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Author's Chapter Notes:

So I finally did a non YuYuYu story. Nanoha is a franchise really lacking in good stories and content in general, and the Reflection manga really grabbed my interest for Iris and Kyrie, while some discussioin with a friend inspired me and led to this. This was going to be a shorter story, but well I really fell in love with the concept and it massively ballooned in scale.

I still describe the characters, but there's a little more expectations on knowing the source material here than in my other stories with how it starts. In case anyone wants some further context or is curious, watch around the 1 hour 30 minutes mark of Reflection to 1:32:10 or read the first few pages of chapter 10 for the manga to see the scene that inspired this.

Marked as incomplete for the moment as I may do a short extra chapter of somebody else's perspective for a certain point at the end I couldn't make fit well with the pacing.

Fire exploded through Kyrie’s body as Iris’ shot pierced her torso like a bullet, the sheer force rupturing her being tossing her against the wall with another jolt before she collapsed onto the floor in a heap, unable to even properly brace herself as only her arms hitting the floor first prevented Kyrie’s face from slamming into it. With a pained grunt and the pressure of Iris’s dismissive stare burning into her worse than the injury ever could, Kyrie weakly applied some weight to her arms to force herself up.

Another flash from her wound almost sent Kyie to a floor a second time, pain flooding through and up her chest till it came out her mouth as blood, ragged coughs trying to clear whatever was left in her throat, each one doing little to help the throbbing of her torso as her body shook. If her physiology wasn’t so sturdy with her nanomachines to take care of it, the hole in her would’ve been a lot more serious. It would repair itself and mend the pain after a short time. However…

“It was such a pain hanging around a spoiled brat like you.”

It could do nothing to stop the biting words of who Kyrie had thought was her closest friend.

“But I am grateful, so let me tell you something.” Iris’s almost mocking tone tore at her again while the girl continued without an ounce of concern to be had for Kyrie in her voice.

Starting to regain a modicum of her energy as her body healed, Kyrie slowly forced herself up, barely enough to at least look Iris in the eye and see the intense stare for herself.

“I am no artificial intelligence. I was a human who lived on Eltoria.” Something started to change in Iris’s tone as she continued, it wasn’t the same condescension and low regard she spoke to Kyrie with moments ago, it was bitter, it was angry. Even her face had become a narrow eyed, restrained fury of memories Kyrie couldn’t understand written across it. “But this demon stole my life, my family, and everything I cared about!”

Kyrie could do nothing but listen as the other spoke and revealed their true nature and goals about becoming trapped in the tablet Kyrie brought with her, to everything having been for revenge. How there was never any intent to fulfill Kyrie’s goal.

“But… even so…” Kyrie started to protest with a whimper. She wanted to say more, to say something, but she didn’t even know what to say, her mind was in tatters trying to make sense of everything. How could Iris have done this? How could she have been her friend, her confidant, the only person outside her family Kyrie had for all those years and do this so heartlessly? There had been some odd moments, times where it felt as if a mask were starting to slip when Iris spoke on her past and Kyrie had brushed them off because she had wanted to trust in her friend and have hope to restore her papa and the world. There had been signs yet... That couldn’t be the truth. Maybe Iris had tricked her, maybe she didn’t care as much as Kyrie did, but it couldn’t have been all nothing but lies and tricks, right? All those years of having fun and laughing together that meant the world to Kyrie couldn’t have truly meant nothing to Iris, could it? Some part of her had to care. ‘It can’t all be… nothing…’

“If your heart truly desires something, troubling others doesn’t matter.” Without even a second of hesitation in her voice, almost as if she knew what Kyrie was thinking, Iris cut her off, slowly starting to take steps toward Kyrie. “Wasn’t that how you were trying to fulfill your own wishes?

Kyrie’s breath stopped and her body froze, a dizzying sensation coming over her whole being as if the disorientation in her head was spreading to her body. Kyrie knew she hurt people, but that was because she had to do it or else her papa and planet were going to die for nothing! She didn’t want to hurt others if she could and tried not to when possible. She felt bad, but there was no choice! But… Was this what she did to people? Was this how her sister felt?

“You used me to hurt everyone.” The brutal honesty in Iris’s words made them even louder and harder for Kyrie to ignore. Every step Iris took only made her seem more imposing and grow, the weight of her words and stare making Kyrie feel ever smaller and pathetic. “We’re the same, you and I.”

Iris’s physical presence further reflected the pressure she was putting on Kyrie, reminding her of the time when she had first discovered Iris as a small child and she looked so tall as all adults did. But why did she suddenly seem so big? Kyrie was on the floor, but it had been years since she grew taller than Iris, she was normally a near whole 10cm larger. The orange haired girl was slowly, tauntingly, stepping toward Kyrie so it was natural Iris would feel bigger as she approached, but something was wrong. Iris was oddly oversized, almost like looking at a tree instead of a person, Kyrie had slowly felt her neck starting to crane more and more upwards to keep looking at her former friend’s face, subtly at first but now it was to a degree which felt unnatural. Did Iris hurt her worse than Kyrie initially thought? She hadn’t lost enough blood to be delirious already, had she? It almost felt like she was getting smaller, but that had to be impossible, she wasn’t really shrinking, right?

“Did it take you this long to notice it?” Iris’s words now had an echo to them, loud and booming, almost as if she were yelling, yet the inflection she spoke them made that impossible, more akin to a normal speaking voice ran through an amplifier.

“Iris, w-what are you doing?” Kyrie’s nervous words pleaded for an answer as her body pushed itself into a half upright position in order to more easily look at the rapidly growing girl, starting to fearfully but slowly shuffle back, yet it did virtually nothing to expand the distance Iris crossed while the scale disparity only grew. There was no mistaking it now, Kyrie truly was getting smaller, it was not her imagination and fears playing tricks on her. Aware of the event, Kyrie started to notice how her frame of reference changed with the passing seconds. At first, it was like Kyrie were a child next to an adult compared to Iris, then a tree, then a skyscraper, smaller parts of Iris body replacing the previous frame of reference as she expanded, her long legs alone comparable to trees by the time Iris whole being was more a building that person. Kyrie had seen huge monsters before, yet something about a person already reaching that size and continuing to grow, especially when that person had just shot her a minute ago, sent a chill up her spine. Kyrie couldn’t do anything but continue to dwindle, too frozen by a combination of confusion over the event, the shock of Iris’s cold betrayal, and her own half healed body to resist.

Iris didn’t immediately answer Kyrie, only appearing to grow exponentially larger till she came to a stop directly above Kyrie, her shoes landing on both sides of her with a terrifying rumble that shook the ground like an earthquake and threw Kyrie into the air briefly. She couldn’t tell if Iris was intentionally putting extra force into her steps to exaggerate the effect or if Kyrie had truly shrunk so much that Iris merely walking next to her was like a force of nature. In her youth, Kyrie had been told fairy tales about small heroes before and even normal things were an ordeal, but they had never been so tiny a person’s mere existence felt this overwhelming. With all the difficulties they had, what would that mean for her?

“You saw how I made this body from the TSAB agents sent after us, how I’ve manipulated everything you’ve brought me into so many different shapes and what I can do with the right amount. It evenrebuilt my power and abilities the more you’ve brought me. With my body finally back, I can do more than ever, even take from your whole body at once to fuel that power.” Iris’s confirmation of stealing her size and voice could only be described as overpowering, rattling Kyrie’s body with vibrations from the sheer volume, yet at the same time sounding so distant despite the volume, it felt like the owner belonged in another world than Kyrie existed in, and for all she knew, that may very well have been the truth. Iris explosive stomps to the side had reflexively made Kyrie flinch and close her eyes, making her oblivious to just how much Iris would have her continue shrinking. That light headedness that had come over her when it started had begun to dissipate, yet with Iris already registering as a ‘skyscraper’ to her mind, Kyrie was dreading to open her eyes and see how insignificant she was now.

“Look at you now… I’ve known you ever since you were small, but now you’re smaller and more pathetic than ever, just like a bug.”

With there finally being a break in the earthquakes taking her balance, coupled with Iris’s words giving a worrying image of how truly tiny she was, Kyrie pushed herself to her knees and finally opened her eyes to look up.

Kyrie’s eyes immediately bulged wide at what greeted them.

To her sides were two massive structures, an immense arch easily several times her height lifting up a large black building with a metallic front and midsection, almost like armor covering softer parts, while a steel pillar propped up the arch around the back, which itself started trailing into a longer pure black pillar resting atop the black building.

Kyrie’s eyes barely had to wander up the monolithic pillars, a blanket of multiple red layers stacked atop each other covering almost the entire section behind them like some great wall, before a terrifying realization struck her. Those “black pillars” gave way to very skin colored pillars not far up, a thin line covering the front of them while the skin tone poked out the sides of it.

Those ‘buildings’ weren’t buildings at all, they were shoes, Iris’s shoes.

With the dawning realization, the immense sizes of everything started to coalesce into more familiar shapes, but it still all felt so wrong, Kyrie’s mind knew shoes weren’t supposed to be that large, yet the reality was right before her eyes. The “black building” was Iris stocking covered feet, while the metalic sections were the stylized steel parts that covered the toe and midsection of her foot, while that ‘pillar’ was simply propping up her feet into a high heel design. It was something that seemed so small before, but now it was an entire building, dozens of meters wide, and the arch of Iris’s heel alone could effortlessly fit a small house under its shadow.

And if those landmarks were simply Iris’s shoes, that meant the ‘red wall’ was her low hanging skirt that nearly reached the floor, yet even the bottom of it now felt as if even a medium sized building would rest far below it. Similarly, the pillars were ‘skin colored’ because they were Iris’s legs. The sheer size of them was staggering for Kyrie to accept for what it meant her size was, because the previous scale Kyrie saw Iris’s whole body looked downright diminutive compared to what wasn’t even half her being now. Eyes going further upward, Kyrie’s dread only grew by the second as she saw Iris leg gradually grow wider up toward her thighs, thicker than most small buildings even in the sprawling city were tall, all the way until Kyrie’s gaze reached the shadowed area of the hem of Iris’s skirt and what would normally stay hidden beneath the purple and dark fabric.

Resting higher than skyscrapers and like a great dome were Iris’s pure black panties. Normally, the darkness of Iris’s skirt may have obscured certain details of it, but when surrounded by the skyscrapers of Iris’s light skinned legs it only served to contrast the darkness of her underwear and highlight every little detail for Kyrie to see with her diminutive perspective of the now massive piece of fabric. Like her chest, Iris’s ass had grown even more mature and shapely in hew newly created body. The dark fabric visibly stretched trying to adequately contain her butt, having a dual effect on her waist area. The first was clearly defining the large orbs of each cheek with a steep slope that came together squeezing the fabric of her panties between Iris’s butt crack, just enough to further show off the shape. The second, was how the strain around the back tightened the fabric of the front, clearly highlighting Iris’s crotch as the edges of the cloth were swallowed up between the gap of her thighs and crotch, the little folds resulting from being pinched appearing large enough to be a ditch beside the valley the underwear sides were caught between, a soft abyss Kyrie herself would have easily been crushed in. Everything down the smallest detail was dizzyingly huge, even the waistband around the top appeared thick enough that Kyrie could’ve stood around the top of it without a care by the clothing’s wearer.

When Kyrie had first met Iris as a young child, the girl had mentioned she was embarrassed over being naked, yet she gave absolutely no indication or care about the view Kyrie was seeing now, even if it was still far less than before. It did little to help Kyrie’s feelings of insignificance, for she couldn’t tell if she was so tiny Iris simply didn’t care as she was practically like an insect skittering around her feet, or because she was of such a pathetic scale that was so far from human, Iris didn’t even consider the natural consequence of Kyrie’s position. Kyrie certainly didn’t ever think about a bug seeing up her skirt whenever she found one wandering around the floor, thinking it the same as another person being there would have seemed ridiculous with how far apart their existence was.

Only halfway up Iris’s body, Kyrie had yet more to beat in how truly insignificant she was now. Going along the rest of Iris’s form, her intricate uniform of black and red with metallic parts around the waist and skirt hem only furthered the imagery of Iris being comparable to some kind of monument with steel reinforcement along parts of it. Everything from the long skirt that blocked off all of the outside world beyond directly behind Kyrie, the partially open black stockings, and metal parts of the dress, it all didn’t seem real as merely a person’s clothes. Every time, Kyrie’s mind snapped to something else she struggled to make sense of. The only large things Kyrie saw in person before arriving in the sprawling cities of Earth had been natural landmarks and the great monsters of Eltoria. She had barely gotten used to the giant steel structures of Earth, but her mind still couldn’t group Iris with them with all the skin and broadly recognizable as human features, yet at the same time, she felt too large to ever see as a person. Or perhaps it was Kyrie who had shrunk too small for that label a stray, worrying thought briefly entered her mind.

The world having decided Kyrie had not suffered enough, the sensation of dread, twinged with fear, reached its peak once Kyrie’s gaze finally arrived at Iris’s head. Peering down at her from such a high distance it felt as if watching a cloud, were the massive girl’s dismissive and scornful eyes. Kyrie had felt the weight of that gaze merely a minute ago, but like everything else, the pressure felt immensely worse, the hairs on her neck starting to stand on end merely from trying to meet the powerful gaze eye to eye.

Every feature on Iris’s face was like its own billboard that broadcasted its owner’s emotions with perfect clarity, both eyes a small lake of derision, her mouth a sneering scar over the landscape of Iris’s face, every ounce of disdain was plain to see and tore at Kyrie like a dagger. Until Iris’s sudden betrayal, Kyrie had never seen such an expression on her friend’s face, but to see it now, on such a large scale that, more than anything so far, made Kyrie truly feel small. Had it not been for the slight forward lean of Iris’s face and the gap between her breasts, each one like that of a small mountain that blocked all behind them, that the outfit afforded vs most others, Kyrie wouldn’t have even been able to see the bottom of Iris’s chin behind the generous endowment. She only saw this because Iris wanted her to see it

Iris let out a loud sigh, the slightest breeze from it reaching down to Kyrie. “But, I’ve wasted enough time here. I’m done talking. Bye bye, insignificant stranger.”



Something deep inside Kyrie broke.


Iris didn’t care.


Iris never cared.

I…really don’t mean anything…’ Tears started forming in her eyes as the truth finally dawned on her. It really was all a lie. Everything Iris had done for Kyrie over half her life since Kyrie was a small child, every time she listened to Kyrie’s troubles and comforted her about them, every time Iris taught her something new, every time Iris tried to reassure her the planet and her father would get better someday, none of it came from a place of friendship, not even the slightest trace. It had all been exactly the truth Iris tried to tell her a minute ago that Kyrie didn’t, and couldn’t, accept. Those memories which meant the world to Kyrie meant nothing to Iris. Iris didn’t care for Kyrie beyond being a tool. The gap in their size now, with Iris looming so far above it was like she were in another world, with Kyrie so utterly insignificant and beneath Iris’s notice, they could only be acknowledged and seen if Iris looked down on her like some pathetic insect barely worth her time, something Iris could have now easily walked away from and never thought twice about, was merely how Iris metaphorically saw Kyrie, but now reflected in physical reality

Completely insignificant.

An instinctive panic came over Kyrie and sheer self-preservation reflex snapped her mind back to the basest of clarity. Focusing on what her body was reacting to, a titanic wall of metal, tens of meters long and half as wide, cast an oppressive shadow over the landscape and blocked her vision of the sky. To her horror, Kyrie realized the shape and surrounding features, like a metal pillar far behind it, was the front of Iris’s shoe. She had been so shattered by her tormentor’s statement and caught up in what it meant, Kyrie completely failed to notice Iris had raised their shoe above her. Iris cared so little about her, she was going to squash Kyrie like a pest under her boot!

The entire building worth of metal suddenly shot down like a meteor.

Kyrie had almost zero time to react. She had been too distracted to do anything but realize the object was coming for her till it was too late, there would be no escape with her injury. All Kyrie was able to do was reflexively ball up and scream as the most intense earthquake of Kyrie’s life shook the entire world. She felt her body thrown like a ragdoll through the air and sent tumbling, a shockwave so loud and powerful every atom of her body vibrated in pain and briefly made her feel more liquid than solid, all sound replaced by a deafening ringing that overpowered any and all thoughts until she crashed back to the floor.

But there was no crushing pressure, no sensation of her body breaking and being flattened to a stain on Iris’s shoes, something which should have come with Iris stepping on her.

“Maybe I was too generous comparing you to an insect before. At least it would know to try and run from danger to not get stepped on.”

Even with the terrible pain in her ears, which likely only survived thanks to her strong body and nanomachines, Kyrie still heard the disappointed, almost exasperated even, voice of Iris rattle her body. But if she heard them, that meant Kyrie was alive, but how?

Slowly opening her eyes with trepidation as her body gradually recovered from the awful earthquake, the first thing Kyrie noticed was the sneer on Iris’s face looming over her, alongside one of her legs being ever so slightly extended, likely what was barely even noticeable to Iris, yet the incline it made to Kyrie was quiet clear. Following it, Kyrie’s vision was led to her side, where she instantly saw the familiar wall of metal on the side of Iris’s shoes. Unlike before, Kyrie could now see her tiny form reflected in the shiny steel, once more letting Kyrie see how puny she was to the rest of the world, but that now almost familiar sensation barely lasted a second as Kyrie noticed how uncomfortably close it was, to where she could not even see the toe section of Iris’s heels anymore, as the wall of steel extended too far over her peripheral to see all but a slight curve over a dozen meters to her side.

Iris had, at the very last second, changed her foot’s path and spared Kyrie from being squished flat, missing Kyrie by only a few meters. No, meters were merely from herperspective. From Iris’s,she was barely centimeters off of making Kyrie a stain on her boots.

But... why didn’t she crush me?’ Iris had made it abundantly clear how little she cared for Kyrie, or rather didn’t care at all. Even if she didn’t have any concern for Kyrie as a friend, maybe Iris at least had enough mercy for her as a living person to not kill her like a pest? But she had made crushing her flat seem like such a real possibility. Maybe Iris was simply toying with her, taking out the years of frustration over having pretended to be Kyrie’s friend despite how annoying she was, all while Kyrie herself was utterly powerless to do anything.

What can I even do…’ Kyrie mentally whined. Whatever the reason Iris had, nothing Kyrie could do would matter. Iris had already proven she could easily kill her if she wanted to. Iris could do whatever she wanted with Kyrie, and the pink haired girl could only hope she would be done soon.

“If that’s how you’re going to be…”

Unfortunately for Kyrie, Iris was far from done. With her declaration, Iris crouched down with an outstretched arm and readied fingers reaching for Kyrie. It was the most motion Kyrie had seen her make since becoming so small, as if an entire landmark had suddenly started moving on its own, but Kyrie’s mind was already starting to get used to the absurdity in scale, or maybe she simply didn’t care anymore. Iris’s massive form drawing closer, her sour face gaining even more detail, her black panties and crotch taking up the lower half of Kyrie’s field of view, and especially Iris’s index finger and thumb reaching right for her, those things might have made Kyrie back away or at least inspired some kind of reaction in her before. But what was the use in resisting? If she tried to run, Iris would catch her immediately. No, she was at Iris’s mercy until she allowed Kyrie to go.

Not even bothering to resist, frozen partially by terror and partially by a complete lack of will to do so, Iris’s pillar sized fingers descended upon Kyrie’s sides. At her current scale, it was plain to see how even such a small part of Iris’s body dwarfed her. Iris’s index fingertip alone was over double Kyrie’s size, being so much larger than Kyrie, she could see exactly where Iris’s long, feminine fingernails began and ended underneath the black glove and how it pushed out the fabric in ways Iris herself would have likely paid no heed to with how minor it was. But to Kyrie, the fingernail was double the length of her body and she even felt the harder material partially pinch her between it. The result was a sharp contrast in what her body experienced, with one part of it firmly pinned between the soft, clothy material of Iris’s gloves with her squishy fingers beneath, great body heat radiating from all sides of both fingers carrying her that felt comparable to a headed, immense sized pillow. The other part of her felt something much different, with the same fabric, but there was a harder, more course layer beneath it. If the bits of her body squished between the fingers were like a heated, oversized pillow, then the parts touching her fingernail were comparable to laying on a piece of wood covered in soft fabric.

Rapidly, but nothing Kyrie was unused to with her flight abilities, Iris raised her finger’s package upwards until Kyrie reached her face. Though much of her vision was obscured by Iris’s gloved fingers blocking off her world, she could still plainly see the details of Iris’s face at an even more magnified level. Her flawless and smooth skin, the narrowed and judgmental eyes, how each individual strand of hair was almost a thin rope, to the upturned lip and the slight opening that led to a dark cave behind it. All Kyrie could do was take in the only bit of the outside world she could see now. Struggling was pointless, Iris had already completely beaten her, Kyrie truly was of no importance to her and Iris could do whatever she pleased in this situation when mere fingers were like buildings. Scrutinized under such a gaze and with Iris’s face her whole field of view now, she felt every bit as pathetic as Iris’ taunting had claimed she was. Everything she had spent most of her life on had all been for nothing.

“If you’re this small and pathetic now, not even able to try and save yourself,maybe I should finish the rest of you off.” Iris thundering, harsh words rattled Kyrie’s mind and body.

Finish the rest of you off..?’ A rising, primal fear started taking hold in Kyrie as she tried to process what was being said. There was no way Iris meant what Kyrie thought she did, right? Kyrie was insignificant to her, but Iris wouldn’t actually kill her, would she? She could have squished Kyrie like a bug under her heels but had spared her at the last second. Even if she was no different than anyone else to the giant girl, surely Iris had some mercy for Kyrie as a person.

“Bye bye, insignificant snack.”

Wha-’ Kyrie didn’t even complete her thought before she was lurched forward and shaken to the reality in front of her. Iris wide mouth slowly started opening in time with her growing closer to it. The plush, feminine lips parted to reveal a dark, wet looking cavern behind them. Two rows of pure white teeth lined the ceiling and floor of it, glistening with a sheen of saliva that only made them further stand out in the darkness. But with the whites of her teeth bordering it, that made it all the easier to see the slimy, giant pink monster that was Iris’ tongue. The beast was massive, the sheer size next to Kyrie giving off the same impression as if looking at one of Eltoria’s larger monsters, no even bigger. A dozen meters wide and tens long, yet itself was only a small part of a much greater, much hungrier body.

“I-Iris, d-don’t…” Any further words died before Kyrie could speak them, only managing a weak, almost breathless murmur the giant girl likely didn’t even hear. The truth of what was before her, of what it implied of Iris’ intent for her, left Kyrie speechless. ‘S-She wouldn’t.’

“Aaaah…” Deaf to Kyrie’s pleas, a mocking, expectant rumble rose from Iris’ throat, washing a wave of humid, warm air over Kyrie, every bit of it tainted by Iris’ leftover breath and even that simple action from Iris generated enough wind to start blowing Kyrie’s hair. As if to make Iris’ intent even more clear, her tongue menacingly twitched and bobbed in anticipation of the morsel being offered to it, reaching just past her lower lip toward Kyrie, like it was welcoming her as food.

“Stop!” The full weight of what was coming hitting Kyrie, she screamed and begged in desperation while new energy forced her body to start struggling. Iris wasn’t joking, she was actually going to eat Kyrie and if they didn’t escape her grasp, she could forget about being seen as even a stranger, even a person, or even as a bug, Iris saw her as less than all of that. Right now, Iris only saw her as food. If she went past Iris’ lips and down that black, undulating abyss of her throat, that would be it for Kyrie. Iris would send her to their stomach without a second thought to be dissolved into nutrients for her new body.

But even with the threat of imminent death forcing Kyrie’s body to move out of sheer panic from her survival instincts when it wouldn’t before, she could do nothing. All her strength, all her struggling, it did little more than afford Kyrie the ability to wiggling around between Iris’ fingers, but even that felt more because of the natural softness of her glove’s fabric and skin beneath it absorbing Kyrie’s flailing. If Iris even felt or hear Kyrie’s pleas for mercy, she gave zero indication of it. Something, she had to think of something to get out of this, the shadow of Iris’ immense upper lip was already beginning to pass over as an eclipse and Kyrie could no longer even see her captor’s face anymore. But what could she do? Would even her System Alter do anything to save her at this point with how much power Iris held? “Iris, don’t eat me!”

The world turned to darkness as Iris’s plush lips closed. But before Kyrie even had a second to comprehend the closed mouth had sealed her off from the outside world alongside her fate, an immense wet and spongy object swept her up as the warmth of Iris’s fingers and gloves faded, replaced by a sticky, slimy experience that instantly soaked her body and made Kyrie cling to whatever the colossal structure the entire back of her being was stuck to.

Those were far from the only sensations that assaulted her being as the rest of her body started to adapt to the new environment. It was humid and hot, much like Iris’s breath had been moments ago, yet now it was everywhere at once, the air she felt, the oxygen which burned her lungs, nothing in the entire cave was free from the taint of Iris’s breath. The other was the sounds, the feeling of air moving around, a distant grumble which came from the other end of the cave, sounds of liquid seeping into the landscape and sloshing around. It all came together that painted a horrifyingly clear image of exactly where Kyrie was, exactly what was in store for her.

She was in Iris’s mouth, stuck to her gargantuan tongue like a piece of saliva logged food.

Allowed only exactly enough time for the realization to strike her, the entire world moved with Kyrie and threw her senses into even more chaos. A torrent of the slimy fluids washed over her like a flood, almost detaching her from the tongue until it slammed into another, almost as soft fleshy wall, firmly pinning Kyrie to it with the pressure of Iris’s tongue as it started grinding her across it, a layer of saliva building up between Kyrie that forced the shrunken girl to hold her breath on reflex. It was the one and only bit of meaningful influence Kyrie could exert on her own body. The force pinning her to what must’ve been Iris’s cheek was so powerful, Kyrie could barely manage to wiggle her body with her most desperate struggles to stay alive as not a single part of her wasn’t trapped between the soft walls of Iris’s tongue and cheek.

Another wave of saliva enveloped Kyrie as she was finally free from the pressure on her sides, but instead, an intense sensation of motion took root and threw her sense of direction into chaos, she was at a complete loss of what was up, what was down, or even what was the way out. Her whole body was wrapped in a coffin of slime that slowed her movements as Iris swished her snack around her mouth in a lake of spit, leaving Kyrie unable to even scream.

Every part of Kyrie’s mind was flooded with panic and drive to do anything to not be eaten. All the power Iris had lorded over her before and now was barely given a thought over pure survival instinct, all Kyrie knew was she had to be anywhere but where she was, anywhere but inside of Iris’s mouth while she was savored like a snack. She had not a clue of what to do if she managed to get out, but whatever it would be was preferable to drowning in Iris’s spit like this!

Wait, if I’m not stuck to her tongue then…!’ The realization ignited a small, solitary spark of hope in Kyrie’s chest. She was being thrown like a ragdoll in a storm, but the pressure was nowhere near as terrible as Iris’s fingers or her tongue. It was difficult, but she could move. And if she could move, that meant she could fly too!

With every ounce of strength she could muster, Kyrie tore herself free from the sticky prison and floated in the air, trying her best to resist the same pressure Iris was using to move the fluids in her mouth, something that took most of her power, but it wasn’t hopeless, she had real control over herself for the first time since Iris picked her up.

...Where do I go now?’ The light of her formula suit prevented complete blackness, yet it was the absolute bare minimum, more so a glowstick than a flashlight in how well it lit up the cave, letting Kyrie see little more than her own body. Even with some light, the darkness of Iris’s mouth was so all consuming that Kyrie still may as well been blind, unable to tell which way led to freedom and which to certain doom.

Almost as soon as she had gotten it, any hope Kyrie had was literally crushed by the sensation of Iris’s tongue painfully slamming into her from below, crushing Kyrie against another flesh like substance, yet this one was harder and more solid than before.

Whatever it was, it didn’t matter though. Kyrie was exactly back where she started. Even trying to fly was completely useless, Iris could use her tongue to catch her no matter where Kyrie went and once again, her attempts at struggling were useless, even more so than before. Even with her strong physiology and suit, the strain of previous battles, and useless flailing against Iris’s body with her now somewhat healed injury was beginning to take a toll on Kyrie’s own, fatigue catching up even with her desperate drive to live, weakening her attempts to get free as her body lacked the ability to properly react to the terror her mind felt.

Kyrie could feel Iris sucking on her like candy, a great pull on her body that was only resisted by the giant girl’s tongue keeping her in place. Kyrie wasn’t sure how long the humiliation lasted, it could have been seconds, it could have been minutes, but it was long enough most of Kyrie’s struggles had died away. She lacked the energy to even try and resist the grip of Iris’s tongue, something which Iris herself likely put barely a trace of effort into vs Kyrie’s full body flailing, merely able to rest against the squishy and hard flesh around her.

Kyrie remained in her situation until another, different sensation assaulted her. She was starting to slide downwards, down the tongue, aided by the monster sized thing starting to shift itself to better accelerate Kyrie’s descent. Likewise, the thickness of the saliva only grew as the fell, as if it was being funneled into the same destination.

But if I’m going down… then…’ Kyrie’s tired mind started piecing together where she was headed. Iris had finished savoring her snack, savoring her, and was ready to finish her food. And what did somebody do when they were done with a mouthful?

They swallowed it.

Kyrie started to descend even quicker as the fear in her mind rose in time with how fast and rapidly she went down. It was so dark, Kyrie couldn’t even tell when she would reach Iris’s throat until she did, but it had to be any moment. She was going to be reduced completely to food any second.

“I-Iris…!” Kyrie made one last, desperate plea with a ragged voice in the hope Iris would change her mind at the last second. Just like when Iris could have crushed her flat, she was going to cough Kyrie up and trying to eat her had to be another cruel trick.


It wasn’t a trick.

She was nothing but food to Iris now.

Unable to even scream at the reality, Kyrie was once more entombed in a lake of saliva as her angle of descent went to straight down as the overpowering sound of Iris swallowing her blanketed the world before yet another intense wave of pressure pinned Kyrie from all sides, slimy walls of muscle squeezing her and beginning the trip to her final destination. Her body wanted to struggle on instinct, but with Iris’s mouth having sucked most of her energy, Kyrie was powerless as she was sent down Iris’s throat into the depths of her body.

Just like any other piece of food, Iris gullet greedily pulled Kyrie down as quickly as it could, eager to send her to the stomach to be processed into nutrients. Without any ability to resist, the truth of what was in store festered and rapidly expanded over Kyrie’s mind as she traveled down, with only a momentary set of rhythmic thumps from Iris’s heartbeat that came and slowly faded mercifully interrupting her thoughts.

No matter how much Kyrie wanted to deny reality, she simply couldn’t. She was no different than a piece of food Iris had eaten many times before, traveling down as a small, insignificant bulge in her throat to the pit of her stomach, utterly gone and indistinguishable to the outside world. Somebody could have been looking directly at Iris, yet unless they saw Kyrie get eaten, they would have no clue the tiny bump in the girl’s neck was actually a person and not food. Her existence had been completely consumed by Iris’s in the same way all food was.

The pressure around Kyrie’s sides suddenly released, ejecting her downward with force as part of a large glob of mucus until it impacted with something in a wet splash, throwing Kyrie aside and into another liquid.

More her body trying to sustain itself than anything, Kyrie flailed with sore limbs until her head breached the surface of the far slimier and thick liquid. Kyrie already knew where she was, there was only one place she could be. But everything about the oppressive environment merely served to reinforce the thought further.

The loud, echoing sounds of gurgles and groans coming from all over the pitch black chamber which felt everywhere at once, the viscous liquid that felt like slime which rocked Kyrie around like a raft in a storm, the booming crashing of waves and sloshing liquid all around her and often close enough she both felt and heard it. But the most damning of all was the slight tingling, almost burning, sensation sloshing around inside the liquid inspired.

This was Iris’s stomach.

Fresh tears started welling up in Kyrie’s eyes with the realization. Even as hopeless as it seemed in Iris’s mouth, it still felt like there was some kind of escape route for her to strive for, a delusional hope she might be able to get fly past Iris’s lips to avoid being eaten, but here? There was no way out. Even if she somehow flew up Iris’s throat, Iris could easily swallow her again and had already proven Kyrie couldn’t win against her mouth when she had energy. If she wasn’t so drained by her prior struggles, if she still had her original hope of saving the planet and her papa to fight for, maybe Kyrie could have found energy to at least try, but she had none of that.

Iris has lied about everything, there was no miracle which would save her world and family. She had spent over half her life being deceived and all her work amounted to nothing, there wasn’t anything she could do at this pathetic size, Iris had already proven that quite easily when even her fingers and mouth utterly dominated Kyrie. To Iris, she may as well not even been ‘Kyrie’ anymore, she was merely food and a meal like anything else a person eats. Iris’s stomach likewise saw her as not a ‘person’ but merely ‘fuel’ to process into more energy for Iris’s recently formed body, and it would carry out the thoughts of its owner without any care or regard for the meal resting in it, no matter how much it pleaded and begged. Everything that Kyrie had worked for and was would be digested into nothing but a few extra calories for the very person that used her to end.

“Onee-chan… I’m sorry…” Iris’s snack cried to herself as another wave and churn of the stomach rocked her around the liquid. She should have listened to her sister, she wished she could apologize in person, but it was far too late for that.

There wasn’t anything left for Kyrie than for the stomach to turn her into part of Iris’s body.



Iris let out a soft sigh after she swallowed, feeling the slight bulge in her throat vanish into her chest and knowing Kyrie would reach her stomach in moments.

That took a little longer than expected. Maybe I went a little far, but if I didn’t, she wouldn’t have accepted the truth.’ Iris knew how Kyrie was, in some ways she arguably knew Kyrie better than herself. Iris knew that she was being excessive in her cruel language and actions, but if she did not make it painfully clear to Kyrie and play up the cruelty, she knew the other girl would constantly try and rationalize or plead with Iris, following her around and interrupting her plans. Part of Iris did sympathize a little with Kyrie and if Iris were honest with herself, she didn’t care as little as she had said but it was what Iris had to do. Kyrie was simply the wrong girl in the right place to help Iris get what she needed, and she wasn’t going to give up until she got her revenge on Yuri, even if that meant she had to hurt people.

If Iris hadn’t shrunk her down, Kyrie might’ve become a thorn in her side later as she still had things to do. She had hoped being such a pathetic scale and the scare of almost being flattened would make her scurry off and hide somewhere till Iris had the time to come back. It would’ve gotten Kyrie out of the way and absolutely ensured she wouldn’t be involved in the storm Iris was about to unleash on the world. But her taunting had been too successful and Kyrie was too broken to even try and not get stepped on, she would’ve been crushed if Iris had really wanted to.

Panicking like some insect cowering at her feet and being so out of sorts she didn’t even try to escape being crushed the first time, it almost made Iris feel a twinge of pity, but there was no going back. If Kyrie was that unable to help herself, then it was best if Iris simply consumed her before something else killed them. With her unique powers, it would be an easy matter to absorb Kyrie into part of her body and reform her later to go running back home and cry to her family. She had to be absolutely certain all the fight had been beaten out of Kyrie before she ate her though. It was best to make the process as simple as possible with dissolving her into nutrients. If Kyrie tried to fight, that would’ve made the whole ordeal far more painful and drawn out for the girl than it needed to be, Iris didn’t want to waste more time than needed.

“Let’s see, she should be in my stomach by now…” Iris said to herself, looking down at her gut and putting a hand on it. Kyrie was so small that Iris had barely felt her go down their throat, but she could still sense the girl’s presence and they were indeed resting inside her stomach like any other food. Perfect, that was what Iris needed.

This should be quick.’ With her ability set, Iris had almost complete control over her body’s physiology and functions. She could change just about anything about herself, from making her body into the younger appearance Iris had used for most of her life, to the older, more mature body she created from the biomass of the TSAB soldiers and currently wore. Combined with her ability to absorb and change the shape of things, such as the construction equipment Kyrie gathered into combat machines, it would be a trivial matter to speed up how quickly her body digested Kyrie and turn a potentially hours long process of dissolving and absorbing her as food would normally be down to seconds.

Focusing briefly on herself and Kyrie, Iris weaved her powers, strengthening her stomach acid tremendously, using it as a further aid in simultaneously melting down Kyrie’s body as part of it to absorb as part of her own, not too dissimilar from what she had done with stealing parts of flesh from the TSAB, yet with her absorbing Kyrie’s entire body instead of forcibly ripping chunks of it apart without the power of her own body and how much quicker the process would be, it would be nowhere near as painful. It was the quickest and most merciful way to carry out absorbing Kyrie without prolonging her suffering even more. Kyrie had at least earned that much for how useful she had been to Iris’s goals.

In a matter of moments, Iris felt Kyrie’s presence fade away and into her’s, absorbing everything that Kyrie was into part of Iris’s being. Her energy, her body, it all ceased to be as its own independent existence, instead becoming nothing more than an extension and part of Iris’s till there was nothing left of ‘Kyrie’ that was not part of ‘Iris’, even her presence was gone and entirely subsumed into Iris’s, no longer possible to sense apart from her or to even sense any unique part of it. ‘Kyrie’ no longer existed now.

However, there was one unexpected side effect Iris witnessed.

“Huh?” Iris raised an eyebrow as, while looking down and finishing off Kyrie, she saw her chest suddenly expand before her eyes. Enough the slight gap between her breasts was suddenly filled by both orbs growing in size and creating more visible cleavage from squishing together, with her chest almost starting to spill out of her new outfit and it felt tight around her torso, almost a cup size too small.

“I didn’t think I would grow that much from her…” Iris muttered to herself. This had been the first time doing exactly this to another person and Iris knew the extra materials would be part of her body, like when she stole Kyrie’s size and made herself taller, but Kyrie was already so small by the time Iris ate her, she wouldn’t have expected such growth and in this specific spot, even if Kyrie’s chest had blossomed quite generously.

A subtle, almost unnoticed, restrained wobble went through Iris’s chest, to her growing surprise. It was subdued, enough that Iris probably wouldn’t have noticed it were she going about her day and not specifically looking at her breasts, yet it was unmistakable it wasn’t her motions doing such.

Curiosity and a theory rising in her, Iris used her magic to reshape her outfit to accommodate her now larger chest, resembling exactly as it had before, but simply made to better cup her new assets without such a tight fit.

Expectedly, Iris’s chest briefly swayed as it fell back into place with more room to contain it. Yet unexpectedly, she felt another faint jiggle of her chest occur on its own shortly after it had settled into the new fittings that continued.

“Hm, so that’s what happened.” Iris mumbled to herself. When absorbing Kyrie, it meant absorbing everything about her, down to her mind and spirit. Reforming her body later wouldn’t do much good if it was just an empty husk in the shape of Kyrie. Like when absorbing flesh, it was natural it would be added to part of her being, but being the first instance of such, Iris could not predict exactly what that would entail or how absorbing Kyrie’s consciousness would be reflected in her body. Perhaps as irony over what was her most prominent asset, consuming Kyrie’s existence had resulted in her becoming that very asset upon Iris’s body, nothing but an extra layer of conscious fat for her breasts. Perhaps a touch embarrassing, but maybe that would make Iris’s job easier later with knowing her location. Still, even if not much, it would be more convenient for her assets to stay still. She would have to put her chest in its place again.

“Perhaps I was wrong again, you somehow keep becoming even more insignificant.” Iris began harshly, slipping into the same tone and mask she did earlier with a firm squeeze of her chest in order to keep it still, robbing even the bare minimum of movement it had before with a single grope Iris didn’t even have to apply much pressure for.

“I don’t know what you can sense or if you can even understand me anymore when even a bug or snack has more of an independent existence.” Iris began, applying another squeeze and slight bounce to reinforce the points she was about to make, just in case her chest couldn’t comprehend speech anymore physically removing the little control it had would serve the purpose well. “Although, perhaps you’re worth more part of me than you were as either of those when you were so small that either of these could have crushed your former self and I should thank you for the extra physique. But there isn’t any of ‘you’ anymore. It’s my body and my chest, it doesn’t have any of its own sense of self that’s not an extension of mine. Nothing moves unless I allow it.”

Releasing her chest, Iris made another quick adjustment to her outfit, slightly tightening the fit around her breasts again to better restrain them. Likewise, with the near perfect control of her own body, Iris weaved some more magic to still any unintended bounces from her chest, her body would not do anything she did not will it to. After a few moments to test for a reaction, Iris felt nothing unnatural. Regardless of if it was the tighter fit around her chest, Iris’s own control of her body, or what was left of Kyrie simply lost the will to fight again, it was the end result Iris wanted for now.

That was a little embarrassing, but not as much as I thought it would be…’ Maybe it was because despite Kyrie now literally being her boobs, it was still her own body in the end, maybe it was because nobody else was around and conscious to hear, or even because she was getting quite used to this behavior with how oddly natural it came to her, or some combination of the three. Whatever the reason, it was nothing Iris couldn’t handle. She had work to do now.

Walking with a slight bounce, and no accident to it, in her step, Iris prepared for the next step in her plan.

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