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Story Notes:

This is a fantasy I've had in my head since around the start of quarantine! Inspired by those missed connection pages on craigslist! Two perspectives this time around. Second person for the tiny, and first-person for me~!

"Aaaaahhhh!" You wake with fright, naked and cold. Racking your brain for answers as it tries to work through the alcohol-induced haze still polluting your brain. Did you fall asleep jerking it again? It’s not very clear.

You shake your head lightly, marveling at the sheer stupidity of the situation. Thankfully you always had a habit of locking your door. How embarrassing would it be if Lexy found you passed out, dick in hand? Yeah, you didn't want to think too hard on that one.

Carefully, you rise to your feet. Just as you put one foot in front of the other, you get hit with a moving wave of unfamiliarity. It washes over you like a bucket of water straight to the face; Serving only to heighten the anxiety already pulsing through you.

The prickly surface is stabbing the underside of your toes, and the white bristles poke roughly into your bare feet. Where is this place? Why weren’t you in bed? All of it is so utterly confusing.

Your eyes scour the landscape, several beer bottles and cans littering the floor, massive in scope and scale. Undoubtedly, they dwarfed the size of you by about ten times over. Similarly, used tissues and dirty clothes sit lying idly near the bed.

You caught it, the virus that had kept you locked away in a personal hell for the last year. But you don't understand. Every bone in your miniaturized body screams in anger. You were so careful, always wore masks, and stayed away from others! None of this is fair! You were going to college to make something of yourself! You didn't deserve this; nobody did!

You'd be astonished at how disgusting it all was if you weren’t so busy pondering the loss of normalcy now facing you—the agonizingly long and painful road ahead.

You lash out in a blind rage, kicking the bottle next to you, eliciting an immediate shriek of pain as your toes curl under the thick tinted glass. Instant karma, you curse out loud at your stupidity. However, it does little to tackle the growing emotional pain inside you.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. You know as well as anybody there's no going back. If there was a cure, the world hasn't managed to figure one out yet. Fuck, the next stop would be one of those tiny reserves you'd heard so much talk about recently. You sigh, pacing back and forth as you weigh the options.

Nearly crying out in frustration, you stop cold as you catch a glimpse of the spider web at the far end of your bed. 

That news report you saw last week of a tiny citizen getting trapped in a spider web flash painful images through your brain. The reserve may be far from ideal, but anything had to be better than being eaten by some bug, right? You shiver at the thought, chills attacking your very core. That train of thought isn’t something you have any interest in dwelling on any further.

The silence is hauntingly eerie, with most of the house's occupants out for the night. Out to the bars again, probably. It's jackasses like them that are probably the reason you caught the bug. Still, you can't help but curse the horrible luck. Of course, you’d caught the virus on a Friday night. The irony of the situation is almost comical.

Wait, that’s right! You mentally scold yourself for not thinking about it sooner. Alexis was still home, right? Yeah! She’s probably clamming up in that room like always.

Come to think of it, you struggle to think of a better person to find you in this state! She has always been so sweet and helpful towards you. Admittedly, gaining a teensy bit of a crush for her in the days since the start of lockdown.

Your mind is made up, and your focus steeled. You have to reach Lexy as soon as possible. You’re much too vulnerable and far too small just to wait around hoping for a miraculous rescue. No, if you want to stay alive, it’s on you and you alone.

You mentally change gears, setting off with confidence. Jogging to the other end of the room in no time at all, and slip your slender yet fit frame right under the door with only the tiniest bit of added effort.

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