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Abruptly kicked out of her own home by her own parents, Allison Ali Alan finds herself in a strange and unusual world all by her lonesome and with no way to defend herself from the giants that surround her every location. As she makes her journey to the distant land of Washington state, she makes a few friends and enemies along the way... Will there be anything left of her when she arrives to her destination?

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)

(If I'm missing any tags as you read let me know, and if you see a tag that hasn't been addressed yet then be patient I plan on adding it eventually)


Story is original, owned by me, blah blah all contents are my own blah blah 18+ characters only blah blah no one cares.

This is a COMEDY story with fetish and kink elements involved. I literally write the most nonsense shite I can think of, and put zero effort into a consistent, well though story line. This is simply for fun, and this story is not meant to be taken seriously in any capacity. If I get any comments about plot holes or inconsistencies, I'll kindly tell you to read the darn disclaimer that no one, literally NOBODY, would ever think to read and then you'll see this. Honestly however, the story itself should be pretty obvious to how stupid it is.

Rated: R
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Published: June 11 2021 Updated: July 26 2021

1. Chapter 1 - Time To Grow Up by Frizzle [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (2020 words)

This story is a comedy and is just a fun side project, I don't care to write anything more meaningful beyond what you see here, but that should be obvious. I'll start including more fetish/kink elements starting with the next chapter, this is simply an abrupt introduction to get the ball rolling because I'm impatient and am tired of creating new story intros blah blah.




2. Chapter 2 - The Airport by Frizzle [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2446 words)

Still trying to set the direction of this story however I managed to add some kinky material this time, so hopefully it'll satisfy those who've been waiting! I'm starting to piece together how I want this story to go, but so far it is all impromptu.





3. Chapter 3 - First Class by Frizzle [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3294 words)

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I really enjoyed this chapter, something about writing horny evil psychotic woman just makes me happy, especially when it involves tiny helpless woman. Am I a psycopath? Maybe.





4. Chapter 4 - Ali In Miami by Frizzle [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1883 words)

Guess what.

Yeah, you. Guess what?


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5. Chapter 5 - Immeasurable Pleasure-able (Part 1) by Frizzle [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3006 words)

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- Domination

- Mouth Play





6. Chapter 6 - Immeasurable Pleasure-able (Part 2) by Frizzle [Reviews - 0] (2458 words)

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- Butt Torture (includes butthole)

- Anal Insertion/Vore

- Torture/Domination/Humiliation

- Fart scene near end of chapter (pretty brief, so skip the wordage if you don't like it)