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- Suggestive digestion

- Cruelty & Enslavement & Domination

- Butt/Smothering

- Anal insertion/vore

- Pleading & begging







The loud and ear piercing music of the strip club echoed throughout the entire establishment. It was a very busy time as members both male and female alike flooded the club in large groups. People were partying, drinking and making certain to get a good view of the gorgeous and extravagant dancers all over the many stages throughout the building. One dancer among them all seemed to have a certain glow about her, drawing a much larger crowd as both her glorious beauty and vigor seemed to catch the eye of most.

This individual was Ginger, and she was most certainly giving her ogling fans a worthwhile routine. She had a stupendous smile across her lips, her face full of life as if she was the happiest and sexiest woman alive. Her viewers couldn’t help but wonder what made her so brightfully charming, but Ginger sure knew the answer to their unspoken questions. She felt like a goddess, like a being of complete and absolute power. While she danced her heart off, the waistband of her thong rich with bills in the twenties, her stomach was simultaneously working on its digestion cycle.

She never would have guessed how gratifying it would be to devour Kenny, the erotic sensation that would fuel her dance routines for hours simply by the knowledge of what she had done. She felt powerful, unstoppable even. She devoured that tiny little young man without any effort, and to know that he would succumb to her own glorious body's natural functions made her soaking wet. She was happy alright, and the pleasure she felt seeped into her routine as she danced with a vibrant glow unlike any other. For Ginger, the hottest part of it all, was seeing Skye in the background frantically searching for her tiny boyfriend.

‘You’ll never know…’ Ginger thought to herself, dipping backwards and winking at one of the sexy women who was cheering her on, ‘I’m going to digest him… And you’ll be none the wiser…’

While Ginger continued her routine effortlessly, Skye’s world was thrown upside down as panic filled her from the inside. Kenny had vanished, and she couldn’t find any trace of him. She was doing her best to hold back her tears, but the thought of losing the only person who ever made her feel wanted was devastating. She had turned the locker room upside down to no avail, and even took it a step further by checking all of the private rooms to see if someone had taken him. She could find nothing however, and no one she spoke to seemed to have any clue as to where Kenny could have gone.

‘I’m terrible!’ Skye thought to herself, ‘this is all my fault! I shouldn’t have let him out of my sight!’

She accidentally bumped into one of the patrons, accidentally causing them to spill the drink in their hands all over their white blouse. The patron looked at Skye angrily, “hey! Watch where you’re going you stupid bitch!”

“I’m so sorry!” Skye apologized, a tear dripping down her cheek in frustration.

The patron could see that Skye was troubled, and calmed down a little, “it’s fine… Just be more careful next time!”

The patron walked off towards the bathroom, as Skye continued to frantically search the ground. She was on the edge of losing it, the uncertainty of Kenny’s fate plaguing her mind. She tried to understand how things could have gone so terribly wrong, going through every step in the club throughout her mind. She tried to comprehend what could have possibly happened, what she could have possibly done differently to avoid such a crisis. She had been searching for well over an hour now, her heart racing frantically.

“Pssst!” A quiet voice called out to the frantic woman, and Skye froze as she began looking around. She had most certainly heard someone whisper at her, or at least she was pretty certain.

“Skye! Over here!” The voice whispered again, this time more evident as Skye traced the voice towards her right. She noticed one of her coworkers behind a corner, motioning her over. It was one of the dancers, most particularly the shy one that Skye rarely ever saw or chatted with. She was actually surprised the woman remembered her name, as Skye quickly walked over to where the woman was hiding.

“What is it?” Skye asked, trying to remain composed as she wiped away her tears.

“You’re looking for that tiny guy, yeah?” The woman asked, looking around nervously.

“I am…” Skye’s heart lifted slightly, “have you seen him!?”

“Keep this between us, but…” The woman looked around nervously again, clearly bothered about something, “I may or may not have seen Ginger walk into one of the private rooms with him…”

Skye balled up her fists, her head turning behind her towards the bright and happy Ginger who was still dancing for all of her customers. Skye began to grit her teeth, realizing that she should have known sooner. She was positive she had lost Kenny in the locker room, and after the confrontation she had with the woman she realized Ginger was the culprit all along.

“You’re positive?” Skye asked, turning to face the woman again.

“Just don’t tell her I told you…” The woman pleaded, “she’d never let me off the hook… And I need this damn job!”

Skye placed her hands on the woman’s shoulders, “I have no clue what your name is… But thank you!” Skye was grateful that the woman approached her, as Skye turned around and stormed off in Ginger’s direction. The woman vanished into the crowd, not wanting to be anywhere near Skye nor Ginger when things got heated.

Ginger did a twirl on the stripping pole, arching her back elegantly to flaunt her figure. As she did so she noticed Skye in the corner of her eye, at the front of the crowd glaring at her angrily. Ginger gave a crooked smile, ending her pose and standing back on her two feet as she bowed to the crowd, “that’s all for tonight folks… My shift has come to an end!”

The crowd pouted and booed, dispersing in disappointment as Ginger ran her fingers through her hair while meeting Skye’s gaze. She gestured toward the private rooms, turning her back to Skye and striding off as her ass jiggled with every step. Skye followed closely behind, ready to start screaming at her for whatever it was that she did with Kenny. She felt like an idiot for not having suspected Ginger sooner, but considering she nearly had a panic attack upon realizing Kenny had vanished, she couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t entirely her fault. The only question that remained now was what Ginger had done to her beloved boyfriend.

The moment Ginger spread the curtain to an empty private room, Skye grabbed her by the arms and shoved her the rest of the way inside. She slammed Ginger up against the wall, hissing in rage as she glared into the wicked woman’s eyes. “Where is he you bitch!” Skye demanded to know, her grip tightening around Ginger’s arms.

Ginger gave a crooked grin, laughing maniacally for a short moment as she looked tauntingly into Skye’s eyes, “you sure you want to know? I’m impressed it took you so long to even figure it out… I guess you don’t love the poor little tiny man as much as I thought!”

“Shut up!” Skye snapped, “tell me where he is! Before I wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

“Maybe he’s in my pussy?” Ginger teased, taking her free hand and rubbing her crotch mockingly, “or perhaps he’s up my ass… I must have forgotten!”

“You sick fuck!” Skye gritted her teeth in frustration, “you think this is funny!?”

“Actually yes, I do,” Ginger bit her lip, “why don’t you take a few guesses? See how long it takes for you to find out where he is?”

Skye let go of Ginger, backing away in immense frustration as she rubbed her temple. She paced back and forth, trying to figure out a way to reason with this cruel woman. Skye knew that Ginger had always been jealous of her, though she never quite understood why. Skye turned to look at Ginger, “come on Ginger… You’ve had your fun. Just give him back already, come on!”

Ginger responded by letting out a soft belch, her hand covering her lips as she feigned embarrassment. She then took her other hand and patted her soft belly while taking a few flirtatious steps towards Skye, “afraid I can’t do that,” Ginger cooed, “I mean, I guess I could… If I puked him up I suppose… That is if he hasn’t digested already.”

Skye’s face turned pale, her eyes narrowing as they darted down towards Ginger’s stomach. Skye felt sick, backing into the wall behind her as she clutched her chest with her hand. Her heart began to race, a sense of dread washing over her as she kept darting her eyes back and forth between Ginger’s stomach and eyes. “You… You wouldn’t…” Skye murmured, hoping that this was just another one of Ginger’s sick mind games.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ginger retorted sarcastically, “I saw you eat him after all… I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about!”

“Let him out!” Skye thrust her elbow upward, lodging it against Ginger’s throat as she backed the vile woman into the wall again. She pressed against her neck violently, and actually caused Ginger to gasp a little. It didn’t seem to matter however, Ginger giving yet another grin as she laughed in Skye’s face.

“Go ahead,” Ginger spat, “beat me up even… You’ll never get him back!”

“Why are you doing this!?” Skye hissed, “what is wrong with you!?”

“Want to hear him digest?” Ginger grabbed Skye by the back of the head, gripping her hair forcefully and shoving her head down against her stomach. Skye was quickly reminded that Ginger was far stronger than her, and was unable to slip out of the woman’s grip as the side of her face was pressed against Ginger’s belly. Tears began to well up in her eyes, as she quickly heard the churning and groaning of the goth woman’s gut. Though Kenny and her had explored this act with one another, the situation was completely different when it was involving Ginger, who had sour intentions.

“Please…” Skye sobbed, starting to become desperate as she realized how powerless she was to stop this woman, “don’t… Don’t do this…”

“Oh come on,” Ginger teased, “doesn’t it turn you on? He’s churning with the rest of my food… Just like he wants to! I bet he’s jacking off as we speak!”

Skye smacked her hands against Ginger, forcing herself out of the woman’s grip as she backed away miserably, “Ginger please! This isn’t funny! If he stays in your stomach for too long he’ll…”

“Die?” Ginger interrupted, “my acids will break him down? His body will melt away and provide nutrients to my glorious tits? You aren’t very good at making a case for his freedom are you?”

Skye fell to her knees, holding up her hands as she became increasingly desperate, “I’m begging you! I love him… Please!”

“Awwww,” Ginger held a finger up to her chin, striking a feigned pose of adoration, “big beautiful Skye is in love with a tiny little mouse. How cute!”

Skye broke, shoving her face into her hands as she began to sob profusely. Ginger’s complete lack of empathy weighed heavily on her, and she began to realize that this evil woman had no intentions of freeing Kenny. She blamed herself, wishing that she hadn’t been so distracted as to lose him in the first place.

“Now if you don’t mind,” Ginger spoke up, disregarding Skye’s distress, “I have a little morsel to digest… And my shift is over, so I’ll be heading home now.”

Ginger turned and started to walk away, but Skye quickly reached out and grabbed the woman by the ankle in complete despair, “wait!” Skye pleaded, “I’m begging you! Please!”

Ginger rolled her eyes, “it’s over Skye. Kenny is my little snack now. You’d best get a new boyfriend, because the next time I shit into my toilet there’ll be nothing left!”

“No!” Skye shook her head violently, “I’ll do anything! Anything!”

Ginger paused for a moment, narrowing her eyes as she rubbed her chin in curiosity, “anything? Hmmm…”

“Yes!” Skye pleaded, “whatever you want! Just please don’t let him die! I’m begging you!”

“Quit your job here,” Ginger spoke promptly.

Skye paused, her sobbing starting to come to an end as she looked up at Ginger in confusion, “wha… What?”

“Quit your job here. Also I get to have Kenny for myself tonight, I’ll return him to you tomorrow, when you come in to give your resignation,” Ginger smiled cruelly, peering down at Skye waiting to hear her answer.

“Till tomorrow!?” Skye stood to her feet, wiping away her tears, “you’re lying! You’re just trying to trick me!”

“Perhaps…” Ginger bit her lip, “but unless you agree to my terms, Kenny’s going to become my shit. How long will he survive I wonder… Hmmm…”

“Fine!” Skye continued to tear up, “fine…”

“Good girl,” Ginger took her thumb and wiped away the tears beneath Skye’s eyes, as if to be even more condescending, “I’ll puke him up when I get home. In case you were wondering, I’ve felt him squirming in my belly this entire time. I’m sure he’ll survive another ten minutes on the way home… I’ll puke him up, and I promise I’ll go soft on him.”

“No you won’t…” Skye frowned, “I won’t forget what you’ve done…”

“I hope not,” Ginger winked, “this entire ordeal has been quite exhilarating! I hope you get that resignation ready, because until I see you quit tomorrow you won’t be getting him back. If you try and worm your way around this… It’s straight into my belly again for poor little Kenny!”

“You better not cross me…” Skye hissed.

“Not like you have the power to do anything even if I did,” Ginger took a threatening step forward, “but worry not my little darling… I’ll keep my end of the deal.”

Ginger patted Skye on the head, Skye cringing at her touch as she moved her head away while glaring at the vile woman. Ginger cackled heartlessly, turning around striding out of the private room elegantly as if to taunt the distraught woman. She rubbed her belly sensually, already conjuring ideas on how to make Kenny’s life a living hell once she let him out. She couldn’t believe that Skye actually agreed, and she was most certainly not going to waste this opportunity.

As Ginger vanished into the thick crowd of partying club goers, Skye could do nothing but watch in utter despair. Her heart waned, her thoughts racing throughout her mind as she wondered if she had made the right call. She loved her job, but she also loved Kenny. She wanted to beat Ginger senselessly, but as long as Kenny was trapped in the woman’s belly there was little she could do but pray to God that Ginger would keep her end of the bargain. If it turned out her trust was misplaced, Skye knew that she would never forgive herself.

Ginger exited the strip club via the main entrance, a grin of utter satisfaction spread across her plush and glossy lips. To see Skye fall to her knees and plead for Kenny’s life was insanely hot and empowering, and she almost wished she had squeezed a bit more of it out of Skye before agreeing to spare the young man’s life. Ginger hadn’t planned on freeing Kenny at all, and was more than content with digesting the pathetic little morsel like any other snack she’d typically eat. But when Skye said she’d do literally anything, Ginger couldn’t bring herself to pass up the opportunity and get rid of her.

“I hope you’re in one piece in there…” Ginger cooed, patting her belly firmly in an attempt to elicit some kind of reaction, “because your evening just got kinkier.”

As the cruel goth stripper got into her car and began to head home, she never would have been able to fathom the misery and desperation that Kenny was experiencing as he suffered in the woman’s rotten stomach. Kenny had been trapped inside of her for well over an hour, every last drop of his tears long evaporated inside the humid and steaming hot environment he was in. Her acids had begun to irritate his skin, visible burn marks all over his body. Though none were too serious, Kenny knew that if Ginger didn’t plan on letting him out that eventually her stomach would digest him along with the rest of its contents.

“Let me out!” Kenny shouted, his fists pounding on the wrinkled and slimy walls of Ginger’s gut, “please! Please don’t do this to me!”

Kenny was distraught, fear taking over his mind as he truly believed this evil woman had no intention of letting him out. All of the times Skye had explored his vore fetish started to seem silly, since now he was in a truly dire situation. He had always gotten off to the idea of his girlfriend digesting him, but only in a fantasy scenario. Now that he was in the belly of a woman who had every intention of doing such, he realized that he would actually die. What once brought him sexual gratification, now broke him emotionally as he realized he’d never see Skye again. He would never see his friend again, nor his family. This woman had swallowed him up for her own sadistic curiosity and now he was going to be digested by her. 

The ear shattering sounds of her churning gut caused him immense pain, as the contents of her stomach were close to empty. He was among the last of her food to be digested and sucked into the small intestine, and Kenny knew that if he ended up there that he would die for sure. He cried and pleaded, pounded on the walls of her stomach every aching minute of his existence in this hell. He didn’t want to die, and he prayed that the woman would show mercy and let him go. But deep down he knew that this woman was merciless, and the longer he stayed in her gut the more hopeless he became.

After over an hour of struggling, Kenny finally gave up as he sunk neck deep into her burning stomach acid. He sobbed and cried, his tears continuing to evaporate as some kind of sick joke. His mind kept wandering back to Skye, her warm and gentle embrace. He wished he had the chance to at least say goodbye to her, to tell her that he loved her one last time. Despite how messed up it may have seemed, Kenny at least wished that it would have been her belly that digested him instead of this random goth woman of whom he didn’t even know. He felt worthless, pathetic and insignificant. He was all but helpless as the woman easily overpowered him and ate him alive. He cursed his existence, wondering why he had to be born this small only to meet such a cruel and vile end.

“I’m so sorry…” Kenny apologized to the emptiness inside Ginger’s stomach, “I love you, Skye…”

The rippling acid continued to wash over Kenny’s body, his mind finally reaching a calm as he slowly began to accept his fate. He tried to remember that this was all his fantasy coming to life, trying to enjoy the aspect of digesting where he could in the only effort left to bring him some form of sanity. This is what he had always dreamt of after all, meeting an untimely end inside the belly of a gorgeous and voracious woman. But he was lying to himself, and Kenny simply couldn’t fool himself into believing that he enjoyed any part of this. He thought he was going to die, that his life would be taken so early in his young life. His entire future with Skye, his aspirations and dreams… They were all being taken from him by this heartless woman.

“Please God…” Kenny murmured, his head becoming disoriented as he tried to stay awake, “I’m begging you… Please help me…”

As if by the grace of heaven itself, the contents of Ginger’s stomach began to slosh and churn more violently. Kenny was stirred out of his trance, sitting up in the bile and acid as he looked around frantically. The stomach was contracting rapidly, the air slipping upwards as the contents began to bubble and wash in all directions. Kenny hadn’t the faintest clue what was happening, but before he could dwell on it too long he suddenly felt a wave of bile engulf him as everything began to suck upwards. In an instant Kenny felt his body forced through the tight sphincter and back into Ginger’s esophagus, his lungs unable to breathe as Kenny found himself traveling back from whence he came.

‘What the hell!?’ Kenny thought to himself frantically, unable to realize what was going on as his body was expelled into the light of Ginger’s bathroom. With a splash Kenny felt his body land in a pool of cold water, which had now been mixed thoroughly with Ginger’s vomit. He shook his head, clearing the partial remnants of food and other bile from his face as he opened his eyes. He was surrounded by a white and glossy surface on all sides, his body wading in a pool of water and puke as he tried to figure out where he was.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Ginger cooed, “you can survive for quite a long time… Interesting.”

Kenny looked upwards, instantly realizing what had happened. He was in Ginger’s toilet bowl, and the face of the evil woman was grinning down at him from above. She wiped the vomit from her lips using some toilet paper, tossing it into the bowl as it landed a few inches away from where Kenny was wading. She had puked him up, as agreed upon by the terms of her deal with Skye.

“You… You puked me up…” Kenny stuttered, his heart pounding with relief as he realized that Ginger may have had a heart after all, “t-thank you…”

“God that looks disgusting,” Ginger showed a look of disgust as she saw Kenny swimming in her bile, “let’s get you washed up… I can’t use you in that condition…”

“Use… Use me?” Kenny wasn’t sure what she meant, but didn’t have time to press further questions as Ginger’s fingers suddenly plucked him from the toilet water. He was lifted into the air, hearing the sounds of disgust emanating from Ginger’s mouth. She brought him over to the sink, turning the faucet on as she began to run him under the water. Kenny was immediately blasted with a torrent of water, his nostrils filling with it and causing him to choke violently. It was as if she was waterboarding him, but of course Ginger wasn’t really paying attention and had no clue that she was practically drowning him.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Ginger spoke softly, using her fingers to wipe Kenny clean. It only took a few moments, and since Kenny’s clothes had all but digested off of his body in her stomach, he was completely naked and easy to clean.

Finally Kenny found relief as Ginger turned the faucet off, spreading Kenny out in her palm as she inspected him closely. “There we go, good as new!” Ginger gave a crooked smile as she turned and left the bathroom. Heading towards her bedroom as she began to fantasize different ways to use Kenny for her pleasure. Kenny’s head was throbbing, and rolled over to his side in her palm as he coughed and sputtered water all over it. He took in several deep breaths of air, his head starting to clear up from the haze once he was finally able to breathe again.

“So what was it like?” Ginger asked, setting Kenny on the bed carefully as she turned around and began to take off her bra.

Kenny used his arms to press his body off of the sheets, looking over at Ginger in confusion, “wh… What?”

“In my stomach,” Ginger repeated, removing her bra and tossing it aside, “did you enjoy yourself? Did you jack off to being inside my gorgeous body?”

“Are… Are you kidding me?” Kenny gritted his teeth as he slowly stood up to his feet. Ginger turned around, her exposed and large breasts in full view now. He was going to curse at her, but suddenly found himself unable to speak as he got a look at her perfect tits.

Ginger noticed his gaze, smiling deviantly as she began to fondle her breasts with her hands, “cat caught your tongue? Or are you mesmerized by my luscious bosom?”

Kenny looked away, embarrassed, “no… Not at all…”

“No need to lie,” Ginger cooed, “just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you don’t have to admire my superior figure.” Ginger started to remove her thong, sliding it down her legs flirtatiously as she tried to elicit a hard on from the nervous young man. Kenny made a point not to watch, trying to keep his eyes in the opposite direction out of respect for his relationship.

“Damn, you really aren’t like other men are you?” Ginger giggled wickedly, “any other man would have ogled my body, regardless of their relationship status. Dang… I might just start getting envious of Skye now…”

“Why…” Kenny spoke, keeping his eyes turned away, “why are you doing this to me?”

“Because it’s fucking hot,” Ginger retorted, “if it makes you feel any better, I was just going to digest you and shit out your remains in the morning. But Skye and I struck a deal… For the sake of your pathetic life, she’s going to quit her job at the strip club. As a little added bonus, she agreed to let me keep you for one incredible night…”

“Wh.. What!?” Kenny looked up at Ginger in shock, “she… She wouldn’t!”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Ginger teased, sliding her left leg onto the bed seductively as she began to work her way towards Kenny’s position, “I’m afraid she didn’t have much of a choice Kenny,” Ginger teased, “you see… It was either she agreed to let me have you for a night, or let you die inside of my luscious body!”

Kenny began to choke up, “why!? Why are you doing this!?”

Ginger shrugged, dragging her other leg onto the bed as she began to knee crawl towards the fearful young man. By now her crotch was hovering over his body, and Kenny was forced to see the view of both her pussy and asshole as it hovered above him. “Because I can? Do I really need a reason? You’re tiny, an insignificant little plaything that I can literally do anything I want with. It doesn’t really get kinkier than that… And to be honest I’ve started to grow rather fond of forcing you to please me.”

“You’re sick,” Kenny spat, “get the hell away from me!”

Kenny turned and attempted to make a run for it, but Ginger simply laughed at his feeble attempt. She brought her ass down, sliding her knees forward to allow her legs to bend with ease as her colossal ass cheeks collided into the bed sheets. Kenny was suddenly smothered by her left cheek, his body forced into the soft sheets as her warm flesh pressed firmly into his body.

“Pathetic,” Ginger murmured, “my ass alone can stop you in your tracks…”

Ginger moaned, biting her lip and tilting her head back with satisfaction as she began to grind her ass into the bed sheets. Kenny felt her cheeks begin to grind over his body, his eyes filling with tears yet again as he was forced to endure this never ending torture. All he wanted was to go back into the loving arms of his beloved girlfriend, but instead he was being held captive by this psychotic woman who was having her way with him against his will.

“Oh yeah…” Ginger moaned, applying even more pressure as the smothering continued. She even made a point to slide her ass a little to the side, forcing Kenny between both of her cheeks and into her crack as she continued to smother him with her ginormous ass. She rocked her body back and forth, her feet arching as she leaned forward. She gripped the sheets with her hands, sliding back and forth slowly and sensually to ingratiate herself with the pleasure of dominating the helpless man.

Kenny’s body was waning under the pressure, her body amounting to the equivalent of ten semi trucks made of silicone crushing his body all at once. To make matters worse, now that he was being smothered directly by her ass crack, he was even beginning to slide between them as the two mounds of flesh began to swallow him up. He squirmed and shouted, crying like a pathetic little baby as he tried desperately to call out for mercy. Every time he opened his mouth however he got nothing more than an assfull. He knew that Ginger was getting off to this as well, because her ass was starting to sweat as his body was slowly getting drenched in it.

“Can you hear me Kenny?” Ginger teased, “are you enjoying this as much as I am?”

Kenny could most certainly hear her, but he could not respond. He was having trouble breathing, the pressure applied to his body far worse than any other time he had been crushed under the foot of an unsuspecting woman. He was being grinded to death, his body slipping further and further between her cheeks as they continued to claim him. He became so desperate to breathe again that he even began attempts at biting her skin. It was all in vain however, her will was absolute. There was nothing he could do, just like there was nothing he could do when he was trapped in her rotten stomach.

“You turn me on so much,” Ginger whispered erotically, “I could do this all night long…”

Ginger wasn’t lying, not by any means. She most certainly could do it all night long, and she was planning on it. Kenny was being smothered effortlessly beneath her glorious ass, and with every inch that Kenny continued to slide into her cheeks only gave her the sense of growing power. To Ginger, Kenny was nothing more than her little ass toy now, and she loved that he was powerless to stop it. But smothering him was beginning to bore her, and a more sinister idea began to grow inside of her mind. She smiled wickedly, biting her lip in erotic pleasure as she wondered what it’d feel like to have him slip into her asshole. Squirming, struggling at every attempt to escape, that is what she craved. What better way to elicit such violent struggles than put on the pressure?

Ginger slowly fell to her back, kicking her legs out and spreading them apart slowly. She slid her hand over her breasts, down her smooth stomach and beyond her moist pussy. She began to slide her fingers under her ass cheeks, pushing them into her crack as she began to feel around for Kenny’s tiny body. Kenny felt the tips of her fingers brush against his back, which had caught him off guard as he squirmed uncomfortably. He didn’t know what she was planning, but it couldn’t be good for him either way. Up to this point she had done nothing but torture him, and he was reaching a breaking point emotionally.

“There you are,” Ginger cooed, feeling Kenny’s body against her fingertips. He was already very close to her asshole, and she was so obsessed with feeling his struggles intensify that she saw no reason to postpone the inevitable. Kenny had a date with her asshole, whether he wanted it or not. She forcefully pushed him deeper between her asscheeks, bringing him closer and closer towards the wrinkled opening. Kenny felt his body being forced deeper and deeper, unable to scream or shout as he was still engulfed on all fronts. His body filled with dread however, when he felt his face press against a wrinkled and odd smelling surface. He instantly knew what it was, and needless to say he began to freak out.

Ginger immediately felt Kenny writhe in disgust, as she pressed him firmly against her asshole. She couldn’t help but buckle with deviant laughter, knowing that Kenny knew what was about to happen. She decided not to make him wait any longer, and with a forceful push shoved him head first into her asshole. Kenny’s face was immediately swallowed up, his lungs now unable to breathe at all. He kicked and punched and squirmed violently, the horror of being shoved face first into her asshole a nightmare come true. Ginger didn’t pause for but a second however, continuing to force the rest of Kenny’s body into her ass as she slid him waist deep inside.

“Oh God…” Ginger shivered with satisfaction, now feeling Kenny’s arms pressing against her from the inside of her anal cavity. It felt incredible, and she never would have assumed it would be so gratifying. She almost wished Skye was here to watch, just to add another layer of torment between the two. She had to work with what she had however, and what she had was pretty damn amazing.

She continued to slide him inside of her, Kenny’s legs now swallowed by her ginormous asshole as it continued to devour him. Though his face was now lodged all the way into her bowels, he still found immense trouble breathing. What little oxygen there was, was hardly breathable at all. His hands pressed and slid all around the inside of her mucus coated bowels, his hands pressing into the gooey mess and causing him to cringe with disgust. With only his feet still exposed, all Ginger had to do was give one final push as she completed the act, forcing Kenny all the way inside of her asshole.

“This is fucking incredible,” Ginger moaned, taking her free hand and quickly beginning to rub herself out. She was taking things slow at first, but with an orgasm not far behind she couldn’t help but rub her clit exponentially faster as she started the race to reach a climax. Kenny was helping her do so, though not purposefully. He had been struggling the entire time, his whole body now lodged in her ass as he fought to escape.

“Let me out of here!” Kenny screamed, “this is so fucking disgusting! Let me out of here you bitch!”

Kenny was getting coated thoroughly in the mucus inside her ass, most of it getting into his mouth as he continued shouting. Though her bowels were rather clean, he was still greatly disgusted. He was not into ass whatsoever, and being completely swallowed up by Ginger’s asshole was enough to make him want to puke. He kicked over and over again, punching and screaming as much as he could. All he managed to do however was cause her insides to expand and contract, which was a response to the goth woman’s immense pleasure. Kenny quickly began to realize he was only egging her on, and that his struggles were precisely what he wanted. He couldn’t help but burst into tears again, realizing that no matter what he did, it would all be in vain. He was her plaything for the entire night, and clearly his torture was what pleasured the sadistic woman.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck!” Ginger bucked her hips, her head tilting back as she bit her lip so hard she drew blood. She felt a torrent of juices rushing inside of her, and she quickly slipped her finger deep into her pussy just as the juices rushed out of her. She opened her mouth wide, her throat expanding as a loud moan came out of it. She gripped the bedsheets with her other hand, enjoying the erotic sensation she felt as she orgasmed. Her juices stained her sheets, her feet locking up momentarily before relaxing after the orgasm had finally passed. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, and who would have thought it would all be because of a tiny little man inside her asshole.

“Son of a bitch,” Ginger moaned in a whisper, “that was so fucking amazing… If I knew it was going to be this good I would have bargained for two nights!”

Ginger laughed wickedly, sitting up and resting against her bed frame. She whipped her hair back, blowing a hair strand over her eye to the side of her head as she continued to buckle with laughter. She rested her head against the bed frame, wiggling her ass a little to elicit more movement from Kenny who was still stuck inside of it.

“I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did,” Ginger said with exhaustion, “though let’s be honest… You probably didn’t.”

Ginger took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly to calm her excited nerves. She wasn’t really sure what to do now, she had reached her amazing orgasm and now she was exhausted. She still enjoyed the feeling of Kenny inside of her bowels however, and even if she let him out she wasn’t sure where to put him until the morning. She figured the best way to ensure she didn’t lose him would be to leave him where he was.

“Get comfy,” Ginger cooed, “it’s going to be a long night… For you.”

Ginger cackled maniacally, eager to return Kenny to Skye in the morning only for the sake of her finding out what she put the little man through. Ginger turned to her side, resting her head against her pillow comfortably as she closed her eyes with a cruel smile. She made a point of perking her ass upwards, which would allow Kenny to breathe, or at least that was what she figured.

“Alexa… Turn off the bedroom light,” Ginger ordered her little device, as it lit up before wirelessly turning the lights off. A nifty little setup she had done herself.

As Ginger attempted to fall asleep, Kenny was left sobbing inside of her ass. He was broken, the pain he felt unfathomable to detail. He wanted his nightmare to end, but as Ginger’s body grew still and lifeless from the inside of her ass, he knew she was likely heading to bed. He was going to be stuck there all night long, and he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for a second of any of it. He just cried to himself, trying his best to think to the moment that he’d finally be back in Skye’s loving embrace.

Though he knew Skye would blame herself, he couldn’t bring himself to blame her at all. She had lost him by mistake, and ultimately this entire ordeal was simply a bit of bad luck as he was captured by the one woman on the planet who wanted to harm him. He knew that Skye had no choice, it was either this, or digestion. Kenny remembered this well, for the entire night as he was unable to fall asleep while squirming repeatedly throughout the night.


Twas a shitty night… A shitty night indeed.





Chapter End Notes:


Or Ginger will f*cking kill Kenny, mark my words. Stories not even completed yet, I could easily do it motherf*ckers! >:D

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