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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a one off story, so enjoy the start to finish!

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“Azumi!” Aki shouted, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited at the top of the stairs, “Azumi! Are you down there?”

Hearing no responses to his shouting, Aki grew frustrated. He had been hearing skittering and other odd noises coming from his sister's room during the dark of night, causing him to wake up and lose precious sleep. Considering he was a full time college student, it was rather infuriating. Considering his sister was a college student herself, he felt that she more than anybody would understand how important it was to get a good night's rest.

“I guess she’s not home…” Aki rolled his eyes, “I’ll just complain about it when she gets home I guess…”

Aki returned to his bedroom, shutting the door and hopping back into his chair as he positioned himself in front of his computer monitor. He was playing World Of Warcraft, one of his favorite online games. He put on his headset, and positioned his fingers on the keyboard as rejoined his raid group.

“Hey guys I’m back,” Aki announced.

“About time you little asian boy!” His teammate responded.

“Japanese, you uncultured swine!” Aki joked sarcastically, “now let’s stop wiping please, and this time… Kill the fucking whelps!”

An hour passed along, as Aki and his raid team wiped countless times. The frustration grew immensely, shouts and insults over the microphone left and right. After another thirty minutes of failure however, they eventually cleared the raid with success.

“Finally!” Aki cheered.

“Good job guys,” a teammate congratulated.

“Aight I’m gonna go eat my girlfriend's pussy now, later beyotches!” A crude teammate bragged, leaving the voice chat.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Aki gave his farewells, disconnecting his microphone and removing his head set. He stretched his arms and his legs, his body a bit out of whack from sitting down so stiffly for over an hour. He got out of his chair, scratching his arse as he checked the clock. It read a quarter past ten in the evening, and he realized it was getting late.

“I’d better go to bed,” Aki mumbled to himself, about to undress until a familiar noise caught his ear. He turned to face the wall, where his sister’s room lay beyond. Yet again he heard the sound of skittering, or something like it. He also heard clinking noises, and other such. It was so bizarre, but he also hadn’t realized that his sister had come home. She usually burst up the stairs as loudly as she could, yet he had not heard her at all.

“If I am going to rest tonight I’d best tell her to shut it…” Aki moaned, leaving his room and going next door to his sisters. He began to knock, but the second his knuckles collided into the door, it cracked open.

“Azumi..?” Aki had never seen her door unlocked before, in fact Azumi was the type of young woman to always keep her door locked. She was rather private, and her door being cracked made Aki a tad unnerved. He wanted to go in and find out what the noises were, but at the same time he didn’t want to intrude on his sister's private room. He couldn’t afford to be woken up in the middle of the night again however, and thus he decided to continue anyways.

“Azumi? I’m coming in…” Aki announced, slowly and cautiously pushing the door open. He poke his head inside of her room, but she was nowhere to be seen. In the center of the room against the wall, was her bed with princess pink sheets and pillow cases. She always was more on the innocent and girly side, her room littered with stuffed animals and other childish things that Aki could never quite understand her interest for. Considering she was a year older than him, he found it baffling that she held onto all these childish belongings.

The floor of her room was rather messy as well, wrappers and trash littered about the floor along with books and clothes. “No wonder she’s so private… She’s a slob…” Aki whispered to himself, making his way into the room and looking around for the source of the God awful noise that brought him unrest. His eyes made their way towards the end table beside Azumi’s bed. On top of it was the strangest thing Aki had ever laid eyes on, a device of sorts that almost looked like some kind of toy ray gun. It had a remote on the side, with a flashing red light on the LED monitor.

“What kind of stupid toys is she playing with now…” Aki grunted, walking over to the strange object and bending down to get a closer look. The flashing LED monitor showed but a single word, which said ‘recalibrate’. “Recalibrate? What does that mean?” Aki thought to himself, examining the object’s button pad. For whatever reason it fascinated him, and as his eyes gazed upon a button labeled ‘calibration’, he couldn’t help but reach down and press it.

As his finger came into contact with the button, he found it fairly easy to push. Immediately the gun began to vibrate, shaking violently on the end table and causing Aki to back away in fright.

“What the…” Aki didn’t finish his sentence, as the strange object vibrated further, the motion causing the tip of the object to point in Aki’s direction when a blinding light shot out of the object and struck him straight in the chest. “Oof!” Aki grunted, feeling as if an eight hundred pound elephant just kicked him in the chest. He fell onto his back, his head throbbing in pain. As he grunted and writhed about, he could hear an ear shattering sound coming from the object.

“Calibration complete. Recalibrating… Recalibrating… Recalibrate.”

“I’m going to strangle Azumi for this…” Aki groaned, sitting up and rubbing his aching head. His vision was a tad blurry, but when he saw the strangest outline of something before him he squinted his eyes trying to make it out. “Is that…?” Aki squinted his eyes further, when the outline began to turn into a giant sock. Aki’s eyes opened wide, unable to fathom what he was looking at.

“How is that even possib-” Aki cut himself short, when he realized that sock wasn’t the only giant thing in the room. Far above was the end table, the same object still sitting atop it as if nothing had happened at all. Aki jumped to his feet, backing away in pure disbelief. He ended up backing into a plush animal, falling into its soft fur before scrambling back to his feet and turning to face it. It’s beady eyes stared into his soul, and he screamed in terror.

“What the hell is going on!?” Aki shouted, turning around in three hundred and sixty degrees as he took in the entirety of his sister's now giant sized bedroom. Surrounding him were wrappers and garbage, stuffed animals and clothing, makeup kits and other odds and ends. He thought she was a pig before, but now that he was among the trash itself he nearly wanted to hurl over and vomit all over the floor.

He was about to run towards her bedroom door, but before he got a chance he felt two hands grab him by the shoulders, “ahhh!” Aki screamed, turning around and flailing his fists in fear of what had grabbed him.

“Hey… Hey! Lay off you stupid asian!” A strange man yelled.

Aki froze, looking at the strange man before him, “I’m… I’m japanese you uncultured swine!”

The strange man rolled his eyes, “no one cares mate! I’ve been tryna get a yahoo’s attention now for ova a month! What gives eh?”

“Wait… Wha?” Aki was so confused, he couldn’t even think clearly. Not only was he about an inch tall now, but he was staring into the eyes of another who was the same size. It made no sense at all, and he found himself unable to speak further.

The strange man crossed his arms, “you daft kid?”

“I… What is this?” Aki asked, shaking his head as he once again took in the entirety of Azumi’s room, still unable to believe what was happening, “this is a dream… It must be a dream…”

“This ain’t no dream kid,” the strange man spat, “took me fo eva to get out of the bitch’s drawer, we’d best escape now while we still can! Wouldn’t wanna be around when she gets back now would we?”

“Wait what?” Aki returned his attention to the strange man, “my sister knows about you!?”

“Knows about me?” The strange man shook his head as he slapped his palm against his forehead, “kid… Your sister kidnapped me bout a month ago!

“What?” Aki was growing infuriated, “my sister would never do such a-”

An echoing and thunderous noise shook the ground, and Aki found himself cut off as the familiar voice of his older sister rang throughout his ears, “Oooooooh Aaaaaaakkii! I’m hoooooooooooome!”

“Azumi?” Aki turned to face her door, which was still slightly ajar from when he had entered. Aki began shouting as loud as he could, even though he hadn’t seen her yet, “Azumi! I’m in your room!”

The strange man put Aki in an arm lock, and the young man began to choke and struggle against the man's unusual strength. “You tryna get us killed kid?” The strange man whispered, “we gotta hide right now!”

The strange man dragged Aki backwards, and towards the dirty sock on the floor. The strange man pushed the folds of the sock and tossed Aki inside, crawling in after and pulling the folds down in order to obscure them from view.

“What are you doing!? She’s my sister!” Aki shouted in anger, “I need to get her to help us!”

“She ain’t gonna help us kid,” the strange man scolded, “if she truly is your sister… Then I’m sorry to break it to yuh kid, but your sister is one sadistic woman!”

“How dare you speak of my sister that way!” Aki shouted, “she’s the most girly and princessy of all women! She wouldn’t even harm a fly!”

The strange man burst into sarcastic laughter, “wouldn’t harm a fly!? Well then howdya explain this!” The man pulled up his shirt, revealing a fresh and hideous bite mark. The mark was so huge, it took up the man's entire side. “That crazy woman nearly bit me in two! Lucky me she spared muh life for another day… But the other one wasn’t so lucky!”

“The… The other one?” Aki looked at the man in confusion.

“She bloody swallowed em’ whole! I watched him slip down her gullet me self before she spit me back into her palm…” The strange man shook his head, “you sure this is the same sister you keep mentionin’ kid?”

“It sure doesn’t sound like it…” Aki said, wondering if what the strange man was saying was true, “what’s your name..?”

“Muh name is Garold, and yours?” Garold asked.

“Aki…” Aki answered, “you can call me Aki…”

“Well Aki, keep your trap shut! She’s coming…” Garold pointed through the slit of the sock, and Aki turned to see a giant shadow pouring in from the hallway.

“That’s weird… Could have sworn I left my door locked…” Azumi questioned, raising a brow at her ajar door, “AKI! WERE YOU IN MY ROOM!?” Azumi shouted loudly, in the case her brother might have his headset on again. Upon receiving no answer, she shrugged her shoulders, “oh well… If he found my stash then I’d have heard it from him by now.”

Azumi entered her bedroom, closing the door behind her and making absolutely certain to lock the door. The click sent chills down Aki’s back, as he started to realize why his sister's door was locked all the time. He always knew she might be keeping something from him… But this? It couldn’t be…

Azumi kicked her flats off her feet, launching them across the room with immense force and little care. One of the flats piled into a plush toy, bouncing backwards and landing on the back half of the sock that Aki and Garold hid under. Aki jolted in fright, but the flat landed behind him and thankfully caused no injury. Garold held a finger up to his lip, cautioning silence as Aki continued to watch his sister through the slit of the sock.

Azumi undid her pants, letting them slide over her firm and bubbly ass before hitting the floor. She kicked them to the side, pulling off her shirt and revealing her large and firm tits. Aki had never noticed before… But now that he was an inch tall it was almost impossible not to notice how absolutely immense his sister’s boobs were. He felt ashamed for staring, but how could he blame himself?

Azumi unstrapped her bra and tossed it backwards, before reaching down and slipping off her socks. Both her nails and toenails were painted a glossy red, both sets of nails trimmed to perfection. Azumi was wearing red lace panties, of which was the only article of clothing she did not remove. She bit her lip, rubbing her hands down her stomach and towards her crotch as her eyes peered in the direction of her dresser.

“What’s in the dresser?” Aki whispered, “how many more of you are there?”

“Shut your mouth kid!” Garold whispered heatedly, “you’ll get us killed!”

Aki shut his mouth, and continued to watch his sister in curiosity. Azumi continued to stare at her dresser, rubbing her thighs sensually as if she was fantasizing about something. After a few moments of awkwardly watching his sister, Azumi finally stirred from her trance.

“Fee… Fi… Fo… Fum…” Azumi took a thunderous step with every word, her steps taking her in the direction of her dresser, “I smell the blood of little ones…” She approached her dresser, giggling flirtatiously as her hand reached out and grabbed the handle of the top drawer. She slowly began to slide it out, and when it was fully open Aki’s heart sank when he heard the distant screams of what seemed to be tiny prisoners.

“Oh God…” Aki whispered, “is that what I think I hear?”

“Sorry kid,” Garold whispered back, “your sister is a monster…”

Azumi smiled wickedly into her dresser, at a jar crowded with tiny one inch people. She licked her lips, snapping her teeth a few times to incite more screaming. She loved how terrified they were, how desperate they were to be free from her torment. She had done a great many terrible things to her victims. Eaten them… Crushed them… And much more. She owed her pleasures to the shrinking ray, a mysterious object she happened across while browsing the science lab at her college campus. Clearly whoever was working on it mistakenly shrunk themself, but she couldn’t find them, and decided to keep the device for herself.

For many months she used it to shrink innocent and unsuspecting victims, taking them home to participate in her sick pleasures and games. Azumi had realized that she had a number of fantasies she never would have imagined. The feeling of power of their now pathetic lives, to know that she could end them all simply by sitting on them… It gave her a feeling of joy unlike anything else in the world.

“So who will I play with tonight…” Azumi smiled, beginning to twirl her finger around the jar menacingly as she tried to make a decision. She quickly stopped however, narrowing her eyes as she looked into the jar, “wait a minute…” Azumi scowled, “I’m missing one…”

“Aw shit…” Garold whispered, “who woulda known she was so keen eh?”

“What now?” Aki asked, when he saw that Azumi began to scan the floor for her missing plaything.

Garold sighed, shaking his head before looking into Aki’s eyes, “I’m really sorry kid… But she ain’t missin’ two, only one…”

“Sorry about wh-” Aki was cut off promptly as Garold grabbed him by the skull. With incredible strength Garold thrust Aki out of the sock and into the open, Aki falling flat on his face into the carpet.

“Hey what gives!” Aki shouted, turning to face the sock of which was now empty. Aki looked around, but couldn’t find him. His eyes turned towards the bed, and just in the corner of his eye Aki spotted Garold sprinting under the bedside. “Hey! Don’t just leave me h-”

“Well… Well.. Well,” Azumi spoke, her voice ringing throughout Aki’s ears as she stared down at him from above.

Aki turned to look up at his sister. He nearly dropped his jaw, Azumi’s breasts nearly obscuring her face from view as he looked up from below. “Azumi! It’s me Aki! Your brother!” Aki shouted, jumping up and down as he waved his arms frantically.

Azumi laughed light-heartedly, “oh my… You sure seem excited, little one! Usually the ones who escape don’t come crawling back to me…”

“What?” Aki shook his head in confusion, “Aki it’s me! Can’t you recognize me!?”

“Well since you didn’t try to escape… I suppose I’ll allow you to live,” Azumi said, “but if I find you out of the jar again… You’re going to be a bloody stain under my foot! Do you understand?”

“What the hell!?” Aki was in disbelief, “what the fuck is wrong with you!?”

“What’s that?” Azumi held a hand up to her ear sarcastically, “you little things… I already told you I can’t hear your squeaky little voices, yet you always squeak at me anyways…” Azumi giggled, bending down and reaching out for her ‘lost’ tiny victim. Though Aki was still quite visible, his smaller features made him quite unrecognizable to his sister. Azumi was totally unaware that she had just plucked her brother off the floor, and unfortunately for Aki his night was about to get much worse than it already was.

“Azumi! Azumi! Listen to the sound of my voice!” Aki continued shouting, hoping that at some point Azumi would finally hear him and recognize his voice. It never happened however, no matter how hard he screamed and shouted.

Azumi reached into her dresser, holding Aki tightly in her free hand. She pulled the jar out of the dresser and closed it with her ass. She then carried both the jar of tiny shrunken people and her brother over towards her bed. She dumped Aki onto the soft sheets, where he attempted to stand on his feet but continued falling over due the sheets caving under him repeatedly. Azumi bent her ass over the bed, sitting down promptly and causing the bed to bounce. This caused Aki to launch into the air a few inches, before falling back down and landing on his back painfully.

“Oh come on…” Aki groaned, “Azu… Azumi… Please notice me…”

Azumi couldn’t even register her brother's tiny little whispers, and thus went on normally as she set the jar beside her brother. She smiled toothily at them all, her tiny little playthings. She brought her feet onto the bed, crossing her legs and folding her hands as she gazed down at the entire stash of victims she had shrunken.

“Oh what a fun night this is going to be…” Azumi spoke devilishly, “and lucky for all of you… The winner of tonight's little game gets a special surprise!”

All the tiny people in her jar only looked up at her in fear, and uncertainty. God only knows how long they had been in Azumi’s clutches, and Aki couldn’t even begin to fathom what kind of ‘games’ his sister had been playing in her room while he gamed unknowingly to the horror of it all. If what Garold said was true… And his own sister had devoured a living person… Aki knew he would be in serious trouble if he didn’t get his sister to recognize him! So far… Aki found himself in a classic case of mistaken identity… And it just might cost him his life.

“Here are the rules,” Azumi instructed, “the first to climb my glorious body and reach the top of my shoulders wins! Losers? Well… Let’s say some of them will be put back in the jar, and the rest will find this to be their last day on earth!”

Aki dropped his jaw in horror, unable to believe what his own sister was saying. It sickened him to his core, and the reaction from the other shrunken tinies weren’t too different.

“All bets are off,” Azumi continued, “if you want to win… You gotta fight dirty!”

Azumi grabbed the jar and promptly tilted it upside down, dumping all thirteen shrunken men and women onto the sheets of her comforter. They all screamed and ran around frantically, one in particular already making a run towards the edge of the bed. Azumi was far too quick however, snatching the stray man in one foul swoop with her hand. This act caused the other twelve to freeze immediately, looking up and watching in terror as Azumi brought the flailing man up to her face.

“Trying to cheat your way to victory huh?” Azumi shook her head with disappointment, “tsk tsk… That warrants an immediate failure.” Azumi tilted her head back, and flicked the screaming man into her open mouth.

All of the tinies below gasped in fright, and Aki couldn’t help but become entranced as he watched his sister's mouth snap shut. The screams of the man could be heard even from inside her mouth, as she began to slosh him around and slurp his body. She took her hands and gripped her throat, rubbing it sensually as she swallowed hard. The man was sent down her throat, and his screams faded as she began to trace her hands down her throat and towards her stomach.

“What the fuck…” Aki whispered, shaking his head in absolute disbelief, “this can’t be happening…”

Azumi let out an audible burp, followed by giggling as she blushed red and placed her hand over her lips, “oh my! That certainly hit the spot… Do any others want to try and run away from the big mean japanese woman?”

All of the tinies shook their heads frantically, by no means wanting to end up inside of the woman’s giant belly. Azumi giggled as she patted her gut, biting her lip as she gazed down at them all, “that’s a shame… You all look so tasty!”

Azumi spread out her legs, taking great care not to accidentally swipe any of her tiny playthings off the bed and onto the floor. When she felt she was positioned properly, she decided to let the game begin, “let the game begin!”

Immediately all of the tiny men and women began to bolt towards her crotch, the only area that would get them towards the goal the fastest. Aki was still staring at his sister's stomach, trying to fathom what it must be like inside of it. He could only imagine the horror that poor man was going through, swimming in a pool of acid while Azumi’s body digested him alive. The thought of it was traumatic, and Aki couldn’t help but feel disgusted at the thought of ending up inside of her himself. The thought of his sister devouring him, and her not even knowing it was him, brought him great distress.

“Hey little guy!” Azumi shouted, “you’re falling behind!”

Aki snapped out of it, realizing that the rest of the men and women were already at the top of Azumi’s panties. They were already kicking and shoving one another while trying to ascend her stomach, and Aki knew that if he lost this race that he would most certainly die by the hands of his own sister. Not wanting to face this reality, he bolted to his feet and began to sprint towards his sister’s crotch. The closer he got the sicker he became, climbing the crotch of his own sister was not something that appealed to him.

When he approached it, the smell hit him like a sack of bricks. It was a sweet scent, almost to that of lavender. But beneath the scent was a certain musk, a certain womanly musk. The smell was intoxicating, and only became worse when Aki began to climb the laced panties in order to catch up to the rest of contenders. He was sweating profusely, anxiety washing over him. His dick started to become erect, and the harder he fought it the harder it got.

“Snap out of it Aki!” Aki whispered to himself, “this is your sister for fucks sake!”

As Aki reached the top of her panties, a screaming woman flew by him. Aki looked down to see the woman land on the sheets before Azumi’s crotch. The woman had been shoved off the stomach by a man, who was determined to win by any means necessary. Aki almost wanted to climb down and help her, but when he remembered the price for losing… He decided to keep climbing instead.

“My my…” Azumi giggled maliciously, “so violent…”

Two men who were almost to Azumi’s tits began kicking at one another. They were fighting for the chance to climb between her breasts, the two of them kicking and punching while trying not to fall. Aki tried to remain focused, reaching his sister’s belly button as he began to catch up to two women and a man. He froze for a short moment when Azumi’s stomach gurgled loudly, and he couldn’t help but feel terribly sorry for the man trapped inside of it. Aki had no idea how long one could survive in such a place, a place designed to break you down and turn you into something else entirely.

“Fuck off!” A man shouted, getting a good kick in the other man's face and knocking him down. The man fell a great distance, screaming the entire way as he flew past Aki. Aki had to move out of the way a tad, the man nearly colliding into him. Aki looked back upwards to see that the man who kicked him off was now traversing between Azumi’s boobs, and he began to wonder how he’d ever catch up now.

The two women ahead of him were now reaching the underside of Azumi’s tits, but the man just below them was determined not to lose. He took a risk and launched himself upwards, grabbing the feet of both women and trying to pull them down. He was successful, but it also backfired when both women piled into him causing all three of them to fall back down to the bedsheets. With them out of the way, Aki managed to ascend much higher as he too began to near the mountainous tits of his giantess sister.

Aside from the man who was now climbing atop her left breast, the rest of the tiny contendants had either fallen off or not climbed quick enough as Aki made it into second place. The intensity of the situation began to dawn on him, when he realized that he might have a solid shot of winning this race and surviving this nightmare. As he came towards the passage between Azumi’s colossal tits, they began to engulf his view entirely. He thought they seemed huge when he was on the floor, but now that he was directly between the two of them it was like something else entirely. He felt himself get even harder now, the sweat dripping off of him like a rain shower as his anxiety grew.

“Fuck…” Aki moaned, “this… This is nuts…”

Aki shook his head furiously, about to continue his climb until he felt a hand grab his ankle. He looked down in shock, seeing a man who was trying to drag him down. Aki tried shaking his foot free, but the man's grip was strong.

“Let go!” Aki shouted, trying to kick the man’s head with his foot.

“I’m going to win!” The man shouted, “get out of my way you asian asshole!”

Aki gritted his teeth in rage, “I’m japanese you uncultured fucking swine!” With those words Aki gave a solid blow to the man’s face, causing him to lose his grip and fall all the way back down to the soft sheets below. Aki felt impressed with himself, but he also noticed that several other men and women were beginning to gain on him. He quickly looked straight ahead and began to climb as fast as he could. Sweat lined his sister’s skin between her breasts, and finding a good grip on her skin became increasingly difficult as the risk of slipping became greater.

As he neared the top of her left breast, he saw the man who was taking the lead. He was trying to climb up onto her shoulder, and he was very damn close. Aki knew there was no way to catch up to him now, not unless he could think of something right now.

“Hey you!” Aki shouted, “look out! She’s trying to grab you and eat you!”

Of course Aki had lied, but foolishly the man began to panic as he looked behind him in terror. Though he saw nothing, his frantic behavior caused him to lose his balance as his grip on Azumi’s skin failed. The man fell while screaming, landing on top of Azumi’s breast and bouncing off of the smooth skin. The man then rolled over it, his facing smacking into her rock hard nipple on the way down to the bedsheets. Aki couldn’t believe it had worked, and now he took the lead in first place.

“Oh my…” Azumi smirked amusedly, “that was… Impressive…”

“Oh no! We’re gonna lose!” A woman shouted, a look of hopelessness washing over her face as the realization of her failure began to take hold.

With all the pride in the world, Aki triumphantly ascended his sister’s left breast, easily climbing up the short distance of her chest and onto her shoulder in victory. “Woohoo!” Aki shouted, “I win!”

“Looks like we have our winner!” Azumi smiled with satisfaction, “guess that means the rest of you lose.”

Azumi immediately took her hand and swiped away all of the tiny people crawling on her body. She smacked them all off of her, forcing them onto the bedsheets with violent force. Some had broken their legs, others their arms while a few were lucky and unharmed. Aki watched in horror, holding his hand over his mouth as regret washed over him. He felt responsible for their suffering, but at the same time he knew that if he hadn’t won then he’d have joined their fate.

Azumi grabbed a handful of her losing tiny contenders, dumping them back into the jar to ensure they couldn’t try and run off. Three however she kept on the bedsheets, for the purpose of inflicting the loser's price upon them. They trembled in fear, crying and sobbing as they looked up at their merciless captor. Aki didn’t know what she was going to do with them, he could only hope she wouldn’t eat them too.

“What to do… What to do…” Azumi teased, “hmmm, I think losers should suffer, yes? Suffering sounds… Fun.”

Azumi turned her head towards the end table beside her bed, a candle mounted atop a candelabrum catching her attention. She smiled deviously, reaching over and plucking the candle from it. She grabbed her lighter beside it, twirling them in her fingers menacingly above the three losing contestants as if to taunt them even more. The woman in the center of the two men in particular let out violent screams, tears streaming down her face when she realized what Azumi had in mind.

“Please! For the love of God have mercy!” The woman cried, but Azumi wasn’t able to make out her squeaky words anyways, and her pleading fell on deaf ears.

Azumi lit the candle, holding the flame up to her eyes as she became entranced by it. The dim light reflected off her eyes, and for a short moment it seemed satan himself resided behind those flickering eyes. Aki was sweating nervously, in such shock of the insane acts he had witnessed that he couldn’t even speak as he watched his sister lower the candle towards the screaming woman.

“I don’t understand what you're saying…” Azumi whispered, “but I want to see how loud I can make you scream before your voice finally gives out…”

Azumi tilted the candle, a small drip of wax forming at it’s edge. To Azumi this would be nothing more than a mild irritant upon her skin, but for the one inch sized woman it seemed like a massive boulder. The droplet let free, falling downward as it hurtled towards the still screaming woman. The two men couldn’t help but back away instinctively, the trapped tinies in the glass jar all watching with their mouths agape, and Aki’s eyes following the droplet as it descended in seemingly slow motion.

The woman’s screams turned into blood curdling howls of pain, the droplet of wax coating her entire body as it began to burn viciously. Azumi was intoxicated by the squeaks of pain, watching intently as her tiny victim thrashed violently. Aki was in pure horror, what he saw was one of the most wicked and vile things he could have ever fathomed. To know that his sister was this sadistic almost made him want to jump off her shoulder and run for his life, and deep down he knew he probably should have.

The woman’s screams began to die, and the cool air began to chill the hot wax as it began to solidify once more. The two men shook in their boots, watching horrifically as the once screaming and thrashing woman slowly became lifeless, the wax hardening around her body. The air became silent, and no one spoke nor made a sound as all eyes rested upon the now dead woman. One of the men finally heaved over and vomited all over the place, the other looking away in terror as he began to pray to anyone who would listen.

“Wow…” Azumi whispered, “so… Fragile…”

“Azumi what are you doing…” Aki spoke, turning to face her, “what is wrong with you!?”

Azumi turned her head to face him, barely picking up the tiny squeaks that were coming out of his mouth, “hm? Are you trying to say something?”

“Yes!” Aki shouted, “I’m your fucking brother!”

Azumi giggled, “you think I was too harsh? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Can you even hear me at all!?” Aki screamed, his heart pounding and his mind frantic as the realization that his sister simply could not hear nor recognize him began to take hold.

Azumi turned her head back down towards the two remaining men, “you hear that? I think he wants me to be a bit more… Merciful.” Azumi reached down and snatched the two men into her hand. She brought them up to her face, her eyes gleaming as she fed on their terror. Aki shook his head frantically, when he saw his sister open her mouth and tilt her head back.

“Azumi no!” Aki cried, but it was too late as the two men were tossed into her mouth. She began to chomp her teeth violently, the two men screaming as her giant tongue moved them around as if they were pieces of food to be mashed into paste. One of the men watched in horror as the other landed onto her molars, her large teeth colliding into his body and shattering every bone that remained. All that remained whole was a single arm, which was reaching out towards the terrified man.

Azumi moaned sensually, the taste of blood in her mouth as she savored the taste of the morsel she had obliterated. Once she was satisfied, she used her tongue to force the other man’s body over her incisors. The man screamed and thrashed but her tongue was far more powerful than he, and with the snap of her front teeth she bit him in two. He died instantly, as Azumi continued to chomp and chew his remains. Aki could hear the crunching, and could see the blood dripping down her lips. It horrified him, and he began to cry.

“This can’t be my sister…” Aki cried, “this is… This is a monster!”

“Mmmm,” Azumi moaned, swallowing the remains of her victims as she patted her chest lightly, “so delicious.”

Aki turned away, looking down over her shoulder to see how far the drop would be. He had to get away from this psychotic woman, this woman that was his own sister. He could no longer rely on her to help him, and he knew if he stuck around he was going to die horridly. As he prepared to jump however, a set of fingers plucked him from the shoulder of his sister. He screamed and kicked, but his efforts were futile as he was brought to the backside of Azumi.

“Time for your reward little one…” Azumi giggled devilishly, as she sprawled out on her stomach and let her skirt slide upward revealing her plump and large ass cheeks.

Aki’s eyes froze on his sister's ass, his cock growing even more erect despite how disgusted he was with her actions. She was so gorgeous though… Her body was so perfect. He couldn’t help but become aroused, and he felt perverted as a result. More importantly however, he had become concerned with his sister's idea of a ‘reward’. As she brought him closer to her ass, he couldn’t help but wonder what exactly she was going to do with him.

“Squirm nice and hard for me…” Azumi demanded, “and perhaps I’ll set you free after I cum.”

She used her free hand to spread her asscheeks, and low and behold her glorious puckered asshole stared back at Aki as he began to squirm. Not because his sister had told him to do it, but because he began to panic at the thought of being shoved inside of his sister's butt hole. The thought was so putrid he wanted to puke, but he didn’t get the chance when Azumi decided to speed things along. She rammed him head first into her asshole, his screams muffled as her puckered skin wrapped around his face and sucked him inside like a voracious creature.

Azumi jolted with pleasure, unaware that it was her own brother who was squirming so desperately inside of her and turning her on as she fingered herself vigorously. She moaned and groaned, biting her lip and rolling over to her backside she masturbated to the pleasure of yet another victim succumbing to her glorious body. She felt like a goddess, who decided who lives and who dies, and by what means. The power was incredible, the feeling of a rush of intoxication, a high that never ended. The feeling was immeasurable.

Meanwhile Aki continued to writhe and squirm, his body literally getting sucked deeper and deeper into Azumi’s bowels as if she was purposefully sucking him in further. Aki screamed and shouted, kicked and clawed, and despite the disgust in his mouth even bit at her insides a few times as well in order to elicit a reaction of any kind. Nothing he did however, no matter how hard he tried, worked. He felt his lungs slowly collapse, as the oxygen left his body. There was no air where he was being taken, and the slimy insides of his sister’s ass coated his body in massive quantities, excess amounts being forced into her nose, ears and mouth only causing him to choke and gag even further.

He wished he had never set foot in his sister's room, he wished he didn’t care about the noises he had heard. He wished he hadn’t messed around with that stupid toy, and he wished he hadn’t trusted that son of a bitch Garold who threw him out of the sock to be left at the mercy of his own sister. So many regrets, and so many errors he felt he had made. None of it mattered however, not anymore. His eyes slowly began to close, as he felt an odd substance begin to wash over his body. He had run out of air, and eventually everything had gone black.

Azumi reached a climax unlike anything she’d ever felt. She could feel her tiny pathetic victim get sucked so deep inside of her bowels, that it simply sent her over the edge. She never had any intention of letting go, her desire to have him perish inside of her too strong for that to ever have been a consideration. Azumi didn’t care who died to please her, she only cared about getting wet and feeling the pleasure that came with doing whatever the hell she wanted to those she shrunk.

She let out a deep sigh of satisfaction, sitting up and pulling down her skirt as she kicked her legs over the edge of the bed and stood to her feet. She grabbed the jar of screaming tinies and shook it around teasingly to elicit even more screams. “I’ll play with more of you tomorrow…” Azumi said, stuffing the jar back into the dresser and closing it shut. “Now… I wonder what Aki is up to.”

Azumi cheerfully skipped out of her room, approaching Aki’s door besides hers and knocking on it. It cracked open at her knock, and she seemed surprised.

“Aki?” Azumi called out, pushing the door open and looking inside, “Aki??”

His computer was on, and he was still logged into his character. “If he is still logged in he can’t be far…” Azumi pondered, looking down the hallway. She saw nothing however, and shrugged her shoulders as she turned to head back to her room.




All of a sudden Azumi clutched her stomach, feeling the familiar urge of nature begging to take over. “Oof… That came quickly!” She turned away from her room and headed into the bathroom. She pulled down her pants followed by her underwear, dropping her enormous ass on to the tiny toilet seat as she hummed herself a tune. The sound of splashing water could be heard, as she squeezed and relaxed her asshole as giant logs of shit began to squeeze out of it. She grunted a few times while humming, in response to tensing her muscles to relieve herself of each individual log of poo.

“Mm.. Ohhh… Ahhhh…” Azumi felt complete relief, shitting out a final giant turd as it splashed into the cold water of the toilet bowl. She grabbed the toilet paper and wiped herself a good few times, then wiping her vagina to clean herself of her piss.

When she stood up, she turned around to flush the toilet, but as her hand grabbed the lever she spotted something in one of her turds. In the biggest log of them all, she saw a tiny head sticking out. It was Aki’s body, which was totally lifeless and shat out of his sister as if he was nothing more than waste. Azumi squinted her eyes, focusing on the face for a brief moment.

“That’s odd…” Azumi mumbled, “he almost looks like…”

Azumi took one more solid look, but laughed to herself and shook her head, “no way… You’re crazy Azumi.”


She pressed the lever, flushing the toilet and sending her shits along with the remains of her final victim into the pipes. She skipped back off to her room, her mind already clear of what she thought she saw as she began to think of what she’d do tomorrow. She would never know that it was her brother she had spotted on the floor, and she would never know that she crammed him up her ass and then shit him into the toilet like a pile of waste...





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