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Author's Chapter Notes:

Two friends wake up, one much earlier than they're accustomed to. What lies in store for Chris and Alexis? There's only one way to find out...

Chapter Tags: [Sweat] [Excersise] [Entrapment] [Humilation]

The warm water washes over your skin, the suds effortlessly sliding off your legs and down the drain in a bubbly flurry. All the while, a smile refuses to leave your freshly cleaned face. You’d been positively gleaming since yesterday, thrilled beyond words. Though, you aren’t quite sure what the day has in store. Regardless of what events were yet to unfold, you know today is going to be an absolute blast!


Consulting your mental checklist, you made sure all the regular places were shiny and clean. Butt? Soaped. Thighs? Scrubbed. Pussy? Smooth and shaved. All the familiar areas for a dick appointment, foamed up and extra sparkly. Check, check, and check!


You hop out of the shower and quickly set off to find what you'll wear. Tearing through your workout outfits, you see the apparent choice pop right out at you. Sports bra, tank top, yogas, and the cherry on top: a black laced up thong. Perfect! You check your phone: almost nine, one more hour to go. You were supposed to meet Chris at the park around ten, but maybe you'd get a short jog in beforehand. Yeah… couldn’t hurt, right?


Ambient noise fills your ears, birds chirping, and the sounds of children playing in the wide-open green. You tap your leg nervously as the uncomfortable metal slats on the park bench dig into your rear. It’s already fifteen past ten; what could possibly be taking her so long?


Usually, you’re pretty confident about everything, but yesterday had left you shaken. You knew Alexis would never do anything to harm you, but thinking about being completely at her mercy again gives you chills. It’s about as frighting to imagine as it is arousing. Though, despite your apparent fears, this wasn't an opportunity you were about to pass up freely. No, you’d never live this down if you declined such a forward proposal from Alexis. Not sure what to expect, you threw on some old workout clothes, and you figure your bestie would probably be wearing something similar. 

You sigh, impatient and annoyed. Reaching a hand into your left pocket, you slip the rectangular device smoothly into your hands, flicking the lock screen open with frequently rehearsed motions.


Chris: Heyo

Chris: At the spot


No response. At least, for a little while. A couple of minutes pass before your phone beeps with the usual noise to signal an incoming notification.


Lexi: Perfect

Lexi: Stuck at the crosswalk. See you soon!


That eases your nerves a bit. Naturally, you’d slept like shit last night. Stray thoughts give way to anxiety intense enough to keep you awake. Leaning back, you let out a mighty yawn. God, you are way too high-strung. Some rest probably couldn't hurt, you figure. Your eyes close, starting to drift off as a loud snap reaches your ears. Both eyelids shoot open, and right away, something feels off. Climbing to your feet, it doesn’t take long to deduce that the floor is made entirely of polished green metal. It’s familiar, yet you struggle to grasp the surroundings.


That’s when it hits you; this was the very same bench you had just been sitting at. Except, you've shrunk. Peering upwards, you immediately spot Alexis' all imposing figure. Her legs and ass are hugged tightly by her yogas, her body alone seeming to extend in the sky indefinitely. Had you been religious, you might have even compared her to some angel. But Lexy was no angel. You'd be hard-pressed to call her anything but an imp, maybe some sort of sexy succubus after yesterday.


Last time you didn't have to deal with how massive she was. The inside of her pants felt like a self-contained world of sorts. But out here, she was a whole universe.


"Huh, I wonder... where could Chris possibly be?" She was looking right at you, a shit-eating grin splayed across her face. You knew exactly what that face meant, trouble.


"Hmm, guess I'll take a seat!" She flips around, and you see both the object of your desire and torment. Her round bubble butt, clad in her favorite yogas. In an instant, the sky goes dark with ominous implications. She wasn't going to sit on you, was she?!


Ugh, seeing him so small and helpless is beyond adorable, and it only makes you want to bully him more. You loved him to death, in a platonic sort of way, of course. But, something about watching his little mannerisms go wild is so… arousing! Truth be told, you didn’t really understand it all that well yourself. 

You'd already managed to work up a bit of a sweat, so you're relieved you had opted to spray those lower areas with some light perfume before you headed out. Didn’t want to go overboard the first time, after all.


With a mischievous gleam in your eyes, you let your ass hover in the air right above him, twirling a hand in all the usual motions for the familiar spell. Its effects are instantaneous, like most of the charms you knew. As a direct result of the cast, he quickly finds himself stuck to that very same bench like a used piece of gum. A not-so-far-off comparison considering his diminutive size. You reason that it should be enough to stop your ass from blowing him between the benches metal bars. It’s hard to resist letting out a stifled giggle as your ass impacts the warm metal. Hopefully, you scared that boy shitless; payback for when Chris tricked you into watching that scary movie last month. Then, taking a deep breath, you lean back and roll out the sarcasm, "Oh yeah, I totally needed a break. It's just soooo stuffy out today!"


Your eyes scan the bench in front of you and quickly pick up his tiny form. An absolute speck flanked by both of your enormous fabric-covered thighs. With almost predatory intent, you stare into him, meeting his vastly inferior gaze. Generally, Chris was a somewhat charming guy, with good looks too. It isn't something lost on you; the man had a confident aura around him. But, you have to admit, there's something about how helpless he is in this moment that just makes him so appealing. The thought of dominating him is all the more exciting in your mind.


At his size, you wondered if he could tell how wet you already were. Your pussy is craving attention, but you couldn't let him know that yet. You both had a long jog ahead of you. However, something tells you it might feel a bit longer for the bug currently residing between your plush legs.



Silence. Nothing except for the soft chorus of the birds. Are you dead? Fearing the worst, you cautiously open your eyes and are greeted by none other than Alexis, still grinning ear to ear. Looking at her now, she’s far more extensive than you ever thought any person or object could ever feasibly be. The seemingly unending thighs flanking you from both sides do an excellent job putting how truly puny you are into perspective. She wiggles her phone back and forth expectantly with her hand, breaking you out of a daze with her impatience.


"Yeah yeah..." You grumble under your breath. You nearly drop your phone from how hard your hands are shaking. The whole situation had frozen your very veins. Fuck, why did she have to look at you like that? Almost as if she was looking through you. It was so… intimidating.


Lexi: Where are you? All I see is this weird bug :p


Chris: Not funny


Lexi: Come on

Lexi: I got you with that one

Lexi: Admit it

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