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Tricia had the misfortune of being born with a rare genetic condition which caused her to shrink as a result of stress. This caused her to be bullied by another girl named Janine, who would frequently torment her in school in order to cause her to shrink, inch by inch. Tricia had actually been a fairly tall girl and towered over Janine when they first met, but as a result of years of bullying, by the time they both graduated, Tricia had been shrunken down to the size of a mere hobbit, with her face now being level with Janine's ass.

During the final day of school, Janine took advantage of Tricia's convenient ass-level height by forcing the hobbit-sized girl to smell and lick her ass in the girl's lockerroom after getting sweaty in gym class. "It's a real shame I couldn't finish the job and cause you to shrink out of existence, but here's a parting gift so you can always remember me by," Janine laughed, as she ripped a stinky fart in the hobbit girl's face, causing her to gag and retch, and also lose even more of her height.

Tricia never forget the smell and the taste of the bully's ass she was forced to worship on that final day of school, and the memory of it haunted her and traumatized her. But it also made her determined to speak out against bullying, so she became an influential speaker in the anti-bullying movement and the harm it can do to victims -- especially ones with the rare shrinking disorder like she had.

Despite being robbed of most of her height and being reduced to a hobbit as a result of years of bullying by Janine, Tricia was able to overcome the hurdles of her shrunken size and live a somewhat normal and even successful life. She met a man with the same shrinking disorder, who had also been shrunken down to a hobbit as a result of bullying in school. Together they had a daughter named Renee, who unfortunately also inherited their shrinking disorder, but for the time being showed no signs of it, and like her mother before the shrinking, Renee was a very tall and beautiful girl.

Everything seemed to be going great, and no one at school even knew that Renee had the shrinking disorder, let alone bullied her for it. This all came to a crashing end one day, when Renee came home in tears, and Tricia noticed to her horror that she was now a few inches shorter than she had been when the bus picked her up that morning. When Tricia asked her what happened, Renee explained that a girl named Mary had seen that Tricia was a hobbit when she drove the car in a booster seat to pick Renee up from school the day before. Mary knew that Renee's mother was a hobbit, and that most likely she had also inherited the disorder. So Mary began bullying her to find out.

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This story was written for a collage I posted on Deviantart. If you're interested, please check it out at the following link:



As for this story here on Giantessworld, I consider my involvement in it over, but I would be interested to see what others might make of it if they decide to pick up the reigns and continue it. So I decided to set it to be "Round Robin" so the option exists where someone can continue it if they want to, and I give my authorization just so long as credit is given and all that stuff. I may do that with all stories I upload here moving forward.

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