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Sophie leans close to Abby, the warm, comforting smell of vanilla washes over her. She giggles, nearly toppling over as she stands on both legs to steal a sloppy, almost primal kiss, causing Abby's moan to vibrate through her mouth.


Sophie pulls away, leaving the taller girl to almost groan out in frustration, saddled with the weight of both girls' purses around her tiring shoulders.


"Ugh, you are so mean. Can't you at least wait until we get inside first?" Abby groans, a mixture of sexual frustration and cheap beer mixing together and messing with her inhibitions.


Sophie giggles again, still practically able to feel Abby's soft lips against hers. The imprint of the kiss left fresh in her mind.

"Hey now, how is it my fault you're so completely irresistible?"


Abby simply rolls her eyes in response as the two trudge towards the lobby of the apartment. Abigail sloppily tugs at the front door, almost surprised to see it fly open. Odd, it was generally locked at this time of night.


They pass through the thankfully unlocked entryway and head carefully up the stairs towards apartment number three.


Despite Abby being almost a full head talker, Sophie couldn't help but find fun in picking on her. She's an intimidating girl for sure, aggressive and direct. However, there was something mysteriously charismatic about her. Something that Sophie found absolutely magnetic after having a few drinks coursing through her.


Being taller, Abby had slightly broader shoulders than Sophie, though still managed a relatively petite figure. Something the shorter brunette had always admired from afar. She can’t help but trace her figure with idle eyes as the blonde digs through her purse for the keyring.


Finally, she gets ahold of them. The keys clink off the lock as Abby fumbles with the door, reasonably intoxicated herself. Naturally, Sophie takes the liberty of snagging them straight from Abs drunken clutches. The tipsy girl makes short work of it, sliding and turning the key in one quick motion, causing Abby to raise a single stunned eyebrow.


With a clever little wink and an innocent smile, Sophie simply shrugs, "I told you when we were back at Josh's..." Her voice is full of flirty alcohol-induced confidence. The brunette leans in, whispering gently into Abby’s ear with a certain finesse, "I'm really good with my hands."


Neither of them has the willpower to make it to the bedroom.


"Ayeeeeeeee!" With a girly shriek, Sophie tumbles onto the soft cushions as play fighting quickly turns sensual, both ladies’ bodies already flushed with heat and desire from the walkover.


Predictably, Abby takes the lead, undressing Sophie clumsy. The drinks course through her, affecting her every action and removing her usual skill. But Sophie doesn't care. She's far too needy for it to matter. Abby’s aggressiveness, her smell, her soft skin… it all overwhelms her.


Abby suddenly stands up, making Sophie practically cry out. The warmth and comfort she had only just grown accustomed to suddenly ripped off like a bandaid. It leaves an immediate void, one she’s already longing to have filled.


Sophie sits up, almost offended as the taller of the two rifles through her purse, a noticeable bulge peeking from under her white striped mint-colored panties. Doing her best to see what Abby is up to, she starts to speak up, "What’s wro-" she manages to choke out, stopping cold as the blonde-haired party girl produces a small rectangular button from the front pocket of her purse.

"O-oh." Silence permeates the room, and Sophie pulls away. Her tone is suddenly more distant. She'd mentioned how hot the new shrink fad sounded, but she didn't think Abby actually had one. Those are hella expensive!


Despite the hesitation, she had to admit: it really added to the air of mysteriousness around her. How had she gotten the money? Even more intriguing is how she got past the waiting list.


Sophie is on the fence, "Fuck. I dunno Abs, I've never actually done it before." She crosses her hands coldly, eyes looking off to the side.


Abigail can't help but smirk. She knows how much Soph needs her, the signs practically oozing from her drunk beet-red face. In just a few short moments, she’d be putty in her hands.


"Hey, come on! I know it's scary, but-" Abby sits down next to her, leaning over her body, resting a hand on her smooth thigh. "-just think how much fun you'd have in here." Her voice is so sensual, chills wrack Sophie's body. She can’t help but stare down at the bulge between Abby's legs. Something deep inside her is just so hungry for it. Insatiable, even.


Carefully, Abby lets a finger slip below her waistband, the head of her cock peeking up through.


"Fuckkk… I-" Sophie reaches for it, only for Abby to lightly grab her burning palm.


"Uh, uh. Only one way you get me, Soph."


Sophie bites her lip, anxiety welling up, making it weirdly all the more alluring in her mind. She wanted to feel helpless, to be totally at her mercy.


"Fuck, fine. M-make me your little toy. P-please… I just… really need you right now." Her face burns with a mixture of arousal and embarrassment.


Abby smiles, leaning in to kiss her for the very last time. The tips of their tongues only just start to dance before she hits the button.


The change in size is instant. Everything warps and shifts in front of Sophie’s very eyes. She feels a warm downward pull, followed by the most intense and awful sense of vertigo. The sudden change in perspective nearly makes her vomit as the brunette tries to stay standing. She takes a few deep breaths and tries her hardest to collect herself, peering up at her former lover turned goddess.


"F-fuck. Abs, oh-oh my god!" Sophie's eyes bug out with a comprehensive mixture of fear and arousal. Abby was already intimidating at full size, but now? She was her own planet.


It took all her willpower to not start playing with herself then and there. She couldn't wait to be battered, shamed, hurt even. Whatever Abby wanted, she's her fragile little toy.


Watching Soph’s reaction with a hint of excitement, Abby takes a minute to revel in the sheer difference between her and the newly created speck against her couch. She was like a bug now, no bigger than an ant. The two are barely even comparable now. In fact, Abigail is sure she’s seen beetles nearly thrice the size. The giant girl can’t help but snicker.


“Wow, you know, even for a tiny that’s pretty small!” She feigns a squint for maximum cheesy effect before reaching for her.


Sophie's heart leaps out of her chest as a long-nailed hand descends. It takes all of her willpower to stand still, nearly running instinctually as the lightly tanned fingers scoop her roughly off the soft comfort of Abby’s couch.


Bringing her to roughly chest height, Abby looks down at the abysmally tiny girl whose life is now quite literally in her hands. She unconsciously bites her lip, the heat rising up throughout her body, her cock pulsing hard beneath her panties.


Longing leaks off her face, and Sophie couldn't be more turned on by it all. Already hard at work touching herself, the girl’s eyes meeting only briefly before Abby decides to move towards the bedroom.


Darkness overtakes the insect-sized girl as a soft well-lotioned hand smothers her against the equally soft palm. Abby's rough and seemingly indifferent towards her well-being. The general recklessness and apathy drive Sophie wild with lust. Though, in the back of her mind, a little worry tugs at her. They hadn't set up a safe word.


Abby might be a bit of a bad girl, but she’d never actually do anything to hurt her, right? She does her best to push it out of her head. It wasn't every day you get to live out a fantasy like this, and she wasn't about to let anything ruin this for her. Assuredly not her overactive mind.


The pair continue towards the bedroom, Sophie awash with nervous energy, practically giddy with anticipation. What would she do? Where would she put her? All utterly unknown to the little girl.


She’s inebriated with both booze and excitement, her anxiety only heightening her arousal. By the time the pair reach their destination, she’s already well into playing with herself, ready for whatever Abby has planned.


As the door creaks open, Abby can feel the giddy little bug hopping around her hand, rolling along the creases of her palm. She can't help but shudder, consumed by lust. Abby needs this. Needs to feel her around her cock, needs to bully and push someone around.


Her thoughts swirl around in her head, foggy and disconnected. Nothing sounded more appealing right now than making Sophie's night a miserable but equally sexy nightmare.


The massive hand finally unfurls, and Sophie falls to her knees, hands touching the soft, recently shaved skin making up the floor under her.


She can't help but gawk at the sight directly before her eyes. The biggest cock she's ever seen, throbbing and pulsing right in front of her. Almost like it’s moving to some unseeable rhythm. She turns to look back, but it’s already too late. The tip of a finger coldly pushes her into it, giving her a face full of flesh.


Amusedly, Abby pushes her newest little plaything around the bottom of her shaft. Enjoying the feel of her smooth skin as it glides across the warmth of her hard cock. It feels incredible, a feeling unlike any other: Dominating a girl with just the tip of her finger.


As the bug-sized Sophie struggles beneath her fingertip, Abby giggles coyly, her free hand in front of her mouth. "Careful what you wish for, isn't that right, Soph?"


At the other end of her index finger, the bug tries to scream but only gets a mouthful of salty flesh for her efforts. Wave after wave of hot flesh rolling across her tongue, stuffing her face full of meaty tissue.


"I bet you'd love to take a load right to the face, huh? Want to be my little cum rag?" She starts to laugh but pauses, just as a perfectly awful idea pops into her head.


"Actually-" Abby mercifully releases her hold, leaving the brunette panting for air, pathetically gasping in the shadow of her all imposing member.


She reaches down, carefully producing a clear mason jar from under the bed, sitting up with a jolt and placing it on the sheet next to her. She hadn’t planned for the night to lead here, but the idea was too hot for her to simply let go.


Sophie lets out a shriek as the land of skin turns, shifting under her. She can't hold it back any longer. The alcohol rushes back up all at once, and she vomits violently onto the previously undefiled skin of her world.


"Ew, what the fuck? Are you serious right now?" Thoroughly disgusted, Abby grabs her by the hair, tearing at the roots she’d kept so well maintained. She tries her best to answer, choking back the sobs and doing her best to ignore the burning on her scalp.


“I-I-I, s-sorry! S-so s-sorry!” Sophie’s eyes of crystalline blue, now puffy, red, and irritated. Snot ran out of her nose as the pain, and the panic only grew once she saw The Jar.


“Wh-what’s-” Sophie struggles to get the words out. Abby wasn’t anything like she thought. Her heat was gone, the sexy wanting replacing itself with a deep-seated dread. All in an instant, she’d gone from excited to terrified for her life.

“Hm? Oh, this little thing?” Abigale slowly and excruciatingly drags Sophie over to it, ripping chunks of hair directly from her already sore scalp.

“Abby, please, FUCK! S-stop, it hurts!” She pays her former lover no mind, making sure to get her right up against the glass outside of the jar. Unintentionally slamming her into to, prompting another shriek from the minuscule girl.


She’s so distracted by the pain, it takes her a few moments to even process what she’s looking at. It isn’t anything special, just a standard mason jar. Only, the contents themselves aren’t so ordinary.


Sophie’s face explodes in complete revulsion. The pain is briefly forgotten in the wake of the sight. Her hand flails wildly in an attempt to get back. Anything so she could stop looking at that… thing.


The jar itself looks like something you might pick up at the grocery: brittle glass with an aluminum lid. Nothing special, however, just behind that glass sat what looked like gallons upon gallons of fermented cum. Sophie herself knew that no words could ever come close to describing how completely revolting it is. Little repulsive spider-like splotches of cum based webbing horrifyingly adhere to the glass in front of her, making her gag. Why did she have this? What would she do with it? Both thoughts swirled around in her head, finally giving her the courage to speak up, “Um, Abs?”


Sophie manages to pan her head, a wave of fresh pain shooting through the sockets on her rapidly worsening scalp, only to see the girl she once had such a crush on slowly stroking her own cock.

Words fail her as the gravity of the situation properly sinks in for the brunette. She’s getting off on this, to her!


All in a single moment, Sophie realizes just how truly and wholly fucked she really is.


“This is what I use when I’m too lazy to get a tissue.” Abby starts stroking with a bit more fervor, her dick pulsing ferociously against her palm.


“Ah, mmm... fuck. I kinda want to see you take a dip.” The blonde carefully unscrews the lid and wastes no time letting Sophie dangle over it. She felt so mean, so wrong. The rush she feels nearly dreamlike in its euphoria.


“Nonononono-” Sophie lets loose a chain of panicked noises, both begging and pleading. No part of her wants this! She’ll do anything to avoid the horrible odor coming from the jar.


“Please, Abs, this isn’t fun anymore! I-I want to go home! STOP!” Her words only heighten Abby’s arousal. Begging was something she always enjoyed hearing but rarely did it even work. Certainly not now, with her inhibitions so lowered.


As Sophie hovers over the jar, she can see so much that she wishes could be taken back. A murky stinking sea of sludge stares back at her, calcified bubbles forming on the surface from all the recent movement. It looked to have possibly the consistency of glue, maybe melted candy?

She couldn’t take it, quickly vomiting in disgust. She watches the remaining contents of her stomach fall down the front of her into the container below.


On cue, she feels herself freefalling. Sophie’s stomach drops hard as she makes the arduous descent.



Sophie screams as she hits the surface, splattering the vile liquid across the jar, coating the already fetid glass walls. She suddenly panics, realizing she’s slowly sinking into the grey and orange-tinted sludge. Soph calls outwardly in abject horror, absolutely covered in sticky crusty ribbons, garnering a full-body reaction to the vile residue. She can’t move; she can’t even will her throat to produce another scream.


Sophie just lies there, her whole body shivering in pure, unchecked disgust. She feels so utterly violated, almost in shock. Strands of the substance ooze off as the brunette sits in mild hysteria, the glass jar greatly warping her perspective of the outside world. In a way, she’s a prisoner to both the sensations and the sights.


A shiver of pleasure runs down Abby’s spine as she strokes her cock in a mixture of drunken amusement and excitement. The girl looks utterly miserable, floating in a gross concoction of her very own cum. It’s all too perfect.


With a grunt of excursion, Abby wills herself upward, letting her form loom imposingly over the bed. Pre-cum already oozing from the tip of her organ, begging to be shot out.


Sophie is jogged from her trance as the behemoth shifts just outside her glass walls. The apocalyptic creak of the bed crying, screaming at her even. Is that really Abby? The very same girl she had gone home with? She’s so cold now, almost like she wasn’t really looking at her like a human any longer.


“A-a-a-Abby?” Her voice is shaky and soft, thin and scared. Her words never even reach the intimidating blonde. Seemingly from the heavens, an enormous cock graces the lid of her jar. Its head rests right on the lip of the glass, engorged and already seeping with cum.


Abby moans out, watching Sophie recoil from the massive appendage, taking complete glee in it. She laments briefly on how sick this is, how twisted she is for even entertaining it. But that’s precisely what makes it so blisteringly hot.


She gives her cock several rhythmic strokes, picturing how satisfying it will be to absolutely drench this cutie in her warm cum. She even contemplates pushing her further down, maybe using a popsicle stick to bury her under the layers of long dried juice. However, at that very moment, Abbigail’s eyes meet Sophies. Fear stares back at the giant, unrelenting in its intensity. She was so utterly terrified. Terrified of her.

Staring right back, Abby meets it head-on. She exudes such an aura of confidence, it causes the hysterical girl to shrink back even further into her cum soaked cage. Several rugged pumps with her hand have her on edge, the cock gliding across the smooth palm of her hand. The giant girl feels the build-up. Waves of electrifying yet scorching heat rack her body, leaving her mouth hanging ever so slightly open.


She’s cumming.


Sophie shrieks as she sees what’s about to happen from a mile away. Several desperate pumps and thrusts towards her, prompting Sophie to uselessly cover herself with her arms. Any attempt to stop the newest contribution is fruitless. What feels like gallons of a volatile sticky liquid impact her brittle form, pushing her further into the slop under the sheer force of the collision on her tiny body. One pump, her lungs are filled with hot cum. Two pumps, she’s adhered to the floor under the weight and stickiness of it all. By the third and last pump, Sophie can no longer be seen. Undetectable from the crusty muck and the freshly added load.


Spent, Abby flops on the bed, exhausted. “Shit Soph, that was incredible!” Her eyes peer around the seemingly empty jar.


“Um, Soph?”


The drunk blonde taps the glass impatiently, with no response.


“Oh shit, are you, like, actually trapped under it?” Abby falls backward in a drunken giggle fit, lamenting the utter absurdity of the situation.


“Well, um, fuck. I’m not about to stick my hand in cum, sorry, Soph.”


With what can best be described as a lack of interest, Abby screws the lid back on tight, placing the jar back under her bed as she’d done so many times before. With a yawn, she stretches over and turns out the bedroom light with a poignant click.

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