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The next morning Nick woke up at 7:00 a.m. with his alarm, he was rested and ready for work, he immediately went to take a shower and after that he made himself a little breakfast. He was really lazy when it came to cooking, so he served himself a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.


Once he arrived to work, he was actually a little early, 8:30 a.m. to be more precise, so he decided to greet Sam properly today. “Hi Sam, what up?”, “Oh, hi Nick, seems like you are actually on time today”, “Hahaha, you bet, need to make it up to the boss for been late so much lately”.


They talked for a couple minutes before he left to his boss’s office. Since Miss. Williams was a CEO, she had a big office, the biggest of them all. Therefore, Nick had enough room for his own desk, where he could do all of his tasks. He wasn´t really sure why he had to work in the same office rather than having his own, he though he was supposed to have a small office outside of his boss´s, but he didn´t cared that much, he´ll do the same either way.


Once he entered the office, Nick was greeted by Miss. Williams, she looked up to Nick from her computer and told Nick with a proud smile: “Well, look who´s on time and, oh, a little early”, she said as she checked her watch.


“Haha, well, a new day a new me, you´ll see a new Nick from now on” replied Nick with a smile. “I like what I hear” replied Miss. Williams pointing at Nick with a pen. “I took the liberty to send you a list of shores for today thru your Email, but don´t worry, it´s not that long and it´s easy peasy” continued Miss. Williams giving Nick a little wink.




Miss. Williams was a hard-working woman that seemed to be a little too focused on her work, which means she was strict with everyone, everyone but Nick. In fact, she was a little soft on him, been late is not something she tolerated from any employee, but she let it all slip when it was about Nick. She did enjoy having him close, that´s why he didn´t had a separate office, although he should, she made a special request for Nick´s desk to be placed on her office.




She was a single woman, but she didn´t had a crush on Nick by any means, she liked his company tho, and she was thrilled when he entered into his room every morning. She would´ve liked for Nick to be with her on her full shift, but since he was on an internship, she couldn´t assign him more hours. So she enjoyed the time they spent together, although there was not much talking since they were both very busy, but she was happy with just watching him, not in a sexual way, more like, in a way someone is proud of watching someone had his work done in a proper way. There was something in Nick that fascinated her, but she couldn´t catch what exactly it was.




As Nick was working on his computer Miss. Williams decided to ask him something “Sooo, what does a young men like yourself do after work?”.


“Well, I hang out with my girlfriend, sometimes I take a jog or run in the park, simple stuff to be honest, nothing interesting to be honest” replied nick with a shy smile.


“I get it, you seem to be more like a homebody…anddd…does a cute guy like you have a pretty girlfriend?” said Miss. Williams with a calm smile, which took Nick by surprise. Until now, their working relationship had been nothing but professional, they mostly talked about work, maybe a little chat about the weather and some other random stuff, but this, it really came out of the blue to Nick.


“Oh, well…uhm, you know she´s pretty…very pretty” replied Nick a little abashed.


“Well, you deserve a woman like that, someone who appreciates all the effort you put into everything” said Miss. Williams bending forward on her chair with a big smile.


“I´m not thaaat good, I consider myself a little messy and sometimes I forget things” said Nick whose mind brought back the idea that he had forgotten their anniversary yesterday, he still felt guilty.


“Oh, come on, you do such a great job here, you always have everything in time and with a very good presentation if you ask me”, Miss. Williams was lying, he did have everything on time, but he sometimes forgot about going thru some files, which she ended up revising herself, but she wanted to show Nick her kind side.


“Look at the time” said Miss. Williams looking at her watch with a half-impressed expression, “It´s lunch time, do you have any plans for lunch?” she asked.


“Well, I was planning on going to the cafeteria an grab something, not much of a plan actually” replied Nick with a half-smile on his face.


“Oh, nonsense, how come something random from the cafeteria” said Miss. Williams as she rose up from her seat, “I know a place downtown where we can go, let me take you, it´ll be my treat” said Miss. Williams winking at him with a smile.


“Thank you, but I really don´t want to bother” said Nick a little nervous. “Come on, it´ll be fun, that way we can get to know each other a little better” she said.


“Well, I guess it won´t hurt to eat somewhere else for once” said Nick rising up from his seat with a little smile.


When Nick stood up fully, he saw that Miss. Williams stood a little taller than him today, “She must be wearing higher heels today” he thought, he didn´t pay much attention to that else he would´ve noticed she was wearing her regular 2-inch heels. And so they went to have their lunch and talked a little more about how Nick met Maddy and what he had done up until now that he was working as her assistant, on the other hand Miss. Williams, or Rachel as she encouraged him to call her, started talking about how she was always focused on her career, all the time she spent working rather than having fun or meeting someone to be on a relationship with, she always dreamt about being successful and starting a family, but time passed and she didn´t take the time to meet someone and fall in love.


“I´m sorry to hear that” said Nick empathetically.


“You don´t have to be sorry about it dear, maybe there´s someone out there for me, who knows” said Miss. Williams as she took a sip from her drink.


They ended their meal and went back to work on Miss. Williams´s car, she drove a red sports car, guess you can treat yourself when you are single and have a good salary.


The clock ticked 5:00 and it was time for Nick to go back home with his girlfriend, needless to say Miss. Williams couldn´t help but to be a little sad about it.




Once home, Nick served himself a glass of water on the kitchen and saw that there was a note on the microwave, he read it and it said:


“Nick, I went downtown, please make sure to do the laundry that´s on the bag inside the bathroom, I promise I´ll be back asap, see ya after dinner”.


Nick didn´t like to do the laundry, he was tired and he´d rather spend the evening playing videogames, but if the duty calls, you´ve got to answer, so he went to pick up the bag and headed to the laundry on the basement of the building, it wasn´t a big laundry room, it had four laundry machines and three dryers, needless to say one of them didn´t worked, but at this time there was rarely someone down there, so Nick was sure he´ll do the laundry fast and return upstairs to have some dinner, maybe he could eat some frozen waffles or something, just to fill his stomach.


As he went down the stairs, he noticed that he was dragging his pants a little, “how weird” he thought, “Maybe the hem got loose, I´ll fix it later”. Moments later he arrived to the laundry room and to his surprise he saw Ashley there.




Ashley was her neighbor from downstairs, she was almost the same age as him, she was 22 years old, had short brown hair and big blue eyes, talking about her physique, she had a lean athletic body with a pair of C cups and she stood at 5´5”. She was nice, she and Nick often talked about the series they watched and where they´d like to travel. Ashley was one of those people who liked to meditate and often told Nick about spiritual rocks and their benefits, he didn´t cared but he politely heard her talk about it.


“What up Ash, how’s it going?” said Nick in a calm playful voice.


She was sitting on the corner table checking her phone when she acknowledged Nick, “Oh hi Nick, what up, what brings you down to the dungeon?” said Ashley in a cheerful voice.




Nick just rose up the laundry bag so that she could see it while he shrug his shoulders and rose his eye brows. “haha, what else could it be” said Ashley mockingly. She was dressed with a plain white shirt wearing a red square pattern shirt wrapped around her hips, and under it she had a pair of denim pants and high black boots.


Nick just opened the bag and dropped the clothes on the laundry machine, there was no need to separate it by colors since Maddy always made sure to do it before she gave Nick the bag, she knew he would just empty the bag without checking first. She knew he could get a little distracted sometimes.


Nick sat on a chair by the washing machines and just asked Ashley “Soo, how´s work Ash?”.


“Good, I guess…well, good as long as no idiot tries to grab my ass”, said Ashley rising her tone a little but with a mocking tone.


Ashley worked the night shift as a waiter on a club downtown, she received good tips and since she wasn´t a morning person, she didn´t mind the time her shifts where over, usually around 3:00 a.m. or so, that´s why she slept straight until midday.


“Sounds terrific” said Nick with silly smile.


“Yeah, I´m totally thrilled about it” replied Ashley with a little of sarcasm in her voice. “So how was your anniversary yesterday? You didn´t forgot, right?” asked Ashley with a little smirk.


“Even she remembered” thought Nick a little frustrated, “God, I really am the worst”.


“It was find, I mean, I wished I could´ve done something better, but everything came up just find” he didn´t told her he just did whatever he came up with in the last minute, but he really felt like he screw up.


They continued chatting about everyday matters and a little bit about chakras, Nick limit himself to listen to Ashley as she talked about it, he didn´t pay much attention tho.




Suddenly, they were interrupted by the beeping of the dryer, it was Ashley´s clothes that where ready to go. “Guess that´s me” she said as she stood up from over the table. She took her clothes and started folding them on the table while putting the one´s ready on a basket. In the meantime, Nick´s clothes where ready to be changed from the washing machine to the dryer, so he stood up and took them out.


Ashley couldn´t help but notice something seemed a little odd with Nick, she examined him from head to toes and couldn’t help but notice that he was dragging his pants a bit. Since his shirt was still tucked, she realized they were not loose, so she approached to measure him with herself.


As she approached Nick felt it was a little odd, so she asked her in a little nervous tone.


“Hey…what up?”, “Nothing, but…weren’t you a little taller?” she said with a little suspicious.


“What do you mean?” said Nick a little confused.


“Well, you know, I could swear you where over six feet tall, but now, well, you don´t even seem to be six feet tall” said Ashley a little concerned.


“It must be your boots Ash, and come on, no one shrinks overnight” said Nick a little self-confident.


“This boots don´t have much heel, but still I have already worn them before and you seemed taller then, you should check on that, or go see a doctor” suggested Ashley.


“Find, I´ll measure myself later, and if there´s something odd I´ll make an appointment” replied Nick, he was sure there was nothing wrong but checking wouldn´t hurt anyone.




Ashley finished doing her laundry and left to her apartment to get ready for work, a little later Nick was ready to go and while he was taking the stairs up to his own apartment, he couldn´t help but to think on what Ashley told him.


“Could it be, am I shorter?” Nick began to ponder to himself.


By the time he arrived to his apartment Maddy still wasn´t there, it was around 8:00 p.m. and she was yet to arrive. Nick decided to leave the clean laundry by the closet and fix himself a little dinner, still wondering about what Ashley told him. “Maybe I can check after I have some dinner” Nick thought.


He was extremely tired for some reason, so he decided to make something fast and then go to bed. He threw himself in bed and seconds later he felt asleep, he forgot about measuring himself.


Around 9:00 p.m. Maddy arrived, she went to the bank where they authorized her the loan, now she was sure she would be able to buy a car, something simple, a car just to drive to work and do some other errands, nothing too expensive. But that´ll wait, now she needed to eat something, when she saw Nick´s shoes by the door she knew he was there, and by checking on the laundry she saw he took care of it.


“Well, well, isn´t he sweet, he just did as I told him, I wonder where he is right now” Maddy thought to herself. And when she entered to their room, she saw that Nick was in a deep sleep tucked between the sheets.


“Aww, he looks so comfy, let´s not wake him up” she just kissed him on the cheek and went straight to the kitchen to make something to eat.


While she was eating, she browsed some car models to buy, she needed to have this done by next week, since she´ll be back to work by then. She knew that any car she´ll like will do, since Nick didn´t pay much attention to these matters, in fact, Maddy was the one who made all the big decisions, and Nick didn´t mind.


By 11:00 p.m. she went to sleep, it had been a long day and she needed some rest too. She took a shower and then she cuddled with Nick.


The next morning Nick woke up at 6:30 a.m. very well rested, he seemed to have more energy than usual, so he decided to make himself a decent breakfast for once and watch funny videos on his phone.


While he was stretching for some plate on the top shelf, he noticed that he had to stretch a little too much for it, he thought his limbs where numb or something, he didn´t pay much attention to it.


Once he ate his breakfast, Nick went to the bathroom to take a shower, when he tried to catch the nob on the door he slipped, it was a little higher than he remembered, he thought he tripped and went straight to the shower.


After the shower he went to pick some clothes to dress himself, that´s when he couldn´t ignore it, his boxers where alright but when he put his pants on, they where too long, longer than yesterday.


“Well, this can´t be right, I mean, it´s not possible that two pairs of pants have their hem loose” he started to remember the advice of Ashley, so he went to the kitchen and started to look for a measuring tape, he was sure they had one but couldn´t remember where.


He finally found it on one of the drawers, he took a pencil and measured himself in one of the walls.


“Ok, I already made the mark, now it´s time to measure how tall I am” Nick thought a little panicked.


He took the end of the measuring tape and placed it on the ground, but once he stretched all the way to the mark he had made he couldn´t believe it.


“5´9”, that can´t be right” Nick thought still a little skeptical. “I mean, I´m 6´2”, how on earth is this tape giving me this measure” then he went to take a ruler and check on that, little by little he measured with the 12” ruler until he got the same measurement 5´9”.


“FUUUUCK” screamed Nick´s head. “How can someone shrink? And since when have I been shrinking?” Nick´s mind was full of questions, how come he hadn´t notice before, everything seemed all right until yesterday.


“Ok, ok, first things first, right now it´s 8:00 a.m. so I need to get ready for work and nothing else, gotta change and later I´ll see how this happened” he tried to calm down a little by returning to his everyday routine. But he was still a little concerned, had this stopped? Will he keep shrinking?


His mind was still focused in this, so he decided to ignore it and get dressed for work, which didn´t help since his pants where a little too long and the sleeves of his shirt where too, so he fold his pants and shirt sleeves and took the bus to work.


He entered the building and tried his best not to be noticed by anyone, he gave Sam a quick greet and went straight to Miss. Williams´s office. Once there he just sat on his desk quietly and just gave a quick “hi” to Miss. Williams.


While Nick was getting all of his thing settled on the computer Miss. Williams couldn´t help but to notice he was acting a little odd.


“Everything ok Nicholas?” she asked.


“Uhhh, sure, everything´s find” he quickly replied, and then he gave a sort of nervous smile.


“Are you sure? Cause you seem a little unsettle over there, is…is there anything I need to know?” asked Miss. Williams a little concerned.


“No…I´m ok, it´s just, you know…I just forgot to do the laundry that´s all” Nick lied.


“Oh, well, I´m sure that can be done later there´s nothing to worry about” said Miss. Williams giving him a smile and waving her hand a little, but still, she thought that couldn´t be it, there was definitely something going on with Nick.


The day went by and Nick rushed to the door to go back home. “See ya tomorrow goodbye” was all Nick said as he exited the office. Miss. Williams didn´t had time to reply but she kept thinking about Nick.


“Have I been a little too strict with him? Am I giving him too much work?” Miss. Williams started to think that she was the one who put Nick in this state, but she was not that demanding with him, in fact, she gave Nick a low load of work to do each day.


“I´ll talk with him tomorrow, I mean, he can´t just go without giving any explanation, he has to tell me whether he likes it or not” thought Miss. Williams with a little frown on her face as she went back to her computer and continued her work.


When Nick arrived to his apartment, he opened the door and saw that Maddy was lying on the couch watching T.V.


“Hey pumpkin pie” Nick said smiling.


“Hi baby, how was your day?” Maddy replied while laying on the couch.


“Well, you know, everything was find, I went thru some papers, made a report, everyday things you know” said Nick with a little nervousness on his tone.


“I´m glad everything was find, do you have in mind anything you want me to cook for dinner?” Maddy asked.


“Whatever you want to prepare will be great, I´ll go get changed” said Nick as he rushed to their room.


“How am I gonna tell her? It´s not like, honey I´m shrinking” Nick was having a hard time on finding a way to tell Maddy that he was shrinking. “Well, we still don´t know that I´m shrinking, but how else can you explain that I went from 6´2” to 5´9”?” he needed an explanation to this, but first he needed to find a way to let Maddy know about this, but how?


“Knock, Knock, dinner´s ready” announced Maddy while knocking on the bedroom´s door.


Now Nick had no more time to think on something, so he waited for Maddy to return to the kitchen and then he´ll come out of the room.



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