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Unable to sleep after his latest dream, Gil got up and made his way to the living room. Martin and Steve were both snoring, and he didn’t want to wake them. The latest dream really bothered him. His mind was being overwhelmed by thoughts of Sam, yet, his wife would always find her way in. The pounding headache made him want to cry. He looked at the clock. 3:30am. So he sat on the man sized sofa, and tried to lay down.

He dozed more than slept, and had yet another dream. He was in a field when suddenly the sky turned pitch black, and he found himself being sucked into a tornado, only to have the powerful hand of this world’s Beth grab hold of him and pull him to safety. 

He opened his eyes and saw the massive figure of Beth hovering over him. She had gotten up to start getting ready for her day when she noticed Gil on his sofa tossing and turning. She assumed that he was having a bad dream, so she just wanted to make sure that he was ok.

She said good morning, and Gil responded in kind. She told him that he was having a bad dream, and she wanted to make sure he was alright. Gil said he was fine. But Beth saw a troubled look in his eyes, and told him that if he ever wanted to talk, or needed to talk, she would be there for him. Even if she was sleeping, he could knock on her door and she would listen. 

Gil thanked her but said he was fine. Beth wasn’t convinced, but she didn’t want to push the issue. She wanted to get to the office a little earlier than usual, because just before she went to bed, Chief Val called and asked to meet at 8:20, instead of 8:30. 

And so the morning began the same way the previous morning had begun. Beth and Gil made breakfast, and woke the two sleepyheads when the food was ready. The coffee tasted especially satisfying to Gil, since his mind was racing faster than the speed of light. Plus he still had his headache. Sam and Beth, his Beth, seemed to be waging nuclear warfare for control of his brain. He sat there and wished like hell that things were normal. But he wasn’t even sure what normal was anymore.

He thought of telling Beth that he wasn’t up to working, and that he just wanted to sleep. But he remembered how upset and worried she was the previous day over the assaults taking place against men. He needed to be there for her, to help in any way he could. So he would just have to deal with the TNT going off in his head.

The three of them showered and dressed, followed by Beth. She was a little anxious, which Gil sensed. He tried to crack jokes to help her relax, but she was too busy thinking about what Chief Val had to say to realize Gil was trying to be funny. So when all were ready, out the door they went and headed towards Beth’s office.

Beth, as usual, was trying to be very aware of her surroundings. Even at that early hour, she was going to make sure that the three men under her care were kept safe. And as they approached the office, she saw Chief Val outside with the other members of the council.

Once inside, she asked Gil, Martin and Steve to excuse her, and then all the ladies headed into the conference room. The door was shut. Gil hoped everything was alright.

Once the door was closed, Chief Val informed the council that there had been an attempted incident the night before, but due to increased patrols, it was unsuccessful, and the group got away. However, they got a description of one of the girls. Chief Val handed out flyers to the council. She asked them to pass the information on to the town newspaper, give them the picture, and ask them to encourage the citizens to contact Security with any information they had.

Beth and the council agreed. Whatever Chief Val needed, she would get, no questions asked. This was the council’s top priority, to stop these attacks and bring those responsible to justice.

The door opened and Chief Val left. Beth looked a little more at ease than she did earlier. Gil asked if everything was alright, and Beth explained what had happened the night before, and that they had a description of one of the girls. They were going to have the newspaper publish the picture, and ask people with information to call Security.

Gil reached up and put his hand on her arm, and told her that he was hoping everything would work out. Inside, it pained him that she was upset, and he welcomed any news that might cheer her up. 

The morning was just like the previous two. Beth brought them another box for the three to go through. But unlike the previous days, all the files were intact. In fact, they had found some of the missing parts of the files they previously checked. And once the box was marked finished, a tag marking it for destruction was added. 

However, it was mostly Martin and Steve that went through the box. Due to his lack of sleep the past couple of nights, Gil kept nodding off. And for the most part, he would jerk himself awake. The last time, he was in a deeper sleep state, and found himself in another dream. This time, Sam wasn’t in it. It was his wife Beth and his daughters Maggie and Sarah. He saw them across the street, and he ran to them. But a grey fog suddenly enveloped them, and then they were gone.

Gil suddenly woke up, startled by his dream. His eyes were red. He was breathing fast. He told Beth that he was going outside to get some air. She told him that she would go with him. Gil objected, but Beth told him that men were not allowed to be outside by themselves. The male from the other night had his 10 year old sister out with him, to protect him. And he was still attacked. She said she was going with him. Her tone made any further argument pointless. So Beth escorted Gil outside.

Once they were alone, Beth asked him if anything was bothering him. Gil said there wasn’t anything bothering him. Beth knelt down as far as she could so she could look at him more directly, and asked again, saying that she knew that he was having terrible dreams, and he was starting to look like crap from a lack of sleep. And she wanted the truth.

Gil looked up at her and saw the same look as the previous day when he volunteered to act as bait in order to catch the girls responsible for the attacks, and she put her foot down. With no other choice, he told her everything about his dreams, how they started off with Sam, and ended with his wife crying. He explained in detail the dreams involving Sam. He had tried to keep the thought of her from his mind, but it was no use. His head was being overwhelmed by her beauty.

Gil also apologized to Beth, and she asked him for what. Gil told her that she was every bit as beautiful as Sam, in every way the embodiment of physical perfection, and here he was talking about another woman like she was a goddess.

Beth gently rubbed his cheek. She told him that it was ok. She told him that she found him to be very handsome, but she thought of him as a brother. He would never have to feel embarrassed about expressing himself in front of her. She would be there to lend an ear, just like she promised that morning. 

Gil thanked her for just being there for him and his friends. He wasn’t sure that they would have been able to survive on their own without her looking out for them. And he was glad that the lady he married had the same name, because if he was ever able to get back to his own world, the name Beth would always be on his mind. She smiled at him, and they went back inside as soon as Gil felt better.

Just before lunch, Beth’s phone rang. It was Sam. She wanted to know if they could get together for lunch and catch up with each other. Beth noticed that Gil had froze in his chair, and seemed to be in a trance, and told her friend not that day, as she still had a ton of paperwork to do. So the ladies said goodbye and hung up.

Gil finally heard Beth asking him if he was ok. It was her third attempt to get a response. Gil turned beet red, and apologized. Beth said it was ok. And then ordered their lunch. 

The food hit the spot. Beth got to ask Martin and Steve about their families. The more she got to know them, the more protective she got. They had become her friends, and she loved them like brothers.  

After lunch, she brought up another box for them to go through. It made the afternoon fly by. Soon, 4:00 pm came, and it was time to go. Beth did her usual looking around, and the three guys did the same. 

As they were walking, Gil looked around and saw something that shook him. He stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t have seen what he thought he saw. It was impossible. 

He started to cross the street to investigate, but a large, but gentle, hand held him in place. Beth asked him what he was doing, and where he was going. Gil told her that he saw something that he needed to see for himself. Beth told him that he couldn’t wander off by himself. It was important for her to get them home. 

Gil said he wasn’t going. He needed to see something for himself. And he tried to move, only to be stuck in that one spot by Beth’s hand. He tried to struggle to get free, but it was useless. And he realized that with his lack of sleep, his eyes were probably playing tricks on him. He stopped his squirming, and apologized to Beth for his behavior. And he went quietly with her.

But his mind was racing again. Did he actually see what he thought, or was it a hallucination? He couldn’t be sure. Maybe a good night’s sleep would help him.

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