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Story Notes:

This story will have a heavy emphasis on humiliation and the arc of Chris and Lexy's friendship. If you're interested, stay tuned!

Rewrites are in progress! Chapter One, Trial Run, and Chapter Two have received a loving editing pass! I encourage you to check them out again if you've already read them. More to come soon!

Author's Chapter Notes:

We start off our adventure in a college courtyard, as Chris tries to charm his way into some size-related fun with Alexis!

"I mean, I'm not totally against it..." Your best friend legitimately pondered the idea as you both sat under one of the many trees in the college courtyard. It was a long shot, but you had to ask. It’s something that has plagued you since she first told you about this crazy second world. Witchcraft, charms, incantations. You knew she could make it happen, and you weren’t about to let the opportunity pass you by.

You'd been close to Alexis for years, even almost friends with benefits. Although it never quite lined up for either of you. One of you had always been dating, while the other was single. It was one of those unfortunate revolving door situations, where neither of you quite lined up with the other. The two of you had been through a lot together; helping each other through bad breakups was something you both felt indebted to each other for. But, through all of it, you couldn't help but admire her body. She was never really one to work out much, but she was far from chubby. Somehow, any pudge had gone to help reinforce her shapely ass and thighs. You always figured it was her Latina genes.

Fortunately, the attraction was mutual. Even just last week, Lexy had made a couple of suggestive comments about your butt in those grey sweats you’d worn over to her apartment. In fact, it’s exactly what had prompted this conversation in the first place. If she agreed, maybe there was something both of you could get out of this. You were always so comfortable around her; what was one little query into the realm of fantasy?

You take a sip of your coke. Droplets of condensation from the sweating can run down your palms. "Come on, I'm sure it would be fun for you too! Think about it, Lexy; when do you get to actually cut loose and use your powers?"

Her brow furrows, "Totally could do with some fun, but, I dunno, Chris. It's just kind of weird. You know, the whole um, butt part, I mean." So, she's hung up on that part. With a metaphorical crack of your mental knuckles, you lean in a bit closer. Time to work some of that patented charm.

"Not at all! Plenty of guys like anal, right? Same deal, just a teensy bit more on the extreme side of everything." Her expression remains unchanged. This was going to be a challenge.

You clear your throat, “Alright, well, think about it like this: You know those vibrating beads you bought when you and Sean were a thing?”

She nods dumbly, unsure of exactly where this conversation could be heading. You continue, “Well, I’d sort of be like one of those. Except, I’m not powered on batteries.” Sending a wink her way as you finish the latest pitch, you see her look off to the side in contemplation. You’re taken aback by the sheer intensity of her eyes. Oh fuck, she’s actually considering it! You know you’ll have to sweeten the pot somehow, so you throw in a desperate comment to break up the silence that had sunk in.

“Come on ‘Lex! I know you like getting your ass eaten, and I could do that all day! Just think about it. In class, during sports...” You pause for dramatic effect before whispering directly into her ear “-maybe even in bed. There’d be so much more of you to appreciate~.”

Her eyes go wide, only to lower in embarrassment as something crosses her mind. "Okay, pretty hot to think about, not going to lie. But, like, what if I have to, you know-” Alexis leans in closer, speaking in a much more hushed tone, “-fart or something?"

You have to admit, it's not one of the aspects you really considered. Although, a butt is a butt. It was a fact of life, though, no matter how much you admired her shapely posterior. You fiddle idly with the metal tab of the can as it presses coldly against your lap, "Guess it comes with the territory. I mean, you can always warn me first, right?"

She smiled, "Yeah totally, I could always just shoot you a text or something." She looked towards the ground, and you both went silent. The only sound between you was the metal tab moving rhythmically between your thumb and index finger.

She finally broke the silence, "I won't lie; it does sound sort of fun to bully you with just my butt." Her face suddenly lights up, "How about a trial run?"

You’re slightly taken aback, "O-oh, right now? Sure I gu-" You never get to finish the sentence. No transition, no sense of movement. Just darkness. There wasn't the usual feeling of vertigo like you read in stories or watched in movies. One second you were under the tree, and the very next was complete blackness. Almost as if someone had turned off the sun. It’s so disorienting that you completely forgot about the flashlight feature on your phone. You desperately claw at your back pocket, trying to fumble your way out of the darkness. That's when the humidity hits you, much like a punch to the face. The atmosphere is so intense, it’s borderline offensive to the sense. You reel backward from the sudden burst of heat, bumping into what could only be described as an elastic material, "Ugh, enough of this garbage." You tap the flashlight feature on, and your phone comes to life; Illuminating a whole world right before your very eyes.

Directly in front of you was the most enormous asshole you'd ever seen. Stubs of recently shaven hairs peek out along your friend’s moist skin as well, greeting you excitedly. You stumble backward in awe of it all, "No fucking way, this is too small..." You mumble to yourself, trailing off as you imagine the implications. Rough estimation, but you guessed maybe half an inch at most, possibly even tinier. It’s hard to tell in such a tight space. Of course, the phone vibrates in your hands, right on time. No surprise, It’s Alexis.

Lexi: How's the view? Everything you hoped? ;p

Chris: Lex this is too small. Make me a bit bigger. Please

Lexi: No can doooo! my butt my rules XD 'sides I made you sort of hard to break

Lexi: So don't be worried about getting killed by a random fart lol

Chris: Not funny

Lexi: It is to me lmao. Heading to class btw so hold on


The whole world starts to move as Alexis rises to her feet. Immediately, you were thrown hard into what you now realized was her thong. Her cheeks constantly slide against your tiny body and over the fabric of your clothes as she walks. The soft and warm flesh massages the entirety of your little body. You swore it usually didn't take her this long to walk to class.  

Maybe Lexy had taken the scenic route? Not that you minded, her walk to class had gotten you rock hard. Being enveloped by her soft globes was like a dream come true. A shuffle of papers could be heard briefly before the world once again got turned upside down.


Your phone vibrates as you pick yourself up from a rough tumble. You flick it open with the slide of a finger, the screen already sitting idly on the messenger app.


Lexi: Hope you enjoyed the ride ;)

Lexi: Last class for today. I can take you out when I get home

Chris: Hell yeah! It was like a full-body hand job

Chris: And yeah sounds good

Lexi: Seriously? tbh I can't even feel you back there. Was starting to worry you fell out

Now that was a scary thought. Even if you survived the fall, you'd probably be smashed to pieces under some freshman's converse long before she noticed you were gone. A shiver goes up to your spine. You had no intention of going out like that. Taking a deep breath, you put your dark anxieties aside and slide the phone back into your pocket, deciding it’s time to live out the fantasy. The very same one you’d had since age fourteen. You pull your pants down a bit, letting out your swollen cock. Slowly, you rub it against the flesh of her ass that almost ominously flanks both sides of you. However, in no time at all, you find yourself painting her cheeks with a pitiful amount of cum. Ropey strands fall uselessly down onto the soft material of her thong, while others stay plastered to her plush ass.

You weren't done yet, though. Using the cheeks above for the leverage, you climb upwards towards Lexi’s quivering anus. It shakes and wobbles at your very touch, perhaps even unconsciously. You waste no time kissing and licking at it with all you have, rubbing yourself thoroughly against it in some sort of passionate lust-filled fog. Thankfully, it seemed your bestie kept the whole area pretty clean. Sufficiently turned on again, you grab your dick and start stroking. Taking in the heat, the pheromones, and even the ambient sounds of her body. Quickly you finished yet again, this time painting her massive brown star with small splotches of white. It rumbled, seemingly at your presence. But you were much too small for Lexi to feel you. Regardless, you still felt the need to brag.

Finally spent, you whip your phone back out and shoot Lexi a text.


Chris: Just finished all over your ass

Lexi: Ew! Omg XD

Lexi: Bet I'd need a magnifying glass just to see it lol

Chris: Ouch

Lexi: Hold on

Lexi: Got a surprise for u ;)

The beautiful ass you had just been showering with love suddenly opened up. A quick yet straightforward poof as the object of your affection pulls itself apart only briefly. Almost like it had blown a kiss. Though, at your size, it’s more like a typhoon. You’re immediately slammed backward by the intense foul winds, her thong not doing much to cushion the blow. Your ears ring, and you can’t help but retch, quickly vomiting from the sheer disorientation of it all. The impact is almost comparable to getting hit by a flashbang, overriding all of your senses simultaneously. Luckily, at your pathetic size, she'd never notice the vomit in the back of her thong.

Standing up shakily, the realization of just how weak and insignificant you were right now is starting to sink in. If Lexi's magic hadn't made you more resilient, that fart would have probably ripped you apart. Patting down your pants, you were thankful to find your phone still in the pocket you left it. Sliding open the messenger, you start furiously writing.


Chris: What the fuck!!!

Lexi: XD XD XD

Chris: Not funny Alex. That was fucking disgusting. Let me out. I'm done

Lexi: Nah. Maybe I want you back there

Chris: What?

Lexi: If you're so scared of a girls fart then what about a dick :p

Lexi: Maybe I could bring a hookup over before I let you out

Chris: Seriously Lex this isn't funny

Lexi: What if you fell on his cock XD XD


Lexi started to move without any warning, throwing you right back into chaos as she presumably stood up. You nearly drop your phone in the suddenness of it but manage to stuff it in your pocket before she starts to pick up the pace. You knew Alexis was kidding; she’d let you out when you got back to her place. Though,  dark thoughts nag at you in the very back of your mind. Did she really want to fuck someone with you like this?

Without any warning, you were back outside. Sunny day, right outside the school's tennis courts, and you are so thoroughly confused.

"I thoug-" You started to speak, but your friend is quick to interrupt you.

"Thought what?" She had the most giant smirk on her face. Her head cocked slightly to the side, "Yeah, I was going to wait till I got home, but you wanted out." She shrugged, "Whatever, it's too bad because that totally made me way hornier than I thought it would. Might go home and like, masturbate or something." She gives you a sly wink before starting to walk off but stops herself.

She crinkles her nose in disgust, "Ew... You may want to take a shower, just FYI. You kinda reek."

Slick slick slick

You work a well-manicured finger against your clit. Eyes closed, you relived the day over again in your head. Your whole body is still so worked up. With your free hand, you can't help but scroll through the texts from earlier. The entire time he was down there, you couldn't even feel him, and that's what drove you wild. He was practically worshiping you, squirting his tiny dick all over your ass, yet you'd have no idea if he hadn't told you. Something about that was just so indescribably hot.

You nearly moan out loud when you read back what you had sent about getting a hookup, something your roommate probably wouldn't have appreciated, even with the door closed. It was such a dirty thought. Would it even count as a threesome if one of them was bug-sized, you wondered? You try to slip a finger inside your needy cunt, but it’s a fruitless endeavor, as you’re far too wet to get any decent friction. Back to working your clit, you glance over to the calendar. Tomorrow was totally free. Perfect.

Hitting the call button at the top of your text logs, you have to stifle a moan just as he picks up, "H-hey! S-so I had a q-question..." You continued to work on your lower area, your voice is noticeably shaky, but you keep it up, "W-want to go jogging tomorrow?"

Chapter End Notes:

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