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Story Notes:

(This story involves religious themes. There’s no bashing of it nor am I trying to covert you. Still If that bothers you, then I recommend you don’t read it.)


Chapter 1 - A Miracle


I was waiting inside a confessional for Sister Maria, who was an elegant lady known for her sincere devotion to the church, which for someone her age was rare.

My morning drowsiness was quickly lifted as I heard the sound of flat shoes clicking against the church’s stone floor. 

My heart started to pound. I’ve never been this nervous to talk to a girl before, but for some reason right now, I did.

She came into the confessional while I adjusted myself into a less comfortable, but more appropriate position.

“Hello again,” Sister Maria greeted softly.

“Hi… umm, why did you want me here so early,” I said, trying hard not to rub the sleep from eyes in front of her.

“My dear child, the sooner you repent, then the sooner you can be saved. I know you’re tired, but please do try to stick with it as best as you can. Okay?”

I nodded without much thought.

“My child, you have wronged those close to you and I can see you regret it with all your heart, but still you must prove it with more than words.”

I looked down in shame, my legs were shaking, and I was certain my heartbeat was audible to her.

“Now, child, are you ready?” Sister Maria asked with a concerned brow.

I responded with a quite yes.

“Okay, now let's try and cast a miracle here,” she said as if it was completely normal.

I sat up straight in my seat, confused by what she just said. She put her palms together to pray.

“Now, my child, do your best to follow along with what I say. And take this seriously, because the miracle can only work if you are willing to perform it.”

I nodded to let her know I understood, even though in reality I was still pretty confused.  

She smiled and then started praying. It was a simple prayer about forgiveness. In the prayer she mentioned me, and I repeated it word by word, stupidly referring to myself in third person by mistake.

She giggled. My face was red at this point. Still, I continued to follow along while my thoughts raced.

Suddenly, an aura of bright yellow light appeared from her hands. I could only stare in awe as the light increased in brightness.

In a flash the light exploded, and I was blinded momentarily. Once my eyes dilated, letting my surroundings be seen again, I realized everything around me was bigger… no, I was smaller.

The young man had no time to think about how in the world this was possible, because Sister Maria, who was now looming over him, gently scooped him up.

He was about the size of her hand and was completely naked. 

Maria sat on the confessional’s bench, next to the lifeless pile of clothes the man was missing.

She slipped off her flats, releasing a stench like no other.

“I know my child, it is not a pleasant smell. But forgiveness isn’t always going to be given to you like charity, it must be earned,”

The young lad, covering his nose, tried to comprehend his situation. Still, everything was quite jarring, and he wasn’t exactly sure what Sister Maria was planning on doing with him.

That was until he decided to take another look at the flat in Maria’s hand.

Inside the black flat was the insole, presumably once upon a time it was white, but now stained with grime and other filth, it had darkened to a disgusting greyish color.

There was a spot in the middle of the insole that caught the man's attention the most.

In the middle, there was an imprint of a person’s body. It didn't seem to expand back into place. not even in the slightest.

As Sister Maria brought him closer to her giant footwear it donned on him, this tiny imprint was a fixed spot waiting patiently for its next victim, that victim being him.

Sister Maria slowly placed the tiny sinner into her smelly flat, as if she was holding a diamond, but just like a diamond, he was nearly indestructible in his tiny state.

“Don’t worry my child, I will try to remember not to wear you for so long, but if I do forget, then please make sure to give me a sign. If you don’t, you might pop like a grape,” Sister Maria said with a giggle.

This was really happening. The man could barely breathe, he tried squirming out of Maria’s fingers, which had him pinched to the surface of her sweaty insoles, but it was to no avail. 

“I suggest you calm down and get into place or it’ll be a whole lot worse for you.”

Quickly, she slipped her foot back into her flat. The screams of detest were muffled, and the man’s journey to repentance was sealed.

Sister Maria pressed her foot down onto the ground, making sure everything had gone right. She felt his tiny body press deep against her sole. There wasn't a loud crunch, nor was there warm liquid filling her shoe. It seemed everything was fine.

The feeling of a new insole on one shoe reminded her about her other shoe, which felt empty and unpleasant in comparison. 

Out of curiosity, she checked to see the state of it, since usually she just immediately slips her flats on after waking up to start the day.

Her heart skipped a beat and her stomach churned. With widened eyes, she stared at the inside of her other flat. Someone’s skeletal remains were comfortably sitting within the little human-shaped holder. It appeared that it was only half of someone’s remains, the rest of the bones were most likely thrown about and crushed into dust at this point.

The young nun shook the bones out from her flat and slipped it back on with embarrassment. She didn’t hesitate to kneel on the floor and pray frantically.


She just couldn’t believe that she would forget a living person was under her foot for so long. After such a discovery, she decided to go take a breather outside the church.



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