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  Abigail hugged her older brother tight in her arms. She buried her face in his shirt, dampening it with her tears. “Please don’t go. We can have so much fun here if you just stay.”

Felix put his hand on her head. He had trouble finding the right words for her. He knew him going away for school again would be hard on her, but he didn’t think she would react so strongly. “It’ll only be for a semester, and then I’ll be home for the summer. We can play lots then, promise.”

Abigail looked up at him, snot dripping down her nose. “Promise you won’t forget about me when you go up there with your cool friends?”

“Promise.” Felix smiled, and the little girl did too. “I promise I’ll come home to you.”

I’ll come home to you.


“Come on man, wake up!” Connie helplessly shook the unconscious man before him. Elias continuously swapped between looking at the man and Emma, who was trying to keep Katie busy. “If you don’t wake up right now she’s going to kill us all.”

Felix was awake and heard his words, but he didn’t show it. He felt like his body and mind were separated. These strangers, for whatever reason, were counting on him to wake up. But Felix didn’t have any strength left, not after watching what happened to that girl…

“Screw it man.” Elias said, pulling his hair with his hands. “I’m a senior in highschool, not fucking a doctor. Why would Katie task us with waking him up?”

“Just shut up.” Connie slapped that man as hard as he could. A red mark was left on the side of his face, but he didn’t respond. “Just be thankful you didn’t get Emma’s job. She has to clean Mia’s remains off Katie’s shoe.” Connie slapped him again, but he didn’t even flinch. “Wake up damnit!”

She has to clean up? How? Felix could see through his eyes, even if he couldn’t move them. Far away, he could make out another tiny girl with her face buried into the bloodied shoe. The giant was sitting against the wall with her legs stretched. She was saying something to the tiny, but Felix couldn’t make it out. Was… was that tiny girl licking at the shoe?

“Is this really how we go out?” Elias gently hit the side of his face. His eyes sank and darkened. “I spent the last month being the best little slave I could in hopes of staying alive long enough to be sold to someone nice, and now that all is going to be ruined because this little shit decided to take a nap on his first day.”

Connie dropped Felix and turned to Elias. “If you want to stay alive then how about you stop complaining and try helping me.”

“Helping?” Elias stared at Connie. He was starting to lose it. He was able to push the psychological damage caused by a month of cruel torture and rituals because he hoped one day to make it out alive. But the reality he dreamed about every night was starting to collapse, and he could taste how close his death was. “Sure, why not.”

Elias pushed Connie out of the way. He gripped Felix’s shirt and lifted him up. “Why are you being so selfish? Don’t you know that Katie wanted you to be her own personal tiny? Come on man, that means we wouldn’t have to deal with all her shit, ya feel me?” Elias brough their faces together, looking straight into Felix’s eyes. “So won’t you become her plaything so I don’t have to suffer as much? She’ll kill us if you don’t.” 

Her… Plaything? Her personal tiny? Was Felix shrunk… to be a slave to this giant?

“I don’t know how much longer Emma is going to last.” Connie’s hands started to twitch. He was really going to die. “She’s turning green. I think Katie is making her swallow Mia.” Connie turned back to Felix and Elias. 

He shoved himself next to Elias. They were both now staring down the unresponsive man. “Wake up! Please!” They shouted.

“I’ll only be gone for a semester.” Felix spoke, but his tone was cold and emotionless. “Then I’ll be home for the summer.”

Connie and Elias look at each other and smile. Maybe they weren’t toast after all. 

“Pathetic.” Katie screamed. “You couldn’t even clean up one person from under my shoe before throwing up.”

Emma was on her knees, hand over her mouth. She was staring down at her blood filled puke that way lying in the already blood soaked floor. “I’m sorry…” She murmured. 

“Sorry doesn’t make the throw up go away.” Katie reached her giant hand over to the tiny Emma. She slapped the back of Emma’s head with her pointer finger. Emma’s head crashed into the floor, it was a miracle her skull didn’t crack. Katie placed her finger on the back of her head and forced Emma’s face into her throw up. “Lick that up. It better be gone when I come back. Then you need to finish my shoe.” 

Katie stood up and walked over to the three tiny men in the middle of the room. Her giant form loomed over the three. She tapped her foot. To an ordinary person, they wouldn’t see anything weird about that; but to the inch tall people on her floor, they could make out the blood stain on her sole every time she raised it. It served as a reminder. 

“Is it awake yet?”

Connie and Elias shake in their skin. It was true that he spoke and was awake, but they knew he wasn’t conscious. “Well, see…” Connie said. Katie lowered her brows. She was getting angry.

“We can play lots then, promise.” Felix muttered. 

Katie smiled, “Oh, so he is up. And he’s ready to play. I haven’t heard anyone word it quite like that, but things will probably go better for him if he treats it like a game.”

Connie and Elias were speechless. They knew better than to correct their goddess, even if she was wrong in assuming Felix was conscious and ready to play.

“I promise I’ll come home to you.” Felix said.

“What was that?” Katie raised a brow. 

Connie opened his mouth, about to tell her the truth, but Elias quickly covered it with his hand. “He said he couldn’t be happier, Goddess Katie.” He covered his deception with a discrete smile. 

“Good work you two. At this rate, I’ll be ready to put you on the market in no time. I have plenty of friends at school who are dying to have an obedient slave.” Katie bent down and grabbed Felix, pinching his arms into his body with her pointer finger and thumb. She lifted him up to her face, being careful not to drop her newest addition. 

A chill was sent through Connie and Elias’s bodies. It was hard to tell from how high she was, but if Katie gets a closer look at Felix, she’ll know for sure that he’s not alert and that the two lied to her. 

Katie eyed Felix up and down. Felix got a good look at her deep hazel eyes. Her skin was fine and smooth. She was attractive too, despite looking a couple years younger than Felix. “He looks a little stiff, but you’ll get used to being picked up and tossed around soon enough.”

The two on the floor exhale a sigh of relief as Katie walks away with Felix. Katie returns to the ill Emma on the floor. Katie nudges her with the tip of her shoe, which sends Emma into a panic. “You done yet?” 

Emma vigorously nods her head. “Yes Goddess Katie!” 

“Good. Because you need to finish my shoe. Your friend’s replacement will be watching. Make sure you give him a good show, I’m sure he’ll be cleaning up your remains from my shoe sooner or later, so I need him to know how to do a good job.”

“Yes Goddess.” Emma said, almost too passionately. 

Katie carefully bent down and sat Felix down in the mess on the floor next to Emma. One look at his desolate eyes, and Emma was able to tell he wasn’t there. She looked back at her two friends. Without exchanging words at all, she knew what was going on. She had to keep up the charade that he was awake, lest she dies. 

“I love you too.” Felix again mutters. 

“What are you looking at, bug?” Katie slid down against the wall and slammed her sneakers in front of Emma, exposing the soles to her. The remains and blood were as prominent as ever. “Get to work.”

“Yes.” Emma dug her face into the rubber sole. The guts of her fallen friend squished into her face as Emma worked at prying it off the Goddess’s sole with her teeth. 


Felix could do nothing but watch the girl work. Her tongue dragged against ridges that were painted red until they returned to their original white color. He could tell that the girl was barely holding it together. Did one of the men from earlier say the dead girl’s name was Mia? Were they friends? Is this girl licking her friend’s blood off her killer’s shoe? Is she swallowing her friend’s guts?

“I always liked you more than that other girl.” Katie said, humming to herself. “Training girls is a lot easier than the boys, because you girls know what it’s like to be subservient. Mia was something else. She thought she could be strong and brave, but did you see how easily I crushed her back with a marble? How’s that for reminding her how weak she is, I mean the whore almost drowned in my spit.”

Despite the harsh words, the girl didn’t stop licking the bloody sole.

“You always knew your place though.” Katie continued. “Before I saved you, I bet you spent your free time giving blowjobs on some corner. Aren’t you happy I found you and gave your life actual purpose?”

“Yes Goddess.” Emma ripped out another chunk from the vans. She didn’t let this one drop to the floor. Instead she chewed it up and swallowed it. She looked like she was going to throw up, but kept it in. 

Katie laughed. “I tried giving that other slut purpose, but she refused. I mean, what could be more of an honor in life than being my plaything? Although I guess her existence wasn’t entirely pointless. Her death gave us an opportunity to teach the fresh meat how to clean guts out from under a shoe. Ha! Isn’t that funny? Mia probably had hopes and dreams for her life, but from the moment she was born, she was always destined for this. She only existed so I could have the pleasure of squishing her under my vans and having you eat her.”

“Yes Goddess.” By now, Emma was crying. After how long she had been there, two weeks, she had learned to weep in silence. “She really was worthless.” 

“No she wasn’t.” Felix whispered. Emma’s heart dropped with fear, but luckily he spoke too low for her Goddess to hear. No one ever corrected her and lived, and Emma wasn’t sure if being her personal tiny would be enough to save him.

At the very least, Felix was showing signs of coming back to his senses. Maybe they wouldn’t all die after all. Not today, anyway.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope to write more soon, but this is where we leave off for now. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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