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Author's Chapter Notes:

New chapter, things start getting interesting now. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests. If you want a better way to communicate with me, my email is ittybitty926@yahoo.com

Dave woke up in a white room on a bed. He was a bit groggy and it took a second for him to remember what happened. 

He let out a sigh of relief when he realized the bed he was on was normal sized. But his clothes were gone, and he was wearing what looked to be hospital scrubs.

"That was close." He mumbled to himself. "That dumb bitch almost shrank me. I'll make sure she gets fired for that fuck up." 

He sat up and looked around the room. It was very odd looking. A pure white room except for one wall that looked almost like a TV screen. And no doors. 

"Hello? Where am I?" He called out. 

There was silence for a few moments before the black wall was replaced by the image of a man in a doctor's coat. 

"Hello? Mr. Brown? Can you hear me?" The man asked. 

"Uh, yeah I can hear you. What's going on? Where am I?" Dave asked. 

"You are in the hospital right now. You had an accident at work. Do you remember what happened?" The doctor asked. 

"Yeah, the new girl at work turned the machine I was repairing on while I was still in front of it. It must have knocked me out." Dave answered. 

"That is correct. However, it did more than just knock you out. You have shrunk down to approximately ¼ of an inch." The doctor explained. 

"What? What do you mean? Look at me, in fine." Dave said agitated, was this some kind of prank? 

"I'm sorry sir, but you are in a special room designed precisely for things like this. While rare, it happens more often than you think with the recent applications of shrinking technology. We have found that waking up in a room that appears normal sized helps the patient adapt to the changes better." Said the doctor. 

"No fucking way. You're lying. This has gotta be a prank of something. Knock it off. It's not funny anymore." Dave yelled. 

"Please try to calm down. I assure you this is no prank. But it seems like now is a good time to introduce you to the outside world." He turned he head to look off camera and spoke to someone. "Dave? Your wife is here, we are going to send her in now." 

"Kate? Where?" He asked, looking around for a door. 

Instead, he felt a rumbling that shook the entire room and suddenly the ceiling was being lifted off. He fell to the ground in shock as he looked up at his wife. She was enormous. 

"Hey Dave. How are you doin?" She cooed softly at him. 

"I...uh.. no.." he stammered. "This can't be real."

"Mr. Brown? Your wife can't hear you there. But if you look under the bed you will find what looks like a collar. That will amplify your voice so that she can hear you." Came the doctors voice, snapping Dave out of his reverie. 

Dave felt around under the bed, still unable to take his eyes off of the massive face above him. His fingers closed around the collar and he hooked it up around his neck. 

"Kate?" He said. 

"Yes! I can hear you." Kate said down to him. "How are you feeling?" 

"I feel fine. But obviously I'm not." He said, his anger at the situation starting to build. 

"It's ok, they'll be able to fix you. But it'll take some time." Kate said. 

"Time? Why can't they fix this now?" He yelled up at her. 

"The size changing process is tough on your body. They have to let your cells heal before your size is changed again, or else it could kill you. Plus, the treatment is very expensive, and the insurance company is insisting on an investigation before they will agree to pay for it." She said. 

"An investigation? For what? That dumb bitch Eileen turned the machine on while I was right in front of it. What else do they need to investigate?" He yelled. 

"Well, she says you told her to turn it on. They need to make sure this isn't an insurance scam." She calmly explained. 

"She's a liar is what she is! I did not tell her to turn it on. I'm gonna kick her ass next time I see her!" Dave screamed in anger. 

Kate looked down at her angry ant sized husband and tried to imagine him beating anyone up. She couldn't help but release a giggle. 

"What's so fucking funny?" Dave yelled furiously. 

"Sorry, but I don't think you should be threatening to beat up anyone at that size." Kate said, trying to suppress her laugh. 

"I don't care. I'll let her have it." Dave yelled. 

Kate just rolled her eyes and stood up straight. When he got angry he was blind to any logic or reason. She turned to the doctor sitting at the computer in the opposite corner. 

"So what now?" She asked. 

"Well now you can take him home. If anything happens, give us a call. But luckily with his increased density, he should be pretty difficult to injure unintentionally." The doctor explained. "You should make another appointment in 3-4 weeks for a checkup and an assessment for when he'll be able to regrow." 

"3 weeks!" Dave's voice came from below. It was at the same volume as a whisper, so in the quiet room he was still able to be heard. 

Kate just ignored him as she replied. "Ok, thank you doctor." 

She turned back to the box holding her husband and leaned down to look inside. "Time to go Dave, now stay still." She reached inside and pinched him between her fingers. Dropping him on top of her other palm, she held him up to her face. 

"Time to go home." She said. 

"No way! I'm not leaving here until they grow me back! This is insane!" He started to rant. 

Kate wasn't in the mood to listen, so she just closed her fist and walked out. 

When she got to the car, she dropped him in the cup holder. He was still yelling so she turned up the radio to drown him out. 

"I'm gonna need a coffee." She said as she swung by a Starbucks on the way home.

Dave had given up on yelling, realizing the music was too loud for his wife to hear him. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. 

First he woke up the size of an ant, then he finds out they can't unshrink him right away, and they're investigating the incident as if it not anything but that dumb bitch Eileen's fault, and now his wife is ignoring him. 

He stood in the cupholder fuming as he watching his wife go through the drive thru. After grabbing the coffee, she took a sip and sighed in satisfaction. 

But Dave began to scream again, this time in fear, as she moved the coffee over him, about to place it in the cupholder he was in. 

"Kate! Kate! Noooo!" He screamed. The cup stopped and reversed direction away from him, to the second cup holder. Dave let out a sigh of relief. 

"Whoops, I was on autopilot there for a second. Sorry about that." She said with a laugh. 

Dave cursed her out, but again was unheard over the music. 

When they got back home, Dave was deposited on the kitchen table and Kate sat down right in front of him. She nurses her coffee as she looked down at him, thinking about the situation. 

"How can you be so calm! Call a lawyer! I'm gonna sue that stupid company for everything they got!" He yelled. 

"Calm down. You're alive and they can fix you. It'll just take time. And we'll hold off on the lawyer until we hear what the insurance company comes back with." Kate said calmly, taking another sip. 

"Don't you tell me to calm down, I'm the one this size, not you! Do you have any idea how hard this is gonna be on me?" He yelled. 

"It's gonna be hard on both of us. I'm gonna have to take care of you 24/7. While also working, to pay the bills that you aren't earning money to pay." She snapped back. 

"Well I.." *Ding Dong*, Dave was interrupted by the door bell ringing. 

Putting a hold on their conversation, Kate got up and went to answer the door. 

Standing on their doorstep was their neighbor Amanda. 

"Hey Kate, I got your text. There's no hard feelings between us. It's your husband I have a problem with." Amanda said. 

"Oh hey Amanda, and yeah he can be a hot head. But you don't have to worry, I'll keep him away from you for a while." Kate said. 

"Well that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. Speaking of which, I brought over some pie I baked. Your husbands still at work right? Lets eat before he gets home." She said, making her way inside. 

"Um well…" Kate said, following Amanda into the kitchen. 

"Oh don't give me any of that diet crap, you're already skinny. It's not gonna kill you to share a slice with me." Amanda said cheerfully. 

All the blood drained from Dave's face as he hears Amanda making his way inside. He froze as she entered the room. She was enormous, beautiful, and terrifying. He couldnt imagine the things she might do to him if she found him like this.

Her head was turned as she talked to Kate, so she didnt see him standing there as she set the plate down on the table. Dave had to dive out of the way to avoid being crushed, and managed to hide just under the lip of the plate.

Kate quickly scanned the table for Dave and to her relief didn't see him out in the open. She wasn't ready to put him on display just yet. 

But she didn't want to make Amanda think anything fishy was going on, so she sat down and dug into the pie with her. 

"Mmm this is so good." Kate said. 

Dave was out of eyesight of both Amanda and Kate, as he pressed himself under the edge of the plate. He was furious as he heard his wife eat with Amanda opposite of her, each time they dug into the pie, he felt the plate shake around him. But directly in front of him was Amanda's body, her fake tits on full display in her low cut shirt. He couldn't help but stare. At normal size, they were incredible, but at this size, they were worthy of worship. He was stuck in a limbo between terror and arousal. 

"Thanks! I've been trying to get better at baking recently, it's a fun little mother daughter activity." Amanda said. 

"Oh I bet, and how is Tina?" Kate asked. 

"Oh she's doing good. Her teachers say she's reading at an advanced level. But she is still a bit shaken up about this morning." Amanda said.

"And I can't apologize enough. You know how men can be with their yards. They just don't think." Kate said. 

"I don't know why you don't leave him. You could do so much better. The way he yelled at Tina, I swear I could just" she slammed her fist onto the table. "You know?" 

"Believe me, I know. But again, you won't even see him for awhile" Kate reassured. 

"Why? Is he going somewhere?" Amanda asked. 

"Um, he kinda has a thing with work." Kate said, trying to avoid giving out details, without outright lying either. 

"Hmm, well that's good." Amanda said. 

The two of them chatted for a bit longer before they finished the pie and Amanda got up to leave. 

"Well it was good to chat, I'll see you later." Amanda said as she left. 

"Yes, and thanks again for that delicious pie." Kate said as she waved goodbye and shut the door behind her. 

Sighing in relief, she went back to find Dave in the kitchen. When she sat down, he was already out in the middle of the table again. 

"What the fuck was that? Why did you let that bimbo in our house?" Dave yelled. 

"She's my friend, Dave, and I'm not just gonna kick her out. She would immediately think something was wrong. And I don't think you want me telling her what's wrong, do you?" Kate said. 

"Of course I don't. But that doesn't mean she can just come in here and make herself at home! I don't want her stepping foot in here ever again!" Dave ordered. 

"You know what Dave, I think I've had enough of you today." Kate said. She got up and grabbed an empty glass and stood over Dave, holding it above him. "You need to chill out for a bit."

Dave screamed as she slammed the glass around him. He was now trapped inside, and judging from her smile, his voice couldn't penetrate the glass walls. 


Kate smiled to herself and she watched him scream and bang on the glass for a while before going back to her work.

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