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Story Notes:

This is my first story. I had much fun writing it, so please leave a review if you like it.

Author's Chapter Notes:


I read about it just yesterday, a club with tall women? I always wanted to experience being in a place filled with tall, sexy girls. So I figured, what could go wrong? Now here I am, standing in front of this huge building in the middle of nowhere. Only this flashing sign greets me. I stepped inside. 

Looks like a proper nightclub to me so far! Only that I got blocked not by a security guard, but by a pair of breasts. Magnificent breasts, directly in my line of sight. I looked up. "Like what you see already *giggle*", said the girl with a stunning face in front of me. I look up.

"Welcome to Sizeclub!" she said, "My name is Amber, I greet new customers." I looked at her in awe. The first woman I saw already met my expectations, her body was amazing. Apart from her face and boobs, she had a magnificent figure with a nice, round butt. She must be about 7”4’ I thought, comparing my 5"10’ frame with her statue. "I will call someone to show you around, okay?" Amber said smiling, "I'm sure you will have plenty fun tonight!". I was pumped to see Ambers coworkers. If the entrance lady is already this sexy, how would the others be? 

Then I gulped. After Amber called though her phone, I just saw a huge shadow behind the curtain to the rest of the club. Then she appeared. I looked directly into the middle of a pair of sexy white hotpants. Hips thrice as wide as my head. "Hey, I am Lizzy", she said. I could not speak. I looked up and down Lizzys body. her tights were thick, her booty was huge, her d-cup breasts not to speak of. But her face, it was so beautiful, I could not believe my eyes. Apart from her hotpants, she wore a tight fitting red tshirt with plenty of cleavage and a pair of red 6-inch high-heels boosting her to a height of at least 10”8’.

How is this possible? I thought, how can people be this tall? But I had no time to think about it, I was occupied with my increasing arousal coming from just looking at the two hot women in front of me. "Follow me, where we are going, there is more of what you seem to like", Lizzy said with a smirk. 

We stepped through the curtain. The club was huge. The ceiling was at least 300ft high. There were many men standing and sitting around the many tables and strip poles. The real highlight were the gorgeous workers though. And they were so tall! Every girl in the room was at least 6ft tall, many even taller than Lizzy! I spotted a huge girl, about 60ft in the middle of the room, dancing to a crowd of men throwing money at her.

"Yeah, that's Trisha", Lizzy said, sounding annoyed. "She is kind of like our show-off girl. Every guest just stares at her the whole time. Anyway, as you can see, we have the bar on the right, the dance floor in the center and places to sit scattered everywhere in between. Also, to the left are our, *private rooms*." I was intrigued. I always imagined this. "Let's find you a place" Lizzy said, going forward. As she walked in front of me, I could not take my eyes off her butt (I mean, it was right in front of my eyes, so..), I had to be careful not to bump into it with my face. Then I saw something strange. Her butt seemed bigger all of a sudden? It sure was nothing I thought.

While we walked through the club, I saw multiple booths, all occupied by one man alongside two to four women which were dressed only with the slimmest lingerie. They all seemed to get *very* good treatment. Some lay on top of a huge girl while petting with another, smaller but still very tall girl. Some were surrounded by about 8ft tall girls who ran their hands across the man's body. I could not wait to get my treatment, and I hoped that Lizzy would not just be my guide tonight.


I was so focused on Lizzy's body that I did not realize we arrived at an empty booth. I failed to stop and it happened. I bumped right into Lizzy. She turned around and grinned. "Could not hold back, could you?" she said, "let me sit down with you and I will give you more than just some jeansy butt in your face.". My arousal was already so pumped up, and now Lizzy offered me what I wanted! She sat down. Even when sitting down, her eyes were slightly above mine. Now that her face was not obstructed by her boobs, I could have a closer look on her face. Her eyes were deep blue, her lips nice and friendly. All around, I felt all tingly in my belly, she was just so stunning, I could not handle it. 

Chapter End Notes:

What do you think so far? The story starts for real in the next chapter.

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