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Author's Chapter Notes:

WARNING: This chapter contains references to parental abuse.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Rebecca Rayner laid on her bed, sliding her finger across her phone’s screen. Its blue glow illuminated her face in the dark room, with the occasional video breaking the silence. The door opened, piercing the darkness of the room. Rebecca looked up from her phone to see her mom entering the room with her hands cupped together. She approached the bed and opened her hands, dropping something onto her daughter’s blanket.

“He wanted to sleep in here tonight.” Her voice was cold and hollow, but her face exposed a tinge of annoyance. Before Rebecca could even process her words, her mother had left. Rebecca sat up and started scouring her blankets for what her mom had dropped. She soon found her covering his face and looking away in fear. However, when he got a closer look at the mountainous girl, he quickly perked up and started waving both his arms.

“Hi Becky!” The 3 inch boy chirped up. Rebecca couldn’t help but smile back at her younger brother.

“Hey Isaac!” She lowered her hand to the tiny boy and wrapped her fingers around him. She softly gripped and raised him up to her face. She then flattened out her hand to give the boy a stable surface. Isaac, disoriented by the process, stumbled around for a bit before plopping his butt onto his towering sister’s hand.

“I-I wanted to see you one more time before you left for college,” Isaac said. His eyes were focused on the platform of flesh that was his sister’s hand. “I’m worried that when you’re gone… something bad’s gonna happen... to you,” he mumbled. Rebecca was saddened as her miniature brother’s voice lowered in volume. She shook her hand, pulling the boy out of his thoughts. His attention shifted to his sister’s all seeing eyes, which were peering straight back at him.

“Awww, my poor brother is worried about his enormous sister! Don’t worry, I can more than take care of myself,” Rebecca proclaimed, beaming a smile to her small passenger. She slowly lowered Isaac to her chest, the sudden movement startling the boy. He grabbed onto her thumb for balance. “Come on, just feel these abs!”

“It’s fine Becky, I know you’re strong.” Isaac’s pleas were ignored as Rebecca rotated her hand, causing the young boy to slide onto her field of a shirt. Before he could orient himself he felt the ground start to move as his sister pulled up her shirt, knocking him off his feet. He looked up to see a gigantic face smirking at him. A few giggles that he both felt and heard made it clear that the giant girl found the situation amusing. “Becky,” he groaned, annoyed at her idea of playing.

“Come on, touch it.”

“I’m not feeling your abs, weirdo.”

“Yes you are!” Rebecca blurted. She made no attempt to hide her elation as she gently pulled her brother forward, forcing him face first onto her stomach. He tried to push himself up, but was interrupted when a column of a finger gently placed itself on his back. His back started to slightly burn as the flesh monstrosity tapped it, striking fear into Isaac.

“Becky please stop,” he appealed, but she was not in a listening mode.

Rebecca did nothing but cutely chirp back, “Not till I think you’ve appreciated them enough!” The colossus slowly started to apply more force onto the miniscule boy, sending Isaac into a panic. He started slamming his fists into the behemoth’s chest, but his puny hands had no effect on the being’s near-perfectly built body. Her voice boomed through the microscopic boy’s body, vibrating his bones with every single giggle. As the column on Isaac’s back got heavier and heavier, his back seared, and he started crying out in pain. He pleaded of the titan, “Please stop Rebecca! Please it hurts!” Within seconds the monolith lifts from his back and Isaac is scooped up by a giant hand. He looked up to the goddess before him, her eyes filled with worry and fear.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t think it was that much! Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine, I just overreacted a bit.” Isaac slowly got to his feet, trying to get eye level with his larger sister.

“Here, let me check your back.”

“No,it's fine, you don’t need to look.” Isaac pulled down on his shirt and looked up into his sister’s eyes, forcing a big smile. Her face turned from worry to doubt.

“Pull up your shirt.”

“No.” Two large fingers ascended to Isaac.

“Pull it up now,” the large girl commanded. The fingers neared closer to the young boy in her hand. He knew that he would only be able to move them if it would humor his sister, and she was not in a humorous mood. He suddenly felt something on his legs. The fingers of the hand he was standing on clasped him like a bear trap. The large incoming fingers grabbed onto his shirt at his waist and slowly moved up, unrolling his shirt. He tried to push down on the fingers, but they refused to budge. Rebecca rotated her brother, and gasped when she saw his back. Isaac already knew what it was. It was why he was sweating bullets. Why his heart was beating at the speed of sound. It was something he dreaded when he begged the titan to let him sleep in Rebecca’s room.

“Who the hell bruised you!” It wasn’t a question. It was a demand. 

“It’s fine it was my own fault I-”

“Who the hell did this!” Isaac felt his whole body lurch towards the looming face of Rebecca. Her eyes were like two boiling swimming pools looking for a target for her rage. “Was it mom? She swore she would stop!”

“Rebecca please don’t-”

“I swear to God when l get my hands on that bitch-”

“You’re just gonna make it worse!” Isaac yelled. The pathetic cry shocked Rebecca to the core. For a moment she just sat there, staring at her tiny brother. He stared back. Despite how small his face was, she could clearly see he was on the verge of tears. “If you talk to… mom about it, she’s just gonna be worse when you leave. Please drop it.”

Rebecca slowly lied down and carefully brought her hand to her face. She dropped Isaac out of her hand and onto her pillow. He was completely enclosed; in front of him was his sister’s face, and surrounding him was her hand. He felt a huge finger gently pet him. Isaac normally hated being pet, but right now it was all he wanted. He softly cooed as the finger brushed along him. Rebecca smiled at him.

“Good night Isaac.”

“Good night Becky. I’ll miss you.” He laid down on the soft, bouncy field. “I’ll miss you,” he forced out before shutting his eyes. Rebecca continued to pet the tiny diminutive boy, even after he fell asleep. Although she was happy to see him at peace, it infuriated her to know he only felt that way around her. There was no way he would feel like that again. There was no way she could protect him when she left.


There was no way she could leave him.

Chapter End Notes:

Chapter 2 coming uhhhhhhhhhhhh sometime hopefully

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