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Story Notes:

In most ways Robyn was just an ordinary teenage girl in high school... except for her magic powers that is. She had no idea how or why she was given her powers, only that it happened on her 18th birthday. These powers allowed her to manipulate objects and people in various ways simply by thinking and snapping her fingers. She decided to not tell anyone about them, at least not right away. For the past few months she worked on perfecting her abilities. After having some fun for a while, she realized that she could use her powers for revenge. The first instance was when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. She considered many different plans for revenge, but one stuck out above the rest.




Robyn decided to shrink him. Something about the irony of literally shrinking someone who thought they were figuratively bigger than her was very appealing. He begged for forgiveness, but he was ignored and tossed into the garbage since that’s what Robyn thought of him. Whether he lived or not, she didn’t care. She was generally a nice girl, but she believed some people don’t deserve kindness or forgiveness.




After a few more revenge situations for different reasons, Robyn decided to use her shrinking power to get revenge for the sake of others. She didn’t want to enact the revenge herself, though, as it wasn’t her battle to fight. She wanted the victim to end their abuser by themselves. But the victims didn’t know about the situation. Robyn had decided to figure out a plan where the victim would get their revenge unintentionally. There were two reasons why. The first was in case the victim was too nice for revenge and refused to go through with it. The second was to keep her powers a secret.




These are some of her tales:





Robyn was walking down the hallway of her high school on her way to lunch when she overheard a conversation. It was between a cute but nerdy girl named Maddie and the school’s “popular girl” Jenny. On either side of Jenny were her two friends Britney and Tiffany. The trio was known to be ruthless toward everyone, but Maddie was their main target due to her lack of money and dorkiness. Expecting trouble, Robyn stopped walking and casually leaned against the lockers, pretending to be on her phone while she listened.


Jenny spoke first. “Alright, Runt, pay up. I’m hungry.”


“Can we please not do this today?” Maddie begged. “I’m starving! I had to skip breakfast this morning.”


“Not my problem. You know I take your lunch money every day, so you should’ve thought ahead.”


“Why do you even need my lunch money? I’m broke while you’re loaded!”


“It’s not about the money, it’s about the message. Every time your stomach grumbles in class I want you to remember how much richer and better I am than you.”


With tears welling up in her eyes, Maddie handed over the money and then ran into the nearby bathroom to cry. Jenny and her gang laughed at her misfortune and began walking toward the lunchroom. Jenny was suddenly jolted backward when she passed Robyn who grabbed the back collar of her shirt. Jenny angrily turned around and demanded, “Get your hands off of me, Loser! This is designer!”


Robyn was unphased and said, “You think you’re the biggest girl in this school, don’t you.”


“Well, duh! Money is power and I’ve got plenty. Or was that a fat joke, because I’ll smack you!”


“No, you’re not fat. But you’re still about to lose a lot of weight.” Robyn made sure no one else was around and then...




The three girls shrank instantly to 1” tall. Confused, they looked around to figure out what happened when a massive tennis shoe slammed down in front of them. The shockwave knocked them on their butts and they looked up to she Robyn’s smirking face towering above them.


“What on Earth did you do to me?!” Jenny screamed upward. “Make me big again this instant!” She stood up and then walked over to kick the rubber of Robyn’s shoe. “And get your thrift store sneakers out of my face! I can pretty much smell the ‘poor’ emanating from them.”


Robyn shook her head. “Even at the size of a bug you’re still insulting people.” She reached down to grab the tiny girls.


“Stop right there! Don’t you dare touch me!” Jenny shrieked. But her words did nothing as Robyn continued to pick her and her friends up in her fist. They fought against the gigantic hand, but they were powerless to stop it. Holding the girls completely in her fist, Robyn walked over to her nearby locker and pulled a paper bag out of it. She set the bag on a nearby table and then dumped the girls right next to it. They rolled off her hand and landed on the hard tabletop.


“Ugh! My clothes are wet now thanks to your sweaty hands!” Jenny complained.


“Pipe down!” Robyn shouted. “You are the most selfish and spoiled girls I’ve ever met and I’m putting you in your place. You stole Maddie’s lunch money, so now you’re going to be her lunch.” Robyn reached into the brown bag and pulled out a simple sandwich in a plastic bag. She removed the sandwich from the bag and set it on a napkin. Finally, she pried apart the two bread slices to reveal the inside.


“Ew, gross! PB&J?! That’s poor people food!”


“That’s right! Miss Fancy Pants is gonna be done in by the most basic of sandwiches.” Robyn picked Jenny up and then dropped her on her back on the peanut butter side.


Jenny wriggled to escape, but the sticky spread held her strongly in place. “Get me out of here! Ugh! I’m never going to get this peanut butter out of my clothes!”


“I think cleaning your clothes is the least of your worries now,” Robyn said before covering the furious girl with a ceiling of purple. She then moved her attention to the other girls. “Oh, don’t worry. You two will play your part as well. I just need to shrink you a little more...”




A few minutes later, Robyn was in the bathroom outside of the stall Maddie was in. “Hey, Maddie, are you okay?”


“Not really. ...Who are you?”


“I’m Robyn. We have a few classes together. Anyway, I saw what just happened and I’d like to give you my lunch.”


“Are you sure?”


“Totally! I’m not hungry at all. It’s all yours.”


Maddie opened the stall door. “*sniff* Thank you very much.” She grabbed the paper bag and made her way to the lunch room where she found an empty table to eat by herself. She reached in and pulled out the PB&J sandwich. “Oh, goodie! This looks delicious!”




If there was one benefit to being inside a sandwich, it was the extra cushion while being tossed around the paper bag. Jenny swung back and forth in tune with Maddie’s arm while she walked and grew a bit nauseous. Eventually the swinging stopped when the bag was set on the table. Then Jenny was lifted up out of the bag only to be set down again. She felt pressure when Maddie’s fingers grabbed the sandwich to pull it out of its plastic bag.


This is when Jenny realized the true danger of her situation. She was so focused on her clothes that she didn’t think about the fact that she was about to be eaten alive! She immediately began screaming, but this only allowed jelly to pour into her mouth. She swallowed the mouthful of jelly and tried to squirm out of her prison, but it was no use. She was completely trapped within the sandwich.


Jenny couldn’t see what was happening, and she could barely hear anything though the bread, but she was lifted up and could tell that Maddie had taken her first bite. A second bite tore off the middle of the top of the sandwich. Maddie’s teeth were actually so close to Jenny’s head that they pulled at her hair. This meant that she could now see outside the sandwich. She craned her neck upward to see Maddie’s upside down face chewing the piece of her prison.


“Hey! Hey! Stop eating! I’m in your sandwich!” Jenny cried for help, but the din of the lunchroom was much too loud. The jelly covering her face also camouflaged her from being seen. Her fate was sealed.


Maddie took several more bites and each one made Jenny’s heart race faster. She was still stuck from the waste down and could do nothing but watch her captor chew. She was sickened every time Maddie’s mouth opened for a new bite and she could see the PB&J-infused saliva stretch between her upper and lower teeth. The fact that Maddie chewed with her mouth open only made things worse. Her torture lasted longer than expected as Maddie took bites around the edge of the sandwich and saved the middle for last. She wasn’t a big fan of crusts, so she wanted her last bite to be the best one. Soon enough that time had come.


Jenny was flung screaming into Maddie’s mouth when she tossed the final bite in. She prepared for a painful crushing death, but instead her sandwich piece rested on Maddie’s tongue. A teacher had stopped to remind her of something, so Maddie refrained from chewing for a moment. While waiting, Jenny noticed the peanut butter was slowly melting from the heat of the mouth. That combined with the very moist air allowed Jenny to squeeze out of the sandwich and land on Maddie’s tongue.


Jenny was ecstatic at her victory, but before she could even think of a way to escape Maddie’s mouth, her tongue tossed the sandwich piece onto her teeth. Luckily Jenny managed to stay put, but the sound of teeth chomping down was terrifying. It was difficult for her to see anything since her only light was when Maddie opened her mouth. While she chewed, it caused a strobe light effect. After a few munches, the sandwich piece was now a spit-soaked ball of mush and it landed right on Jenny. She screamed in disgust and horror as the blob absorbed her inside itself. Sweet and nutty saliva creeped into her mouth and forced her to stop screaming.


Next thing she knew, Jenny was rolling with the mass and tossed down Maddie’s throat. Moments later she splashed down in her stomach. The sandwich glob kept her safe for a bit, but the acid quickly ate away at it. Once it got to Jenny, she was a goner.




Britney couldn’t tell where she was. Robyn had teleported her and Paige to different locations and she seamed to be in some kind of thick, chunky liquid that smelled fruity. She couldn’t see very well as there wasn’t much light. After some time, her and the liquid was raised up out of the lunch bag she was apparently inside of. With more light now, she could see that she was trapped in a clear plastic cup with a metallic covering. She pieced the clues together to figure out that she was trapped in-


“Applesauce! Yeah, this looks delicious!” Maddie said excitedly to herself.


Britney watched as her metallic ceiling was torn off and revealed Maddie’s enormous face glaring at her. She waved her arms and called out to her, but she was too small to be seen. The applesauce was set down and Maddie grabbed hold of something. Britney had never before been so terrified of a spoon. The clear plastic utensil dove down toward her for its first scoop. Luckily it completely missed her, but that was only the first of many. 


Britney had to escape before she was taken away. She tried her best to swim through the applesauce, but she didn’t move an inch. The liquid was much too thick. Nothing short of a miracle could save her now. But no such miracle came and she was caught in the third spoonful. Her life flashed before her eyes as she entered Maddie’s massive maw. A slurp and a swallow sent her falling down to the same pit where Jenny met her end.




The last girl was Tiffany. She was in complete darkness and swimming in a fruity liquid, but unlike Britney, hers was not thick. She had to keep treading water - or whatever the liquid was - until something happened. It took awhile, but eventually she was lifted up. The “water” became turbulent and rocked back and forth while Tiffany tried to stay afloat. The movement stopped for a moment before increasing ten-fold. The container she was in was rapidly shook and the “water” was thrown everywhere. Tiffany was pushed under and thrown around with it. She swam frantically, but she could barely tell which was was up. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, the shaking stopped and Tiffany was able to surface. She gasped for air and swallowed some of the liquid. Now she knew what it was and therefore where she was. She was trapped inside of a juice box.


“Maddie must have shaken it to make sure nothing settled at the bottom,” Tiffany thought. “That means her next step is to-” She was suddenly attacked by a large rod that was clearly the straw being poked in. It continued its way down and Tiffany found herself trapped inside it. She had to get out before-


And thus the sucking began. Tiffany swam against the current toward the bottom of the straw to escape. She did well at first, but Maddie was apparently very thirsty because she didn’t stop. Tiffany started to lose energy and was pulled upward. She zoomed through the tube and shot out into Maddie’s mouth. She didn’t even touch her tongue before taking a fruity water slide to her doom.





Meanwhile, Robyn was chuckling like an evil genius. Her first revenge plan for someone else was perfect and she was able to watch it unfold thanks to another magic power that let her watch things secretly from afar. “Imagine all of the other awful people I could get rid of,” she thought. “Uh, imagine all of the other innocent people I could help, I mean.” After one more chuckle she decided to sit down with Maddie. She thought the girl could use a friend.

Chapter End Notes:

Feel free to give suggestions of scenarios you'd like to see. If I like your suggestion I might make a chapter for it. ;) General feedback is also appreciated as always.

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