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“Jesse!?” Jesse’s mother shouted for her son, looking at the time on her phone screen as she took the turkey out of the oven, “Jesse! Where are you!?”

Jesse entered the kitchen, staring at his phone, “what do you want?”

“Your aunt and cousin will be here soon!” Jesse’s mother proclaimed, “can you please set the table up?”

Jesse rolled his eyes in annoyance, “sure, whatever…”

Jesse’s mother shook her head, wishing her son would be a bit more respectful. Jesse begrudgingly headed into the dining room, a stack of plates and silverware centered on the table. He shoved his phone into his pocket as he began to sort the plates out to their individual locations, along with silverware neatly placed upon napkins. He let out a series of unamused sighs, not at all excited for the Thanksgiving family event. He was especially unexcited specifically to the fact that his cousin was going to be there.

Savannah, Jesse’s seventeen year old cousin. He found her to be extremely annoying and nosy. Savannah was very fond of her older cousin, always wanting to hang out with him and get to know him more, but Jesse couldn’t care less about most of his family. For many years he tried to just put up with Savannah, but this year if she annoyed him again he was going to make sure it’d be the last time.

After Jesse finished setting the table his younger sister Mackenzie entered the dining room, “Yo Jess, have you seen my phone?”

“You're eighteen now Mack, shouldn’t be losing your phone every damn week,” Jesse scoffed.

Mackenzie crossed her arms in a pout, “I told you not to call me Mack! That’s a dude's name…”

“Mack, Mack, Mack,” Jesse teased, sticking his tongue out at her.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOM!” Mackenzie shouted, “Jesse is being mean again!”

Their mother poked her head from the kitchen, an enormous frown on her face, “for the love of christ, you’re both adults! Act like it will you!?”

“Tell Jesse to stop calling me Mack then!” Mackenzie pouted.

“Jesse!” Their mother’s patience ran thin, “just for once in your life stop being so mean to your sister! I don’t have time for this!”

“Whatever,” Jesse mumbled under my breath, walking away from Mackenzie and towards his bedroom.

He absolutely loathed family gatherings, especially Thanksgiving. He was always close to his father, but after his father got a divorce he left them all behind. Jesse never got over it, becoming more and more distant from his family especially once he entered adulthood. He still lived at home, mostly because he couldn’t hold a job for longer than a week. He had no interest in college, and practically sat on his computer all day playing video games. He was truly a cynical and lazy young man, having no interest in befriending or getting to know anyone around him.

He heard the doorbell ring from the hallway, followed by the voices of his uncle and niece. He ignored the chattering, laying on his bed as he scrolled through his phone. He was looking at memes on the Ifunny app, wasting as much time as he could. He knew that as more family members arrived, his mother would soon be calling for him. He just wished he could fast forward through all the bullshit, skipping Thanksgiving entirely. He had nothing to be thankful for anyways, not a single damn thing.

The doorbell rang yet again, and his heart sank as he heard the voice of his aunt… And my cousin. Savannah, her voice was always loud and known. He despised her with every ounce of fiber in his body. She was so ‘good’ and so ‘kind’ all the time, it was utterly disgusting to him. She had tried for years to become closer with Jesse, but he would always reject her. He wasn’t even close with his own sister, why would he have any interest in getting to know his stupid cousin? He just wished she’d leave him alone for once in his life.

“JESSE!” Savannah greeted loudly, having burst into his room without knocking, “I haven’t seen you in forever! How’s it been, cuz!?”

Jesse rolled his eyes, “can’t you knock?”

“Oh, sorry!” Savannah smiled angelically, “I was just so excited to see you again! Did you know that I got a 4.0 GPA last quarter!? I thought you’d be impressed!”

“Cool…” Jesse mumbled, staring at his phone as he tried to ignore his annoying cousin.

“I also got asked out to the prom!” Savannah continued, “he’s so dreamy… He kinda reminds me of you, funny isn’t it?”

“Mhmm,” Jesse murmured, still ignoring her words.

“But anyways, I was wondering if you’d like to go see this movie with me…” Savannah brought up, “it’s called ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, have you heard of it? It looks really funny!”

Jesse totally ignored her this time, not even acknowledging what she said. Savannah waited patiently, but upon hearing no reply she began waving her hand in front of his face, “JESSE! Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse! Are you listening?”

Jesse was extremely annoyed, “ugh… What do you want?”

Savannah smiled wide, “would you like to come see that movie with me? It’d give us a chance to get to know each other better! We don’t exactly hang out all that often…”

“We’re cousins… Cousins don’t hang out,” Jesse retorted.

“Of course they do! Or at least… They could!” Savannah said, “so would you come see it with me? And would you mind if my boyfriend came along?”

Before Jesse could reject her, his mother had called for the two of them from the kitchen, “Jesse! Savannah! Come on out here and help us set up!”

Jesse rolled his eyes, kicking his feet over the bed and standing up in annoyance. Savannah turned and exited the room with him close behind, as they entered the kitchen.

“There you two are!” Jesse’s mother exclaimed, “help us get the food out to the table will you?”

“Of course!” Savannah beamed, picking up the bowl of mashed potatoes and taking it towards the dining room.

Jesse grabbed the green bean casserole, showing a look of disgust as he picked it up. He followed Savannah towards the dining room, placing the casserole next to the mashed potatoes.


“Hey Jesse! Long time now see buddy,” Jesse’s uncle greeted, “how you been dude?”

Jesse rolled his eyes, turning around and returning to the kitchen. His uncle was a little offended, but shook his head and decided to get over it.

“He’s quite the pessimist isn’t he?” Tilda said, Jesse’s aunt. 

“Young men these days… No respect,” Jesse’s uncle scoffed.

Jesse picked up another dish, but as he turned around Savannah was standing just behind him, “woah! What the hell Savannah!?”

Savannah still had a bright smile showing, “so were you going to come to that movie with me?”

Jesse scowled, setting the dish down back on the counter. He had always been a bit sour, but this year he was fed up with it all. His father was gone, the only person he had ever been close to. He couldn’t care less about anything else anymore, and he decided it was time to let Savannah know exactly what he thought of her.

“You know what Savannah? I don’t want to do jack SHIT with you!” Jesse spat.

For the first time in his life, Jesse watched as Savannah’s bright and stunning smile faded into nonexistence. Her face had become blank for the first time he’d ever witnessed in response to his statement.

“You are so ‘perfect’ it’s disgusting! 4.0 GPA, I have a boyfriend, wanna watch a movie? BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Jesse shouted, “I don’t care about you or your life! So just shut your stupid mouth and LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Jesse!” Jesse’s mother dropped her jaw in pure bewilderment, her arms wrested on her waist as she gave her son the stare of disappointment, “apologize to Savannah, right now!”

Jesse flipped his mother off, “and screw you! You just had to go cheat on Dad and get a divorce didn’t you!? You ruined this family!”

Jesse turned around and stormed off towards the hall, his entire family in utter shock in regards to the scene that had just taken place. Jesse had always been known to be a rather sour individual, but never had he been this cruel.

Jesse slammed his door closed behind him, pacing back and forth in anger. He knew that he had probably blown up over nothing, but after all these years of becoming more and more indifferent to his entire family he had finally let it all out. Savannah just wanted to get to know her cousin more, and Jesse shut her down in the cruelest way. His temperament had gone off the rails

He sat on the edge of his bed, crossing his arms in a fit, “stupid Savannah… So perfect and always so happy.”

As Jesse sat on his bed glowering, a strange noise was heard from just outside his window. His head instinctively looked up in fright, as the sound had caught him off guard. He noticed a strange light emanating from the window, and he couldn’t help but stand to his feet in awe. He slowly made his way over to the window, taking a peek outside to see where the source of the light was coming from.

It was dark, and he couldn’t see anything other than a little orb of light in the yard. Jesse squinted his eyes, trying to figure out what on earth this light was. It seemed odd… And out of place…

“Jesse,” a voice whispered, as if it had come from inside his own mind.

Jesse stumbled backwards in horror, “w-what!? Who said that!?”

“You are a cruel spirit… Jesse…” the voice whispered again, also appearing as if it were inside his own thoughts.

Jesse looked around the room frantically, “who are you!? What do you want!?”

“You are not grateful for what you have… It is time you receive the penance that you so rightfully deserve…” the voice echoed louder throughout Jesse’s mind.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” Jesse screamed, just as the light flashed so bright that it caused him to lose his sight.

“Whaaa!??” Jesse held his palms to his eyes, the pain of the brightness nearly burning his eye sockets. He fell to his knees in confusion, his ears ringing loudly. Was this some kind of supernatural force? Jesse couldn’t be sure, but it was clear that something terribly unnatural had taken place.


A loud voice echoed throughout his ears, almost as painful as the ringing. It sounded like Savannah… Although incredibly louder. It was almost unnatural, and as Jesse began to regain his vision he began to understand why his cousin's voice may have been so deafening.

“This… This is impossible…” he muttered under his breath, his eyes wide in shock at the surreal landscape before him. Jesse stood to his feet in a panic, looking down at the ground he now stood upon. His feet sank into the carpet, the carpet of which now spread out to unnatural distances. His room was enormous… Or more so he had become smaller.

“Jesse!? Why are you screaming?” Savannah was knocking on his door repetitively, slightly worried about her cousin who was heard screaming all the way from the dining room, “are you still mad? Is it about the movies? We can watch something else if you like?”

Jesse stared at his bedroom door, of which the knocking was coming from. Each knock made his ears twitch, and he was unable to move a limb as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. He didn’t have time to process it all, it had all happened too fast. One moment he was hearing voices in his head, and the next he was barely the size of a raisin.

The bedroom door creaked open, as Savannah poked her head inside, “Jesse? Are you here?”

Jesse’s head slowly turned upwards towards his colossal cousin Savannah, his eyes wide in disbelief. His younger and somewhat short cousin now stood the size of a skyscraper. Her features seemed more distinct, her figure, legs… Every part of her seemed to be more prominent. His eyes lowered downwards towards Savannah’s socked feet, a pair of white ankle high socks tightly wrapped around them. Her feet were so large, it would take several buses to cover the distance. Or at least… If they were tiny buses.

“Jesse…?” Savannah entered the room, her footsteps causing the ground to quake beneath Jesse’s feet. He stumbled slightly, but managed to keep his balance. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Savannah’s whale sized feet, the fear of the damage they could cause engulfing his thoughts. One step… Just one… And he was surely a goner.

Savannah crept closer and closer to Jesse’s location, but her eyes weren’t scanning the floor. She was looking around the room, Jesse’s bed and desk mostly. Though it was clear he wasn’t in the room, she couldn’t help but feel as if something strange had occurred. There was a strange presence, one she couldn’t quite place.

“Savannah…” Jesse whispered, unable to speak any louder as his cousin's footsteps came dangerously close to where he stood.

Her right foot collided with the floor beside Jesse, an act of which happened so quickly he couldn’t prepare. His head turned, looking at his cousin's socked foot with his jaw agape. Had he been just a few inches to the left… His cousin's right foot would have crushed him into a bloody stain.

Her left foot came into contact with the carpet on the other side of him, the ground booming beneath his feet. His head slowly looked upward, his cousin directly above him. He was staring right at her crotch, and it was then that he noticed for the first time that Savannah had been wearing a knee length skirt. He hadn’t even registered it, because he hadn’t cared nor paid any attention to her whatsoever. To make it worse, Savannah wasn’t even wearing any underpants. He was looking directly at his own cousin's vagina, and it made him sick to his stomach.

Jesse hurled over and vomited all over the ground, falling to his knees as he puked up anything that remained inside of his stomach. Seeing his own cousins snatch, his own fucking cousin. It was simply too much to process, nor handle.

“That’s odd… I’m fairly certain I watched him storm off to his room…” Savannah held a finger up to her chin in thought, wondering where on earth her angry cousin could have gone off to.

Jesse wiped his mouth off, preventing himself from looking upwards again. He wished he hadn’t seen it, but it was too late now. He didn’t know what was going on, nor did he care. He needed help, or else he was going to perish under the socked feet of his unaware cousin. Without looking up to avoid seeing his cousin's vagina, he shouted as loud as he could in the hopes of getting her attention.

“SAVANNAH!” Jesse screamed, “DOWN HERE!”

“Hm?” Savannah perked her ear, knowing that she had most definitely heard somebody calling her. It didn’t sound like it came from the dining room; however, it appeared to sound more like a tiny squeak from inside the bedroom. Her head turned all over, scanning every inch of Jesse’s bedroom, but she saw absolutely nothing. She began to tap her foot as she thought to herself.

Savannah’s foot crashed into the floor repeatedly, not a bother to someone of normal size… But for Jesse it was certainly repetitive enough to cause him to lose his balance. He fell backwards onto his back, his gaze now directly up his cousin's skirt once more. His eyes became glued to Savannah’s snatch, and this time he found himself unable to peel them away. It was freshly shaved, and so… Wet. Why was it wet? Jesse hadn’t the faintest clue.

“DOWN! HERE!” Jesse screamed, as loud as he could while he laid on the floor in agony.

“Huh?” Savannah heard it again, this time it was a bit more distinct. Her eyes trailed downwards, her gaze setting directly on the carpet before her. She saw a small figure sprawled out on the floor, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was, “what the… Is that a bug?”

Savannah shifted her left foot towards the strange thing on the floor, hovering her toes just above it. Jesse opened his eyes wide with horror, “SAVANNAH! WAIT!” It was too late however, as his cousin began to poke and prod him with her sock covered toes. She gently pressed her toes down on Jesse, testing his durability. She had no clue that it was him, instead mistaking him for a bug.

“That’s weird… Doesn’t feel like a bug…” Savannah whispered to herself.

Jesse’s face was covered with sock, which felt as if it was partially drenched with sweat. He gagged from the disgusting smell of his cousin's feet, flailing around helplessly as Savannah pressed her socked toes into his diminutive body. It only lasted a moment however, her foot subsiding as Savannah entered a crouching position in order to get a closer look. Jesse was breathing heavily, the minor assault on his body taking away most of his breath.

As Savannah got a much closer look, her eyes slowly began to register the shape of a person. Savannah’s eyes shot wide open once she realized what she was looking at, holding a hand up to her mouth in a gasp of disbelief, “J… JESSE!?”

“Uhnnn…” Jesse groaned, unable to respond.

“How? How did you get so small!?” Savannah couldn’t believe it, she was literally looking at her cousin, who was now only the size of a bug, “I had no clue it was you! Sorry for… Poking you with my toes!”

Savannah giggled to herself, finding it a little funny that it was Jesse who she had prodded with her feet. She reached down, her fingers gently gripping his tiny body as she carefully brought him into the air. Jesse’s world spun all around him, as Savannah lifted him up. She stood upright, placing Jesse in her open palm as she brought him up to her eye level.

“Geez… Are you actually Jesse, or is this some kind of joke?” Savannah seemed a little skeptical, within reason.

“Of course it’s me you moron!” Jesse shouted in rage, regaining his composure.

Savannah rolled her eyes, “sheesh! Can you blame me for asking? I mean… Look at you! One misstep and…”

“Savannah! Can you please focus!? I need help!” Jesse interrupted, not wanting to waste anymore time on figuring out how to reverse whatever the hell had just happened.

Savannah grinned mischievously, holding her finger up to her chin as she thought to herself, “hmmm… Help my cousin who just screamed at me in front of the entire family just moments ago? Nah.”

“W-...” Jesse was at a loss for words, “Savannah!? You can’t just keep this from my mother!”

Savannah shrugged, “meh, I’ve been trying to hang out with you literally for years. You always rejected me… And I always wondered what I was doing wrong for you to hate me so much… Do you know how that feels Jesse?”

Jesse gulped nervously, his usual tone of confidence diminishing as he now feared his enormous cousin. Normally he would curse her out, but this time was different. She was already hesitating to help him, and he feared that if he angered her further that she might do something regretful.

“I would cry for days… Always wondering why you didn’t want to hang out or get to know me,” Savannah continued, “I think I’m finally starting to realize I wasn’t the problem though… You are.”

“Savannah…” Jesse muttered, “I’m sorry, ok?

Savannah began to giggle amusedly, “oh I bet you are! But if I’m going to help my rotten cousin I think I ought to get something in return don’t you think?”

Jesse looked up at her wide eyed, stunned at what he was hearing. Of all the possible scenarios he could have ever found himself in, this was certainly not one of them, “what… Like what do you want me to do!?”

“Hmmm…” Savannah thought for a moment, a light bulb going off in her head. She gave a wide grin, as she hovered Jesse over her cleavage. He didn’t quite understand what she was doing at first, not until Savannah dropped him, “oops…”

Jesse fell onto a soft and fleshy surface, bouncing off of it before landing face first into Savannah’s cleavage. His entire torso was stuck between her tits, his legs flailing about. Her enormous mounds were suffocating him, as his flailing only caused him to sink deeper between her boobs.

“Oh my,” Savannah giggled with pleasure, “my tid bits are so damn big they are swallowing you right up!”

Savannah bit her lip, using her arms to press her cleavage together. Jesse was making every attempt he could to scream, but his voice was muffled as Savannah crushed him between her tits. Her soft flesh proved to be quite painful, the tighter she pressed them together. She began to bounce on her feet, letting her large jugs sway up and down while taking Jesse along for the ride.

“Having fun?” Savannah teased, finally letting up and allowing Jesse to have a little break. She reached down and plucked him out of her boobs by the leg, raising him back up to her eye level where a wide smile greeted him.

“I know we’re cousins and stuff… But I gotta admit that was pretty fun!” Savannah laughed heartily.

“Are you fucking crazy!?” Jesse shouted in rage, “you’re a fucking sicko! Give me to my mother this instant!”


“Excuse me?” Savannah frowned with distaste.

“You heard me!” Jesse retorted, “I’m your fucking cousin! You think I want to be stuck between your disgusting tits? Stop acting like a damn whore and get me help already!”

Savannah dropped her jaw in shock. She was only trying to have some lighthearted fun, but Jesse’s insults had gone too far this time. Her usual bright expression turned to one of scorn.

“I’m a whore huh?” Savannah gritted her teeth, “you want me to be a whore? I’ll show you what a whore would do!”

“Fuck you!” Jesse screamed, as Savannah began to bring him around to her backside.

“Time to put you in time out,” Savannah hissed, lifting her skirt with her free hand as she brought Jesse towards her rear.

“Wait…” Jesse realized what was going on, as Savannah’s skirt was lifted all the way up revealing her bubbly ass. It was absolutely gigantic, unlike anything he’d ever seen. Savannah used her free hand to part her ass cheeks a little, revealing her puckered asshole that now stared Jesse right in the face.

“Savannah, wait!” Jesse pleaded.

“Sorry… Too busy being a whore, I can’t seem to hear you!” Savannah spoke with contempt.

Jesse was brought forward, his eyes locked onto Savannah’s asshole. It was just as ghastly as when he stared up at her bare vagina, a sight that he never wished to see. He was being brought closer and closer, sweat dripping down his forehead as he wondered what she was going to do. He was praying that she was only joking, but the closer she brought him the more he began to second guess it.

“I’m not a whore…” Savannah whispered to herself, before driving Jesse head first into her asshole.

His face initially pressed firmly against the wrinkled skin of her anus, before being abruptly shoved inside. Immediately he found himself being suffocated by her anal sphincter, but Savannah was quick and used her middle finger to push against his legs as she fully inserted him inside of her ass. Jesse was met with an odd slimy like substance, which had immediately coated his entire body. As he opened his mouth to take in a deep breath of air, the slimy substance immediately began to fill his mouth. His screams were muffled as every orifice was filled, his body inserted deeper and deeper until Savannah had no length left on her finger to push him deeper.

“Ohhh…” Savannah moaned slightly, feeling a little naughty for how good it felt to have her rude cousin shoved inside of her ass. She wasn’t really sure where the idea came from, it just happened to be a surface thought that had crossed her mind at that moment.

Jesse flailed around in horror, tears welling up in his eyes as he tried desperately to do anything at all. He was in total panic mode, thinking unclearly as he continued to attempt to breathe. Every attempt only allowed the disgusting slimy substance to continue to fill his mouth, much of it now being swallowed with nowhere else to go. Jesse often wondered what the worst possible death in existence could be, and it seemed that he had finally found his answer.

The tight walls of Savannah’s bowels began to shake and tremble, and were Jesse in the right state of mind to understand, he might have figured out what was going on outside of his current prison.

Savannah had sprawled herself out on his bed, suddenly overwhelmed with intense pleasure as she began to finger herself. She always had wanted to become closer with Jesse, what better way to do it than have him be the object of her own pleasure? Jesse’s squirming was relentless, and as a result it took her almost no time at all to reach one of the best orgasms she’d ever had in her life.

“Oh God,” Savannah moaned, her juices dripping all over Jesse’s bedsheets, “please keep squirming… Oh God, keep squirming…”


Savannah quickly lowered her skirt, kicking her feet over Jesse’s bed and trying to act as normal as possible. She couldn’t have reacted in a more timely fashion, because Jesse’s mother walked into the room just after.

“Savannah, where’s Jesse?” Jesse’s mother asked, a bit confused.

“Oh uh…” Savannah tried to make up the best excuse she could find, “I came to talk with him, but he jumped out the window… And uh… Ran off…”

“Oh dear…” Jesse’s mother looked very concerned, “he’s become more and more belligerent with every passing year. It’s a shame to see him behave like this, especially during Thanksgiving!”

Savannah showed a bright smile, “well at least you got me! I’m very thankful to have you as my aunt!”

“Awww,” Jesse’s mother blushed, “you are the sweetest girl my darling! So innocent and gentle!”

Savannah grinned, “mhmm… Very!”

“Why don’t you come join us now? We are just about to begin eating!” Jesse’s mother beckoned Savannah, exiting Jesse’s room.

Savannah stood up, about to follow before a strange feeling washed over her. The squirming had stopped, abruptly. She remained very still, trying to feel Jesse inside of her. He simply wasn’t there. He may have been small, but Savannah was smart enough to know when something was or was not inside of her very own asshole…

Savannah turned around, and to her surprise she saw Jesse crawling across the bedsheets in a vain attempt to escape her wrath, “oh boy, I must admit I’m a bit impressed that you managed to escape!”

Savannah laughed to herself as she reached down and plucked Jesse off the bed. He immediately began to squirm and scream in horror as he looked up at his demented cousin. Tears were pouring out of his eyes at an unprecedented rate, and Savannah had never seen anyone cry so hard in her life.

“S-Savannah! P-please!” Jesse begged, “I-I’m so-sorry! Please let me go!”

Savannah frowned, “let you go? I don’t think so…”

Jesse’s heart gave out, his spirit shattered. Never had he been so humiliated in his life, in fact he would even call this torture. He had severely underestimated his cousin, thinking that she was nothing more than an innocent and overly nice individual. He was very wrong.

“You’ve upset me, and though I had a lot of fun with you I don’t really think I’m interested in hanging out with you anymore,” Savannah shrugged, “not sure how you ended up so small… But I don’t really care. I think it’s best to put you out of your misery…”

“What!?” Jesse shouted, “no! Please! Savannah, don't do this to me! We’re family!”

Savannah rolled her eyes, “I used to think we were… But you didn’t seem to believe that yourself when you cursed your own mother!”

Savannah let out a sigh, “besides… I don’t have the heart to end you myself… I’m just not the murdering type.”

Jesse let out a sigh of relief.

“Hmm… Maybe I’ll just feed you to my mom or something,” Savannah thought to herself, “she probably wouldn’t notice you if I put you in her mashed potatoes… No one would ever know…”

Jesse’s heart sank, “what…”

Savannah nodded, “yeah, that seems like the sensible thing to do. I think it’s decided then.”

“Sensible!?” Jesse was in disbelief, “Savannah… THERE IS NOTHING SENSIBLE ABOUT THIS!!!”

Savannah ignored him however, clutching him in her fist. Jesse was tightly squeezed between her fingers, unable to shout or squirm due to the intense grip on his body. Savannah happily skipped out of the bedroom as she made her way towards the dining room. Her uncle and aunt were at the table, Savannah’s mother sitting next to an open chair. They had already piled their plates, and were just waiting for Savannah to sit down.

“About time!” Savannah’s uncle beamed, “where’s Jesse?”

“Jesse is unavailable, too busy sulking over his meaningless issues,” Savannah replied.

“Savannah!” Aunt Tilda scolded, “no daughter of mine will talk like that!”

“Sorry mommy!” Savannah apologized, “OH MY GOD WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE!”

Savannah’s sudden outburst sparked everyone at the table to look in the direction of which she had pointed. Savannah grinned wickedly, using this short distraction to dump Jesse in the pile of mashed potatoes on her mothers plate. With a quick press of the finger she had submerged Jesse completely inside the pile.

“What is it my dear!?” Tilda asked in bewilderment.

“Oh, my bad,” Savannah feigned, “though I saw a big ol’ spider!”

Tilda rolled her eyes, “for the love of Christ, don’t scare me like that child!”

“Sorry mommy!” Savannah apologized with a big and innocent grin, “anyways I’m starving! Let’s eat!”

“Now hold your horses,” Jesse’s mother halted, “first let’s say what we are all thankful for shall we? Tilda? Would you begin?”

“Of course dear,” Tilda smiled, “I am so thankful for the incredible feast that you have prepared here today for us my sister!”

“I’m thankful for that sweet piece of ass on television!” Jesse’s uncle blurted, “what’s err name now? Uh… Scarlett Johonshoon somethin’?”

“That is quite inappropriate!” Tilda scolded.

“I’m thankful that we are still able to have these holiday gatherings, even though dad left us,” Mackenzie interrupted, hoping to speed through the awkward statement of her uncle.

“Awwww, and I’m thankful to have such a loving daughter!” Jesse’s mother exclaimed.

Everyone turned to face Savannah, “Well, what are you thankful for sweety?”

Savannah grinned mischievously, “Oh you know… I’m just thankful to have spent another year with my wonderful cousin! He might be a hot head… But he sure is a lot of fun.”

Everyone seemed doubtful of Savannah’s statement, but no one decided to say anything. Tilda held her glass up in the air, “well then! Let’s eat shall we?”

Everyone began to pile their faces full of food like a bunch of pigs, garfing down everything on their plate. Everyone except Savannah. Savannah’s eyes were glued on the pile of mashed potatoes, watching as her aunt shoveled every last bite into her mouth. It was so quick, Savannah wasn’t even sure if she had seen me in any of the spoonfuls. She smiled to herself however, amused that her cousin's small and insignificant fate was left to the will of her mothers gut.

Jesse had felt the spoon slide underneath him, lifting him along with an ungodly amount of potato towards Tilda’s salivating mouth. Jesse had no time to react as he felt a pair of lips clamp down around his body, as Tilda slurped in the entire mound of potato that she had shoveled. She never even felt the lump that was Jesse, as she slurped him inside of her mouth and began to swish the mashed potatoes around her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Tilda hummed, finding the potatoes in particular to be quite delectable.

Jesse was trying to scream and shout for help, but because he was covered in the saliva coated food he found that he had the same issue as when he was inside Savannah’s asshole. The food simply forced itself into his throat, suffocating him and preventing him from crying out for help. It was a torturous act, as Tilda tasted her own nephew without the slightest thought. She used her tongue to press the mushed up food apart, only to bring it back together into a giant pile repeatedly until she was satisfied.

Jesse felt her tongue lift, as Tilda began to send the potatoes down her throat along with her nephew. Jesse cried like a little baby, as he felt his legs slide into his aunt's throat. As he reached out with his arm, his body was sucked into her esophagus. His hand managed to barely grab the back of Tilda’s molar, keeping him from descending any further. He watched in horror as his aunt's throat gulped the pile of mashed potatoes. It had almost been him, the thought of ending up as her food too horrific to imagine.

Tilda felt a lump halfway stuck in her throat, trying to curl her tongue backwards to prod it from her tooth. She had assumed it was nothing more than a rogue piece of potato skin, stuck to her tooth to cause her a ruckus. She slammed her tongue into it, forcing it out of her tooth and letting it slide down her throat effortlessly with one final gulp. She licked her lips with pleasure, finding the mashed potatoes in particular to be the best dish out of them all.

Jesse cried in horror as he was forced into his aunt's throat, by his aunt herself. She had mistaken him for food, and he was too focused on her throat to take advantage of the moment and scream for help. He was quickly swallowed alive, his body quickly catching up with the pile of mashed potatoes still working their way down Tilda’s esophagus. The pile of mashed potatoes squeezed tightly around his body, cutting off his supply of oxygen entirely as he descended the throat of his aunt.

Tilda let out a burp, “oh my! How unlady like of me!”

Savannah giggled, “looks like you enjoyed your potatoes mommy!”

Tilda nodded, “ahhh yes, they were delicious indeed!” Tilda patted her belly softly, showing that she was quite satisfied with her Thanksgiving feast, “all this food is going to digest quite nicely! Very fulfilling indeed!”

“I’m sure it was…” Savannah whispered to herself, fixated on her mothers gut as she wondered what fate her asshole cousin endured.

Jesse’s eyes slowly opened, he had passed out from oxygen deprivation during the trip down his aunt's throat. He was floating, the air filled with a burning stench of nasty gasses. His body was burning, the temperature of Tilda’s stomach almost completely unbearable. His tears dried up due to the intense heat, and though there was enough air to bring him back into consciousness, there wasn’t quite enough to keep him alive.

His vision had begun to fade, his head becoming dizzy. He was wading in the sloshy pit of stomach acid that was now digesting his aunt's enormous Thanksgiving meal, his fate resigned to nothing more than morsel to be digested. If only he hadn’t been so cruel to his cousin Savannah, if only he had treated her with the kindness that she treated him. If he hadn’t been such a grotesque human being, perhaps Savannah would have shown him mercy.

His vision went to black, and Jesse’s limp body slowly sank beneath the surface along with the rest of Tilda’s meal. His life had ended, and as Savannah laughed and joked with her family she began to wonder if she had been too cruel. They were passing thoughts however, and though Jesse’s sudden disappearance would be questioned… 

His family wasn’t going to necessarily miss him...






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