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A Mother’s Punishment

Written by HarmonyMotion

Commissioned by anonymous



Danny sat on a lush, polished black leather couch in the living room surrounded by total darkness, save for the glow of the widescreen TV. He was whooping and hollering at 11:00 PM as his digital avatar ran across a sandy shanty town, leaping through windows, shooting and stabbing his enemies to death.


So engrossed was he that he had lost track of time. He was oblivious even to the sound of the garage door rattling open.

“Danny? I’m home.”

“Hi mom,” he replied, paying her no mind.


“Did you finish the chores I told you to do?”


“Uh huh, yeah...” his voice drifted off as he focused entirely on his cartoony game. His character died on screen. “Fuck! Fucking camping noob motherfucker!” He threw his controller down, grabbed the keyboard and began furiously typing inventive invectives.


“Daniel.” Her voice took on an ominous tone.


He didn’t reply, keyboard still clacking rapidly.

“Daniel Sebastian Carver. I am going to look around the house. And if you’ve spent all day playing your stupid game instead of doing the chores I told you to do, I am going to punish you.”

His strings of insults finally slowed to a halt. Chores? He didn’t have any chores to do today… it was Friday... oh shit!


His baby rage turned into fear. He dropped the keyboard and turned to kneel before his mother, prostrating herself before her.

“No, mom! Please! Don’t punish me! I… I screwed up! I forgot!”

“So I take it I don’t need to look around the house after all, do I?”

“No, don’t, I swear! I’ll do it tomorrow!”

“No, I don’t think you will,” she replied mysteriously.

He gulped. She left him there to stew in dread as she went to bed.



His alarm went off at 9:00 AM the next day. He had a big football game to attend. But it would be fine. He was the finest quarterback the county had seen for a while.


Rousing from his sleep, he rubbed his eyes and reached over to slam the alarm with practiced ease. But his hand missed. Came up short. He tried again, but this time, his swing didn’t even clear the bed. What was going on… no!


He finally opened his eyes, seeing his mother sitting at his bedside and sneering at him. Her figure was growing taller, more imposing as her eyes glowed. No, no… it wasn’t that she was growing. He was shrinking!

“Mom! Please!” his voice was becoming squeakier and squeakier.

“You can’t even do some simple things like take out the trash and mow the lawn. You had all day,” she lectured.

“I know, Mom! I know! Please don’t punish me! I have my big game today!”

His head was sinking beneath the blanket. He struggled to push himself up, but it was getting so hard. The blanket was so heavy, and growing heavier by the second.

“Your big game, huh?” she spat. “You think you would’ve done any good in that? Looks to me like you’re not even strong enough to get out of bed. I bet your backup would do much better than you.”

He tried to reply, but he was buried underneath the heavy down-filled quilt now, only a foot tall, and still shrinking. It was getting hard to breathe!

His mother flung the blanket off the bed, refocusing her glowing gaze at him.

“Don’t you think for a second I’m done shrinking you yet. You won’t get off that easy, you disobedient good-for-nothing.”

She placed her hand on the bed next to his diminishing form, using her fingers as a measuring stick. His shrinking began to slow, like a car’s gas tank filling up to the brim, until she stopped his form from dwindling any further when he was just the size of half of one of her digits.

“Mom!” he sobbed, his voice barely audible now.

She picked him up with just a pinch of her thumb and index, taking care not to crush his tiny, puny body with her simplest motion.

“Now, I’m going to make sure you never disobey me again.”

She tugged on the elastic waistband of her yoga pants, parted her silky, black lace panties from her generous hips, and dropped her son right in. He screamed as fell in, saving himself only by latching onto his mother’s flaccid penis.

“Hold on tight, Danny boy. I’m going to go to your football game now. That’s what you wanted, right?” She let the waistband slap back against her tight flesh, pressing his face hard into her member.

She rubbed the outline of her girlcock with her powerful fingers over her tight pants, goading it to full hardness as it engorged with her arousal-fueled blood. Danny whimpered as she began to grow both hot and moist down there. He wasn’t even strong enough to push himself away from her erection. All he could do was breathe in the musky scent of her viscous precum. He could also smell the leaking fluids of her pussy.

“Please, mom, please…” he begged, his lips still glued to her shaft.

“Keep begging, Danny. I don’t care what you say, but it feels pretty good to have your lips rub my big cock. And I am big down there, aren’t I? Much bigger than you.”

Danny tried to choke down his sobs, but he didn’t continue pleading.

His mother sat down in the car roughly, causing him to yelp and reach around her thick shaft, gripping as hard as he could. She moaned in arousal from the friction, but it wasn’t enough.

From inside her panties, he could feel the car vibrating on the road. When they slowed to a halt, presumably at a red light, she reached in, pressing two fingers to his weak little body, and rubbed him up and down her steely eight inch penis. She pressed harder until he felt himself about to break. He exhaled sharply, unable to make any other noise as his ribs pressed into his lungs.

“I said beg, Daniel.” She ceased pressing with her fingers. “And do a good job while you’re down there.”

He swallowed deeply, inhaling more of her salty heat. She was positively dripping precum now as it trailed down her veiny member, glistening and wet. Swallowing his revulsion, he placed his mouth against her thrumming penis and began to grovel as he simultaneously humped her iron, as he knew she liked it.

“Mom! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’ll never happen again! I’m… I’m a worthless son! I’m so weak and useless compared to you!” He rubbed his entire body against just a fraction of her erection.

“You’re wrong, Daniel Sebastian Carver. You’re not useless. You are good for exactly one thing. And this is it.”

He heard her park the car.

“We’re here. At your football game. Looks like they’re putting in the backup quarterback. Too bad, huh? Looks like Stacy is looking for you too.”

"Stacy!” he muttered into his mother’s virile, veiny phallus. “They’re gonna… they’re gonna be so mad at me!”

“Don’t worry, Danny. I’ll invite her to our house later. Then I’ll show her what a real cock looks like. Not like your tiny little micropenis. Well, I should say, micro-micropenis now, shouldn’t I? Your girlfriend won’t want anything to do with your useless pencil dick after I’m done with her.”

“Mom!!!” he sobbed.

“And you know I’m not exaggerating. I already punished you once like this. Jenny was cute, and I fucked that stupid little bitch until she was a horny, mindless slave. I came inside of her five times. She was full after one, but she just kept begging me to fuck her. I can’t believe that punishment didn’t stick for you! You truly are stupid!”

“I… I really like Stacy! I was going to ask her to prom!!” he begged.

“Yes, that’s right. Beg. And if Stacy still wants anything to do with you after I’m done, then maybe you’re not so useless after all. Now do a good job and get me off while I watch this football game you’re missing.”

He cried, his salty tears adding to the nice lubrication of her girl-shaft. He humped his mother as hard as he could, hoping that he would take mercy on her.

“By the way, I know how to pleasure a woman properly. I know everything about where to touch, how to touch, how hard… I’ll make her squirm as I knead her breasts and suck on her nipples… I’ll rub this big, beautiful cock of mine against those tight, teen pussy lips, and she’ll beg me to insert myself inside her. Have you even gotten that far, little Danny? I bet you haven’t, have you? I’ll have her begging me to fuck within five minutes.”

She would never admit it, but her domination and humiliation of her son was turning her on.

“Oh, you hear that? Mark just threw a thirty yard touchdown pass. You think you could do that?’

“Yes, mom! I can do that!”


“Ha! You? With your skinny little toothpick arms? I doubt it! Hey, I think Stacy is batting her eyelashes at him.”

“No!!! Mom!!!”

“What’s wrong? You want me to save Stacy from Mark? Okay, I’ll invite her to the house afterward.”

Daniel didn’t know what to do. His hair was positively soaked with his mother’s gooey precum now. He wiped the thick fluid from his face with the back of his hand. Some of it trailed into his mouth, and he recoiled at her pungent taste. If he could make her come, two, maybe three times, she would be satisfied and not take away everything good in his life.

He humped and licked her shaft in desperation. He felt her stand and walk somewhere, swishing him roughly against her throbbing erection. A car beeped. The engine started, some soft music began playing, a car door slammed. Her gigantic hands made their way down her pants once again.

“Keep working it, Daniel. You have no idea how to pleasure a woman, do you? But you know how to operate this part. Just like any typical, selfish, useless boy.”

As he stroked her shaft, one of her hands reached down to cup her massive, swollen, needy balls. The other trailed even further downward, sending tingles through her body as she drifted her fingers over her smooth, hairless, dual intimacies. She found the sheath of her clitoris with practiced efficiency, pulling it back and revealing her large, fleshy nub of arousal. It didn’t measure up to her eight inch dick, but it was still large and imposing nonetheless. And oh so delicious and now hyper-sensitive.

Gathering up her leaking semen by extending her upper hand, she passed it lower, giving her more varied lubrication as she teased her pink, puffy folds apart. She plunged her fingers in, gathering more nectar, curling her fingers and delivering heavenly sensation into her whole body. Her legs began to quiver involuntarily, her hips bucking. Her other hand continued the gentle massage of her mammoth testicles, feeling it fill with thick semen.

“Climb up to the head, you useless shit! I want you to lick my cockhead!” she ordered.

Daniel wrapped himself tightly against her pole and struggled to make his way up. Her slimy shaft made it difficult to climb, and his clothes were entirely soaked through. It was a four inch journey, but to him, it may as well have been miles.

He grunted and hugged as tightly as he could, the gentle pressure from his squeezing arousing his mother even further. But she was tired of waiting. With a grunt of annoyance, she plucked him up and dropped him on the tip of her sensitive penis. He fell onto it with a dull thud.

“Oh, yes!!” she cried, as she continued to stoke the fires of her own arousal. “Lick it!”

She pressed harder into her clit as her son tried to gobble her up with his tiny mouth. She tugged on her lace panties, the wet silk stroking her shaft, as her fingers swirled rough circles over protruding nub. The sound of slick squishing was the only thing that Daniel could hear as he gripped hard on her smooth dome to try and hang onto her bucking.

That final added pressure was all she needed. She fired load after load from her slit, absolutely flooding her panties. And it didn’t let up! Daniel began to choke and gag as her balls seemed to have no limit... five, six, seven, eight loads, all as powerful, all as voluminous as the last. And it wasn’t stopping!

He swallowed and drowned in his mother’s cum as she pounded the car seat with her voluptuous rear, body spasming, limbs rigid in ecstasy. Her fingers clenched as she fired the few final loads.

“Mmm. That was nice. I think that’s enough for your punishment, Daniel,” she panted, chest flushed.

He lay mostly motionless upon her cock, which still had not softened at all. His softly heaving body, struggling to breathe, was the only sign that he was still alive.

His mother picked him up and placed him in the passenger seat. With a glow in her eyes, she began to restore him to his full size, absolutely drenched in the stench of her sexual fluid. Every part of him was covered in white goo, his hair matted to his face, his clothes thoroughly stained.

“Now, let’s go and talk to Stacy, shall we?”

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