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Beth and Gil were nearly finished making breakfast when she asked him if they should wake up Martin and Steve. He looked up at her, and said that it’s time the sleeping beauties were awake. Beth let out a chuckle, and lifted him down off the countertop and off he went. Beth was really impressed. Gil was able to handle the toast with little problems. She smiled to herself.

Once the two men were awake, Beth served the food, along with coffee. Martin and Steve could do nothing but yawn, which prompted Gil to ask them if they slept well.

Martin replied that he was having a dream, one in which his wife and daughter were in. He saw them in the distance, but by the time he reached them, they disappeared in a thick grey fog. Although he searched high and low, he couldn’t find them anywhere. Steve admitted that he basically had the same dream. Beth thought that was odd, but reasoned that the human mind can be funny sometimes. But Gil wasn’t so sure. His wife was in his dream, and that meant that for the second time since they arrived, the three of them had similar dreams. And he thought that it was more than coincidence.

But he wanted to change the subject. So Gil asked Beth if anyone in town had a vehicle or car, as he had yet to see any. Beth said yes, but only the rich people had one. And as if to read his mind, she explained that all cars came with built in booster seats to keep men safe. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to properly fit into the seats. Gil wasn’t the least bit phased by her answer, but Martin and Steve looked puzzled.

Beth glanced at the clock. 7am. She excused herself and went to her bedroom to make a call. She returned 5 minutes later. The men had finished as much of their food as they could, but there was still waste. 

Beth gathered the dishes, and Gil asked her if she wanted any help. Beth politely declined, and suggested they all take showers. As she did previously, she started the water for them, and got them towels, while she washed their clothes.

When all three were clean, Beth told them that she had a surprise for them. A friend of hers dropped off clothes that her husband didn’t want anymore. So the three men finally had clothes made for males, even underwear. The clothes fit each of them perfectly, and they also had shoes that fit. 

Gil, Martin and Steve thanked Beth for the gesture. In fact, the three thanked her for everything she had done for them. She made them feel welcomed and accepted in a world different from theirs. She blushed, and said it wasn’t a problem. But Gil felt compelled to walk up to her and asked for her hand. Puzzled, she gave him her right hand. Gil took the massive hand with both of his and kissed it. That surprised Beth, and she asked him why he did it.

Gil looked up at her and told her that she has been nothing but a true lady for what she had done for them, so he decided that she deserved to be treated as such. Beth felt a little uncomfortable. She hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. But Gil told her that on his planet, that was how some men treated women. So Beth said thank you, and the three men bowed and said your welcome.

That put Beth in a great mood. After her shower, she got dressed and, once again, took Gil, Martin and Steve to work with her. And she was going to have a surprise waiting for them. 

When they arrived at the building, the men noticed something different. Off in a corner, there was a normal sized table, with normal sized chairs. They looked up at Beth confused. She smiled and told them that she wanted them to feel normal. So they could work on the destruction list boxes, and eat lunch in a natural position. It was the least she could do for them after all the work they did for her the day before. They said thank you in unison. She gave them a warm smile, and told them they were welcomed.

It wasn’t long after that another stunningly beautiful woman entered the building, and she was wearing a uniform. But one thing she didn’t have was a smile on her face. In fact, Gil thought it alternated between angry and worry, and all the ladies of the office joined her in the conference room. 

About a minute later, Samantha came in to join them. The door was closed. Gil stopped what he was working on and just stared at the door, as if in a trance. He couldn’t take his eyes off the door, no matter what. Martin looked at Steve and just shook his head.

Inside the room, the lady in the uniform told the council that there had been another attack the night before. Apparently, some 22 year old male was out with his 10 year old sister and got separated from her while  walking through a crowd. Next thing he knew, he was in an alley, bruised and battered. 

With that, she turned to Doctor Sam for an update. Sam said the man didn’t suffer serious injuries. She examined him and treated the cuts, and gave him medication for his pain, but she sent him home. His sister blamed herself for not being there to protect him while they walked through the crowd. Apparently, his mom thought that he would be safe if he was with his sister.

Beth asked the head of security, a lady named Val, what she needed from the council to handle the situation. If it was more officers, she would have them by the end of the day. Just let them know. Val agreed that more officers would help, and that was all that Beth needed to hear.

She picked up the phone and made several calls. Once done she told Chief Val that there would be women waiting for her at the station ready to join. Chief Val thanked Beth, and the rest of the council, and then left. 

Sam talked briefly with Beth, then she opened the door to leave. But all she saw was Gil just looking at her. He turned away quickly, embarrassed by his actions. Samantha gave him a small smile, and she too left the building. That smile caused Gil’s heart to beat at the speed of light. He had to use the breathing technique that he learned in the military to calm himself, which he was able to do.

The men could see the worried look on Beth’s face when she returned to her desk. Gil had regained his composure enough to ask if anything was wrong. She sighed, and told them about the attack from the night before. And that’s why Chief Val from security had come in, to both inform the council, and to ask for more officers. As she was speaking, she kept looking at the three perfect gentlemen in front of her, and she was frightened that if she wasn’t with them, they could be next.

She told them that they had to catch those responsible, because if they didn’t, and a man was hurt seriously, or worse, killed, the women of this town would become vigilantes, and then chaos would ensue.

Gil moved closer to Beth. He put his hand on her arm, and asked her if he could make a suggestion. She absentmindedly said yes. Gil said that the group of girls terrorizing the men in town always seek out the ones that are by themselves. So he offered himself as bait.

Beth, who had been distracted by the news from the previous night, suddenly focused on what Gil had said. She looked at him with a seriousness that caught him off guard, and told him that under no circumstances would she put him or any man at risk trying to stop the girls, especially him. 

Gil argued that he wasn’t from her world, and he didn’t want the men who had loved ones worried about them to be put in harm’s way. He was willing to accept any and all risks to catch those responsible. But Beth held firm. She would not put him in danger. 

She had grown quite attached to the three of them, but especially more so of Gil, because she knew the most about him. She had images of him in the hospital, or worse, the morgue, and that she couldn’t live with. She again said no, and made it clear her decision was final.

The three of them had never seen that kind of reaction from Beth. She was always so friendly and cheerful, but this was a different side of her. Gil was going to say something, but decided not to antagonize her further. So he grabbed her hand and kissed it again and let her know that she was right in what she said, and that he appreciated it very much.

That seemed to improve Beth’s mood, and she gave the three a warm smile. She asked how they were making out with the destruction list. Martin told her things were progressing nicely, but there were an awful lot of missing papers in the files they went through. Beth asked that they do the best they could, and she would bring up more boxes later.

But she never did. She was still thinking about the group of girls that were on a rampage through the town. She really hoped that by hiring more security officers, it would make a difference. But it would take some time to see how things worked out.

The rest of the day flew by. And then it was time to leave. Beth locked up, and escorted her three guests back to her place, keeping a wary eye out for any signs of potential trouble. She was going to suggest that the three of them hold hands, but she realized that would be embarrassing. So she moved as slow as she could to keep the guys as close to her as possible.

Once safely back at her apartment, Gil, Martin and Steve noticed a different setup in both the living room and dining room. Beth sighed. She forgot about the third surprise for her three guests. While they were at work, she had man-sized furniture delivered, so the guys could feel more comfortable. There was a table and chairs, and a sofa. She even had man sized dishes delivered, even silverware. The three of them couldn’t believe it. Beth had gone overboard trying to take care of them. It just overwhelmed them. Gil had the idea of standing on top of the table and asking her to bend down so he could kiss her on the cheek, but he didn’t know how she would react. But he decided to do it anyway. He stood on the table, and Beth bent down, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. She smiled at him, and said you’re welcome. Martin and Steve repeated Gil’s actions. It made her feel almost like a mom taking care of her children. But she realized that they were grown men, older than her. But she appreciated their gestures.

Beth asked the guys if hot dogs were ok for dinner, and they responded that it would be great. So she got to work on cooking dinner. Gil entered the kitchen and asked her if she needed help. She said she was fine as she put a radio on and started singing.

Once alone, Martin asked Gil what was up with him and Doctor Sam? Gil went silent, and quickly answered nothing, then left the table, letting his friends know that he wasn’t going to discuss the matter.

Dinner was delicious, even more so that they could not only eat comfortably, but also use dishes, cups and silverware designed for them. It made them really feel at home. 

After dinner, Beth had asked them if they wanted coffee, but the three of them were feeling really tired. They apologized to her for not helping her clean up from the meal. She told them it was no problem. She could see how tired they were.

They excused themselves and said goodnight to her, and made their way to the bedroom. Within minutes they had passed out from exhaustion.

Beth finished cleaning up. She thought it was very gentlemanly of them to kiss her hand. She was growing quite fond of the gesture. There wasn’t anything romantic about it, and yet it let her know that they were totally comfortable being around her. They were such perfect gentlemen that she felt that she needed to be the perfect lady.

Gil woke up to a familiar scene. He heard noises coming from down the hall, and followed them to a room. Standing in front of him, wearing nothing, was Samantha, in all her heavenly glory. 

Gil immediately felt all his self control and senses disappear from his body. Samantha just stood there. Gil had never seen such beautiful perfection in his life. He could think of nothing but the Goddess in front of him.

Sam laid down on the floor, and curled her finger, motioning Gil to come to her. He could see her breasts, her magnificent breasts, swelling up and down with each breath. He was standing next to her. She took his two hands and placed them on each breast. And directed him to trace all around them with his fingers. Gil did as directed. 

Sam then positioned her arm so that she could use one of her fingers to trace all around his member. Gil was starting to feel an all-too familiar feeling between his legs. He was trying to fight the urge. 

He didn’t feel her finger anymore, so he looked down and saw he was wearing a strap on, and it was just as Beth described. Sam opened her legs, inviting him in.

But as he moved in closer and closer, he heard a powerful voice from far away pleading with him to be true to his wife. He looked around to see where the voice came from, but he saw no one.

He looked down and saw that Sam was no longer in front of him. Instead, it was Beth. His Beth. The one from his world. The one he married. But she was crying. Gil asked her what was wrong, but she just continued to cry. He reached out for her, but she disappeared in a grey fog. Just like that she was gone.

Greg woke up in a sweat, and with a very erect member. In fact, it was so erect it was causing him discomfort. He tried to calm himself down. But with a racing heart and a conflicted mind, he realized that he had a splitting headache. 

The voice from his dream was right. He must stay true to his Beth. But she was on his old world. Samantha was here,  on this new world. And he couldn’t get the Goddess out of his mind.

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