021 Updated: September 29 2021

1. Chapter 1 by Degeneracy117 [Reviews - 1] (8893 words)

So I finally did a non YuYuYu story. Nanoha is a franchise really lacking in good stories and content in general, and the Reflection manga really grabbed my interest for Iris and Kyrie, while some discussioin with a friend inspired me and led to this. This was going to be a shorter story, but well I really fell in love with the concept and it massively ballooned in scale.

I still describe the characters, but there's a little more expectations on knowing the source material here than in my other stories with how it starts. In case anyone wants some further context or is curious, watch around the 1 hour 30 minutes mark of Reflection to 1:32:10 or read the first few pages of chapter 10 for the manga to see the scene that inspired this.

Marked as incomplete for the moment as I may do a short extra chapter of somebody else's perspective for a certain point at the end I couldn't make fit well with the pacing.

2. Bonus Kyrie PoV by Degeneracy117 [Reviews - 0] (2003 words)

Wanted to include this into the main story, but, unfortunately, could not fit it in with the pacing, so I've relegated it to a short bonus segment here. Primary focus is body part transformation.