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Beth walked as slowly as she could so her three guests could try and keep up, but it was no use. She had to stop every so often and wait. Her longer legs could cover more area with one step then Gil and his crew could with 10. Beth had the patience of a Saint. That was the only thing that came to Gil’s mind.

Once they reached Beth’s work, Gil wanted to know if he could ask her a question. Beth said sure. He felt stupid, but he asked that if everything in this world is set up to accommodate the size of women, how do men make their way around. Beth considered his question thoughtfully, and reached into her desk and gave him a large realtor magazine, and said it would explain everything. 

Gil took the large magazine from her hand, and found an area on the floor so he could sit and read. And what he read blew his mind. 

The magazine was divided into two complete sections. One was for single women. It listed houses for sale, apartments for rent, and businesses that were specifically catered to women without a male in the house. And the pictures he saw reminded him of both the building they were in, and Beth’s place.

The other section was for women with a male living with them. The pictures showed the usual female setup, but there were sections for men. They had their own man-sized sinks, doors, furniture, beds, showers. They even had their own refrigerator. And the chairs allowed men to sit comfortably, but they pressed a button, and the chair raised up around 8-10 feet off the floor, allowing them to eat at the table, while letting them be as close to eye level with females while seated. And the businesses were set up the same way.

Gil shook his head in disbelief, then let Martin and Steve read it. They were just as stunned as Gil. They had to get back to their own world, but unless they figured out how they got there, it would be impossible.

Beth could see the look on their faces, and tried her best to reassure them that as long as they were her guests, she would take care of them and keep them safe. She also told them that it wasn’t a good idea for them to be outside without a woman present, because there had been incidents involving groups of young girl’s terrorizing men that were by themselves. 

The three of them thought Beth was joking, until she pulled out a newspaper and showed them the articles detailing such encounters. Gil, Martin and Steve just looked at each other and suddenly were worried. What if they were stuck in this world forever? They couldn’t be locked away in some house, just to keep them safe. 

They were grown men. They could take care of themselves.

Gil was still looking at Martin and Steve when he suddenly felt a presence in the room. He turned around and saw Sam talking with Beth. His heart raced. He tried to take his eyes off of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, but couldn’t. It was like he was hypnotized. Suddenly he heard a voice. It was Sam. She was just doing a follow up with the three of them, making sure everything was ok.

Martin and Steve answered that yes, everything was fine. Gil, on the other hand, tried to speak, but the only words that came out of his mouth made no sense. He couldn’t think straight. Her beauty was intoxicating. He used all his willpower to reply that he was doing fine.

Sam saw the way he looked at her. She also saw the very prominent bulge that developed below his waist. But she didn’t want to do anything to embarrass him, so she quickly turned towards Beth and started to ask her about her family.

Gil noticed his erection, and quickly grabbed the magazine off the floor and held it in front. He felt strange in front of Sam, and he couldn’t explain why, or even guess the reason.

Once Sam was finished talking with Beth, she headed for the door. Before exiting, she subtly glanced at Gil, and noticed that he was still watching her. She thought that he reminded her of a puppy. 

She thought Gil was extremely handsome. But she had no time to get involved with anyone. Her medical practice was taking up all her free time. Any sort of personal life would have to wait. And then she walked out the door.

Gil felt his heart fall all the way to his feet. He tried to take his mind off of her by talking to Martin and Steve, but his heart wasn’t in it. His mind tried its hardest to get the giant Goddess out of its thoughts, but it was no use. She was all he could think about.

Eventually, his mind calmed down, and he was able to give his full attention to the people around him. Occasionally an image of Doctor Sam would sneak in, but never last long enough to distract him. It was getting closer to lunch, and his stomach was growling.

Beth came over to the three of them, and asked what they wanted for lunch. They had given up on the idea of individual sandwiches. Everything was just too damn big in this world. So they asked her for the smallest sandwich possible, and cut it into three sections. Gil asked if the sandwich came with a doggie bag. But he could tell by Beth’s reaction that she had no idea what a doggie bag was. He was going to try and explain, but he knew it was no use. One thing that the three noticed was that the women ate every ounce of food during their meals. If there was any food wasted, it was the men who wasted it.

The food arrived, and once lunch was finished, Gil asked Beth if there was anything that the three of them could do to help. They felt useless, and wanted to show their appreciation for all the kindness Beth had shown them.

She thought for a minute, then stood up and went to the basement. She returned a few minutes later with a large box. At least Gil thought it was large. Beth put on the floor, and explained that they were in the town administration building. They had records that had to be stored for a certain number of years, and once the time expired, the records could be destroyed. All she wanted them to do was to go through the records, and make sure everything was there. Files with more than one page would denote how many were supposed to be together. If anything page was missing, she wanted them to set it aside, and let her know.

Gil thanked Beth, and said that the three of them were ready for duty, and gave her a salute. She didn’t recognize the gesture he made, but assumed that it meant as a compliment.

The guys were hard at work, and Beth was impressed by their diligent work ethic. Men on her world basically had to have their hands held as they tried to complete whatever task was assigned. But the three men in front of her were different.

Gil, Martin and Steve were exhausted when they arrived back at Beth’s apartment. Since the box was around 4 ft tall, it required some effort to pull the files. And three hours of constantly reaching and grabbing large sized files tired them out. 

Beth asked them what they wanted for dinner, and the guys couldn’t agree. Finally, Beth feigned frustration, and told them that she would cook spaghetti. And it was delicious spaghetti. 

After dinner, Beth cleaned up while the three went to bed. They got to the point where they couldn’t keep their eyes open. The men fell sound asleep.

And soon, Gil opened his eyes, and found himself in a familiar room. Suddenly, he realized that Sam was kneeling over him. He tried to talk, but she put a large finger gently on his lips. She bent down even further, and guided his mouth to the nipple attached to her large breast.

Gil was in heaven. Her magnificent nipples, attached to her magnificent breasts. The most beautiful, perfect breasts that he had ever seen. His mouth began to salivate at the prospect of sucking on perfection. He sucked and sucked on her breasts,, caressing them with his hands. She took her hand, and started probing his body. She moved her hand with such a gentle touch that it made him shiver. Soon, her hand was in places that he thought would never be explored.

And the more she probed, the more aroused he became. And soon he was erect, and the urge to climax was growing stronger. Her hand kept moving, and the urge kept growing. She had hit a sweet spot on him because Gil just ejaculated every ounce of semen his body had. He looked up at Sam, but it wasn’t her face he noticed. It was Beth from his world. His Beth. His soul mate. And she had tears in her eyes. 

Gil tried to ask her what was wrong, but all Beth could do was cry and ask ‘Why, Gil, why? Why did you do it?’ Until her she faded into a dense grey fog. Gil started to call for her, until he woke up in a cold sweat, and feeling a familiar sensation, realized once again that he had a wet dream. Why the hell did this keep happening? He was a grown man, yet had all the impulse control of a teenager.

He was embarrassed by dirtying the blanket that Beth let him use. He told himself that he was a grown man, and grown men don’t have wet dreams. He resolved to steel his mind, and block out all thoughts that would lead to another accident. He had his plan in place. Then the image of Doctor Sam’s breasts in front of his face popped into his head. He tried to block the image, but it was useless.

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