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Story Notes:

This is an erotic story that was written for mature adults with a sexual preference for vorarephilia. It contains depictions of physical and psychological cruelty that some people may find disturbing. Minors and people who feel that such depictions upset them are therefore explicitly asked not to read this story. Moreover, this story is entirely fictional and all characters are at least 18 years old.

A Matter of Principle

The crimson evening sun had just set somewhere beyond the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean when Paige, her brother Dylan and his girlfriend Jordan carefully made their way through another patch of high grass and bushes just a little further inland from the beach, accompanied by around a dozen of their comrades. Once they crawled up a small hill, hidden behind some dense, thorny shrubbery, she glanced over towards their target, drawing a sharp, anxious breath as she did. The facility was enormous, almost the size of a small town. An entire network of truck terminals, parking lots, administration buildings, warehouses and roads glittering in the darkness of the beginning night. All of it was surrounded by a security perimeter, consisting of a strip of open terrain illuminated by glaring flood lights and a chain link fence with barbed wire. From the distance, one might have thought it to be just another warehouse complex on the city outskirts, perhaps one with slightly higher security than average. But Paige and her friends knew better. It was one of Vortex’s largest ‘processing centres’ in North America. It was a place one entered as human being and left as pre-packaged food. For those who, days before, had been one’s work colleagues, classmates, neighbours, perhaps even friends. It was a travesty, and tonight, Paige and her friends would burn it to the ground.

Not literally, of course – there weren’t nearly enough of them to take on the entire facility, and the whole idea was to stop people from getting hurt. But if everything went according to plan, they would throw a spanner into the works of this depraved corporation for a couple of hours, maybe even days, and save thousands from being eaten. And perhaps most importantly, they would show the entire world that there actually was resistance. That there still were people who wouldn’t eat their fellow human beings, no matter the ‘reason’.

Paige heard a distinct metallic clicking sound beside her and glanced over to Dylan, her eyes widening as she saw that he had pulled back the slide of a small handgun, loading a cartridge into the chamber. She hated the mere sight of these things.

“Dylan!” She hissed beneath her breath, trying not to raise her voice. “What the hell is that?”

“Sorry, sis.” Dylan said and shook his head. “Not going in there without some insurance.”

“That’s not what we agreed on.” Paige shot back. “You said we wouldn’t hurt anyo…”

“Oh, grow up, Paige.” Jordan snarled at her, producing a handgun of her own from her pocket. “You can’t fight these fascists by throwing scented candles at them.”

Dylan reassuringly put his hand on his sister’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. We’ll only use them if it’s really necessary. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be in and out in a matter of minutes, long before anyone in there notices what’s really going on.”

Paige clenched her teeth and gave Dylan and Jordan a look of stern disapproval, but decided not to say anything. They had come this far already and now wasn’t the time to start arguing with them. She could only hope that they wouldn’t do something really stupid.

“Are you ready?” Her brother whispered and looked around, pulling a phone from his pocket.

The others nodded as they got behind some of the greenery closest to the security perimeter, then Dylan entered a phone number and pressed the dial button. “Eat this, motherfuckers.”

For one or two seconds, nothing seemed to happen, then there suddenly was a bright, orange light, almost instantly followed by the sound of an explosion and a small shockwave ripping through the night. The lights throughout the facility flickered and then went out, and while some dim illumination returned as backup generators kicked in, it appeared that blowing up the nearby substation had indeed taken out the flood lights – and hopefully the electric fence. Even before she knew it herself, Paige found herself sprinting across the neatly trimmed grass inside the security perimeter with the others, breathing heavily as she looked up into the stars of the cool night sky above. She could feel her heart beat up to her neck, adrenaline pumping through her veins as she heard the ghostly, high-pitched howl of sirens flare up somewhere behind the fence. They had expected this, and bombing the substation would also provide for a diversion, but the terrifying sound was a stark reminder that there was no going back now.

Once they reached the fence, the group threw themselves flat on the ground again, looking around for a few seconds to check if there was any activity in their vicinity. This not being the case, Jordan held a long blade of grass she had picked up earlier against one of the wires. After a couple of moments, she nodded towards the others to indicate that the electricity was indeed off, and two of their comrades immediately began to cut a hole into the fence. All the while, Paige nervously looked around to check for any approaching guards or vehicles, but it seemed like they hadn’t been noticed yet. Finally, they broke through the fence and carefully crawled through the hole onto the main grounds of the processing facility. There, they slipped into a narrow alleyway between two buildings, the sound of around a dozen pairs of hiking shoes and boots running across solid concrete making way more noise than Paige was comfortable with. The only thing that was even louder was the incessant, monotonous blare of the sirens as their pitch continued to fall and rise again over intervals of a few seconds. The noise nearly drove her mad with anxiety, and she noticed that her hands were shaking.

Soon, they reached a large car park in front of an administration building, briefly stopping in front of a visitor information sign with a swirling Vortex logo to regroup. Carefully looking around once more, they then proceeded towards the entrance, with Jordan violently smashing the closed doors so that they could proceed. Paige flinched once again as the noise of breaking glass echoed across the parking lot, but ironically, the blasting sirens once more drowned out all other sounds. The group then swiftly proceeded into the building, broken glass shards cracking beneath their boots as they stepped through the doorframe and hurried through the atrium into one of the main corridors, glowing red with alarm lights. Paige had just calmed down a little, the howl of the sirens continuing as they entered into the depths of the building, when they turned around a corner and ran right into a young, confused looking guard.

For a split second, they just stared at each other, then he suddenly reached for his gun. Frozen in shock, Paige just kept staring back at him, her brain virtually screaming at her that she was about to get killed, but her body was unable to translate this information into action. Just as the guard’s hand closed around the grip of his pistol, however, there was a deafening bang. Her eardrums feeling as if they had almost ruptured, Paige inhaled the pungent smell of burnt powder and felt drops of warm fluid splash over her face as the guard collapsed onto the cold tiled floor. She touched her face, suddenly finding her palms smeared with red blood.

“We got to hurry up.” Dylan said, grabbing her upper arm and pulling her along with him as he stepped over the guard on the floor, lowering his smoking gun.

Paige began to feel dizzy. “You… You shot him.” She stammered as they continued to hurry down the corridor. He didn’t say anything, and looking over at his girlfriend, Paige noted that Jordan too, despite her bellicose rhetoric earlier, looked pale, her eyes wide and unfocussed.

Then Paige heard another, more distant bang and flinched as she heard a sharp zipping sound next to her right ear, a bullet slamming into the wall behind her and spraying pulverised plaster over her shoulder. She looked down the corridor they were supposed to head down next, and saw two guards running towards them, pointing their weapons at them and shouting.

“Drop your guns!” One of them yelled and then jumped behind a corner as Dylan and Jordan returned fire, the latter spraying the entire hallway with bullets and barely aiming at all.

“What now?” Asked Miguel, one of the other members of their team, as Dylan dragged Paige into a doorframe and fired another shot back at the approaching guards, forcing the other one to take cover behind a drinks dispenser. “The machines are that way.”

Dylan didn’t answer, instead taking aim and taking another shot at one of the guards. He only missed his face by a couple of inches, making him hide behind the corner again as he shouted something to his colleague. Then he fired a bullet into the drinks dispenser, the sound of shattering glass echoing through the hallway, accompanied by a surprised shriek from the guard.

“Dylan?” Miguel asked again and put his hand on his shoulder, causing him to flinch slightly.

“Let. Me. Think.” Dylan replied angrily through his clenched teeth and flashed him an almost psychotic look before firing yet another shot down the hallway.

The loud bang made Paige wince once again and was followed by a ringing noise in her ears. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, trying to collect herself, but even though she managed to calm her breathing a little, her mind was racing with thoughts, the repressed feeling of panic in her chest fuelled by the increasingly strong smell of seared powder and hot metal. Somewhere in the distance, the howl of the sirens continued, an eerie chorus singing of their imminent doom. Everything had gone to shit.

“The post processing area isn’t far from here. If we cut through the parking decks, we might be able to shake them off.” Interjected Seo-yun, another one of their friends. “We may not be able to shut down the machines, but we can still try to get as many people out as possible.”

“Fuck.” Dylan cursed beneath his breath, taking cover in the doorframe as the guard behind the flickering drinks dispenser fired a shot at him, the bullet zipping past them and down the corridor. “Fine, let’s do it.” He then said and reloaded his gun. “Can you take us there?”

Seo-yun nodded nervously, adjusting her glasses with slightly trembling hands as she visibly tried to keep her composure. “Yes. The entrance to the parking deck is just down the corridor.”

“Okay. Me and Jordan will keep you covered.” Dylan said and nodded over to his girlfriend, who also had just pushed another magazine into her pistol. “Go!”

Then he and his girlfriend simultaneously emerged from their covering positions and fired a barrage of bullets at the guards, forcing them to retreat a little as the rest of the team began to follow Seo-yun down the corridor, keeping their heads down. Paige glanced back every now and again, making sure that Dylan and Jordan kept up with the rest of them as they slowly walked backwards, keeping their guns pointed towards the guards. She flinched again as two more bullets hissed down the corridor and smashed into another wall, missing her by only a few inches. Then they finally turned around a corner into relative safety, near a pair of double doors that led to a staircase. Seo-yun attempted to open them, but they seemed to be locked, so Miguel stepped forward and gently pushed the Asian woman aside before throwing all his weight against the doors a couple of times. Being quite a hulk of a man, he didn’t need long to break them open, and so they soon were able to continue down the staircase, descending deeper into the belly of the facility. Paige wondered if they would ever come out again.

A few levels down, they entered the garage through another pair of double doors, which Dylan and Jordan barred up with a thin pipe they must have had torn out of a heater upstairs. It wouldn’t hold up the guards very long, but seeing how large the parking deck was, it would indeed most likely give them enough time to lose their pursuers. Paige and the others waited for a moment for Dylan and Jordan to catch up with them, then they followed Seo-yun’s lead further into the parking garage, soon disappearing into a labyrinth of parked cars. She inhaled the distinct smell of bitumen and petrol permeating the cool, slightly dank air inside the garage and listened to the sound of their footsteps echoing through the dark concrete halls, only accompanied by the never-ending wail of the sirens outside. But they weren’t being fired at for now, and apparently they had indeed managed to shake off the guards. Maybe they would at least be able to save some of the people trapped in this awful place.

The group had just made its way down a ramp into a lower level of the parking garage when they heard the loud shriek of tires as several cars abruptly accelerated. Then they were caught in the bright glare of several headlights pointed right at them, with Seo-yun suddenly freezing as they found themselves surrounded by ominous black SUVs with Vortex logos on their side doors. Paige and the others nearly fell over the young Asian woman as they skidded past her, and even though Dylan and Jordan immediately pointed their guns at the cars, the group suddenly found themselves staring down the barrels of dozens of semi-automatic rifles pointed at them. Judging from the white swirls on their black uniforms, the men and women carrying these guns also worked for Vortex, though they more appeared like mercenaries to Paige, armed to the teeth and looking more than willing to shoot them if they were told to do so.

Although they were hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, Dylan and Jordan didn’t appear as if they had any intention to give up just yet, defiantly pointing their pistols from one of the hired guns to the next. But just when Paige was about to say something to everyone in a desperate attempt to defuse the highly volatile situation, one of the doors on the shiny black cars opened and a woman in an expensive and fashionable white business suit stepped outside. She was remarkably beautiful, with long, silky black hair and flawless, browned caramel skin which contrasted perfectly with the immaculate white of her suit. One of the mercenaries, an unpleasant looking man with a military buzz cut, appeared to be a bit surprised by her sudden appearance and slightly turned his head to her, not letting Dylan and Jordan out of his sight.

“Ms. Hayes, we’ve got this situation under co…” He began, but was immediately interrupted.

“I suggest you and your girlfriend put those down.” The woman said, ignoring the mercenary completely and instead looking at Dylan and Jordan with an almost amused, condescending smile that showed off her immaculate white teeth.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Dylan replied, imitating her tone of mock politeness as he pointed his gun right at her. “How about you tell your goons to back the fuck off?”

Ms. Hayes kept smiling, remarkably unfazed by the fact that someone was pointing a loaded gun at her. “Look, Dylan, you’ve had your fun. You even got to shoot somebody.” She said with feigned respect and sarcastically clapped her hands. “You are a true revolutionary.”

Jordan glanced over at Dylan, looking frightened. “How the fuck does she know who we are?” To her dismay, her boyfriend looked every bit as confused and scared as she.

“I’ve been wondering, though.” The woman in the suit mused. “Was it your idea or Jordan’s to bring guns? I bet sweet little Paige was not pleased when she saw how far you would go.”

“They knew we were coming all along.” Paige muttered, feeling dizzy again all of a sudden.

Ms. Hayes pulled down the corners of her mouth and nodded, as if impressed. “Your sister is a bright one. It’s a pity you didn’t chose to use your talents for something more productive.” She said, her faux politeness suddenly switching to icy hostility. “Now drop your guns.”

“I don’t believe you.” Dylan replied, sweating and breathing heavily as he struggled to maintain the illusion that he had some kind of control over the situation. “If you actually knew we were coming, why did you just let us waltz in here?”

“Some of your less… militant friends have been giving us a bit of a headache online recently. Vicious lies about how we source our products. Slander, really.” Ms. Hayes replied, sounding almost indignant. “Don’t worry, they too are being taken care of as we speak, but the board of directors felt it was necessary to remind the public that words have consequences. Today it’s online shitstorms, tomorrow… terrorism.” She explained and triumphantly held out both her hands with the palms up to emphasise that they all had just proven her point.

“You fucking bi…” Jordan shrieked, her voice cracking, and pointed her gun at Ms. Hayes as well, thereby causing some of the mercenaries to aim their rifles at her.

“I admit, your boyfriend actually killing someone was way more dramatic than necessary, but the media are going to be all over it.” The woman continued, her sarcasm now giving way to  more genuine contempt. “Did you know that Mr. Adams became a father two months ago?”

“He knew who he was working for.” Dylan replied coldly. “We all make our own decisions, and some of those come with a price tag.”

“Oh, I’m not going to argue with you on that. It’s basically our business model.” The woman in the white suit said with a shrug. “In fact, I’m not here to discuss anything with you. This little stunt of yours is over now, so I’m telling you one last time, put down your guns.”

“Not until you let the others go.” Dylan said after a few moments and glanced over at Paige, his deep brown eyes showing a strange mixture of fear, sadness, and determination.

“He’s right.” Jordan agreed, clasping the grip of her pistol with newfound purpose. “Let the others go. They’re not even armed.”

Ms. Hayes shook her head. “This does not have a happy ending for you.”

 “Then neither will it for you.” Dylan said and closed his finger around the trigger. But just as it appeared as if he was about to shoot, Paige suddenly felt a cold metal barrel being pressed against the back of her head, followed by the slight click of a gun being cocked.

“Drop it, Dylan.” Seo-yun said from behind. “You too, Jordan. Please, do as she says.”

Paige felt a cold shiver go through her entire body, accompanied by an intense urge to throw up. This couldn’t be true. It had to be some kind of nightmare. Dylan and Jordan both turned around to them and stared at Seo-yun, their faces full of surprise and despair.

“Seo?” Dylan asked incredulously. “What the fuck are you do…”

“Ms. Park here was so kind to provide us with some prior insights into your endeavours.” The woman in the suit explained with a smug grin, crossing her arms in front of her sizeable chest.

Meanwhile, two of the mercenaries behind the group had immediately seized the opportunity and stepped forward, disarming Dylan and Jordan before they even got the chance to react properly. Then they brutally pulled their arms behind their backs and put plastic handcuffs around their wrists, yanking them so tight that Jordan let out a cry of pain.

“Seo, please tell me this isn’t true.” Paige sobbed, feeling a single tear run down her cheek as the young woman with whom she had shared an apartment for most of her time in college re-engaged the safety of her gun and finally removed it from the back of her head.

“I graduated top of my class in law school last year, Paige. Did you think I would throw all that away over some dead-end political cause?” Seo-yun said almost sadly, avoiding looking at her as she put her gun away and walked over to Ms. Hayes, stepping up to her side.

“I hope you’re getting lots of cash for this.” Paige said with bitter sarcasm as several guards zeroed in on her and the other members of her team, handcuffing them as well.

“You should have checked out our website.” Ms. Hayes replied, mimicking a marketing pitch as one of the mercenaries grabbed Paige by her hair and shoved her down onto her knees beside her remaining friends. “Our legal department offers some exciting career opportunities, and Ms. Park just skipped the interview process.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you guys need a whole fucking army of hack lawyers.” Dylan spat angrily, throwing Ms. Hayes and Seo-yun a look of utter disgust and disdain.

“Not as much as we need fresh meat for our restaurants.” The woman in the suit said with an arrogant smirk and then nodded to the man with the buzz cut. “Take them to processing.”

“What?” Seo-yun blurted out and turned to Ms. Hayes, looking clearly upset, but not entirely surprised. “You said you would hand them over to the authorities. That there would be a trial.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” The businesswoman replied and dismissed her complaint with a casual wave of her hand. “Can you imagine the discussions online?” She shook her head.

“This is unconstitutional. You can’t just…” Seo-yun protested again, looking markedly pale while trying to sound as if her objections were purely legal in nature.

“Watch me.” Ms. Hayes said laconically and raised her hand to signal the mercenaries to take the group away, but then suddenly paused and turned to the young Asian woman at her side. For a few moments, she looked at her, pensively tapping her index finger against her lips.

“Actually.” She then began, looking at Seo-yun with a curious expression on her face. “There is one more thing. And I was hoping you could provide me with some input on the matter.”

Seo-yun glanced at her, looking almost as wary as Paige and the others. “O-Of course.”

“There was some disagreement among the board of directors on how to handle this particular case, so the decision was made to leave the details up to you and me.” The woman continued.

Seo-yun nodded slowly, confused, but also slightly flattered. “Yes?”

“Well, in most cases, we simply mix trespassers and the likes with the outgoing stock to keep it all fairly low profile. But given your personal involvement, perhaps you would prefer for us to handle this matter… internally?” Ms. Hayes asked, raising her left eyebrow a little.

Hearing this, Paige looked up to her former roommate in horror. “Seo…” She began to plead, her gaze inadvertently travelling to the Asian woman’s stomach.

“I…” Seo-yun began and gulped heavily.

She looked around almost helplessly, finally looking Paige in the eyes again for the first time since she had switched sides. Her face showed a variety of different, conflicting emotions, but what hit Paige hardest was that, behind Seo-yun’s mask of crumbling composure, she still recognised her friend. Scared, alone, and ashamed. Someone who simply didn’t want to die.

“I can’t.” Seo-yun said, perhaps for the first time today actually meaning what she said.

“That’s okay.” Ms. Hayes explained, putting her hand on the young Asian woman’s shoulder. “I figured that it may be a bit much to ask of you. Don’t worry, you did well tonight.”

Then she turned around to the mercenaries again and casually flicked her fingers, prompting them to pull Paige and the others up to their feet again.

“I would have gladly taken care of you all myself, but I’m afraid I already had a large dinner this evening.” The businesswoman then explained towards the captives and gently patted her flat belly as the mercenaries shoved them towards a nearby exit. “Layoffs and such.”

Seo-yun stared at her incredulously, her eyes widening. Ms. Hayes didn’t notice her glare at first, then looked back at her once the intruders had been taken through the door. For a couple of moments, she seemed confused by why the woman was looking at her like that, then she burst into a smile and began to laugh heartily as she realised Seo-yun had misunderstood.

“That was a joke.” Ms. Hayes explained, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye as she tried not to laugh again. “I had a steak and a salad for dinner. Sorry about that, I guess we have a particular sense of humour here. You’ll get used to it.” She then added, giggling again.

The young Asian woman laughed along awkwardly and looked over to the mercenary with the buzz cut, who just shrugged and got back into one of the black SUVs with a weary sigh.

“Ms. Hayes, I just wanted to thank you for your understan…” Seo-yun began.

“Oh, call me Kayla.” Ms. Hayes answered with a convivial smile and then stretched out her hand towards her. “Welcome to Vortex. “You’ll be working for me from now on.”


Feeling the warm ocean water gently wash over her bare feet, Hannah inhaled the fresh, salty breeze blowing towards the beach and squinted, trying to get a better look at the various ships slowly moving across the blue expanse on the horizon. She soon focussed her attention on a container ship with Chinese characters painted on its side. Even though it was quite far away from the shore, Hannah could still tell that it had to be enormous, as it easily dwarfed all the other ships around it. It was something that was consistent with her experience ever since she had moved to the West Coast a couple of weeks ago, after having spent her entire life up until now in the comfort and relative boredom of her small hometown in the Midwest. Everything here was so busy and so big. It could be a bit intimidating at times, but it was also very exciting. Hannah felt as if an entire world had opened up to her, and she couldn’t wait to make all kinds of new experiences and meet interesting people from all across the world when college started tomorrow. But looking out onto the gentle waves reflecting the golden afternoon sun, she also felt a pang of melancholy, as if she soon would never be the same person again.

“Didn’t you say your dad serves on one of those, Ashley?” She asked and turned to the young woman who had just stepped into the clear, shallow water beside her, pointing at a white ship with a distinct orange stripe on the side which was escorting the freighter out to sea.

“Uh, nah.” Ashley explained conversationally. “That’s an NSC. Dad’s ship is a WMEC.”

Hannah simply looked at her, having not the slightest idea what the blonde had just said. Ashley didn’t notice this initially, instead fumbling around with the straps of her pink bikini and adjusting her boobs. Then she saw the confused look Hannah was giving her and laughed.

“Sorry. Coast Guard brat.” Ashley said with an apologetic smile and then pointed at the ship Hannah had been looking at. “Long story short: that one’s bigger.”

“Gotcha.” Hannah replied and somewhat awkwardly tried to brush her wavy, dark blonde hair out of her face as another breeze from the open sea blew across her own bikini-clad body.

Then she glanced over to Ashley again, who stretched her arms and then brushed through her own light blonde hair gently waving in the fresh seaside air. She didn’t know her all that well yet; Ashley was a friend of Hannah’s new roommate Rachel and only had returned to the US a month ago, but ever since they had first met each other a couple of days ago, they got along very well indeed. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they both came from military families. Ashley’s dad served in the Coast Guard, while her own parents both were in the Army, and Hannah always found it easier to relate to people with a background similar to her own. Like Rachel, Ashley was two years older than her and would now be entering her junior year at college, but both seemed to like Hannah and had almost instantly taken on something like the role of big sisters to her. Which was also quite fitting visually, given that Rachel and Ashley were both fairly tall, whereas Hannah was comparatively short. Normally, it annoyed her somewhat that her modest height and shy, polite demeanour constantly led to her taking on the role of the ‘nestling’ in social relationships, but right now, she didn’t mind. Life in the big city was daunting enough, so it was nice to know that these two were looking out for her. It was a big and dangerous world out there, after all.

A loud, moist gurgle from her stomach suddenly interrupted her trail of thoughts, and Hannah instinctively placed her left hand on her soft belly as she felt an almost painful contraction beneath her left breast. Blushing, she peeked over to Ashley again, who also turned to her and looked at her over the edge of her sunglasses with a slightly amused expression on her face.

“You hungry?” Her friend laughed, apparently a little bit surprised that the stomach of a short cutie like Hannah could even produce such a loud, visceral sound.

“I-I’m so sorry.” Hannah stammered, her face red. “I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.”

“Relax, girl.” Ashley said with a warm smile and put her arm around the soon-to-be freshman. “I wouldn’t mind getting something to eat myself, to be honest.” She continued and both of them turned around, walking back towards the beach.

Feeling another small wave splash around her ankles as her naked feet dug into the wet sand, Hannah tried to suppress another groan from her stomach by clenching her belly muscles, but to no avail. Once more, a hungry grumble emanated from her flat belly, causing Hannah to let out a sigh and roll her eyes, and Ashley to break into another giggle.

“This is so embarrassing.” Hannah said and gave her friend a pained, apologetic look as she buried her face in her hands and let out a playful sob.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find something to put in your cute lil tummy soon enough.” Ashley then explained with another smile and gently poked her beneath her belly button.

Then she caringly pulled her a bit closer to herself, teasingly ruffling Hannah’s hair a little as they walked up to the spot where they had spread out their beach towels. There, on one of the towels, was another young woman in a skimpy black bikini, lying on her back as she let the warm afternoon sun shine onto her belly. She had full, wavy black hair and was around as tall as Ashley, and even a bit more athletic. Since she was wearing expensive designer sunglasses, one couldn’t really tell if she was asleep or just relaxing as she tanned her fit body.

“Hey, Rachel!” Ashley exclaimed, leading to the black-haired woman pulling down her sunglasses a little and glancing over at them. “We’re gonna grab something to eat, you coming?”

“Uh, sure, what did you have in mind?” Rachel explained and rose to her feet, looking back towards the beach promenade with its various shops and restaurants.

“Mmmh, dunno.” Ashley answered, rolling up her towel and shaking some of the sand out of it before putting it back in the gym bag she had brought along to the beach.

“Well, there’s a Vortex just over there.” Rachel said and pointed over to a small building next to a few palm trees along the promenade while she also picked up her towel. “They even have some outdoor tables, so we wouldn’t even have to sit down inside.”

“Sounds great!” Ashley replied as she slipped into a light beach top and a miniskirt to cover her bikini-clad body a little more. “I’m starving, and so is Hannah, apparently.”

“Uh…” Hannah began, also putting on some more clothes, but the other two didn’t hear her.

“Wait, didn’t you say you also had some on the plane?” Rachel asked as she also got changed a little and teasingly slapped Ashley on her round butt, causing her taut ass cheeks to wobble beneath the thin fabric of her miniskirt. “You’ll get fat if you keep eating all those little ones, you know.” She then added jokingly and winked at her blonde friend.

“Shut up!” Ashley shot back and gave Rachel a gentle slap on the arm in return. “It was just a small box, and it was, like, a month ago. Besides, my metabolism can handle them.”

“Uhm, guys…” Hannah interjected again as she picked up her towel, looking a little anxious.

“Huh?” Rachel asked, also rolling up her towel and casually stuffing it into her bag.

“Oh, I mean, we don’t have to. We can go somewhere else if you’d prefer that.” Ashley said with another friendly smile and inquisitively looked at Hannah with her clear blue eyes.

“It’s not, I mean…” Hannah began, looking for a way to phrase her predicament in a way that didn’t make her sound like a complete bumpkin to her new friends. But then she realised that there really was no way of avoiding that risk. “I’ve never been to Vortex before.”

“Huh.” Ashley replied with a slightly confused expression on her face, obviously finding this somewhat difficult to believe. “But you’ve, like, eaten tinies before, right?”

“Uh, that’s what she’s trying to say, Ash. She hasn’t. Vortex are the only ones who sell them.” Rachel said, rolling her eyes a bit at Ashley’s question and then turning to her roommate with a curious look in her eyes. “Would you like to try some? Only if you want, that is.”

“I…” Hannah said, swallowing nervously as she considered the idea. There was no Vortex in her hometown and the few times she had been in one of the bigger cities, she had somehow never gotten around to trying it out. In her mind, the thought of eating people was… brutal, to say the least. Sure, the shrunken people were criminals, but it seemed so cruel. “I don’t know.”

“Tell you what.” Ashley began while the young women picked up the rest of their belongings and began walking towards the promenade. “Vortex has other food too. If the thought is a bit much for you right now, you don’t have to get a box with tinies for yourself. And if you get curious, you can just have some of ours.” She then said and grinned broadly, showing off her white teeth. Hannah found herself wondering how many people Ashley had eaten already.

“Sure.” She nodded and bashfully smiled back at her as they went across the beach, winding past all the other people lying around and relaxing at the beach. “So, you eat tinies a lot?” She then asked, looking back and forward between Rachel and Ashley.

“All the time.” Ashley said. “I wonder if these are gonna be like the ones I had on the plane, those were really delish. Talked to a lady who works for Vortex on the flight, she said something about them being sourced differently. Anyway, they were amazing.”

“I don’t eat them just as often as Ash, but I like them too.” Rachel replied with a smile. “It’s a bit weird when you’re not used to it, mind you. Can you swallow pills okay? Like painkillers and stuff like that?” She then asked and looked at her intently with her deep brown eyes.

“Uh, I guess.” Hannah answered, never really having thought about that comparison before.

“It’s a bit like that. And a lot of them move around when they go down. Wriggling pills.” Her roommate explained as they stepped onto the promenade and went towards the building with the Vortex logo. “You can chew them up as well, obviously, but it’s a bit messy.”

Hannah frowned. There was absolutely no way she would chew someone up. The thought of having her mouth full of blood and guts made her shiver. No, if she were to eat someone, she would definitely swallow them whole, that would be much easier and cleaner. At least for her, she didn’t think that being digested alive inside her stomach would be a much more pleasant experience for the people she ate. To her surprise, her stomach gave off a slight growl again, even though a part of her brain was telling her that she ought to feel appalled and disgusted.

“How…” She began again. “How’s it like then? The first time you eat a tiny?”

“Uh…” Ashley said and thought about Hannah’s question for a couple of moments, then she finally shrugged. “I don’t remember, to be honest. Been eating little ones all my life.”

“I vaguely remember it.” Rachel mused. “As I said, it feels pretty odd, like swallowing a pill that really doesn’t want to be swallowed. Figures, I guess, since they’re technically people.”

Hannah felt her heartbeat accelerate slightly as the young women approached the entrance of the small building, walking towards the entrance past some large windows facing the beach. Inside the restaurant, she could see several dozen people, sitting at tables and eating a variety of foods such as hamburgers, fries, or pizza. But every now and then, they would also reach into compartmentalised boxes with dozens of squirming little figures, tossing them into their mouths and swallowing them as if they were completely normal parts of their meals. Hannah began to feel strange, unable to really narrow down what this peculiar feeling was.

Then they reached the glass double doors, which quietly slid to the side as they stepped into the restaurant. Taking a deep breath of the cooled air inside, Hannah curiously looked around, soaking in the atmosphere of the place. It very much felt like any other hip urban restaurant, looking like a bizarre crossover between an old warehouse and a spaceship, and with soft jazz music playing in the background. But as they walked up to the counter, behind which several flashy screens displayed either the menu or an animated rendering of the company’s hypnotic white logo, Hannah was immediately reminded that this place was like no other restaurant. In the glass display counter, she could see several dozen transparent plastic boxes, divided into small cubicles which each held a tiny human being, not even an inch tall. It was the first time in her life that she had really seen shrunken people up close, and the experience was uncanny. Something about it just didn’t seem real, disturbing even. Hannah squatted down and looked at one of the tiny human beings, her mouth slightly agape as she incredulously fixed her grey-blue eyes on a miniaturised woman who frantically crawled into the corner of her cubicle and stared back at her, obviously scared out of her mind. Her face was barely recognisable at this scale, but the sheer horror in her expression was still unmistakable, and it suddenly reminded Hannah just how enormous she must have appeared to this woman. And that normal-sized people like herself ate shrunken people like her. To make things worse, her stomach now let out a hungry growl again, although it thankfully wasn’t loud enough for the tiny to hear.

Feeling guilty, Hannah pulled away from the counter a little and got up again, feeling slightly dizzy. She felt hungry, but at the same time, she also felt kind of sick, and then there was this other sensation she just could not place. What in God’s name was going on?

“Hey guys!” A remarkably good-looking Latina in a black Vortex employee uniform greeted them with a broad smile. “What can I get you?” She then asked, and Hannah noticed a strong Mexican accent as she spoke. According to her nametag, her name was María.

“So, what do you think?” Ashley asked, turning around to Hannah and slightly lifting one of her eyebrows. “Wanna try some?” Then she leaned to the salesclerk. “Our friend here hasn’t eaten any tinies before and isn’t sure about it yet.” She explained.

María smiled warmly. “Neither had I before I came to the US. It’s okay. Believe me. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.” She then laughed.

While Ashley and Rachel started to giggle as well, Hannah laughed along more out of politeness, still feeling pretty awkward about the whole situation. Looking back at the terrified little people in the boxes below, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Criminals or not, they looked so scared, and she didn’t think that she could bring herself to eat one of them.

“I, uh…” Hannah began and looked up at the screens with the menu. “I think I’ll pass on the tinies for now. But I would like a chicken salad and an iced tea, please.”

“Sure thing!” María said and entered her order into the system using a touchscreen behind the counter. “What about you?” She then asked, looking over to the other two young women.

“I’ll take a hamburger meal with a medium box and a coke, please.” Ashley replied.

“And a chicken burger meal with a medium box and a lemonade for me, please.” Rachel said, then she turned to Ashley and whispered something in her ear.

The blonde nodded in agreement and gently put her hand on Hannah’s wrist just as she tried to produce her wallet from her bag. “Rach and I will treat you to this one.”

“Oh, but… that isn’t necessary…” Hannah tried to object, but her friends wouldn’t have it.

“We insist, Hannah. You just moved here, after all. If you want, you can still pay Ashley and me back once you’ve found a job.” Rachel explained and pulled out her own wallet.

“That’ll be 30.20 $.” The salesclerk explained after entering their orders into the system. For a moment, she paused to read a notification on her screen, then she dismissed it and looked at the three women with an oddly focused expression on her face. “Dine-in or take-out?”

“Dine-in.” Rachel answered. “We were thinking about sitting down at one of those tables out there.” She then added and pointed at some wooden tables beneath the palm trees outside.

“Sure.” María said. “Just make sure to return these boxes in case you have some tinies left.”

That’s an odd thing to ask. Hannah thought to herself, but Ashley and Rachel simply nodded as they proceeded to pay for the order, and so she assumed that it wasn’t anything unusual.

“Do you have an Apex Card?” The Vortex employee routinely asked, to which Rachel pulled a black card with golden lettering out of her wallet and held it against a scanner.

“What’s that?” Ashley asked as the computer gave off a cheerful confirmation sound and her friend put the card back into her wallet. “Never seen one of those before.”

“This? Eh, it’s a loyalty card they introduced earlier this year.” Rachel explained.

“You can just fill out the form on our website or on the app to get one too. I’ll spare you the whole marketing talk.” María added with a wink as she began to put together their orders.

Curiously observing the young Latina as she simply went about her job, Hannah noticed that she picked up the box with the shrunken woman she had been looking at a few moments ago, placing it on the tray with Rachel’s chicken burger. Just like that, she had sentenced the tiny and all the other shrunken people inside that particular box to die inside the belly of Hannah’s roommate. The arbitrariness of it was quite frightening. Whoever these miniature people had been before being shrunken down, now they were just food to be eaten by Rachel, and they could just as well have been placed on Ashley’s tray if the Vortex employee had only decided to do so. Or they could have been served to her, Hannah, if she had simply decided to order a box of her own. If she asked Rachel, she probably would even still get to eat the little woman, it was entirely up to her to decide her fate. Hannah began to feel strange again. What was that peculiar sensation? Was she starting to feel unwell? No, it had to be something different.

“Okay. There you go.” The salesclerk then said cheerfully and lifted up a tray with a plastic bowl of chicken salad and a paper cup containing the iced tea Hannah had ordered, holding it over the counter. “Enjoy your meal.”

“Right. Thanks. You too.” Hannah replied and took the tray, somewhat lost in thought. Then she realised what she had just said and blushed again. “I mean…” She began, embarrassed.

“It’s alright, I hear that a lot.” María replied with a mildly amused grin as she handed another tray to Rachel, who also looked back at her over her shoulder with a benevolent smile.

From the corner of her eye, Hannah noticed how the tiny people in the box desperately began to hammer against the walls of their cubicles as Rachel received her tray and held it at about the same level as her stomach, her big boobs casting a slight shadow over the box. She didn’t even want to begin to imagine how utterly frightened these little creatures were right now.

“Oh. My. God. Hannah, if you’re gonna get any more cute, I might just eat you up as well.” Ashley joked and gave her a short, affectionate hug before releasing her again to take her tray.

“Uh…” Hannah said, not sure if she should take that as a compliment.

“You stay away from my roommate, Ashley.” Rachel joined in and protectively pushed herself between them as they gave the salesclerk a quick nod to say goodbye and then headed outside. “Do you know how hard good roomies are to come by these days?”

“Ugh, I can imagine. Not looking forward to finding a new apartment. At least mom and dad don’t mind me staying for a few months until I’ve settled back in.” Ashley said as they went through the double doors and towards the tables, which luckily didn’t have too many customers sitting at them despite being in a spot that offered an impressive view of the beachfront.

“Where did you stay in Germany, by the way?” Hannah asked after she had placed her tray on the wooden picknick table, briefly turning her back on it to look out onto the ocean again while Ashley and Rachel sat down. Then she let herself drop onto the wooden bench opposite her friends and picked up her fork, eagerly spearing a piece of grilled chicken in her salad.

“I had a room in one of the dorms.” Ashley explained and grabbed a handful of fries from her tray, eagerly pushing them into her mouth and starting to chew as her well-manicured fingers played around a small plastic flap on her box with shrunken people. “Cheap, but cramped and a bit dirty sometimes. Would rather live in an apartment.”

“Oh, I get that.” Rachel agreed and removed the plastic foil from her box after taking a large bite from her chicken burger. “I couldn’t live in a dorm. Tried it for the first few weeks of my freshman year, but it was awful. It was noisy all the time, the people wouldn’t clean up after themselves, and a lot of them were just kind of rude and inconsiderate anyway.”

Despite the soft background noise of the waves and all the people enjoying themselves at the beach, Hannah could still hear dozens of tiny voices crying out in anguish as Rachel reached into one of the cubicles and casually lifted out a squirming shrunken person. Gently pinching the small man between her thumb and her index finger, she lifted him up to her lips and then sucked him into her mouth, muffling his frantic cries for mercy. Hannah watched intently as her roommate sucked on the tiny man for a few moments and then swallowed, unceremoniously sending him down to her stomach with a faint gulp. It was the first time she had seen a shrunken person get eaten up close. While she had seen it happen before in TV ads and the occasional movie with heavy-handed Vortex product placement, it had always seemed more like a special effect of some kind. But this was real. And again, she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel about it. Something at the back of her head kept telling her that it was simply murder, but then it was just so surreal, and once more there was this strange other sensation, an odd feeling of unease and tension. Hannah looked across the cubicles in Rachel’s box once more and spotted the shrunken woman she had observed earlier again. She too was staring at her, cowering in a corner of her cubicle and apparently crying. Just then, Hannah realised that her mouth was slightly open again, and that she was almost drooling at the sight of the tiny.

“Hannah?” Rachel asked, tearing her from this strange, dream-like trip she was experiencing.

She blinked and looked back at her roommate, who gave her a slightly concerned look with her deep brown eyes. Hannah noticed a pair of small legs sticking out between Rachel’s full lips, flailing around helplessly before suddenly being sucked in and vanishing forever as the tiny they belonged to was effortlessly swallowed. Sitting up straight again, Hannah cleared her throat and wiped off the drops of sweat that had accumulated on her forehead.

“I’m okay.” She finally replied with an almost hoarse voice, glancing back and forth between her worried looking friends. “Still haven’t gotten used to the climate here, I guess.”

“I know what’s going on!” Ashley beamed mischievously. “You want to try a little one, don’t you? Here, how about this one?” She then asked and stretched out her hand towards Hannah, a shrunken woman a few years older than them sitting in her soft palm and staring up at her.

Hannah glared back down at the tiny with her grey-blue eyes, feeling more saliva build up in her mouth, accompanied by another tugging sensation beneath her left breast and an inaudible gurgle as her stomach contracted. She would have preferred telling herself that it was simply starting to digest the piece of chicken she had already eaten, but she knew that it wasn’t true. Loudly swallowing the large build-up of spit in her mouth, Hannah panted a little.

“Please, help me!” The little woman in Ashley’s palm begged, wiping tears from her face as she pleadingly looked up at the towering girl, her voice sounding desperate. “You’re Hannah, right? I’m Diane. Please, don’t eat me, Hannah. This is all some terrible mistake.”

Ashley rolled her eyes and glanced over to Rachel, who gave her an equally exasperated look. She lifted her hand and the tiny shrieked in utter terror, but before Hannah could say anything, Ashley dropped the screaming woman between her lips and swallowed her instantly, a small bulge travelling down her throat being the last the world would ever see of Diane.

“Sorry about that.” Ashley apologised to Hannah, washing her morsel down with a generous gulp of coke. “They tend to do that if you let them.” She then explained, stifling a burp.

“Do what?” Hannah asked uneasily, finding herself staring at the area below Ashley’s ample chest, where poor little Diane would now be digested alive.

“Lie to your face. Try to manipulate you.” Rachel explained with a shrug. “They’re criminals, after all. Some of these little fuckers are really good at it. I swear to God, one day I’m going to find my ex in one of these boxes.” She added jokingly. “And then I’ll bite his head off.”

“I don’t think I could eat someone I know.” Ashley mused while tossing a shrunken man into her mouth, savouring his taste a little before gulping him down. “That would weird me out.”

“But what if she told the truth?” Hannah said pensively, lifting a forkful of chicken salad to her mouth and slowly starting to chew. When she swallowed the lump of masticated food a couple of moments later, she caught herself imagining it to be Diane, and that she was indeed innocent. Again, she felt her heartbeat accelerate and a peculiar heat rise up inside her body.

Ashley looked at her with her clear blue eyes for a moment, apparently moved by her naïveté. “Oh sweetie, you really are a bit too pure for your own good.”

“She was lying.” Rachel answered her roommate’s question more categorically.

“How can you be sure about that?” Hannah asked, spearing another piece of chicken with her fork and lifting it into her mouth. “It really could have been a mistake, after all.”

“They all say that.” Rachel replied indifferently. “I guess it’s possible, but if Vortex actually would shrink someone down by accident, it would be on them, not you or me. And I’ve never heard of any case where that actually happened. So either they’re lying, or Vortex is involved in some kind of massive worldwide conspiracy.” She said, her sarcastic tone towards the end making quite clear what she thought about the latter option.

“Maybe they are.” Ashley interjected and took a big bite from her hamburger, giving Hannah a conspiratorial wink. She wasn’t seriously suggesting it, but said it anyway to annoy Rachel.

“Vortex is one of the biggest corporations in the world and they have contracts with literally every government on the planet.” Rachel explained impatiently, unaware that her friend was just messing with her. “Try to keep a secret at that level. Any secret. It doesn’t work.”

“Chill, Rach.” Ashley grinned, lifting another squirming tiny out of her box and tossing them into her mouth without even looking at them. Then she swallowed. “I’m just teasing.”

Rachel leaned back against the bench, sighing as she realised that she had gotten carried away. “Sorry. All these conspiracy nuts are just getting on my nerves lately. One of the regulars at the café thinks the government is using cell phone towers to control our minds. Last week, he tried to sell some other patrons these stupid hats he made in his mom’s basement.”

“Oh jeez.” Hannah said, slipping a little back into her native Upper Midwestern accent.

“Ugh.” Ashley sighed in agreement, taking a sip from her coke and fishing another shrunken man out of her box. “Speaking of weirdos.” She said and popped him into her mouth. “A few years ago, I had a shrunken guy who actually wanted me to eat him.” Then she swallowed the tiny with an audible, moist gulp. “Must have been some kind of kink or something.”

Hannah’s eyes widened a little as she nervously wriggled about on the wooden bench she was sitting on, feeling that odd sense of tension again. “Really? And did you?”

“Of course I did. Who am I to judge?” Ashley laughed and ostentatiously patted her soft belly, her midriff still visible between the thin beach top and miniskirt she had put on over her pink bikini. “Was a nice change to all the usual begging and compla…”

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” Rachel exclaimed, sounding more surprised than annoyed now.

Hannah and Ashley interrupted their conversation and looked over to their friend. Rachel was dangling a shrunken woman above her face, looking as if she had been about to eat her. But now, she had her mouth closed and was staring at the tiny in her hand with an incredulous, even shocked expression on her face. Hannah also recognised her after a few moments. It was the shrunken woman she had been looking at now and again after first seeing her through the glass counter. Then Rachel turned her hand around and allowed for the tiny to drop onto her palm, lifting her up to her large brown eyes to take a closer look at her.

“Paige? Is that you?”


The events that had transpired after she and her friends had been taken away by Ms. Hayes’ goons had been somewhat of a blur for Paige. She vaguely remembered being taken to a very well-guarded, cold and clinical area somewhere deep within the processing facility and being shoved inside some kind of booth. Her memory was hazy at best, distorted by unbearable fear and disbelief at what was happening to her, and so it was more single images and impressions that had become etched into her mind. People shouting. Stark lighting. Cold, sterile tiles. The overpowering smell of disinfectant and ozone. And the taste of metal in her mouth.

After being forced into the booth, she only recalled feeling excruciating pain all of a sudden, like being squeezed by an enormous invisible hand, and seeing a bright light that blinded her even through her closed eyelids. Then she apparently had lost consciousness for quite a long time. She had absolutely no idea how much time had passed, but what she knew instantly was that she had been shrunken down and was now inside a Vortex box. She couldn’t be entirely sure, but she assumed that the ghostly shapes in the cubicles around her were her friends, and after regaining her bearings, she even recognised the restaurant her box had been delivered to, the Vortex at the beachfront, not far from the café she sometimes helped out at.

Hours had gone by, with Paige slipping in and out of panic attacks and alternatively trying to find a way out of her cramped prison or cowering in a corner and sobbing in despair. All the while, she observed the enormous customers going past the glass counter her box was placed inside along countless others, constantly fearing that the next giant human being would be the one whose meal she would become a part of. Most of the giants outside were young, college students most likely, wearing not much more than bathing trunks and bikinis, and some even were still a bit wet from swimming in the nearby ocean. The constant parade of fit, tan bellies passing by at the same height as her plastic prison, accompanied by booming, earthquake-like footsteps was a continuous reminder that soon, she and her friends would be eaten alive.

Paige had almost gotten used to her situation, feebly awaiting her grim fate, when yet another group of three young women entered the shop. At first, it just made her uneasy, like it always did when more people who would potentially eat her stepped into the restaurant, but then she suddenly recognised one of them. It took Paige a few moments to recognise her since she was so incredibly big now, but then she realised that the young woman with the wavy black hair was Rachel. She was one of the waitresses at the café she worked at too, and they had talked to each other occasionally during their breaks. It would have been a bit of a stretch to call her a friend, as they had very different personalities. Paige thought that Rachel was smart enough, but ultimately a bit shallow and materialistic, more preoccupied with her looks and her social status than anything else. On the flipside, Paige knew that Rachel thought of her as a bit of a tiresome hippie, and that she seemed to avoid talking about more serious issues with her.

Rachel was accompanied by two other young women, though she didn’t know either of them. One was quite tall and athletic, with light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, while the other was relatively short, her hair a considerably darker, almost brunette shade of blonde. It was the latter who now suddenly squatted down in front of the glass counter, fixing her grey-blue eyes right on Paige. This caused the shrunken woman to instinctively shriek and crawl into a corner of her cubicle, staring back at the towering giantess in horror. Looking up at her, Paige felt a primal fear she had never experienced before, like a mouse finding itself cornered by a cat all of a sudden, overwhelmed by the sheer size of this girl. But even though it was such a terrifying experience for Paige, it was also somewhat ironic, since she probably would have been a head taller than her if she had been her normal size. And except for being a hundred times bigger than Paige, there wasn’t anything intimidating about her, in fact, the girl looked wholesome and sweet. Being more into women than men herself, Paige had instantly noticed her taut, ideally proportioned breasts, barely hidden away behind her bright top, and revealing just a bit of cleavage as the giantess leaned over towards the counter. But what would have enticed Paige even more had she not been in this situation was the giant girl’s cute bubble butt, peeking out a little beneath the miniskirt she was wearing over her dark blue bikini pants. Her gaze moving across the giantess’ beautiful body, Paige looked back at her face, and she noticed that the enormous girl’s mouth was slightly open, as if she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. Seeming almost embarrassed, she suddenly broke eye contact with Paige and rose to her feet again, leaving her staring at her exposed midriff and her soft navel.

The three young giantesses were then greeted by the salesclerk behind the counter, and Paige learned from the ensuing conversation that the shorter girl had never actually eaten any tinies before. And despite apparently having been dragged here by her friends, she didn’t order any shrunken people, making Paige feel oddly touched and proud of her for a few moments. It did not last for long, however, since she was almost instantly reminded that the other giantess and Rachel had no such qualms, both ordering a medium box each. And indeed, only a short time later, the giant Latina in the black Vortex uniform reached into the counter again and casually grabbed the box with Paige inside, causing a muffled, collective scream of anguish and fear to echo through the cubicles. The shrunken woman’s heart began to race as she desperately tried to hold onto something, sliding around helplessly in her cramped prison as it was carried over to some trays and placed beside an enormous carton with a chicken burger. Based on the orders the three giantesses had placed, this meant that she was now part of Rachel’s meal. In a way, this was a good thing, as it least provided Paige with a chance of survival. Despite the two of them being very different people who would probably never become close friends, she could not imagine that Rachel would actually eat her if she knew that she was inside this box. The difficulty would be getting herself noticed before her co-worker ate her by accident. But even the idea of being served to a person she knew would have seemed very unlikely to her just a few minutes ago, and so Paige told herself that there still was hope.

Paige gasped as the tray was lifted up into the air and handed to Rachel, cowering in the back of her cubicle to keep herself from being tossed against the hard plastic walls surrounding her. Once more, she heard the harrowing chorus of terrified voices screaming as her entire field of view was filled out by Rachel’s towering body, her large breasts casting an ominous shadow over the box as she held the tray against her stomach. Then the giant young woman began to move, her tray gently swaying left and right to the rhythm of her mighty footsteps and that of the other two giantesses. Listening to them joke around and talk while she tried to ignore Rachel’s giant boobs bouncing up and down above her, Paige learned that the tall blonde’s name was Ashley, while the shorter, cute giantess was called Hannah. For a moment, she thought about trying to escape from her cubicle and get to Hannah instead of taking her chances with Rachel, but before she could decide on what to do next, the three giantesses stepped outside and put their trays on a wooden table beneath some palm trees. The sudden movement made Paige slip forward and crash flat against the window of her prison before falling over onto her back, causing her to groan as a sharp pain shot through her spine.

When she scrambled back on her feet, she looked out of her cubicle and across the expanse of the table, her gaze falling onto Hannah once more as the giant girl turned around and looked out onto the ocean, inadvertently giving Paige another glimpse of her perfect, bikini-clad butt when a gentle breeze brushed across her miniskirt. Then the young giantess dropped down on the bench, her breasts bobbing up and down beneath her thin top as she picked up a fork and began to eat her chicken salad. The girl really was adorable, and the fact that she also seemed to have a conscience made Paige like her even more. But only a couple of moments later, she was reminded of the harsh reality of her situation again as the plastic foil above was suddenly removed and Rachel’s enormous fingers reached into the cubicle right behind Paige.

“No!” She heard a familiar, normally calm and confident voice cry out in mortal fear. “Please, not me! Don’t!” The man it belonged to begged, sounding like he was about to cry. “Oh God, I don’t want to be eaten! Someone help me, please!”

In an instant, Paige forgot all about her own fear and frantically tried to climb up the smooth wall separating her from her terrified friend. “Miguel!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, pulling herself upwards with almost superhuman strength. “I’m here!”

Indeed, she somehow managed to pull herself up the edge, frowning with intense pain as the sharp plastic cut into her palms. Then she found herself looking right into Miguel’s anguished face, his strong, burly body helplessly flailing around between Rachel’s gigantic fingers as he was lifted slowly out of his cubicle. His eyes wide with fear, he stretched out his hand.

“Help me, Paige.” He begged, tears running down his face. “Don’t let her eat me!”

“Miguel! No!” Paige sobbed, the tips of their fingers briefly brushing against each other. But since she was barely able to hold on to the edge, there was nothing she could do to help him as he was lifted up to Rachel’s enormous face. “No! Rachel! Stop!” Paige shrieked, her voice cracking and her sight clouding with tears as the giant young woman opened her mouth.

“Please, no! I don’t wanna die! Please don’t eat me!” Miguel kept begging the giantess, then his pitiful screams suddenly grew muffled and finally were drowned out by a moist slurp.

Paige wiped her tears away and looked up at Rachel’s seemingly endless body, only to hear a wet gulping sound and see a faint contraction in her throat as she swallowed Miguel, sending him down to her stomach. Feeling as if she was about to faint, she let go and allowed herself to drop back into the box, letting out a sorrowful moan and then crawling back into the corner of her cubicle as she started to sob uncontrollably. Helplessly staring out of her plastic prison, she looked over to Hannah again, and noticed that the giant girl was looking at her as well, once more having that strange expression on her face. Still sniffling and wailing, Paige got up on her feet again and tried waving her arms to somehow make Hannah aware that she needed to stop her friends – especially Rachel, who had just picked up another tiny and was sucking him into her mouth between her full, glossy lips. But just then, Rachel and Ashley distracted her once more, the latter even offering the innocent young giantess a shrunken woman to eat.

“Don’t.” Paige whispered, though she was aware that Hannah couldn’t hear her. “Don’t do it.”

Then she averted her eyes as Ashley suddenly swallowed the miniaturised woman instead, on the one hand horrified by witnessing yet another person getting eaten alive, on the other hand oddly relieved that Hannah hadn’t given in. Somehow, the thought that not all the enormous people out there were man-eating monsters gave her some kind of dim hope to hold onto. She collected her strength, looking up at the edges of her cubicle, and tried to climb the flat walls again. She did her best to ignore the giantesses’ discussion about shrunken people and their claims of innocence, and instead tried to figure out how she had managed to pull herself up to the edge before. But after just a few attempts, she noticed Rachel’s gigantic hand reach down towards the box and instinctively tried to cower in one of the edges of her cubicle again, then the giant young woman’s fingers slipped right into her prison and gently pinched her body.

Feeling the air being suddenly pressed out of her lungs as the giantess’ grip on her tightened and she was lifted out of the box with disturbing ease, Paige started to squirm and wriggle. “Stop!” She yelled as loud as she could. “Rachel, it’s me, Paige! Don’t do this!”

Being lifted higher and higher into the air by the mighty fingers, Paige saw the cubicles of the box disappear beneath her, her view quickly being replaced by nothing but Rachel’s colossal body. She was lifted across the giantess’ cleavage, her big, soft breasts gently wobbling in her bikini top as she leaned over forward a bit, then Paige felt a blast of hot, humid air as Rachel opened her mouth. The shrunken woman gasped in horror as her soft lips and enormous teeth parted and she looked right into Rachel’s gaping throat. She knew that it was now or never.

“Rachel! It’s me, Paige! Don’t eat me!” Paige screamed as loud as she could. To her surprise, the movements around her suddenly stopped and Rachel closed her mouth again.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” The giant young woman then said slowly, her hot breath washing over Paige once more as she spoke. Looking at her colossal face, Paige now saw that she was staring at her, her large brown eyes wide with shock. “Paige? Is that you?”

“Do you know her?” Ashley asked incredulously, her crystal-clear blue eyes darting back and forth between the shrunken woman and her friend.

Rachel didn’t answer, the dumbfounded look of surprise on her face giving way to downright horror as the realisation kicked in that she had been seconds away from eating her co-worker. Paige felt almost overwhelmed by relief. Not only had Rachel recognised her just in time, the look in her eyes had also instantly switched from the indifferent, man-eating giantess back to the young woman she knew, and she seemed genuinely horrified at what she had almost done.

“Oh. My. God.” Rachel repeated in disbelief, slowly lowering the shrunken woman down and gently helping her climb onto the rough surface of the wooden picknick table.

Paige flinched a little as Ashley and Hannah came closer all of a sudden, leaning over her and looking down with an intense expression on their beautiful faces. It was actually a bit unnerving to suddenly have the attention of all three enormous young women, though at least none of them was trying to eat her any longer. The only problem was that Rachel already had eaten Miguel, and that Paige had no time to waste if she wanted to save him from being digested.

“A-Are you okay? What happened to you?” Rachel asked, almost stammering.

“I’m fine.” Paige began hectically, almost shouting up at the three young giantesses to make sure they heard her. “But Rachel, listen to me. We don’t have time. You just ate Miguel a few minutes ago. And you need to throw him back up right now, or you’ll digest him.”

“I ate…” Rachel began, visibly confused. “Who? What are you talking about?”

“You have to throw up.” Paige explained again, her whole body shaking with anxiety. “I’ll explain later. But right now, we need to get him out of your stomach before it’s too late.”

Rachel snorted in disbelief, glancing over at Ashley and Hannah, but they seemed to be even more puzzled than her. “You want me to barf? Right here? Is that what you’re telling me?”

“I…” Paige began, walking back and forth on the table and holding her right hand against her forehead as she hastily tried to think of other options to save her friend. But there weren’t any. Rachel would have to stick her finger down her throat and regurgitate what she had eaten so far. This would be very unpleasant for Rachel and dangerous for Miguel, but if they didn’t do something quickly, she would digest him. “Just trust me, okay? We need to get him out.”

Rachel seemed to think about what Paige had said for a few moments, but then she frowned, looking disgusted. “Paige, I can’t just hurl here. There are people around.”

The shrunken woman groaned, starting to grow frustrated with the giantess’ vanity. Still, she realised that she couldn’t just get confrontational with Rachel, given that she was a hundred times smaller than her. “Okay, wait.” She said and thought about where else Rachel could go. “The toilets. You could go inside, to the toilets, and stick your finger down your throat there. Just make sure that the staff don’t notice what you are doing.” Paige explained.

Rachel let out a whiny moan and was just about to get up from the table when she frowned all of a sudden, as if she had just noticed something. “Wait a minute. What did you just say?”

Paige instinctively took a step backward, somewhat intimidated by the distrustful expression that had appeared on the giantess’ face. “You could throw up on the toilet.” She repeated, not entirely sure what she had said to make her look at her in such a suspicious way suddenly.

“Not that.” Rachel said. “Why don’t you want the staff to know what’s going on?”

“I was wondering why the lady at the counter said we should return any boxes with tinies left.” Hannah joined in with a pensive expression on her face. “Do they usually do that?”

“Sometimes.” Rachel replied with furrowed brows. “Never really asked why until now.”

“Well, it’s just…” Paige began, but was suddenly interrupted when Ashley leaned over to the box, her enormous breasts coming so close that she feared she would squash her for a second.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The blonde asked, and Paige turned around, seeing that Ashley had just picked up a shrunken man who had climbed out of his cubicle.

The tiny had just been trying to help someone else out of their prison, so he hadn’t even seen the giantess’ approaching hand until it was too late. It was Dylan, and the shrunken person he had tried to help was Jordan. But since Paige knew what Ashley was about to do to him, she didn’t even have the time to feel any sense of relief at seeing him again.

“No! Wait!” Paige yelled as Ashley opened her mouth. “That’s Dylan! Leave him alone!”

Ashley closed her mouth with an annoyed sigh and looked over to Rachel, who only glanced at her for a brief moment and then turned her attention back to Paige. “Miguel, Dylan. Who the fuck are these people anyway, Paige? And why were you in that box?” Rachel asked.

“C-Can’t this wait? We need to help Miguel…” Paige began.

“Answer me.” Rachel snapped at her, getting annoyed. “What did you do to end up in there?” She asked again, pointing at the box, where Paige also recognised several other members of her team behind the windows of their cubicles, still desperately trying to get out.

“Alright.” She said, taking a deep breath as she prepared to explain, seeing that she had to be honest if she wanted to save Miguel. “The others and I, we broke into a Vortex facility earlier this week. We had planned to shut down their processing for a few da…”

“That was you?” Hannah asked. She was speaking to Paige directly for the first time, and she sounded genuinely disgusted. “I read about that in the news. You people shot someone.”

“Paige.” Rachel began, now looking plain serious. “Tell me that isn’t true. I always knew you were a politico, but please tell me you didn’t kill that poor guy because he was in your way.”

“It… That’s not...” Paige protested. “That guard was about to shoot me. Dylan was protecti…”

“I don’t believe it.” Rachel said, shaking her head in disbelief as she leaned back and looked from Ashley to Hannah for a second before turning back to Paige. “So you are terrorists. You planted a bomb, raided the place, and when someone tried to stop you, you blew him away.”

“Well, I’ve heard enough.” Ashley said, sounding almost relieved that she had a reason to eat the squirming tiny between her fingers. Then the giant young woman opened her mouth again, flicking Dylan inside with an alarmingly routine movement.

Paige cried out in horror as she saw her brother drop onto the blonde giantess’ wet tongue, his tiny body squirming around helplessly as the enormous lips and teeth began to close around him. He had just managed to turn around and look outside, his gaze meeting that of Paige one last time when the colossal mouth he was inside snapped shut, trapping him for good.

“No!” The shrunken woman shrieked and lurched forward as Ashley sucked on her brother’s squirming body as if he were a piece of candy, his flailing arms briefly showing between her soft, pink lips before he was slurped inside again. “Let him…”

Before Paige was able to finish her sentence, there was a loud gulping sound and she saw a slight contraction in the tall blonde’s neck as she swallowed Dylan. Staring at Ashley in utter shock as she traced her brother’s descent into her stomach somewhere behind her big, soft breasts, Paige collapsed onto her knees and let out an anguished moan, feeling hot tears shoot into her eyes again. In a matter of a few split seconds, memories of her and her older brother passed by her inner eye. No matter the differences they may have had, she still loved him deeply, and now he had just been eaten as if he were nothing but food. The moment she had seen that he had brought a gun along to their raid, she had feared that it would have grave consequences, but even she hadn’t expected the punishment to be so swift and severe.

“N-no. Please...” She cried, pleadingly looking up at Ashley as the blonde casually licked her fingertips, totally ignoring Paige while she took another sip of her coke. “He’s going to die.”

“Like the guy he shot?” Rachel asked contemptuously, pinning the shrunken woman between her thumb and her index finger as she lifted her up towards her face again. “So tell me, Paige. Are you people the only ones who get to decide who lives or dies? Or can I eat you now?”

“That was different!” Paige yelled, enraged by how Rachel was making it sound like she and her friends were the bad guys. “Vortex is murdering innocent people, and…”

“Innocent like yourself?” Rachel shot back sarcastically and opened her mouth.

“Give her to me.” Hannah then said all of a sudden, stretching out her left hand.


Hannah was upset. The strange urge to eat one of the shrunken people she had felt every now and again had troubled her, in particular the fact that she had actually fantasised about Diane being innocent when she imagined how it would have felt like to swallow her. After the last wave of the bizarre excitement at the thought of eating a tiny had subsided, Hannah had felt guilty and ashamed – how could she even think about something like that? Then Rachel had discovered that she knew one of the shrunken people in the box, and Hannah inevitably found herself wondering how she would have reacted if she had been just seconds away from eating someone she was actually acquainted with. To her dismay, her horror at the thought was once more eclipsed by a much more profound feeling of power, and then there was this other feeling deep inside her body, one she was unwilling to admit even to herself. Pushing the uncomfortable thoughts and impulses aside, Hannah instead shifted her attention on the following conversation between Paige and Rachel, already starting to feel much better about herself as she began to think about ways they could save the shrunken woman’s friend, someone called Miguel. After all, the mental image of her helping these small people appealed much more to her self-image than the idea of eating them just because she could.

But then Rachel raised the question why Paige had been shrunken down to begin with, and it turned out that these supposedly helpless tinies were actually terrorists who had shot someone in cold blood. Hannah had read about the incident online, and one paragraph about the guard who had been killed had struck a particularly bad chord with her. He had still been new to the job and become a father only very recently. Somehow, the whole story had reminded Hannah of her own dad and how scared she had felt for him when he had been deployed to the Middle East a few years ago, with guard duties being one of his regular assignments. The shrunken woman wasn’t even bothering to deny what she and her friends had done, and Hannah felt a sudden surge of anger creep up inside her. This spark of anger was enough to melt away the sympathy she had forced herself to feel for the tinies. Had she really felt sorry for these self-righteous murderers, who had nearly duped Rachel and her into helping them? Maybe Ashley was right. Maybe she was a bit too pure for her own good. Well, now she finally had enough.

“Give her to me.” She said flatly, stretching out her hand as Rachel was about to eat Paige.

Her roommate slowly closed her mouth again, her large brown eyes curiously glancing over to Hannah. Ashley also looked at her with an almost proud smile on her face.

“Are you sure, sweetie?” The black-haired woman then asked, lifting the squirming tiny over Hannah’s palm and giving her a questioning look. “Maybe just a random tiny would be eas…”

“She deserves this.” Hannah replied and glanced down at Paige disdainfully, trying to ignore that her heartbeat and breathing were accelerating again, accompanied by a fresh build-up of spit in her mouth. Even so, deep inside, she knew that she wanted to eat Paige.

Then Rachel let go of the shrunken woman, and Hannah felt Paige drop down onto her palm. In some way, it just felt like catching a bug, but seeing that she now literally held the life of a tiny human being in her hand, Hannah panted again and felt her heart to start to beat like wild behind her perky breasts. She swallowed the warm puddle of saliva that had accumulated on her tongue within just a few seconds, and slowly lifted Paige towards her face, her grey-blue eyes fixing on her with an intense, hungry gaze, and her moist lips slowly parting.

“Please!” Paige shrieked up to her, the mortal fear in her tiny, pathetic voice making Hannah pant again. “Oh God, please, Hannah, don’t do this!”

Not only did she ignore her pleading, but Hannah also realised that Paige’s tearful begging only made her want to eat the tiny woman even more. Somewhere in the back of her head, a more calm and rational voice was still telling her that she shouldn’t do what she was about to do, but it was finally drowned out by raw desire and how good all this simply felt. Her heart feeling like it was going to burst with anticipation, Hannah opened her mouth, but just as she was about to throw Paige inside, she noticed that Rachel had apparently taken out her phone and was holding it up with the camera towards her. Surprised, she looked over at her.

“Uh, what are you doing?” She asked, lowering Paige and her left hand down to her chest.

“Filming this, obviously.” Rachel explained, not bothering to look up from the display. “Your first tiny, Hannah! Trust me, you’ll want to see this later. You look so adorable.”

Hannah smiled into the camera somewhat awkwardly, feeling a little shy and self-conscious, but then she noticed that Paige was trying to take advantage of her momentary distraction and crawling towards the edge of her hand. Feeling another wave of that weird heat wash through her body, she couldn’t help but grin to herself as she thwarted the tiny’s escape attempt by simply snatching her with her right hand, effortlessly pinning her thrashing body between her thumb and index finger. Then she licked her lips, swallowing another build-up of spit on her tongue as her stomach let out another anticipatory groan. Hannah smirked and finally opened her mouth, lifting the kicking and screaming tiny above her face and tilting her head back.

“No! Please, Hannah, I’m begging you!” Paige wailed. “Don’t eat me!”

“Oh no, Paige! Big bad Hannah’s gonna eat you!” Rachel said mockingly, not fully realising that the devilish look on her cute friend’s face wasn’t just an act for the video she was taking.

“Please, someone! Help me!” The tiny woman screamed at the top of her lungs.

Then Hannah let go and dropped Paige into her mouth, her cries turning into muffled gargling and coughing as she was coated by hot saliva. Right when her squirming little body touched her tongue, the strange excitement and tension Hannah had been feeling up until this moment exploded across her entire body, its epicentre being a blissful, moist warmth between her legs. There was no way for her to deny it any longer. It was arousal, the most intense arousal she had ever felt in her whole life, and it was only due to her currently being in a public space that she didn’t touch herself. Carefully balancing the tiny on her wet tongue, Hannah leaned forward to make sure that Rachel got a good shot of the shrunken person squirming around inside her maw. Her enthusiasm surprised Rachel and Ashley a bit, causing them to giggle.

“Bye, tiny bitch!” Rachel then said, waving Paige goodbye as she held her phone closer.

Hannah panted again, then she leaned back a little and closed her lips, savouring not so much the taste, but the feeling of Paige helplessly thrashing around on her tongue as she moved her around, her increasingly desperate cries for help faintly echoing through her mouth. She had always been the shy, polite girl next door, but now, in this moment and to this squirming tiny, she was a goddess. Paige was completely at her mercy, she belonged to her, and she could do to her whatever she wanted. And it was not going to end well for her. Grinning to herself, she squeezed Paige against the inside of her cheeks and whirled her around in her mouth for a bit longer, for no other reason than that she could do it, then she moved her back towards to her throat and finally swallowed her down, whole and alive.

“No! Please God, I don’t wanna di…” Were the last words of Paige before the final plea for her life was mercilessly cut off by Hannah’s powerful swallowing muscles closing around her, forcing her down into the girl’s oesophagus with a big, wet gulp.

Clasping the small cross dangling above her breasts from her thin, golden necklace, Hannah let out a soft moan, feeling Paige’s writhing body being squeezed through her throat and into her chest, the searing arousal finally being too much for her to handle. Paige had desperately wanted to live, but Hannah had denied her that with nothing more than a greedy gulp, sending her down to die in the murky abyss of her stomach instead, where she would be ripped apart and finally absorbed into her own body once she digested her. Hannah clawed her other hand into the table and let out another subdued moan as her body exploded into a repressed, almost painful orgasm, her bikini pants feeling slightly wet again. Fully aware that she was not only being watched, but even filmed, Hannah quickly followed this with an artificial cough, which was made somewhat easier by the fact that Paige was still sliding through her oesophagus, the feeling of her squirming body getting stuck every now and again forcing her to swallow some more spit. Then Hannah felt how Paige was squeezed through a tight ring of muscles beneath her left breast and finally deposited in her stomach as it let out another slight gurgle.

“Are you okay?” Ashley asked in a concerned tone and moved up beside her, caringly putting her arm around Hannah as she scrutinised her with her clear blue eyes. “You had me worried there for a moment. Thought you were choking or something.”

“I… Cripes, that felt… weird. She struggled quite a lot.” Hannah replied, feeling relieved that she apparently didn’t understand what had happened. “That was so strange.”

“Did you like it though? They’re tasty, aren’t they?” Ashley beamed.

“I think she did.” Rachel said with a mischievous smile as she put her smartphone away again. Their eyes met for a moment, then she winked at her, causing Hannah to blush a little.

“It’s… hard to describe?” Hannah began, looking back at Ashley once more. “Really not like anything else I’ve ea… ope.” She said and put her hands over her stomach as she felt Paige moving around inside of her, causing an odd, but pleasant tickle beneath her left breast. “Oh jeez. I can actually feel her moving around in there. This is crazy.”

“If you want it to stop, just eat some other food or drink something. That tends to do the trick.” Ashley explained, fishing a shrunken man out of her box again and tossing him in her mouth.

“I mean, I like it, it’s just…” Hannah giggled girlishly as the tickling in her belly continued.

Then her stomach contracted again, forcing a substantial amount of the air she had swallowed back up through her oesophagus. Since she was still giggling, Hannah didn’t have sufficient control over the muscles in her throat to hold it back, and the trapped air escaped through her mouth as a wet, content burp that was not ladylike at all. Hannah ran red with shame, and she buried her face in her hands, glancing at Ashley and Rachel from between her fingers.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” She apologised, looking profoundly embarrassed.

“Eh. Happens, especially when they move around.” Rachel shrugged and winked at her again. “Speaking of moving around; I think Miguel is no longer with us.” She added, patting her flat belly and letting out a dainty belch of her own to make Hannah feel a bit better about herself.

“Don’t worry about it, girl.” Ashley agreed after swallowing down the squirming man in her mouth and then reached into Rachel’s box, lifting out a tiny woman who kept hurling profanities at the three young giantesses, sobbing and shrieking hysterically. “Want another one?”

“Hey!” Rachel protested playfully. “You’ve got a box too, you know.”

“You’ll need me to eat your leftovers again anyway.” Ashley dismissed her complaint with a shrug and then turned back to Hannah. “So, what do you say?”


Shaking with impotent fury, Paige glared up at her enormous co-worker as Rachel announced that she would film what was essentially her execution. Paige still couldn’t even believe that she would now be eaten by the very person she had thought least capable of committing such an atrocity. And now she learned that the last video of her would be just an amusing little clip of her being eaten by Hannah, to be posted onto these young women’s social media profiles, and laughed at and commented upon by their friends. But the announcement also appeared to have distracted Hannah for a moment, causing her to lower the hand with Paige on it down to her chest. Seeing a chance for her to escape, the tiny woman began to crawl over the giantess’ palm and towards Hannah’s colossal breasts, hoping to be able to jump onto these mountains of soft flesh. She wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, however, as there was a substantial risk of her falling into Hannah’s cleavage and being squashed to death between her tits. But then, Paige glanced up the young giantess’ towering body and noticed a thin golden cross dangling just above her breasts, realising that Hannah’s body would become her tomb if she didn’t act. Taking a deep breath, she got ready to jump, but then she was casually grabbed by Hannah’s enormous fingers and lifted high up into the air and towards her face again.

To Paige’s dismay, Hannah licked her lips and swallowed, looking at the shrunken woman with a predatory glare in her lovely eyes that made her shiver to the core. This was followed by a subdued, ominous groan from beneath the giantess’ left breast, as if Paige needed another reminder where she would be going once Hannah swallowed her. She knew that there was no point in reasoning with the giant girl any longer, but overwhelmed by utter despair, Paige nevertheless began to beg for her life, only to be taunted by Rachel about her imminent fate.

Paige frantically cried for help as Hannah’s fingers suddenly let go of her, causing her to drop down past her soft lips and perfectly white teeth onto her hot, slippery tongue. The shrunken woman gagged as she suddenly found herself coated from head to toes in Hannah’s viscous saliva and shivered as the girl’s humid breath washed over her. The thick, moist air primarily smelled of the chicken salad Hannah had been eating, but it also contained another, slightly acidic tinge that drove Paige nearly mad with fear. She knew that it came from the depths of the giantess’ body – her stomach, a constantly churning pit of slippery flesh filled with acid and digestive enzymes that mercilessly tore apart anything that happened to fall into it. And if she didn’t get out of here somehow, she would be the first human snack it would get to digest.

For a couple of moments, she kept staring at the gaping throat and the dangling uvula, which almost looked like an arrow pointing down into the depths of Hannah’s enormous body, from which there was no return. Then she somehow managed to turn around, the ominous rows of massive white teeth being the only thing that gave her some sense of direction in the organic cavern of wet, red flesh glistening with thick slime and saliva. The undulating surface below her constantly kept secreting more and more hot, slimy spit, which also stretched between the soft tongue and the hard palate above in the form of thick, sticky strings, one of which now collapsed right onto Paige as Hannah leaned forward a little. Gasping for air, the tiny woman wiped the gooey slime out of her face and hair, desperately looking out between the rows of enormous front teeth. But all she could see there was that giant bitch Rachel, who waved her goodbye and kept mocking Paige as she continued to film her suffering with her phone.

The black-haired giantess held her phone even closer to the giant mouth Paige was trapped in, then Hannah began to lean back and exhaled, sending a blast of unbearably warm and humid air washing over the tiny on her tongue. Paige desperately tried to keep breathing normally in the stuffy air, but then she noticed that the enormous rows of teeth all around slowly began to close, along with the soft, squishy lips in front of her. Overcome by a wave of claustrophobia and the even more primal fear of being eaten alive, Paige crawled forward as fast as she could, screaming for help that would never come. Then all went dark, with only an occasional ray of light finding its way into Hannah’s mouth as she began to push Paige around and opened her lips just a bit for a few split seconds. Coughing as a small wave of spit washed against her face, the shrunken woman desperately tried to hold onto the bumpy surface of the enormous tongue, but it was like trying to move across a carpet of thoroughly soaked sponges that just kept spluttering out more and more saliva with every of her helpless movements.

Suddenly, Paige was lifted up and squeezed against the equally hot and slippery flesh on the inside of Hannah’s cheeks, letting out a muffled scream as she was tossed through the organic cavern like a ragdoll. All she could hear now were wet slurping and sucking noises, her black overall becoming heavy as it was drenched with the spit of the giant girl who was tasting her. Paige lost all sense of direction as Hannah played around with her in her mouth, crying out in pain and fear as her body was smashed against the giantess’ teeth. Trying to crawl across the chewing surfaces as the gigantic tongue left her alone for a few moments, Paige found herself slipping across globs of masticated chicken and salad still stuck to the enormous molars. But all her efforts were in vain, as she was soon scooped up again and found herself sliding across the gigantic tongue towards the pitch-black darkness of the giantess’ hungry gullet.

Feeling her feet slip across the back of Hannah’s tongue, Paige let out a yelp and clawed her fingers deep into the squishy tastebuds, but this only resulted in them squirting more viscous spit over her face. Gagging, she spat out the thick goop and screamed at the top of her lungs.

“No! Please God, I don’t wanna di…” She cried, feeling fresh tears flow over her face.

Then the undulating tongue beneath her tensed up all of a sudden and dropped down. Flailing around helplessly, Paige was catapulted backwards and smashed into another wall of disgustingly soft and slippery flesh. She heard an overwhelmingly powerful, wet gulping sound and felt herself being sucked down into a pulsating tube of equally hot and slippery flesh, then her ears popped, and Paige briefly passed out as Hannah swallowed her whole.

Her unconsciousness didn’t last long, as Paige soon awoke to being almost suffocated by the throbbing walls of an oppressively tight, slimy tunnel that kept forcing her further down with regular peristaltic contractions. Being able not only to hear, but actually feel Hannah’s heartbeat and breathing all around her, Paige was fully aware that the giant girl had swallowed her and that she was inside her oesophagus, travelling down into her digestive system somewhere behind her perky boobs. Letting out a guttural scream, the shrunken woman pushed her arms and legs into the tight muscles surrounding her, only temporarily managing to slow down her descent before they contracted around her again. Her extremities being pressed firmly against her body again and finding herself unable to breathe for a moment, Paige felt the oesophagus almost cramp up for a short time, accompanied by a loud cough from above. First, she hoped that Hannah was perhaps choking and would regurgitate her, so she started kicking again, but after briefly being stuck, she soon began to slip downward again.

“No!” Paige screamed again, her voice weak and sounding almost mad. “Let me out!”

Instead of her pleas being answered, the was another loud gulp above, and even though Paige could not see anything in the utter darkness of Hannah’s oesophagus, she instinctively looked up, only to have a wave of hot spit splash over her, covering her face with slime and washing her squirming body deeper down the ever-pulsating tube of flesh. Her whole body convulsing as she spat out the warm goo and desperately inhaled whatever little air was left in her humid, cramped environment, Paige kicked around in blind rage. She listened to the mighty heartbeat and powerful breathing all around her, realising that the giantess’ pulse was quite fast and her breathing shallow. It seemed like Hannah was pretty excited about feeling a live human being travelling down her oesophagus – perhaps she was even enjoying it a bit too much.

“Why?” Paige wailed, flinching as another strong peristaltic movement forced her deeper into the increasingly hot and dark depths of her eater’s body. “Why did you do it?”

Sobbing with despair, she tried to stretch out her arms and legs once more, but yet again, her pathetic attempt at slowing down her descent was extremely short-lived. Feeling a sharp pain go through her arms and legs as the muscles around her constricted again, accompanied by an unnerving crack going through her bones and joints, Paige finally gave up her resistance and began to slide down the remaining stretch of Hannah’s oesophagus more quickly. After a few more moments, the fleshy tube finally sloped sidewards a bit, and Paige’s feet bumped into a particularly tight, sphincter-like muscle that reacted to the sudden touch by slowly opening up with a sickening, moist slurp, sucking her tiny wriggling body inside. This allowed for a blast of hot air to rise up from the ominously gurgling depths beneath, and Paige instantly began to gag and convulse again. The air was awfully hot and rank, smelling intensely of warm puke, chicken salad, and iced tea, and it barely seemed to contain any oxygen at all. But what was worse than anything else was the sharp acidic odour, and as Paige desperately tried to crawl up the slippery slope again, she inhaled, feeling a sudden burning sensation in her lungs and airways. Her heart beating so incredibly fast that it felt as if it would explode, Paige shrieked in terror once more as the tight muscle below wrapped around her legs and dragged her down. She would have rather died right there and then; be crushed, suffocated – anything that would spare her from being cast down into the infernal pit while she was still alive.

But it was not to be. Following another strong contraction of the organic tunnel, Paige heard another moist slurping sound and then found herself stuck halfway through the ring muscle, feeling another wave of pain shoot through her body as her ribcage was nearly crushed by the immense pressure. Finally, the muscle loosened and then contracted one last time, catapulting her into the churning, dark abyss with an almost derisive spitting sound. As Paige fell into the oppressive darkness, she heard an otherworldly, monstrous gurgle all around as the stomach walls quivered and churned, drowning out her own retching and gagging as she struggled to breathe the acidic and vomit-laden air. After falling through a thick, burning fog of digestive gasses, Paige splashed into a swampy morass of masticated and disintegrating food.

For a few moments, she found herself fully submerged in the chunky soup, then she managed to swim back up to the surface and gasped for air. Near instantly, her airways flared up again with an intense burning sensation as she inhaled the vile fumes and her aching body cramped up. Thinking that she was suffocating, Paige began to convulse for a couple of moments, then she leaned over forward and began to heave violently, but since she hadn’t eaten for quite a while, there was nothing for her stomach to expel except for a bit of fluid. Still coughing and retching, Paige began to swim forward in the dense broth, even though she had no idea where she was. She knew that this was Hannah’s stomach, but there was no light in here, and neither did she understand her exact position within the enormous, undulating sack of flesh, nor did she have a concept of where she was headed. It was instinct taking over, the desperate urge to at least do something, even though it would not change anything about her situation.

After a few seconds of pushing herself through the swamp, just as she reached something that she could only imagine as a shoreline created by a stomach fold, Paige suddenly heard a loud and powerful, but also oddly muffled and incomprehensible voice that came from somewhere beyond the constantly shifting stomach walls. Oddly enough, she somehow still recognised it as that of Ashley, and once she finished speaking, Paige heard a second booming voice. This time, it seemed to come from… everywhere, really, and it even sent slight vibrations through the gigantic body Paige was trapped inside, though its immediate source seemed to be somewhere high above her. It too was unintelligible, giving it an even more alien and scary quality, like the voice of a goddess that was too strong for mere mortals to understand. But Paige did realise that it was actually just Hannah answering a question Ashley had asked her. Only then did it fully dawn on Paige that she was inside Hannah. Inside another human being.

It would have been an almost fascinating experience if she hadn’t been drenched in Hannah’s stomach contents, with chunks of puke stuck in her wet hair. And of course if she hadn’t been facing being digested alive along with all the other food Hannah was eating. Paige knew that she shouldn’t be thinking like this, but essentially, that was all she was now – food. And soon, Hannah’s stomach would carelessly break her down into nothing more than nutritious sludge to be processed by her digestive system. In just a few hours from now, she would have ceased to exist and become a mere collection of nutrients floating through Hannah’s bloodstream, to be converted into energy and building blocks for her young and healthy body. Finally, probably sometime tomorrow, all the giant girl’s body could not absorb would be excreted along with all the other waste products of her digestive process, exiting Hannah’s body through her cute bubble butt. For some reason, Paige wondered if she would eventually become a part of her adorable ass cheeks, or perhaps of Hannah’s taut, shapely breasts. At least it appeared like those were the two places where her body mostly deposited fat in the end.

Shaking off these macabre thoughts, Paige tried to pull herself up the bizarre, slippery surface in front of her, only to slide back in the billowing pool of digesting food. Suddenly, the entire gigantic body around her lurched up a little and said something, followed by another muffled statement by Ashley. Based on the girlish laughing that followed as she once more attempted to climb onto what she assumed to be a stomach fold, Paige realised that it apparently was her movements that caused Hannah to giggle. The sound seemed bizarrely out of place in front of the other, far more menacing noises of the giant girl’s bodily functions, such as the gurgling of her digestive system, or the sound of her powerful heartbeat and breathing above. Then the entire stomach appeared to contract all of a sudden, causing Paige’s ears to pop and a strange pressure to build up in her auditory canals, making her go almost death. Only moments later, there was a particularly loud, moist rumble from high above, one Paige instantly recognised as a hearty burp. She did not know if she also had made Hannah belch, but given the giantess’ fairly shy and modest personality, it seemed unlikely that she had done it on purpose.

Feeling her whole aching body beginning to tremble after once again being reminded of her impending fate, Paige turned over on her back and started to cry. She was still having a lot of difficulties breathing in the foul, murky air, which seemed to hold even less oxygen following Hannah’s unintentional burp. The fact that she was on the brink of hyperventilating made this even worse, and for a few seconds, Paige just lay on the warm, gently undulating flesh of the stomach fold like on some sort of slimy cushion, then the horrifying soundscape of Hannah’s body was briefly drowned out by a loud gulp. Paige knew that she still hadn’t moved very far since she had been spat into the stomach by the cardia, and that whatever was travelling down Hannah’s oesophagus now could easily land right on top of her. As she turned onto her belly again and desperately tried to crawl out of harm’s way, she heard a suppressed cough above, followed by Ashley and Rachel giggling outside, and then another gulp. Continuing to sniffle as she pulled herself across the gastric mucosa of Hannah’s stomach, and feeling a slight, but noticeable burning sensation wherever her skin touched the acidic fluid being secreted from it, Paige’s thoughts wandered to Dylan and Miguel. They too were going through very much the same nightmare inside Ashley’s and Rachel’s stomachs, and soon her entire team would have vanished from the face of the earth, eaten and digested by these three young women.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a visceral slurping noise as the cardia opened up and released whatever the oesophagus had been squeezing down into Hannah’s stomach with another spitting sound. A slight change in air pressure also made Paige’s ears pop again, followed by a short pain in her auditory canals before her hearing returned to normal. The first thing she heard after this was a gut-wrenching shriek that confirmed what Paige had already feared: Hannah had eaten another human being. The shrill, feminine voice of the giantess’ second victim rapidly travelled down into the churning cave and then was abruptly cut off as the other tiny splashed into the same pool of digesting food Paige had landed in. For a couple of seconds, there was nothing but the relative silence of Hannah’s gurgling stomach again, and just when Paige started to assume that the other shrunken person had drowned in the pool of bubbling chyme, there was another splash as the woman resurfaced. She too coughed and retched uncontrollably as she tried to breathe and throw up at the same time, and only when her senses had become a little more used to the sickening odour inside Hannah’s stomach, she began to shout and splash around in the billowing, digesting broth.

“No! Let me out, you fucking bitch!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, and although her shaky voice was so distorted by fear and smouldering hatred, Paige’s eyes suddenly widened in shock as she realised that she knew that voice very well.

“Jordan?” She called out incredulously, her voice sounding weak and hoarse.

There was an odd silence again, filled out only by the powerful sounds of Hannah’s gigantic body, the muffled voices of the three giantesses as they continued to chat with each other, and some splashing noises from the bubbling pool of disintegrating food.

“Paige?” Jordan’s voice finally came back at her out of the darkness. “Where are you?” She asked, now sounding simply frightened and heartbroken. Paige had never heard her brother’s fiery, short-tempered girlfriend speak like this before, and it sent a shiver down her spine.

“I’m here.” Paige answered, trying to turn towards the direction the voice of the other woman was coming from as she moved around on the slippery stomach lining. “Try to get to me… I... I’m on a stomach fold or something… Not as much acid here.” She coughed.

“Oh my God.” Jordan whimpered, only now having become fully aware that she was actually floating in a dense soup of chewed-up food being molten down by digestive juices.

“Over here.” Paige said again, slowly slipping towards Jordan while carefully reaching out in front of her to make sure she didn’t fall back into the swamp of vomit herself. “I’ll help you.”

“Fuck, Paige.” Her brother’s girlfriend kept sniffling as their voices came closer and closer to each other, though they were occasionally interrupted by the slimy stomach walls contracting, or Hannah’s digestive system giving off more nightmarish groaning noises. “She ate us.”

“I know.” She replied sadly, not sure what else to say. Then Paige noticed movement right in front of her and stretched out her arms, her fingers finally touching Jordan. The two held onto each other and Paige made sure that she wouldn’t slip into the chyme, then she began to pull with all her strength while Jordan pushed herself up, falling onto the soft flesh beside her.

This elicited another amused giggle from the young giantess who had eaten them, but Jordan either didn’t hear or didn’t care about it right now. Somewhat surprised, Paige flinched a little as her brother’s girlfriend suddenly wrapped her arms around her and gave her a tight, loving hug, which turned out fairly wet and slippery given that they were both covered in chyme and spit. Paige and Jordan had never gotten along particularly well, owing to their very different personalities and temperaments, and the fact that they both competed for Dylan’s attention. It appeared that now, however, these petty arguments didn’t matter any longer.

“Oh my God, Paige.” Jordan repeated, and although Paige couldn’t actually see her face, she could tell that she was about to cry. “When she swallowed you, I thought…” She began, only to break down sobbing. “I thought you were dead.”

Well, we basically are. Paige grimly thought to herself, but since she felt so oddly touched by Jordan’s unexpected display of affection, she didn’t say anything and just continued to return her embrace. In a way, she was glad that she wouldn’t be alone during her final moments.

“That blonde bitch…” Jordan said, her voice filling with hatred once more. “She ate Dylan.”

Paige frowned again as she thought about her brother, not knowing if he even was still alive somewhere in the depths of Ashley’s stomach. And that there was utterly nothing they could do to help him, even less than they could do to save themselves. They were all going to die. Jordan was just about to say something to Paige again when there was another loud gulp and Hannah swallowed something. Knowing that they were in an extremely dangerous place right now, Paige instinctively grabbed Jordan’s arm and threw herself on her belly.

“Look out!” She shrieked and began to drag her friend across the slippery stomach fold, with Jordan not completely seeming to understand what was going on.

Mere seconds later, the cardia widened and released a bolus of masticated food into Hannah’s stomach, which splashed down into the shallow pool of chyme and sent its content spattering across the undulating stomach. Paige and Jordan were also caught in a surge of hot vomit and washed across the stomach lining, only to drop down into another pool of disintegrating food. Barely managing to hold onto each other, the two shrunken women found themselves drifting through the dense broth again, surrounded by chewed-up pieces of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and sweet corn, and perhaps some other ingredients of Hannah’s salad Paige couldn’t identify by their smell alone. Accompanied by another deafening, sickening groan, the stomach walls contracted, compressing the digesting chyme further and sending another wave of dense fluid billowing through the organic cave that nearly dragged Paige and Jordan beneath the surface. To her abject horror, Paige also heard strange squirting and dripping sounds that were almost instantly followed by subdued, menacing hisses as some kind of fluid trickled down from the gastric mucosa and came into contact with the soup she was swimming in. Paige wasn’t able to see them, but she could still sense that this resulted in acidic smelling clouds that burned in her eyes and on her skin whenever she and Jordan floated through them.

“P-Paige?” Jordan stammered, the fear in the normally haughty woman’s voice making her friend shiver again. “What the fuck is going on? What is that?”

“It’s… I think it’s… her stomach acid.” Paige replied slowly, trying to hold her breath as they passed through another swath. Her skin was starting to feel itchy and tender, and she noticed a burning sensation in her airways as they began to swell up. “She’s starting to digest us.”

“Fuck.” Jordan sobbed and grasped her even tighter. “Paige, I don’t want to die. Not like this.”

Paige was just about to answer with some hollow words of comfort she herself wouldn’t have believed when there was another loud gulp from above, then another, and then yet another. It was clear that Hannah was drinking something, probably her iced tea, and that the two tinies inside her stomach were mere seconds away from experiencing a deluge. Frantically reaching around, Paige grabbed an object that, judging by its consistency and smell, likely was a single piece of sweet corn, then she turned around to Jordan again.

“Hold onto me.” She gasped, feeling Jordan wrap her arms around her as tight as she could.

Then there was the disgusting, visceral slurp again as the sphincter-like cardia opened up and ejected a torrent of iced tea, roaring down into Hanna’s stomach like a massive waterfall. The two shrunken women shrieked with fear as they were caught in a powerful, rippling wave and easily washed away as the tsunami of iced tea flowed through the churning cave, flooding the lower parts of the stomach. Since the ‘ground’ beneath them was now completely submerged, Paige and Jordan had no other choice than to hold onto each other and the piece of sweet corn, which suddenly had turned into something like a life buoy. But just when things appeared to calm down a little, they heard another big gulp, and only a few seconds later, a large chunk of masticated chicken salad splashed into the ocean of chyme and iced tea, hurling them against one of the stomach walls. When they smashed against the undulating wall of warm, squishy flesh, it squirted out a load of gastric acid, with some drops getting into Jordan’s face. This made her cry out in pain and let go of Paige as she tried to wipe the acid out of her eyes.

“Oh my God, it burns!” Jordan shrieked and began to kick around, making it very difficult for Paige to hold on to both her and the piece of sweet corn. “Please, make it stop!”

For a few split seconds, Paige was undecided what to do, but seeing that there was no way of calming Jordan down with mere words, she let go of the piece of sweet corn and wrapped her left arm around her instead, using her right hand to help her wipe the acid out of her face. As she did so, Paige felt another warm fluid running down her friend’s cheeks, one that smelled slightly metallic. Blood. There was a fleeting moment during which Paige felt as if she was going to be sick again, but then she ultimately managed to recollect herself. And for the first time since being eaten, she was actually relieved that she wasn’t able to see anything. Trying to calm Jordan down while her friend kept screaming and cursing, Paige heard yet another greedy gulp, and this time, something inside her apparently snapped.

“Stop it!” She screamed up towards the cardia, as if Hannah could hear her or cared about the torment she was inflicting upon the two shrunken people inside her stomach. “Just fucki…”

Her words were cut short as another mass of chewed-up food spilled out from the oesophagus and splashed into the ocean of bubbling chyme she and Jordan were floating through, sending a wave rippling across the surface and smashing them against something more solid again. It was impossible to tell what exactly it was, but based on the smell and texture, Paige assumed that it was another piece of masticated chicken, perhaps with some other pieces of salad such as lettuce and tomatoes. She didn’t really understand why it was floating on the surface of the digesting soup, or if it just was the top of a whole mountain of chewed-up food rising up from below, but given the fact that her muscles were feeling weak and stiff, and that the pH of the vomit lake seemed to be constantly decreasing, Paige nevertheless welcomed the opportunity it offered. And thankfully, Jordan too seemed to have calmed down a bit.

“Come on, let’s climb up onto this.” Paige said huskily, making sure that Jordan kept holding onto her while she carefully pulled herself up.

The soft, semi-digested piece of chicken squirted out acidic puke and slime as she clawed her hands deep into the soaked meat, and appeared to sink into the boiling chyme for a brief moment, but then bounced up again as Paige dragged herself all the way onto it, followed by Jordan soon after. Coughing and breathing laboriously as their lungs tried to extract as much oxygen as possible from the rank, foggy air, the two shrunken women lay side by side for a while, surrounded by nothing but darkness and the foreboding, wet gurgling and rumbling of Hannah’s stomach. Then, just as if the giantess was actively trying to give them absolutely no time to collect themselves, there was another loud swallowing sound, and Paige could almost feel Jordan tensing up beside her as the two braced themselves for what would come next.

“Please just make it stop.” Her brother’s girlfriend whispered to nobody in particular.

As had always been the case before, a few seconds after the initial gulp, the ring muscle that guarded the entrance to Hannah’s stomach smacked contentedly and expelled another object into the digestive death chamber, but this one had a lot less mass than the previous chunks of chewed food. The two shrunken women flinched as Hannah’s latest snack let out a pitiful cry and then splashed into the pool of vomit somewhere to their left, the last scream being cut off by a sickening gargling noise as the tiny sank beneath the surface. There was another moment of silence as the stomach kept churning and contracting, then there was another splash as this shrunken person too resurfaced, gagging as they gasped for air and thrashed around.

“Help! Help me!” The freshly eaten tiny shrieked in mortal fear, sounding completely insane. “No, please! Someone help me please! I want to go home!”

It was another voice Paige recognised; this one was Tyler, the group’s computer wiz who had been very reluctant to come along in the first place. She was the one who had convinced him that they would need him if they ran into any issues with Vortex’s computer systems, and the thought now made Paige sick with guilt. Tyler had always been a painfully shy and insecure guy with all kinds of peculiar phobias, so it wasn’t too surprising that the experience of being eaten alive had apparently broken his mind like a raw egg.

“Tyler! We’re over he...” Jordan yelled, only for her voice to be drowned out by a wet gurgle.

Unable to hear her and literally scared out of his mind, Tyler kept crying and calling out for his mom. Then there was a loud gulp, and another mass of chewed food came splashing down, drowning Tyler’s screams out as it dragged him down to the depths of Hannah’s stomach.


Swallowing another forkful of chicken salad, Hannah smiled to herself as she felt it plop into her stomach, wondering if the last tiny she had eaten mere moments before had been able to get out its way in time. That one had been the first shrunken person to slide down her throat with relative ease, whereas the two tiny women she had eaten before had put up quite a fight and gotten stuck in her oesophagus at least once on their way down into her stomach. Hannah assumed that she was simply getting better at swallowing shrunken people, but perhaps it also just had something to do with the fact that he had been quite weak and nerdy looking to begin with. In fact, she had chosen him because he somewhat reminded her of one of her classmates back in high school, a boy called Arthur. Arty, as everyone called him, had been the school’s resident misfit and weirdo, and since Hannah never really had had the heart to tell him to just buzz off, she had ended up hanging out with him a lot, listening to him prattle on about video games and Japanese cartoons. She didn’t actually know what he was doing now, but given his abysmal social skills, she assumed that he probably wouldn’t amount to much in life. Perhaps he would even get eaten as well someday, just like this basement dweller she had swallowed. Hannah realised that the pity she had felt for Arty all these years was actually contempt. She despised how weak he was. Even as some fat on her butt, he’d be of more use to society.

Noticing that she was starting to feel aroused again, Hannah shifted her attention back to her friends and looked over to Ashley, who had already finished off her hamburger and fries and was now idly sucking on a screaming shrunken man before sending him down the hatch with a gulp of her coke. Then Ashley leaned back, patted her belly, and let out a short belch.

“Excuse me.” The blonde apologised half-heartedly and stifled another burp, turning it into a more subdued rumble beneath her big tits. “Oof. I think that was Dylan. How is Paige doing?” She then asked Hannah, playfully winking at her.

“I…” Hannah began and blushed a little. She was quite glad that Ashley would probably just mistake it for embarrassment again, when in reality the idea of Paige melting away in her gut only served to increase the pleasant tingle in her nether regions. “I think she’s still alive. I can feel something moving around in there every now and then, but I’m not sure it’s her.”

“I still can’t believe she did that.” Rachel said contemplatively, slurping a shrieking tiny man in between her lips and swallowing him. “Paige always was a bit weird, but… shit.” She said and shook her head, then she stuffed the last piece of her chicken burger into her mouth.

“By the way, how do you know each other? Or did?” Hannah asked, hesitating a bit towards the end of her question, as she wasn’t sure whether she should consider Paige still alive or not.

Rachel finished chewing her burger and swallowed, turning towards her roommate again. She hesitated a moment, looking over at Hannah with a sceptical expression on her face. “Are you sure you want to know?” She asked, glancing down at Hannah’s stomach.

“Oh, I mean, only if you’re okay talking about it. She was your friend, after all.” Hannah said, blushing again. She hadn’t considered that bringing up the whole thing again may have upset Rachel, and now felt like she was being terribly insensitive. “Sorry, I didn’t want…”

“No, it’s okay. We weren’t really friends anyway.” Rachel replied with a shrug and took a sip of her lemonade. “She just helped out at the café sometimes and we would talk to each other in between shifts and so on occasion. I just thought you might not want to know.”

“No, I was just curious.” Hannah explained with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes. “I wanted to know who my first tiny was, after all.” She said and patted the area beneath her left breast.

Rachel simply looked at her for a few moments again and then smirked a bit, leaning over to Ashley as the blonde licked her lips and lifted one of the few remaining tinies out of her box. “I think we’ve created a monster, Ash.” She joked, causing Hannah to giggle nervously.

“That’s okay.” Ashley said encouragingly, patting Hannah on the shoulder. Then she looked down at the squirming shrunken man she held between her fingers. “I’m a monster too!” She said, playfully snarling and then biting down right in front of him.

The tiny yelped and began to cry, but the three young women just laughed and Ashley threw him into her mouth, only sucking on him for a few seconds before swallowing him down and fishing the next shrunken person out of their cubicle. While Ashley finished off the remaining shrunken people in her box and Hannah ate the rest of her salad, Rachel exchanged some text messages on her smartphone and then leaned back. She threw the last couple of fries into her mouth and only chewed two or three times before swallowing them, then she quickly gulped down the rest of her lemonade and let out a content, relaxed sigh.

“By the way, help yourselves. I’m full.” She said and pointed at her box, giving her flat belly a little pat before lobbing her empty cup into a nearby trash can.

“Shee? Wad did I shay?” Ashley said with two tinies in her mouth. Then she remembered her manners and hurriedly gulped them down, their hysterical cries for mercy suddenly becoming muffled as their squirming little bodies were forced down her throat. “You never finish them.”

Since she had finished her salad and only occasionally felt a slight tickle inside her stomach, Hannah decided that she was still a bit hungry and reached into Rachel’s box. As she lowered her fingers into one of the cubicles, she could feel how the shrunken man inside was trying to squeeze himself into one of the corners, but it was no use. She carefully pinched him between her index finger and her thumb and then lifted him out. But she wasn’t holding onto him in a particularly good way, so that he slipped from her grasp and nearly would have dropped onto the hard surface of the table if Hannah hadn’t caught him with her left palm just in time.

“Ope, my bad.” Hannah apologised and flashed the tiny an awkward smile.

“Bitte! Iss mich nicht auf!” The tiny man sobbed, falling down onto his knees, and folding his hands as he began to beg for his life. “Ich habe nichts getan, das ist ein Missverständnis!”

“Huh.” Hannah began and tilted her head to the side a little. “I think this one is German.”

“Wait.” Ashley said, finishing her coke with a big gulp and then leaning over, scrutinising the shrunken foreigner for a couple of seconds with her piercing blue eyes. “Nah, go ahead, don’t know him. Just wanted to make sure.” She added, although she seemed to be only half joking.

“What is he saying?” Hannah asked curiously.

“Eh, the usual BS. That he didn’t do anything, that it’s all a big misunderstanding, blah blah.” Ashley shrugged and threw her paper cup into the bin. “I guess that one’s international.”

“Oh, well then.” Hannah replied and looked down at the tiny in her palm, biting her lower lip a little as she felt that pleasant warmth between her legs again. “Auf Wiedersehen.”

Then she tossed the shrunken man into her mouth and relished every moment of him fighting against his inevitable fate. Once he was utterly drenched in her warm saliva, Hannah pushed him to the back of her tongue and then swallowed, his squirming body easily slipping into her oesophagus and down her throat into her chest. She was indeed getting better at this. Hannah panted again as she felt the kicking tiny being squeezed down behind her breasts, feeling her nipples become hard and the area between her legs a bit moist once more, but was still able to restrain herself. To her delight, the man’s arrival in her stomach was accompanied by a renewed fluttering sensation as well, indicating to her that at least one of the little ones she had eaten before was still alive. Perhaps it was even Paige. The mere thought that even a fighter like her would ultimately succumb to her digestive system and be broken down into nutrients for her body to absorb made her feel almost ecstatic. She wanted more. Needed more.

In the end, Hannah shared around half of the remaining shrunken people in Rachel’s box with Ashley, and as she gulped down the rest of her iced tea, around a dozen people who had once been unique individuals with whole lives of their own had been sacrificed to her appetite. Not as many as were now stewing away inside Ashley’s and Rachel’s stomachs, but Hannah was still a beginner, after all. Once they had finished eating, the three young women got up from the table and threw the empty boxes and packaging into the trash can as well, having left not a single survivor of their meal. Those tinies who still were alive for the time being were now sloshed around in their stomachs as they returned to the beach, among them Paige and Jordan, but not Miguel and Dylan. Miguel had drowned in Rachel’s stomach only a short time after she had refused to throw up, while Dylan had struggled to survive inside of Ashley’s belly for quite some time before finally being suffocated by one of the last bites of her burger. By the time the women who had eaten them spread out their beach towels again to lie down and take in some more sun, both men were nothing more than bloated corpses drifting through a pool of dead bodies, slowly melting down into nutritious sludge to be absorbed into Ashley’s and Rachel’s tan, athletic bodies over the next couple of hours.

“I’ll take a quick dip in the ocean.” Hannah explained as she carefully took off her miniskirt and beach top again, relieved that the earlier incident hadn’t left any visibly damp spots in her dark blue bikini pants. Nevertheless, she would make use of the opportunity to at least wash herself with ocean water, since she did still feel a bit unclean after what had happened.

“Sure. I’ll join you in a little.” Ashley explained as she lay down on her towel and produced a book from her gym bag, patting her belly. “Need to digest a bit first. You go on ahead.”

“You wanna come, Rachel?” Hannah asked, grinning as she felt another tickle in her stomach.

“Nah, I’m just gonna tan a bit more.” Rachel said, pulling her sunglasses over her eyes again.

“Rach never actually goes swimming.” Ashley clarified mockingly. “She’s one of those girls who just hangs around the beach all day to show off her ass and her tits.”

“Shut up!” Rachel protested and playfully smacked Ashley on her right shoulder, pushing up her sunglasses for a moment to dart her a disapproving look. “I do go swimming. Sometimes.”

Hannah smiled affectionately as her friends kept bickering with each other, and turned around, looking out onto the blue expanse of the ocean once more. The enormous Chinese container ship had disappeared beyond the horizon by now and been replaced by a luxurious cruise ship heading for the docks. Again, Hannah found herself wondering about the nature of the world she lived in – who all the people on that cruise ship were, what they would be doing here, or where they came from. Thinking about faraway countries, her thoughts drifted to the German man she had swallowed earlier. Who had he been? What had he been doing here? And what had led to him being shrunken down? None of it mattered anymore. Just like the dozen other people she had devoured, all the decisions in his life had let him to this, to being eaten by her and becoming part of her body. Grinning to herself again as she gently stroked her soft belly, only hearing a faint gurgle emanate from it ever so often as it began to digest her latest meal, Hannah strolled towards the billowing waves. Once again, she took a deep breath of the fresh ocean breeze, enjoying the soft, warm sand beneath her naked feet. She began to imagine the many small irregularities in the sand as mountains and valleys, being crushed effortlessly as she flattened them beneath her enormous body. If one of the shrunken people in her belly had been standing on the beach now, it would indeed have looked like that to them. It was a truly exhilarating notion. But then, Hannah dismissed these thoughts as the waves splashed around her ankles again and she stepped into the ocean, letting them drift away like the idle fantasies they were. And once she was in far enough, Hannah dove forward into the water to take a relaxing late afternoon swim, the contents of her stomach gently sloshing around inside her.


After the massacre that had actually just been Hannah’s afternoon lunch had finally come to an end, Paige and Jordan only were granted a very short reprieve, as the giantess got up soon afterwards and began to walk somewhere with her friends, causing the contents of her stomach to slosh back and forth inside of her. The soggy piece of chicken they were still lying on had broken away from the rest of the mountain of more solid food when Hannah had gulped down the last of her iced tea, and now they were being tossed around by the waves created by the young giantess’ booming footsteps deep below. It was a bit like drifting around on a piece of flotsam in a storm after a catastrophic shipwreck, with Paige and Jordan even being able to hear the anguished cries and wailing of the other shrunken people all around them. From time to time, they would pass by one of the voices close enough for them to stretch out their arms, in the vain hope that they may be able to get a hold of them, but the constant movements and complete darkness inside Hannah’s stomach made this basically impossible.

Once they had passed by the last weeping voice, another small wave of hot, acid-laden vomit splashed over the drifting piece of chicken with Paige and Jordan on it, accompanied by another thunderous boom from deep below as Hannah took another step forward. The pungent liquid caused Paige’s tender, irritated skin to flare up with intense, burning pain again and she let out an agonised groan. Based on the tormented moan Jordan let out through her clenched teeth as well, she assumed that her friend was experiencing the same intense pain as her.

“I… I don’t…” Paige began hoarsely, but then interrupted herself as she suddenly felt a truly unbearable pain in her chest and airways. It felt like the most intense heartburn imaginable, as if everything inside was on fire, swollen up and burnt beyond repair. “Can’t…”

She started coughing, suddenly noticing a hot, metallic tasting liquid in her mouth that caused her to produce nothing but a wet gargling sound as she tried to speak. Paige didn’t even know where the blood was coming from, but she did know that her body was literally melting from both the outside and the inside. Spitting out the mouthful of pulpy blood, Paige inhaled, only barely succeeding in squeezing some oxygen through her scorched airway into her lungs, and producing a rattling breathing sound that could have been straight out of a horror movie. She tried to wipe the blood off her lips, but instantly regretted it, as she now noticed that her face felt hot and swollen, with flakes of skin peeling off her like it was some kind of rotting fruit. The existential horror at the realisation that she was in the middle of being digested alive was something that should have driven her insane, but for some reason, perhaps a combination of exhaustion and hypoxia, Paige was oddly composed and fatalistic at this point.

Fuck. She simply thought to herself as the piece of disintegrating chicken bumped into one of the stomach walls again, her feet brushing across the slimy surface. At least the lights are out.

Apart from the powerful thumping of Hannah’s heartbeat, her breathing and the nightmarish soundscape of the stomach switching into full digestion mode, Paige also could distantly hear Rachel and Ashley speak again, and her thoughts drifted to her brother. Was he still alive? Or had Ashley digested him by now? Had he been in a lot of pain? Paige would never know the answers to these questions. By tomorrow, she and her friends would have vanished, never to be heard of again. Digested and disposed of like any other meal these three young women had already eaten or would eat in the future, turned into energy, bodyfat and shit.

“Paige.” Jordan coughed, her voice alone sounding even worse than Paige felt. “I just…”

Whatever it was she wanted to say, she would never get to say it. While Jordan continued to cough and wheeze, struggling for every breath of air, Hannah started walking again, shaking them around along with the gurgling stomach contents. Then the entire gargantuan body they were trapped in lurched forward, accompanied by a loud splash from beyond the walls of her fleshy prison. Before Paige could even begin to think about what was going on, the stomach tilted by more than 90 degrees, turning the relatively calm sea of digesting food into a single, massive wave rolling through the churning cave. Paige tried to scream in terror, but only produced another muffled cough as the vomit tsunami smashed against one of the undulating walls and the piece of chicken broke into dozens of smaller pieces. The tremendous force of the impact alone catapulted Paige and Jordan into a foamy maelstrom of chyme and digestive gasses, and the stomach contents were hurled around the stomach as if in a washing machine on spin cycle. As if that weren’t enough already, the strong muscles of the stomach walls all around just kept contracting and expanding, creating additional currents and swirls that were so overwhelmingly powerful that Paige had the feeling that her limbs would be ripped off her dying body. Yet even in this situation, when it probably would have just been easier to inhale deeply and choke herself on the churning blend of chyme and acid, Paige’s survival instincts kicked in again and she held her breath, only inhaling whenever she passed through a bubble of rank air. Her ordeal continued for what seemed like an eternity, even though it most likely was just a couple of minutes, with Paige bumping into lumps of semi-digested food and other, more solid objects, some of them motionless, some of them kicking and squirming. Then the giantess apparently stood up on her feet again, creating another tidal wave that smashed Paige against the stomach walls as the stomach contents evened out once more.

Coughing up slimy chunks of Hannah’s stomach contents and more of her own blood as she splashed around and tried to get a hold of something, Paige suddenly heard Ashley’s cheerful voice outside again. While she still didn’t understand what the giantesses were talking about, she had figured out that the movements of Hannah’s body could only mean that she had been swimming as well – albeit in the warm salt water of the Pacific Ocean, not the puke inside a stranger’s stomach. All of a sudden, Paige was pushed towards the middle of the stomach by a contraction of the stomach wall behind her, bumping into another gasping person helplessly drifting through the chunky soup, causing them to flinch and throw themselves around.

“Wha… Who… who’s that?” The other shrunken person wheezed, finally confirming Paige’s feeling that it was indeed Jordan. “Is that you, Paige?”

“It’s me.” She said, coughing again as she felt more blood pooling in her mouth and a strange tingling sensation rising in her limbs as her fingers and toes began to go numb.

“Oh God, Paige.” Jordan said weakly, putting her arms around her once more. Paige groaned, as even a simple touch now made her skin flare up in pain again. Assuming she still had skin. But based on the sounds Jordan was making, she wasn’t in a much better state. “Paige?”

“Yeah?” She replied, the numbness in her limbs slowly spreading to the rest of her body.

“I’m afraid.” Jordan whispered.

“Me too.” Paige replied almost inaudibly.

Not even a second later, Hannah’s entire body leapt forward again as she took another frontal dive into the ocean. Knowing that there really was no point in prolonging their own suffering anymore, Paige and Jordan tightly grasped each other, clenching their teeth as their embrace sent a sharp, searing pain through their bodies. Mere moments after that, the roaring wave of hot chyme collapsed on top of the two and the extreme current dragged them down into the depths of Hannah’s stomach. Keeping each other from trying to swim up to the surface again, they hugged each other as firmly as they could, feeling the other’s body starting to twitch and convulse as they ran out of oxygen. As they were thrown around with Hannah’s movements, Paige exhaled, knowing that the next breath she would take would be nothing but warm, thick vomit and stomach acid. She gave herself a few seconds, her life passing by her inner eye as she felt Jordan’s body go limp in her deadly embrace, then she opened her mouth and the hot sludge immediately forced itself into her oesophagus and airways, rupturing them.

Paige closed her eyes, only fleetingly noticing how the giant body all around her straightened up just a few moments later. Feeling how her own aching body started to burst as the chyme and acid poured into her, turning her into nothing more than a part of the thick broth she was enveloped in, Paige twitched one last time. Then her heart ceased to beat, her lungs stopped breathing and her brain finally shut down, the sounds and sensations around her fading into a blissful, painless darkness as another rumbling burp echoed through Hannah’s body.

The rapid compression of the dense liquid that accompanied the giantess’ latest belch caused Paige’s and Jordan’s dead bodies to break into several smaller pieces. And so, their mangled remains became just another feature of the churning sludge, mixing up with body parts of the other shrunken people she had eaten. But most of what Paige and Jordan had once been sank down to the bottom of Hannah’s stomach, their mostly intact torsi still interlocked in their last embrace as they finally settled along some other disembodied bones in the pyloric antrum.


Stepping onto the beach again and wringing the salt water out of her hair after concluding her relaxing swim in the warm ocean, Hannah looked over to Ashley, who had moved away from her a couple of steps to gently kick a beach ball back to a group of teenagers. Over the course of the afternoon, she had learned that Ashley and Rachel were very relaxed about these things, but given the opportunity, Hannah decided to release the pressure that had built up inside her stomach as long as her friend was distracted. And she was glad that she did, since her burp turned out to be short, but still fairly loud – this time, however, there was nobody around to hear it. Hannah contentedly rubbed her soft, slightly wet belly and concluded that this had finished off any surviving shrunken people for good, since she could no longer feel any of the tingling sensations their movements had caused. She smiled to herself, feeling yet another pleasant shiver go through her. That satisfied belch had been the end of their stories.

“You know, you’re a pretty decent swimmer.” Ashley said as she went back over to her and adjusted the straps of her tight-fitting bikini bra again, making her large boobs jiggle a bit.

“You sound surprised.” Hannah answered and gave her a questioning look.

“Uh, yeah, it’s just… I mean, isn’t everything frozen up where you’re from?” Ashley asked.

Hannah frowned indignantly. “We get up to 80 degrees during the summer, don’tcha know.” She protested, slipping back into her Upper Midwestern accent again.

“Wow.” Ashley nodded sarcastically. “Tropical.”

“And we have pools too!” Hannah continued.

“You don’t say.” Ashley said with feigned amazement, continuing to tease her friend.

“Uh-huh.” The short girl nodded emphatically as she put on an equally fake pout and crossed her arms in front of her quietly gurgling belly. “I was on my high school’s swimming team.”

“What? Not like, ice hockey or curling?” Her friend replied with an impish grin.

“Stop it!” Hannah protested, trying to give Ashley a light-hearted smack on the shoulder, but her attempt was easily thwarted by the taller girl placing her in a gentle headlock. “Hey! Stop it! Let me go!” She shrieked playfully as they stepped up to the towels again.

“What’s going on? What are you doing?” Rachel asked in a somewhat exasperated tone and gave Ashley a disapproving look. “Are you bullying my roomie again, Ash?”

“Uhm… She… started it?” Ashley lied so blatantly that even she frowned a little.

Rachel just stared at her over the rim of her sunglasses for a moment. “Seriously?”

“Aw, shucks. Okay.” The blonde finally gave up and released Hannah again, but not without affectionately ruffling her wet hair once more. “Fine, off you go.”

“Next time, pick on someone your own size.” Hannah whined.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Ashley asked with a mischievous grin.

“Did you guys have a nice swim?” Rachel asked and stretched herself, rising up to her feet as she looked around the beach for a couple of moments. Her friends nodded.

“We sure did.” Ashley said, drying herself off a little. “You should try it one day.”

Rachel didn’t say anything, instead just sticking out her tongue. “Anyway. I think we should get going soon. Still got to prepare some stuff for tomorrow.” She said, putting on some more clothes again and passingly checking the time on her smartphone.

“Yeah, same.” Hannah agreed. Then she and Ashley dried themselves off with their towels a little before slipping into their thin beach tops and miniskirts as well. “Let’s go home.”

Once the three young women had packed up, they headed towards the promenade, and while Rachel and Ashley didn’t pay any attention to the Vortex store as they passed it again, having already forgotten about their meal, Hannah smiled to herself and put her hand on her exposed midriff, feeling a subdued squelching and gurgling deep inside her belly. Paige was definitely gone by now, well under way of becoming a part of her. But she didn’t dwell on that thought all too long, as they soon reached one of the nearby parking spaces, stepping up to Rachel’s car, a red convertible that would normally have been way beyond a college student’s budget. It was one of the less subtle reminders that Hannah’s roommate was actually quite well-off; her father was a legal advisor to the governor and her mother was a successful plastic surgeon. Rachel only really lived in a shared apartment and worked in a café because she wanted to be at least somewhat financially independent, not because she had to. It was an attitude Hannah respected, even though it occasionally still showed that Rachel was a bit spoiled.

Ashley offered Hannah to sit in the front seat, but she declined and made herself comfortable in the back instead, letting her and Rachel catch up a bit on the latest gossip as they drove off. Her still a bit damp hair gently waving in the evening air, Hannah let out a relaxed sigh and looked towards the downtown area, the windows of the many skyscrapers gradually lighting up as the sun began to set behind the mountains, painting the sky in a warm shade of orange. Then the car entered a tunnel, the natural orange light being replaced by a more artificial tone that reflected off the bare concrete walls. For some reason, this particular kind of light always made Hannah think of travel. And it always made her sleepy, leading to her let out a content yawn as Rachel kept telling Ashley about all the stories she had missed while she had been on her year abroad in Germany. Once they exited the tunnel again, they drove through a quiet, pleasant looking neighbourhood, finally stopping in front of a detached house in a side street.

There, they got out of the car for a couple of moments and said goodbye to Ashley, and once she had disappeared into her parents’ house, Hannah changed into the front seat, with Rachel giving her a short tour of the area as they drove off again. It turned out that her parents’ house also was in this seaside neighbourhood, and that Rachel and Ashley had gone to high school here together. Finally, just as the last rays of sunlight had disappeared behind the mountains, they headed back towards one of the more central parts of the city again, and after some more driving through the outbound evening traffic, they finally reached their apartment building in one of the wards adjacent to the downtown area. Rachel parked the car and they headed up to their shared apartment, where she let out an exhausted sigh as she closed the door behind her.

“Do you want to take a shower first, sweetie?” She asked Hannah as she exchanged some text messages on her phone. “I’m gonna be on the phone with Chris for a while.”

“Uh, sure.” Hannah nodded. “I won’t need long anyway.”

Going to her room for a moment, she quickly selected some fresh pyjamas from her wardrobe and took the damp, sandy towel out of her bag, then she went to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. There, Hannah got undressed and tossed her clothes and her bikini into the washing along with the towel before stepping into the shower. Feeling the hot water run over her head and her naked body, rinsing the remaining sand and salt off her, Hannah thoroughly washed herself. Then she gently bit her lip and grinned as she felt and heard a quiet glorp just beneath her left breast, accompanied by a feeling of liquid being sucked out of her stomach and into her intestines. It seemed like digestion was proceeding to the next phase.

Goodbye, Paige. Hannah thought to herself almost affectionately. You were such a treat.

Finishing her shower, Hannah dried herself off and put on her light, summery pyjamas, then she returned to her room and let herself drop onto her bed. After just lying there for a couple of minutes with her eyes closed, she got up again and sat down at her small desk, making sure that she had all the documents she needed for her first day at college tomorrow. Hannah had already checked this several times over the course of the weekend, but she was organised to the point of neuroticism, and could not relax until she had confirmed this one final time. Once her compulsion had been satisfied, she took her phone from her bag and lay down on her bed again, turning on her laptop to put on some music. Loafing around in her soft, girly bed, she exchanged some messages with her friends back at home and perused her social networks for a while, then another subdued rumble in her belly made her think of something. Hannah went to Rachel’s profile and searched her roommate’s friends for ‘Paige’, indeed coming across a profile that turned out to be that of the first person she had ever eaten. It didn’t seem as if she had been particularly active online, but Hannah still came across some pictures of her.

Many of them had unsurprisingly been taken at political rallies and demonstrations, but some also showed a more private side of her. And so, Hannah came to learn that her full name had been Paige Wright, that she had graduated from the same college she was starting at now, and that Dylan, the guy Ashley had eaten, had actually been her older brother. For a few moments, Hannah felt a pang of guilt, but as she thought about the fact that this young woman now was nothing but nutritious sludge being squeezed through her intestines as she absorbed her very essence into her own body, she began to feel all hot and bothered again. Sensing that pleasant warmth between her legs again and shivering a little, she opened up her chat with Rachel.

btw, could you send me the video of me eating my first tiny? She wrote, trying to come across as casual and inconspicuous as possible. want to show it to some of my friends ;-D

uh, sure. Rachel texted her back after a couple of moments. hold on a sec!

Hannah waited for a few seconds, then she got another text from Rachel with the short video. Watching the brief clip, she was relieved to find that it cut out just after the lump containing Paige had disappeared in her chest, and did not show the visceral reaction she had to the tiny woman’s squirming in her oesophagus moments later, making it quite safe to share.

thanks rachel <3 would you mind if i uploaded it to my profile?

of course not! it’s about you after all! Her roommate replied. and about paige, i guess ;-D but i get the feeling she’s not gonna complain about it much lmao

;-D probably not

worst thing that stuck-up bitch can do now is give you constipation ;-D

Wrinkling her nose a little at that notion and the thought of what would eventually become of Paige once she had finished digesting her, Hannah let out an amused snort and replied with several more laughing emoji, then she uploaded the video to her profile. While she began to receive the first notifications on likes and comments, she watched the video again, feeling her nipples grow hard and the warmth in her nether regions becoming ever more intense. Finally putting the clip on a loop, Hannah slipped her left hand between her legs and let out a moan as she started pleasuring herself, trying to imagine where Paige and the other shrunken people she had eaten were now. Based on the soft squelching behind her navel and the approximate time that had passed since she had eaten, Hannah assumed that they were somewhere deep in her small intestine by now, slowly being absorbed into her bloodstream to nourish her. It did not take long for these thoughts to make her gasp with intense pleasure. Looking at her phone, Hannah relished the utterly terrified expression on Paige’s face as the camera zoomed in, all against the ominous backdrop of her dark throat. Then she closed her lips, and moments later, there was a wet gulp. Paige was gone, and Hannah exploded into another orgasm, much less restrained and therefore far stronger than the last one. Letting out a moan, she closed her eyes as several waves of pure ecstasy washed through her body, then Hannah leaned back in her pillow and removed her hand, placing it on her rumbling belly somewhere above where she imagined Paige to be right now. And only a few minutes later, Hannah fell asleep, smiling.


While Hannah stepped into the shower, Paige’s and Jordan’s remains were churned around in the thick broth of digesting food, until one of the contractions of the stomach walls forced most of what once had been their bodies into the pyloric antrum. Then her pylorus opened up with a visceral sucking noise and slurped their mangled corpses inside, squeezing the glob of chyme that contained them into Hannah’s duodenum. The force this exerted on whatever was left of their semi-digested bodies by then ripped them apart even further, finally tearing their mangled upper bodies from their final embrace as well and leaving them floating through the pitch-black darkness utterly alone. Being slowly squeezed down along the dark, tight organic tunnel that was Hannah’s duodenum, the chunky soup containing their remains was infused with digestive enzymes and yellowish bile from the giantess’ gall bladder and pancreas. But while the pH of the pulpy mush slipping through Hannah’s intestine ultimately began to rise again, it was too late to be of any help to Paige and Jordan. They were long dead, and since most of the outer layers of skin and flesh had peeled off their disembodied fragments by now, these weren’t even distinguishable from those of the other people Hannah had eaten.

Being pumped into the murky depths of her body and entering the tight, winding, and utterly dark labyrinth of the middle stretch of the small intestine, the jejunum, their remains began to drift through a bizarre, utterly alien world. It would have provided for an impressive sight if there had been any source of light here, and if one of the tinies still had been alive to witness it. The walls of the undulating tunnel they were floating through were lined with odd, almost finger-like projections that combed through the foggy, nutrient-rich broth, slurping up all the disembodied carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins it contained. As Hannah lay down in bed and pleasured herself to the thought of what her body was currently doing to the tinies she had swallowed, her quiet moaning barely audible in front of the nightmarish sounds of her gurgling intestines, more and more flesh began to peel off Paige’s and Jordan’s tiny bones. Dissolving into nothing more than small clouds of nutrients, large swaths of what once had been their skin and flesh were sucked up by some of the billowing villi just as Hannah climaxed, her orgasm barely having any noticeable effect on the merciless, utterly indifferent workings of her digestive tract. It didn’t care whether the fresh nutrients it sent to Hannah’s bloodstream came from salad, chicken or shrunken human beings, all that mattered was that it provided the healthy young woman’s body with all that it needed.

As Hannah finally drifted off to sleep, gently rolling around in bed on occasion as her brain provided her with pleasant dreams, most of what just hours before had been Paige and Jordan travelled through her bloodstream, being repurposed to whatever the giant girl’s body saw fit. Since Hannah was sleeping, she didn’t need too much energy, meaning that only a little bit of them was burned off immediately, while most of them eventually became part of her bones, her internal organs, her skin, and her hair. But the largest part of Paige’s and Jordan’s former bodies would be added to the fat tissue on Hannah’s round butt cheeks and her perky breasts, being the first, but certainly not the last human beings to add to her feminine curves. And so, only a couple of shrivelled, bleached bone fragments remained as the last undigested pieces passed through Hannah’s ileum late at night, finally being sucked through her ileocecal valve and entering her large intestine as she rolled around in bed, quietly snoring into her pillow.

Having entered the last phase of the deadly journey through Hannah’s digestive system, what was left of Paige and Jordan now travelled up the giantess’ ascending colon, where the slurry containing their pitiful remains was drained of water and whatever nutrients the girl’s body was still able to extract from it. Slowly being squeezed around a tight bend, the increasingly solid mass then entered the transverse colon, slipping through it below the now utterly empty, quietly rumbling stomach. By the time their remains reached the next bend, they were almost completely encased in a dense, still somewhat soft brown log, but while Jordan’s bones were deeply buried within the newly formed turd, parts of Paige’s skull and some of her ribs stuck out of it a little along its sides, along some other bones and undigested sweet corn husks.

Taking the last bend, their faecal tomb then slipped down the descending colon, only slowing down a little as the soft chunk of excrement slid down the inclined walls of the sigmoid colon and finally dropped into the giantess’ rectum with a wet splat. Just a few seconds later, more miry stool dropped on top of it from above, compressing the foul-smelling brown mass even further and squeezing it tightly against Hannah’s rectum. This caused some of the bubbles of air and digestive gasses trapped inside to be expelled through her sphincter as a quiet fart, but it was so quiet and insignificant that the sleeping giantess took no note of it. Then the pile of soft ordure began to settle, waiting to be expelled from the girl’s body once she awoke.


Just like every important morning, Hannah’s circadian clock didn’t let her down on this one either, waking her up just a few minutes before her alarm was supposed to go off anyway. As she opened her eyes, Hannah didn’t even feel particularly sleepy, sitting up in her bed almost instantly and slowly stretching her arms. Then she held her hand against her mouth as she let out a girly yawn and checked her smartphone, seeing that she had received quite a few new messages. Some of them were text messages from her family and closest friends wishing her a good first day at college, while others were reactions to and comments on the video she had posted last evening. Hannah smiled gently as she read through them, most were from her old high school classmates stating how jealous they were, while others welcomed her to the ‘club’ or asked her how the tiny had tasted and if they had struggled at all. Rachel had reacted with a heart, whereas Ashley had commented with an emoji licking its lips. Answering a couple of her friends’ questions, Hannah pushed herself out from beneath the blanket and got out of bed.

Rising to her feet, Hannah felt her boobs bob up and down a bit from the sudden motion, then she yawned again and tugged on her pyjama hotpants, which had slightly slipped into her butt crack while she had been sleeping. After answering some more messages, she put her phone away and went over to the bathroom, but just as she was about to open the door, she noticed that it was locked. Hannah shrugged, assuming that Rachel was on the toilet right now, and went over to the kitchen instead. Not having forgotten about what she last used her left hand for, she thoroughly washed her hands and started to make a cup of coffee for herself. Just a few minutes later, there was a loud flushing sound, followed by the sound of water flowing through the old pipes in the wall, then the bathroom door was unlocked. Hannah heard her roommate let out a yawn, then Rachel stepped into the kitchen, her wavy long hair looking a bit dishevelled and her large boobs almost spilling out of her sloppy pyjama top.

“Good morning!” Hannah chirped happily, deliberately ignoring the gruffy expression on her roommate’s pretty, but tired face. “Did you sleep well?”

“Morn.” Rachel mumbled, rubbing her eyes. “Kinda. You?” She then asked tersely, plopping herself down at the kitchen table. It was quite obvious that she wasn’t a morning person.

“I slept like a baby.” Hannah replied. “Do you want some coffee, Rach?”

“Sure. Thanks.” Her roommate replied, letting out another yawn.

Hannah then proceeded to make Rachel a big cup of coffee as well, chatting with her a bit as she gradually began to wake up and become a bit more talkative. Once she had washed down the last gulp of coffee, her stomach groaned happily, and Hannah felt a light pressure build up in her rectum as her digestive system kicked into gear again as well. So, she excused herself for a moment and went to the bathroom, locking the door behind her before walking over to the toilet and pulling down her shorts and her underpants. Then she dropped her round bubble butt onto the toilet seat and let out a wet fart, almost instantly followed by the first, soft turd slipping out of her rectum and dropping into the water of the toilet bowl below with a splash.

The porcelain bowl, which minutes before had held the pitiful remains of Miguel and the tiny people Rachel had eaten yesterday, vibrated just a little as Hannah farted again and released a second chunk of stool, which contained what was left of Paige and Jordan. This was followed by a smaller, third lump of shit that landed on top of it with a moist splat, then Hannah’s anus puckered and released some more trapped air as she began to pee. Once she had emptied her bladder, the giantess rose to her feet and thoroughly cleaned herself, her butt cheeks jiggling slightly as she wiped any remaining faeces off her anus. Unbeknownst to her, one of the more solid little pieces she removed from her sphincter had once been part of Paige’s skullcap, now dropping into the sullied water with the rest of the digestive detritus as Hannah dropped the used paper into the bowl with a sigh. Then the giant girl pulled her pants back up and turned around, just about to press the flush button when she looked down into the bowl.

Seeing the tiny white pieces in the floating turds, baked into the soft brown matter along with undigested pieces of sweet corn, Hannah frowned and wrinkled her nose. That was what was left of Paige and her friends, then. The thought was pretty disgusting, so she didn’t dwell on it and simply flushed the contents of the bowl away, going over to the sink and looking at herself in the mirror as she carefully washed her hands. Hannah gently bit her lip as she checked out her perky boobs and her taut, round butt. It was a much nicer thought that Paige was now forever inside of her, entombed somewhere in the gentle, soft fat on her curves, serving her. And that she and her crazy friends would never hurt anyone ever again.

The idea didn’t just cause a tingle between her legs, it also made her mouth water and elicited a growl from her stomach. Now, she would eat breakfast, but this evening, she would order a box of tinies all for herself. Hannah still felt a little guilty about deriving sexual pleasure from it, but in the end, that didn’t matter. There were many dangerous people out there who needed to be disposed of. Now being a grown-up, a college student, she would just be doing her part in making the world a safer and better place. In the end, it was a matter of principle.


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