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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thought I'd posted at least one of these chapters but never did... So here we go. This was arguably the most popular story on my patreon back in the day, so hopefully you guys enjoy it too!

I never finished this story, but once I complete My Tiny Life volume 5 this story will probably get a final chapter to conclude volume 1




- Boobs

- Vore (non fatal & soft)

- Feet & a crush scene if I recall correctly

- Butt I think? Maybe later on in other chapters, sorry can't remember

- Lots of sexy consensual stuff, and some non consensual mention

- VAGINAL INSERTION (I remember this for sure, what made the story so popular haha)




“Come on Matt, just tell me will yuh?” Kenny crossed his arms, looking up at his best friend who was driving the car they were in.

“No way dude,” Matt let out a devilish toothy smile, “this is gonna be a big ole surprise! Especially for someone of… Your height.”

“Not funny,” Kenny shook his head, “I told you… I don’t like being made fun of for my size…”

“What? You mean pretend that my best friend isn’t an inch tall?” Matt buckled with laughter, “get over it dude, you’re small. So what, maybe the occasional hotty mistakenly steps on you, or sits on you, or eats you by accident…”

“I get it,” Kenny interrupted, “you still gonna give me shit for your clumsy sister… Aren’t yuh? That was over a year ago man come on!”

“I can’t help it,” Matt chuckled, “I still remember it as if it were yesterday… Watching her stuff her face with your plate of food! She swallowed you up like a chunk of potato! Fucking hilarious!”

“It wasn’t so funny inside of her stomach…” Kenny murmured, “it was so hot… Felt like I was gonna die in there…”

“Good thing I saw her eat yuh,” Matt chuckled, “otherwise you may have!”

Kenny shuddered at the thought of digesting in the sister of his friend Matt, “enough dude… Just enough.”

“Oh come on man… I’ve caught you jackin’ it to vore porn! Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy being in my sister’s tummy!”

“I didn’t!” Kenny shouted, crossing his arms again, “I mean… I was scared!”

“Sure you were,” Matt grinned mischievously, “you totally didn’t jack it in my sister’s gut… Not at all.”

“Come on man…” Kenny rolled his eyes, “I would never disrespect her like that…”

“I’m sure she’d gobble you up again if you asked,” Matt joked, “I recall her saying you rather… Tasty.”

“Ok can we change the subject?” Kenny had enough of Matt’s ‘jokes’, “where the hell are you taking me?”

“Well if you must know…” Matt gave Kenny a wink, “we’re here… So why don’t you just look out the window?”

Kenny frowned, glaring at Matt unamusedly. Matt cracked another smile, “oh right… You can’t!”

He buckled with laughter some more, reaching down and plucking Kenny from the passenger seat. He held his friend up to the car window, and Kenny looked outside to see that they had pulled up to a strip club. Particularly the most renowned club in town, famous for being the most ‘hands on’ strip club a man could find.

“Here!?” Kenny was baffled, “you can’t be serious…”

“Oh I’m serious,” Matt insisted, “it’s time you get some action dude. You haven’t talked to a woman for as long as I’ve known yuh! Get your birthday ass in there and have a good time!”

“What!? Aren’t you coming with me?” Kenny gave Matt a look of confusion.

“Hell naw bro,” Matt chuckled some more, “I ain’t turnin’ eighteen until two months from now! I couldn’t even if I wanted. So here I’ll drop you off at the front door and you head on in alright? I’ll pick you up later tonight!”

“Matt!” Kenny scolded, “what if someone kidnaps me!? Or steps on me… It’s dangerous to go in there alone!”

“Who are you kiddin’,” Matt retorted, “I watched that slut Sally step on you with her eight inch gap heels, and you didn’t even get a bruise! You’re as thick as a rock, you’ll be fine!”

“It still hurts…” Kenny pouted, glaring at Matt in frustration.

“Boo hoo,” Matt mocked, “you gonna cry? Go tickle some strippers' toes and have her put you inside her or somethin’, go have a blast man!”

“I don’t think any of the strippers are going to ‘put me inside them’ Matt… It’s a strip club not a whore house!” Kenny shook his head once more, unable to understand his friend's way of thinking.

“Kenny you’re an inch fucking tall,” Matt smiled humorously, “trust me man… When the right stripper sees the potential you got, you’ll be making her cum buckets!”

“Whatever man,” Kenny rolled his eyes, “just drop me off at the front door will yuh? I don’t need a crow picking me off the road.”

Matt smiled, opening the car door and escorting his friend across the road towards the entrance of the strip club. The literal name of the strip club was ‘The Strip Club’, as if to be generic in humour or some sort. Matt placed Kenny on the floor mat in front of the door, smiling down at him with a stupidly wide grin, “you have a good time now you hear? I’ll pick you up later. Meet me here again in two hours!”

“Yeah yeah whatever,” Kenny waved Matt off, turning around facing the giant two doors that hovered high above him. He grumbled under his breath, hearing Matt get back into the car and drive down the road, leaving Kenny all to himself.

“This is gonna go horribly…” Kenny mumbled, “I’m going to get trampled in here…”

Kenny approached the doors, making note of the giant security guard beside them. Kenny waved his hands up at the man, “hey! Hey you!”

The guard perked his ears, looking around before noticing Kenny down on the floor. The man raised an eyebrow, “oh… You’re rather small aren’t you?”

“I’m aware…” Kenny rolled his eyes, “I’d show you my I.D., but I don’t think you’ll be able to read it…”

“Are you eighteen sir?” The guard asked.

“It’s my eighteenth birthday, my friend you just saw dropped me off,” Kenny explained.

The guard let out a sigh, “you’re too small to really identify anyways… Go in I suppose, but just know you are responsible for your own well being. If you get crushed or whatever we aren’t liable, kid.”

“Noted…” Kenny mumbled, walking past the guard and crawling under the giant doorway. As he reached the other side, he could audibly hear the booming music. It was electronic dance music, an odd choice for a strip club he thought. Though mostly millenials and other young sorts came here, and most of the strippers were in their late twenties to early thirties, so it was definitely a strip club for younger customers.

As Kenny began to turn around the corner into the club, three women appeared exiting from the bar. They were gossiping and laughing, giggling and stumbling as they chatted amongst one another. They took up the entire length of the hall, as they were spread out in an almost perfect line as they walked in unison. Kenny knew this would be problematic, wondering which direction to go in order to avoid being stepped on.

“Did you hear what Brad said to Mandy!?” One of the women gossiped.

“No what!?” One of the other women asked.

“He said she had donkey thighs!”

All of the women erupted in laughter, the one in the middle approaching Kenny’s location. She was carrying her high heels in her hands, her bare feet slapping the ground as she stumbled in his direction. She had likely gotten sore feet having to walk in them for a prolonged period, and took them off to allow her feet some time to rest. Though Kenny was thankful at least he wouldn’t be pummeled by a heel, he was ready to embrace the impact of this woman's bare, stinky sweaty foot as it came in his direction.

“Fuck m-” Kenny was cut off as the woman’s sole collided into his body. Her skin engulfed him, and he was crushed into the concrete as her foot compressed against him with all of her weight. As quickly as it had happened, was as quickly as it had ended as she lifted her foot and continued walking. She hadn’t even noticed that she stepped on him, or anything at all. Likely it was due to the fact she was drunk, but regardless Kenny found it quite annoying that he always seemed to be discarded with the dirt on the floor.

Kenny stood to his feet, holding his sore head and wiping the gross sweat and dirt from his body that had transferred from the woman’s foot to himself. “Fuckin’ hell…” Kenny groaned, “always getting stepped on… Can’t people pay attention to where they’re walking?”

Kenny shook his head in annoyance, already wishing that Matt would come back and just take him home. That wasn’t going to happen unfortunately, as Kenny was already stuck here for two hours. He decided he’d keep closer to the edge of the walls, and head out into the club to see if he could find any strippers that he found attractive. He had no clue if he was truly going to do anything with anyone, let alone even manage to get their attention… But he figured it was his birthday, and he should at least take Matt’s advice and attempt to have a good time.

Kenny brought himself close to the wall's edge, continuing down the hallway as fast as his little legs would carry him. The music became louder as he finally walked around the corner, seeing giant pairs of shoes and sandals walk by him as club members laughed and walked into the hallway. Kenny was thankful he chose to stay close to the wall, not wanting to be stepped on again by no means.

He entered the main lounge of the club, the flashing lights and decor catching his attention immediately. There were several seating areas with stages centered in the middle, long poles reaching all the way towards the ceiling. Most of the seats were filled, many of the poles hosting unique and talented ‘dancers’ who were putting on quite the show. Some were more revealing than others, some not even wearing a bra of any kind which allowed their tits to hang freely for all to view.

Kenny was blown away, watching as some of the dancers brought their bodies forward for men and women alike to fondle and touch their glorious bodies. Kenny envied them, knowing he was far too small to ever be able to do such a thing naturally. ‘Why am I even here?’ Kenny pondered, ‘I’ll never be able to get their attention at my size…’

As Kenny’s eyes drifted across the club room, he found himself suddenly infatuated by one of the dancers in particular. She appeared to be taking a break, resting her back against the pole and looking at her phone. She had gorgeous blonde hair, a thin but figured body and legs so smooth that Kenny almost wanted to slide down them. His eyes rested on her smooth and tone belly, which he found particularly attractive. He began having thoughts of what it would be like to be inside of it, but quickly shook his head to clear the thoughts.

“Come on Kenny…” Kenny whispered to himself, “don’t be a weirdo…”

Kenny noticed that this woman’s seats were empty, and figured that if she wasn’t putting on a show she may be the perfect stripper to approach. That, and the fact he was absolutely infatuated with her. Though she was a stripper and likely wouldn’t notice someone like him, he decided he at least had to get a much closer view of her beautiful figure. He looked around to make sure no one was coming in his direction, in which he promptly made a sprint across the club room floor towards the woman’s stage.

“I’m in the clear…” Kenny whispered, making it across the floor and towards one of the seats positioned before the stage. He looked up to see the woman let out a sigh, looking around the club as if to see if anyone was coming to watch her. When no one came, she shrugged her shoulders and began peering at her phone again.


‘How could her seats be empty!?’ Kenny wondered, ‘she’s the most gorgeous woman here…’

Kenny made his way under the seat, approaching the incline of the stage. It was very steep, and he began to doubt his ability to walk the incline without slipping all the way back down to the floor. He couldn’t stop now though, he wasn’t sure how long this woman would wait here before deciding to go elsewhere. Clearly she wasn’t drawing any members, despite her incredulous looks.

Kenny began to walk up the incline, immediately feeling the force of gravity as it tried to pull him back. He was determined however, using much of his strength to keep his balance as he slowly and surely ascended the incline towards the top of the stage. Unexpectedly his foot slipped out from under him, and he slid down a few inches before stopping. ‘Damn that was close…’ Kenny thought to himself, carefully regaining the coverage he had just lost.

Thankfully he didn’t have any further mishaps, and despite his doubts he managed to reach the top of the incline, climbing onto the stage itself. He rested his hands on his knees, panting heavily from the immense willpower and strength it took to get up there. After he had caught his breath, he looked up wide eyed to see the enormous bare feet of the dancer.

His head began to look upward, viewing over her smooth silky legs followed by her tone and perfect stomach. He continued to look over her massive breasts, which nearly covered her gorgeous face which was currently plastered to her phone screen. Kenny felt himself begin to get hard, becoming very aroused by the sight of this magnificent woman. For whatever reason he was extremely attracted to her, and he couldn’t understand why aside from her beauty.

The woman looked up from her phone again, checking to see if any other members were coming over to watch her dance. Yet again she saw nobody, and she let out a sigh of defeat, “yet again nobody… Must be because I’m new…”

The woman sighed, putting her phone away by tucking it in the waistband of her revealing thong. She crossed her arms, looking around one more time to make sure she didn’t hop off the stage prematurely. Kenny saw she was about to leave, and didn’t want to waste the small opportunity as he hurriedly ran over to her large toes. The woman began to tap her left foot, ready to leave at a moment's notice as Kenny ran up to her right foot.

“Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave…” Kenny kept mumbling, hoping to catch her before she headed off.

“Oh well… Maybe I’m just not attractive enough for them…” The woman shook her head, about to walk off the stage.

Kenny ran up to her big toe, and began to poke it repeatedly, “please look down… Please look down!”

“Hmm?” The woman felt an odd sensation in her big toe, as if something was pricking it over and over again. To add, she could have sworn she heard tiny whispers from below, despite how crazy it seemed. She looked down at her feet, spotting Kenny at her toe and poking it endlessly.

“Hey! Whatcha think you’re doing huh?” The woman plunged her big toe into Kenny gently, pushing him back a little. Kenny felt afraid for a moment, fearing that he had angered her.

“My apologies, miss!” Kenny apologized, “it’s… I saw you from across the room and… I just wanted to get your attention!”

“Oh?” The woman seemed surprised, “you saw little ole me and walked all the way across the club just to say hi?”

Kenny blushed, kicking his foot around on the floor as he shoved his hands into his pockets anxiously, “I mean… Yeah…”

The woman giggled humorously, “awww! How adorable! And here I thought no one noticed me at all!”

“Nah,” Kenny shook his head, “I can’t imagine anyone not noticing you! You are so… So…” Kenny found himself extremely nervous, sweating as he tried hard not to sound like a weirdo. The woman however was greatly amused, and smiled down at him.

“So… What? I am so what?” The woman bent her knees a little, resting her hands on them as she leaned down to get a closer look at him, “you are so funny… Shy little man are yuh?”

“Maybe a little…” Kenny admitted, “I’m surprised you’re even talking to me! Most don’t even notice me on the floor… And usually just step on me…”

“Well bugger, good thing I heard you then huh?” The woman winked at him, “I was about to walk off the stage! I’d probably have stepped on you too!”

“I wouldn’t have minded it,” Kenny quickly responded, immediately cursing himself inside his head for saying something so incredibly odd and dumb.

“Oh? Are my feet the exception?” The woman giggled, “my my… I never thought someone would be so infatuated with me! I’m flattered little man!”

“Really?” Kenny blushed even harder, “I mean… You are incredibly beautiful! Everyone else is missing out if you ask me…”

“Are they?” The woman thought to herself for a moment, before a light hearted smile spread across her lips, “well then… If no one else wants to watch me, what if we just… Have our own little session hmm?”

“Wha… Are own..?” Kenny was speechless, choking on his words as he tugged at his collar anxiously, “wh-what did you have in mind?”

“May I pick the little cutie off the floor and show him?” The woman asked, biting her lip as she looked Kenny up and down.

“Of… Of course! Go right ahead!” Kenny permitted, the thought of her delicate soft hand wrapping around his body sent chills down his spine. He had never interacted with any woman in such a manner before, perhaps with the exception of Matt’s sister however she didn’t care much for Kenny at all. As the woman smiled and bent down to pick him up, Kenny had become fully erect. He was so incredibly embarrassed and nervous, feeling as if his premature erection was going to make him look like a fool. The woman noticed it of course, but said nothing as she plucked Kenny carefully off the ground and raised him up to her eyes to get a better look at him.

“Oh… You’re cute too! Really cute…” The woman bit her lip again, her eyes peering down at the impression in Kenny’s pants. She was very flattered to know that at least one man in the entire club was interested in her, even if he was only an inch tall.

“How old are you little guy?” The woman asked, walking off the stage with Kenny in tow. She was heading to the private rooms in the back of the club.

“I… I just turned eighteen,” Kenny answered anxiously, hoping his young age wouldn’t scare her off.

“Mmmm,” the woman moaned, “so young… And so handsome! How did you get to the club? At your size I imagine you didn’t drive yourself here…” The woman chuckled heartily, and Kenny smiled nervously.

“My best friend Matt dropped me off here…” Kenny informed, “he thought I should… I don’t know…”

“Have fun with a woman? Get off?” The woman spoke, her tone unable to be determined.

“Well, maybe that’s what he wanted but… I don’t know, he sort of abandoned me here without giving me a choice,” Kenny spoke.

“So you don’t want to have fun with me?” The woman looked down at him and feigned a pout, pretending to sniffle sarcastically.

“I… I mean.. Uh..” Kenny was so nervous he almost wanted to punch himself in the face. Here he had this incredibly gorgeous woman practically throwing herself at him, and he couldn’t figure out what to say at all.

“Shhhh,” the woman held a finger up to his lips, her soft skin engulfing his face as she dramatically pushed the tip of her finger into him, “it’s alright hun, I’m teasing you.”

“Oh… Right,” Kenny smiled nervously at the woman.

“You have clearly never flirted in your life,” the woman teased, “ugh, it’s so adorable I could just eat you up!”

“Woah… Really?” Kenny was entranced by her words, the vision of her petite and luscious lips spreading apart in order to draw him in taking up the entirety of his mind.

“What? Of course not,” the woman laughed, “it’s a figure of speech you silly little thing!”

“Oh… Right…” Kenny was almost disappointed, but then he remembered he needed to keep such strange sexual interests to himself. 

He couldn’t have truly expected her to be serious about such a thing could he? Aside from being eaten from Matt’s sister, the truth was that Kenny didn’t really know if he could be digested or not. It was an assumption that he and Matt made, but considering the amount of times that he had been crushed beneath heels or sat on, he often wondered if he was durable enough to survive a trip through the stomach. Of course testing this theory out could be dangerous, it’d be interesting for him to try it out given certain safety parameters were in place.

“What’s your name, little guy?” The woman asked, as she spread open a curtain and stepped inside a private room that was empty.

“K-Kenny…” Kenny stuttered.

“Kenny? I love it!” The woman winked at him, as she walked over to the small table that was beside a lounge chair. She carefully set him down on top of it, bending down to bring her face close to his body, “nice to meet you Kenny. My name is Skye.”

“Wow… A beautiful name!” Kenny admired her beauty, peering into her shining eyes as she looked down at him closely.

“Why thank you!” Skye blushed a little, and for the first time Kenny felt as if he was finally doing something right.

“So… What now?” Kenny asked, clearly unsure of how to even remotely proceed.

Skye laughed amusedly, shaking her head as if to admire how pure and innocent he was, “now… We have some fun.”

“... Fun?” Kenny whispered, his eyes growing wide as he watched Skye stand up tall, towering over his diminutive size. She smiled flirtatiously, as she reached around her back and undid her tight bra. Her tits were so large, that the moment she undid them they practically flung across the room. Kenny gulped anxiously, Skye’s now fully exposed breasts staring down at him. They were absolutely perfect in his mind, plump and round with soft pointy nipples that poked out at him.

“What do you think cutie?” Skye asked, grabbing her firm breasts with her palms and giving them a mild bounce as if to further seduce the young man. The attention he gave her, the complete infatuation, it was almost intoxicating for the club stripper. She was so used to hardly getting any watchers at all, days of not receiving any tips. Even when she did have an audience, they were usually looking across the club at other dancers anyways, and it was quite a blow to her morale. But here she had this one inch little young man, and to him she was the most breathtaking thing he could have ever beheld.

“I… Uhh…” Kenny tried to formulate a proper response, one that he felt would be respectable and gentlemanly.

Skye giggled when she saw him speechless, rolling her eyes teasingly as she shook her head yet again, “you know, it’s ok to tell me they’re sexy right?”

Kenny blushed, “I know it’s just… I think too highly of you to use such words…”

Skye came down to her knees, plopping her gigantic tits on the small table before Kenny. Kenny jumped back in surprise, as Skye rested her elbow on the table. She rested her chin in her palm, her other arm resting horizontally on the table's surface as she smiled down at him. She raised an eyebrow, “you think highly of me huh? You just only met me!”

“I’m so sorry… I don’t even know what to say I’m so nervous,” Kenny admitted, his face flushed red with embarrassment.

Skye giggled harmoniously, taking her hand and patting Kenny on the head gently, “you’re just a nervous wreck aren’t you? I appreciate your respectable behavior! Just compliment me anyway it suits you, alright?”

Kenny smiled up at her, “alright then… They are gorgeous, just like you!”

Skye held her hand up to her mouth in laughter, “oh my… So cheesy. I’m going to enjoy your company…”

“C.. Company?” Kenny found himself gazing into her eyes and unable to look away. She bit her lip, giving him a seducing wink as she motioned down to her breasts with her eyes.

“Are you going to just stand there and talk? Or are you going to show me how highly you think of me?”

Kenny looked back at her breasts, such smooth and perfect things they were. Of course he wanted to just throw himself into them, and fondle them the best he could. He was nervous however, that lingering doubt still in his mind that he would mess it up somehow. Needless to say, Kenny was quite insecure when it came to women, especially now that he actually had the chance to experience one. Her forthcomingness was also unsettling, Kenny wondering if it was just because it was her job or if she was genuinely interested in him.

“Sheesh… I guess I’m going to have to literally throw myself onto you then…” Skye teased, lifting her tits gently and bringing them forward in Kenny’s direction.

Kenny found his vision engulfed by her luscious breasts, as they came down on top of him. The soft flesh of her bosom was like a sea of clouds, infinite softness and cushion from every direction. The sweet smell of vanilla lavender filled his nostrils, likely the lotion that she applied to herself earlier that day. It was as if he was smelling a scented candle directly, the smell so intoxicating as he felt himself to be in heaven almost.

Skye was greatly amused, feeling Kenny’s slight movements beneath her large boobs. She wondered if she had mistakenly hurt him, but considering he didn’t show any signs of struggling she decided he was just enjoying himself. She began to rock her tits back and forth sensually, sliding her soft skin against his body hoping it would ease the tension he had built up.

It certainly had, all of Kenny’s doubts vanishing practically in an instant as he felt her soft skin slide over his body. He felt himself get so hard that he almost wanted to whip it out right then and there, but of course he knew that would be inappropriate and instead he kept a sound mind as he enjoyed the erotic experience. He ended up licking and sucking on the skin of her breast, unable to stop himself from tasting the sweet skin of her lavish form. Kenny was in love, this woman so gentle and kind to him in a way that no other ever had been. Not to mention that she was the most dazzling woman he had ever laid eyes on in his entire life.

“Mmm,” Skye moaned, “I hope you’re enjoying yourself down there… Because I sure am.”

“Mmmph!” Kenny mumbled, his face full of boob and he found himself unable to give a coherent response.

“What was that cutie?” Skye giggled, spreading her boobs apart to spot Kenny just between them. He was flat on his back, smiling up at her with lustful eyes.

“I… You are so… Beautiful…” Kenny murmured.

“Yes, you’ve told me that about a hundred times now,” Skye giggled again, the flattery too much to take in, “you don’t look like you’re done yet though…”

She reached between her breasts and plucked Kenny off the table. She then rested backwards a little, her bubbly but resting on her ankles as she took Kenny and firmly pressed him against her right nipple. Her skin once again sank all around his body, her finger pressing gently into his back to ensure he wouldn’t fall to the floor.

“Go to town cutie… Make me feel something,” Skye said, her mouth slightly open with her tongue poking and prodding at her lips.

Kenny took hold of her nipple in his tiny hands, letting his tongue out as he licked and caressed the soft yet slightly rough skin. To interact with just her nipple, while pressed firmly into the soft skin of her breast, was simply an incredible experience. Kenny didn’t want this moment to end, as he continued to lick and suck on her giant nipple all while she moaned from above. For Skye, the odd sensation of a tiny man slobbering all over her nipple was simply stimulating. The fact that she towered above him like a goddess was an experience she never knew she wanted. She loved how enraptured Kenny was with her, how attractive he made her feel. She had never experienced this before, and she couldn’t help but feel the urge to just drop him into her panties and take him home with her.

“Oh my…” Skye moaned, “you feel so amazing down there…”

Kenny pulled his face away, looking up at her with surprise, “r-really?”

Skye giggled, “for your first time pleasing a woman… You’re not doing terribly, alright?”

Kenny blushed, “I’m glad you’re enjoying it…”

For a moment they both fell silent, staring awkwardly into one another’s eyes. Kenny was completely entranced, as she gazed into his soul with her gorgeous and flickering eyes. Skye found her thoughts running rampant, as she took in Kenny’s small stature more and more. If he felt that amazing on something as simple as her breast, she couldn’t help but fantasize what he’d feel like ‘down below’. He was small, she could just snatch him away and keep him for herself. ‘It’s not like he’d object,’ Skye thought to herself, ‘he’s practically in love with me…’

“Is… Is everything alright?” Kenny asked, when the continued silence began to cause him concern.

“Kenny…” Skye interrupted, deciding to indulge her newfound fantasies, “I’m going to take you home…”

“What..?” Kenny was shocked, not at all expecting to hear such a thing.

“I love feeling you on my body Kenny… But there are some things I want from you that I can’t do here at the club,” Skye explained, “don’t fight me… Just let it happen alright?”

“I won’t fight you,” Kenny shook his head, “I’d… I’d love to go home with you…”

Skye raised an eyebrow, “you… You would?” Skye brought her hands up to her face, rubbing her temple as she tried to think the situation through, “Kenny… I didn’t have any intention of bringing you back here…”

“Oh… Well that’s alright,” Kenny was screaming in his head again. ‘That’s alright? Is that alright!?’ Kenny couldn’t help but feel as if he was being a fool, but at the same time he wanted nothing more than to go home with this woman and do whatever it was she wanted him to do.

“It… It is?” Skye shook her head frantically, “no… Are you a fool? You’re just going to let a strange stripper kidnap you and keep you forever!?”

“I mean…” Kenny thought about his next words carefully, “would you really though? Keep me forever? I could just come back to the club you know, and see you again if you’d like? If you want me that much, I’d love to come see you more!”

Skye was blown away, looking down at Kenny as if he were insane. The look of infatuation in his eyes, the look of lust, she wasn’t used to this kind of behavior from anyone. She didn’t know if she’d ever meet another living soul who’d see who this way, the way that Kenny did. He wasn’t even scared that she might just keep him, knowing that she could do so full well and he wouldn’t be able to stop her.

“Kenny…” Skye spoke softly, “I want you.”

“You… You want m-” Kenny was promptly interrupted, as Skye snatched him off the table. She brought him close to her stomach, as she began to lower him down to her waist. Immediately Kenny could hear the distant gurgling and groans behind the flesh of her stomach, his heart racing with excitement yet again as he was reminded of the odd fantasy he had. As quickly as he was near her stomach however, he was also gone when she brought him down just above the waistline of her thong.

“You are a good person Kenny…” Skye spoke softly, “I’d feel horrible for keeping you to myself… So I promise I’ll bring you back here after I’m done with you alright?”

Kenny wasn’t even able to respond, as she pulled the waistband of her thong from her skin creating a large opening ‘down below’. The sweet smell of her woman hood rose and wafted over his body, and in reaction Kenny couldn’t help but simply enjoy it. He only enjoyed it for a short moment, as Skye’s fingers let him go and he found himself plummeting all the way down into her thong. He hit the inside of the fabric and slid down it like a slide, all the way until his body collided gently into a wet and slimy wall. When he was snug against her vagina, Skye let her waist band snap back shut, snuggly trapping him inside of her panties.

“Oh my God…” Skye moaned, immediately feeling a rush of pleasure shoot up her spine, “this was such a great idea.”

Kenny was overwhelmed by the sexual tension he felt, his body literally pressed against the moist and most erotic part of a woman’s body. He never would have imagined this outcome, when he decided to approach Skye on the stage. He knew it was foolish, but he was absolutely in love with this woman. Between her gentle and teasing personality, and her absolutely breathtaking figure, it was enough to cause the young man to fall in love.

He wanted to make her happy, and knew that she expected him to make a pleasureful ruckus down there. He pressed his palms into the fleshy folds of her pussy, moaning as he took in the incredible feeling of touching another woman’s privates. He felt like a child, but he couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of happiness as he thrust himself into the lips of her vagina as he began to reach down his pants and touch himself.

Skye had already clocked out, and found herself biting her lip so hard she almost drew blood. Kenny was certainly causing a scene inside her thong, and the urge to shove him inside of her was so strong she had to fight herself from doing it right there in the club. The second she got in her car she was going to finger herself the entire drive home, which thankfully would be a short drive anyways considering she only lived five minutes down the road from the club.

As Skye rushed out of the club, Kenny was already enjoying the experience on his end. The sweet smell and thick fluids that were secreting from her cavity sent him into an entranced state as he fondled and threw himself into the woman’s privates. He only hoped it wasn’t too far, as he reached up and began to play with her clit in the hopes of eliciting arousal. She had dropped him in there, and he knew that she wouldn’t have done so unless she liked him right? Though Kenny’s anxiety was on the backburner, as he became obsessed with pleasing the first woman who had ever bothered to give him attention.

Skye was not at all disappointed, not in the slightest. Considering how nervous and hesitant Kenny had been with her initially, she was ecstatic to learn that once given the chance, he had not wasted it. As Kenny fondled and sucked and played around with her clit she felt a jolt of pleasure rush throughout her entire body. She wanted to cram him so deep inside of her and feel his movements within the confines of her fleshy walls, but at the same time she didn’t want to go too far after Kenny had been so willing. She still couldn’t believe that Kenny had told her it would be alright if she took him home and never brought him back, and the more she thought about it the more turned on she became. To have this adorable and innocent young tiny man so infatuated with her, that he wouldn’t mind at all if she did such a thing was the strangest sensation she had ever felt.

“Fuck…” Skye moaned, rushing to her car door, “don’t stop Kenny… Don’t stop!”

Kenny heard her loud and clear, trying to the best of his ability to get even more vigorous with his erotic handling. He felt the overwhelming urge to begin nibbling on her clit, simultaneously rubbing it’s sides while also rubbing himself further into her folds. He was dripping wet in her orgasmic juices, which had soaked through his clothing entirely. He felt the slimy juices coating his rock hard dick, which only sent him further into the erotic abyss he had succumbed to. His feet began to slide inside of her pussy, as his body became so wet that he was starting to slide down her slit.

“Oh my…” Skye started the car, pulling out of the parking lot and speeding off onto the nearly  empty street. She could feel Kenny’s body slipping inside of her. The thought that Kenny was so small, that his body could easily slip inside of her walls was absolutely exhilarating. Unable to wait any longer, she took one hand on the wheel while cramming her free hand down her panties.

“I can’t resist little one…” Skye informed, “hope you don’t mind!”

Kenny felt Skye’s long and slender fingers creep up behind him, his body already halfway inside of her vagina as he felt the two fingers press gently against his back. Skye was being very careful, which was a miracle because she was almost about to cram him inside forcefully. She didn’t want to hurt him though, and she most certainly didn’t want to harm him out of fear that his infatuation would die off. Kenny however welcomed the action, grabbing his dick and massaging it sensually as he felt Skye shove him inside of her soaking wet snatch.

“Oh… OH…” Skye opened her mouth wide, barely able to pay any attention to the road as her body tensed up with pleasure. She slowly shoved Kenny’s body inside of her vagina, a sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced washing over her. She felt his tiny hands and feet sliding against the inside of her pussy, as Kenny tried to feel and massage every square inch of it as he could.

Being surrounded by her completely on all sides, to be inside of her body in this manner, sent Kenny over the edge. He totally forgot about his friend Matt, and the fact he was supposed to be picking him up later. The thoughts of his attraction to Matt’s sister faded entirely, Skye now being the only thing on his mind as he became the tool of her ultimate pleasure. He could hear her moans reverberating throughout the fleshy and rigid walls that surrounded him, moans that expressed absolute bliss. Kenny could no longer contain himself, blowing his load all over the inside of his pants as the woman reached an intense climax.

She was just pulling up to her driveway, her fingers deep inside of her with Kenny not much further past them. She felt him convulse inside of her, and though she couldn’t tell for sure she had a feeling the little man had came. The thought of Kenny cumming in her vagina sent even more chills down her spine, as she too began to convulse as her fluids began to rush out of her. Kenny was overwhelmed as Skye reached an intense orgasm, her fluids washing over his body like a river and carrying him towards the opening as Skye retreated her two fingers.

Kenny was thrown against her panties, a rush of juices blasting his body as Skye completely soaked her thong. She wasn’t quite done however, the sensitivity of womanhood still strong. She had pulled her hand out of her thong, and instead pressed against the surface where Kenny’s body had been thrown against. She pressed firmly down on it, forcing Kenny yet again into her slit. Kenny’s face slapped against her clit, and instead of fighting he instead continued to please her by doing as he had done before. He licked and sucked on her clit, even though it was totally soaked. He actually enjoyed the taste of her womanhood, and the fluids that had come out of it. Not only did it taste great, but he was still immensely aroused even though he had finished inside of her.

Skye wasn’t backing down much either, resting in her driver's seat after parking the car. She kept pressing Kenny more and more firmly against her pussy, her fluids secreting out of the thong like a sponge as she did so. The harder she pressed, the more vigorous Kenny became when pleasing her. She couldn’t have asked for anything more, and she quickly began to realize that no man had ever treated her or pleased her this way in her entire life. Kenny was most certainly a one of a kind, and his innocence only made it that much better. She loved how anxious he was, how willing and obedient he was. 

She wanted to kidnap him earlier, merely to have a little plaything back at home when she got horny. But something changed in her, and even though she had just met Kenny tonight she couldn’t help but begin to feel something for him. Had she finally found a man who saw her true beauty, a man who would dedicate himself to her and all her needs? She had been used so many times, but now she was the one using Kenny. The power was incredible, but at the same time she didn’t want to force Kenny to do anything.

Skye finally let up, releasing her firm press upon Kenny and reaching inside of her thong to retrieve him. Kenny felt her fingers grip the back of his shirt, and for a small moment he felt a little disappointed as she pulled him out. Skye brought him up to her eyes, looking at the young man who was now completely soaked in her own bodily fluids. The sight was arousing, the fact she had just crammed him inside of her attributing to the arousal despite already having reached a climax. Skye smiled brightly at him, biting her lip momentarily as she inspected him from head to toe.

“Did… Did I make you happy?” Kenny asked nervously, hoping that his first time wasn’t disappointing for her.

“Did you make me happy?” Skye tilted her head back, buckling with laughter, “happy would be an understatement little man… That was, probably the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced!”

Kenny was shocked, his eyes wide in disbelief, “really!?”

Skye shook her head with a big grin on her face, “you really have like… No self esteem do you?”

Kenny shied away from her gaze embarrassed, “as I’ve told you before… Most don’t give me the time of day…”

“Funny…” Skye whispered, “I feel… The same way…”

The two slowly locked eyes again, a silence filling the car as they continued to gaze into one another's eyes. Skye’s eyes flickered brightly at him, and if he wasn’t sure before he was absolutely certain that he had just fallen in love. He wasn’t able to think of much more, because in the moment of silence and awkward gazing Skye couldn’t contain herself any longer as she pulled Kenny close to her face and embraced him with a gigantic wet kiss. Kenny’s face was engulfed by her plush and soft lips, he dick already getting hard again as if it had replenished itself already. He almost wanted to crawl into her mouth, but just enjoyed the kiss as it came.

When Skye pulled him away, she appeared to look panicked, “Kenny… If I take you back home… I’ll see you again won’t I?”

Kenny smiled brightly, “I could just give you my number? And you can come pick me up from my house every day when you get off your shift! Does that work?”

Skye rolled her eyes with a gushing smile, “my lord… You are very new to this aren’t you?” Skye giggled amusedly, blushing red as she looked back into Kenny’s eyes, “you are something… I’ll tell you that much!”

“I never imagined my night would go this… Wonderfully,” Kenny responded, still unable to believe that he had just practically had sex with arguably the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.

“You made me very happy,” Skye assured, “is there anything you’d like me to do now? To make you happy?”

“Trust me…” Kenny smiled, “you’ve made me very happy!”

Skye teasingly shoved him with her finger, “oh come on. There’s gotta be somethin’ I can do? Icing on the cake perhaps?”

Kenny thought about her proposal, nothing on the surface of his mind that he could fathom. When he heard the familiar groaning of her stomach however, he found his gaze peering down at it. Her belly was still exposed, smooth and perfect as it was the last time he looked at it. Skye noticed his eyes had looked down at her gut, and she giggled as she began to rub it gently.

“Oops… I must be hungry!” Skye blushed, “sorry about that…”

“Oh no don’t be!” Kenny inserted, “your stomach… It’s beautiful!”

“My stomach huh?” Skye shook her head again, “come on now… You can’t be infatuated with all of me can yuh?”

Kenny became nervous, the deep fantasy within his mind starting to poke and prod at him. She had practically offered to do anything for him, and he knew that with her it would be everything he’d ever dreamed of. But would she go for it? Kenny would literally be asking her to devour him, and he was deathly afraid of scaring her off. Despite his nagging fears, Skye had been more than forthcoming with her own fantasies. She openly told him about kidnapping him, and he figured he should be forthcoming as well if they were going to start seeing one another on a frequent basis.

“Can I tell you something Skye?” Kenny asked, his face flushed red.

“Of course toots!” Skye smiled, “what’s your little heart desire hmm?”

“I’ve never told anyone this before…” Kenny nearly whispered, “I mean my friend Matt knows… But I’ve never actually admitted it to him…”

Skye giggled, “just tell me hun. You pleased me incredibly tonight… I want to do the same! Now spit it out yuh hear me?”

Kenny took in a deep breath, looking up at her beautiful face as he tried to find the courage to spit out his deepest desire. Skye waited in suspense, not wanting to speak out of fear she’d delay him any further. After a brief moment, Kenny finally spat it out, “I have a… I want… Can you swallow me whole?”

Skye raised an eyebrow, “can I what now?”

Kenny shook his head, “no no… Nevermind I shouldn’t have asked you…”

“Stawp,” Skye retorted, “come on now, don’t be like that anymore! Haven’t you learned by now that you aren’t gonna scare me away?”

Kenny looked up at her nervously, “I’m… I’m not?”

Skye laughed, “of course not silly! If I haven’t made this quite clear… I plan on fucking you again. Alright? I said it. Sheesh… You really are bad at this aren’t you?”

Kenny laughed nervously, and Skye winked at him flirtatiously, “now then, you want me to swallow you whole? Wouldn’t I kill you?”

“I don’t think you would…” Kenny answered, “I’ve survived being stepped on, women with heels even! I think if you let me out before a couple hours pass I’ll be fine!”

“And you trust me to do that…?” Skye narrowed her eyes, “you did hear my stomach right? What if I decide to have myself a little snack and let you digest huh?”

Kenny began to sweat, her words ringing in his ears. She wasn’t aware of it at that moment, but Kenny had become extremely turned on by the way she spoke about him digesting inside of her. Of course Kenny wouldn’t want to die, but the thought of becoming her food and fueling her gorgeous body was most certainly arousing. Skye waited for a response, but received none. She noticed the enormous bulge in his pants, and began to snicker when she realized what had just happened.

“Oh my… Does that turn you on, little man?” Skye giggled heartily, “you wanna be my little snack huh? Oh my gawd you’re so fucking adorable!”

Kenny snapped himself out of it, “I’m so sorry… It’s a stupid fantasy I know…”

“Stupid?” Skye thought to herself for a moment, “I’ll admit it’s a little weird maybe. I can’t imagine how one would be aroused by becoming my late night snack but… I’ll certainly let you live your fantasy if you want.”

Kenny’s ears perked up, “you… You would?”

Skye patted her belly, “sure will. I ain’t gonna fucking digest  you though… I’ll regurgitate you back up after an hour or two, if you promise to God that you’ll live that long…”

“I know I will!” Kenny quickly answered, “I can’t believe you’re going to make this dream of mine come true…”

Skye brought him closer to her mouth, “I’ll admit though… Kinda curious to know how it’ll feel…”

“How… How what will feel?” Kenny asked, a nervous anticipation crawling over him as he felt himself being brought closer and closer to her soft and inviting lips.

Skye bit her lip, a deep moan emanating from behind her throat as she brought her tongue across her lips, “how it’ll feel to slide down my throat…”

With those final teasing words, she parted her lips wide as she brought Kenny forward quickly. He was able to see clear into the back of her throat, the dark passage that led down her esophagus and to the place he had always dreamt of being again, ever since his experience with Matt’s sister. After seeing Skye’s smooth and sexy stomach, it was almost too good to be true to know that he would actually get to be inside of it. As Skye brought her lips over Kenny’s body, he felt as if he were in heaven for a brief moment as he felt her lips clamp down around his waist and lift him off her palm.

She began to slurp on him, slapping her giant thick tongue in his face and tasting it thoroughly as she welcomed him to her mouth. Kenny wasn’t really sure how to react, he simply kept still as he allowed Skye to do whatever it was she had planned. He felt his body get slurped further inside as she sucked the rest of his body into her awaiting mouth. She felt the entirety of his body land on her wet tongue, and she immediately began to swish her spit around her mouth as she began to lubricate and coat Kenny’s body. If she was going to swallow him whole, she knew she’d have to get him nice and wet first.

Kenny was assaulted by all corners as he was tossed around her mouth, her thick tongue spreading it’s saliva all over his body and drenching him in her spit. He didn’t even fight it, he quite enjoyed the feeling. He felt like a piece of candy in her mouth, a piece to be savored and played with. Kenny was rock hard yet again, but unable to even touch himself as he was tossed around repeatedly.

Skye wanted to give Kenny the full experience before sending him down, taking the tip of her tongue and curling it over backwards as she prodded around. When she finally found his legs, she moved her tongue up towards his crotch. Kenny was surprised when he felt her tongue jam into his junk, pressing against it and rubbing over it sensually as if to get him off before swallowing him whole. Kenny was intoxicated with overwhelming pleasure, kicking his pants off and ripping off his underwear so that he could feel her tongue against his bare cock.

Kenny moaned and groaned, as Skye tilted her driver's seat backwards to get more comfortable as she worked Kenny’s penis really well with her tongue. Despite how small it was, she could feel it press into the tip of her tongue as she played around with it. ‘Who would have ever thought smaller could be so much fun…’ Skye thought to herself, amused at how odd it felt to have such a tiny dick in her mouth.

Kenny felt himself reaching the brink yet again, unaware that Skye had been slowly working him towards the back of her throat. Just when he thought he was about to cum, her tongue pressed up underneath him and shoved him head first into her throat. It caught Kenny off guard, his waist flying upwards and his dick slapping against her uvula as he tumbled into her esophagus. Skye raised her tongue, giving a thick gulp as she swallowed Kenny whole. To her amazement, she felt his tiny cock sliding down against the walls of her throat, and it was so hot that she couldn’t help but slip her hand back into her thong and play with clit to the feeling of Kenny venturing downwards to her stomach.

Meanwhile Kenny had reached his second orgasm of the night, the feeling of her mucus covered esophagus against his cock enough to make him blow his load yet again; this time all over the walls of her throat. His face pressed against a pink and wrinkled surface, her sphincter, which opened up and swallowed him inside before sending him into the depths of acid below. Kenny was submerged for only a moment, before surfacing to get a breath of air.

He could just barely see the inside of her stomach, the walls rigid and bumpy. The inside of her stomach was bright pink, bubbles formed around the edge of her stomach on the surface of her stomach acid. The stench of burnt air filled his lungs, and though it was mildly painful he couldn’t help but get turned on yet again by the environment that was Skye’s gut. He almost wished she wasn’t on an empty stomach, so he could see what it would be like to swim amongst the food that her stomach would be digesting. Kenny tilted his head back a little, taking in the immense pleasure that came with being inside of the woman he had fallen in love with this starry night.

He hadn’t known it yet, but Skye began to wonder if she too had fallen in love with Kenny. She wasn’t sure if it was just good sex, or if she had legitimately felt an attraction to Kenny as a person. She remembered how odd it was to see him down at her feet, poking her toes like a silly little goofball. The entire thing was laughable, yet the way he spoke of her and treated her… It was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

As Skye rested back in her driver's seat, she rubbed her belly sensually as she felt Kenny enjoying himself inside of it. She had set her alarm for one hour, deciding not to risk losing such an incredible young man who she had a feeling would please her for a very long time to come. Kenny floated peacefully in her acids, pure bliss washing over him as he wondered what his future with Skye held.


The two rested, Kenny having completely forgotten that Matt was supposed to pick him up. Matt of course would freak out when Kenny was nowhere to be found, but later on him and Kenny would be laughing with one another… As Kenny gloated about the wonderful experience he had at the club, and the amazing woman he had met there...





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