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Nick was completely distressed right now, he shrank down all the way to 5´5”, but it hurt him the most that his girlfriend had turned in some sort of authoritarian ruler, why couldn´t she see that he was more than capable of taking care of this matter himself? She didn´t have to watch his every move, but at times like this it was better to leave her alone to make up her mind.

Since all of his clothes where baggy on him, he needed to borrow some clothes from Maddy, he was wearing a white plain unisex shirt, denim blue jeans, which were men´s jeans she had since they fitted more comfortable according to her, and he wore a pair of shoes that where one size smaller than the regular size he used to wear, Maddy bought them as a gift on the past Christmas, but he forgot to return them. However, they were still a little loose, so he tied them tight. And so, he parted to work.

Nick finally arrived at his office, well, his boss´s office, he was nervous, his fingers where cold and his heart was beating rapidly inside his chest. But he had to do it, he had to step in and prove Maddy that he could do it, that he needed no one to make decisions for him.

He steeled himself and opened the door, once he entered, he saw that Miss Williams was too focused on her computer to pay any attention to him, so he decided to stand in front of her desk and tell her about it.

It was weird, he had never heard of something like this before, and now he was the one who was actually experiencing this, it was something like taken from a fairy tale, or some sci-fi movie. Yet, it was happening and he needed to tell her, he didn´t want everyone he knew to be aware of this, but she was her boss and he spent most time of the day inside her office, so he had to.

“Uhmm, good morning Miss Williams” Nick greeted her timidly.

“Mornin´ Nicholas” she replied harshly without looking at him.

“I-I would like to dis-s-cuss something with you, i-if you´re n-not to busy at the moment” mumbled Nick, it was really hard for him to speak at the moment.

“Actually, I´m kind of busy at the moment, and so are you, I sent you a list of shores you´ll need to have done by the end of the day, if I where you I´ll start right now” She didn´t even bother to look at him, she was upset, Nick could tell, so he decided to sit and tell her throughout the day.

What Nick ignored was that he was the main reason she was in that mood. The day before he had been so distant that it seemed rude to Miss Williams, and given the fact that she had invited him to lunch she thought he was really ungrateful.

She had never invited him before, and since they talked about their lives and shared about their private life, she thought there will be a little bonding there, not that she wanted to steal Nick from his girlfriend or something, but it would´ve been nice if he was a more open person. And the fact that he almost ignored her the whole day made her furious.

She went home reflecting about that, she thought she may have gone a little too far, but, he didn´t seemed to mind, in fact he seemed to be having a good time, she didn´t try anything with him, she invited him in a friendly manner to, maybe, be seen as more than his boss, and more as a friend, but then he comes up and says “Hi” and just ignores her the whole day, she felt mad, but what hurt her the most was that she felt betrayed, she felt as if Nick was rejecting her friendship.

And given the fact that she wasn´t so though with him, or gave him too much work was what upset her the most, so she decided she´ll treat him the same way as any regular employee.

When Nick logged in on his computer, he saw a huge list of things to do, it doubled any list he had before, and there where a lot more files to go thru, he knew this´ll be a long day. He decided that he´ll have half done and then he´ll talk about it with Miss Williams, he had an idea to cheer her up so he decided to invite her for lunch this time, she seemed to enjoy the other day so he went on and told her.

“Sooo, uhmm, Rachel, would you like to go to that place we went the other day for lunch, now it´ll be my threat” said Nick with a big smile.

“You know” started Miss Williams, still without looking at him, “I´m very busy today, I think I may skip lunch for today, I hope you don´t mind, and also, I think it´ll be better if you focus on your work rather than lunch, thank you” she said with apathy on her tone.

“I, uh, sure Rachel, I will, and no worries, we can go some other day, I-I mean, if you like” Nick replied, he was sure something bothered her, but he wasn´t sure what it was, ever since he started working she seemed to be happier when he was around, not that she was mad all the time, but he noticed she treated him differently that the rest of the employees, maybe a little more attentive, but today it was not the case.

“And Nicholas, can you call me Miss Williams from now on, I think it´s more professional” she said, she was focused on her computer the whole time, but her tone gave Nick the idea that she didn´t wanted to talk with him, or for him to be there. “Y-yes Miss Williams” he said with a little sadness on his tone.

Nick spent the whole time going thru the files that Miss Williams had given to him, he thought he could get half of them over by lunch, but they where a lot, he didn´t even thought he´ll be able to finish them today, nor tomorrow, and without even realizing it, lunch time had arrived, he stood up from his desk, that stood taller now and turned towards the door.

“W-would you like anything from the cafeteria, M-miss Williams?” asked Nick, he still tried to at least get her to see him, she knew she will not eat something cheap from the cafeteria, but at least he had to try, and maybe she´ll allow him to talk to her about his “issue”.

“Thank you, Nicholas, but I´m find” she said with a cold tone on her voice.

“O-ok, if you need anything p-please don´t hesitate to call me” replied Nick, he was nervous at the moment.

“Mhmm” was all she said.

Nick arrived to the cafeteria still wondering what was on Miss William´s mind, he knew too little about women, so he couldn´t tell if he did something wrong, or if this was some kind of “ladies thing”, he was too naïve to realize, so he decided to have lunch, and once it was over he´ll tell her, but how could he say it. “Hi, so anyway, I´m shrinking” he thought, but no, it sounded stupid. He needed to find a way, but she wasn´t paying any attention to him.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and when he checked it was Maddy. “Fuck” Nick thought, “I´m sure she´s going to ask me if I´ve told her already”. Nick was no liar, if she asked he´ll tell her, so he must find a way to drive her attention into other thing.

“Hello, honey, how are you?” Nick said, trying to sound positive.

“Have you told her already” said Maddy, a little rough and going straight to the point.

“Shit” Nick thought, there was no way on denying it now so he decided to tell her, she´ll find out anyway.

“I-I, well, no” said Nick, feeling ashamed.

“You haven´t told her yet!” Maddy yelled thru the phone, she was mad and Nick could tell.

“I-I tried, but she didn´t, I was, I-I” that´s all Nick could say when suddenly she hung up on him.

Nick tried calling back, but there was no answer. What was he supposed to do now? He had made up his mind, once lunch was over, he´ll go to Miss Williams´s office and tell her the whole thing, that way Maddy won´t be that mad with him. But not right now, now he was starving.

Finally, 10 minutes before his lunch break was over, he stood up from his chair and headed back to work, well, not precisely to work, his intentions where to tell her boss about it, he wasn´t very sure why, but if that´s what Maddy wanted, then he needed to do it. He wanted to be a better boyfriend for her, if he couldn´t be the breadwinner of the house, at least he´ll make her happy, and if this made her happy, or at least less angry, he must do it.

As he approached to the office´s door, he got chills, his heart started beating rapidly and he started to sweat a little. Then, he grabbed the knob and opened the door.

Once he entered, he noticed that Miss Williams turned her eyes at him, but quickly returned to look at her computer, he was closing the door behind him, still a little nervous when suddenly.

“Nicholas, can you come and stand next to my desk please” she said, with a stern tone while she was writing on her computer.

“Oh, sure” Nick replied heading towards her desk, each step he took got him more anxious, but finally he stood in front of her desk.

She gave a look at him and said, “Ok, but I asked you to stand NEXT to the desk, not in front of it” she said as she pointed immediately next to her chair, smiling calmly.

Nick encircled the desk and now he was standing two feet next away from her chair. Then Miss Williams stood up from her chair slowly, Nick´s heart was beating faster as she stood at her full height, he could only remember that he used to stand taller than her, but now, he couldn´t believe it, he had to crane his neck way up to look at her.

As Miss Williams stood up, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Nick was now barely above her shoulder level, but not by much.

“I can´t believe it, so your girlfriend didn´t lied” she said as she placed her hand on her chin and watched him carefully.

“W-what do you mean?” had Nick made a mistake or did she said that Maddy told her about it, but how come. Then he remembered that she had her phone number. “D-did she call you?” Nick asked turning a little red in embarrassment.

“She did, when you left for lunch, but I just needed to see by myself, you are definitely smaller Nick, how did this happen?” she asked a little concerned.

“I, uh, well, I don´t know, we´ll go to the doctor today to see what´s happening to me, and to see if there´s a way to stop it” Nick said as he lowered his gaze at the floor, when suddenly he felt her hand on his shoulder.

“And why didn´t you tell me before? Was this the reason you where acting weird yesterday?” She asked, he could tell by her tone that she really cared for him.

“W-well, yes, I mean, I didn´t want to say anything until I was sure” Nick said as he slowly rose his gaze to look at her.

“Why? You know you can trust me Nick” she said with a caring tone. “Does it hurt? You know the whole shrinking thing, are you dizzy? Do you need to take a seat?” she said as she pointed at her chair for Nick to sit on it.

“I-I, I feel find, really, there´s nothing wrong other than, well, me getting constantly smaller” he replied trying to sound relaxed, by now his heart beat was normal and he felt a little relieved, she was taking it pretty well for what he could see.

“Are you sure?” she said rising her eyebrows.

“Positive” Nick replied.

“Okey, but just remember, if there´s anything happening to you, or if you feel even just a little weird, do not hesitate to let me know, ok sweetheart?” She said as she placed her hand on Nick´s head and ruffled his hair.

Nick skipped a heart beat there, why was she acting like that? Maybe she was just worried and wanted him to feel like he could count on her. He couldn´t recall any of his previous boss´s being so supportive, but well, he hadn´t had a situation like this before, so maybe this is how people deal with odd situations, but still it felt kind of weird, not in a bad way, but just a little strange.

“Uhm, I will, thank you” Nick quickly replied, looking at her, she had a warm smile at the moment.

“Oki doki, now let´s go back to work, shall we? Unless you´d like to go home early today?” she said as she sat back on her desk.

“I´m find, there´s no need, besides, I´ll have to go to the doctor as soon as I leave” Nick said as he walked back to his desk.

“Do you need a ride honey?” she quickly asked.

“N-no it´s ok, I´ll just take a cab, or the bus, there´s no need for you to bother” He replied shyly smiling.

“Ok, but if there´s anything you need, and I mean anything, just ask me, or you can give me a call, I don´t mind” she said as she closed her eyes making a polite smile.

“Sure, I will…thank you” Nick appreciated the gesture, but wait? Did she call him honey? Miss Williams was very nice to him, but she never called him in that way, she only called him Nick, Nicholas if she was mad, and there was a time when she called him Nicky, but never before she had called him that way.

It didn´t hurt anyone, in fact he kind of like the way she was being attentive to him, but he was a little uncomfortable with that, if this kept on, he´ll have to tell her, but it´ll be unpolite.

“it´s just a nickname” he thought, not giving it much importance anymore.

“Oh, by the way Nick, it´s ok if you don´t finish the list that I sent you, you can continue tomorrow” Miss Williams added.

Nick only agreed with her and smiled, he was sure that he´ll never finish that monstruous amount of work, at least not today, so it´ll be better if he could extend the deadline.

The day went by and Nick couldn´t help but notice that every once in a while, Miss Williams just peeked at him, and he could tell there was some fascination in the way she stared at him, it didn´t bother him, but he felt a little uneasy.

It was now 5 o´clock and Nick was logging out of his computer, he checked his phone and found a message from Maddy. She gave him the name and address of the hospital where she´ll be waiting for him. She made an appointment and the doctor will see him by 6:30 p.m.

He didn´t notice but by the time he finished reading the text message, Miss Williams was standing right in front of his desk, with a warm smile drawn on her face.

“I hope the doctor can help you with your, ehm, situation here Nick” she said as Nick stood up from his chair.

“Thank you, I hope he can explain this whole anomaly going on, maybe there´s a treatment, who knows” he said half smiling.

At that moment Miss Williams just extended her arms and approached to Nick, all of a sudden, she started hugging him.

Nick felt weird, he could feel the warm embrace of Miss Williams, he started to get aroused in some way, maybe by the way her perfume smelled or the fact that she was a lot bigger than him, still he had to remind himself that she was his boss and that he had a girlfriend who he loved and will never cheat on, still, it was just a hug, it didn´t mean anything bad.

“I got to be honest with you Nick, I care for you, and I really mean it, I wouldn´t want you to get sick or hurt. Please keep me abreast of anything the doctor tells you” Miss Williams said as she hugged Nick tightly. Then she slowly started to pull away from him, Nick rose his sight to look at her, they both looked into each other’s eyes and she said while caressing his hair.

“Please Nick take care, if you need to take the day tomorrow just let me know, okay sweetheart?” she said giving Nick a big smile, her eyes shined and he could feel she was honest.

“I-I s-sure, I will let you know, but I don´t think there won´t be any problem, I feel find, let´s just see what the doctor says” Nick said returning to his senses. He was sort of overwrought by all this, but Miss Williams was only showing empathy, maybe she wouldn´t do this for any employee, but he appreciated the gesture.

“Ok, I guess I´ll see you tomorrow then, but I´m serious, if you need to rest just let me know” she said with a smile, but with a stronger tone.

“I will, see you tomorrow” said Nick as he exit the office.

What had happened there? Nick tried to find a reason for that, he thought maybe she was just one of those really friendly people, but it couldn´t be, he knew she was in fact very professional when it came to office relationships, perhaps, she was just happy about something else and she just wanted to share that joy with him, but that´ll be different. Who knows, now it was time for him to pay a visit to the doctor, maybe he could find some guidance there, he was sure they won´t be able to just give him some pills and then everything will be back to normal.

Nick just walked thru the hall in the hopes that he´ll find help, or at least hoping that they could stop his shrinking.

Now, back into Miss Williams office, she was working in her computer, she finished her shift by 6:00 p.m. and she still needed to wait an hour to return home. But her mind was full of thoughts about Nick, so she decided to leave the computer and just turned her chair towards the window and started thinking.

“I can´t believe it, how is this even possible? Can a grown man shrink? I mean, possibly an inch or two, but only until they get old, not someone in his 20´s” she tried to explain all this to herself, but it was in vain, she was no doctor and couldn´t find a scientific explanation to this.

“But, wasn´t it amazing just how he just crane his neck all the way up to look at me” she couldn´t help but feel thrilled about this. During months she had some fascination towards Nick, but she couldn´t catch what it was, until today. Finally, she had found the reason why she was so fixated with him, but she decided she´d wait a little longer to tell him, she started browsing on her computer for something else, not work related, something more Nick related.

She couldn´t help but smile all the time she made her own research on her computer, she felt it was right, finally, after all those years she had found what she was looking for, and it was Nick who´ll provide it to her. Then she started dialing on her cell phone.

“Hello…Yes, I was doing some research and found Dr. Osmond´s treatment, how fast can someone start with it?...Oh really, can I make an appointment?...sure, tomorrow will be find” she was very excited about all this, and she couldn´t help but to bite her lower lip as she fantasized about all that this will bring for her. And the new “relation” she could have with Nick. But that´s something that only time will tell.

Chapter End Notes:

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