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Author's Chapter Notes:

Wanted to include this into the main story, but, unfortunately, could not fit it in with the pacing, so I've relegated it to a short bonus segment here. Primary focus is body part transformation.

Kyrie wasn’t sure what to make of her sensations upon consciousness returning to her. The last thing she remembered was being digested horrifically fast, as if she was literally melting into a liquid part of the stomach acids within Iris’s gut. Oddly, it wasn’t as painful as expected, more like rapidly growing numb and losing her sense of being as it had all happened so fast that Kyrie could barely feel her body anymore when she lost consciousness and the world turned black.

A sensation of a ‘body’ had come back to Kyrie and she was convinced she was dead, but something felt wrong as Kyrie’s senses slowly started coming back to her foggy mind. The first was, naturally, her physical sense of touch and ‘being’, she felt compressed and bound, like she was trying to squeeze into clothes a size too small, part of it even felt like cloth while the other was cold metal. Her body was not simply in a tight space, it was as if her whole being were being squished like she was made of soft dough with not a bone in her body. This in turn lead to another unsettling realization.

She couldn’t feel most of her body.

More accurately, her body felt different. She had no sense of limbs, no arms, no legs, nothing felt distinct. It was more comparable to somebody huddling in a ball, yet even that felt too weak a comparison, since even when doing that one could easily make out their individual parts, what their hands touched, where each body part began and ended. Here, it was like every part of her had become some round, squishy orb, yet there was still a small distinction as she felt herself in two parts, yet both were equally ball like and still attached to something else behind her, pressing into each other and only furthering the restrained feeling of her body rubbing against itself. Kyrie’s body no longer felt like that of a person’s but some kind of blob instead.

The other concerning information assaulting Kyrie was her vision. Most of her outer vision was blocked by that cloth and metal sensation binding her body, unable to see exactly what it was. However, Kyrie could piece together some of where she was from the center of her vision. It was dark, silver colored walls with lines diving them into segments and glass on one side, yet too black to see through.

Why does it look like the same building?’ Kyrie tried to speak, yet no words came, only those in her head. It didn’t even feel as if she had a mouth to speak with, unsettlingly. What was going on? Nothing made sense to the girl.

“I didn’t think I would grow that much from her…”

Iris!?’ The loud words from the same person who’d eaten her sent Kyrie’s mind into a panic. On reflex, the girl immediately started trying to move and squirm, Iris sounded right above her! Yet as her fear was triggered, yet another limitation slammed into Kyrie upon trying to follow her instinctive thought to move and turn to the source.

She couldn’t move either.

No matter how much she tried to struggle, to spin, to move in any capacity, her body refused to obey the command. It wasn’t solely like being tied up and restrained, it were as if Kyrie’s body wasn’t under her own control or it physically lack the ability to move like she expected. The only thing Kyrie’s most desperate attempts to squirm and move could manage was some kind of gentle, restrained wobble that ran through her weirdly soft and squishy body. It was all she could do and her own body was fighting against her, whatever compressed her squishing her being together and further restricting movement to where she felt herself rub together with the nearly unnoticeable motion.

Without warning, the pressure on Kyrie’s sides lifted and the fit of what bound her expanded, providing room for her body to suddenly drop and expand briefly, creating a gap so she wasn’t squeezing into herself, yet still keeping enough to apply some force that hampered what little movement she could make. If anything, the slight motion of her surroundings expanding caused far more movement than Kyrie herself was capable of, brief dizziness coming over her before Kyrie could once more try and flail out of rising panic. Just as before, such protests were useless to Kyrie and only another, ever so slightly less, jiggle went over her whole body that quickly stopped. What happened to me?’

“Hm, so that’s what happened.” Iris’s strong voice boomed above once more, bringing Kyrie’s jiggling to a halt. With hearing it a second time, Kyrie picked up on Iris’s voice wasn’t as overpoweringly loud as before she was eaten, she still was loud and comparable to a megaphone, yet that only added more to the mystery, what was going on?

The worryingly familiar sight of Iris’s gloved hands, each appearing as big as she felt with palm open and fingers spread to grab something, descended upon Kyrie as she was powerless to do anything but watch. Each finger dug into her soft body and applied a firm squeeze, sinking into her being as if she were made of dough, parts of her form filling the gaps between Iris’s fingers, only further squishing every bit of her, while Iris’s hands somehow groped Kyrie’s entire body at once.

Kyrie heard Iris say something, but she couldn’t make out the words, her mind was thrown into disarray as the hands fondled her form, a brief fog coming over her thoughts as if her mind were just as much a plaything for the large hands to knead and squeeze as her body was. To Kyrie’s relief, it was only momentary from the single squeeze, letting her collect herself just long enough to make out the end of Iris’s sentence.

“-keep becoming even more insignificant.” The girl’s word’s stuck at Kyrie again, sparking yet more questions and concern within her. She wondered what exactly Iris meant, how she could have yet fallen even further from the insect and snack Iris had called her, but between the little vision Kyrie had with Iris’s gloves digging into her, she noticed something about the glass panes across from Iris. With the girl having moved just enough, some of the light from behind her illuminated even the dark room they were in enough for Kyrie to see Iris’s reflection upon the glass.

And only her reflection.

Where am I?’ Perhaps it was the lighting wasn’t great or maybe it was Iris’s hands over her, but Kyrie couldn’t see herself anywhere on the glass. It can’t have been because she was too small, she didn’t feel full size yet Iris’s hands were ‘only’ about her scale now, easily should have been seen. She should have been big enough to see in the mirror. Yet, all that could be seen was the image of Iris looking down and groping her own, slightly larger, chest.

Pressure returned to Kyrie’s body before she could ponder the matter further and her thoughts were consumed by a fog once more, but this time the intensity was worse, multiple squeezes assaulted her while her body was jiggled up and down against her will by Iris’s hands. It was hard to focus and think, her thoughts growing ever scattered as if she were trying to concentrate while somebody yelled in her ear on top of the physical distress. ‘A-Ah… S.. p…’

Again, Kyrie was given a moment of peace to try collecting herself, just enough to start making sense of what Iris was saying again. It was like the girl was intentionally toying with her.

“-there isn’t any ‘you’ anymore. It’s my body and my chest, it doesn’t have any of its own sense of self that’s not an extension of mine. Nothing moves unless I allow it.”

The very moment Iris finished her words, the entire world vanished to Kyrie. It wasn’t just her sight, but nigh everything was suddenly ripped away from her. She could not hear anything, she could not see anything, it were like Kyrie had suddenly got blind and deaf at once. Only some sense of touch remained, a fact which served to make Kyrie even more painfully aware of her body’s round shape. She tried to think and speak once more, more so a reflexive need for anything but the utter darkness that’d consumed all, but while not as strong as previously, it still were as if Kyrie’s thoughts had a cloud over them, making it difficult, but not impossible, to focus.

She tried to move, yet now Kyrie lack any control of her body. Not a jiggle, not even the most subtle wobble was something she could manage as if Kyrie were a passenger within her own body. She wasn’t even sure what to compare such a sensation to, at least before being tied up was a weaker, but still not too off sensation as she could force some kind of motion, but now not even that was allowed to her, just as Iris had said.

Kyrie let out another purely mental yelp as her body started gently swaying without her consent again. It was nowhere near the force of before, but it had a subtle, almost rhythmic feeling to it that jostled her form within the cloth and steel confines she was trapped in.

With nothing but her thoughts and the rocking of her body to occupy here, Kyrie tried to make sense of her situation with her fragmented information. Iris had talked about her being even more insignificant, then something about there being no ‘her’ anymore, her body and her chest. Then there had been the glimpse of the mirror Kyrie had, where she couldn’t see herself, but she could see Iris’s hands around her breasts, while Kyrie had seen Iris’s hands grab her own body. But, that couldn’t have made sense.

A slow realization started creeping into Kyrie’s mind, one she wanted to deny, yet the more she thought on it the harder it was. She knew Iris could change matter into various shapes, she had done plenty with the machinery Kyrie gathered and even given her a new outfit upon reaching Earth, while the girl could also absorb parts of people to build her own body, she had even absorbed much of Kyrie’s own and shrunk her to such a small size. But most damning of all had to be what Kyrie saw in the mirror.

Iris hadn’t just digested her, Iris had completely absorbed Kyrie’s entire being into her own like nutrients of a meal. That was what Iris had meant, Kyrie no longer had a separate existence, she was now merely part of Iris’s own body. More exactly, everything she was, everything she had been, everything that made up ‘Kyrie’ was nothing but the fat of Iris’s breasts now.

Iris’s chest wanted to panic, to squirm, to move, to do something, but it couldn’t. Just as Iris had said, it was her body and nothing moved unless she allowed it, the gentle sway and jiggles were of the girl walking or flying, fat couldn’t move on its own will. Anything her chest felt, from the fabric of her clothes cupping and keeping it in place, it was all merely an extension of what Iris already experienced, yet itself was a small fraction of what Iris could. Everything from touch, movement, to even existence itself had no independence from Iris’s. Her breasts were simply one part of a greater whole that comprised her person. ‘Kyrie’ had become entirely absorbed into the existence of “Iris’s chest” that couldn’t see, it couldn’t hear, it could merely exist as a layer of fat part of her supple assets as any body part would. And every slight wobble from Iris doing anything rhythmically chipped further and further away at its denial of the fact, overwhelming any futile protests.

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