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Nick opened the door just to find that Maddy had returned, somehow, he didn´t listen as she walked back. Their eyes met and Nick only thought “Oh crap”.

Maddy´s eyes widened as she saw his boyfriend´s eyes almost level with hers, she checked to see if he was somehow kneeled or something but he wasn´t.

“Nick, why are you so short?” she said in disbelief.

“I…I…” that´s all Nick could say when he saw his girlfriend stood just mere inches below him, he started to panic a little.

“Come on Nick, what happened?” said Maddy a little distraught, and that´s when Nick lost it.

“I don´t know, I wish I could tell you, but I don´t know Maddy, I don´t know how or why this happened, I wish I could tell you but I don´t know and it freaks me out, ok? I´m worried” said Nick whose tone came from an aggravated one to a more downhearted one, and there´s when tears began to form in his eyes.

“Aww, it´s ok, don´t worry, I´m here honey, I’m here” said Maddy as she hugged Nick and laid his head on her shoulder and caressed his hair. By his reaction she knew he was completely agitated, and she needed to understand that right now he needed to be comforted.

“Maddy” Nick said in a low concerned tone.

“What is it dear?” said Maddy with a calm soothing tone.

“Will you…will you still love me if I shrank any further? I mean…I don´t know if this has stopped and…”, “Yes Nick, I´ll love you no matter what, because in the end you are still the love of my life, and there´s no one else in the world for me” said Maddy with a tender voice cutting Nick out.

She knew right now he was too overwhelmed by this and that he could get a little paranoic whenever things came out wrong, right now he didn´t need to be scolded or questioned about this, because he didn´t knew the reason for his shrinking. Right now, what he needed was for his girlfriend to care for him and be supportive.

Nick knew Maddy will understand, neither of them knew the reason for this, but she was the kind of person that never let´s you down, or at least she tries to encourage you to keep going, and now Nick needed someone to let him know that things will be alright.

“Thank you” said Nick, still a little shocked, but deep down he knew Maddy will be there for him for better or for worse.

Maddy just hugged him tighter to her and then they laid down on bed. Maddy occasionally poured kisses over Nicks head to settle him down, Nick wasn´t crying but she knew he needed to know that she was there for him, she wanted to show Nick that she will always care for him.

Finally, Nick sat up on the bed and Maddy sat next to him. They were holding hands and Maddy laid on Nick´s shoulder, then Nick laid his head over Maddy´s.

“I love you Maddy” said Nick as he closed his eyes.

“You know I love you too honey, and don´t worry, we´ll get through this” said Maddy as she raised her head and kissed Nick on his cheek. “Now let´s go get some dinner, shall we?” she said with a cheering tone.

They were both on the kitchen table still thinking about all this. Neither of them knew what to say, so they just ate dinner quietly without exchanging any words, but every time Nick saw Maddy´s face she smiled at him, a calm and warm smile that told Nick “Everything´s gonna be find, I got you”, and that´s how Nick calmed a bit.

As time went by, Nick went to bed while Maddy was taking care of the dishes, he just laid there watching the ceiling and thinking about this. His mind was full of thought´s, he needed to find what was causing this, or if it had stopped. That´s when Maddy entered the room.

“Hey there, are you feeling better?” she asked.

“Well, I feel find, I guess, I mean, I feel normal but…well…I just, I don’t know” he replied a little stressed.

“Does it hurt? I mean, do you feel anything different?” Maddy asked a little concerned.

“Well, no, you know, I feel as good as ever, it´s just that, well, I´m shorter” Nick replied with some sadness on his tone.

Maddy just sat in bed next to him and ruffled his hair as she kept saying “Tomorrow we´ll go to the doctor and see what´s happening, ok? In the mean-time just rest”.

“Ok, we´ll see a doctor, but I still got to work, I promised Miss. Williams that I wouldn´t be late again, and I don´t think she likes it if I skip work” said Nick with a little seriousness on his tone.

“Honey, don´t you think it´ll be a better idea if you just went to the doctor? I mean, it´s ok if you miss work one day” said Maddy trying to negotiate with him.

“What, no! I can´t, I promised I´ll be a better employee, and I don´t think she likes it if I do this the same week I promised that I´ll improve” said Nick a little overreacting.

“I know, but this is a medical emergency you know, we must see a doctor to find out what´s going on with you” replied Maddy trying to convince Nick.

“We´ll see a doctor, but after work, first things first, besides I can explain Miss. Williams about it and maybe she´ll understand” said Nick trying to prove his point.

“Mhmm, if you think that´s for the best” said Maddy a little mad at Nick, she knew he needed to go to the doctor first thing in the morning, but sometimes when Nick had his mind into other things he just refused to listen, that´s what Maddy liked the less about Nick, she knew he was sweet and almost always accorded with her, but in times like this she just wanted to be the one in charge and that Nick did as she said. Still, it was not the case, they were equals in the relationship and if that´s what he wanted, well, this time she´ll give up, but only because she didn´t want Nick to be more upset than he was now.

“I’m sorry” Nick said as he noticed that Maddy was a little upset, “I promise we´ll do exactly what you say, but I just…I…I can´t skip work”.

“Find, find, I understand Nick, you have things to do, but just keep in mind that your health is first, if there´s anything we need to know, we have to do it as soon as possible” said Maddy with a stern voice.

“I know, and…and we´ll do so, it´s just that, I need to…” Nick didn´t had a good argument, he just wanted to go to work because, if there was something wrong with him, he just didn´t wanted to know, or at least he wanted to postpone the bad news.

Maddy just looked at him with an unpleasant look on her face, she wouldn´t try to make him change his mind, because she couldn´t, but she was not gonna give it to him.

“Just do what you think it´s best, but at the end of the day, we´ll go to the doctor, and that´s the end of it” said Maddy with an authoritative tone.

Nick knew Maddy was the sweetest person in the world, but whenever she got upset it was really easy for her to lose it, so he knew he shouldn´t say anything at all, at this time it was better if he just stayed quiet and allow her to cool down.

Now they were both laying in bed ready to drift into a deep sleep, but Maddy just couldn´t stop thinking about it. How had this happened? Was it possible? And why Nick?

Right now, her mind was brimming with questions, but what was worst was that she started thinking about the future of his condition, the consequences this might have or if this will ever stop. She was deeply worried, but somehow, she wasn´t and that´s what preoccupied her.

If we go back to the day of their anniversary, the day before Nick started shrinking, when the shooting star passed by. Nick wished that he could be better, he wished to be a more ideal boyfriend to Maddy. In the other end, Maddy made a different wish.

“What a precious moment” Maddy thought, “If there´s anything I could wish for, I wish that one day I can have the precious boy I want, if I can be more specific, I wish for him to be a smaller version of Nick, aww, I can imagine him already, he´ll be exactly like Nick”.

That´s what Maddy wished for, and given the fact that Nick focused his wish for Maddy, well, the universe does funny things. In the end, both wished where granted, the only thing is that Maddy´s wish was the one that took the lead.

Now, Maddy was thinking if this could be fate, was her wish fulfilled? Could it be that she´ll get what she wished for? It was true that she wanted to have a little Nick for her own, and in certain way she´ll get it. If Nick kept shrinking sooner or later, she´ll be able to hold him in her embrace, her once big boyfriend will become smaller day by day, and then she´ll be able to take care of him and pour kisses on his tiny head.

But right now, she needed to keep it cool, she wasn´t sure this was because of her wish or if there was something wrong with Nick, tomorrow they´ll visit the doctor to find out, or at least get a professional opinion about it. Now they both needed to have a good rest since tomorrow will be a busy day.

Before they could realize it was morning already, and Nick´s alarm was beeping, only that this time they both got up of bed. Maddy could hardly sleep since she was too concerned about the whole situation, in the other end Nick slept pretty well, he´s the kind of people that once they lay their heads in bed, they fall deeply asleep, and there´s nothing that can wake them up until tomorrow.

Since neither of them knew the cause of this or how to threat it, Maddy decided to take care of the whole thing, that´s all she could think of during the night. Nick was too untidy to take care of big things like this, so she´ll be the one in charge from now on.

When they both stood up Nick was shocked when he saw Maddy. And Maddy, well, she just covered her mouth with her hand, she couldn´t believe it. They where both barefoot and when Nick looked straight at his girlfriend, he saw that his eyes where level with her mouth.

“Oh no” thought Nick.

“Oh my, I´m taller than him now” thought Maddy, a little thrilled by it, but still she was concerned. So, she made a decision.

“Nick, honey, why don´t we go to the kitchen, there´s something I, well, we need to do” said Maddy, with a little authoritarian tone.

“Ok” replied Nick, a little confused.

When they where both in the kitchen, Maddy took out the tape measure from the drawer, and a pencil too.

“Sooo…what are we doing?” said Nick a little suspicious.

“Well, since we don´t know why or how you are shrinking, I decided that at least we should keep a record of it, now, can you hand me the note pad on the table sweetie? Thank you” replied Maddy.

Nick took the note pad and hand it to her, but he was surprised by the way Maddy started to deal with his shrinking, now he felt as if he was the test subject of some sort of experiment.

“Ok, now, stand straight next to the wall so that I can mark your height” said Maddy, with an imposing tone.

Nick did as he was told and just stood next to the wall, waiting for his girlfriend to measure him, he felt a little sad, but at least they´ll know how fast he was shrinking. And maybe they´ll know when it stops, Nick also had to keep positive about it.

“It says, five foooooot…FIVE” said Maddy, she was calmed, at least that´s what she showed Nick, but her mind couldn´t avoid thinking:

“Oh my GOD, I´m two inches taller than him now, look at him, if I stand on my toes, I can look over his head”.

Nick was wordless, now he was shorter than Maddy, and by two inches, it will be easy to notice, he just hopped that she didn´t wear any heels, else he´ll feel worst.

When Maddy saw Nick standing there, just looking at the floor with a little gloomness, she just couldn´t take it, it broke her heart to see her boyfriend like that, so she just laid a hand on his shoulder and said:

“Oh, don´t be sad, you don´t have to worry about it, once we go to the doctor you´ll see everything will be alright” she had a sincere smile on her face, her eyes captured all of Nick´s attention once he raised his head, still he wasn´t able to speak.

“I know what´ll make you feel better, do you want some pancakes, Nick?” Said Maddy, trying to cheer Nick a little.

“Uhmm, yes, I do, umm, thank you” Replied Nick, still a little uneasy, but at least he was able to talk back to Maddy. Maddy just smiled tenderly and went to pick up all the ingredients for their breakfast.

Maddy liked cooking for Nick, she always thought it was very sweet when he got amazed by everything she cooked, for Nick, who only knew the basics of cooking, Maddy was like a world class chef. He always watched her cook, trying to learn how to, but it just wasn´t his thing, and she always catch him peering over her shoulder, which was loveable, watching him trying to learn from her.

Maddy finished preparing the pancakes, and when she hand them to Nick, he saw a smile face drawn with bacon over his pancake, he knew she was trying to cheer him up so he smiled back at her and thanked her for the breakfast.

Maddy picked her own plate and they where both eating, just quietly watching each other every once in a while. Maddy just kept thinking about when this shrink thing will end, and how tall he´ll be at the end. She was still amazed by this, it was the first time she heard of something like this, it was just impossible, but still, it was happening and she needed to be supportive with Nick.

“God, I can´t even imagine how scared he must be” she thought, “He needs me, he definitely needs me to take care of him now” Maddy could only think of the things she´ll need to start doing now that Nick was shrinking, right now he was just a couple inches shorter than him, so there was no much deal, but what´ll happen if he shrinks past that, when he reaches five feet tall, or four, she will definitely be the one who takes care of him, she´ll need to be with him the whole time.

“Wait, my vacations will be over by next week, and he´ll still go to work everyday” thought Maddy a little concerned, she definitely couldn´t be with Nick 24/7, so she needed to find a way to do it, she couldn´t quit her job since she was the one who contributed with the most when talking about money, needless to say it was almost the whole thing, she was the one who made almost all the money, but she didn´t minded, she thought Nick will find a better employee and they´ll make the same amount, at least they´ll have a more equal salary. At the moment, his “condition” will interfere with that in a huge way.

“Nick, I was thinking…” said Maddy breaking the silence, looking straight at Nick who was still eating his breakfast. “Will you, will you still be working with all your, you know, with “this” happening” she said with a little concern in her tone. The only thing she could think was that Nick will be better if he just quitted his job and allowed her to take care of him, but she´ll need to find someone to look for him while she was at work.

Nick was startled, how could she say that, he knew this was serious, but he could still work, he didn´t do any physical work that required lifting heavy objects, he had a regular office job, which he could maintain easily.

“Look Maddy, I know you´re concerned, and I appreciate it, I know you´re trying to do the best for me, but, don´t you think it´s a little exaggerated, I mean, maybe this whole shrinking thing has stopped and, well, I´m no longer as tall as I used to be but, I can still have the work done, it´s not that hard” Nick was trying to convince Maddy that she didn´t had to worry that much about it, he knew that once she had her mind into something she´ll not let it go that easy, but he could at least try to persuade her.

Maddy watched him as he spoke, even though she had a calm look on the outside, inside her blood was boiling, how could he take this so easily, wasn´t he aware of this, couldn´t he imagine that the world outside will be though for someone with, well, with his condition, what´ll happen if suddenly he shrank a lot at once, what´ll happen if he shrank a whole foot in front of everyone, or if he goes all the way down to one foot tall, even a dog could eat him up.

“¡No Nick, NO! Can´t you see that this isn´t normal, how can you be so irresponsible about this!” Maddy was furious by now, then she stood up and leaned over the table, “Now listen what I´m gonna tell you, you´re going to go to work today, find, but whenever I say that you´ll stop going, you´ll do as I say, I don´t care if you can´t look after yourself, I´m gonna do it whether you like it or not”.

Then she crossed her arms under her boobs, Nick was too upset now to even stare at them, why had she decided for him? Why was she so agitated? It was true that this wasn´t something normal, but he couldn´t just stop working, whenever he thought about it all he could imagine was Maddy, every time she encouraged him to improve, to go for it, whenever he felt like he couldn´t she will cheer him up and make him believe it was possible. But now, she was standing there with a threatening look in her face, he just felt smaller than he was now.

“But…” Nick tried to speak, “But nothing!” yelled Maddy with a stern look on her face, “You´ll do as I say and that´s the end of the discussion” Nick couldn´t believe it, and why did he stood there so quietly, he should´ve said something, not only allow her to nag him so easily, but there was something that just didn´t allow him to, as if his mouth couldn´t make words.

“You´ll leave to work as usual, but once you arrive you´re gonna tell your boss about this, I mean it´ll be hard not to notice it, but you´re going to tell her today, in fact, I would like you to give me her phone number, just in case” said Maddy with an aggravated tone, making a frown.

Nick turned to stone when he heard those words. Why did she need her phone number? He will tell his boss for sure, but why did Maddy needed to be so bossy right now. He stood there just blinking at her, not knowing what to do, based on her expression and tone, she was serious about it, but he didn´t know how to react.

“So! I´m waiting” said Maddy with a little annoyance, she grabbed her cell phone and waited for Nick to make a move.

“I-I, uhmm, you know, you can trust me, I´ll tell her as soon as I arrive” Nick said, trying to get out of this.

“I´m sure you will, but I´d like to have it, just in case” she said in a nice way, making a little smile, she tried to calm down but she was still upset.

Nick finally gave up and did as she said, he felt a little sad that she didn´t trust him, but there was something else, suddenly she had decided to take over the whole thing, he was wondering if she´ll stop at some point or if this was just the beginning.

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