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Ivy was exhausted, but she always felt that going for long runs was the best way to alleviate her stress from her huge college workload.


"Good things come to those who sweat" was what she always told herself.


If Ivy didn't work out she would have gone crazy from the near constant onslaught of essays and tests. At 22 years old she was now in her fourth year of a medical science program. She had every intent on one day working as a nurse, but being hours away from her hometown and isolated from all of her family back in New York was really taxing for her. If not for her best friend Alice and her boyfriend Liam, she may very well have packed up her bags and tried her luck in a university closer to home. The small Ohio town she had moved to was nothing like the big city that she came from, but it had its own unique pleasures she couldn't get back at home and she enjoyed the peace.


Another young woman jogged up behind Ivy; panting, sweating and looking moderately frustrated.


"One of these days, Ivy I'm gonna beat you. I'm gonna beat you by two full laps."


Ivy gave her a little smile and cheekily replied "Until then Alice, you enjoy all the dust I'm dishing out for you!"


Ivy and Alice had become best friends ever since they started college together 4 years earlier. They were enrolled in the same program and since getting closer they made an active effort to arrange their timetable so they'd always be together. Outside of class they still hung out at least three times a week. Ivy prided herself on maintaining a healthy body weight. She was very focused on her appearance in all ways and took pride in her defined features, namely her F cup breasts and hourglass hips. Ivy had brown hair styled in a lob haircut reaching her shoulders, green eyes and light white skin. Alice was somewhat jealous of her best friend's body, and decided to join her in her runs around the local football field in the hopes that one day she might look like her. While not obese by any means, Alice was on the thicker side, had long black hair, hazel eyes and E cup breasts. Though a little self-conscious about her weight, she knew that guys hungered for her curves.


"It's nearly 6:00, Ivy. We better hurry back home in time for dinner."


Ivy was looking at her phone. "Liam just sent me a text. Your mom will have the lasagne ready in 15 minutes"


"Perfect! Because I'm starved!" A big and relieved smile spread across Alice's face. Ivy shared in her enthusiasm.


Ivy had started dating Alice's younger brother Liam 18 months ago. Although there was a bit of an age gap between them, Ivy didn't mind it. Alice loved their dating too as it meant they'd all be able to spend more time together, and she wanted to see both her best friend and her brother happy. Liam and Ivy were a great match too. Both had a passion for exercise, for self-improvement, for movies, they liked the same music. They were almost a match made in heaven.




Ivy had a secret fantasy that she had not told anyone for fear of judgement. Although she wasn't usually concerned about what others thought of her, she didn't want to risk anything and kept her fantasy to herself as not to spoil what she considered to be a really great life as far as being a college student goes. She had only lightly suggested she was into it to Liam, and he expressed no interest. The conversation didn't go any further that one time, leaving Ivy disappointed, but not exactly surprised either.


Ivy wanted to be a giantess. She wanted to shrink a man down to less than an inch tall and make him into her little pet and sex slave. She even fantasised about sticking men in her sweaty socks and swallowing them alive. She had had this fantasy from as early as 6 years old. She could remember watching lots of cartoons and anime involving size changes. People growing, people shrinking.


People being dominated.


Although she did not even know what sex was, she knew at that young age she was into this and her lust for it had only grown as she got older. Most nights Ivy would secretly lose herself to her kink watching giantess video and reading erotic literature on the internet. This isn't to say that her sex life with Liam was bad, but even with that and her online activities she still felt unsatisfied. She needed to experience this fantasy for real. She had a hard time accepting that it couldn't be.


Ivy and Alice arrived at Alice and Liam's family home. The mouth-watering smell of the lasagne in the oven hit them right away. Liam and his mother Claire were sitting in the living room. They were watching an old war movie from the 1960s called ‘The Dirty Dozen' together, though it seemed that Liam had fallen asleep and his mom was more engrossed in her Facebook feed than what was on the screen. Claire saw Ivy and Alice passing through the front door. She smiled and waved them over.


"So nice to have my two daughters arrive just in time for dinner!"


Though Claire was happy to have Alice around, she loved calling Ivy her daughter to make her feel like she was loved and always welcome in her home. Ivy always felt awkward calling her mom in return, but she was still happy to give Claire hugs and kisses. Claire made it her mission to make all of her children happy as best she could, and she knew that Ivy played a huge role in their happiness. As a girlfriend to Liam and as a best friend to Alice. Claire didn't date anymore. She felt that she did not need a man in her life any longer and had assumed the role of both parents when Liam and Alice's father deserted them years earlier. Last they heard he was somewhere in Europe, but that was back years ago. Calling him a deadbeat dad would be an understatement. At 47 years old, Claire looked insanely good at her age. She maintained a healthy weight, often wore her jet-black hair in a messy bun, had blue eyes, big E cup breasts (which Alice no doubt inherited) and loved tight pyjama pants that brought out her butt.


Fortunately, Claire had come into wealth. Not by hard work or inheritance, but by luck. She only bought lottery tickets a few times a year, and happened to strike it big with a few lucky numbers 8 years ago. The family went from living on Claire's corporate job's paycheck to 30 million dollars overnight. Jackpot. Claire could give up her boring, frustrating job, relocate to a nice town in the country and have her kids set up for the future. She gave her children a $3000 per month allowance and intended to do so until both had started working full time and gone out into the world. It was more than Liam and Alice could spend, and Claire even spoiled Ivy once in a while.


Ivy went over to her boyfriend Liam. He was only half awake. Knowing he'd have to get up for dinner in a few minutes he moaned to himself in annoyance over having to leave the comfort of the couch. Ivy leaned in to give him a kiss.


"Wake up wake up sleepyhead! You sure you wanna miss out on this lovely dinner your mom made for you?"


Liam rubbed his eyes and let out a sigh in acceptance. He got off the couch and Ivy led him into the dining room. She was holding and playing with his hand on the walk over. Despite feeling a little weird over calling Claire ‘mom,' Ivy had no issues whatsoever with displays of affection in front of Liam's family.


Liam was set to turn 21 years old next week. He was in his 3rd year of studying psychology, hoping eventually to go on and do a Masters. Liam wasn't a brilliant academic by any stretch, but he never got lower than A C+. He may have had an even higher GPA if he didn't waste extra time watching TV, playing video games and scrolling around on Reddit, but his grades were satisfactory enough; even if he probably wasn't reaching his full potential. Liam shared the same black hair as his mother and sister buzzed short, had his mother's blue eyes and stood at 5 foot 4 inches. Being a short guy, the bullying he received in school led to him developing trauma-induced depression and anxiety. Ironically this height turned on Ivy, though she didn't have the courage to tell him how it linked up with her giantess fetish. She just had to be content imagining him being even smaller and pressing him under her feet, or rolling him around in her mouth like a piece of candy.


Dinner in this household was normal. Liam, Ivy, Alice and Claire shared stories from each other's days and discussed casual topics, but there's rarely anything big to report. The college kids were all drowning in their respective workloads, but could bond over the stress they had in common. Despite the challenges, they had each other's company and that was more than enough. They had fun together whenever they could. Though it probably looked odd to anybody else looking on, but Ivy and Liam didn't see his sister Alice as a third wheel, but a completion of their little trio. Liam and Alice weren't just siblings, they were the best of friends and Ivy fit into their lives perfectly. Or almost perfectly as far as Ivy was concerned.


Later that night, everybody in the house had fallen asleep. Ivy could hear Liam snoring in the bed next to her and knew it was time for some fun. She tiptoed her way through the house to the computer room. She didn't want the family to hear her creeping around the house, and she certainly didn't want to catch her doing what she was about to do. Feeling very horny, Ivy was voracious for some giantess porn. She turned on the computer, plugged in her headphones, pulled down her pants.


Time to party.


She scrolled around on Pornhub and other sites looking for just what she wanted. Some vore? Some boob crushing? Foot play? Disposal? So much choice and Ivy could barely contain her excitement! She'd put it all into a single video if she could. Maybe one day Ivy was destined to make her own giantess videos, but that was looking far into the future. She found an amazing POV video. A giantess shrinks her unwilling victim with a magic wand and tormented him with her smelly feet. Ivy was so turned on by the video and got herself into a very horny, very primal state.


"Why can't Liam be into this?" she whispered to herself. "Why can't this fantasy of mine be a reality?"


It wasn't fair that she had to confine herself to masturbating to giantess porn, imagining herself as the dominant giantess and Liam as her pet and slave. Although she loved Liam, if she could get away with it, she would shrink him and live out her fantasy. He would enjoy it too. No more worrying about school, a future career and having responsibility. Just being a tiny pet to a big hot woman and subject to her every whim.

"But he likes it when I take control in bed? Maybe that tells me something?"


Her mind was wondering, looking for any evidence no matter how slight that Liam was into this fetish too. Maybe it was time to bring it up and hope for the best. Ivy could not continue keeping this a secret. She wanted to integrate it into her relationship any way she could.


Ivy sat there thinking when she was done. Thinking of ways to bring it up to Liam. Thinking about how maybe Alice would be able to help her.


And she thought so much that she forgot to wipe her search history....


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