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Mia’s hands burned and itched. She blew on them, but that didn’t help. She was grateful that she didn’t lose her face mask like she did her gloves, otherwise that’d be irritated too. The chemicals in the room weren’t dangerous, they were simple household cleaning products; but to somebody like Mia who spent hours every day working with them, they were enough to spread rashes up her arms and burn the skin on her hands as she scrubbed.


The fourteen year old and her mother had worked under the Chambers family for over two years with little hope of ever moving on. Mia’s mother had promised her that they would only work there for a few months until they made enough money to continue traveling up north towards Canada, but the Chambers were a mean group of people. The owners of the house prefered to keep all of their workers around 3 feet in height. Some were shrunk smaller to clean tighter spaces, but they never lasted long. At 3 feet, servants are easily manageable. 


The Chambers also find any reason to take money out of their workers’ pay. An accidental scratch, broken vase or misplaced item could result in hundreds of dollars of debt, the only way to pay it back being to work longer. Refusal to pay resulted in the authorities getting involved, policemen who always took the side of the homeowner. For servants like Mia and her mother who were undocumented immigrants, the police were the last thing they needed, so they worked quietly and carefully. 


“Please, don’t hurt me!” A voice squealed. 


“Shut your filthy mouth!” Wack!


Mia flinched. The sounds were coming from the room next door, but the man’s screams were frightening. Mia had been on the receiving end of quite a few beatings from Mistress Melanie, and they always ended in bruises and broken bones. Being hurt only meant she couldn’t do her job as well, which only added to the debt she and her pregnant mother had to pay. The baby was due in only a few months, as long as there weren’t any mishaps, the two of them should be able to leave before then. 


Thuds and smacks echoed through the walls. Mia rubbed the soapy scrub brush against the dirty tiles of the bathroom floor. It was astonishing how dirty two women could make their house in only one day. Master Carter was often gone on business trips, he had only appeared a handful of times during Mia’s stay at the manor. That left only Mistress Melanie and her seventeen year old daughter Princess Sandra to tend too. They remained in the nude throughout most of the day, so their soiled bare feet often trek dirt in from outside. 


Mia stuck her hand into the toilet. She hated this part. Princess Sandra had used the bathroom only a few moments before, and she had a habit of not flushing. Servants were forbidden from touching the handle, so Mia had to rub the sponge against the edges of the toilet while avoiding the puddle of piss lingering in the toilet water. It had gotten better over the years: the chemicals she used to clean with completely obliterated her sense of smell. 


“Stop, I promise I’ll be better. Please don—” Something popped. Mia went to shriek, but she covered her mouth with her hands. Servants are better seen, not heard. Not a decibel of sound pierced through the walls, only the slight dripping of the faucet. The longest any servant had stayed at the Chamber’s manor was three years. Not a single one had ever left the premises. Mia was lucky to stay alive as long as she had so far, servants don’t last very long. 


“Now I need somebody to clean this up.” Mia heard Mistress Melanie say through the wall. Mia jumped up and started shoving all of her cleaning supplies into a bucket. The bathroom was clean enough, the last thing she needed was for Mistress to find her and make her dispose of whoever it was she just finished punishing. She exited through the door and softly shut it behind her. 


With the bathroom finished, Mia was done with chores for the evening. She walked to the other side of the manor, making sure to avoid the two giants at all costs. Servants were forbidden from staying in the manor when they finished their jobs, and were mandated to return to the servant’s quarters promptly. 


The servant’s quarters was a different world from the manor. It was dirty and unkept. The servants weren’t allowed to use the same cleaning supplies for their rooms that they used for the manor, and they didn’t have the money or ability to travel to buy new supplies. Servants slept in small square rooms next to piles of their own feces. There were no walls in the quarters, only foot high wooden planks to divide space evenly among them. Clouds of dirt and dust floated in the air. Mia thought to keep her face mask on, but she wanted to avoid worsening the rash that was already spreading across her face from wearing it so much. She took it off and hid it under a pile of dirty clothes next to the rock she rested her head against at night. 


Next to her, a young girl whimpered. People cry all the time, so Mia didn’t think much of it. She had lost most of her compassion a long time ago for people other than her mother. She wondered when her mom would return to her. It was possible that she was put on night duty, which would mean she’d be stuck guarding the mistress’s bedroom door all night. Mia curled up by her rock and tried to get some sleep. 


The girl next to her continued to cry. “Señora Lucia… I hope you’re okay.” She sniffled. 


Señora Lucia? That’s what the girl called Mia’s mom. Mia hopped up and peered over the makeshift fence. Little Valeria was only 9 years old, the orphaned daughter of one of the Chamber’s old servants. She didn’t even notice that Mia was gazing at her. “Valeria, did something happen to mi madre?”


“Sí.” Valeria wiped tears from her eyes. “I—I knocked over one of Princess Sandra’s antique dolls and the glass cracked. Señora took the fall for me, and Sandra is punishing her for it. I feel so awful.” She broke down in tears. 


Mia’s heart raced. Her mother told her never to get involved in her beatings, and Mia had always listened. But Mia knew how severe Princess Sandra could be, she wouldn’t hold back just because her mom was pregnant. Mia sprinted out of the servant’s quarter and into the manor. 


The giant mansion would be a maze to anyone who wasn’t familiar with the layout, but Mia had it memorized like the back of her hand. She turned corner after corner, her heavy footsteps slamming against the designer carpet floor. Princess Sandra’s room was way in the back of the manor, meaning Mia had a long way to go before she reached her mother. She passed servants that were still finishing up dusting, who scolded her as she ran by. They were scared for what might happen to her if she was caught creating such a disturbance.


As Mia grew closer to the bedroom, she heard the deafening scream of her mother. Princess Sandra’s room was wide open, her long black shadow cascading out of the door. Fear sunk into Mia’s body, she hadn’t thought through what she was going to do at all. At her size, she didn’t have many options. Sandra was over two feet taller than her, Mia only came up to just above the girl’s hips. It didn’t help that Sandra was her senior by three years as well.  


Again her mother screamed, and Mia entered the doorway. Lucia was on her knees, tears flowing down her puffy red cheeks as she looked up at her mistress. Princess Sandra had her hand wrapped around Lucia’s hair pulling it up. Her scalp must’ve been in a lot of pain. Strains of hair were already being tugged out. Snot dripped out of Lucia’s nose. She made eye contact with her daughter. Shame spread over her. She never wanted Mia to see her like this. 


A sharp slap was delivered across Lucia’s face. “Don’t you ever fuck with my shit.” Princess Sandra slapped her again. “Te comprende? Or are you too stupid to understand English.” She slapped her servant again. Spit mixed with blood flew out of Lucia’s mouth.


Lucia glanced back at her daughter before looking back up at the teenager. “I was being stupid. I swear it won’t happen again.”


“It better not.” Princess Sandra raised her hand up, pulling on the three foot tall woman’s hair. She screamed. “Quiet!” Sandra punched Lucia straight into her throat. The midget choked. If she were a man, that punch might’ve killed her. “I hate you people, can’t even clean a fucking house right.” She raised her hand back up.


“Stop.” Mia squeaked. Sandra turned her head. Her height was so intimidating. Even after two years, Mia never got used to it. She scanned the floor for the broken doll and ran over to it. “I can fix it, it’s just a little scratch.” Mia picked up the doll and rubbed her thumb over the crack. “When I was little, my abuela—”


Sandra inflicted a swift kick into Mia’s side. The tiny girl flew across the room and slammed her back against the giant’s bed frame. “Do you think I care what some old spic has to say? Stay there like the filthy dog you are, I’ll punish you next.”


“Please…” Lucia pleaded to the princess. “She’s my daughter, she just wants to help me. Don’t punish her, only me.”


“Are you seriously trying to tell me what to do?” Sandra brought her knee forward and slammed it against Lucia’s nose. There was a crack followed by a river of blood pouring out of her nostrils. 




Sandra lifted the woman’s head up. Blood dripped into her open mouth. Sandra moved her free hand down and started rubbing the woman’s plump stomach. “You should know better by now than to order your owners around. So preoccupied trying to save that sorry excuse for a mop, you forgot that you had a second child to worry about.” Sandra raised her hand and slapped it against Lucia’s stomach. The servant screamed in pain, her stomach jiggling back and forth.

“Stop!” Mia jumped up with an ear curdling screech. Princess Sandra was going to kill the unborn baby.


Sandra slammed Lucia’s head against the wall. She wrapped her hand around her throat, choking the woman. “How about I sit on your stomach? I always wanted to use a fatass as a chair, why not start now? It’s not my fault you’re a slut that got knocked up when you were supposed to be working as me and my mother’s slave.”


Lucia struggled for a breath of air. She shook her head, begging the teen to let her go. Her face was covered in a mixture of her own tears, blood, spit and snot. 


“If that thing over there is what happens when you’re left to raise a kid, then maybe it's up to your owners to make sure you never have the chance to be a mother again.” Sandra raised her bare foot up and slammed it down on the woman’s stomach.


“Ahh!” Mia roared, charging at Sandra. Mia jumped up and tackled her right as she was about to bring her foot back down on her mother. The two fell to the floor. Mia bellowed again. She didn’t know what she was doing, but she couldn’t let this monster kill her future brother or sister. Mia had never been in a fight before, but she knew the older teen she called Princess wouldn’t go down so easily. Mia raised her arms up and slammed them down on Sandra’s face and chest. She barrarded her with a flurry of blows throughout her body. This was the moment that would change everything. She would kill her old princess and flee with her mother and the others before the mistress even noticed. They could find somebody to unshrink them and then find their way up to Canada. They could be a happy family there, together and free.


Princess Sandra reached up and grabbed Mia’s arm as it came swinging down. “Enough.” The spoiled teen effortlessly flipped over the three-foot Mia and rammed her into the ground. Mia tried to get away, but the giant rested her arm against her chest, pinning her to the floor. Sandra’s giant exposed breast loomed down at her, brushing against Mia’s stomach.


“Are you retarded?” Sandra asked, weighing down on her. “What did you think that would accomplish? Did you really think an over glorified toilet scrubber like you could take on a goddess like myself? All you managed to do was piss me off.” Sandra slid the fingers on her right hand through those on Mia’s left. She started to twist her hand, pushing Mia’s finger’s back.


Mia screamed, but nobody came to help her. Sandra pushed back on her fingers. They burned and expanded. Mia tried desperately to push against Sandra’s fingers, but she was bigger and stronger than she was. Tears flowed down Mia’s cheeks, but she wasn’t sure if it was the fear or the pain causing them. Sandra bent Mia’s fingers farther than they have ever gone back before. Then one by one, they all snapped. Ligaments tore and the bones came clean off. Mia wailed louder than she ever had before. Four of her fingers had just been dislocated. Sandra slid her out, and Mia tried to move hers. Nothing. They dangled from their place in her hand, but the bones were no longer connected to the base.


“Not so tough now, huh?” Sandra grabbed ahold of Mia’s small breasts with each hand and twisted them. Mia squirmed, unable to get out of the position she was in. Sandra was molesting her, and she couldn’t do anything about it besides lay there and suffer through the pain. “You’re just a little girl, you don’t even have decent breasts yet.” Sandra squeezed harder. Mia gritted her teeth, trying to deal with the pain, but it wasn’t working. 


“Ow, ow, ow, ow!” Mia pushed her hands against Sandra in an attempt to push her off, but it didn’t work. All she did was hurt her broken fingers even more. They were turning blue and crinkling. Sandra continued her assault against the younger girl's breast. Mia wanted it all to stop. She regretted intervening in her mother’s punishment. Sandra never would’ve gone after her baby if Mia didn’t provoke her.


“I’ll be a good girl.” Mia begged. “I can’t take this.” Her breasts felt like they were on fire. Her nipples were hardening and feeling a sensation they never felt before. They felt like they were going to pop right off against the giant’s palms.


“Hmm, nah.” Sandra jumped to her toes and entered a plank position, her hands pressing all the way down onto Mia’s chest to support her upper body. Mia felt her lungs compress into her, her rib cage having trouble keeping together. She stopped breathing, losing the ability to shift any air down her lungs. She slapped her good hand against Sandra’s arm, but she had no strength at all. Her face was turning red, then blue. 


Sandra did nothing but laugh at the girl. She brought her body down then up again, doing push ups and using the tiny girl as a work out mat. Mia’s chest was starting to cave. Her face turned purple, brain going numb due to the lack of oxygen. Sandra’s fifteenth pushup was enough to finally crack her chest. The top bones of her rib cage broke apart. If Sandra would’ve kept her torture up, Mia would’ve died by the 20th rep, but Sandra got off the girl and stood up. 


Mia gasped for air. Every breath in was both a relief and a cause of great pain. Her ribs were definitely broken. They had trouble expanding, which hurt her every time she breathed. Her face turned back to its original shade, but it was paler than usual. Mia climbed up to her forearms, spit from her mouth falling to the floor.


Sandra forced the top of her foot into Mia’s lips. “Kiss it. You wanted to be an obedient greaseball, didn’t you? Show your princess how grateful you are to belong to her.”


Mia was scared. She puckered her lips and kissed the front of her Princess’s foot. She could taste the salt sweat. It was gross, but she kept at it. She kissed it over and over again, continuing until Sandra either removed her foot or told her to stop. Mia was humiliated. She hoped her mother wasn’t watching, she didn’t have the courage to turn around to check.


“Lick it.” Princess Sandra demanded. Mia had no other choice but to obey. She dragged her tongue against the top of the foot. It wasn't anywhere near as dirty as the bottom, but it was still littered with dirt. Mia tried to block out the taste but it was too potent. It tasted like wet cheese that had been buried in soil for a week.


Princess Sandra pulled her foot away. “Stick your tongue out.” Mia obeyed. Sandra raised her foot up and brushed it against Mia’s tongue, rubbing it up and down. Soot and sweat rubbed into Mia’s face and tongue. Mia tried her hardest not to gag, but it only became harder when Sandra shoved her foot deep into her mouth. She gagged, spit foamed around her edges. 


“You want to leave one day, right? Well you need to get used to this. Sluts like you are only good for one thing, and that’s taking cock in your holes.” Princess Sandra shoved her foot in deep. Only up to her arch could fit into Mia’s mouth, but it was enough to choke her. Sandra wiggled her toes against the back of Mia’s throat. After nearly a minute of making the girl’s mother watch her use her daughter as a foot scrub, Sandra pulled her foot out of Mia’s mouth. She spun around and roundhouse kicked Mia right in the cheek.


Mia fell to the floor, again gasping for air. Her face hurt so much Sandra didn’t give Mia any time to collect herself before wrapping her hand around the servant’s hair and pulling on it. Mia yelled, feeling like her hair was going to rip right out of her head. She had no strength in her body to fight back. Mia was helpless as Sandra pulled her over to the wall across the room. She slammed Mia’s head into it, causing a little dent behind her.


For the first time since Mia charged her young owner, she saw her mother. She looked so disappointed and heart broken. Mia tasted iron as blood hit her lips. Mia didn’t want to know how beaten up she looked. She was pretty sure Sandra broke her left arm when she shoved her into the wall. Mia slumped against the wall, facing the giant’s legs. Mia wondered how tall she would’ve been if she had never been shrunk. Maybe she would’ve been eye level with the devil in front of her.


“I had enough of you. I was going to sit on your mother and kill her unborn child, but since you care so much about a fucking fetus I’ll kill you instead.” Princess Sandra turned around and slammed her ass right into Mia’s face. It hit her hard, breaking her nose instantly. Mia tried to scream, but the sounds were muffled by Sandra’s rump ass. 


Mia’s nose was in pain, but Sandra’s ass did something way worse to it than just break it. Mia was regaining her sense of smell. The scent of crap and farts flooded Mia’s nose. Her face was directly between the two cheeks that weighed into her. Her entire face was covered by it, she couldn’t see past it. All she could make out was the smooth skin and the ugly anus that lied at the end of the crack. The heat radiating from the anus was smoldering. It burned the hairs in Mia’s already broken nose. 


Princess Sandra rubbed her cheeks side to side, really smothering Mia’s face. “You already look like shit, so you might as well be covered in it too.” Luckily, Sandra’s words were only meant to taunt Mia. No shit actually attacked her, only the smell of it. The pressure was becoming a serious problem for Mia. The back of her head was being forced into the wall, the dent being the only thing stopping her from already turning into a splatter. 


The pressure and smell weren't the only problems she faced. With her nose broken and ass cheek pressing into her mouth, Mia couldn’t find any way to breathe. She was being suffocated against her Princess’s ass, the same ass she was always forced to look at when the Princess would enter the same room as her. Mia cried, but the heat from the anus was causing her tears to heat up and scourch her face. 


“You were always a shit person, but you’re an even shittier chair. I can’t get comfy on a face so round.” Sandra pushed herself off the wall and Mia, only to slam her ass against Mia’s face with a great amount of force. Mia again tried to scream but to no avail. Her cheekbones broke. She tried picking up her arms to fight, but she couldn’t. She kicked her legs, but Sandra didn’t like that. Princess Sandra pushed a foot into each of Mia’s legs. She pressed into the girl’s knees until they popped. Mia lost the ability to move her legs, but she could still feel the pain emanating through them.


“No, still not comfy.” Sandra jumped off again only to slam back down. She repeated this process, jumping off the wall and slamming into Mia’s face. Slowly, Mia’s face wore down and broke. After three more strikes to the face from Princess Sandra’s ass, Mia’s jaw broke. With her jaw limp Mia took in a mouth full of ass with each pound, forced to taste the shit particles that were stained to Sandra’s cheeks. 


Sandra continued her assault. Mia knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until she was dead. The flesh of the ass was so soft, giving off the illusion to Mia that it would be like a pillow pushing into her face, but the muscle underneath was rough and strong. It tore at her face, making sure to break each and every muscle, nerve, and bone Mia’s face had to offer. Sandra picked up her pace thrusting quickly into Mia’s face. She felt it flatten, heard it crunch and contort. 


Every once in a while, Mia could make out her mother’s face through the giant’s outline. She was crying, but she was silent. She didn’t do a single thing to save her daughter. Mia felt like an embarrassment. She wouldn’t have to suffer with having to see her mother much longer, because the next time Sandra slammed her ass down on Mia’s face, it slammed into her eyes and scratched them. Her vision blurred, and after a few more pounds, it was completely gone.


With an evil laugh, Princess Sandra slammed her ass down harder than she had before. There was a loud crack and Mia’s skull finally caved in. It pierced her brain, killing her efficiently. Sandra felt a warm liquid spill over her cheeks. She smiled.


“Your daughter makes quite the comfy chair after all.” She mocked the grieving mother. “Although, I think she’d do a lot better as a butt plug.” Sandra stood up and stepped to the side. Mia’s ligaments still connected from her face to Sandra’s ass. The giant brushed it off, looking at the broken and deformed face of her former servant. Her nose had fallen to the floor, and her skin was dangling off her cheeks. Blood rushed from her forehead, a fragment of her skull sticking out the front. 


Sandra stuck her hand out and used her shrinking powers to shrink Mia’s body down to only three inches. She picked the body up and shoved it deep into her ass. Mia’s body was covered in shit and juices. Sandra moaned in delight. 


She brought her attention back to her other slave. “The fuck are you looking at? Get out.” 


The older lady picked herself up to her feet and left the bedroom. She held onto her tears until she returned to the servant’s quarter. Not a single person asked her why she was crying, or why Mia didn’t come back with her.

Chapter End Notes:

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