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Author's Chapter Notes:

The first chapter is a pilot chapter to see if anyone will like it and if it will make sense to move forward and continue. Please, let me know your opinion.


Humanity has always been divided between tinies and giants, with an almost constant predominance of the latter over the former. The giants, in fact, who proclaim themselves the true humans, have always subdued the tinies, almost perfectly equal to them, if not for the height, in fact they are usually two to three inches tall, treating them as subhuman and using them as slaves or pets. Tinies that are not possessed by giants are referred to as strays, and often live in hidden places, such as cracks in walls or in dirty dead ends in cities.


Often the tinies live in communities in the aforementioned places, however, there are travelers, who tend to move from one place to another, skillfully avoiding being seen by giants. It is, after all, a way of life like any other for a tiny person, one of several methods that can be adopted in order to survive in a hostile world.


Usually, when a giant sees a tiny, he is either kept by the giant or sold to the nearest "adoption center", facilities dedicated to the distribution and civilization of the tinies, at least on paper. The reality is, they are nothing more than pet shops selling small human beings.


Ryan, he's one of these tinies, a teenage boy, like many others. He had brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Anyone could have recognized, looking at his face, that he was used to a rather hard life from an early age. He spent his days looking bored at the shop customers, they didn't pay much attention to him, as his glass cage was in an inconspicuous corner of the shop. Just sometimes some girl came to disturb him, but without buying it. They did it just to have fun watching him react. Over time he learned not to give them this satisfaction.


It was a day like any other in the shop. That morning a saleswoman had come by cleaning his cage, a twenty-year-old with brown hair and freckles on her face. She used to pick him up carelessly, wipe the floor with a rag and put him back on the ground rather brutally. Her name was Jane or something similar.

"Hi Ryan. Are you going to get bought today? If nobody buys you I'll probably put you in one of the central cages, maybe with a discount."

She said in a slight sarcastic tone before closing the cage door and walking away. Actually, inside himself, Ryan was afraid. He was afraid of being bought, he was afraid of becoming someone's property. He often saw tinies being bought in their cages, and they almost always had a confused expression, looking as restless as Ryan.


That day a girl approached Ryan's cage. He had seen her enter, but initially he hadn't distinguished her from the mass of customers who entered the shop every minute. He saw her go through various cages, until she came to Ryan's. She paused to stare at him as he tried to avoid eye contact. Her hair was honey blonde, while her eyes were blue, huge from Ryan's point of view. She had a small, slightly upturned nose and pale skin. The two made contact only when he lightly hit the glass of the cage.

"Hey, are you awake or are you sleeping? I'm talking to you," She said continuing to stare at Ryan.

"I, uhm... Yes, I'm awake. Do you need anything?" He said, realizing only seconds later how stupid it was his question.

"What's your name, stupid face?"

She asked again, insolently. She was probably only a few years older than Ryan, but her size made her look much more massive.

"My name is Ryan, not “stupid face "" He said trying not to irritate the giantess in front of him.

"My name is Ryan not" stupid face ""She said mimicking his reply.

"My name is Amber. What do you offer me?"Ryan didn't know how to answer other than

"What do you mean?"

"Are you trained to do something? Are there any particular reasons why I should buy you? Jesus, do I really have to explain everything to you? I was right to call you stupid."


He remained silent, he had always been a stray all his life, and he probably didn't know how to do anything in particular. He knew very well that the giantess was only trying to put him in trouble, in fact he had never heard any other client ask this question. The blonde girl smiled oddly, then walked away. Ryan heaved a sigh of relief, he was glad he hadn't been bought, maybe he could have stayed quiet for a few more days, or so he thought, until he noticed that Amber wasn't leaving the shop, but talking to the saleswoman. The two approached, and before Ryan could react or realize it, the cage had been opened and he was held up between the index finger and thumb of the girl he had spoken to earlier. The only thing he remembers is being stuffed into her purse, then only dark.


Ryan groped for several minutes in the dark, with objects constantly falling on him, then stopped. It was useless, there was nothing he could do about it. The idea of r03;r03;being totally at someone's mercy wasn't pleasant, it was stressful. He had rarely seen a giant so close, indeed, it was definitely the first time he had spoken to one of them. The girl he had seen was beautiful, but he feared her.


Suddenly everything stopped. The zipper of the bag opened and a sudden wave of light blinded the boy. Ryan covered his eyes with his hands

“Hey, hey, hey, stupid face, how did the ride go?" Amber said from above smiling.

"It was ... shaken" Ryan answered.

Amber picked him up and held him in front of her face for a while as she touched her lip with her other index finger. He was absolutely terrified, he was suspended in midair without feeling the ground with his feet. The little clothes the tinies were dressed in at the store felt like they were about to fall off.

The house around was a well-appointed bedroom with wooden furniture, and outside the window he could see a few cottages that stood out against a wooded backdrop. Ryan recognized that he was in one of the residential areas in the wooded hills. He had been there a few times in the past.

"I guess, stupid face, but now you're home, your beautiful, new home. Our beautiful home." Amber said

"you'll live in that cage over there," She said pointing to a small cage above her desk.

"While, of course, I will sleep in bed." She continued.

"Great. From cage to cage," Ryan commented.

"You're nice, silly face, but I thought you knew tiny's are in cages. Were you expecting a hotel suite just for you? Maybe you don't know what you're going to do here. You'll be my pet. You knew that, right?"

"I ... I guess I should have expected it."

"You'll have fun. Your job will be more or less obeying me in anything. Quite simple isn't it? If you do, you'll have no problems, if you don't, you'll have problems."

"It's pretty clear I guess" Said the tiny boy. Amber put Ryan on the desk.

"Good. I see you can understand. Since everything is new to you here I want to be nice. Just remember: don't piss me off."

"Yes, mistress. Or ... What should I call you?" Answered Ryan

"You can call me Amber, while I will continue to call you stupid face. Or do you prefer Ryan? It doesn't matter, in my mind your name is stupid face now." Ryan didn't answer, and after a few moments of silence Amber said:

"Hey, you don't have to make that sad face, I was kidding." Amber said resting her chin on the desk, directly in front of Ryan.

He was directly in front of her eyes. They were just huge, enough to put him in awe. He could feel her breath, it was warm and smelled of mint.

Neither said anything for a while, they just stood looking at each other. Ryan tried to understand Amber's true intentions as she carefully observed his behavior. Suddenly, Amber raised her index finger and brought it closer to Ryan. Then he pushed him making him fall on his back, and then put his finger on his chest. Amber laughed for no reason, while Ryan was confused.

"What the hell..?"

She wasn't pressing hard, but pressing hard enough to keep the boy stuck.

“Quiet, I'm just playing a little"

"It's not funny. Get your finger off my chest."

"Otherwise?" Amber asks defiantly.

Ryan looked at the ceiling and realized that otherwise nothing would happen. That was her life now, and things had only just begun. It was owned by a giantess he did not yet know. For some reason he already knew, and the future would confirm, that his life was going to be hell.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks to whoever took a few minutes to read the pilot chapter of my story, I am truly grateful for the attention you have given me and I hope I have rewarded you well with my story.

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