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As the boat arrived at the capsule, the three astronauts immediately noticed that the two women were no ordinary women. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The women were the most beautiful that any of them had ever seen. In fact, the men couldn’t take their eyes off of the women. 

It was when the boat pulled up next to the capsule that they realized these were no ordinary women. They had blonde hair and blue eyes, shapes and curves that women would kill for, and stood at least 10’-10’6”, and weighed a solid 475lbs, maybe 500lbs. That was physically impossible, but there they stood, in front of the three astronauts, and exactly that size. But they looked so feminine in every aspect that it left the men speechless.

The two women were just as shocked. There was this strange object in the water that neither had seen before. Not in history books or on TV. The women looked down at the three men and offered their hands to bring them onto the boat. 

The three astronauts accepted their offer, and took hold of the largest hands that any of them had ever seen. It was like the men had the hands of 4 year olds compared to the women. But they gladly accepted the help.

But the boat was no ordinary speed boat. It was exceptionally wide, and the seats were tall and large. Gil and his crew mates weren’t sure that they were seeing correctly.

The women introduced themselves as Mary and Margaret. The men responded that they were Gil, Martin, and Steve. The women asked them about the object in the water. Gil, command captain, told the women that it was their space capsule.

Mary and Margaret looked at each other, then Gil and replied ‘space capsule?’ in unison. They asked the men what a space capsule was. Gil thought that maybe they were joking, until he saw that they were serious.

He told the women the capsule was launched by The Space Agency, and it was their mission to explore the dark side of the moon. But they encountered a radiation cloud and communications were cut off with ground control. So they executed a manual landing.

As Gil was explaining what happened, Martin, second in command, could see the absolute look of confusion on the faces of the two ladies. He asked them if they had heard of The Space Agency, and both said they had no idea what he was talking about. 

Gil decided that when they got to shore he would call mission control and inform them of their situation. The men took seats, with their legs nowhere close to touching the bottom of the craft, and the women steered the boat back towards the shore. 

The three men talked among themselves. They felt disoriented by the size of the women, and all found it odd that the women never heard of The Space Agency. Hadn’t they watched the President’s speech, the one in which he challenged the agency to make his goal of moon exploration a reality? It was all over the news. Every school in the country flew Agency banners. It was impossible to miss. But the two ladies driving the boat really had never heard of anything like that. They thought it impossible, even unbelievable. But they were approaching the boat dock, and Gil had to make that call.

One thing that Gil and Martin noticed was that Steve Miller, the third member of the crew, seemed distracted. The older men realized that he had become smitten with one of the women, they just didn’t know which one.

The boat reached the dock. The women got out and lifted the men out of the boat with ease, which surprised them. They knew the ladies were tall, but they were also strong.

Gil made a mental note of all the events from the time the capsule lost comms with mission control, the manual landing, and the rescue. All he needed to ask was where they were. So Gil asked Mary where they were. 

Mary replied that they were in Heraville. Gil wasn’t sure that he heard correctly, so he asked her to repeat the name, which she did. He then asked what state they were in. Mary wasn’t sure that she understood his question, so she asked him what he meant. 

He told her that he needed to know what was the name of the state that Heraville was located in, like Florida, or California, or Texas. Mary asked him what those names meant, because she had never heard of them before. 

Gil was getting frustrated. He needed the name of the  city and state where they landed, so they could be picked up. But the two women were being extremely uncooperative with the information he needed. He threw up his hands and asked Mary where the nearest phone booth was. 

Again, Mary told him that they didn’t have phone booths. Gil lowered his head and calmed himself down. He calmly asked her if there was a phone that he could use, and Mary said at the rescue station. If they came with her and Margaret, they would take them there. So the astronauts followed the women as they reached the beach. Margaret pointed to a building around 500 ft away, and to the left of them, to let them know that was where they were heading.

Once they started walking across the sand it became apparent that something was terribly amiss. As they walked, a beach ball landed in front of Mary and Margaret. This girl, who looked to be around 8 years old, came to get her ball. She should have been a normal, little girl. Except that she was taller than the three men, by a good foot. And right behind her was the largest human being the men had ever seen. It was a woman who looked to be in early 30s, and towered over Mary and Margaret. 

They called the taller lady Mrs Smith, and the girl they called Sally. The older females chatted, while Sally looked at the three men. She thought that they were dressed funny, and she saw the disbelieving look on their faces and laughed, then rejoined her mom.

The lady and her daughter left, and Mary and Margaret continued on the building, with the three guys lagging behind due to their shorter legs. And the men kept looking around the beach, and every couple, or family they saw, the females were a lot taller than the males they were with. It was surreal to the three astronauts.

Once they reached the building, Gil asked the ladies if they really saw what they saw. Margaret asked him what he meant, and Gil replied that the women on the beach were so much taller than the men. 

She replied that it was normal. Normal? asked Gil in disbelief. Margaret replied yes, and told him the females don’t stop growing until they reach 18, and that she and Mary have another four years of growing before they stop. 

The men were so stunned by what she said that a feather could have knocked them over. That meant that Mary and Margaret were 14, yet acted much older. What kind of world did they land on? Was this some god-awful dream? Were they hallucinating? They couldn’t be sure until they got to a telephone.

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