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Devin for his part quickly got undressed, lathering himself up with hand soap, rubbing the slimy viscous liquid all over himself for a good lather before he, despite his cautious attempts not too, ended up slipping off the rim, sliding near the midpoint of the sink, coming dangerously close enough to contact with the steaming waterfall at the center. “How lucky was I?” he thought aloud with a relieved sigh. Plus, luckily, he also found a nearby washcloth to clean himself off with. Tearing a piece off, he quickly started on his wash cycle. Things seemed to be looking up for Devin, when he once again heard His giant’s voice from across the room.


“Hey Dev, you better get squeaky clean over there. If I find out you missed a spot, imma hit you with some steel wool, got it?” Shawna called over, as she lowered herself into a freshly drawn bubble bath. trying to elicit a bit of fear from her guest. “Yeesss, mom.” Devin shot back, half ignoring her, as he lathered himself, before wearily rinsing himself in the scolding water. 


Across the bathroom, Shawna was busy lathering herself up, while enjoying the feel of her Luke warm bath. She had just bought her new bath beads, and after her hellish day, she intended to get every bit of enjoyment she could out of it. As she stood up from the bath tub to get a proper rinse, she noticed Devin climbing out to the edge of the sink. She found herself subconsciously playing with one of her nipples as she watched him towel off. Although he was a tad pudgy for her taste, she always thought he had quite the handsome face. That combined with his defiance of her oftentimes demanding presence sometimes led her to imagine some of the more intimate ways that their little dynamic be applied. Her imagination ran wild with all the ways a guy his size could please her, and maybe even, how she could please him. Her eyes screwed closed, and a lathery hand, almost of its own accord traveled below her large belly, as her mind started to drift into fantasy. However, she was soon snapped back to reality as soon as she heard the sound of the faucet being turned off. As Shawna tentatively peeked in the direction of her bathroom sink, she expected to see the little guy, with a smug, shit-eating grin on his face. Instead the sink was bare, Devin was gone.  Shawna almost melted in relief, certain she not caught in such an embarrassing position. After all, how could he to respect a “goddess”, caught absentmindedly masturbating, and after everything she did to gain his compliance. Sitting in relief, she caught a curious sight descending the drawers of her bathroom sink. Shawna instantly knew it to be Devin, apparently excusing himself after finishing his wash. However, Shawna was not done with him yet.


“Hey Devin, can you come over here for a sec?”. the human looked at her naked form with a rose colored tint to his face. “I g-guess so. Um, everything OK Shawna?” Shawna held back a grin as she replied in her most helpless voice. “Actually no, my head hurts. Can you rub it for me? I keep forgetting to buy aspirin.” Devin felt like this was a trap (Because, obviously it was),. However, he soon shrugged as he made his way to the bathtub. Luckily, at 6 inches, getting up the rim, was only slightly difficult. As he rubbed the giant’s temples, he felt the all-too familiar tingling sensation of a boner peeking out, which increased from the sweet, sultry sounds of Shawna’s satisfied moans at his actions. This did not go unnoticed by Shawna, who decided it was time to get a bit more playful. 


“Hey Dev, you get a good wash in?” She asked, feigning small talk. Devin gave her a slightly cross glance as he replied. “Uh, yeah, you didn’t hear me in the sink?”. Shawna giggled as her leading questions were hitting their mark. “I don’t know bud. You still smell a little bit. I think you might need a second bath.” She chuckled, picking Devin up by the scruff of his small neck. The human tensed as he was raised away from the ring of the tub, and held a good length above Shawna’s currently occupied bathwater. “Shawna, the hell are you doing?” Devin asked, though he already had a feeling he knew the answer. “Giving you a lesson in hygiene.” Shawna said with a wide grin, before unceremoniously dropping Devin’s flailing body into the water. As he sank below the surface, her thick thighs shut like a hungry maw, attempting to trap him between them.  Devin Narrowly avoided being crushed as he blindly swam in a random direction. Problem was, the water made everything so blurry, causing him to swim right between Shawna’s legs, brushing against her submerged pussy.  Shawna’s eyes widened in both shock and slight climax, as she reflexively stood from the bathwater. As she watched Devin break the surface, she suddenly got a new idea how to properly teach Devin hygiene. “See, just as I said, so damn dirty. I’ll show you how to get clean though don’t worry.” 


As Devin coughed what felt like gallons of used bathwater out of his lungs, he was finally able to see Shawna, in all of her glory. He always felt intimidated being up close to her, whether or not she actually would harm him. There was something about her thickly built, soaking wet form, that made her seem so massive, so…gargantuan. As Shawn applied a fresh coat of body wash to her voluptuous frame, she noticed Devin still gawking up at her. “Glad to see you’re paying attention down there.” Shawna said wryly, as she scooped up her little bath toy. But you’ll need to get up close and personal for this next part. Let me show what a properly washed body looks like” She said with a wink, as she fervently washed herself, using the small Devin as a loofa. Devin was barely able to focus as he was roughly slid across her vast smooth surface. He saw every part of her. He saw everything from her wide hips, her large growling gut, her pendulous breasts, all the way to her shapely ass. It was like a big soapy waterslide to him. He’d be lying to say no part of him was enjoying it.  However, as fun as the bath games were, they both new they would soon need to vacate, less they get pruny. 


Soon Shawna had decided she’d had her fun, and set A recuperating Devin oh her countertop, satisfied with her handiwork. As she toweled Devin and herself off, she was eager to imagine where else the night would take her. Then suddenly, as had been the case the whole night, both occupants heard her stomach start growling. “Devin- “She asked with a pause to make sure she had his attention “-Are you hungry?”

Chapter End Notes:

Well that was steamy, now that everyone's clean as a whistle, we'll be moving on

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