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By Supernova

A commissioned work

        She couldn’t keep a straight face. Olivia clutched the little, black jar between her hands and felt her pink, metallic ring clinking against it with each step. Her high cheek bones were twisted up into a grin, turning her big, brown eyes into gleeful crescents. In an attempt to be discreet, she decided to don her favorite piece of clothing: a nondescript gray hoodie with the logo of her alma mater emblazoned upon the front. Though she sometimes felt the need to be “Fashionable,” today just wasn’t one of those days. She was in a “Jeans and a sweatshirt” kind of mood, these days she didn’t quite enjoy how tightly the denim hugged her thighs. Though her long, dark brown, almost-black hair was tied back in a ponytail, she obscured it, and most of her face, with her oversized hood. Blending in. Perfectly normal.

        Precisely the outfit she’d need to go out on one of her “Hunts.”

        Thumbing the pink ring, Olivia had to keep herself from skipping down the sidewalk. Nine human beings were now pounding the inside of the glass jar. As the small, squat cylinder was being held tightly in her hands, Olivia could feel the little pitter-patters from within. As if a series of marbles were being dropped into the container one at a time. Plink. Plink. Plink. Each one was a tiny fist pathetically slamming against the hard wall.

        As the raindrops began to increase in size, Olivia caught sight of someone standing under an overhang waiting for a bus. Her tenth. That was the goal. A woman younger than she was, but still in her mid-twenties. Olivia’s heart fluttered with the uncanny, devious excitement that she always found seconds before she did this. Readying her ring, she twisted her lips into a smile as she caught sight of her future victim holding her head down, hanging blonde hair next to her phone. “Ugh, an Android user,” Olivia thought as she raised the hand wearing the ring towards the blonde woman.

        “Hey, you!” Olivia shouted loud enough for the sound to echo off the back panels of the bus stop’s overhang. Right as the blonde woman raised her head towards Olivia’s direction, she pressed the button on the palm-side of the ring.

        A brilliant, pink flash of light zapped the woman to around an inch tall instantly. The process was so quick it was completely invisible to the naked eye. One second she was standing, the next she was almost a speck on the concrete below.

        Olivia couldn’t keep herself from giggling this time. She almost hated it. It was a piercing, girly squeaking that she couldn’t change the tone, nor timbre of no matter how much she practiced, so she just embraced it. Walking slowly towards the woman on the ground, she noticed how much redder she seemed, even in spite of her small size. Crab-walking backwards, blushed, and looking incredibly scared, Olivia felt the annoying denim squeeze on her rather thick thighs as she squatted down to take a closer look. Poor girl didn’t even know what hit her. They never did.

        As Olivia placed her forearms on her knees, holding the jar in one hand, she cocked her head at the tiny woman whose chest was now rising and falling at a rate that was almost frightening. Licking her rather thin, but pink lips, Olivia caressed her own rather round, but cute face before reaching downwards towards her quarry.

        The tiny stranger screamed, though it sounded only like a light beeping to Olivia’s ears. Like the sound an electronic watch made when its alarm went off. Delighted at being able to commit such a brazen crime in the middle of the day, she felt her facial muscles almost ache at how much she smiled. No one knew about this world-altering shrinking technology but her and a few other girls. Or so she was told. Olivia, at least, had never seen anything about it online or in the news. As far as she was concerned, it was beyond-secret science fiction-level technology. Even if this were caught on camera, no one would believe their own eyes.

        Gently placing her fingertips around the final shrunken victim for the day, she stood up with a grunt, feeling her back ache slightly as she flexed her legs. Though she didn’t believe older people when they told her she’d be experiencing bizarre aches and pains later in life, Olivia quickly learned to take their words more seriously now, at age thirty.

        Holding a tiny, shrunken human being in front of her face, Olivia wet her lips as she watched the tiny blonde squirm and shriek before her massive, round, brown eyes. Blinking a few times, she wondered if this woman was experiencing an extra element of terror, seeing her own already-big eyes be magnified to such extreme levels. Letting out another giggle, she carefully lowered her shrunken victim towards her jet black jar, of which she deftly unscrewed.

        Looking down into the dark circle of writhing limbs, the horrified chorus of women screaming sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine, as if she were listening to her favorite song. Their terror was like divine ichor, an otherworldly luxury that made her feel powerful.

        Gently lowering the blonde into the jar itself, Olivia couldn’t help but let out another giggle as the gaggle of women all stepped away, towards the edges of the jar, as her two fingers deposited the final victim into the center. Like a school of fish evading a predator. Without spouting a single word, Olivia closed the jar yet again, sealing all of them in pitch darkness.

        Making sure the lid was sealed on tightly, she gripped the edges so hard she almost felt like she would break them. Almost wanting to skip, she couldn’t help but already feel the immense gushing of pleasure through her body as she completed another successful hunt. Ten people, ten human lives reduced to nothing but…

        But what?

        Olivia hadn’t decided upon which game to play once she got back to her apartment.

        A cold, November afternoon, Olivia felt the warm rush of her apartment’s shitty heating system as she opened the front door. $1,600 per month for this studio in the East Village. What garbage.

        Placing the jar on her nightstand next to her unmade twin-sized bed, Olivia sighed. The room was so messy! Her procrastination had truly gotten the best of her as she figured she’d finish it after she was done with the “Game” with her shrunken victims - whatever that may be. Scanning the room, she felt the familiar decompression that came over her whenever she got home after a long day. The urge to just take it easy. Maybe she should just open the jar and pour the bitches into her mouth and swallow them all at once? No. That’d be too much of a waste and way, way too anticlimactic.

        Widening her already-large eyes, she caught sight of something unusual: a cheap, plastic tiara she used for a Halloween costume a few weeks before, laying on one of the piles of clothes. Grabbing it and turning it around in her hands, she watched the light glint off of it.

        The jar made her feel powerful. Now it was time to look powerful.

        Stripping herself of her oppressive clothing, she finally felt herself able to truly breathe. Not fat by any means, Olivia still felt as though she were still slightly overweight as she saw her thighs jiggle and her breasts sag slightly as she disrobed in front of her “standing” mirror. Admiring how clear her pale skin was, she did notice a slight red blemish here and there. Her thick thighs still seemed rather cute in spite of wobbling each time she stepped. Her belly was slightly pudgy. She sighed. “I need to start exercising again. Maybe a few hours at the gym would help tone this up” she thought as she grabbed one of her fat rolls between her fingers. Staring down at her crotch, she couldn’t even see her own pussy, she hadn’t shaved down there in months. Running her fingers through the coils, she wondered how they’d feel against a shrunken woman’s skin. Slightly disappointed that she had shrunk them all with their clothes on, Olivia turned her head towards the jar itself, eerily still, as she turned back to the mirror.

        With a smile, she let her long, dark brown hair out of the ponytail and felt it fall back past her shoulders. Sticking the tiara on the top of her head, she felt her heart beating faster as she saw how cute she looked. Completely nude except for the shiny piece of plastic on her head. She was the empress of apartment 14B.

        Her stomach growled as she placed one hand over it before sighing. “The empress of apartment 14B?” Seriously? That wasn’t nearly vast enough for Olivia’s own imagination. She was the very empire itself and, looking back at the jar, she already knew who its first inhabitants would be.

        Scanning the room for any potential escape route, Olivia turned the grating to all the heaters, making sure that none would be able to escape through the ventilation system. She walked over to the doors and made sure that all the door sweeps were intact. Everything was going according to plan.

        Walking over to the jar, she placed her hands over its sides and stared at it with a wild expression as she unscrewed the top with an excited fervor.

        Tossing the lid aside, she stared down into the jar, her high cheeks bunched up as her smile, yet again, was as wide as it could be. Her heart was beating so quickly that her pulse almost shook the glass.

        Holding the jar close to her mouth, Olivia stated sweetly. “Hi!”

        The women responded only by screaming, one of them shouted “Fuck you!”

        Raising her eyebrows in excitement, Olivia continued. “I hope you girls are ready to play some hide-and-seek. Whoever loses gets to join my empire.” Lowering the jar below her breasts, she stuck one side into her belly fat. Almost as if on cue, her stomach growled loud enough for her, and inevitably her tiny victims, to hear clearly.

        Rubbing her stomach with her hand. “You hear that? If I find you we’ll be together forever.” Another low groan came from within. “Well… most of you, anyway.”

        Placing the jar on the ground, Olivia squatted almost directly above it, making sure that everyone within could see that she was absolutely nude from the waist-down. Able to see her pink slit in the forest of black pubic hairs. Though, with such an up-close look, Olivia thought how embarrassing it’d be for any of them to see a grey hair she missed after she plucked out the first two she found.

        “You already know the rules, bitches. Run and hide for as long as possible.” She turned the jar on its side as a flood of women came pouring out. One tripped and fell face-first as she slipped on the cusp of the glass, causing another woman to fall on top of her.

        “If I catch you, we’ll be together forever.”

        Olivia counted the tiny women as they ran, scattering into the various messes of her room. One even dove right for her dirty panties. Stupid bitch. As they all darted in arbitrary directions, her heart sank as she only counted nine of them. Weird. Did one fall out?

        One defiant figure simply walked from the jar itself, turning towards Olivia, who was still squatting.

        “No!” The tiny woman exclaimed. Her short, black hair was cut in a bob. She was wearing some kind of pantsuit or business attire, looking like some kind of executive or at least a higher-up in some corporation. Olivia raised her thick, black eyebrows and twisted her face into one of amusement as she curved her knees and sat on the ground, feeling her fat rolls press against each other.

        The shrunken executive continued, even at her small size Olivia could tell how prim and proper she was. Her entire outfit looked bespoke-fitted. Her glasses were razor sharp. Everything about her screamed “Authority.”

        “I will not be some toy in some nasty bitch’s sick game! If you want to play with someone, you will have to find someone else, becau--AIIY-”

        Olivia leaned forward in a quick, fluid motion, feeling her breasts touch the cold ground before she abruptly sucked the tiny woman right off her feet. As she squeezed her lips shut, she covered the woman in a layer of bubbly saliva, feeling it soak into her pantsuit. In a practiced motion, she felt her throat tighten before relaxing. “G’lp!”

        She exhaled as she felt the wiggling woman slither down her throat. Feeling a thrashing motion near her uvula, the feeling became less and less noticeable the further down she slipped. As she finally landed beyond her chest, Olivia felt nothing. One down.

        Now on her hands and knees, she headed right for her pile of dirty panties. Knowing that one of the little bitches was hiding in there, she could hear a little beeping as her hand jet forward into the pile, immediately finding the wiggling woman. This one with light brown hair, she looked like a student attending one of the various universities in the city. Freckled and cute, Olivia could barely tell what she looked like normally, as she was crying far too hard.

        Opening her mouth wide, Olivia’s mouth was already salivating at the prospect of another tiny woman slipping into her throat.

        “AAAAIIYEE! No! Don’t put me in there! Anything but there! Please! No!” The tiny woman shrieked as Olivia slowly brought her up to her mouth. As she stopped, an idea popped into her head. Bringing the tiny woman back a few inches from her face, Olivia flared her small, button nose and looked at the tiny woman in an almost sultry way.

        “There’s more than one way into the empire, you know.”

        The tiny woman looked surprised, tears still leaking from her eyes, but looking at Olivia with such bewilderment that she couldn’t eke out a response until Olivia moved her arm.

        “AAAAAIIIYEEE No! No! Fuck! No! No, no, no!” On all fours, Olivia reached to her backside. Unable to see beyond the side of her torso, she couldn’t help but moan as she felt the tiny woman slide against her taint. The squirming felt delightful, causing Olivia to leak fluids all over her victim, who seemed to be thrashing for her life, even as she was inserted into the hot, hairy snatch.

        “Ungh. Yeah.”

        As she had lodged the woman far up enough for her to stay there as she crawled, Olivia was nearly delirious with the sickening combination of power and lust.

        Already knowing where the next two victims were hiding, Olivia bit her lip as she crawled towards the small pile of tee shirts under her bed. Reaching into the clump, sure enough there were two tiny women embracing each other, shivering.

        Feeling the tiny vibrations between her fingers, she sighed in relief, feeling the little chemical release associated with victory. “I got’cha now.” Silence. The two women appeared to be in complete shock. Just this morning, they had no idea shrinking was even possible. Now they were in the hand of some immense stranger.

        Having a sick idea pop into her head, Olivia reached back beyond her right ass cheek as she slid the two women, still pressed together, between the insides of her pussy lips. Their screams were loud enough that she could feel the vibration from the sound all the way up her cunt. With a practiced hand, Olivia slid the other two inside her crotch right next to the first one.

        “Aungh!” She couldn’t help but let out a shrieking moan as three living women were squirming inside one of her most private areas. She gushed, feeling herself grow extremely blush as a sheen of sweat built up over her body.

        Extremely distracted by the three thrashing women clawing at the inside of her vagina, Olivia still found enough focus to find another tiny person cowering in one of the corners of the room. Rolled up in a ball, repeating “No. No. No. No,” Olivia almost felt a pang of pity, but quickly suppressed it.

        “Ah, you’re next, then. Should’a spent a little more time hiding!” Pinching the tiny woman in between her fingers, this next one exploded with fear. Almost unable to hold on to her, it was as though she were trying to lift up a worm with her bare hands. “Ah, ah, easy now! I don’t want to drop you!”

        “Don’t fucking eat me! Please!”

        Olivia rolled her eyes. “Ugh. Haven’t you been paying attention? I’m not gonna eat you.”

        The tiny woman went completely still. “Wha?”

        Light from above glinted off of Olivia’s tiara as she stared down at her next victim, contorting her thick, black eyebrows into a devious expression. “I’m gonna shove you up my cunt.”

        The shrunken woman immediately vomited. A small jet of foam ejected from her mouth, falling straight to the ground. Olivia scoffed.

        “Tch. Gross! Now I’m gonna have to clean that up!”

        Now looking in the sky, the naked woman pondered. “Yeah, I’m not gonna stand for that.” Olivia popped the woman in her mouth and swallowed immediately. “You’re so fucking disgusting.” She said as the woman was slithering down her esophagus. “If you’re gonna show me your vomit I’m gonna show you mine.”

        Five down. Five to go.

        To Olivia’s surprise, and disappointment, a group of four were barely even hidden. She rolled her eyes and looked up, feeling her hair roll down her back. “Ugh! Don’t you know that hiding in a group like this makes you easier to find?”

        Sighing, she saw that the four women all hugged each other under a crumpled up paper towel. “That’s not even a good spot!” She flicked the paper away and grasped all four of them as they all shouted in unison.

        As she grasped the four of them in one quick motion, she saw all of their horrified expressions as they stared upwards at her face. “Well, I better get this over with!” Olivia reached towards her backside yet again and felt her leg muscles give way as the four screaming heads reached her gushing vagina. The three within her still were squirming with all of their might, both out of horror and to keep from slipping out, given that the fall would likely kill them.

        “Ungh!” Olivia moaned as she felt the four heads slip into her pussy effortlessly. So wet and loosened by the squirming, she collapsed her chest on the ground as a pulse of pleasure coursed through her. Never truly stretched out by a group of squirming tinies, this new experience almost sent her into lustful convulsions. Gritting her teeth as she slid their chests, then hips up into her cunt, Olivia moaned breathily, hoping that the last one hiding would be able to hear what fun she was having.

        Sliding the group back and forth as if they were a dildo, Olivia jet her wrist forward, jamming the group up her snatch far enough for them to stay put. “Aungh. Ungh!” Feeling such a sense of pleasure, she wanted to bump her forehead into the floor below, but resisted the urge. Biting her lip, she raised her head. Her expression was that of pure lust, her normally pale face grew light pink. Her vision was nearly in a complete haze as she resisted the urge to orgasm with the cluster of seven women slammed up her cunt. She felt almost as though she was going to burst.

        Breathing heavily, she felt herself almost fully collapse. In a desperate attempt to prevent this, she squatted, leaning over her coffee table, feeling the world of limbs press up within her. She couldn’t help but grunt.

        Though she didn’t know it, she was putting on a show to the blonde woman she shrunk at the bus stop earlier. As Olivia leaned her tired, sweaty upper body on the table itself, the blonde saw, in silhouette, a mangled mass of arms, legs, and heads sticking from between a massive, thick pair of thighs, dripping with hot fluid.

        The blonde’s jaw quivered as she hid behind the leg of the table as the immense woman above her breathed heavily. As one of the bodies in the tremendous, stretched cunt shifted, the blonde couldn’t help but squeak.

        Olivia jumped as she leaned back, looking under the table itself. “Ah, there you are!” She said as she reached downward and grasped the blonde. “You’re that bitch from the bus stop! The last one!”

        The blonde shivered as Olivia stood up and walked towards her bed. Here, I’ll put you somewhere special as I finally finish this up.

        Spreading her thighs, she lifted her feet up high as she shifted her hips. Lowering the screaming blonde, she listened happily as her noise faded away into the distance.

        Lowering her below her cunt, which was already fed to its limit, she pressed her face against her clenching, wrinkly asshole. Though she knew it’d be difficult with no lubrication, Olivia pushed hard anyway and felt the little body slip up into the hole halfway. As the anus puckered against the tiny woman’s arms, holding them against her chest, Olivia felt herself melt into the bed.

        Plucking one woman out of her cunt, she could feel the rest all spill out at once into a sizable, gooey pile on the bed. Olivia let out a deep, moaning sigh as she felt the abrupt release. A dark circle of wetness building under the shrunken women, Olivia sat up and saw the writhing mass and sighed in relief as she saw that all of them were still all alive somehow.

        Smiling, both in feeling the woman squirm up her ass and at seeing the squirming limbs all pathetically slip against each other, Olivia took two of the drenched bodies and placed them on her tongue. As they continued to press and squirm within her mouth, Olivia felt another pang in her chest. An idea!

        Scooping up the remaining five women in the palm of her hand, she could feel a strange heft to the bodies. The light above glinting off of their wet skin, she poured the rest of them into her mouth all at the same time. The same group that was squirming up her crotch was now squirming deep within her mouth. Closing her eyes, she let out a deep breath.

        Almost wanting to throw up, Olivia gulped the most forceful swallow she ever had in her entire life. Her throat was stretched almost to its limit as she felt as though she were swallowing an entire, writhing apple. The clump of women all glided through the arch of her throat as they passed down into her esophagus.

        As she felt them slide into her body, the slight pain of the stretching distention was beyond worth it. The trip down for all of them was tight, oppressive, hot, and wet. In a strange way, Olivia could still feel them become stopped at her stomach’s entrance. The gooey mass stalling as her sphincter slid over the crowd. Sitting up, completely still, she could feel all of it. All the squirming, the stretching, even the women entering her stomach itself. She slumped, flabbergasted.

        Rubbing her stomach, she was immensely satisfied that she knew that any weight she felt from within was from a thrashing crowd of living women. Women who were now covered in a slathering bubbly cluster of stomach acids and vomit.

        Within her stomach, each woman felt nearly the same sensation. A wrinkly, mucus-covered sack sliding against their skin, soaking hot goo into their clothes, causing them to absorb an oppressive weight. Each breath was tinged with the sour warmth of acidic fog, smelling of freshly-ejected puke. The heat pulsed from every direction as cords of mucus dripped from above. A quick heartbeat pulsed as Olivia’s voice echoed moans from every direction. Wet squelching sounds blasted from both below and above as Olivia’s stomach began to churn. Each of them felt wet, slimy limbs slither and slide against their bodies, some even kicking and thrashing. A chorus of pained screams blasted through the tight darkness as they all went out one by one.

        Olivia, laying on her bed, slid the little blonde in and out of her asshole, feeling the clump of dying women in her stomach. Swirling her pointer finger under her clitoral hood, she felt as though she was an incredibly powerful empress. As her anus spread for the little, squirming woman she found at the bus stop, she knew that she had fully taken over her little mind. Every one of her thoughts revolved around her asshole. How tight it was. How it smelled. How warm its embrace was against her body.

        Shivering, Olivia felt her fat rolls jiggle as she let out a squeaking breath as she felt an electrifying orgasm course through herself. Arching her back and clenching her ass, she grit her teeth seconds before she finally collapsed on the bed.

        As she fished the blonde woman from her backside, she fiddled with the pink ring in her other hand. In spite of her messy room and ridiculously high rent, she knew she still maintained some form of power. She was the empress. She, in fact, was the empire itself.

        Sticking the blonde between her fat, naked tits, Olivia felt her consciousness begin to slip away as she started her mid-day nap. Drifting into a pleasant dream, she pondered imaginative uses for her future subjects.

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