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Tiana Sampson took a deep breath, as she tightened the last screw. If her calculations were correct, this would revolutionize travel! She’d built the world’s first teleportation device. A journey of a thousand miles would only take a few seconds. “Whew! I need to step out for a second. Getting stuffy in here.”, she said, sweat on her brow.


As she left her small, purple house and stepped into the bright summer afternoon, she saw her friend, Andrea Jackson. She was better known as Andy, and operated a farm on the outskirts of the town. Called Paradise Valley, it was your usual small town. Quiet, but, everyone knew everyone else’s business. Including the fact that the dark skinned woman was dating said farm girl.



Andy was a Stallion. Centuries ago, the people of New Albion had had a dire emergency. Male babies were being born in smaller numbers. For every 100 children, only 2 were male. The genetic code in the males made them weaker and more prone to illness. They had some of the greatest scientists of their age working night and day. And they came up with a solution that seemed insane.


Since there was no way to increase the male population, they set about genetically engineering the female population. They grafted DNA from the men, onto several subjects. Early experiments were failures, but, after decades of trial and error, the first Stallions were born.



Taking their name from the rapidly dwindling population of men, Stallions had female bodies, but with certain parts added on. They made up about 40% of the population, also being quite a bit more muscular than average. Tiana blushed at how much larger than the usual Stallion her girlfriend was.


As she watched the blonde Amazonian farmer walk past, she was reminded of a time in high school. Andy had been called on to read a passage of their English textbook. After standing up, she inhaled uncertainly a few times. With a mighty sneeze, she burst out of her clothes! The dark skinned women remembered staring at the blonde’s beautiful, muscular, body. She quickly looked away, though. This occasionally happened with Stallions, as a result of their growing bigger and growing faster than most. Luckily, there were clothes in the Nurse’s Office, for just such an eventuality.



Tiana smiled. “Man, Andy’s face had been about as red as the apples on her farm”, she giggled. After taking a few lungfuls of fresh air, she walked back inside, down to her basement. “OK, here we go.”, she muttered. Switching on the generator, an electric crackling quietly began to echo. The round metal portal that she would use to teleport began to blaze an electric blue. There was no image she could see in it. Tiana shrugged. ‘My calculations are good.’ Her stomach shook slightly with nervous tension. Not wanting to give herself time to rethink her decision, she stepped through.



It felt like she had grabbed an electric fence! Pain lanced through her body, but, it was gone in a second. Opening her eyes, Tiana Sampson beheld the world around her. She was on some kind of vast plain. “This isn’t right! I should have appeared on the edge of town!”, she said. Walking forward, she bent down. Tracing the ground beneath her, she realized that it was wood! “What the hell?”, she said, a confused look on her face.


As she sat down to contemplate what had happened, small tremors shook her. But, Tiana had always been one to be laser focused on one problem at a time. The shaking grew more intense. And her concentration was broken by a human voice. But one that was louder than a train horn, as well as being rather deep.


“I’M SO DAMN TIRED.” a gargantuan voice thundered. “I NEED TO SIT DOWN FOR A SPELL.” The tiny woman looked up and her jaw dropped. Towering above her, was Andy. Only, her size made it seem like she was several miles tall! A drop of sweat as big as herself splatted on top of Tiana. She tried to look up to see Andy’s face. Unfortunately, another one of the Stallions traits was having breasts that were two or three times normal size. This meant that the titan’s face was obscured by a chest big enough to to rival any mountain she had seen.


As the small woman blinked in astonishment, another earthquake happened and the gigantic farm girl’s denim clad ass loomed above her. “Shit!”, Tiana screamed. She ran as fast as she could, lest she be crushed under the immense weight of her lover. It felt like the air was being sucked out of her lungs, like her heart was about to shatter her ribs! As she collapsed, she knew that this was it. “No one will know what happened to me’, she thought. ‘I’ll have just disappeared. She’ll be heart broken. I love you so much, Andy.’ Thankfully for her, she had just cleared enough distance. Her entire world shook, and she rolled over on her back.


Stretching above her, was the fly of her girlfriend’s jeans. Far in the distance, she could see the giant buckle of Andy’s belt. ‘Probably apple shaped’, a distant part of her mind laughed. But, the fly seemed like it was moving!


A rumbling sigh blasted down to where she was laying. “I’D THOUGHT THAT WORKING ALL DAY WOULD GET YOU TO SETTLE DOWN.” the giant said in an annoyed voice. “GUESS I’LL HAVE TO TAKE MATTERS IN HAND.” With a loud chuckle, hands big enough for the entirety of Paradise Valley to fit in undid Andy’s belt. With a metallic jangle, it came free landing a few feet away from the smaller girl with a BOOM. A loud POP, and a sound like chainsaws echoed in her ears. She shook her head, barely able to believe what was happening. The fly that had stretched above her head was now open. And what Andy had been talking about was plainly obvious.



The head of the giantess’s circumcised cock thrust through the open gap of her boxers. Tiana goggled. Andy was the biggest Stallion that had been born in years, and she was used to her size. However, being so close up was a shock! A huge hand swooped down, and, to quote Andy, she took matters in hand. The shrunken woman gaped, as the farm girl ran her hand around a dick that was four or five times her size. Two hill sized testicles, covered in blonde hair, popped out. The other hand fondled them. As she got into the rhythm of things and bent over slightly, Tiana could hear the denim stretch across Andy’s ass.


There was a loud kind of sucking sound, as her hand shook the huge penis faster and faster. The shrunken girl’s mouth had stayed open. ‘I’ve done that to her, before. But, seeing this, is… oh, god.’, she thought. With a roar that surpassed the loudest jet plane, Andy came. Tiana was covered in a mound of white goo that was bigger than she was.


She tried to move but, was well and truly stuck. A breath that was more like a tornado blasted in the air. “WHEW. I WAS BACKED UP, I GUESS.” Giant hands cam down, and tucked the giant’s giant junk back into her jeans. Then, she zipped up and re buckled. With another laugh, the hand that the giantess had been using on her balls rose into the air. “BETTER CLEAN UP.” It came back down, holding a handkerchief that was the size of three tents put together. “No! I’m down here! Don’t!” But her tiny voice couldn’t be heard by her colossal girlfriend. She was wiped up with the mound of jizz. She felt sick to her stomach, as the world zipped by at a fantastic speed. As she cleared the mighty hip, a vast wall of tanned freckles sped by. It drove home how small she was, the the wall was merely the gap that had happened when Andy had bent over. Tiana felt herself being loosened from the mound of muck she was in ‘I guess the speed is making the cum slightly looser’ But as she felt her prison free her, she looked down.



Below her, was the dark chasm of her love’s cavernous butt crack. Tiana snorted in amazement. “The barest hint of it, is like an unending darkness.”, she muttered. Using all of her strength, she freed herself the rest of the way. Leaping from the handkerchief, she barely caught the thumbnail of the giant’s hand. The huge cloth was tucked into the left pocket of Andy’s gigantic jeans. Tiana had another bout of sickness, as she soared back around. The hand she was stuck to wiped itself on a vast denim landscape. She feared that she’d be trapped like this forever. “DAMN EAR.”, the giant thundered, and the huge finger she was on swooped up towards her ear.



As Andy scratched her earlobe, Tiana finally fell off. She zoomed right into the canal, and landed face first in a mound of dark yellow wax. “Goddamnit!”, she yelled. “As if what just happened wasn’t enough!” Everything around her shook. A deafening shout, feeling like it would make her ears bleed, echoed. “WOULD HAVE SWORN THAT WAS TIANA’S VOICE.” The tiny woman cleared her voice and screamed as loud as she could. “Andy! It’s me, baby! I’m in your ear!” “WHAT THE..?”



A giant finger filled the opening, and she was sure she’d be crushed. It retreated slightly, and Tiana took that as an invitation to climb aboard. Slower than before, no doubt because the titan was trying to be as careful as possible. Another wall of freckles, that she had kissed so many times, flew by. She came to rest in front of one of Andy’s beautiful blue eyes. “Tiana?” The giant’s voice was a loud shout, she was whispering. “Where you.. down there?” The tiny woman nodded, blushing. The vast eye in front of her turned from shock, to sadness. “I..I almost killed you. I’m so sorry, my love.”


The small woman pointed to her own ear. The giant understood and very slowly moved her finger back to her own ear. “Andrea Jackson!”, she yelled as loud as she could, in a stern voice. “None of this is your fault. I was trying out a new teleporter device and I made a mistake, somehow. I’m sorry this all happened.” She let out a quiet sob. “I love you so very much.” The finger moved back to the vast landscape of Andy’s face, where she saw huge tears run down her girlfriend’s cheek. She pointed to her own lips. A pair of lips big enough to eat her house filled her vision, and she kissed the full bottom one. Air moved from between the small gap in them. “I love you so much, my adorable nerd.” They both laughed. “As long as it takes for you to get back to normal, I’ll keep you safe, darlin’” The small woman nodded, and kissed her titanic beloved once again.



Chapter End Notes:

Been turning this one over in my head for about a week,


As you can probably tell, it's based on a certain animated show.  Don't think I need a disclaimer, though, since there's no characters from the actual show.


Hope you enojyed!

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