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“My god, you have got to be shittin’ me.” Shawna whined aloud, while looking in her barren refrigerator. As Shawna opened yet another countertop in her kitchen, she could not help but let out a dissatisfied moan, as it turned out to be empty as well.  There was just no way there were no snacks at all in her house. She always kept some chips, cookies, anything for when she was puckish. However, the place seemed to be picked clean. Her stomach let out a long moan of hanger, as it too remained unsatisfied. “I know girl, I know.” She spoke with sympathy, patting her hungry stomach. As Shawna dejectedly Sat back down, she went over to her living room couch, deciding to que up an episode of American dad to pass the time until the pizzas Devin was ordering would arrive. Plopping down on the furniture, Shawna was caught off guard by the small shriek of fear, elicited from below.


 ‘The fuck was-?’ Shawna thought, perplexed. For a second there, she was almost willing to believe it was from her own couch, voicing it’s concern of her meteoric descent. That is, until she spotted Devin scurrying across her carpet, wearing a little night shirt and pajama bottoms. “Whoops, Geronimo I guess, hehehehe.” She simply could not resist giggling to herself, regarding the sight. Of course she was relieved that he was not hurt but, it was always kind of amusing to give him a good scare. Devin gave an exasperated sigh as he glanced up at Shawna, who wore a jet black wife beater t-shirt, and a matching set of basketball shorts. He then searched for his dropped phone, which thankfully was not broken, though not surprisingly. One cool thing about this dimension was, as long as he was on carpet, there was so much extra cushion protecting his smart tech against breaks. 


Picking up the dropped device, he was luckily not disconnected from his order. “Yeah, I’m still here. That’s one titan’s Double stack pepperoni, and one human’s chicken spinach, with jalapenos. I-yes, I’m paying with card. Ok- address is correct, Ok-thank you. Goodbye.”  Devin soon hung up the call as he scoped out the room for a decent sitting area. The ideal was to find something that avoided Shawna, but simultaneously, was in front of the T.V. Shawna took notice of his plight, as she soon scooped him up for the umpteenth time tonight, placing him onto the sofa cushion next to her. “All this couch, and you were going to sit on the floor? If I didn’t know any better, why, I’d think you were hoping to avoid me. I’m hurt, lil’ devil.” She stated dramatically.  Devin brushed off her indignation as he continued to watch The show. “Sorry you feel that way, boss lady. Still, not like you’ve been that good of a host to me. I’ve almost died like ten times, since I got here. Personally I don’t know if you have the right to get offended.” He stated sharply. 


Snatched up from his his current position, all his mustered up moxy immediately evaporated as he was placed down under, where the sun didn’t shine. “Oh my god, Shawna, what the hell?!” Devin said, pushing up against the giantess’ smothering butt cheeks. thanking god that the sofa was as soft as it was underneath him. As he pushed at the firm, fleshy mounds, he recalled one instance where he had watched this same booty crush a house, his house in fact. His fears where not eased, as he heard her mocking voice.


“Huh, what was that? I thought one of my couch cushions said something. My mistake.” Shawna said, thoroughly enjoying herself, bouncing lightly on her victim, she considered letting out a hot, disgusting fart. “Yeah, that’ll show his ass.” She spoke, loving the idea. He liked to talk shit, so he shouldn’t have a problem smelling it. However, as she groaned, pushed her bowels, and grunted, she found herself unable to make the release. ‘Dammit, I don’t have any gas.’ She thought, grinding her massive butt into the couch in frustration. Still, there were other ways to put the fear of a goddess in him. She tried thinking of other ideas, when she suddenly felt a tingling sensation in her crotch area, shocking her out of her thoughts. Popping up, she quickly whirled around to see… a recovering Devin attempting to catch his breath down below. Before she could say or do anything further, Devin raised his hands in a defensive pose, Shawna recognizing the universal sign of surrender.


“No more Shawna, come on, you win. I-I give.”  The giant face softened as she peered down at him. Putting her hands across her hips, she decided to put this new humility of his to the test. “You give huh? Does that mean I get an apology?” Devin tensed up at the question. Yeah he was banged up, but he was not going to give her the satisfaction of an apology. However, he didn’t want to get sat on again. There had to be a way to meet halfway. “How about this, besides me groveling, what will it take for you to not be mad at me?” He asked, confident every titan had their price. Shawna pondered his question, as that did not sound at all like an apology. But, she didn’t expect the little devil to grovel any way. As bounced on her still sore feet, she got an idea on how to settle the debt. “I think we can work something out.” 

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